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  • Ebere - Ranti ‘remember’ (Acoustic) #outnow #linkinbio
    What we are waiting for is finally here. #nowplaying on various #digital #music #platforms. Please share with your #friends, #family, #colleagues, #acquaintances…tell the #world #download and #stream

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  • aklımı aldın sen ver geri nolur noluuurr

    yardım et sen yarab sen gözleri boncuk boncuuk

    saçları bal rengi yanakları allana allanaa

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  • If I’m to fall,

    Would you be there to applaud?

    Or, would you hide behind them all?

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  • Ti eja po te pres me mall

    Nuk mund te jetoj vetem me fjale

    Se s'ka c'me duhet kjo rini

    Pa dashuri

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  • image

    “We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been

    We just try to keep those secrets in a lie

    If they find out, will it all go wrong?

    And Heaven knows, no one wants it to

    So I could take the back road

    But your eyes will lead me straight back home

    And if you know me like I know you

    You should love me, you should know

    Friends just sleep in another bed

    And friends don’t treat me like you do

    Well I know that there’s a limit to everything

    But my friends won’t love me like you

    No, my friends won’t love me like you…”

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  • Seni sensizde yaşarım.

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  • #Led Zeppelin #Trampled Under Foot #Spotify
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  • vem me mostrar como funcionaaa 🎶🎶

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  • Se non ti spaventerai con le mie paure, un giorno che mi dirai le tue, troveremo il modo di rimuoverle. In due, si può lottare come dei giganti contro ogni dolore, e su di me puoi contare per una rivoluzione.

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  • ugh its sad boi hours today

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  • Today’s songs of the day are mega beats

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  • Kalbin işine bakk :)

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  • baby you’re like lightning in a bottle

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  • Her arms | Diego Hargreeves x Reader

    Prompt: Reader and Diego are reunited after spending years apart during the 60s.

    Warnings: angst and fluff

    Song to listen to while reading:



    Everything happened so quickly. One second she was with her siblings while the world around her turned crystal blue, the next she hit concrete ground. A groan leaves her lips as she slowly gets up. She perks up at the sky, the blue light fades and abandons the young woman alone in the dark alleyway:” Diego!? Klaus!?”.

    “Fuck.”, Y/N hisses and brushes the dirt from her jeans. She quickly walks towards the street and her eyes widen, everything around her looked so bizarre. From the architecture of the buildings to the clothing of the people walking around. “What in the name of-.”, she glances around and notices how magazines are laying on top of a bin. She takes on into her hands and the moment she goes over the date, she tosses the papers on the ground and vomits next to it.

    She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand:”1961- that can’t be right.” Y/N looks around one last time:” Oh five, what have you done?”.


    Y/N who is putting groceries into the shelf hears how the doorbell rings. She sighs gently before she walks towards the checkout while tightening the knot of her apron before. The young woman puts on a smile:” Good morning, how can I-?”.

    Hello, Y/N.”.

    Her eyes widen and instantly fill with tears as she gazes down at Number Five. Her mouth slightly opens, but when no words leave her lips, she closes it again. Instead, she walks around the counter and pulls him into her arms. “Good to see you too.”, he chuckles softly.

    “Okay, I will be back in a few hours.”,Five said while taking his coat. His siblings all halted what they were doing and turn to face him.

    “Where are you going?”.

    “I found Y/N.”, he simply responded, and Diego’s eyes widened at the name of his girlfriend:” She is working at a grocery shop a few miles away.”.

    “I’m coming with you.”, he said, rapidly standing up, adrenaline rushing through his system, but Five just shook his head before he vanished.

    “N-No!”, he shouted but it was already too late.

    “We are back.”, at the sound of Five’s voice Diego hurries to the railing. He glances down the stairs and when his eyes meet Y/N’s his heart drops. He quickly walks down the stairs and pulls her into a bone-crushing hug. While tears are streaming down his face he clasps on to her body for dear life.

    A silence falls upon the other siblings as they watch their brother crumbles down in front of them.

    Y/N’s arms around his neck as her fists tightly clasp the material of his shirt. “I’m so happy to see you.”, he mumbles, his voice shaky:” I am so happy.”.

    She runs her hand through his long hair and sighs:” Me too.”.

    Maybe the world was truly ending this time, but Diego couldn’t think of a favorable place to go than in her arms.

    #diego hargreeves fluff #diego hargreeves imagine #diego x reader #diego hargreeves#hargreves#angsty#umbrella academy #umbrella academy imagine #the umbrella academy #umbrella acedmy #ben hargreeves x reader #allison hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#luther hargreeves#Spotify
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  • İşte senin için bir şarkı… Bak - Pilli Bebek

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