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    #Nova: Speaks ☆ #spookydraken <3
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    #spookydraken#candy wrapper #...IM SORRY FOR SPAMMINB YOU GDJSGSKGE 😭😋😭😋😭😋
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    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    helping the bonten men get ready in the morning

    includes: sanzu haruchiyo + ran haitani + rindou haitani + kokonoi hajime

    genre: fluff

    warnings: mentions of drug abuse but nothing else really

    sanzu haruchiyo

    the night before sanzu was probably a mess due to whatever drug he was on at the time. he fell asleep next to you in the suit he had worn the previous day and everything. in the morning it’s up to you to wake up sanzu (which isn’t easy) and persuade him to take a shower after being in the same clothes for so long. while he’s washing up you pick out a suit for him to wear and set it on the bed. once sanzu’s dressed you give him meds, the kind that takes care of headaches not the other kind, and send him on his way.

    ran haitani

    ran doesn’t need too much assistance in the mornings. he may need him to help him style his hair to make it look neat for the bonten meeting later in the day but other than he’s pretty good at picking out his own clothes (who knew he’d have a sense of style). other than that all ran wants it maybe some breakfast, coffee, and a kiss from you before he heads off to work. something to remember you bye because there’s no doubt he’ll be working late again.

    rindou haitani

    mornings with rindou almost always include you talking him into going to work. usually he just wants to stay in bed with you for the day. although you’d love that ran would no doubt show up and drag his brother out of bed so you encourage rindou not to make things difficult. you pick out his outfits because rindou absolutely cannot do it himself. on top of that you have to tie his tie for him because ran and rindou’s mom have always done it for him and he doesn’t know how.

    kokonoi hajime

    kokonoi nearly always wakes up before you. when you eventually rise out of bed you usually find him in your large luxury bathroom doing his hair. despite being up before you everyday, koko waited for you to pick out his clothes for him. not that he doesn’t have fashion sense but koko loves the outfits you choose for him to wear. he feels a sense of pride when he goes to work in something his s/o put together especially for him.

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    tags: @bxnten / @crybabylisa / @jahnvi-d / @spookydraken / @mizumellon / @dokidokichifuyuz / @marrymemanjiro / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @misinfe / @bontens-sweetheart / @inu1gf / @tirzamisu / @pretty-pop-princess-hs / @my-tasteful-muses / @zuuki / @hopesflower / @captainkjones / @sanzusfavcndom / @kennyb0y / @devinsdaydreams / @bontens-whore ~ ask to be added
    #sanzu haruchiyo#ran haitani#rindou haitani#kokonoi hajime #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #sanzu haruchiyo headcanon #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani headcanon #rindou haitani x reader #rindou haitani headcanon #kokonoi hajime x reader #kokonoi hajime headcanon #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers headcanon #tokyo revengers x reader
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    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    pervy tokyo revengers boys

    includes: takemichi hanagaki + chifuyu matsuno + ryohei hayashi + kazutora hanemiya + souya kawata

    genre: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)

    warnings: pervy behaviour (duh), afab!reader, dubcon, panty stealing, groping

    takemichi hanagaki

    takemichi doesn’t mean to be such a pervert at first. one time he started crying and you pulled him close to comfort him, resulting in his face being buried in your chest. takemichi goes from cry baby to horny in seconds. he’s embarrassed that such a sweet gesture on your part resulted in him acting like a perv and yet… he starts crying around you more so he has a reason to snuggle into your tits. takemichi thinks about what it would feel like with his cock in between your breasts later that night as he jerks off, shakily moaning your name as the fantasy plays out in his head.

    chifuyu matsuno

    it was really your fault that chifuyu was such a perv. whenever you came over for sleepovers you liked to cuddle in chifuyu’s bed together rather than forcing him to sleep on the floor. he always ends up being the big spoon, with your butt pressed up against his crotch. in your sleep you rub up against him even more, turning chifuyu into a rock hard mess. a part of chifuyu can’t help but think you’re doing it on purpose. it’s gross that he starts grinding up against you to ease his now aching cock but you’re asleep, right? you won’t know if he cums in his pyjama pants so what’s the harm?

    ryohei ‘peh yan’ hayashi

    peh has an obsession with staring at your ass and tits. whenever you bend over he sneaks a peek and when you’re talking to him his eyes always wonder down some he can see down your shirt. it gets to a point where staring isn’t close to enough. he needs to touch you even if it’s for a brief moment. feel peh’s hand brush against your butt? oh he just saw something on your skirt/pants and was cleaning it for you. peh gropes your boobs? he just tripped. he didn’t mean to. or did he?

    kazutora hanemiya

    kazutora is so clingy. it’s not unusual for him to suddenly hug you from behind. it seems innocent to you but sometimes you feel him rub up against you… it’s probably nothing you tell yourself but in reality it is kazutora taking advantage and humping you. he takes it further than that. when you’re sitting at a table together kazutora will “drop” something and while he’s picking it up he takes the opportunity to look up your skirt at your cute panties. he may even take a picture. he just can’t help it. kazutora’s so clingy he needs something to remember you bye when you’re gone.

    souya ‘angry’ kawata

    the title of resident panty stealer goes to souya. he knows it’s wrong and he’s the first to call himself a dirty little pervert for it but he can’t stop himself. it’s like an addiction and it all started when souya came to see you and saw that cute lacy thong you left on the floor. he’s not sure what provoked him to pick it up and take a sniff but since then he couldn’t get enough of the scent of your pussy. souya can’t get off unless your panties are wrapped around his dick. whenever he can no longer smell you on the last pair he snatched souya will offer to do your laundry for you just so he can claim more underwear for himself.

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    tags: @bxnten / @crybabylisa / @jahnvi-d / @spookydraken / @mizumellon / @dokidokichifuyuz / @marrymemanjiro / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @misinfe / @inu1gf / @tirzamisu / @pretty-pop-princess-hs / @my-tasteful-muses / @zuuki / @hopesflower / @captainkjones / @kennyb0y / @devinsdaydreams ~ ask to be added
    #takemichi hanagaki#chifuyu matsuno#ryohei hayashi#peh yan#kazutora hanemiya#souya kawata#angry #takemichi hanagaki x reader #takemichi hanagaki smut #chifuyu matsuno x reader #chifuyu matsuno smut #ryohei hayashi x reader #ryohei hayashi smut #kazutora hanemiya x reader #kazutora hanemiya smut #souya kawata x reader #souya kawata smut #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanon #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #steamy thingz
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    19.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    tokyo revengers smokers and their smoking habits

    includes: shuuji hanma + shinichiro sano + takeomi akashi

    genre: not really sure asdfhjkl

    warnings: smoking

    shuuji hanma

    hanma needs to make a big show when he smokes. when you’re around he likes to do smoke tricks like blowing Os and because he’s a little shit he sometimes blows his smoke in your face. all because shuuji thinks it’s funny when you get mad at him for it. he also tries to get you to take a hit off his cigarette. not just because hanma laughs when you cough from the smoke but he likes when he can taste you on his cig when he takes it back.

    shinichiro sano

    shin tries not to smoke around you. just in case you don’t like the smell. plus he really isn’t a fan of you inhaling his second hand smoke. the only time shinichiro will have a cigarette while you’re in the same room as him is if you give him permission. but you want to know how to really drive him crazy? walk over to shinichiro and take his cigarette from him and take a puff. he’ll be surprised for a second but he’s more than happy to share. mostly because he thinks you look so pretty with smoking seeping past your lips.

    takeomi akashi

    takeomi probably smokes too much for his own good. it’s rare that you don’t see him with a cigarette between his teeth. what takeomi can’t get enough of, other than nicotine, is when you sit on your lap while he smokes. he’ll pat his lap after lighting a cig in order to urge you to come over. you don’t hesitate because you want an up close look at the man. he looks so attractive when he smokes and he doesn’t even know it. it drives you crazy and it doesn’t help that takeomi teases you for staring. don’t expect him to share with you though. he doesn’t share his cigarettes.

    masterlist ~ navigation ~ reblogs are appreciated
    tags: @bxnten / @crybabylisa / @jahnvi-d / @spookydraken / @mizumellon / @dokidokichifuyuz / @marrymemanjiro / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @misinfe / @bontens-sweetheart / @inu1gf / @tirzamisu / @pretty-pop-princess-hs / @my-tasteful-muses / @zuuki / @hopesflower / @captainkjones ~ ask to be added
    #hanma shuuji #hanma shuuji x reader #hanma shuuji headcanon #shinichiro sano #shinichiro sano x reader #shinichiro sano headcanon #takeomi akashi #takeomi akashi x reader #takeomi akashi headcanon #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanon
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    12.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    comparing hand sizes with my hero academia characters

    includes: bakugou katsuki + todoroki shouto + midoriya izuku

    genre: fluff

    warnings: [n/a]

    jjk version

    bakugou katsuki

    when you suggest comparing hand sizes with bakugou he immediately refuses. he claims the idea is stupid and pointless but that’s not to truth. actually he’s nervous about holding your hand. his get so warm and sweaty due to his quirk. who the hell wants to touch a pair of sweaty hands. katsuki fights you on this a bit until he gives in, figuring you won’t leave him alone until he does. bakugou nearly sighs with relief when you don’t pull away in disgust when your hands meet. they are warm, sure, but it’s a tender sort of warmth. his hands are slightly bigger than yours and bakugou early smiles at the cute size difference. he starts demanding that you compare hands around people after this, seemingly so he can make fun of how much smaller your hands are but truthfully he just wants an excuse to touch you.

    todoroki shouto

    shouto gets a little confused when you ask him to compare hands sizes. he doesn’t really understand why but he agrees to anyway because you seem rather giddy about the idea. the temperature of his palms will depend on what hand he chooses to let you place yourself against. it’s more likely that he’ll choose his right because he’s less worried about the ice hurting you. it’s a little chilly but you don’t mind. shouto’s hands are about the same size as your own so there’s not much to compare but he takes you off guard when he suddenly intertwines your fingers. shouto’s just as shocked as you are. he’s not sure what came over him but something about doing that felt so right.

    midoriya izuku

    izuku becomes instantly flustered when you request that he compare hand sizes with you. as much as he’s blushing, izuku doesn’t mind because it is kind of a cute idea. his hands are a little on the warm side but not so much so that it’s gross and overwhelming. his hands do have a lot of scratches and calluses on them but it’s just kind of proof of how strong izuku is. not to mention his hands are HUGE. you feel oddly safe as he touches you. izuku is also in love with the feeling. he might feel bad for asking for asking you to keep holding his hand but if he’s feeling bold, once you try to pull away, izuku might gently grab your hand and ask “c-can we stay like this a little longer?”.

    masterlist ~ navigation ~ reblogs are appreciated
    tags: @jahnvi-d / @leighbechilling / @spookydraken / @little-miss-chaoss / @xspideyboyx / @manjiroarchiviste / @nnmesis / @simp-lauren / @inu1gf / @captainkjones ~ ask to be added
    #bakugou katsuki#todoroki shouto#midoriya izuku #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugou katsuki headcanon #todoroki shouto x reader #todoroki shouto headcanon #midoriya izuku x reader #midoriya izuku headcanon #bnha#bnha imagine #bnha x reader #bnha headcanon #my hero academia #my hero academia x reader #my hero academia imagine #my hero academia headcanon #mha
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    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    𝒮𝒪𝒰𝒩𝒟 ~ 𝒪𝒩

    tokyo revengers men sending you nudes and vids

    includes: manjirou sano + kokonoi hajime + ran haitani + kazutora hanemiya + wakasa imaushi

    genre: smut (minors dni!! you will be blocked)

    warnings: gn!reader, nudes, masterbastion

    part two (feat. draken, mitsuya, hakkai, smiley, izana, hanma)

    manjirou sano

    usually mikey is the one who asks for nudes from you. he works so much as the leader of bonten so sometimes he needs it after not seeing you for so long. sometimes he’ll reward you for sending him pictures and he’ll send you a video in return. usually it’s him in his office, camera aimed at his aching cock as he strokes it. all the while his soft groans are echoing in the background, your name falling from his lips occasionally. mikey sends you the video with a little “i miss you” message attached to it.

    kokonoi hajime

    normally koko’s busier than you but there are times where you leave him at home alone. maybe you’re out with other people or you have your own work to do. whatever the reason, it’s possible that koko will get bored and that’s when he has a mini photoshoot. he’s surprisingly good at taking very aesthetically pleasing nudes. he’ll be wearing one of his expressive robes with his dick in his hand as he takes a pic of his reflection in his large mirror. maybe after sending it you’ll be enticed to come home.

    ran haitani

    ran is such a tease so of course he likes to send you suggestive things just because he knows how flustered you get. with no warning may i add. he doesn’t just send a single nude either. he sends one every couple minutes. they’re nothing special but you get a clear view of his long cock in every one. eventually you get a video so you can clearly hear and see what ran’s up to. he’s jerking himself off and in the vid you can hear him still teasing you. “miss you so much, baby. gonna fuck you so good when i see you”.

    kazutora hanemiya

    the reason kazutora sends you videos is to try to convince you to come home when he gets desperate and needy, which is quite often. he prefers vids to actual nudes because he’s so verbal and he wants you to really hear how much he needs you. kazutora will either film himself humping your pillow and rubbing his cock with a pair of your underwear. his moans are loud, begging you to return to him and take care of him. “need you so bad. come home please. want you to make me cum”.

    wakasa imaushi

    wakasa usually doesn’t send you nudes unless you ask for them. he probably won’t send any videos because honestly there’d be no point. imaushi isn’t super vocal but trust me, the pictures are enough. without even really trying wakasa takes amazing nudes. they’re usually of him lazily laying in front of his mirror, fisting his pretty dick. if you’re super insistent on it and won’t leave him alone, wakasa will give and send a vid but there’s no sound and it’s just him slowly stroking himself. still really good though.

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    tags: @bxnten / @crybabylisa / @jahnvi-d / @spookydraken / @mizumellon / @dokidokichifuyuz / @marrymemanjiro / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @misinfe / @inu1gf / @tirzamisu / @pretty-pop-princess-hs ~ ask to be added
    #manjirou sano#mikey#kokonoi hajime#ran haitani#kazutora hanemiya#wakasa imaushi #manjirou sano x reader #manjirou sano smut #kokonoi hajime x reader #kokonoi hajime smut #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani smut #kazutora hanemiya x reader #kazutora hanemiya smut #wakasa imaushi x reader #wakasa imaushi smut #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanon #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #steamy thingz
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    spookydraken -> spookykoko

    #spooky speaks ⋆☽⋆ #url change #feel free to reblog #links will be up soon
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    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Chance with you -> Chapter Six

    Bike shop owner!Draken x College student!Fem!Reader (platonic mitsuya x reader)

    previous chapter -> masterlist -> next chapter


    Taglist: @bxnten @crybabylisa @lagrimasdeglitter @mizumellon @spookydraken @rozcdust @sugusshi @crybaby-mv @sunachokeme @chifuyuslilkitten @sweeneyblue1 @toobsessedsstuff @187skytree @kurokoswife05 @q-the-rockaholic @queen-flower @the2ndl @bubs-world @netzukochannn @angrysmoosh

    Taglist is open!

    #draken fluff#draken smau #draken x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers smau #tokyo revengers#tokyorev fic #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers fic #ken ryuguji #ryuguji ken x reader #tokyo revengers draken #draken x you #draken #ken ryuuguji fluff #ken ryuuguji x you #tokyo revengers ryuguji ken
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    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    dark side of the moon

    summary ☽: as a defence lawyer you’re not unaware of the mob activities taking place in tokyo but you never expected to get directly involved in it

    pairing ☽: ran haitani x lawyer!gn!reader

    genre ☽: fluff, angst, smut

    warnings ☽: bonten arc spoilers, mob related activities and violence/guns, cursing, smut in one chapter but readers will be warned and it can be skipped

    ✧ chapter one ~ new moon
    ✧ chapter two ~ waxing crescent moon
    ✧ chapter three ~ first quarter moon
    ✧ chapter four ~ waxing gibbous moon
    ✧ chapter five ~ full moon
    ✧ chapter six ~ waning gibbous moon
    ✧ chapter seven ~ last quarter moon
    ✧ chapter eight ~ waning crescent moon

    tag list ☽ request to be added

    @marrymemanjiro / @bxnten / @crybabylisa / @jahnvi-d / @spookydraken / @mizumellon / @dokidokichifuyuz / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @misinfe / @inu1gf / @tirzamisu / @pretty-pop-princess-hs / @uzumakioden / @violetpenguinkris / @q-the-rockaholic / @sunahyejin / @zuuki / @saaraunicorn / @izanasqueen / @chocoberries-keisuke / @savantsoulfinder / @captainkjones / @reapersimps / @arosora / @onigiri-miyas
    #dark side of the moon #dsotm#series#masterlist#ran haitani #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani smut #haitani ran #haitani ran x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers smut #bonten #bonten x reader
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    @spookydraken look i found smtg :D

    #sunhee.talk #he's so pretty sobsobsob
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    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    ➟ “special friend”

    cough, cough, simp | masterlist | my favorite girl

    a/n: i almost forgot to post this rip. it was supposed to be out earlier but the day kinda got away from me. sorry about that >.< rin is a lil shit and i will die on this hill. taglist is still open! pls send an ask to be added :))

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    zoom! taglist: @kennyb0y | @chaoticyuna | @lagrimasdeglitter | @eraser-baby | @leosbad | @xbabybajix | @gabytodd | {7/50}

    tr taglist: @spookydraken | @husbandtotomurashigaraki | @katsulovee | @portfolio-of-dreams | @bxnten | @crybabylisa | {6/50}

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    #social media!au #smau#tr#tr smau#tr chifuyu#tokyo rev #tokyo rev smau #tokyo rev chifuyu #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers smau #tokyo revengers chifuyu #chifuyu#chifuyu matsuno #chifuyu x fem!reader #chifuyu matsuno x fem!reader #x fem!reader #street!racer au #y/n l/n#hajime kokonoi#sanzu haruchiyo#manjiro sano#tr mikey#senju#keisuke baji#takashi mitsuya#seishu inui#rin haitani #{. kitten texts ฅ(^>ω<^ฅ)}
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  • sugusshi
    06.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ┄ I LOVE YOU 3000

    Part 7 of “My Insufferable Idiot” Series

    MASTERLIST | previous — CURRENT — next

    · · ────── · ·

    ➥ EXTRAS:

    - Izana asked yn to take that picture of them after they got out of the onsen cause he wanted to see who was winning between him & Mikey

    - Spoiler alert: Mikey won; hence why Izana instead decided to (affectionately) tease Shinichiro

    - The Sano’s love yn and they would do anything in their power to make her happy again 🥺

    - (Un)fortunately, this means Mikey and Izana would indeed fight for her and on sight 👏🏼

    - YN sent a video to the “rays of fucking sunshine ☀️” of Mikey eating the cucumbers the spa staff put on his face

    - Emma was not amused, Izana was recording, and Shinichiro & YN were laughing their asses off

    - Shinichiro was not laughing anymore when Mikey ate his cucumbers too 😔

    - Wakasa, Takeomi, and Keizo roasted poor shin when he sent them a picture of himself with a facial mask on

    - Shinichiro was pouting so Emma sent a picture of her, YN, and Shinichiro being cute to said gc and got compliments almost immediately (girl power ✨)

    - Don’t forget to tell me what you think so far 🖤 ask box is open and I always check the comments ♡

    © all works belong to sugusshi | DO NOT COPY OR REPOST


    @teadroppp @roczdust @rozcdust @crybabylisa @bxnten @spookydraken @sh4nn @beautifulblhell @missarabellla @minoozi @netzukochannn @crybaby-mv @rinny-babe @uzumakioden @chaoticyuna @rositabluemoon @cuteshunnybunny @kennyb0y @hanayanetwork @the-invincible-mikey @justrandomlypassing @xbabybajix @lollipopd @1uvly @kamikoii @luvelyxp @haikyuufairy @wakasasucker

    Do comment or send an ask if you want to be tagged in future updates and/or all future works ♡

    Support me here if you’d like 🖤

    #— zee writes | 𖤐 #series: my insufferable idiot #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #baji keisuke #baji keisuke x reader #baji x reader #baji keisuke x y/n #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers smau #baji keisuke x you
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    EIGHTEEN: Nanami called me sweetheart

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    tags: @katsulovee @fairybnha3 @cece-lives-here @jjstsksen @yaya4302 @myfavoriteficsandsuch @dora-the-grownup @doggonudezz @justaboredwriterlol @born-hyper @sidonssapphire @kami9910 @moremilkforkags @dabi-sunflower @iambashfulperson @sirachano0dles @alibrick1 @lshiggy-simpl @husbandtotomurashigaraki @peepeepoopoot @cloudsinthecosmos @salty-satan @floweringfawns @fucktheworlddude @seongjoongg @guukbloom @soy-garbage @diestheticu @wobblewobble822 @moonhere @hanmasin @sukxma @bluefaeriefury @vintagexparker @mangobubblet3a @spookydraken @the-fandoms-georgie @its-the-aerieljeane @jessie9008 @konigasaki @millimacis @delvine @pillboxmb @roseycottage @i-l-arva @joy-laufeyson @sitara200 @bloombb @somearenotonlybooks @sunflowers-rae

    #smau #jujutsu kaisen smau #jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #jjk #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru smau #gojo x reader smau #jjk smau
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    06.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ❝Baby please, don't get mad!❞

    +ft. Tokyo Revengers [ Wakasa, Benkei, Shinichiro, Inui, Koko, Takeomi, Sanzu, Ran, Rindou, Mikey]

    +cw : soft smut, fluff, use of pet names, usage of alcohol and cigerettes, indication of sub-dom dynamics & can be read as gn-reader.

    +type : drabbles | scenarios

    +exclusive tags : @manjiken @iz-ana @sukunasbabymama @spookydraken

    They know you're angry, irritated, probably furious because they did wrong, something that they shouldn't have done. And somehow they think it's too cute that you're mad at such a tiny issue so they try to make it up to you.

    Wakasa : The toffee glided from one side to the other of his mouth while his lilac orbs fixated on you as you kept talking. He closes the gap between two of you in a blink and shuts you up with a kiss. "Jesus LET - ME - TALK", you said as he breaks the kiss, hands still cupped around your burning cheeks; not sure if it's your anger or his sudden taste of strawberry scented lips. His eye brows furrowed as he stares at you. He licks his lips getting back to his usual self of savoring the taste of chocolate and pulls you into a hug. "Is it an apology?" , You ask as he rests his chin on your shoulders. "No", he whispers. You scoff at his minimal talk; but he lets out a sigh exclaiming, "can we talk about this later? I'm really tired." You pat his back saying, "I was actually done with talking" and he gasps out breaking the comfortable warm hug regretting his kiss, regretting that he wouldn't be able to pull off the same trick again to calm your nerves.

    Benkei : Benkei is so patient when you talk; he's such an intent listener when you're angry. You've been trying to indulge him in a serious conversation but he's just , he's just so not into it. He's walking behind you as you're welling up with anger about the fact he's not walking beside you, side by side. "Are you even listening to me?", you asked turning around without noticing the approaching car behind you. He abruptly closes the gap between you two pulling you into his cover. The car crosses you two while his lips part : "Yes, all the time!" ,he answers taking two of his fingers to grab your nosetip. He pressed it gently and said, "Let's get you home and then you can yell at me however you like!"

    Shinichiro : "Shhhh you're gonna wake up the kids" , shin whispers as your voice gains a little momentum. "Don't drag the kids into this", you protested trying to tone your voice as much as possible but Shin is actually busy in tugging Mikey and Emma. Who could ever get angry at such a gentle person? You dashed out the room in your thin attire. As the smell of smoke declared his presence you adjusted your mood back to being grumpy at him. All, you could hear was a low short chuckle. The silence in such wintry evening was too much to bear; even the whistle of winds felt distant. "Shin? ... Shinichiro?" ; he might be smoking in his other room, does he really not care how worried you're. "here, you're gonna catch cold', he states as he wraps his serape around you. "Oh! Shin" you whisper rolling your head against his shoulders. "Oh yeah! what happened to 'don't drag the kids into this' huh?", he coos while his hands slides around your belly squeezing your waistlines.

    Inui : "Hop on", Inui grunts totally ignoring your fidgety gestures to strike up a conversation. It's not like he doesn't listen but he's always trying to be so bossy : ALL THE TIME. It's just makes ignites the urge to do the polar opposite to everything he says. "No", you tartly replied turning your gaze away from he. He lets out a sigh and exclaims, "either you're gonna come right up here or I'm going to carry you." You shifted your pupils onto him while your cheeks felt warm. "okay! on my shoulders it is!" he states and crowds you into a corner. You're not sure if you want to defy him, the way he's now. "Seishu ..." you mewl and he halts. "yes, princess !" , he replies taking a few more steps. You narrowed your eyes at him exclaiming, "catch me if you can" Rolling your whole body you swiftly averted his hold; his fingers just grazed your side chestline, mildly. "Talk to me, don't just run away", he said maintaining the distance letting you dance in this very mini victory. You ponder over his apologizing tone as you turn around to face him. He mouths with a low whisper," you look very sexy today", followed by a lower lip-bite. The door bell chimes declaring the presence of a customer. Inui runs his fingers through his hair exclaiming," Stay right there" and vanishes into the other room. "So, whos the angry one again?", you thought back cocking your head to a side.

    Koko: Koko just came in from a meeting. He is so exhausted to get himself a changed. Throwing his body onto the soft mattress aligning his chest with it he lets out a groan. You sat at the edge of the bed along his waist. your face might be visible to him, if he's actually looking at you; you wonder that if he took a notice of your presence and you felt his soft, calloused hands nudging yours. "Why the pout baby?" , he asks rubbing his thumb on your palm. You simply look away trying your best to not to go soft on him, not so soon. Koko adjusts himself on his back, he calls out," Baabyy?" Still, no answer. He grabbed your arm pushing you down upon the bed, his body aligning with your chest; a hand scooping you along your waist. "Why the pout baby?" , he asked with a gentle whisper rubbing his thumb on your lower lip, softly. And the moment your lips part his crashes onto yours taking all the frowns away.

    Takeomi : " Are you done?", he asks flicking up the packet of cigarette. It is rare that he would react in such a rude way but not impossible either. At times like this, when both of you're equally guilty one has to let their stubborn rage slide but hasn't it been always you? The cigarette burns in between in teeth as he beckons you with his index finger. Swallowing a gulp of self-respect as you proceeded , came in his range : he dragged you onto his lap. Before you could react properly, he whispers into your way," Sorry baby." "Woah i didn't expect that", you suppressed your thought as he chins up your face to his way." You took his cigarette in between your fingers, taunting ," Daddy being soft! Oh how tempting!" He hides his laughter nuzzling his face into your chest.

    Sanzu : You squeal in surprise saying, "that was my fav— Sanzu is busy, engrossed in cleaning the floor, the pieces of broken glasses scattered all around your worksurface. He turns his gaze upon you as he tosses the scraps into dustbin. You think he actually feels bad breaking your favorite vase but his lips pucker in forming a pout. So it was deliberate ; "that's it! You're grounded!" , you stated and he immediately protests "What? No! No you can't ground ME!" You cock your eyebrow at his protest saying "Watch me!" and run away from his range. He might be an eyesore sometimes but he'll never leave you at your low spirits. He'll gladly join you in this endless playful façade until he gets what he wants; and right now he wants to apologize thoroughly for intentionally breaking your favorite vase.

    Ran : "Nooo! NO ! do not come near me!" , you yell as he tries to crowd you in the middle of of the argument. He pauses , listens to you as you continue to speak, "if you cross this frame—ran smirks in amusement to see you furiously bubbling at him. It makes him very jovial that you've the audacity to scold him, The Ran Haitani. You think back for a while watching his steps as he slowly closes in. "I'll hide your gun!" ,you blurt out and he bursts into laughter so much that his hands curl around his stomach and the other aids his watery eyes. You turned around in disappointment and ofcourse he grabs you in his embrace. "I promise I'll behave dar'lin but don't stop pouting at me , i love it when you pout." And he kisses your cheeks as you melt in his arms. "Rann" — he hums while interlacing his slim fingers with yours , veiny arms running around your waist. And all you could do is chuckle at his soft, innocent act.

    Rindou : You have been roaring a lot since he came home. His movements are sloppy, exhaustive as he throws himself into bed. Loos tie, unbuttoned lilac overcoat, untucked shirt. This is exactly that one habit, which just makes your mood worse. You dashed into his way and pulled him upright by grabbing his collar. He balances himself resting on his hand , heaving out his chest eyes barely keeping up. "And now its even harder to initiate a serious talk", you thought back. One of his travelled to your belly button , his eyes checking for your reaction and then he lifts his sweatshirt you're wearing and shoves his head under the warm garment. His slurred voice exclaims," 'm soryyyy; but its so cooled outside". You place your hands on his head, reacting to him to which he grabs your butt cheeks and places a soft kiss on your belly. "Rin, you're not getting away with this" you whisper to which he cackles , tickling you at the tender touch of his cold nose.

    Mikey : The distance between two of you is growing like a gulf of silence. He was sitting on the bed, hands resting on his slim thighs while you were leaning against the doorframe hands tucked behind your waist. Taking his silence as a gesture to not to initiate a conversation you intended to leave the room. " Where are you going?', he asks as his palm twists the doorknob. He's standing right behind you, his arm inches away from your cold body and you know if you turn around you wouldn't be able to hold yourself back. To your surprise, he rests his forehead on your bare shoulder, his hair strands brushing your nape as he speaks "You don't have to talk to me but please don't leave my sight" and a loud exhaling sigh. Your body registers how cold he is, you're too. You turn around circling your arms around his shoulders and in a reflex his hand lifts you up wrapping you by your waist. "I'm never letting you go, again" he says kissing your temple as he carries you to the bed.


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