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  • Goth Stan redraw of that one Tokyo Ghoul pic 

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  • Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty crossover

    also known as….. ???

    My idea is that, helped by @stonefacepie, is that Rick is in trouble with the federation and maybe he pops into dimension 46 to hide out with the Pines, and maybe Ford and Rick knew each other from the space travel. It was mentioned that Ford was some kind of Space criminal or something right? in the episode where Ford shows dipper his infinity dice, which was like illegal in many many sectors of space?? Im fuzzy on the details, anyone know?

    Anyways, So maybe (If the last bit about ford is true) Rick and Ford met in jail and they share similar views on the Galactic Federation and so Rick helped ford so ford told him “I owe you one, if you ever need anything just let me know.” So rick shows up and Fords like, “You cant stay here, There are kids coming, if the federation finds you hiding out in my house.” And ricks like. “You owe me one, remember.” And fords like shit….

    So ricks like “Its only till it blows over, ive got a family to get back to. that’d be the first place theyd look. probabbly plus youre like, off the grid from the federation right? so this is probs the safest place to stay till they forget bout it”

    So Rick stays with ford and says its only till it blows over cus hes got to get back to his family right, and he cant go there cus that’d be the first place theyd look and he thought to stay with his good buddy ford cus ford probably is off the grid of the federation so that’d be close to the safest place till they forget or something.

    Then Fords like fine, and lets rick stay in the basement or something, just a little cot so Rick cant get too comfortable in this place. So one day Stan walks into Rick in the kitchen eating his cereal or something and ricks like. “really? you know what goes in this don’t you?” mocking stans cereal taste thinking he’s ford or something.

    And Stan just stares at him cus who the fuck is this in his kitchen. or something. Maybe they already know each other but i like the idea that Ford’s just never mentioned this to Stan.

    So Stan like, “The fuck are you doing in my house.:

    Ricks like. did he fucking forget wtf….

    And Ford shows up before anyone embarrasses themself or something and he’s just like. “Rick, this is my brother Stanley, Stanley. Rick.” And gets himself some toast and disappears into his lab.

    And Stans kinda PO because the kids were supposed to show up and he had no idea what kinda guy rick is and from the smell of him, it was someone he didn’t want around the kids.

    Plus wtf Ford, warn a guy.

    So then the Kids dipper and Mabel show up and at first, they have no idea Rick is around but one night maybe dipper or Mabel run into rick while getting water. Or they’re on their way to get water and stop because there’s a strange silhouette of a scrawny man in their fridge so they sneak back to tell the other twin about it and when they both head down to see this stranger, the kitchen is empty.

    And dipper goes on this whole thing thinking Rick is some kind of mystery that needs solved or something. And mabel is convinced he’s a home intruder. But at some point maybe they see him come out of the lab and they see his lab coat and figure maybe ford knows him, so they ask ford and ford groans

    or something else,,,,, this is basically as far as ive got

    but i do have another part that maybe Morty and Summer show up to the mystery shack looking for their grandpa cus he’s been gone for like 2 weeks and then they all meet or some bulllshit.

    this is all ive got, ideas?

    would it simply be a cross over or would it also turn into stanchez

    i dunnoo


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  • Isekai/Transmigration Mangas and Manhwas Recommendations

    Recently i had a spur moment of binging on these reincarnation tropes. I had looked down upon it as tacky and overused because there are so many of them, it’s like a Mills and Boon publication but in webtoon. Of course, I’m not undermining them. The plot is all the more in a higher level. But it’s hard to find gold among these many manhwas using the same trope. I have, under my judgement which is not at all reliable, secured this list of smashboggingly awesome manhwas. This list will give you the purpose of life that you never had. Read, and comeback so we can stan bish.

    •Arrangement is in no way related to preference and ratings. It is completely random.

    •The list will be updated as I continue my manhwa expedition.

    • MC is Main Character, the girl. ML is male lead.

    I’m Stanning the Prince


    The Start of my journey. This one doesn’t include reincarnation at all. The plot is surprisingly thrilling, with a good sprinkle of comedy amd hawt bois. Well, a good amount of hawt bois. Let’s face, 50% of why we read these is because of them hawt mans. The other 50% is the romance. And i believe this one has a quite good pace of all the elements, so far. This one had me hooked. I was drooling over ma boi Rayburn. 10/10 go read it.

    May I Ask for One Final Thing?


    This Gorl is batshit cray cray and i love it. She’s the MC that does what we want other isekai mcs to do. Beat the fdking shit out of that sleazy ass villains. And a passive ML that loves watching his lady simply go crazy. What more can i ask? A little more skinship yo. But I’m sure it’ll be. I love me a literally strong lady MC.



    The ultimate Kdrama manifestation in webtoon world, my kdrama antennae were tingling when i read it. The prologue squeezed my kokoro cuz i KNew this shit was gonna be tragic asfoook (read Love in the Moonlight, Moon lovers vibe). The art, i assure you, gives in to the kdrama vibe all the more. The art is awesaame. But i can already feel the tragic befalling on them. I’m so conflicted, scared of the approaching tragedy but also want for the romance and good asfook art. If you didn’t get kdrama vibes, honey hone your antennae.

    Miss Not-so Sidekick


    This. This made me go crazy. The ultimate ship. A bit weird ship but it’s ultimate. The romance is slow and it makes you wanna pull your body hair with want but it pays off. The art is not for everyone, but it grows on you (idk though, i liked it right away). I know a good art when i see one. It’s a bit weird (again) in some places but overall it’s awesome art (from a shitty drawer). The story is unconventional of the typical ‘reincarnation’ trope but in a good way. It was sensible and i liked it. It questioned what should be questioned. The characters’ dynamic are good as well. And the comedy, mein gott, the comedy. Go read. You’re missing out on a lot if you don’t.

    Who Made Me a Princess


    A friend recommended this to me actually. She didn’t give me any spoilers but showed me a picture of Claude. He was hawt but I thought it was weird. Because i misunderstood and thought of like an incest trope. I know, I’m beating myself ciz it’s definitely not that. I’m sorry, i had my redemption arc with this manhwa and it paid off. The relationship between Claude and Athanasia is cute af. Also i want them kids to grow up fast and set the plot on accelerate mode. As someone who misconstrued this awesome manhwa, I’m now telling everyone to read it.

    The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion



    That’s it. That’s the reason.

    No, for real. He’s stan. You’ll love him.

    Go read.



    This has a bit more somber and serious vibe. This does have instances of comedy, but the somber atmosphere overtakes it. I like the development of the MC and the ML because it’s gradual and sort of reasonable, the romance will 10/10 pay off. I know it in my gut. Plus the art? Wtf?? How is the ML so fgking hawt?? The yearning of 2D guys increased thanks to the artist. Love.

    Beware of the Villainess!


    Boi. If you read this and don’t have a crush on Melissa and at the same time, an urge to bonk her head. The ultimate example of Brawn, not Brains. She’s right here. Although a smol warning, if you’re not into bottom ML, you won’t like this manhwa. Because the MC is definitely a top and will stay a dumb top. But we cannot determine this yet. We’re yet to see how bottom and top they’re. Winkwink.

    The Stereotypical Life of a Reincarnated Lady


    This had a tad bit less impression on me. But the comedy won me over. The art is not for everyone but i liked it. The MC is dense to a comedic and frustrating extent but the plot that is to unfold is going to be interesting. This one is a definite read because = Hawt innocent ML who tries his best and reads eroticas.

    #Spotify#manhwa#manga #10/10 would recommend #isekai#reincarnation #who made me a princess #onsaemiro #may i ask for one final thing? #Beatrice webtoon #miss not-so sidekick #i'm stanning the prince #the reason why raeliana ended up at the duke's mansion #beware of the Villainess! #the Stereotypical life of a Reincarnated lady #stan #go read em bish #webtoon
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  • so ive been kinda into stanchez (stan pines and rick sanchez) and then i saw ford and rick and then i started thinking about summer and Morty and then Dipper And Mabel

    then i started thinking about that one time everyone expected a cross over between the two shows



    Someone pls talk to me about this

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  • How did antis think stan x kyle is healthier than kyman?

    Reasons I’ve seen bec they love kyle and want to protect him from cartman which is lame. .

    Stan likes Cartman

    Stan does love kyle

    stan stole a kidney for him and saved him from a cult and the ghost douche whisper

    Kyle cares more about beating cartman than stan not having trauma

    i can’t think of anything positive kyle did for him to outweigh the bad


    In my opinion i do think this is worse than stan pointing a gun at him but not act doing it while these guys were serious

    Your suppose to vote for my guy


    Honestly these pics show more about why stan x kyle is def not better

    some wont admit their ship isn’t healthy and feel attacked i see this with kyman but come on its cartman..

    Stan and kyle

    just bec they aren’t racist doesn’t mean its healthy eithier frankly their both full of problems

    Kyle even joins cartman in assburgers . he seems to need eric more than stan . heck heiman showed how he needs that stimuli Stan is second best

    Or his ego pushes kyle away. Ganged by bullies in metrosexual leaves kyle in gutair hero.

    Adding his bits to make it fair

    I have no clue how to end my thoughts



    Stanman wins

    I’ll buy you a steak dinner

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    SALUTE TO @ball_hard_music @hardworknationbhmg @mmr3000 @pandemiclegendz and more for being the BEST team in the WORLD🌍🌏🗺
    @imax255 for being a dope assistant and VP @studioss313 for making me sound so PROFESSIONAL… the supporters of course my family and GOD🙏🏿🙌🏿💯

    THANK YOU TO @shade45 and @young_ra #plugz 🔌

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  • So little time, so many worlds
    So much that’s yet to truly unfurl

    Hahahaha yeah I fiigured I might as well post Dimensions’ cover now because why not. This one was a bit of a pain what with all the characters on it and figuring out the coloring especially was ridiculous. But I like how it turned out. Its quite… epic, I would say. Dramatic. Just like Dimensions itself will be when I eventually get around to writing it. Either way get hype… because a battle of interdimensional proportions is upon is… ;) 

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  • so I’ve discovered in the past day that I’m pretty good at drawing gravity falls characters


    (yes I’m aware they’re pretty easy to draw but leave me alo n e I’m still proud of myself)

    also these are all screen caps from the show I don’t know how to draw original scenes/poses/expressions yet, AND the graphite mabel is based off a meme lol

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  • You ever just the only stan someone has but they block you after five messages…??? Otanaut things 😓

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  • I was going through pictures of Rihanna over the past 10 or so years just like 🤯 we really have Rihanna in our generation. She is a whole era of celebrity. Every event, song, photo shoot, concert, music video, make up, clothing item, shoes, sunglasses, perfume, lingerie, lingo, hair style, movie, is PHUCKING legendary in its own unique Rihanna way. I know I’m a super fan and we’re about the same age so it hits me different but really yall, wow.

    We have Rihanna in our lifetime. 💛 I’m so grateful for it all honestly. She’s been a huge part of damn near half of my life.

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  • Sam: Ever since Bucky learned about stan language he’s been going around talking like he’s on Twitter.

    Bucky: Oof, the call out. The tea is scorching.

    Sam: Please stop.

    #sam wilson#falcon#Bucky Barnes#Winter Soldier#winterfalcon #incorrect marvel quotes #falcon & winter soldier #falcon and winter soldier #falcon and the winter soldier #marvel#stan#twitter#troll bucky
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