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    30.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Why am I just finding this comic too!

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    30.11.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    im new to the fandom and i assume that any hot take i have has been said before but! i will say them anyway! every day since watching the aos movies i think abt how whenever spock is showing, like, strong or visible emotions he starts mimicking jim’s mannerisms. when he’s commanding the ship/going after kahn he adopts a lot of jim’s cadence and physicality. his little smile/laugh moment in beyond looks so much like jim. there’s a few other moments too but just,, the idea of him leaving vulcan and being surrounded by a more expressive people and having no idea how to communicate his feelings to them, and then learning how by watching jim. idk im full of love and so is spock

    #star trek #star trek aos #s'chn t'gai spock #spock
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  • vulcanheart
    30.11.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    I am losing it there is a memory alpha entry on the 'emotional security' scene

    Like, this scene is just so important to society that someone made an entry about it

    #star trek tos #the corbomite maneuver #k/s#jim kirk#spock#vulcanheart #star trek original series #star trek the original series #star trek #james t kirk #james kirk#captain kirk #s'chn t'gai spock #mr spock#mister spock#spirk
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  • whetstonefires
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [flashfic for the Venom au concept I sketched out in reaction to this post, only literally none of the content i discussed actually appears in this oneshot on account of wwx is not yet a level 10 friend who can unlock lwj's tragic backstory lmao]

    “So why do you have three names?” Wei Wuxian asked in an undertone, edging carefully along the narrow steel rail. It was, he was pretty sure, intended to have lighting installed on it. It would probably hold his weight.

    Custom, said the extraordinarily polite and bitchy voice in his head, in a tone that exemplified both traits. Also, none of them is real.

    “What, we’re this close already and I don’t get to know your real name?”

    It remains undecided.

    “Oh, it’s like that then.” If his new best friend didn’t know yet, then obviously he couldn’t share. Maybe he’d get to contribute to the process!

    Wei Wuxian reached the end of the railing and judged the next jump. It wasn’t happening. “You’re going to have to take this one.”

    Are you sure.

    “I’m sure I can’t clear a twenty-foot gap, yes. Please feel free to take control of my arms.”

    Lan Zhan waited what Wei Wuxian was coming to think of as the customary second to see if he changed his mind, and then Wei Wuxian’s right arm flew up, went black, and seemed to stretch into a sort of inky cord that spanned the gap, wrapped itself around the far gantry, and tugged.

    Because he’d only handed over his arms Wei Wuxian had to kick off from the railing himself, and curve his body into the swing as they swooped through the air, though he was pretty sure Lan Zhan would have reinforced his shoulders against wrenching if he’d just flopped on the line like a fish.

    The Lan Zhan string shortened as they swung, so that by the time they got there it took only a simple extremely powerful tug with his possessed coal-black arms to send them flipping onto the top of the steel grating, where Wei Wuxian stuck the landing with proper smooth force absorption well enough that it neither killed his knees nor made a noise. Only the fact that they were, in fact, engaged in escaping from evil mad scientists together kept him from whooping.

    “I could get used to this,” he said.

    There was an unmistakable sense of recoiling inside him. Mark your words. It had the sound of a cold warning.

    “I’m not going to get more possessed by getting a kick out of it, am I?” Wei Wuxian asked, rhetorically, as he went back to creeping forward toward those big outflow vents he’d seen on the way in. “And I can tell I don’t have to worry about you overstaying your welcome!” He didn’t think his body was that bad, he liked being inside it personally, but Lan Zhan probably had his own particular tastes, which was perfectly fair. This was a partnership of convenience, that was all.

    “Ah, and obviously I’m not going to try to hold you prisoner like the guys I’m springing you from,” he added, feeling like an idiot. Just because right now Lan Zhan was the one in a position to take advantage of him, if he’d wanted, which he was clearly far too principled a goo monster to do, didn’t mean Lan Zhan wasn’t coming right off the experience of humans trying to exploit him for his abilities!

    Of course he’d be uncomfortable with Wei Wuxian being too enthusiastic about him.

    Which was why it would be in bad taste to ask if there even was a way for the host to take advantage in this situation, because his curiosity was purely academic but it wouldn’t sound that way! Could Lan Zhan see his thoughts in enough detail to know he was wondering? Hey, Lan Zhan! Can you hear me? Hey!

    Do not shout. Yes, I can hear. But I was not listening until you called for me.

    Oh. Thanks Lan Zhan.

    …he probably could get used to that part of the brain roommate situation, too, but not quite as easily as the cool stunts part. Not that it mattered! Because this was just for now. Lan Zhan had been very clear when this rescue mission kicked off.

    They made it to the big vents, which were more than large enough to escape though but had big fanblades installed in them, whirring away. “Hm,” said Wei Wuxian, squinting at them. “Do you want to keep trying to be subtle, or smash our way out and run for it?”

    The more of a lead we have against pursuit, the better.

    “Okay then, let me apply all my engineering knowhow to shutting those fans down.”

    It wasn’t actually very hard—he tracked down the wiring of their power supply, and since he had no tools on him got Lan Zhan to form a black scalpel blade at the end of one fingertip, which he used to carve open the insulation around the cable. Unfortunately, when he asked it turned out Lan Zhan’s body was conductive, although not particularly sensitive to being electrocuted, so he had to get clever about uncoupling and destroying things rather than just dramatically slashing the wires apart.

    “Okay, I am picturing the correct wrench-head very clearly,” he said a few minutes later, crouching at the corner of the vent cover and squinting at the bolts. “That’s it, good!” Lan Zhan would probably be offended to be called the world’s best multitool, but Wei Wuxian was considering saying it anyway.

    He felt Lan Zhan stiffen in his head.


    “Found you!” called that terrifying security guy, sounding really delighted about it but also being very stupid, because even without Lan Zhan’s warning he might have given Wei Wuxian time to duck under the spikes of his taser.

    Based on previous experience, in approximately one more second the guy would unleash the sound cannon and then follow it up with his handgun. They’d made it through the first encounter with Lan Zhan withdrawn from Wei Wuxian’s nervous system into a sort of puddle in his arms, so the noise wouldn’t incapacitate the both of them, but he couldn’t dodge multiple bullets, especially in the confines of this giant ventilation duct, nor could he parkour them out through the heavy vent cover and down the sheer mountain face outside.

    LanZhantakethewheel! Wei Wuxian thought at his absolute maximum brain volume, both to avoid telling security guy what was happening—he was still climbing up through the access hatch but he’d have the sound thing out after he climbed another rung and had his pistol in hand already, and while Wei Wuxian could try to charge away from the exit point to tackle the giggling bastard and take his gun, which had slightly better than a snowball’s chance in hell of working and Lan Zhan could fix anything that didn’t actually kill him so getting shot in like a limb was acceptable, there was probably backup right down the ladder and they needed to get out—and because thought was faster than speech. YesImeanitnotimefordoublecheckGO!

    The alien coiled inside him took the invitation by the hilt for the first time, and surged up and out and all around. Even as the black closed over Wei Wuxian’s face, just in time to absorb an incoming bullet, his right arm lashed out in a black cord again and struck Security Guy full across the face, just as he got his hand on the sound cannon strung across his back.

    Wei Wuxian had no control over any part of his body, but he got the full haptic feedback of the asshole’s nose breaking as he was thrown backward down the vent, and that was all the time they needed to turn, and shatter the barrier over the ventilation outlet, and leap to freedom.

    …did you make me taller? Wei Wuxian asked from deep inside his own brain, as they skittered on obsidian claws down the rockface. He was pretty sure the bar of the vent grille that had been even with their face as Lan Zhan broke it was higher up than the one he’d been level with when he’d stood there a minute ago.

    Lan Zhan leapt away from the mountain still forty feet off the ground and snagged a hold on the thick limb of a spreading beech tree. “Extra reach is useful,” he said primly, with Wei Wuxian’s mouth, as though he didn’t have infinitely extensible string-fingers available whenever, as he proceeded to leap away from the creepy underground research bunker from tree to tree like an enormous squirrel forged from pure darkness.

    Lan Zhan’s version of his voice was about two octaves deeper and appallingly posh. He wouldn’t have to display a molecule of black goo to get Wei Wuxian examined for possession, just speak to absolutely anyone he knew.

    “I won’t, then,” Lan Zhan stated, in that placid decided way devoid of concern or any attempt at reassurance, which had so charmed Wei Wuxian when they first made contact. It sounded even funnier out loud.

    And hey! Jailbreak success!

    #made it a modern au for reasons like #the existence of vitamin supplements to allow for semi-vegetarian klyntar #and spock jokes #proceeded to include neither lol #xue yang got his nose broken #fanfic#my fic#mdzs#venom#symbiote lwj #that post hits different now that the movie dropped and we know #that the venom chickens scene was actually a shitty divorce sequence #in contrast to the cql incoherent marriage proposal #wwx is wrong he's absolutely lwj's type it's just #that triggers a lot of Issues! #instead of internalized homophobia and parent issues it's #internalized species-ism??? #and parent issues #klyntar qingheng-jun is Worse #but canonically the spawn of intense symbiote bonds inherit psych stuff from the host as well so lan zhan and lan xichen have #they got issues #like they're *literally* the embodiment of an abusive relationship #hoc est meum
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  • fractal-baby
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whenever I post about Spock being a diplomatically important Vulcan and also unhinged someone always comes in with the good and correct point that Spock was paired up with Kirk so that if something happened to him, Starfleet would have an easy scapegoat. We know this because they, in fact, try to scapegoat Kirk several times, and also Kirk is pretty unpopular in Starfleet.

    But anyway the funny thing is that apparently no one in the admiralty factored in the possibility that Spock would fall madly in love with Kirk and follow him everywhere like an ant with a parasite in its brain. So they're trying to put Kirk on trial and Spock is sitting there like "I don't care if you have eight eye witnesses, a video recording, and DNA evidence, Jim Kirk is unimpeachably good and would never do anything wrong. He's perfect and I'm his silly little rabbit"

    To which Areel Shaw can only blink and ask "does he call you that?" And Spock says "no"

    The height of this is in Turnabout Intruder. Which is a pretty bad episode but in the climax Spock offers himself up to be shot by Janice, who is inhabiting Kirk's body. Like, seriously think about if that had gone through. A human captain (apparently) shooting the prince of Vulcan. They'd never be able to prove the life transfer thing, it would probably be the end of the entire Federation. And Spock is like "well we mind melded :) and held hands in the hallway :) so I know its Jim :) anyway, fuck diplomacy"

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  • ohmygod-he-on-x-games-mode
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago


    “Sir,” Mac’hla said, approaching the captains chair, “I was wondering if you and Mr. Spock would like to accompany me to light the second candle tonight.” 

    Jim smiled and leaned back in his chair, “I’d love to.” 

    That evening at 4:15, just after when the sun would be setting on Earth, Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk knocked at Mac’hla’s door.

    She opened the door and invited them in. 

    “Come,” she said, standing in front of the menorah by her window, “Light them with me.” 

    Jim and Spock stood closely by her and she pulled them in even closer and lit the shamash. 

    “Give me your hands.” she requested, and held both of their hands under her own. 

    Together, the took the shamash and lit the second candle from the right, and then the furthest. She placed the shamash back into the center. 

    “Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, asher kidshanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.” Mac’hla said quietly. She grabbed onto Jim’s arm and leaned onto him. 

    “Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, she’asah nisim l’avoteinu, b’yamim haheim bazman hazeh.” she said, and closed her eyes. 

    She looked up at Jim and over to Spock, the three of them smiling faintly. 

    “Let me make you some dinner,” she said quietly, “I think some matzo ball soup would be nice... and maybe some sufganiyots...” 

    The three walked from Mac’hla’s quarters quietly, and Mac’h;=la happily brought them to the rec room to prepare them one of the meals of her childhood.

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  • hlabounty96
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Roommate Files: Pandora's Box

    Part Two: KIRK

    Word Count: 1,556

    Okay so I know I said I would just randomly post these but as you all know I can't help myself. Sooooo I'll just post what I got and update as I make the chapters. No deadlines just random awesomeness from yours truly. No beta babes because I enjoy pure chaos.
    With Love,

    Jim Kirk opened his mouth in a combination of awe, terror, regret, and excitement. The home that stood before him was falling apart. And that was putting it nicely. Scratching his head Jim momentarily contemplated if moving into such a place was a good idea. He didn’t think about his actions often but when he did things usually went fifty-fifty. This could end being one of the best decisions he has ever made or he’ll be dead and cut up in this guy’s basement within the next twenty-four hours.

    “The guy looked genuine on the phone…” he muttered thinking back to when he first met the guy who would be his landlord. Grumpy for sure and a doctor. That much he has worked out. ‘Doesn’t mean he still can’t be a crazy serial killer.’ one of his inner voices whispered. Shaking his head Jim picked up his bag and made his way to the old front door.

    “Still need a place to crash, even if I’m in the lair of Hannibal Lector,” he sighed knocking on the door. Jim shifted from foot to foot impatient as he waited, he could hear a shuffle and then some footsteps. He was about to knock again when the door suddenly screeched open.

    Standing there was not who he was expecting. A man about his age with dark hair and eyes greeted him instead of the good doctor. The man inclined his head in greeting,

    “Uh hi, I was supposed to meet McCoy about a room.”

    “I would assume then that you are James Kirk,”

    Jim frowned but nodded, the other man opened the door with a little effort. “Doctor McCoy sends his apologies, he was called away to the hospital and has instructed me to…’ show you the ropes,’. I am Spock your other roommate,”

    Jim blinked his mouth hanging open for a moment before he snapped it shut. Following Spock, Jim entered the house and only had a little trouble with the door. He had to deal with something familiar back in Riverside.

    Jim looked at the inside of the house curiously. It was nothing like the outside, it looked as if someone was actually trying to fix it up. Spock turned and waited patiently for Jim to take in his new surroundings.

    “Doctor McCoy has been working on the house on his off days. Though today he was called away in a hurry and was unable to put away his materials. Usually, things are tidy.” Spock said eyeing the saw and other tools lying haphazardly around, what Jim had to guess was a dining room.

    “It’s okay. Already cleaner than the last place I stayed in.”

    Following Spock around the home was an adventure in itself. He was told to watch where he stepped, how to beat the hot water heater into submission, and warned about multiple danger zones. By the end of the tour of the ground floor, Spock stood by the old staircase in the front room his hands folded neatly behind his back. When Jim picked up his discarded pack Spock indicated a laminated piece of paper that was tacked onto the semi-finished wall. “These are the rule of the house. When I first arrived Doctor McCoy only had ten, I have added ten more with his permission. Please adhere to them.”

    It wasn’t just the fact that Spock said it all with a straight face but seemed to actually implore Jim to follow a list of rules, it was the fact that he “added” to the original list that the homeowner made. Jim clamped his mouth shut to try to keep from laughing. Not trusting his voice he simply nodded and followed Spock up the stairs.

    “Please follow the orange tape.”

    Jim looked down at the zig-zagging orange on the old wooden steps. Spock catching onto Jim’s questioning glance tilted his head to the side. “Doctor McCoy has been...quite busy as of late. He was working on the stair today,” he commented quietly. Jim pressed his lips into a straight line, his brows furrowing slightly, saying nothing he followed the orange markers. He coughed out a laugh when Spock hopped over the second to last step. His bowl cut bouncing ever so slightly.

    Following his new roommate’s lead, Jim shifted and jumped up onto the top step. ‘I wonder if this place is haunted, it looks like it would be haunted.’ he mused with a little shudder. Spock was watching him with curiosity and Jim couldn’t help but laugh nervously.

    “What were you saying again?”

    The stoic man raised a single eyebrow but didn’t comment on Jim’s wandering mind. “Your room is across the hall from mine. The bathroom on this floor is functioning and to your immediate right -”

    Jim looked to his right seeing the into the open very clean -- and very much to his surprise done -- washroom. Nodding he looked back to Spock who continued on smoothly.

    “Doctor McCoy’s room is at the end of the hall and is off-limits. No exceptions and in his words, ‘You must be dying’ or you must be invited.”

    Jim looked at the thick master bedroom door at the end of the hall his metaphorical devil and angel already arguing on his shoulders. Spock stopped in front of another door, again on the right side of the room, and pulled an old antique key from his pants pocket. Unlocking the door and gently pushing it open with a long creak, Spock took a polite step back holding the key out to Jim expectantly.

    Taking the offered key Jim stepped into the room and took an interested look around. The walls were a golden yellow, the floor a polished dark wood that contrasted nicely with the brightness of the room. The high ceiling was recently painted a clean white, an old brass hanging light flickered on when he flipped the switch. “Maybe he should have been an interior designer instead of a doctor,” Jim muttered dumping his bag roughly onto the old wrought iron bed. The smell of lemons and cucumber wafted up from the clean sheets and bedding. Spock stood in the door with his hands neatly nestled behind his back.

    “Indeed, Doctor McCoy has endeavored to finish our rooms before our moving in. When I had arrived my quarters were in a similar state. He had also said to inform you to decorate how you please, just no…’ weird shit,’ as he says.” Spock intoned dryly and Jim snorted out a laugh.

    “No weird shit got it,” Jim said with a crooked smile. His eyes lit up at the empty towering bookshelf in the corner of the room.

    Without another word, Spock left Jim to his wandering and unpacking. He went back to his own room to work on a pile of reports and not stare out the window at the young woman across the way.

    Several hours later Jim woke up with a sharp gasp a thundering boom woke him from a deep sleep. Turning he looked toward the window and winced at the sudden blinding flash of lightning. Blowing out a breath, Jim chuckles at himself. ‘Just a storm’ he thought tiredly. Swallowing he wrinkled his nose at the dryness. Rubbing his eyes Jim threw off the covers and stumbled toward the door. Walking toward the bathroom Jim paused at the sound of a muffled bang and a curse coming from downstairs.

    Turning away from the restroom Jim moved to the stairs. Hovering at the top of the stairs, another clap of thunder shook the house followed by another flash of lightning. It lit up the downstairs casting creepy shadows the only sound was the pouring rain and the constant groans of old wood.

    Forgetting himself for a moment Jim stepped down. He knew he fucked up as soon as gravity and his brain caught up to each other. But by then it was too late. Jim stepped down on the forbidden stair.

    Jim’s startled pained yell could be heard above the thunder. Another thud from downstairs and suddenly a familiar man was at the bottom. “Damnit, I thought I told Spock to tell ya about the stairs!”

    McCoy was crouched down by Jim’s bloody trapped leg in what seemed like a blink of an eye. “He did! Half asleep...forgot!” Jim hissed his sentences broken by a severe burning shooting up his calf right into his crotch. Spock was suddenly at his shoulder looking down at the problem with a sort of fascinated detachment. McCoy pulled a flashlight from a tool belt flipped it on and shined it right at Jim’s wound. The sight of it made Kirk want to puke so he squeezed his eyes shut and began to focus on breathing instead.

    “Damnit. Spock grab my spare medical kit from my room. It’s on top of the dresser.” McCoy ordered and the other man promptly disappeared. Placing the light in between his teeth, McCoy gently tugged and pulled the loose wood away from Jim’s buried ankle.

    “Okay kid, sit down before you pass the fuck out on me,”

    “You’re house is…” Jim couldn’t finish his thought so he just did as the doctor told him to.

    “Is a glorified death trap, yeah. But hey it’s got good Bones…”

    A hysterical laugh bubbled up Jim’s throat. ‘Good Bones, huh?’


    Everything: @lauraaan182, @chickadee-djarin,@cowenby2, @bluesclues-1234, @sayuri9908


    #star trek aos #leonard mccoy #leonard bones mccoy #james t kirk #jim kirk#mister spock#spock #the roommate files #hailey the queen of typos
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    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kirk, in a high voice holding Barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about, you know, maybe taking the year off, going back to college, starting my career…

    Spock, in a deep voice holding Ken: nonsense Barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids.

    Bones: what the fuck are you guys doing

    Kirk: playing systematic oppression!

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    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Spock the wonder cat! 😻😻😻

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    #Family#Spock #Spock the cat
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    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mac’hla’s tattoos: updated :)

    This will be hell to draw in the future

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    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Of Planes and Profanity

    13,303 Days Alive 998.327 Miles, Approximately, Flown Today 8 Months Till the Move 1 Rude Comment Deleted I’m pleasantly tired from today’s travel adventure from Midway Airport to Tampa International Airport. (more…)

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    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    。*゚+*.✧ 🌌

    song; nohidea - promise (kingdom hearts)

    (comfort.. he is comfort)

    #star trek #star trek tos #spock#tos spock #star trek edit #spock edit
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  • spocksbrowneyes
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago


    This took way too long and I’m sorry. Chapter 10 of We’re Alive.

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  • deep-reverie
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Star Trek TOS : S01-E19

    Still a better love story than Twilight

    I'm pretty sure Spock was enjoying this and didn't try to get it fixed

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  • oneiroartsworld
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hello :D

    What’s up?

    Can you give me tips on how to draw Chris Pine? 😭😭😭😭

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  • spocksbrowneyes
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    You can bet that Jim starts the day after Thanksgiving off by shaking Spock awake and yelling it’s the holiday season fuckers and then running around and decorating every square inch of their tiny apartment like the wonderful human hurricane he is while Spock just wants to go back to sleep.

    #spock#jim kirk#spirk#aos spirk#tos spirk#star trek #aos star trek #tos star trek #headcanon #ah yes tumblr queue has saved me once more #jim is just #obsessed#like #needs a professional intervention obsessed
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  • hlabounty96
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Roommate Files: Pandora's Box

    Part One: SPOCK

    Word Count: 1,246

    Guys, I'm back and with a new story to tell! In addition to my McCoy Multiverse please welcome this little gem. A Modern-day au with themes of mystery and mythical objects. I don't have a set schedule for this fic so there may be a chapter up every once and a while. I also have no beta so I will have some mistakes here and there, you know the drill. Love you all and happy reading! -H

    The funeral was what he expected. And not at the same time. He anticipated a cloudy day with a downpour of rain. But instead, the day was bright, the sun shining, birds chirping, and the world didn’t stop turning.

    He didn’t understand why it all made him so angry.

    His father had stood beside him, blank-faced, and constantly checking his Rolex. That had finally made him snap. He left and never looked back. He moved from Seattle to San Francisco days later. Though begrudgingly Spock would later admit that he was extremely hasty. No planning or saving had gone into it and he didn’t expect his father to cut him off so quickly.

    So there he was, standing outside of an old worn-down house. It was obviously being redone. At a slow pace, if the faded blue color of the home half-covered in fresh white was any indication. Spock cocked his head and glanced down at his phone the weight of his bag shifting on his back. Letting out a small puff of air he saw that the address was correct, a fact that made him mildly perturbed. Multiple different thoughts floated through his mind,

    “It’s not too late to back out now,”

    He shook his head and set his shoulders. Spock Grayson was determined to make it on his own, without the help of his father. His mother had always said that he was “Stubborn as a mule,”

    Taking a controlled breath Spock walked up the stone steps and knocked. His brows furrowed when a loud thud and the slew of curses that followed. Without warning the door creaked open partially revealing a disheveled looking man with tired hazel green eyes. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in days and smelt like the inside of an old dive bar. The man squinted at Spock for a moment before grunting in recognition.

    “Right, you’re here for the room,” he grumbled and forced open the door wider with a great amount of effort. Spock only hesitated for a moment before following the man inside. Closing the door, he understood why the man struggled. The door was heavy and the hinges were rusted beyond repair.

    Turning back around Spock took a calculating look at his new home. To say the least, he was surprised. Based on the outside of the home and the first impression of its owner, he had imagined the inside to be just as...rugged.

    Instead, it was as pristine as a work in progress could be. Materials had been piled and set neatly aside while a minimal amount of furniture decorated the surrounding area. The main hall of the home was dark a couple of paint cans stacked up against the wall held a satchel and coat up off of the floor. Glancing into the room on his right, Spock saw an old TV set balanced on top of a few crates, a stack of books held up the TV’s antenna. Spock quietly wondered if the old machine even came with color. Settled right in front of it was an old battered couch that had seen better days. From its appearance, Spock came to the conclusion that he had interrupted his landlord’s afternoon nap.

    McCoy -- after he reintroduced himself -- guided Spock through the home showing where everything was and how it all worked. “You just have to give a good kick to the heater if you want to get it to start working,”

    On their way out of the kitchen back through the living room, McCoy rapped a knuckle against a piece of paper stuck to what was left of a wall. “These are the rules of the house. Learn them, live them, love them.” He muttered and gestured for Spock to follow him upstairs.

    “Unlikely to be a problem,”

    McCoy grunted without looking back at his new tenant, waving a hand he urged Spock to follow him upstairs. The creaking, groaning floorboards made the young man step with caution while the cantankerous homeowner didn’t seem to care. Raising an eyebrow Spock followed suit.

    Upon hitting the second to last step McCoy jumped up so he was at the top of the stairs. Skipping the one step entirely. Turning he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, “I have to replace the stairs, most of them are alright. Just keep to the neon tape and don’t, I repeat don’t step on the first stair here at the top. You’ll go through.”

    Spock looked down at the stairs under his feet and at further inspection, there were indeed several X’s marking the stairs where it was safe to step. The last stair bent inwards dangerously. Spock pressed his lips into a thin line but made no comment. He simply followed instructions and hopped over the last step as McCoy had done.

    “You said you are a doctor...may I inquire why you bought such a home? Surely it would have been more logical to purchase something newer?”

    Spock’s question made McCoy slow. The slightly older man turned with a sigh, “I didn’t buy the damn thing. I inherited it from my granddaddy, been in my mother’s family for a few generations.” he said moving over to a door on the right side of the hall. Pulling out an ornate key from his jeans pocket McCoy and quickly unlocked the door.

    “You are not from California,” Spock states rather than asks. McCoy hummed and his drawl thick like Georgia honey.

    “Wonder what gave you that idea?”

    Pushing open the door he handed Spock the key. “Make yourself at home, rent is on the first of every month, and please for the love of God, no weird shit.” McCoy turned to leave but paused at the last second. Grumbling under his breath the man turned again,

    “I got a shift at the hospital, won’t be back until…” he scrunched his face as he thought, “eh, maybe the day after tomorrow. There is leftover pizza in the fridge or you can find something at the corner store…” there was a pregnant pause before the doctor turned quickly on his heels and fled down the stairs.

    Looking back to his room, Spock shifted the heavy bag he carried off of his shoulder and onto the floor next to an old iron-framed bed. Finally, alone he let out a sigh and closed his eyes in hopes of ridding himself of further doubts and other needless emotions running through him. Despite this, and forcing away himself of his doubt, Spock began to feel content. Like he was meant to be there. It was rather foolhardy but he, at the moment, didn’t seem to care.

    Opening his eyes he moved to a dusty window. It took a minute of some forceful encouragement but he eventually managed to get it open. He winced as the wood and metal screeched against the frame but was overall gratified when a light breeze brushed across his skin.

    The view wasn’t much to look at upon his first inspection. There was a glimpse of the bay but only if he were to lean out far enough. The house next door obstructed anything else worth seeing. Looking up Spock was startled. There watching him intently was a woman. A beautiful woman. Her mocha skin soft in the setting sun’s light and her eyes amused and mischievous. Seeing that he now knew she was there watching, the woman smiled and winked before retreating away from her window.



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  • pandorasbox341
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    After exploring a new planet something on the planet causes Spock to turn into a baby! I wonder if Kirk and Bones can handle a baby Vulcan? 

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    Jim: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it. Bones: Just rip the bandage off. Jim: It’s Spock. Bones: Put the bandage back on.

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