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  • gaysquaredwrites
    11.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Okay so what we’re not gonna do is say John Walker’s mind is “deteriorating” or that the serum has somehow “enhanced” a mental illness because this man is literally just a power hungry white man.

    This is not mental illness making him do this. Bucky’s comment about “crazy” wasn’t literal, lmao. He was saying “that man has issues” (as the embodiment of white masculinity and patriarchal hegemony definitely would) not “I think that man has a specific mental disorder.”

    Like, white men don’t need a mental disorder to do shit like that. They just do it.

    I know mcu fans love to do an ableism but ooh let’s not! Let’s not do that! Ok? Ok

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  • bensolosbluesaber
    11.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago
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  • hannibalthecannibaltm
    11.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Lol I thought at leadt we will know if Lip is ok at the end of this. It's like they spent the whole season about the house and where he is going to live to not answer it at all lmao what? Then to hint back to be like remember Lip is smart but not have him get a job. I just wanted to know if Lip would be ok. He has always been my favorite character and I just wanted to know he would be alright. I feel like he had the vaguest ending where you have no idea what is happening with him. Like I dont care if he has another baby or not he has bigger problems going on.

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  • vxier
    11.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    ❗❗Killer and Healer finale spoilers❗❗

    I have been putting off the last few episodes because I was so scared of the ending ever since I saw spoilers that Yu Zhi got shot and died.

    A part of me thought that oh that must have referred to the time Yue Lou shot him and he "died" so I was hoping for the best bUT NO EVERYTHING LITERALLY WENT TO HELL IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES HOW THE FUCK

    Yue Lou not only lost his mom, his father figure, both his left and right hand men, one of his dearest friends and finally the man who understood him to his very core. A soulmate, if you will.

    So yes like MODC, I am selectively ignoring the last 10 minutes <3 Nothing happened <3 Yu Zhi and Yue Lou went to have wantons on new years and they both moved in together to parent Ke Ying <3 Xiao Bai got fatter with them constantly feeding it and of course they're both alive hahahahahahahahah <3

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  • afknows
    11.04.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    White fandom really salty about Ayo? Are you kidding me???? STFU

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  • ilovetvtoons
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    After watching "The Barrels Warhammer" I can't help but think about how these events are similar but mostly different to the events of "The First Temple". Mostly just that they further show just how different Marcy is from Sasha! They both became fixated on their goals and put their friends in danger and themselves to achieve their goals. But unlike Sasha, Marcy was at first oblivious to the danger she put her friends in and abandoned her goals to save them when she finally realized. But Sasha didn't care what could've happened to her friends even after she acknowledged the danger they were in. And they both promised that they wouldn't let their friends down, Marcy kept her promise to the end while Sasha broke her's. And while both achieved their goals at the end, Marcy's friends forgave her and stood by her but Sasha lost her friends Percy and Braddock when she broke their trust in her. Really shows how different these girls are developing, and it really makes me look forward to the interactions we'll be getting from them soon.

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  • mporium
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    shit got real really fast huh?

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  • this-is-a-job-for-vesemir
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier incorrect 9

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  • tjmystic
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Conversely, the pink overlapping section could be titled:

    At least one of us is deceptively in our 20s

    The creators treat our relationship with respect

    And the mauve overlapping section could be titled:

    Healthy boundaries? What are those?

    We have semi-adopted children together that the narrative forgot after a few seasons

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  • wangxianbunnydoodles
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Did I realize my phone co screen record and went searching for this? Yes...

    Ep 27. More of the original take...

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  • imagine-lilareads
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS by Chloe Gong, Spoilers!!

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  • twogamiisaplatypus
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    gonta's execution is the welcome to applebees textpost. no i do not take critisism

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  • freckledbodty
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Actual written out thoughts on Sk8′s final two episodes...

    Note: this gets very long, sorry, and also it sounds really negative? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show a lot, it just happened that I wish the ending was different haha!

    (Shout out to @airisu7425 for telling me to pick this up! Thank you!!)

    I also won’t get into the half-relationship that they don’t really commit to because I fully expected that.


    Adam is trash

    Reki should have beaten Adam or raced against Cap-Guy instead

    Ending episode should have been Reki vs. Langa 100%

    Shadow deserved a girlfriend

    Episode 11: Reki vs. Adam

    To start off, goddamn it I love Reki's whole character and journey in this show, it was perfect. After what he'd been through, him being subbed in for Shadow made total sense, and seemed like a fantastic way to get him back into skateboarding and making peace with his own inner demons and all that. I even really liked how Adam goaded Reki into it with that card - it felt very on brand for everyone, and worked well for the moment. The idea of Reki going up against Adam was something I was hyped for, because it was the perfect way to round off his character development. Adam represents everything that ruined skateboarding for Reki, and I was so desperate to see him beat his ass.

    You can probably guess where this is going if you've seen the show...

    I already knew from gifs online that the final race wasn't between Reki and Langa (which it should have been, but more on that later), so I knew somehow Reki would lose but... I thought it would be done better than this.

    I'm trying very hard not to just rant about how Adam is a monster, and instead talk about the race, but there is no way he should have won like that. Winning against Adam would have been the perfect end to Reki's character arc, and honestly, for Adam too: it's be an amazing comeback for Reki, and Adam would have lost to this kid who was no natural talent like Langa, but just fucking loved skateboarding. (Not to mention how Reki beating Adam for Langa's 'affection' or whatever Adam thinks is happening, would have been a beautiful slap in that bastard's face).

    I get that Reki losing and still being happy about it is very him, and I'm not complaining about that: that is equally a great end to his arc, but it should not have happened against Adam.

    You cannot tell me that anyone, even Reki, could have enjoyed a race in which they were beaten, abused, and mentally tormented. Like... that's just not satisfying for anyone, surely?

    So, I see two possible ways this episode should have gone:

    1. Reki vs. Cap-Guy

    (I don't know Cap-Guy's name still, he just stared at Adam longingly the whole time, so he's Cap-Guy now).

    These two racing instead would have been amazing, and just as good an end to their story. Cap-Guy has already been proven to be an amazing skateboarder, as well as one that plays by the rules unlike Adam. Having Reki go against someone like him, who will give him a fair but challenging and serious race would have been perfect! That way if Reki lost, he could still have enjoyed it, and Cap-Guy could still have that moment of seeing Reki happy despite losing.

    2. If they had to stick with Reki vs. Adam...

    Well, for starters, Reki should have won, but if they were really against that, then he should have really lost.

    By that I mean, it should have happened just as it did, but Reki's skateboard should have broken just before he got to the finish line, and he should have crashed and fallen before he crossed - maybe also injure himself again in true Reki fashion. Then Adam, in a fit of fury that this kid made him fall off, should have won the race afterwards, and Reki should have remained lying on the floor, unable to finish.

    Then we could have had this amazing moment where Langa and then the others cheer Reki on and convince him to crawl or limp over the finish line - because they also know at this point that winning isn't the point, it's all about Reki getting his love back for skateboarding and finishing what he started. We also could have had a great moment of the crowd losing respect for Adam and all cheering for Reki to cross and Adam being mad that no one cares he won.

    Episode 12: Langa vs. Adam

    At this point in the series, I feel like Adam should have lost all respect from the crowd. You know, considering that he attacks, molests, and abuses everyone he goes against? I know humans are shitty, but the crowds should have started to lose respect for him after the Cherry incident, and then completely after the race with Reki. The fact that anyone is amazed or interested in seeing Adam do anything but lose and crash and burn is really annoying to me.

    So... puling Adam out of the zone... that whole thing.


    Just yikes. No.

    Bad guys don't need these magical redemption moments where they're completely forgiven with no effort from themselves just because the protagonists realised they'd forgotten how to 'have fun'. Like, no Langa, this guy was literally planning on you to possibly die in this race and he's tried to kill or at least seriously injure most of your friends. You don't need to make him have fun with you, you need to call the police.

    Anyway, now I've seen the whole episode, I can say for certain:

    The final battle should have been Langa vs. Reki

    Yes, it would have missed the big 'dramaaaa' of the fight with Adam and the whole zone thing, but it would have been so satisfying. Langa can still have his moments of realisation, and there could have been loads more sweet moments of just enjoying skating again, and you could even still have the hug at the end where Langa hugs Reki without knowing which of them won.

    Anyway... last minute ending sequence thoughts:

    Why is Adam just... still here? Like... why is he not in jail? I don't care that it was him twisting the police or whatever, get him the fuck out of here, he sent numerous people to hospital.

    Reki grabbing Langa to protect him from Adam was adorable, but it could have been changed to him protecting him from Shadow doing some stupid move or something.


    Um... what did Reki say to Langa in the car? Like, did I miss something or was that never explained? It seemed pretty important?

    Also, we all agree that Langa's happiness is Reki, right? Right?

    And there.. in the final few seconds is the race that should have been the last episode.

    Overall: this sounds really negative in the post, but I really enjoyed this series! So glad I listened to advice and picked it up!!!

    #sk8#sk8 spoilers#spoilers #freckles watching sk8 #my rant got overexcited #but i still really enjoyed the show i swear #especially the two mains omg theyre adorable
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  • toothcowboy
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ok john’s killing of the flag smasher soldier is purposefully reminiscent of the final battle scene in civil war, when cap + stark were duking it out at the hydra facility in siberia.

    the camera work and actual physical positioning are different but the general vibe is very similar to when cap was straddling stark’s chest and driving the shield into his chest over and over. he could’ve killed him right there but he didn’t. he stopped, realized what was important to him, and left. he left behind the shield and left stark alive because he knew what he needed in the moment — to destroy the last hydra bases and get buck to a place where he’d be safe and be able to recuperate (don’t get me started on the flashback scene w ayo i’ll lose my shit).

    JOHN though... john didn’t know where to draw the line. and to be fair, ‘his bucky’ (lemar) presumably did actually die. but it still highlights the differences between steve and john’s character. john is fiercely loyal and he cares about those close to him, but little else. he doesn’t see the consequences of his actions, doesn’t critically analyse the situations he’s in before diving head first. john goes all the way, kills the soldier, and is still captain america.

    the shot of the shield is so poignant because it represents HIM. he IS captain america, and unlike steve, that IS the most important thing to him (after lemar who he lost). he doesn’t care that he murdered a real man with family and friends and others who cared about him (IN FRONT OF KARLI).

    there are fundamental differences between john and steve and this last episode highlighted those differences SO MASTERFULLY when steve wasn’t even THERE. idk this show has been fantastic so far. i’m blown away.

    i won’t start on the police brutality parallels with john’s slaying because you all know they’re there and they’re not really the topic of whatever this is. but yeah, john’s killing of the flag smasher soldier is intentionally reminiscent of the cap stark bucky fight in siberia and it serves to highlight the differences between the characters who have held the mantle, steve and john.

    #NOT ME WRITING A FATWS THESIS #GIRL PLEASE #im coming back to write this and then leaving again #fatws spoilers#tfatws#tfatws spoilers#fatws #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #marvel#mcu#john Walker#Steve rogers#spoilers #sorry abt this yall ✋☹️
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  • consigliere-vincenzo
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Seriously?! THAT’S where you’re gonna leave us at for two weeks?! I hate you.

    #vincenzo #ep 16. #just got back #wth did i just watch #spoilers #didn’t breath the last few minutes #is everyone okay? #are we okay? #am i okay
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  • morozovajones
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So, I am not at all excited about shadow and bone anymore:

    No Darklina sex

    Darkling and Zoya canon 🤮

    Mal’s change of personality from books and he’s going to supportive of Alina’s powers.

    Emotional Ma**na content

    Kaz being soft

    Kaz not cursing

    Major change of story when it comes to crows from the books.

    Omg! Suddenly I don’t even want this show to come

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  • incensuous
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago



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  • spockvarietyhour
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    For All Mankind “Here’s to You”

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  • spadesinglasses
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    yakusoko no neverland (spoilers)

    I just finished the anime version of the promised neverland and omfg. What kind of ending was that! I am completely disappointed by the last episode! They really glossed over Emma talking to the god, the whole bout between the humans and the nobles, and then Emma's mind wipe before going home!

    What the hellll

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