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  • i joined a discord server about Stenbrough (created by @s-oulpunk) and i said to myself why not do this with janley…? i mean it may be going to be a flop but im starting to receive ask about it, and there are some fic coming out, so i said to myself, why not create a server to exchange hc or support each other in our solitude? here it is, ask the link in dm if ur interested 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

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  • I just finished Defending Jacob and ohmyfuckinggod that was so intense

    But I can’t stop thinking about an AU where Jacob is Bill’s son.

    One of Jacob’s classmates is murdered - that part can stay the same - but maybe instead of it just being that someone was stabbed, it’s eerily similar to something that happened in one of Bill’s books. Because Bill writes horror, everything he writes is pretty dark, and someone got some twisted idea to try it. So the Denbroughs are linked to the case right away, but they just assume it was some psycho fan.

    That is until the finger print on the body comes back matching Jacob’s. From there on out it’s a fight to uncover the truth, all while struggling to trust each other and trust that everything will turn out okay.

    Jacob’s parents are, obviously, Bill and Audra, but since I’m a stenbrough blog we’re gonna go ahead and say they split a few years ago. Bill married Stan after coming back from Derry (if this is set in the canon universe) and Audra married Patty a year or two later.

    Maybe we could even say Stanley Barber is Stan and Patty’s son. He’s Jacob’s step-brother and while they get along, they’ve never really seen eye-to-eye. But now all they have is each other. They’ve both been outcasted at school - Jacob has to do homeschooling - and it seems as if this nightmare will never end. Two boys who lived together simply because they were forced to slowly become best friends and learn to support each other throughout the trial.

    In fact, fuck it, maybe we’ll just say this is set in the same universe as the “Ricky is Eddie’s son fic.” Why not. Maybe I’ll make these Losers’ kids fics into a little series.

    #i actually really like this idea i might write it #i dont know much abt crime stuff tho so idk if i would be good with the details #bill denbrough#jacob barber#stanley uris#defending jacob #the losers club #stanley barber#ben hanscom#beverly marsh#mike hanlon#richie tozier#stenbrough#eddie kaspbrak
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  • stanley barber being the eccentric human he is

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  • Stan: I’m in the ghettooo

    Stan: RATATATA

    Syd: stan

    Stan: yes?

    Syd: get off tiktok.

    (this is old im sorry)

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  • image

    pls like/reblog if used! (i forgot 2 watermarks & im too lazy to put them on)


    the losers club/ianowt related lockscreens ✨💕

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  • STANLEY BARBER + SMOKING requested by anonymous

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  • my dad would murder me, he doesn’t even know i drive that piece of shit around.

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  • GIF REQUEST MEME @starrystoziers asked Stanley Barber + Favorite Scene

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    STANLEY BARBER moodboard 🎧

    I love him, I just wish I had a friend/bf like him 🥺

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  • I had a fucking wet dream with Wyatt Oleff and now I’m just not okay

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  • •If The World Was Ending•

    This one shot is based off of the song If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe and Julia Michales. Sorry about no italics, when i copied it over they didn’t change and I can’t go and change all of them.


    I was distracted

    And in traffic

    I didn’t feel it

    When the earthquake happened

    Edward Kaspbrak, risk analyst, fellow New Yorker, was stuck in the one thing he hated most, traffic. The air conditioner in his car was on high, the mid-June air was hot and humid. As much as he craved to open the windows and get some fresh air, he knew how prone he was to road rage, especially during traffic, and wasn’t in the mood to hear his victim’s response. He just wanted to curse them out in peace. 

    “What the fuck is going on? MOVE ASSHAT!” He shouted at the car in front of him that just randomly halted. He watched in confusion as the driver, a teenage girl, stepped out of her car and looked around. Then he noticed a couple other drivers doing the same. Traffic had completely stopped around him, it created a weird vibe, New York became quieter for a moment and it was very unnerving. 

    Eddie considered it for a moment, everyone’s stopped so you’re not gonna get hit by a car, he thought before he followed suit and got out of his car. 

    “What the hell is going on?” He asked the closest person to him, which was the teenage girl. She had short wavy brown hair and wore a jean vest and matching shorts. 

    “You didn’t feel it?” Her voice is filled with concern as she raises an eyebrow. 

    “Feel what?”.

    “The earthquake,” She says.

    But it really got me thinkin’

    Were you out drinkin’?

    Were you in the living room

    Chillin’ watchin’ television?

    The news sent a wave of worries through Eddie’s body, he raked his hand through his hair. His gaze went slightly blurry as he tried to examine his surroundings, seeing if anything had collapsed or if people were screaming. 

    The teen must’ve noticed his change in emotion as she continued with, “It wasn’t major or anything. The news guy said everything is fine. But you know New Yorkers, they overreact and all” She smiled nervously at him, worried that she’d used the wrong words. 

    There’d been a policeman a couple of cars down and she advised everyone to get back into their cars and wait for the traffic to pick up again. So Eddie got back into his car. It took awhile for the traffic to pick up again but it did. 

    His knuckles turned white, gripping the steering wheel as his mind began to race with the thought of what his wife, Myra, must be thinking right now.“She’s probably throwing a fit right now cause I’m not home” he sighed as he glanced at his phone on its stand. He noticed that it wasn’t able to connect to wifi or data. The lines must be down or something…. Shit. Eddie realized, knowing that would only make things worse. 

    “Ah fuck me”, he sighed in frustriation. Only then did Eddie reluctantly release one of his hands from the steering wheel to pinch the bridge or his nose. 

    Eds, at least buy me dinner first, a voice popped into Eddie’s head, but it wasn’t his. Oh no, he’d never refer to himself as that terrible nickname. Only one person ever called him that nowadays… Richie. 

    I wonder what the ‘famous comedian’ Richie Trashmouth Tozier is doing. Eddie smirked at the idea. He wondered if Richie was blackout drunk, high as a bird, or jerking it in his room. That’s something Eddie had been doing a lot of lately, especially when times were tough back at his apartment with Myra. (not jerking off, thinking or Richie)

     His mind would wonder about his childhood best friend, how he was doing, what his latest comedy sketch was about (since he started writing his own stuff after the IT incident), he also worried about Richie’s bad habits. Ever since he was a teen he had a bit of a smoking problem, cigarettes and weed, and some drinking. But Eddie knew it only grew worse with time. Richie explained how he had actually been pretty clean until Mike called him, then he relapsed. Eddie knew that after the fight, after Richie got stuck in the fucking deadlights, he had been suffering from night terrors, which prompted his insomnia, which made more time for him to drink and smoke. 

     It’s been a year now

    Think I’ve figured out how

    How to let you go and let communication die out

    Sadly he hasn’t talked to Richie in a year, since the incident, since he left the hospital. He lived without Richie for so long, it should’ve been easy to forget about him again. But now he had old memories that weren’t there before, ones of a childhood he forgot he lived through. It’s been a year now, and Eddie has finally pushed down all of the feelings for his childhood crush. He was letting Richie go, finally able to let the communication die out. 

    Eddie had been in the hospital for over a month and Richie was the only one who stayed, Bev had to go file a divorce, Ben had architect stuff to architect, Bill had a movie to finish and a wife to apologize to,  Mike had a world to see, and Stan had a vacation to take with his wife. As much as they all wanted to stay, the only reason they didn’t was that they knew Eddie was safe in Richie’s care. 

    The day before Eddie officially woke up, he had been in and out of consciousness and he could hear bits and pieces of conversations, hell, sometimes he even saw flashes of the room around him. But there was one conversation that stuck out to him, the one he remembered the most. 

    Richie was by his side, the only one in the room, voice low. Although he couldn’t see Richie, he could tell that he’d been crying. Richie started out by talking about some of his favourite memories with him from their childhood, from before they left Derry. The hot days at the quarry, their cuddles in the hammock, the nights Richie had nightmares (yes he had them even as a kid so that makes these current nightmares so much worse, cause he had to handle them alone) and would sneak into Eddie’s room during the late hours of the night. Those were the nights that they’d talk until Richie’s mind was at ease, about nothing yet everything all at the same time. If Richie felt better he’d head home, but most nights they’d fall asleep in each other’s arms. Richie’s mind filled with worries about falling into the same nightmare again so Eddie would hold him close to make sure Richie felt safe as sleep took him away.  

    Then Richie continued to talk about how close he and Eddie had been, and how even when he moved away, and forgot, he always knew he’d been missing something. He explained how that night at the Jade of the Orient, he finally felt whole again. Eddie blacked out for a little bit afterwards, he still kicks himself for that, even though he had no control over it. But he came back just in time to hear the end of Richie’s speech. 

    “Eds… I know we argue, I call you out and annoy the ever-living shit out of you, but those are the conversations I live for. You know every joke I make is just me trying to get you to laugh, right? I knew how hard it was at home for you, so I always wanted to give you the chuckles that you never got at home” Richie stopped for a moment. He let out a little chuckle himself, “That last year we had together was the best year of my fucking life. Because it was you and me against the world. A-And the day you left… Eddie I kick myself every day for not saying it back. Because I love you, so fucking much” he took a moment to collect himself. “It’s funny to think that I never realized it sooner, all of the early mornings and late nights, scalding summer days and afternoons in the  freezing winter. I loved you since the day you squished your small, cute, ass in that hammock with me. I’ve loved you since the day you skipped school to take care of me when I threw up. Fuck…. Eddie I’ve loved you since fifth grade when you gave me that stupid valentine card with the cat cause you knew I never got any. I never stopped loving you-” Eddie drifted off, unable to hear the rest of the confession. Though he couldn’t hear him, he did feel a hand lay over his, and his fingers laced together with another’s. Then he felt Richie plant an ever so soft kiss on his forehead. 

     I never told Richie that I’d overheard him, how could I? How could I just randomly admit to him that when we were cuddled up in that hammock, I felt more at home than I have in my entire life? How I suddenly felt safe when his arms wrapped around me. How my heart skipped a beat every time our skin accidentally touched. And how I secretly adored every damn stupid nickname you called me because they were something that only you and I shared. They were mine, and I was yours. How can I admit that that year, was a year I cherished until the day I forgot it, because of that fucking clown. 

    After all of his memories returned to him after the incident, Eddie recalled a day he swore he could never forget, the day before he left for college. He was going to some out of state college to escape his mother, who’s grip had only gotten worse over the years. 

    Richie and Eddie had started dating about a year prior. After years of silent pinning and pent up emotions, Richie finally burst and admitted his feelings for him. That year, their final year of highschool, was one for the history books. The two were inseparable, determined to spend every living second together before Eddie had to leave for college. And they did, for the most part. 

    Almost every night Richie would sneak into Eddie’s room and the two would kiss and make out, then snuggle the rest of the night away. At school they always found time for each other, in between classes, secretly meeting in the bathroom, even discreetly holding hands under their desks. 

    The one thing they never did was say ‘I Love you’. Both of them were subconsciously waiting until the time was right. Eddie thought the right time was the day he left for college. 

    “What am I going to do without my Chee? Who’s gonna give me stupid nicknames and crawl through my window now?” Eddie hugged Richie tightly. 

    “You’ll find someone, I know you will” Richie brushed the comment aside. It’s something he’d been doing for the past week or so. Whenever Eddie mentioned the future, him coming back for Christmas or Richie coming up to visit him, Richie always brushed it under the rug, never in the mood to talk about it. Eddie always assumed it was because he wanted to live in the moment and not worry about the future, but even then, he seemed distant. 

    A voice rang overhead, announcing that Eddie’s flight was now boarding. 

    Here goes nothing

    He looked up at Richie, who’s eyes seemed sad and dark. “Richie, I want you to know that I will always love you” Eddie’s voice was quiet, almost vulnerable. 

    Richie pulled away and hesitated before saying “E-Eddie, I-I don’t know if I can do this whole long distance thing. You’re so, so good, and you deserve someone who can be there for you-”.

    Eddie was taken aback, suddenly disgusted by how he thought Richie would ever love him back, “Rich, what are you talking about? Just last week you said you were okay with his”.

    “Yeah? Well that was last week, and this is now. I just don’t wanna hold you back from meeting new- and better people when you’re away” Richie quickly hugged Eddie, not wanting to continue the conversation as he knew the tears it’d bring. “I’m sorry” He whispered as he gave Eddie one finally look, then left. 

    It was the day that changed everything for Eddie. The day he wished he could forget since it clouded his vision, kept him up at night, and distracted him from almost everything. One day he did forget it, but it all came back the day he saw Richie Tozier at the Jade of the Orient. 

    Neither of them had brought up the breakup, neither did any of the other Losers. They were all aware that it was a sensitive topic and opted to keep the mood light while reliving their childhood memories. The mood wasn’t worried between Richie and Eddie, but it wasn’t the same either. It was as if things had gone back to when they were just friends, the constant banter and bickering.

     I know, you know, we know

    You weren’t down for forever and it’s fine

    I know, you know, we know

    We weren’t meant for each other and it’s fine

    After Eddie was released from the hospital, he had gotten on his first flight to New York and returned to Myra. He’d convinced himself that everything he heard during his coma was a dream. After so many years of internalized homophobia, it was hard to stop now. 

    He’d thanked Richie for everything and insisted he was okay. He made sure Richie would head back to LA and continue his job, but he also made him promise to start writing his own material. He told Richie it’d finally convince him to go to one of his shows. Sadly he still had yet to purchase a ticket or even watch his shows on Netflix. Now, every time he saw famous comedian Richie Tozier, he could only remember the boy he’d once give the world for, the boy who didn’t love him back.

    But if the world was ending

     You’d come over, right?

    You’d come over and you’d stay the night

    Would you love me for the hell of it?

    The sky’d be falling and I’d hold you tight

    And there wouldn’t be a reason why

    We would even have to say goodbye

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?


    Even though he forgot, Eddie always knew something was off. No matter who he was with, it never felt right. That’s because Richie Tozier had taken a piece of his heart the day he never said it back. Then the day Eddie left the hospital, he’d left an even bigger piece with the boy he still loved. 

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?


    His phone beeped, indicating that he’d received a text. 

    Ben: Hey Eddie, just wanted to check in and make sure you’re safe, heard about the earthquake. Bev says hi! 

    It was from Ben. Eddie noticed his phone was back on data, so that text was followed by a million texts and calls from Myra. He clicked on the contact and clicked the call button. 

    “Hey, Eddie!” Ben’s voice sounded relieved, “How’s a going, is everything okay?”. 

    “Hey, yeah… I’m okay” Eddie hesitated, “Just shaken” he breathed. If he were talking to anyone else he would’ve just said he was okay, but Ben was a Loser, and Losers never lied. 

    “Good I’m glad to he-” Ben was suddenly cut off by the sound of his wife’s voice from beside him. 

    “Ask if he’s heard from Richie!” Bev’s voice got louder as she spoke, most likely approaching from another room. 

    “R-Richie? Why would I have heard from him?” Eddie tensed up, caught off guard. 

    He was met with the sounds of muffled talking and someone grabbing the phone, “Hey Eddie, sorry- I was just wondering cause well, Richie was in his New York apartment for the week and we texted him to see if he was okay but he didn’t answer-” Bev explained. 

    “Wait- Richie’s in New York? Really?” Eddie tried to hide the excitement in his voice but failed. 

    “Y-Yeah, didn’t he tell you?” She sounded confused. 

    The truth was, as much as Eddie wanted to, he never asked Richie for his number when they reunited. Neither did Richie. 

    Eddie spoke before he could think through his words, “What’s his address?”, even he was shocked at the question. 

    “Here, I’ll text it to you. Why- Eddie what are you scheming?” He could hear the smirk in her voice, as if she knew what he was going to do before he did it. 

    “Nothing, nothing… I just wanna check in on our resident trashmouth and make sure he hasen’t fucking OD’d on Capri Sun or some shit” Eddie scoffed as the two on the other end laughed. 

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?


    After their call ended, Eddie opened google maps and typed in Richie’s address. 


    I tried to imagine

    Your reaction

    It didn’t scare me when the earthquake happened

     Famous comedian Richie Tozier was indeed drinking Capri Sun, though he hadn’t reached the point of overdosing, he could tell his taste buds were in the midst of destruction, as he’d just finished his fourth Capri Sun. Which is about 3 more than he should’ve had. 

    Richie only noticed the ground shaking after it had happened. He knew that if you were inside during an earthquake you were supposed to get outside as soon as possible, but it was so quick, should I go? He thought before sitting up from his couch and shuffled towards the door. 

    He glanced out into the hallway of his apartment floor and noticed some of his neighbours doing the same. He gave them a nod before one of the managers came through the door that led to the stairs. He advised everyone to stay inside as it was only a minor earthquake and there was no reason to leave. 

    Instead of reclaiming the spot on his couch, Richie went and took a seat on his balcony. This is something that he’s been doing more as the weather got warmer. He had put a chair out there, so when he got comfortable he propped his feet up on the railing and took in the skyline. 

    He couldn’t help but think what his hypochondriac, asthmatic, piece of pasta, was up to right now. 

    That idiot is probably losing his shit over the earthquake. 

    Richie chuckled to himself as he recalled how he was always prepared for something like this. Even in his younger years, his fanny pack was always equipped with the supplies to handle anything, from scraped knees, to runny noses. It was one of the many things he loved about Eddie… Yes, love. 

    The thought prompted Richie to run his hand over his face. He then removed his glasses and pressed the palms of his hands onto his closed eyes. His eyes started to tear up as he re-lived an old memory he once forgot.

    But it really got me thinkin’

    That night we went drinkin’

    Stumbled in the house

    And didn’t make it past the kitchen

    They’d been dating for just over a month now. Things were still exciting, still new. Something neither of them had experienced before. To say that they tried to spend every moment together was an understatement. Because once their feelings were out in the open, they hadn’t been able to get off of eachother. They were always touching in one way or another. Whether it was holding hands, Richie having his arm draped over Eddie or Eddie having his arm around Richie’s waist. 

    It was one of the rare occasions where Sonia Kaspbrak had left town for the weekend, out to go visit family, and she hadn’t taken Eddie with her, like usual. So Richie and Eddie had the Kaspbrak residence all to themselves. Sure they spent the first half of the night drinking cheap beer with the other Losers at the Quarry, but after they got home they had their most memorable make out sessions to date. 

    They’d just entered the house and Richie had already picked up Eddie. Their kisses become more intense as the space between their bodies vanished. The smaller boy wrapped his arms around the taller’s neck and his legs around his waist, hugging him like a koala. The curly haired teen had his hands positioned on the other’s ass, he gave it a little squeeze before he set him down on the kitchen counter. 

    Once Eddie’s butt had gone numb, Richie’s legs got tired, and both their lips grew raw, Eddie hopped off the counter and grabbed Richie’s hand. He pulled his smitten boyfriend up the stairs and to his room. That’s where they continued their heated make out session, except it wasn’t ass intense. Their kisses were still passionate, but almost tired, it was late after all.

    Richie pulled his shirt over his head, Eddie began kissing his neck, his chest, anywhere he could reach. Richie had snaked his right hand up Eddie’s shirt, so it pressed up against Eddie’s back, the touch sent shivers down Eddie’s spine. 

    “May I?” Richie requested, which was something he did a lot when they were in bed together. He always asked before he did things. Sure they were both inexperienced horny teens, but Richie always wanted to make sure that Eddie was comfortable with anything they did. 

    “Do it- Rich I’m all yours” Eddie said in between kisses. He felt Richie grabbed a handful of his shirt, that’s when he reluctantly sat up. Which allowed Richie to gracefully pull the shirt up and over Eddie’s head. Their chests were pressed together, skin on skin. It sent fireworks exploding in both of their chests. 

    The kisses soon grew lazy, and they both opted to lay in eachothers arms. Cuddled as close together as humanly possible. Their pants had come off, leaving the teens in their boxers. So their bare legs were tangled together as Eddie’s head laid against Richie’s chest, he hummed happily to the sound of Richie’s speedy heartbeat. Richie’s head sat comfortably on top of Eddie’s, one of his hands laced together with his boyfriend’s while the other was carefully brushing out Eddie’s soft brown curls.

    Neither of them wanted to be anywhere else. If they could’ve lived in that moment forever, they would have.

     Ah, it’s been a year now

    Think I’ve figured out how

    How to think about you without it rippin’ my heart out

     Up until the day Richie’s memories were taken without his permission, about a year after he left Derry to try the whole ‘comedian’ thing, he had regretted not saying it back to Eddie. He doesn’t know what came over him on the day the love of his life left. It was just something about not being able to see him everyday, not being able to hold his hand when he got nervous or climb through his window when he had a nightmare, that scared him. He worried that without that physical touch, he wouldn’t be able to hold onto the Eddie he once was. Practically convincing himself that once Eddie found someone he could actually be with, he’d dump Richie. 

    So the Trashmouth decided to end things before he could get his heart broken. Little did he know that his heart would still beat for Eddie Kaspbrak up until the day that that name held no meaning to him anymore.

    When he saw Eddie again, after 27 years, it was as if nothing had changed. The subtle glances, the twist of his stomach when his hand brushed against Eddie’s, the way he couldn’t think about anything else, and the way his heart ached for a love that they once shared. 

    Richie, worried about messing things up again, he waited for Eddie to make the first move. Unsure if they were anything more than friends, Richie kept it that way, just friends. Eddie never did bring anything up. Not at the Jade of the Orient, not when he almost died, and not when he left the hospital. Sure it felt like he ripped Richie’s heart out of his chest, tore it in half, then shoved it back in, but he knew it was for the best. Afterall, Eddie had moved on, married a woman, and started a life without him. It killed him to see, but it wasn’t his place to go and ruin what Eddie had worked so hard to build. 

    It’s been a year now. A year since he’s seen Eddie. A year of staring at his phone, threatening to click the call button and finally hear his voice again, a year of writing texts that’d never be sent, a year of going between LA and New York in hopes of randomly bumping into Eddie at some coffee shop. But it’s been a year, and Richie is finally able to think about Eddie without it feeling like his heart is being ripped out of his chest. It’s progress. 

     But if the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?

    A doorbell ripped Richie from the memory he was reliving. Suddenly aware of the tears on his cheeks and his shaking hands. Fuck, he mentally cursed. He checked his reflection in the camera of his phone. Who the hell is at my door at, he checked the time, 6:00 pm, what the fuck?. He gave his eyes one more wip before he reached for the doorknob, he didn’t care if the mailman saw him with red puffy eyes and wet cheeks, Bob had seen him in the worst conditions. 

    His heart momentarily stopped at the familiar sight of Eddie James Kaspbrak who stood in the hallway of his apartment building. Suddenly the phrase, A sight for sore eyes, became so clear to him, because his sore eyes suddenly became soft at the sight of the boy who once brought him so much joy.

    “Eddie…” Richie breathed, his mind unable to properly phrase sentences. 

    “Richie, a-are you okay?” Eddie’s voice was laced with concern, worried that he’d just walked in on something. 

    Richie had done something he grew too comfortable with, “Me? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, never not fine, am I right?” He joked. 

    Eddie’s brow scrunched ever so slightly, unaware of what to do. “Right… Sorry to show up out of the blue. Just wanted to check in and make sure you were okay, you know with the whole earthquake and all” He changed his tone, to sound more comforting.

    “Oh…” Something broke inside of Richie. Of course he was only here because of the fucking earthquake. It’s not like he has any other reason to come see the boy who fucking left him at the airport- “I’m A okay, thanks for checking in Eds” Richie assured with a wink. He made sure his voice sounded extra chipper, afraid that he’d somehow allow Eddie to see how close he was to breaking. 

    Eddie huffed, almost as if he was amused, “Don’t call me that” he shook his head jokingly. Of course there was more he wanted to say, 27 years of thoughts and emotions that’d went unsaid, but he kept it that way. “Well you seem to be doing fine, so I guess I’ll leave you be- see you around Trashmouth”.

    The nickname sent memories flashing through both of their minds, the arguments they had at school when they threw that nickname at him, Beeping Richie whenever his motormouth wouldn’t slow down. Maybe under different circumstances, they would’ve shared a laugh. Talked about the good old days over a coffee on Richie’s balcony and maybe even open up the Pandora’s box that was their relationship. Instead, Eddie gave Richie a small wave, and turned to make his way towards the elevator. 

    Eddie let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding it, suddenly tense with regret. There was so much more he wanted to say, but it was too late. 

    Richie closed the door and leaned his forehead against the cool wood. I can’t believe I fucked this up again. Just like always. Leave it up to good ol’ trashmouth to ruin the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to him…. Suddenly Eddie’s words rang out through his head, so loud and earth shattering it almost caused his eyes to tear up again. I Love You. 

    “I Love you too Eddie…” Richie said to himself. Then it dawned on him. “I love you” he repeated. 

    His hand reached out the door handle and he hastily opened the door to his apartment. He took a step out of his apartment and saw Eddie waiting for the elevator. Richie wasted no time, he was 27 years late after all. 

    “I love you” He shouted to the man down the hall from him. 

    Eddie’s eyes looked up to meet Richie’s, big and tear filled, with a sliver of hope inside of his iriss. 

    Richie talked as he ran to him. “I love you. Edward fucking Kaspbrak. And I’ve kicked myself every goodman day of my life for not saying it back to you because I, love you”. Now he was in front of Eddie, spilling his heart out, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I always knew I loved you, since the day you kissed my scraped knee in fourth grade. It just took me 27 fucking years to relaize I can’t live without you… My little piece of spaghetti’’ The last line got a huff from Eddie. 

    “Really know how to ruin a moment, don’t you Rich?” He asked, but his voice held no anger, only pure and utter joy. 

    Richie disregarded the comment and continued, “I know you’re married and I am 27 years late, but fuck, I had to tell you before I fucking imploded. Because I love you.” 

    Eddie stood there for a moment, as if he was soon going to be woken up from this dream. Then he finally mustered the power to speak, “I love you too Richie”. Eddie couldn’t help himself, he’d been waiting 27 years. He took a couple steps, closing the distance between the two, he placed his hand on the back of Richie’s neck, pulled him down and kissed him. 

    Richie hesitated for a split second before returning the kiss. Then it was just like they were kids again, fireworks exploded through their bodies as their hearts began to beat together.

    You’d come over and you’d stay the night

    Would you love me for the hell of it?

    All our fears would be irrelevant

    “I love you” Richie couldn’t stop saying it, as if he was trying to make up for all the time he hadn’t been saying it. He said it when they pulled away from their kiss, when he led Eddie back into his apartment, and plenty of times while they made out on Richie’s bed. 

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?

    The sky’d be falling while I’d hold you tight

    No, there wouldn’t be a reason why

    We would even have to say goodbye

    It was midnight, only then did they begin to calm down off of the high they’d been riding. As if the years of crushing and pinning had built up, and finally they’d been able to get what they craved. 

    Richie laid on his back, with Eddie’s head resting on his chest, with one hand over Richie’s heart while the other was laced together with the other’s. 

    “I love you” he repeated again, meaning every word he said. 

    “I love you too” Eddie said. His heart beat in his chest, his entire heart. No missing or lost pieces, because he’d found Richie again, and all of the pieces were finally put back into place. 

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?

    “I don’t care what happens now” Eddie said, he looked up to meet Richie’s gaze. “The marriage can be dealt with. Hell, I don’t even care where we end up, here, LA, anywhere, as long as I’m with you” For the first time in a long time, Eddie felt hope. He was excited for what the future held, because he wasn’t alone anymore. 

    You’d come over, right?

    You’d come over, you’d come over, you’d come over, right?

    “We’ll make it work” Richie kissed Eddie’s forehead, “We always do”.

    If the world was ending

    You’d come over, right?

    Word Count: 5350

    I hope you guys enjoyed the one shot! I had a lot of fun writing it.

    If you’ve got any songs you want me to turn into a one shot then comment down below!

    Until next time

    So Long and Goodnight

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    The fact that I could do a pt 3

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  • being in quarantine with stanley


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    - making him wear a mask pretty much every time he goes out

    - not doing any of his online classes

    - you making him a mask that relates to weed

    - ‘i’m not going to get-‘ ‘shhh put on the mask’

    - you both taking extra shifts at the bowling alley and the diner

    - him helping you make masks to sell

    - watching movies basically 24/7

    - hanging out with syd and dina…from a distance

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