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  • love-the-sanders-children
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    sometimes people just need a hug

    that’s patton and logan btw (click on for better quality)

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    #patton#logan#patton sanders#logan sanders#sanders sides#thomas sanders#ss#ts#logic#morality#logicality#hugs#physical touch#comfort#angst #im really sorry for not posting #tumblr algorithim is garbage #i used to have hundreds of notes and now its hard just to get 20 on my main acc #if you still want to see my content please interact it would make my day #pan scribbles
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  • therealashpollo
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Logan: What are you doing

    Patton: *shoving a bunch of bananas into the washing machine* you said to wash the bananas


    Logan: I said bandanas

    #sanders sides#lgbtq#thomas sanders #incorrect quotes sanders sides #incorrect sanders sides #incorrect sanders sides quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes #text post sanders sides #text post#incorrect quotes#bananas#bananas cw#food tw#incorrect logan#ss logan#ts logan#logan sanders#ss patton#incorrect patton#patton sanders#ts patton#ts logicality#platonic logicality#logicality #patton x logan #logan x patton
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  • tinydrag0n1
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Heat vs Steele pt.6

    (Tw: blood mention)


    Logan rushes to his room as fast as he possibly could with Virgil following close behind. A servant leads Roman and Patton to their quarters to wash and prepare for supper and Roman catches Logan’s door closing by a certain watchful guard. He furrows his brow in thought and waves the bowing servant away to speak privately with Patton. 

    “I see someone’s quite smitten with Logan!” Roman turns to glare at those shining blue eyes. 

    “Patton Elseheart! How inappropriate of you to assume my emotions towards the prince.”

    “But it’s why you chose me to be your servant! Now spill, how do you think this is gonna end?”

    “With me winning his heart, of course! How else can it end with my charming looks and attentions?” He smirks and winks at Patton playfully, causing the servant to burst into happy giggles.

    “No one can doubt those! But Logan doesn’t seem affected by them, RoRo. How do you know it’s working?” He tilts his head and the prince chuckles, his eyes cast towards the window,” because they have to.”

    Meanwhile, Logan’s frantically trying to rip his leggings off, scratching at the scales growing under his skin. Virgil locks the door and hurries to help him, grabbing the rag and broom. He kneels, gently grabbing one of his squirming legs and starts to rub the dead skin off of his thigh.

    Immediately, Logan’s movement ceases and he relaxes under the warm cloth. The scales glimmer in the soft light as Virgil scrubs the skin between the knee and hip off. Once the first thigh is done, he switches to his other one, smacking Logan’s hand away from where it had been scratching at his hips. They stand there silently, one watching the other work until the new scales were all uncovered and shining in the candlelight. Logan redresses himself in dinner clothes as Virgil sweeps the dead skin up and washes the rag. 

    “I’m glad you accepted the position, Virgil, I’m not sure I could handle the pity my previous servants held for my… condition.”

    The guard looks up at him in confusion,” what brought this up, Lo? You’re usually pretty reserved with your gratitude.”

    “You didn’t have to accept the position as my personal guard. You could have left easily with your skills.”

    “Yeah, but I was offered a steady pay so why would I, a child of fourteen, reject that?!” 

    He chuckles,” you had a life.”

    “Not much of one. Plus clothes that fit? Food every night? Shelter? Protection? Hell yeah, I was accepting it.” Virgil rolls his eyes and straps his belt on under his cloak, lifting the hood,” supper?”


    The two stroll down the hall and Logan’s eyes trail to the door separating him from- 

    “Hey, lover boy, eyes up front.” A tug on his sleeve pulls him away from his path and he stumbles away from the pillar he had been about to walk into,” seriously, man, I’m supposed to protect you from any threats and you’re not making it any easier by walking into them!” 

    He shakes his head to rid it of any thoughts of Roman as he walks with Virgil. He’s only half listening to the world as his mind drifts back to the questions swirling around. 

    Why was Roman so intent on winning him over? Hadn’t he heard of Logan’s track record?

    Why did he ask that strange question in the forest? What animal he would be, it’s ridiculous. 

    If he’d known about the castle, did that mean he also knew of the curse? If so, did he know that Logan bore it?

    He chews his lip until a copper taste distracts him and he realizes he had nipped it on accident. Logan sighs and walks through the doors two guards held open for him into the dining hall. He took his seat at his father’s right hand as Virgil stood guard behind him, eyes scanning the room for anything unusual. Roman and Patton enter next and take their respective seats before the rest of the staff comes and takes the seats below their platform. Nobles file in on the balconies with their families, the daughters giggling when they see Logan and Roman. 

    Logan merely watches everyone eat and converse, answering Roman’s questions with very brief, closing answers. He was thinking, clearly, and Roman just didn’t seem to catch on that Logan preferred quiet dinners, talking amiably about anything and everything. Even so, he still jumped when Roman laid a hand on his thigh and looked at him for an answer to a question that Logan hadn’t heard. 

    “I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch that, Prince Roman, would you repeat what you said?” 

    “I asked if you would like to spend some time in the library with me, my dear. Our servants would be with us, if it would make you feel better over it, and I could tell you legends from my land, tales spun by generations of storytellers for a mere pint of ale, stories of dragon slayings and hearts won by heroes of great deeds!” 

    Logan freezes and contemplates,” perhaps, as long as we are finished by moonhigh, I don’t mind.” 

    Roman beams and shimmies excitedly in his seat for the rest of the meal, sharing polite conversation with Logan’s father as well as trying to get a word from silent, steadfast Virgil. The servants’ tables and balconies clear and soon Logan and Virgil depart to prepare for the night. 

    Logan’s father is amiable, and clearly willing to entertain Roman’s tales and input his opinion where it doesn’t belong. However, Roman can’t seem to mind it too much, as his words were always carefully chosen and he made points good enough to rival his son’s.Patton joins him a while later, and reminds him of the date long after the candles had melted low enough for replacement. 

    “Oh dear, I seem to have lost track of time! Logan must have been waiting for hours! I must depart, but I thank you for tolerating my passionate ramblings, your highness. Perhaps we can pick this up at a later time?” 

    He bows his head,” it is I who must thank you, Roman, for putting up with my old thoughts. It is not often I get to share my opinions outside of the meeting room.” 

    Roman tenses and awkwardly bows before Patton pulls him out,” Roman, you know Logan doesn’t like waiting! Now you have even less of a chance than you did before!” 

    He chuckles at his servant’s chiding and allows the younger to clean him off, despite knowing how to himself. Patton flits about and scolds Roman until finally, the prince ruffles his hair, reminding his servant who was taller, in a higher position, and older,” I appreciate the concern, Patty, but I’ll be fine! Trust me, when have I ever been wrong?” 

    Patton makes sure no one’s around before setting his fists on his hips,” do you want me to count?” 

    “Okay, I get it, but those are in the past! This is the present, and I can’t be wrong about it. Logan will love me, I swear on it!” 

    He sighs and shakes his head fondly before Roman leads him to the library. Patton is silent during the trek and suddenly pulls Roman aside when the ground rumbles and a soul-scarring roar echoes through the halls. Servants and civilians scream as a giant shadow covers the cowering crowd. He wrenches free from Patton and runs towards Logan’s quarters, his terrified servant following close behind. He loses his breath when he sees the lock is broken and Logan’s things strewn about on the floor. Strange black marks covered groups of bricks along with long scratch marks and holes in the ceiling above. He looks around at the torn, blood red curtains and sheets, the books all over the floor, inkwells spilling across the wooden planks, glass windows broken as if something huge had gotten in and-

    Patton screams and Roman’s attention shifts to the prone figure previously hidden by the fallen bed curtains. His face pales when he sees a familiar blue piece of fabric clenched in his fist and he searches everywhere in sight for the owner.

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  • therealashpollo
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Janus: My code name is Snake one

    Janus: Virgil is been there done that

    Virgil: *snorts*

    Janus: Remus is currently doing that

    Remus: *blows a kiss*

    Janus: Roman is if I had to choose a light side

    Roman: *winks and thrusts hips*

    Janus: Patton is it happened once in a dream

    Patton: what

    Janus: Logan is

    Janus: Snake 2

    Logan: Oh thank god

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  • anotherday-anotherjanus
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Aww, thank you, @logan-got-yoinked, you're too kind!

    For people to enjoy this one awkward and kind of random picture of Janus is all I ask for. I love spreading the happy vibes™ around Tumblr!

    Have a cookie 🍪 and a wonderful day!

    Shhh have a second cookie 🍪.....

    #sanders sides#ts deceit#thomas sanders#ss deceit#deceit sanders#ss janus#ts janus#janus sanders #your daily janus #not a janus #logan-got-yoinked #I won't lie to you that username made me laugh! #It reminds me of that one Janus/Logan scene #With the Shepard Crook in SvS
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  • therealashpollo
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Virgil: let me know if I’m ever bothering you

    Logan: we’ve been friends for two years

    Virgil: tell me when you need me to leave

    Roman: we’ve been married for four years

    Virgil: tell me if I’m being too annoying

    Janus: aw honey I’m your mom

    Janus: but ok

    #sanders sides#lgbtq#joan+stokes#incorrect logan #incorrect quotes sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #prinxiety incorrect quotes #incorrect sanders sides #prinxiety#platonic analogical#mom deceit#ts deceit#ss deciet#deceit sanders#ts janus#ts logan#logan sanders#ss logic#ss logan#incorrect virgil #virgil incorrect quotes #virgil x roman #virgil sanders#ts virgil#ss anxiety#ss virgil #roman incorrect quotes #roman sanders #roman x virgil #unsympathetic deceit
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  • abusedsanderssides
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    Trigger/content warnings: Past abuse mention, unsympathetic Remus and Deceit, sympathetic Roman, Patton, and Logan, cursing, tying up, injuries, hurt/comfort, ptsd, rescuing from abusive home.

    Ship(s): A little bit of Prinxiety at the end.

    Characters: Virgil, Roman, Remus, Patton, Logan, and Deceit/Janus (before name reveal).

    2014 words

    Prompt: Can roman rescue virgil from this drabble

    Requested by @im-a-flippen-dinosaur link

    A/N: Sorry this took so long! I’ve had a bunch of stuff come up but I hope you like it! <3

    - 4/26/21

    Roman had just gotten out of the shower and changed into pajamas, feeling clean and refreshed. It was around midnight, so he went to his bed so he could sleep. He pulled back the covers and there lay a white rat with red eyes. Roman almost screamed, slapping his hand over his mouth before he did so he didn't wake anyone up.

    He had to think for a second. Why in the Disney was there a rat in his bed? Then he realized. "Oh my god," Roman said out loud to himself, "Fucking Remus!"

    Roman quickly snapped his fingers and the rat disappeared, a clean set of sheets now on his bed. Roman grabbed his sword off the wall and stormed out of his room, going to pay a visit to his brother.

    Once he entered the Dark Sides' Mindscape he charged towards Remus' room. Roman kicked the door open and it slammed against the wall. Roman scanned the room, seeing Remus on his bed and his eyes latched onto him, not processing the other person in the room.

    After a second Roman's eyes darted to what Remus was towering over. It was a small, pale, very skinny, and terrified boy covered head to toe in bruises and cuts. He was wearing a black hoodie and white and black plaid pajama pants with some black eyeliner under his eyes, and boy was he cute.

    'Who is this man?' Roman thought. 'I've never seen him a day in my life.' Roman then noticed that the boy was tied up, wrists and ankles bound, rope tying his legs together as he leaned against Remus' headboard.

    Roman's thoughts were cut off with his brother saying, "Well hello there. Now is not a great time for our fight so maybe go jack off and then come back. I'll probably be done with him by then." Roman's eyebrows were furrowed in confusion.

    Virgil was overwhelmed. First, Remus dragged him out of his room and brought him to his, beating the living shit out of him for no reason. He didn't even do anything wrong! Then, Remus tied him up and threw him on the bed, crawling to hover over him and whisper all the horrible things he was going to do to Virgil in his ear. Then after that, this man dressed in white and red busted down Remus' door holding a sword and boy did he look furious.

    What was going on? Was that man here to hurt Virgil too? Or was he here to save him? Virgil hoped and prayed for the latter, locking eyes with the man and sending him pleads and practically telling him his life story with just a look.

    And the man looked... concerned? Why did he look concerned? Was he actually going to help Virgil or was he just going to take him and use him the same way Remus and Deceit do?

    "What are you doing, Remus? Who is that? What are you doing to him?" The man asked, his voice rising a bit at the end making Virgil visibly flinch.

    Remus laughed his manic laugh, huffing out, "This is none of your concern, brother." Wait, the man in white was Remus' brother? Virgil didn't even know he had a brother! Virgil looked back and forth from both men. He struggled against the bonds, causing Remus to snap his head back to him, holding Virgil down in a firm grasp.

    The man in white looked furious, and that scared Virgil. Remus cackled, "I'm not saying sorry for the rat, by the way. That was hilarious!" Virgil could visibly see the anger in the man's face and he wondered if steam was going to come out of his ears.

    Virgil watched as the man charged towards Remus with his sword, and Virgil flinched, falling off the bed in the process. The two brothers were rolling around on the floor, fighting. Remus had gotten his mourning star out, which Virgil knew from experience hurt, and he heard the metal clashing together.

    Virgil spaced out. He wasn't processing what was going on, all the noise blurring together, and his vision got blurry. So Virgil didn't notice when Deceit stormed into the room, Roman quickly knocking them both out, snapping his fingers to tie them up back to back so they couldn't escape.

    Roman hadn't noticed that Virgil fell off the bed, so he panicked when the boy was nowhere in sight. Roman rushed to the other side of the bed, seeing Virgil laying on the floor with his eyes shut tight and brows furrowed. Roman snuck towards the man as to not scare him, sitting down quietly. Virgil flinched when Roman's fingers brushed against his leg, attempting to curl in on himself even more.

    "Hey, hey, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise," The man spoke, and when Virgil didn't move a muscle he continued, "My name is Prince Roman and I'm here to rescue you. I'm going to take you somewhere safe, but I have to get this rope off first. Can I do that?"

    Virgil slowly cracked one eye open, having a better look at the man, Roman, who showed nothing but sympathy on his face. Virgil took a second to think it over, nodding slowly. Roman reached behind Virgil and started to untie the rope.

    Once Virgil was untied he muttered out, "Thank you." Roman took a second to try and figure out what he said, as it was barely audible.

    He nodded his head, smiling, "You're very welcome, beautiful." Virgil blushed, hiding his face in his bangs. After a few seconds, Roman asked, "Can I pick you up? I need to take you somewhere safe, princess." Virgil nodded his head, flinching when Roman picked him up bridal style. Virgil panicked, quickly wrapping his arms around Roman's neck. Roman giggled, "Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to drop you, promise."

    Virgil looked him in the eyes. He could faintly see a few freckles dusting his nose and cheeks, and deep brown eyes looking at him through long lashes. Virgil's heart skipped a beat, feeling honored that he was being held by this stunningly beautiful man.

    Roman exited Remus' room, walking towards the door that Virgil wasn't allowed to go through. He didn't want to anyway, Remus told him there were monsters in there that could eat him in one bite. Roman went to open the door and Virgil struggled to escape his hold. "What's wrong?" He asked concern on his face as his hand dropped from the doorknob.

    Virgil looked at him, confused. "W-what? T-there's m-monsters in there!" Roman looked taken aback.

    He then let out a laugh that made Virgil blush, "What? No, silly. That's where us Light Sides are!" Virgil mouthed the words 'light sides' in confusion. What the fuck were light sides? "Do you not know?" Roman asked and when Virgil shook his head, he grabbed the doorknob again, "Guess I'll just have to show you then."

    Roman opened the door and saw stairs behind it, leading up to somewhere. Roman climbed the stairs after closing the door, opening the door at the top of the stairs. Virgil saw that there was a living room, the same as where he lived, just much brighter and cleaner.

    Virgil looked around his surroundings, Roman carefully setting him down on the couch. Virgil sunk into it, it was so comfortable! Roman sat down next to him, keeping his distance while still staying close.

    Roman then slowly stood up. "Please stay here, I'll be right back. I promise." Virgil nodded, obeying Roman's orders, watching as Roman climbed the stairs.

    A few minutes later he returned with two other men, both looking tired and had glasses. One wore a gray cat sweatshirt and pajama pants, the other wearing a black polo, blue tie, and blue jeans. Did he sleep in those?

    The man with the cat hoodie widened his eyes when he saw Virgil, hurrying towards him, causing Virgil to curl in on himself and put his hands up in surrender. The man stopped where he was, kneeling down in front of where Virgil sat on the couch. "Hey," He spoke and Virgil immediately relaxed a bit, his voice being very calm. "It's okay, we're not going to hurt you. We're here to help."

    "That is correct," The other said, and Virgil knew it must've been the other man as Virgil didn't recognize it as Roman or the one in front of him. Virgil lifted his head up, seeing three looks of concern and empathy. "Are you hurt?"

    Virgil shook his head, confused. Why were they being so nice?

    "My name is Patton," The man in front of him spoke, "and that's Logan," Patton said, turning towards the man in the tie. Virgil nodded his head, signaling he followed. "What your name, kiddo?"

    "Anxiety," Virgil whispered, not trusting them with his real name yet. Patton nodded, reaching out to hold Virgil's hand, causing him to flinch away, shaking in fear.

    "Hey, hey," Patton reassured, "I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe here." Virgil loosened up, complying and letting Patton hold his hand. "Oh my goodness you're freezing cold!" Patton exclaimed, careful not to raise his volume. "Do you want a blanket?" Virgil shook his head, not wanting to be a burden to them even though he was freezing.

    "Are you hungry?" Logan asked. Virgil shook his head again.

    "Tired?" Roman added, and Virgil nodded at that one. 

    Virgil was scared. He didn't know who these people were or what was going on, and it didn't help that he was the literal embodiment of anxiety. Virgil mumbled, barely above a whisper, "Please don't take me back." 

    Patton's eyes widened and he shook his head frantically, "Oh no, sweetie! Never! You're staying here where you're safe." Virgil let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding him, slightly nodding his head. He didn't know if he could trust these men but they seemed nicer than Deceit and Remus, and even if they weren't nice people, Virgil didn't plan on going back to them ever in his life.

    It was silent for a second before Logan spoke again, "Where would you like to sleep? Currently, as your arrival was a surprise, we cannot offer you your own room. Making you sleep on the couch would be highly rude and unsafe, so that is not an option."

    Virgil thought for a second. Patton seemed really nice, but he feared that he might touch him too much as he seemed like a cuddly and affectionate person. Logan seemed cold, and Virgil didn't feel comfortable sleeping with him. So that left Roman. Virgil felt safe with Roman. He did rescue him, after all.

    "C-can I sleep with R-Roman?" Virgil muttered out. All three nodded their heads and Virgil sighed contently.

    Roman took a step forward, getting Virgil's attention. "Would you like me to carry you, princess?" Virgil blushed at the nickname, nodding his head in agreement. Roman picked him up bridal style, Virgil once again holding onto him. They all said goodnight to each other, agreeing to discuss this more in the morning, and Roman carried him up to his room.

    Roman's room had the same layout as Remus's but they were decorated very differently. He has a huge bed with a red comforter, big windows, Disney posters (which Virgil loved), and it looked like a room in a royal castle. Roman set Virgil down on his bed and Virgil immediately relaxed into it, snuggling up against the soft sheets. Roman giggled, a light blush painting his cheeks.

    "Let me tuck you in, silly." Roman covered Virgil with the blankets, smiling at the beautiful boy below him. "Would you like me to sleep on the floor?"

    Virgil widened his eyes, quickly shaking his head. "No! Please stay." Roman obliged, slipping into bed next to Virgil. Virgil hesitantly curled up in Romans' chest, and big arms wrapped him in a hug.

    Virgil felt safe. He felt loved. He felt wanted.

    Roman was his hero.

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  • your-dark-strange-spawn
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Virgil: Guys, I'm really nervous about getting the jab tomorrow

    Patton: Well I could come in with you if you want

    Logan: If it's the needle you're scared of, just look away

    Janus: I could hold you down so you don't run away

    Remus: You should bite them so they get it done quicker!





    Roman: Bro, what the fuck?

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  • fightorflightamiright
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Patton: Okay,Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life

    Roman: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years!

    Remus: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!

    Logan: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!

    Janus: My moral code! Is that you?


    Patton: I was just gonna show you this trunk Thomas gave me but oh my-

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  • fightorflightamiright
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    *Logan and Remus handling something extremely dangerous*

    Remus: I think Houdini did something like this once! If I recall,he was out of the hospital in no time!

    Logan,deadpan: Well that's incouraging.

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  • water-lz3
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Roman: Next time when I change my main outfit

    Roman: It's gonna be Times New Roman

    Logan: pft-

    Roman: :O

    Logan: Wait no-

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  • your-dark-strange-spawn
    17.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Roman: Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?!

    Virgil: No I can't because I was born without a sense of smell now shut up before I think myself into another existential crisis about it!





    Janus: Can I just be the first to say... What the fuck?

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  • abusedsanderssides
    16.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Man At The Bar

    Trigger/content warnings: Abusive/unsympathetic Logan, sympathetic Janus, drinking, drugging, cheating, mention of past non-consensual activities, angst. Let me know if there are any that you'd like me to add.

    Ship(s): Abusive Intrulogical, crushing Dukeceit

    Characters: Remus, Logan, and Janus

    2586 words

    Prompt: "Hey," A says, sliding over on the bar stools to get B's attention. "Don't drink that. I think your date's trying to drug you." - (A being Janus, B being Remus)

    Requested by @maxgraybooks link

    - 4/16/21

    Remus loved Logan, he really did, but the Logan he fell in love with seven months ago isn't the same Logan today. He's a lot more controlling, manipulative, and some might say abusive. Remus didn't care though, he knew that Logan loved him and that was all that mattered. He'd come around. He'd go back to who he was.

    So, when Logan told him that they were going to the bar, he didn't question it. Remus knew that Logan loved to drink, although Remus hated how Logan got when he was drunk. He would yell for no reason, punish Remus over the tiniest of things, climb on top of him and do sexual things, but it only lasted a few hours so it wasn't that bad.

    Remus obliged, putting his shoes and coat on and following Logan out the door to the car. They didn't talk in the car, as Remus couldn't talk if Logan didn't talk to him first, which he was choosing not to.

    That's how Remus ended up here, sat at the bar, watching over everyone dancing with a drink in hand, his boyfriend nowhere to be in sight. Logan was probably off, flirting with another guy or maybe even having sex with them in the bathroom. Remus knew that if he tried to interject or catch Logan that he'd be in for it. So, Remus left it alone. After all, Logan had been kind enough to buy him a drink, which Remus took happily.

    Remus didn't like alcohol. He never wanted to get so drunk that he couldn't control his actions. He didn't want to be like Logan when drunk. Who knows how much trouble he'd get in. But, he would drink whatever Logan gave him. He didn't want to make him mad, so he only did it when Logan could see him, not taking a sip when he wasn't around.

    Logan was allowed to do whatever he wanted, but because Remus was his sub, he did what he was told. Those were their rules. Of course, there were many others such as not talking back, no touching himself without permission, he has to ask to do anything, etcetera.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Remus saw Logan walk out of the bathroom with another guy, hair disheveled and clothes wrinkled. Once Logan made his way back to where Remus was sat, Remus questioned, "Who was that?"

    Logan glared at him, sitting down at the stool next to Remus, growling at him before snapping, "It's none of your goddamn business!" Remus flinched as his voice raised, curling in on himself as he mumbled apologies.

    "I'm sorry, Logan. I wasn't trying to be mean or a brat, I promise! I'm sorry, please forgive me!" Logan didn't say anything to him, calling the bartender over for more drinks for the both of them. The lack of response made Remus panic, wondering what Logan was thinking.

    Remus started to feel tears well up in his eyes, so he politely asked, "Logan?" He looked at Remus, glaring behind his glasses.

    "What?" He asked in a sharp tone that scared Remus.

    Nonetheless, Remus continued, "Can I go to the bathroom? I need to pee." Remus scanned Logan's face as he waited for a response. His brows were furrowed, cheeks pink because of the alcohol, hair still messy, and piercing eyes staring right back at him.

    Logan sighed tiredly, "Sure, but don't do anything besides pee, got it? I don't want any funny business." Remus nodded his head frantically, hopping off the stool and walking fast, not quite in a run, to the bathroom.

    Once he was safely locked in a stall, he let the tears fall down his face, sobbing silently. That was something that he'd picked up in these last few months; how to cry silently. If Logan was mad at him and he heard him start crying, Logan would only get angrier, and Remus didn't want that.

    Remus knew he was on a time limit, he didn't actually have to pee but he counted in his head the estimated time that he would take to pee. About thirty seconds of using the bathroom, and a minute to wash his hands, ten seconds to dry them, and twenty seconds to fix how he looked. So it would take him two minutes.

    He'd already wasted a minute so he grabbed some toilet paper, drying his face and blowing his nose, and walked out of the stall. He threw the paper in the trash, looking himself in the mirror. God, a minute of crying and he already looked like a mess. He fixed himself up, hoping that Logan wouldn't be able to tell that Remus had been crying in the dim lights of the bar.

    Remus exited the bathroom and walked back over to the stool he was sat at. Logan was still sitting there, glass already half empty and drinking away. Logan didn't notice him at first so he said, "I'm back," close to Logan so he could hear him. Logan jumped slightly snapping his head to face Remus. The shocked look on his face quickly turned to anger.

    "Don't scare me like that, Remus!" Logan snapped, glaring at Remus over his glasses, cheeks blushed a dark pink.

    "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you, Lo! I promise!" Remus scrambled out but Logan only rolled his eyes.

    Logan slid a drink over to Remus that looked the same as what he was drinking. "Here, I got you this." Remus grabbed the drink and gave Logan a smile, about to say thank you when Logan cut him off, "What, you're just not going to say thank you? Wow, what manners you have. We might have to fix those when we get home."

    Remus panicked. What? When they get home? Teach him manners? He was going to say thank you, but it obviously wasn't fast enough for Logan. Remus tripped over his words, trying to form a sentence that wouldn't make Logan madder.

    Logan rolled his eyes again, getting off the stool with his drink in hand, announcing, "I'm going to go dance. Think about what you did and learn from it, but don't think you're getting out of your punishment." Remus said okay, not daring to ask him why or say no.

    Once Logan left, Remus let out a big sigh, hoping that Logan will forget what happened before they get home. He didn't want to go home. Not with Logan. Not tonight. Yes, he loved him but he didn't want to be punished again. He set down his drink, resting his face in his hands with his elbows on the counter, and tried his best not to cry.

    Janus had been watching this all along. Every single interaction since the two walked in the bar. He didn't mean to be creepy, but the man with the mustache, who he learned name was Remus, caught his eye and he had a bad feeling about the guy in the glasses. He was sat a few stools away from where they were, so he could hear their conversations.

    When Janus watched Logan pour a white powder in the others' drink when he left for the bathroom, that's when he had an idea of what was going on, and wanted to prevent any of it from happening. Besides, he was very attracted to Remus and had an odd urge to take care of him and keep him safe.

    He needed to do something. Janus needed to tell Remus. He couldn't just watch it happen and then live with the guilt on his shoulders for the rest of his life, knowing he could've saved someone else's.

    Janus was only sat a few seats behind where the other man was, Remus keeping his face hidden in his hands.

    "Hey," Janus says, sliding over on the bar stools to get Remus' attention. "Don't drink that. I think your date's trying to drug you."

    Remus turned his head to face the man, worried and confused. He looked from his drink to Logan across the room who wasn't paying any attention to him at all, and then to the strange man sat next to him.

    He took a second to look him over. He had long bleached hair that reached below his shoulders, he was very pale, snakebite piercings, a brown eye on his right side and a green on his left, and the left side of his face was covered in splotches of darker pigmented skin. He was wearing a yellow shirt, black leather jacket, black ripped jeans, and doc martens with yellow laces. And damn, was this man hot.

    Once Remus had awed at the man, he raised an eyebrow and asked, "Who are you?" Remus didn't know him so he didn't trust him either. If Logan sees this happening, it's game over for him.

    The man smiled, reaching out a gloved hand for Remus to shake, responding with, "Janus." Remus cautiously shook Janus' hand, eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked Janus in the eyes. Oh God, his eyes are going to make Remus melt right there.

    Because Remus was still suspicious, he questioned again, "And how do you know this?" They let go of each other's hands, Remus sighed mentally because he didn't want to let go. Just the touch of this mysterious man sent shivers down his spine, but it was the good kind. Not the kind you get when you're being threatened, but the kind he felt with Logan a year ago when he started to like him.

    Janus huffed a laugh, and it was music to Remus' ears. Remus darted his eyes back to where Logan was to see him grinding on another man. Good, he's distracted. Remus looked back to Janus, making eye contact before Janus looked behind him at Logan, seeing the exact same thing Remus did.

    They connected eyes again once Janus turned his head back, a faint blush growing on Remus' cheeks. "Well," Janus began, "I don't mean this to come off as creepy but I'd been watching you two since you got here." Remus wasn't delighted at the news, but he still wanted to know more so he urged Janus to continue.

    "I heard you two fighting too, is everything okay?" Janus asked, but Remus didn't answer. Of course everything was not okay! His boyfriend was abusive, he'd just been crying, and now this man is accusing Logan of drugging his drink! Remus wanted to tell the stranger everything, but that wasn't very polite and he didn't even want to imagine what would happen if Logan found out. Remus would literally die.

    When Remus stayed silent Janus gently rested his hand on Remus' knee, looking at him with caring eyes. Remus flinched a little, relaxing when he knew the man wasn't going to hurt him. Maybe Remus wasn't going to die from Logan but from how amazing and hot Janus is.

    Remus nodded his head slightly, stating not so confidently, "Yes, everything is fine." Janus didn't question him anymore, not wanting to overstep boundaries and scare him away. Instead, Janus nodded his head in acknowledgment.

    "Anyway, when you left for the restroom I saw him put something in your drink. It was white powder and it dissolved, here," Janus pointed to his glass, showing Remus a small amount of white powder, as he described it, on the rim.

    Remus was taken aback, believing Janus but still confused. Why would Logan try to drug him? He can literally do whatever he wants with him. Was he going to kill him? Remus felt that aching in his chest, pulling at his heart. It hurt. He could once again feel tears in his eyes, trying to blink them away but failing when one rolled down his cheek.

    Janus noticed this and tried to comfort Remus. "Hey, it's okay. Now you know. He seems like a really shitty guy anyway." Remus snorted, a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

    "Yeah," Remus huffed a laugh, smiling, "He's an ass." Janus smiled back at him, blushing.

    "Well," Janus began, "if you need anything I'm here to help." Remus was confused.

    "Why do you want to help me? You don't even know me." He asked.

    Janus took a moment to form a sentence before responding, "I may not know you, but I'm a decent enough human to want to help you. Plus, I think you're very attractive and you don't deserve to be treated the way he treats you." Remus blushed, hoping the other man couldn't see, a shy smile on his face.

    Janus looked behind him again, Remus following his gaze, panicking when Logan was nowhere in sight. Although, Janus spotted him sneaking into the bathroom with the man he was grinding on earlier.

    When he turned back to face Remus, his heart dropped when he saw him flashing his eyes around the bar, desperately trying to find his boyfriend whilst panicking. "Hey, hey," Janus comforted, reaching a hand up to cup Remus' cheek. Remus flinched back, eyes wide and at that moment, Janus connected the dots. This man's boyfriend was abusive.

    Janus leaned back, putting his hands up in front of him. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm only trying to help, I promise." Remus relaxed a bit, but Janus could still see he was stiff. Janus gently grabbed Remus's hand, rubbing comforting circles and caressing the skin with his gloved fingers. "Would you like me to call someone? I will gladly report him for you. If not, I'll beat him up myself."

    That seemed to make Remus panic even more. "No no no! That won't be necessary, I promise," Remus frantically stood up, but Janus still had a good grasp of his hand. "It's fine, nothing's wrong. Now if you'll excuse me," Remus tried to release Janus' grip on his hand, failing to do so.

    Janus stood up, tugging his hand slightly to bring Remus closer to him. "I don't believe you." He stated, and when Remus had nothing to say, Janus continued, "Now, what would you like me to do? I could call the cops, I could beat him up, or you could come home with me for the night while we get this all sorted out. I am not letting you leave this place with him. I can't let that happen."

    Remus sighed, realizing he wasn't getting out of this. Janus actually wanted to help. He truthfully cared. Remus looked up from their hands, looking the slightly shorter man in the eyes. "C-can I go h-home with you?" Remus cursed himself for stuttering.

    Janus nodded, "I swear to everything that I won't hurt you, nor will I let him hurt you." Remus smiled, genuinely, something he hadn't done in a while. Remus jumped forward without thinking, wrapping Janus in a tight hug, pulling back after a few seconds, realizing what he did. Janus looked startled, but he laughed. He laughed. He wasn't mad at Remus.

    Janus wrapped an arm around Remus' shoulder. "Come on, let's get you out of here." Remus giggled, wrapping his arm around Janus' back. Janus led them out of the building and to his very expensive-looking car, and he opened the passenger door for Remus to sit.

    Once they were both in, Janus took Remus' hand in his, looking him in the eyes. "Everything's going to be okay. You're not going to get hurt anymore. I promise."

    Remus believed him. Everything was going to be okay.

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    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    PB&J Sandwich

    Trigger/content warnings: Abuse, unsympathetic & abusive Logan, starvation, food, malnourishment, food allergies, whipping, slight knife mention (it was a butter knife used for making a sandwich).

    Ship(s): Analogical

    Characters: Virgil, Logan, Patton, and Roman.

    2527 words

    Not requested

    - 3/27/21

    Logan had always been super controlling of his boyfriend. He always wanted control. Everything needed to be perfect. Virgil had to obey and listen to him. Logan couldn't stand when Virgil was bad. He didn't feel bad about punishing him, he deserved it. Plus, that meant that Logan could keep him skinny and how he wants him to look. He can make him beautiful.

    It was early, around 8:30 am, so Logan carefully got out of bed, making sure not to wake up the sleeping Virgil next to him. He gets ready for the day and makes sure he looks presentable before leaving his room. He carefully locks the door behind him so Virgil can't get out when he doesn't see anyone in the hallway.

    Virgil's been locked in Logan's room for about two weeks now. He'd been trying to sneak to get food when he wasn't supposed to and kept disobeying so Logan made sure to keep him locked away. He controls when and what Virgil eats. He had also caught Virgil trying to talk to Patton and Logan didn't allow that because what if Virgil told Patton and he left him?

    Logan walked down the stairs to be greeted by Roman on the couch watching a Disney movie and Patton sitting at the table eating a bagel.

    "Morning Lo!" Patton chirped. Logan never understood how he could be so cheerful after he just woke up. Logan mumbled a reply and went into the kitchen to start making his morning coffee.

    While the coffee was brewing he decided he was going to punish Virgil again. He hadn't let him eat for the past two weeks that he'd been locked away because of what caused him to get locked in Logan's room. Virgil had also been really stubborn last night when Logan wanted some kisses from his boyfriend and he wasn't listening to him. He didn't move when Logan told him to, he argued back and just didn't obey Logan.

    Logan got out a plate, butter knife, bread, peanut butter, and the only jar of non-Crofter's jam in the house. Why did they even have that? Logan began spreading the jelly on one slice of bread and then peanut butter on the other, putting the two together to create a sandwich. He put away the supplies and the coffee maker beeped, signaling that his coffee was done.

    Patton had been watching Logan do this from the table and was skeptical as to why he didn't use Crofter's. Logan always used Crofter's. Jam wasn't jam to him if it wasn't Crofter's. He decided not to ask him about it directly, but he still had an uneasy feeling.

    As Logan walks out of the kitchen with a plate that has a sandwich on it in one hand and a coffee-filled mug in the other, Roman speaks up about exactly what Patton was thinking.

    "Hey, L?" Logan was about to walk up the stairs but turned and shot a questioning eyebrow at Roman. "Where's Virgil? Is he alright? We haven't seen him in a while."

    Patton nodded in agreement to Roman's questions. Logan looked between the two but didn't panic because he saw this coming and was prepared.

    "Virgil's alright. He's been pretty sick lately and I've been helping him. He's in my room, as I'm taking care of him and he doesn't want to leave my side. Currently, I am trying to figure out what is wrong because he's been sick for about two weeks now and it doesn't seem to be dying down or-"

    Roman cut off Logan's rambling, "Ok thank you Brainly, that was plenty of information if not more than I needed." Patton thanked Logan as well, although he was still suspicious. Logan nodded at the both of them before going back to his room.

    He had to hold the plate waitress style as he unlocked the door to his bedroom because of his coffee mug. Logan walks in to see Virgil still fast asleep on his bed, looking like a Tim Burton character.

    The lack of nutrition caused Virgil to look sickly, which was part of what played into Logan's cover-up story, and he needed so much more sleep than usual. Virgil didn't have much to do all day so he usually just slept, and he didn't have much energy to get out of bed or do anything besides use the bathroom.

    Logan sighed contently at his boyfriend. He was so happy about how Virgil looked. It was everything that Logan wanted. He loved how malnourished he was. He'd made Virgil beautiful and he was even more attracted to him now that he was paper-thin than when he first caught feelings for the anxious trait. Virgil went from being 120 pounds to 90 in only a few weeks, and Logan was proud of that.

    Virgil's skin is pale and cold, his ribs stick out of his chest because of the lack of fat, his legs and arms lost muscle and were starting to become as thin as his bones, and the rumblings of his stomach every few minutes made Logan so happy.

    After setting the plate and his coffee down on his desk he walks over to his bed and gently shakes Virgil, causing him to open his eyes right away and flinch back at the touch. He's become so much more flinchy since he started dating Logan, he would already flinch at loud noises and fast motions but now it's so much more, and it makes Logan's heart jump.

    "Good morning, Logan," Virgil quickly mumbled out, making sure not to upset him by not saying it right away. Logan hums in response and walks back over to his desk. Virgil panics at the response that he got from Logan. Did he upset him? Is he in a bad mood? Is he getting something to hurt him with? Why didn't he say good morning back?

    Virgil's questions get cut off by Logan stating, "I made you food." Virgil immediately sat upright on the bed, eyes wide and hope on his face. He's starving. What could he have made him? Is he going to get to finally eat? His mouth began to water at the thought of eating real food again.

    A smirk forms on Logan's face and Virgil panics again. Logan grabs a plate off of his desk and starts to walk towards the bed where Virgil is sat. Virgil couldn't see the contents on the plate at first but when he did his face dropped.

    It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Virgil was allergic to nuts. He couldn't eat that.

    As Logan got closer Virgil began to tilt away from Logan and the plate. With furrowed eyebrows and eyes filled with confusion and hurt Virgil looked back and forth from the sandwich to the smirking Logan standing in front of him.

    Logan knew about Virgil's allergy. This was a punishment and he just loved to watch him get all hopeful, to hurt, to crying in only a few minutes. It was his own little show.

    Virgil's breathing started to speed up and become unsteady as he panicked. Virgil managed to stutter out, "I-I c-can't eat t-that. I-I'm allergic t-to all n-nuts, you know t-that L-Logan!"

    After seeing the look of offense and hurt on Logan's face Virgil regretted what he said immediately. Virgil's mouth opened and closed as he tried to gather an apology but closed his mouth when Logan snapped, "Oh so you're so spoiled that you won't eat the food that I made you? I went out of my way to make this for you when I didn't even have to and now you won't even eat it! Unbelievable."

    Virgil's face is full of regret and pure fear, eyes darting around Logan's face with his eyebrows furrowed. Tears start to well up in his eyes and eventually spill out, and Virgil can't help himself from crying.

    "Please I'm sorry! I'm s-so sorry, L-Logan! I'm sorry! P-please, forgive m-me! I'll eat it! Please just d-don't be m-mad!" Virgil babbles out, crying hopelessly as he tries to prevent what's about to happen. He puts his hands up to his face to cover it like he's surrendering to Logan.

    Logan scoffs at Virgil's pleas before yelling, "Just don't be mad? Are you kidding! Of course I'm going to be mad! You saying that just made me even madder!" Virgil flinched at every word Logan screamed at him, only causing him to sob even harder. Through his tears, he could see Logan drop the plate on his desk and open his closet door. Oh no.

    "N-no please! Please, L-Logan don't h-hurt me! Please! I'm s-sorry, I really am!" Virgil helplessly begged but it did nothing. Logan still walked out of his closet holding the whip that Virgil hates so very much. Just seeing it in his hands made Virgil collapse onto the bed, fingers pulling at his hair as he covered his head with his arms like you would for tornadoes.

    Logan snickered at Virgil, and Virgil knew his begs and pleas would do nothing; he was going to get punished no matter what.

    "On your stomach," Logan ordered with a stern tone, almost yelling. Virgil did as he was told, lying on his stomach and continuing to sob into the pillow. Logan pulled up Virgil's shirt so he had open access to his whole back. Logan traced his fingers over all the scars and welts he had made from past punishments on Virgil's back, causing Virgil to hiss and cry out in pain from the contact. Logan smiled as he brought the whip up.

    Logan snapped it down and Virgil screamed as it slashed against the sore, bruised, and thinning skin on his back. Virgil knew what to do and stuttered out, "O-one," with the most broken voice, only causing the smile on Logan's face to grow.

    Another hit. "T-two," Virgil sobbed out. Only eight more to go. He couldn't mess up the counting or it would start all over again from number one. Logan whipped a sensitive spot and Virgil screamed, "T-three! Ffff-" Virgil wasn't allowed to cuss so he stopped himself before he got in even more trouble. Swearing was not professional.

    "F-four!" Virgil screamed as the torture continued, Logan's smile only growing even more with each hit. Struggling to breathe Virgil almost missed the fifth counting but yelled it out just in time. "F-five!" Virgil prayed to the gods or whatever was out there, if anything, that Logan would let his slight hesitation pass. His prayer was answered with another slash on his back and not a single word from Logan said.

    Virgil's weak and skinny body was ready to give out at any moment but he had to push through until the whips were finished. The last time he passed out before the seventh and got the remaining whips plus ten more when he woke up the next day and he didn't want that to happen again. "S-six!" Virgil screamed, his voice growing weak and hoarse.

    Logan brought the whip up again and struck his back, receiving "S-seven!" from his well-behaved boyfriend under him. Logan did feel bad when he looked at Virgil, mouth open in a silent scream as he sobbed, eyes red and puffy with tears streaks down his face, but Logan knew that Virgil deserved this.

    The whip slashed against Virgil's back once more and Virgil cried out, "E-eight!" He started to feel himself slowly fall into unconsciousness but forced himself to stay awake, which wasn't hard when Logan hit him again. Virgil gasped and wept, "N-nine!" Only one more. He could do this.

    Virgil gasped as the tenth and final whip came down on his back, and it was the worst one. Logan used as much force as he could knowing how strong he was and how weak Virgil had become, not that he was very strong to begin with. Logan smiled when Virgil cried out, "Ten!" before closing his eyes and whimpering in pain.

    Before Virgil could pass out, Logan grabbed his chin and kissed him lightly. "You did such a good job, bear. I'm proud of you." And with that Virgil was out cold, unconscious. Logan makes a mental note to tell Virgil once he wakes up that he can't eat for another week as a second part of the punishment.

    Logan cleans and bandages Virgil's back with precision and wipes the tear stains from his face.

    He sighed. He knew Virgil wasn't going to eat the sandwich. He set him up. This was his plan all along. He just wanted to watch Virgil fall apart as he took his punishment. It'd been a few days since the last one and he missed it.

    After throwing away blood-stained rags and putting dirty towels in the hamper, Logan sat at his desk and finished his now room-temperature coffee. Maybe he shouldn't have woken Virgil up right away.

    Standing up, Logan grabs his mug, the plate with the sandwich on it, and the key to his room and walks out. Looking around he makes sure no one can see when he locks the door behind him.

    To his advantage, no one was downstairs, meaning they were in their rooms. Logan thanks his past self for making his room entirely soundproof. Logan places the plate on the counter and dumps the teaspoon of coffee that was left in his mug into the sink before putting it in the dishwasher.

    Logan sighs again. A perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich going to waste. Well, not perfect as it was normal jam instead of Crofter's. He would never waste even a particle of Crofter's ever in his life.

    He pressed the pedal at the bottom of the trash can and the lid opened up. He let the sandwich slide off the plate and into the bin, taking his foot off the pedal and putting the plate in the dishwasher as well.

    Logan made himself some food as he didn't eat yet today and it was inching 9:30 am and then worked for the rest of the day, checking in on Virgil after dinner and giving him a glass of water.

    Patton had volunteered to put dinner away because Roman made it and Logan had work to do. He opened the trash can to throw away access food when he saw the sandwich that Logan made this morning in there. Weird. Usually, he would eat food that he made himself or offer it to someone else if he didn't want it as to not waste food.

    Patton also found it weird that he didn't use Crofter's. It's like he used normal jam because he knew he was going to throw it away. He knows for a fact Logan would never waste Crofter's if his life depended on it. Well, maybe not if his life depended on it; he's way more logical than that.

    But why would he make a sandwich just to throw it away? Patton had a gut feeling that something was wrong and Virgil had always told Patton to trust his gut feeling. Wait, Virgil!

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    Headcannon that Virgil can use the other sides' abilities (aka Janus' Shapeshifting, The Creatitwins summoning, Patton's empathy, and whatever Logan has-) in stressful situations.

    I came up with the head cannon since my experience with anxiety actually stems from my anxiety pulling things from other emotions (or in this case other sides) and twisting them in a way to make me afraid.

    Using logic to dissuade me from doing a dumb idea by making me afraid

    Using empathy to convince me to stay home with a friend instead of going out

    Using deceitful tendencies to prevent me from lying about important things

    Using creativity to come up with the most absurd ideas to convince me talking to someone I don't know is a bad idea.

    Idk, this was on a whim

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    Patton: We’re best friends

    Roman: The best!

    Patton: But even best friends know that there are certain topics to avoid

    Roman: Exactly! Like religion

    Patton: Politics

    Roman and Patton: And which Pixar movie is the best

    Patton: But we both know it’s walle

    Roman: No, the incredibles

    Patton: No, walle. It was a beautiful story told with barely any talking Thats a cinematic masterpiece

    Roman: No, the incredibles. They have best hero and best villain!

    Patton: That’s nothing against a cute robot!

    Roman and Patton: *bickering ensues*

    Remus: *pulls up in a car* um toy story. It’s got a trilogy

    Roman, Remus, and Patton: *louder fighting ensues*

    Janus: *hits Roman on the head with a trash bag* MONSTERS INC

    Roman, Janus, Remus, and Patton: *screaming at eachother*

    Logan: Guys! Cars?

    Roman, Janus, Remus, and Patton: *start charging Logan* AAAAAAAAA

    #an incorrect quote from a ts short I have outdone myself #virgils watching the black cauldron under a blanket and ignoring his friends #caps tw #sanders sides incorrect quotes #incorrect sanders sides #incorrect sanders sides quotes #sanders sides#remus sanders#incorrect patton#patton sanders#incorrect logan#logan sanders#roman sanders#princey sanders#ts deceit#ss deciet#ts janus#ts roman#ts patton#ts logan#platonic royality #incorrect quotes sanders sides #platonic lamp
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    Took a trip back to art GCSE with all the flowers...never again!!!!

    (Until next time I remember how pretty flowers are)

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    Black Cat

    Sanders Sides Prinxiety Fic

    Could be platonic or romantic idk.

    pre FWSA post SvS Redux

    TW: ducking out mention, crying,

    It isn’t on AO3 cause it wasn’t all that special so enjoy 

    @hiddendreamer67 thanks for the prompt 

         Roman wasn’t sure how well this would go over with Virgil. It was just, Virgil had been so down lately! 

         Patton and Logan had been distracted with Janus and Remus lately, they were coming around the commons more and it made Virgil visibly uncomfortable. Roman absolutely wasn’t enjoying his brother's company and Janus was an asshole so he refused to apologize first.

         So the anxious trait had been hiding in his room when he wasn’t hiding in Romans room with him. Roman appreciated Virgil’s efforts to comfort him about the newest additions to the team, but Virgil was ignoring his own problems by focusing entirely on Roman. 

         Right now Virgil was hanging out in Roman’s room, hiding from Patton who had begun knocking on the Dark And Stormy’s door. They were currently watching The Little Mermaid absentmindedly while occasionally throwing one of Romans stuffed animals at the other. Roman had cried again earlier, while Virgil reminded him it was totally okay to cry, and now they were winding down.

         Virgil was propped up against Roman’s side and was tapping on his thigh in the 4-7-8 pattern. Roman definitely appreciated it but he was okay now and had been for a bit, which both of them were aware of. The tapping was probably for Virgil's own benefit.

         “Hey Virgil?” Roman asked, pulling Virgil more into his arms.


         “I know I keep freaking out,” Virgil went to cut him off but Roman rushed out, “And that is okay and allowed. I was just, well you haven’t in a while?” he finished.

         Virgil raised his eyebrow, “Do you want me to cry more Ro?”

         Roman shoved him, “No, I just meant, Ugh. You are also doing poorly right now, I know so cause I’m not stupid despite what many beleive, but you aren’t letting anyone help you. And correct me if I’m wrong here Emo Nightmare, but I don’t think you’re letting yourself feel bad right now.”

         “I… I’m not, I’m not avoiding my feelings Roman, I’ve tried that before remember?”  Virgil added on at the end, trying for wry and funny and landing more heavily on scared and avoiding.

         “Virgil I’m not saying you’re gonna, y’know, again. I’m just worried. I think it’s safe to say these additions bring up bad memories for you, and you don’t have to tell me. If you aren’t comfortable talking about it that’s fine. I just want to help.” Roman sighed and stood up.

         “I know you don’t like surprises Virge, so I’ll just show you.” Roman then pulled a small, black kitten out of the imagination. “I figured this might help you if you ever felt bad but couldn't talk about it.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “If you don’t like it that’s fine I can put it back in the imagination, I just--”

         Virgil picked up the kitten and pet her for a moment before placing her on the ground. He then tackled Roman with a hug, “Thank you Ro. You, you didn’t have to do that! I love her so much.” He cried into Roman’s shirt, “Does she have a na-name?”

         “Nah stormcloud I figured you’d wanna name her.” Roman smiled, while he pet Virgil’s hair and the cat, which had taken to sitting directly next to them on the floor. 

         Virgil sniffed, before hugging the cat close to them, “You should help me name her, since she’s yours too.”

         Roman nodded, before leaning back on the ground and pulling Virgil and the cat on top of him. “How about… Frankenstein's Monster, Franky for short? She can be your monster!” he laughed.

         “That’s perfect Roman, thank you.” Virgil said.

         “No problem Emo Nightmare, I’m here to help.”

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