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  • gravityfallscustomplush
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So the other day I found an audio clip of Alex Hirsch singing All Star as Stan and Soos and I immediately had this idea of family karaoke night at the Mystery Shack, so I had to draw it!😅

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  • project-summerhome
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Summerhome Episode 4


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  • littleartdump
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I love editing Samuel and Edward as kids

    They're adorable

    And yesss my sis and i liked the idea of Edward having a crush on Candy when he is a child 👀

    Also want to share my process editing the BG when I do my gf edits <3 enjoy

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  • fanonical
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    do you think stanford pines and rick sanchez ever explored each other's bodies

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  • daidz-art
    05.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    This song but it's Stanley talking about Stanford and Dipper is Nigel.

    Also this song but it's Stanford being the egotistical asshole he is 💀

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  • stanleyb-art
    05.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    T4T fiddauthor <3 I love these 2 sm AAA

    #digital fanart#gravity falls #gravity falls fanart #my art#my fanart#digital art#fiddauthor#fiddauthor fanart #fiddleford hadron mcgucket #fiddleford mcgucket#young fiddleford#young mcgucket #young stanford pines #young ford pines #young stanford#young ford #ford x fiddleford #ford/fiddleford #ford and fiddleford #ford pines#ship art #gravity falls ford #gravity falls fiddleford #old man mcgucket #grunkle ford #sleepy boys <3 #stanleyb art
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  • femboyhorror
    05.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    there he is... <3333

    #gravity falls redraw #stanford pines#SCIENCE HUSBAND #SDHFGJDSFJH I LOVE HIM I WANT 2 KISS #gravity falls ford #QT 3.14 #mutt.paint
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  • fanonical
    05.08.2021 - 19 hours ago

    in an au where stanley pines was sucked into the portal and stanford stayed in gravity falls, stanley would be back in like a year, tops, because he's now banned from every dimension he wandered into

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  • artsymeeshee
    05.08.2021 - 19 hours ago

    i can't make one set of twins without the other

    #gravity falls#stanford pines#mabel pines#grunkle ford#color palette#my art #ford & mabel bonding #and then ford wrapped up a sleeping mabel in his coat and went on home #an extra bit of fluff for those who read the tags ;)
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  • gobblewanker
    05.08.2021 - 20 hours ago

    "I'm going to pretend that I think you're joking, because otherwise I might have to do the 'responsible parent thing' and scold you."

    Had this bit of dialogue pop into my head and it wouldn't leave.

    I'm imagining that Sherman does end up getting drafted. He leaves his little brother's his apartment and makes them promise to look after each other, they're almost legally adults, and it's either they take care of each other or they're sent back home.

    Sherman survives (I'm not that cruel), but being without him for the years he's gone is not an easy adjustment. But, sharing in that trauma of almost losing their closest parental figure and just generally being less emotionally stunted thanks to a lack of Filbrick's influence causes the twins to not drift apart like in canon. Ford is just as scared of being separated as Stan is.

    #gravity falls#stanley pines#stanford pines#sherman pines#my art #shermie adoption au #comic #edited for spelling error
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  • the-cipher-tale
    05.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Midnight Mindscape Mystics

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    Page 14

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    #bill cipher #object head!bill cipher #paper!bill cipher #gravity falls#oc story #midnight mindscape mystics #comic#pines#stanford pines#stanley pines#dipper pines#mabel pines
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  • stars-below
    04.08.2021 - 23 hours ago

    finished with time to spare this time! I actually had this mostly done yesterday, but real-life stuff came up and I couldn't clean things up until today

    AUgust Day 3: Timestuck

    (prev) || (next)

    "I can't do this." Ford grumbles, his attention fixed on keeping his breathing regular. In the mirror, he can see how awful he looks, how the scant hour or so of sleep and the shower he'd been wrangled into taking have done little to fix his flagrant exhaustion and disheveled appearance. Perhaps it's simply an inevitability, at this point. "There's no way this is actually going to work."

    From her perch on the tyrannosaurus specimen (he has, at this point, given up on asking her to stop treating it like some manner of novelty furniture), half-engrossed in her knitting, Mabel shoots back a cheery, "of course it will! You have the Power of Mabel on your side!"

    The girl, the one who'd shown up on his doorstep barely a week ago with more knowledge about himself and his work than any ignorant person would have and insisted she was 'his beloved great-niece from the future here to help him prevent his greatest mistake'. The notion had been ludicrous, of course, but then she'd proven herself (relatively) unaffiliated with a certain someone, and flashed him her comically small hand-held telephone (the one she has since refused to let him properly examine, claiming 'the 'time police' won't appreciate her altering the flow of time too much' or something similarly ridiculous), and shown him a digital photograph of two old men standing on some sort of boat and flashing the camera matching grins.

    She'd claimed was his future self and the estranged brother he's done his best to not give much thought over the past decade, and though he doubts the validity of that quite a bit Stanford had been forced to concede that maybe the girl was telling some form of the truth. She may be family, temporally displaced or not, but that doesn't mean she can be trusted. There's still the distinct possibility that this is some elaborate trick from his former muse, a ruse to get him back under the demon's control.

    Given that she's taken to removing all of the effigies of said muse around the house that he hasn't had the energy to dispose of, has been seemingly unconcerned about the whereabouts of his journals after he'd assured her they were safe, and almost nonchalant about (or at least not upset with him over) the reality-ending doomsday machine under their feet, that detail may also be more plausible than he'd initially thought.

    "Well," the girl corrects, setting one needle aside as she gets the next skein of yarn out from beside her, "I'm not an 'actual' love-god or anything, but the last couple I set up turned out perfect for each other, after we got passed the whole everyone-freaking-out thing!"

    This is less than reassuring, and Stanford feels his anxiety start to spike again.

    His jacket, the only one remotely clean until they can get the washer functional, is littered with stains and has a jagged tear in the arm where he'd caught it somewhere that hasn't yet been repaired. His hair refuses to lie flat, and the bags under his eyes. He's also wearing an ill-fitting navy sweater vest from his college days she'd dragged from some remote closet. And the scarf she's currently knitting him- silver, cobalt, and maroon- doesn't quite feel appropriate for the thawed (if still a bit chilly) spring weather. Altogether he looks downright frightening.

    "Look at me, Grunkle Ford," she commands, the project set on the skull as she gets to her feet. Grunkle because he is, apparently, her estranged Great-Uncle, and should be responsible for taking care of her, even if their relationship largely feels reversed. Whether she's Sherman's grandchild or Stanl otherwise remains to be seen. "What's the absolute worst thing that could happen?"

    "He'll hate me." The answer comes automatically. "He has every reason to be furious, after everything I've done. I wouldn't be surprised if the mere sight of me was enough to set him off. This evening may- no, it's quite likely to turn sour, if not violent, unless I'm wrong."

    Mabel makes some sympathetic sound, starting to offer some counterpoint, but Stanford keeps going, unable to help himself.

    "O-Or, if your estimate is correct, he may have already erased me from his memories entirely. What if he doesn't remember me, what if-"

    "Then you'll just have to remind him who you are again," Mabel is suddenly next to him, her little hands warm on his arm. "I know it's scary, Grunkle Ford, but it's gonna be okay. He agreed to do this, he wants to see you. You just have to stop overthinking things and trust me a teeny little bit."

    Stanford opens his mouth to protest, but nothing comes out. His nerve falters, and when she tugs on his sleeve, he bends down to let her wrap her arms around his chest.

    After a long moment, he pulls away, turning back to the mirror and going back to trying to get his greasy hair to cooperate. "In any case, I don't think you're right about Fiddleford's intentions. I was his roommate throughout both of our college careers, and if he was, ah, interested, in that way, I feel like it would have come up at some point." He doesn't say a word regarding his own feelings, hoping against all likelihood that Mabel won't needle him further on the subject.

    "Oh my god, you were roommates..." She snorts under her breath, trotting back to her seat on the tyrannosaurus skull and resuming her work on the scarf. He's not sure how long she's intending to make it, but the thing is long enough now that it'll have to loop around his shoulders multiple times, and if it grows any further Stanford may have to worry about it getting in his way. After a moment of giggling to herself, Mabel seems to realize she didn't address his actual concern, and shoots him a measuring look. "Well, he did seem pretty excited about the whole 'going out' with you thing, so there's that. And if he doesn't feel that way, you know this doesn't have to be a date-date, right?"

    A blink at that, and Stanford says nothing, cheeks growing pink.

    The silence that settles over the room is thick, but oddly comfortable.

    "Okay, I think this is done!" Mabel eventually chimes, tucking her last stitch in, and holding the finished scarf up for him to see. It looks very well-made- Ford would even be inclined to believe it was professionally crafted if he hadn't been here to watch her knit it. "I was gonna put little tassels on the end for you to fidget with, but I don't think I have enough extra material, and I definitely don't have any time."

    "I see," Ford hums, taking the gift with great care. "It's, ah, it's certainly quite lengthy..."

    She preens at that, shooting him a bright grin. "I know! I wanted to make sure you had enough room to go to Scarf Town, if you needed." She rocks on her toes, not really giving him the space to ask before showing what she means, pulling the neck of her sweater up and covering her face so she can hide in the thick fabric. "It's not as nice as Sweater Town, but that vest looks really good on you, and adult-sized sweaters take forever."

    When Mabel comes back out of 'Sweater Town', Stanford has the scarf around his neck, the fabric wide enough to easily obscure his mouth, if he so wished. The thick material sits comfortingly heavy on his shoulders, and the scent of something that isn't drenched in days-old anxiety-sweat is more reassuring than he'd anticipated. "Thank you, Mabel, this is wonderful. In fact, I think I," he manages, taking a breath and collecting himself, "I think I might be ready now, actually."

    "Good!" Mabel huffs, and for a second she's the picture of someone else, rolling her sleeves up seeming to square her jaw. "Now quit stalling. If you need me, I'll be having an argument with a unicorn."

    #gravity falls#timestuck#august#stanford pines#mabel pines #what's the fiddleford/ford pairing again? #ford^2
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  • novelist-becca
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    So you're telling me that the Gravity Falls fandom had to suffer a FOUR MONTH HIATUS after "Not What He Seems"?

    #gravity falls#fandom #gravity falls fandom #grunkle stan#stanley pines#stanford pines #imagine seeing a cliffhanger like THAT and having to wait 4 months for a backstory
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  • stanleyb-art
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Messy sketches from last night and today! <3 (I'm clearly still experimenting with my style for them but alas I'm trying😭)

    #gravity falls #gravity falls fanart #my art#my fanart#30s stanford#30s ford #young stanley pines #little stan#messy sketch #the boys! #i love them sm #babies <3
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  • stanford-when-he-loses-dignity
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Robbie rotten gonna rob your Robbie rotten cock☹️

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  • fordsyfalls
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    You get a side profile! and you get a side profile! You all get side profiles

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  • geekyartemis
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Madness Beyond the Falls

    Chapter 8: Projections and Puppets

    Summary: Stan deals with his capture, still trying figure out how to get Ford back.

    I wasn’t planning to update until Friday, but I accidentally hit “Post” on AO3, so here you go!

    "Stardust of the Perseus Molecular Cloud" by Martin_Heigan is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

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  • conspiracygirl75
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Comic con-artist part 2

    By conspiracy girl

    “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!” Dipper screamed with excitement. “My favorite author is actually two authors and the original sibling brothers who solved all the mysteries in the series!”

    “This is so exciting, dudes!” Soos says eating nachos.

    As the two men conversed in their excitement however, Ford was less than thrilled with the idea of seeing the sibling brothers once again. In fact, if it wasn’t because he loved seeing his nephew happy, he would march out of the conference room right then and now. Yet, now he was trapped with his terrible memories of them along with his pure hatred in a closed space of fans and fanatics.

    “Now, for our announcement!” Dickie announced.

    “Our next book is going to take turn unlike any other for me and my dear brother!” Announced Ascot.

    “Oh yes! Our classic capers in the papers will soon have more unusual features. Specifically new unknown and strange creatures!”

    “Strange creatures?” Dipper questioned to himself “like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster?”

    “And I bet you’re wondering are these creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster?” Ascot said.

    “Why yes they are!” Dickie exclaimed “For they shall be our star in each new book!”

    “For these creatures we have encountered on all our adventures and will now be part of our legacy you see!”

    “Starting with our first ever creature find!” Ascot announced.

    Soon both sibling brothers ran to each side of the curtain then pulled it down to show their new book called “The Sibling Brothers in Devious Case of the Jersey Devil!”

    At that moment the crowd cheered along with Dipper and Soos but, Ford however felt anger all the same.

    “We will now be taking questions from our loyal fans!” Dickie said.

    Yet,when Dipper was about to stand up to ask a question, Ford took his shoulder and said “We have to get going, Stan will be wondering where we are at.”

    “But Grunkle Ford I’ve been waiting so long too..” Dipper tried to explain but him and Soos were both pushed through the isle and put the door trying to be unseen. Yet, little did Ford know one of the sibling brothers was watching very closely.

    Meanwhile, back at the Lil’ Stanley both, all four men kept handing out comics and receiving money for them while stacking the comics and placing them for everyone to see them. In the process making Dipper looking more and more miserable.

    “Oh cheer up dude!” Soos said “So you didn’t get to meet them or shook their hands or asked him any important questions, and it may never happen again in like a bajillion years, it’s not the end of the world.”

    “Thanks Soos but, it’s just weird that Grunkle Ford just pushed us out like he is hiding something. And the worst part is I didn’t even get my book signed!” Dipper said holding his book out. Suddenly, his book was snatched up by someone behind the counter.

    “Hey man that’s my....” Dipper was about to say when in his view was the Sibling Brothers themselves.

    “Now who should we make this out to ay?” Ascot said with a pen in hand.

    “Pipper Dines! I...I..I mean Dipper Pines! That’s me Dopper I mean Dipper!” He said nervously.

    “Pines you say?” Dickie asked while signing the book. “Haven’t heard that name in years!”

    “Almost sounds like the two baffling buffoons we encountered when we discover the creature in our next book feature.” Ascot stated.

    As Dipper talked to the older twins unexpectedly, both Ford and Stan came out of the tent in the booth and saw them in shock.

    “Well well well!” Dickie interjected “it really is the Pines siblings from New Jersey! Or the supposed “kings of New Jersey!”

    Both Dickie and Ascot laughed at the memory making Ford and Stan angry.

    “You know I thought that was you Stanford!” Ascot said “of course you’re easy to spot from a mile away with those hands” he pointed causing Ford to blush.

    “Ugh what are you two doing here anyways!” Stan stated “Didn’t you hear that the dorky vest and sweater convention wasn’t until next year!” Stan laughed.

    “Such a sharp tongue for such an old man, Stanley!” Ascot said causing Stan to be angrier.

    “We are actually writers ourselves!” Dickie said proudly.” In fact here is here is a poster of our next book!” Then Ascot opened the poster and unrolled it before their eyes.

    “The Jersey Devil?!” Stan shouted.

    “That’s what I was trying to tell you!” Ford whispered.

    “Yes indeed!” Ascot said “this details how we, the sibling brothers, seen and almost captured the creature in our little feature!”

    “Hey, we saw the creature first!” Stan said “In fact I was the one who ran into in the cave!”

    “Yeah and I’m the one who solved all the clues!” Ford said.

    “Yeah, and sixer here is still a top notch adventurer and we’ve discovered more creatures than you two knuckleheads have in your old geezer lives!” Stan stated making the sibling brothers laugh.

    “How can you call yourselves adventurers when you look like a run away Texas groom and you like a washout hobo with a birth defect!”Dickie stated.

    Soon the men began to argue back and forth until Soos came in and said “Dudes dudes, don’t fight! This is a convention where a passionate brotherhood comes together comes together from the darkness of their basements to collaborate on notes for their fanfics and enjoy the beauty of comics.”

    Stan sighed and said “Fine! But they have to leave first!”

    “Oh but we just came to get a comic!” Ascot said.

    “Two in fact!” Dickie said.

    “Fine, whatever here!” Stan said handing the two copies of his comic to them very harshly I may add.

    “That’ll be $20 bucks!” He said sternly and the sibling brothers gave him the money. As they began to leave with their comics suddenly, the sibling brothers said

    “Such a high price for toilet paper, don’t you think Ascot!” Dickie gabbed.

    “I do believe so, Dickie!” Ascot said “but it should be able to go down the toilet easily!”

    Suddenly Stan got red in the face and was about to attack them yelling “Why you no good sons of guns I’ll...” Luckily, Soos and Ford held him back and dragged him into the tent to calm down.

    While they went to calm down suddenly Ascot went back over to Dipper and said “Here kid! If you want to be with real mystery hunters, give us a call!” Then he handed Dipper his business card with his number and address to their dressing room soon walked away with his brother.

    Later that night at the hotel, Stan was punching his pillows to get his anger out while Ford was calling Mabel

    “Hi sweetie are you having a good time?”

    “Yes Grunkle Ford me, Candy, Grenda and Wendy are doing great!”Mabel said.

    “Well what are you up to?” Ford asked.

    “Oh we got done making cupcakes and our having a little bit of a movie night no biggie!”

    “Sounds great hope you have fun and we’ll see you Sunday!” Ford said.

    “Ok love you bye!” Mabel said then hung up the phone.

    “Alright ladies!” Mabel said “whose ready for an all weekend Marathon of Boy talk, Werewolf bare chest movies, Karaoke and makeovers!”

    All the girls cheered and started to dance around.

    Back at the hotel Ford hung up the phone and sighed as he looked at his hand.

    “Whatcha thinking about ,bro?” Stan asked after punching his pillow one last time.

    “Oh just wondering if Mabel is ok?” Ford lied.

    Luckily, Stan could always tell when Ford was lying and it didn’t help that he wasn’t a very good liar.

    “Mabel will be fine! Besides it’s best not to question her slumber parties. Or even be in the cross fires too. But that’s not on your mind is it, sixer?”

    “No.” Ford confessed sadly “it’s just. I thought I had finally accepted my anomaly and myself but when the sibling brothers pointed out my hands, it just reminded me why I spent so many years alone. All to get away from those comments and abuse.”

    “Hey! Like I’ve said before, everyone is jealous of your extra fingers and I will never apologize for making Lil Stanley!”Stan stated “And besides we are way better adventurers than they are and we look way better so ya know the ladies love us!”

    Ford laughed “I guess so!”

    Then had a great idea pop in his head.

    “Ya know what we haven’t done in a while?” Stan asked deviously.

    “What?” Ford asked confused but before he could register Ford is hit with a pillow in the face.

    “Pillow fight!” Stan shouts and soon Stan and Ford are going at it. Laughing and egging each other on.

    As they fought, Dipper kept eyeing the business card and thinking about what Ascot said.

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