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  • Hello, fans of Halloween! Thought you should know that even though the Big Day isn’t even here yet, Michael’s craft stores are are already putting up Christmas decor items….

    which means that the Halloween stuff is ON SALE FOR LIKE 40-50% OFF!! 

    If you’ve got one nearby, this is a golden opportunity to grab, say, a jello mold in the shape of a brain, or an unsettling grinning cat, or a chain of glowing eyeballs!

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  • The way this decorative sign at Walmart was phrased is deeply funny to me. 

    “Skeletons could occur at any time.”

    Not arrive… not appear… they could, maybe, just happen. You know, how skeletons do.

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  • i got a moodboard request for sweater weather reddie and i love it but spoopy season is upon us and i think i’m just gonna save it for later lmfao and i don’t usually write things for moodboard requests but i think i have a cute idea for it too :’)

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  • I love scary stuff regarding cryptids and aliens and haunted stuff and etc but a good chuck sites posting this stuff overlap with:

    - t/rue c/rime fandom

    - posting RL deaths / corpses

    So like, if you know any any blogger or YouTube channel or whatever site that post about scary stuff but doesn’t disrespect real life death, can you please recommend it to me??

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  • The next 31 days are going to consist of me bursting into soulful renditions of Monster Mash at random intervals.

    #snow talk#spoopy tag #hope my friends don't mind
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  • #i feel so loved rn #mother of my beautiful son #spoopy tag#ask#ask bacon
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  • for @insomniaticfrenchtoast who wanted something spoopy

    Papyrus is as popular as any sentient skeleton could be at a grade-school Halloween party. He’s truly in his element as the center of attention, and the kids clustered around him gaze up at him with awed and adoring eyes.

    Most of the people here are people you know – your classmates and their parents, teachers and staff – and that makes it easier to breathe in this crowded cafeteria.

    To one side of Papyrus’ loud gaggle is Sans, and you make a beeline for him.

    “hey, kiddo,” he says by way of greeting, then tugs playfully at the felt stem on the hat of your costume. “why didn’t the jack o’ lantern cross the road?” You tilt your head, and his glowing penlight eyes gleam. “they didn’t have the guts.”

    You giggle silently and make sure he’s watching (he always is) when you sign, ’Orange you out of pumpkin jokes yet?’

    He looks delighted. “me? out of jokes? you must be out of your gourd.”

    Your brothers still aren’t a hundred percent on the hows and whys of this holiday – admittedly, it’s fair to say that the whole thing might seem a little strange from an objective standpoint – but they’re happy to indulge you anyway. The three of you spent hours in a nearby Party City, laughing at and delighting in the costumes and toys and seasonal candies, and Papyrus ended up bodily carrying Sans away from the assortment of novelty prank kits he found. If you had a voice, you think it’d be hoarse with laughter.

    But Sans is the most agreeable person you’ve ever met, even at his most difficult. He’s content to be buoyed along by his brother’s enthusiasm and his friends’ shenanigans, and that makes it hard sometimes for you to figure out if he’s genuinely having a good time.

    ‘You’re having fun, right?’ you ask him earnestly. He huffs a laugh and drapes an arm around your shoulders. He’s impossibly soft for a skeleton, and his magic curls comfortably around your heart like a sated cat.

    “there’s nowhere else i’d rather be, punkin,” he tells you without a hint of irony. It seems like an odd sentiment, since he’s sitting amidst bright balloons and streamers and skull-shaped confetti, cheesy decorations geared more towards eight-year-olds than however-many-year-old monster scientists – but since his brother is here, along with Toriel and Alphys and Undyne and you, you actually believe him.

    “heh.” He pokes your cheek fondly. “you jack o’ lanterns are all the same. your smiles really light up the room.”

    #undertale#sans#frisk#my writing#spoopy tag #sgskagskag i havent written for this fandom in s o l o n g #ut fic
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  • #spoopy tag #the war on candy corn #robotswillcry
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  • tbt to last year when i said i hated candy corn and accidentally started a war and someone made an entire blog in protest of me

    #the war on candy corn #spoopy tag #tw: food ment
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  • warriors halloween au where apprentices and mentors have to wear matching costumes 

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    you know how it goes !  repost, don’t reblog / bold whatever applies / tag however many people you want / feel free to add stuff in any category, too !


    gothic horror.          

    gas lights. corsets. ballrooms. candlelight. mist. starless nights. full moons. cobbled streets. horse-drawn carriages. mysterious strangers. bogs. moors. forests. mountains. castles. velvet. silver. brass. gold. jewels. domino masks. the opera. dangerous romances. tragic romances. violins. roses. lilies. empty graves. crosses. cemeteries. snow. ice. the gallows. crows. milk-white skin. ambiguous illness. fangs. pointed nails. something howling in the night. capes. gloves. top hats. straight razors. lightning. pipe organs. underground caverns. bats. mice. rats. ravens. cats. pearls. attics. talismans. axes. wood. isolation in a room full of people. vampires. werewolves. ghosts. coffins. western europe. eastern europe. bones. churches. catacombs. mausoleums. books.

    classic horror.    

    black and white. powder puffs. red lipstick. winged eyeliner. white kitten heels. black lace lingerie. icy blue eyes. rain. abandoned cars. skeletons. acid. poison. voyeurism. switchblades. strangling. overcoats. looking over your shoulder. trans-atlantic accents. private detectives. dinner parties. haunted mansions. alcohol in glass decanters. cobwebs. perfect blonde curls. kitchen knives. shock. cellars. dust. dark alleys. empty streets. driving at night. horn-rimmed glasses. radiation. zombies. serial murder. suspicion. paranoia. the city. witches. the devil. cannibalism. conspiracies. amulets. abject terror. the american south. the american northeast. england. analog cameras.


    bloodbaths. massacres. wanton nudity. newspapers. leather jackets. letterman jackets. converse sneakers. obscured faces. social unrest. bonfires. lakes. babysitters. suburbia. high school. lockers. dead leaves in the fall. jack-o’-lanterns. outdated television sets. nightmares. psychiatrists. hospitals. unstoppable forces. gunfire. police. landline telephones. household objects turned into improvised weapons. halloween. secrets. revelations. character masks. scrunchies. queerness. wild curls. jeering children. parties. fire. swearing. revulsion. california. the american midwest. ambulances.

    paranormal horror.        

    malevolent spirits. seances. spells. missing bodies. hidden graves. white noise. static. flickering lights. rings of salt. demons. poltergeists. dark histories. old buildings. cold air. mausoleums. wells. urban exploration. a dog barking at something you can’t see. black ooze. old photographs. faces you can swear you’ve seen before but can’t for the life of you figure out where. dark bodies of water. crucifixes. priests. possession. exorcisms. dolls.

    cryptid & urban legend horror.

    aliens. blinding light. dark woods. claw-marks. bite-marks. men in black. memory loss. dismembered bodies. sewers. flashlights. cell phones. video cameras. cars with tinted windows. unlabeled cassette tapes. bugs. big cities. urban crimes. clowns. something rustling outside your window. glowing light. unsolved mysteries. suburbia. mirrors. the american pacific northwest. the american midwest. hiking / backpacking.


    daylight. fluorescent lighting. morgues. asylums. unwavering eye contact. tension. lit rooms with no one inside them. a dog digging in the newly-planted flower bed. steely gazes. paperwork. anagrams. codes. convicted killers. missing persons. law enforcement. federal agents. small towns. suspicion. paranoia. subdued terror. dimly-lit parking lots.

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  • i forgot to post this when i actually drew it BUT early bday present for @juniperrdragon….here, have some cabby nette man, because your epic

    #my art#blood tw#lemon demon#cabinet man #ask to tag i guess? its a lil spoopy
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