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  • obiewan
    19.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    gonna do a digital painting of maul for father's day Wish Me Luck

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  • lialovesbooks
    19.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    the worldbuilding in sightwitch truly makes me insane

    #just finished my reread and i'm not joking when i say i was having the time of my life flipping back and forth between the pages trying to #connect all the dots #i get to do this every time i reread too because my memory is literally the size of a pea it's great #cgfdsgfgsd this time was especially fun because i remembered that aeduan came from the ice but i forgot... who his parents were #i also forgot the solution to that nine star puzzle AGAIN so i spent the entire book going insane over that it was Great #anyways i'm gonna wait a few hours then start bloodwitch sfgsdfd witchshadow is in THREE DAYS
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  • sw95ws
    19.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago
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  • zrex-utau
    19.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I love the concept that like—

    The fandom draws Swap as a guy who believes in everyone, cheerful, etc. Some even draw him getting upset at other Sanses (like Fell) for their excessive swearing since it's impolite

    And then you have Swap once he joined the Star Sanses. Tired, color drained from his eyes, clutching a bottle of whisky while sitting at a small table in the corner muttering "god fucking damnit Ink" to himself

    Like they did this

    They did this to him

    They pushed him over the edge

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  • thasdorah
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    * tag drop: ooc.

    ‣ out of character { the mun } —  ❝ THAT GLOOMY GIRL WHO SIGHS A LOT. ❞ ‣ out of character { promos } —  ❝ A SKY FULL OF STARS. ❞ ‣ out of character { prompts } —  ❝ WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME OF THRONES YOU WIN OR YOU DIE. ❞ ‣ out of character { saved } —  ❝ NOT ALL TREASURE IS SILVER AND GOLD. ❞

    #‣ out of character { the mun } —  ❝ THAT GLOOMY GIRL WHO SIGHS A LOT. ❞ #‣ out of character { promos } —  ❝ A SKY FULL OF STARS. ❞ #‣ out of character { prompts } —  ❝ WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME OF THRONES YOU WIN OR YOU DIE. ❞ #‣ out of character { saved } —  ❝ NOT ALL TREASURE IS SILVER AND GOLD. ❞
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  • aamutakkipaholainen
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Lecture Time

    Watched some bbc sherlock and thought this conversation from S3E3 was quite fitting for these gentlemen

    #my first animation woo #the rivalry between these two never gets old #star wars #star wars art #fanart#myart#thrawn #grand admiral thrawn #director krennic#shitposting#impdrama
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  • sw95ws
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #luke skywalker#darth vader #star wars return of the jedi
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  • ren-fangirls
    19.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    is maul canonically 2 years younger than obi-wan or is it something the fandom just collectively decided? because i'd love if it was something the fandom just decided.

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  • eileenonthings
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Y'all I'm a little bit drunk and just finished watcing Star Wars Rebels for the first time and I'm

    Not okay

    #star wars #star wars rebels #rebels
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  • walk-ng-d-saster
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I always feel bad when Theron goes splat.

    I know Lana goes splat too, but Theron’s always looks more painful.

    #he's not having a good day #swtor #star wars: the old republic #theron shan#ziost spoilers
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  • docmcfly
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    kaz brekker looked good today, i didn’t see him, but i know he looked good

    #mars talks to the stars
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  • talking-perfectly-loud
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    so, “Back Off Boogaloo”...

    is it about Paul or not? I want to say yes; the lyrics aren’t actually MEAN at all. More bemused?

    but mostly I just really want “Boogaloo” to be Ringo’s nickname for Paul.

    #everything is ringo #ringo star#paul mccartney #Paul and Ringo #back off boogaloo
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  • bambiswriting
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Request guidelines!


    What characters and fandoms do you write for?
    Fandoms: The Clone Wars, Rebels and The Bad Batch. 
    Characters: I’m very happy writing Rex. I also want to try out the rest of the 501st! Feel free to send requests for them! Also the batchers! Mainly Hunter and Wrecker, but I’ll see if I can tackle the others!
    This section may be outdated if I forget to update so check my blog description in case!
    Do you write NSFW?
    No, sorry! Just not comfortable with that. Gimme some fluff, comfort, hurt, humour and angst and I’m all over it. Most you’ll get is smoochies and morning after.
    Is there anything you won’t write?
    Listed above - NSFW. 
    I won’t write for pronouns other than she/her. I’m cis female so I’m most comfortable writing from my own perspective and experiences. As a result I will tend to keep reader in trousers but may sometimes put her in dresses. Also likely long hair? 
    // TW mental health
    I am willing to write for the following illnesses and conditions: Depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, panic attacks, sensory overload, suicidal thoughts and self harm, as those are things I have experience with. Anything other than those, no.
    HOWEVER, please start your request with a warning, so as not to trigger me when my mental health is in a dip. 
    How do I know if your requests are open?
    It will be written in my blog description! (Though I’m not expecting any requests so it’ll likely just be left open lol)
    Please don’t send requests to my messages, only ask box! So I can maintain them all in the same place. 

    Thanks, all!

    #captain rex x reader #captain rex #the clone wars #the bad batch #sw rebels#self insert #captain rex x female reader #501st#about#requests#tcw fanfic#tbb fanfic#sw fanfic#star wars
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  • worminawheel
    19.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Finished my Senator Anakin cosplay this morning !!

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  • prongsisabadger
    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    TWP Chapter 21

    A shuttle took us to the Negotiator once we dropped the 501st and Master Skywalker off on their ship. A report had been given to the Jedi Council already. Eleven dead, several wounded. The price for an arrogant politician's actions. I had made it a point to stay silent the entire time, coming to terms with my feelings regarding the entire situation. My disdain for Chairman Cho, my indifference for his death, my inability to set it all aside and try to come to a peaceful solution.

    I had failed as a Jedi, and yet it didn't feel like it. The silent, but powerful gratitude I felt in the clones when I visited the med bay made it all worth it. In the corridors, the 501st said nothing, but every clone I walked past either saluted me or patted my shoulder. There was no need for more. But in the back of my mind, I knew my behavior had not been that of a Jedi. The real question was: was that really wrong?

    All of this I considered in silence, I had to sort my emotions on my own before I asked Master Kenobi the important questions. I needed to know the source of my hatred for Cho -other than the obvious-, the reason behind my protectiveness of the clones and my attachment to them. I needed to figure out if I was truly capable of feeling all of this but not let it dictate my actions. Was I capable of accepting the death of those around me and not let my grief turn into hatred? Was I capable of processing it all and letting it go? If I was in a situation where I couldn't really take my time to process it all, how would I react?

    Master Kenobi decided not to comment on my silence, at least not until we were on board the Negotiator. He had probably felt my struggle and decided to give me some time to sort it all out. Master Kenobi, I'd realized, was the type of Master to be quietly supportive. He would give you time to figure things out on your own and only interfere if things felt like they were getting out of hand. He was the kind of person who knows when to shut up and when to interfere.

    Unlike Master Plo, who decided to simply wait until I came to him with my concerns because he knew I trusted him enough to do so, and he trusted me to figure things out on my own in turn. I guess it was because of the nature of each master. Kenobi might have been a good negotiator, but at the end of the day he was a Guardian, always would be. There was no way he would stand idly by when he felt turmoil within his Padawan.

    "You've been awfully quiet since we left orbit." He was trying to be casual about it, asking only when the only people around were a few maintenance droids and the hangar crew. "Don't get me wrong, it is nice to have a Padawan who can stay still for a change, but the Force does not lie, Kriari. What's on your mind?"

    I smiled, I'd have to ask him about that some other time.

    "I don't know if Master Plo ever told you, but I'm not good with emotions -feeling them that is." I started "I'm more mentally oriented and feelings confuse me a lot. I'm trying to sort mine out and understand them. That way, if I know how I respond emotionally to certain situations, I can know what to expect of myself in the future. It makes not giving into them a bit easier."

    This seemed to amuse Obi-Wan.

    "Emotions are very volatile, and they are meant to be felt, not thought, young one. Analysing them will only get you so far."

    We started to make our way out of the hangar and towards the elevators, we had to meet with Commander Cody for debriefing and status reports on the 212th.

    "I know that, Master, but it doesn't hurt to try. It's also an excuse to reevaluate my relationships with the people around me. I might not have acted on impulse in Orto Plutonia, but I did let my feelings get the best of me. Charman Cho-"

    "You did nothing wrong in Orto Plutonia, Kriari. The Chairman was a test on the resolve of all of us present. Not acting on your emotions does not mean you don't get to feel them. You are entitled to your own opinion on the man and his actions. The Force knows it was a test for all three of us to keep it together." He said as the doors to the upper level opened. "You forget you are a Padawan, this is the time for you to make mistakes and learn from them, don't be so hard on yourself."

    It was at times like these that I realized just how lucky I had been when I'd been assigned both my masters. They were understanding and compassionate, but they knew where to draw the line. Master Kenobi, as a Guardian, often took a more direct approach to every situation, while Master Plo was willing to wait and let things pan out before acting. It was a good thing that I was Padawan to both. One appealed to my rational side, and the other to my intuition, but both of them knew where my priorities lied and respected that.

    Cody was waiting for us at the bridge, but the Force around him wasn't calm and collected as usual, something had happened. If I'd felt it, then Master Kenobi had too, but when I looked at him all I saw was his unmoveable exterior. To me, Master Plo felt safe because he was a comforting presence, someone who would validate your fears but guide you through them. Master Kenobi -on the other hand- felt safe because he was strong, supporting, immovable like a pillar holding the ceiling above your head even in the face of an earthquake.

    "You have news for us, I gather, Cody." Said my Master.

    "I do, Sir," started the commander before turning on a holo map on the tactical table. "We have received a transmission from Naboo. Senator Amidala has found a Separatist lab within the system and has requested Jedi intervention."

    What was the saying, again? No rest for the wicked?


    I adjusted my new armour as I exited my quarters aboard the Negotiator. After the other set had been all but melted off my back, Master Kenobi put a few of his men to work on a new one. This one still had the original gray design of the Pack on the left arm, but the right one now sported a straight yellow line that ran from my shoulder to my wrist. The chest piece had been left its original white, and the symbol of the Jedi order had been moved to where my heart was. When I asked about it, Master Kenobi shot a side glance at Cody and grinned. The Clone Commander blushed lightly. It was so that I could blend in easier in the 212th -he said- scratching nervously at the back of his head. It was heartwarming, the fact that -even after working together for a short while- Cody was still welcoming me into the battalion as if I'd been there the entire time.

    Clone loyalty was something that had baffled me from the very beginning. Even during the first assault on Geognosis, the clones had welcomed me in as one of their own, and even after that, some of them remained my closest friends. Art, Twitch, Boost, Wolffe, and even Headfirst had shown their loyalty time and time again. Not only by saving my life and having my back, but also by showing me they cared.

    Wolffe tried to keep me safe at every turn, he monitored me closer than anyone else and made sure I was level headed in the field. Art made sure not to pry every time I sat down to get tattooed. He knew the weight of those names, he never asked how many names I had left, or if I was planning to stop at some point. He made sure each stroke was precise so it didn't need going over. He never asked if I was tired of it or if I didn't think I had too many already. Twitch made sure to check on my mental health even when he wasn't assigned to watch me, he would recommend books or bands or holo shows to keep my mind entertained and away from the battlefield. Headfirst made sure to spar with me every time one of us had the time, and he insisted it was so that I wouldn't lose my touch.

    And the men of the 212th were starting to warm up to me quickly too. Their loyalty to their General extended to me as well, so it took little convincing for them to acknowledge me as a part of their battalion.

    They had all proved to me time and time again that they would be risking their lives for me as much as I'd been doing for them, not because it was their duty, but because they wanted to keep me alive.

    I double checked that I had both my lightsaber and my Kel Dor mask before finally stepping into the hangar. I decided that -since we were going to infiltrate a laboratory- it was in my best interest to have something to help filter the air around me. I did not put it past the separatists to use biological warfare when it would clearly give their droid forces an advantage over an army of life forms. Even if blowing up the entire facility would only compromise Naboo instead of the dozens of systems they were aiming for.

    After receiving further information from Naboo, Masters Kenobi and Skywalker decided that a smaller taskforce was probably better in close quarters. Master Kenobi and I would be taking a single squad made up of two teams of four. The bomb diffusing team would go in with General Kenobi, and the assault team would come with me. Master Skywalker and Ahsoka would be doing the same. The aim was to capture the lab, its resident chemist and rescue both Senator Amidala and Representative Binks without setting off any of the bombs that contained an airborne version of the Blue Shadow virus. It was a delicate operation, and the stakes were higher than ever.

    My master and the rest of the squad were waiting for me aboard the LAAT/i that would take us to the surface where we would have one last briefing before storming the facility. The men were doing last minute checks on their armour integrity and weapons function as the pilot closed the blast doors and carefully started the taking off sequence. In my head I went over the plan once again and did a mental checklist on everything I had on me. Mask, check; lightsaber, check; armour, check; names of the team…

    I realized I had never worked closely with any of the 212th before, and there had been no time for introductions right then, rescue missions needed to be quick. I introduced myself to the four troopers that would be working with me. Waxer, Boil, T.H. and Ginger introduced themselves in turn. they had heard a lot about me from Rex, they said. Which only made me dread what the Captain might have told them. I hoped nothing about my tendency to catch fire.

    But there was no time for that now. We arrived at Theed in no time, and there was a meeting to attend. The plan was simple: Ahsoka and I would be leading our teams through one of the lab's entrances and creating a distraction so that our Masters could disarm the bombs and rescue the hostages. I was confident we could make it with minimal casualties. And even if ours was the most action packed mission, I would rather face droids than try and diffuse bombs before the virus killed us all.

    As it turns out, it didn't really matter what I wanted. In war, if something could go wrong, it would. And this mission was no exception.

    #TWP #clone wars fan fiction #star wars the clone wars #plo koon#commander wolffe#obi-wan kenobi#ahsoka tano#captain rex #padawan!oc
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  • galaxythixf
    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    He's a fan of superheroes! It's not something he openly talks about but he's spent money watching the latest Marvel and/or DC movies. Sometimes he'll buy discreet merchandise like a trinket, a shirt or some socks but he gets a little embarrassed talking about his interests.

    Yeah maybe he does have DnD games, maybe he does prefer Melee classes, and what of it?

    Ranmaru was never too interested in clubs or sporting events in school but he does skateboard a little bit or rather learning to, which is the result of some of his injuries.

    Speaking of injuries, an injury on his right leg (since he has different bandages there) hadn't totally healed by the date of his first trial, causing him to fail rather miserably.

    Most of the wrapping around his body is for aesthetic purposes. Something he took a liking to after littering himself scrapes and bruises from his hobby and his appeal to ninja, so it all fell into place.

    #✰ — Ranmaru ✶ Headcanons; Reaching for the Stars #You are my suNSHINE )) #MY ONLY SUNSHINE ))
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  • dragon-pups
    19.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Bad Batch Favorite Dessert

    Hunter: Custards (prefers cannoli with vanilla custard)

    Echo: Cake (prefers red velvet) 

    Tech: Frozen yogurt or ice cream (prefers chocolate)

    Crosshair: Cheesecake (preferably with strawberries) 

    Wrecker: Pie (prefers apple or blueberry)

    Omega: Cookies (prefers double chocolate peanut butter)

    #bad batch #the bad batch #star wars the bad batch #clone force 99 #hunter#omega#echo#tech#wrecker#crosshair #bad batch headcanons #bad batch hc #hc
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  • prongsisabadger
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    TWP Chapter 20

    It hadn't been a separatis attack, we all knew that. There were no blaster wounds on any of the fallen troopers, and droids -as far as we could tell- did not make a habit out of parading their victories by putting clone helmets on spikes. All deceased clones had either been stabbed to death, had their necks or spines shattered or died of internal damage. There was no way this had been a droid attack.

    Chairman Cho insisted otherwise. While both Jedi masters followed Rex and his squad to an abandoned separatist base, I was left to keep the dignitaries safe. While they argued over which party was responsible for the attack, I helped Nax and his men bury their brothers. We scanned the wrists of every fallen man and buried them in the most dignified way we could. We took their helmets and used them to mark each grave. A total of thirty men had been killed.

    "I know clones, for the most part, don't believe in the Force," I started, once all the bodies had been buried and all that was left was to honour them. "I know that becoming one with the universe seems far-fetched at best to some of you. But believe this: they died as soldiers. They died fighting for a cause they believed in: not for the republic, but for their brothers. They died so that we didn't have to. Let us honor their sacrifice and make it count."

    Four troopers stepped forward and aimed their rifles to the sky where the wind made snowflakes fly like bullets. Four rounds were shot, and for the next minute, only the storm could be heard. It was getting worse, and Masters Kenobi and Skywalker were still out.

    "Commander, I just got back word from Rex. He and the squad are on their way, but both the Generals decided to keep investigating." Nax said when he approached me.

    "Good, do me a favor and check if the team inside managed to get systems operational. We are going to need them if we are to survive this weather." I answered.

    "At once, Commander." But the man hesitated, he stood in place as if wanting to say something else.

    "Anything else, Nax?" I asked.

    "Just- thank you, Commander."

    Rex brought troubling news: as we had expected, it had not been a separatist attack. The CIS base had also been overrun and decorated in a similar fashion to our own. Thing is, they had found surveillance footage, and the planet was, in fact, populated. The news brought no joy to the Chairman, the man all but called the Captain a liar and denied the fact that Orto Plutonia could be inhabited. Pantora had had the planet under its protectorate for generations, after all. But we all kept our mouths shut. Rex did because he was a professional, I did because if I said something I would probably start yet another intergalactic conflict. That and Obi-Wan would be pissed at me. Call me what you like but if there was something I hated it was disappointing people.

    I decided to leave the command center to the politicians, maybe then they'd have a sense of control and stop harassing troopers. So I went to the hangar to "oversee" inventory and reparations.

    "You know, Rex? I really admire your self control, it took all the training I had not to kick Cho's ass back there." I said as I jumped on the hull of a speeder and sat down.

    The captain chuckled underneath his helmet as he crouched to check that the speeder's systems were working properly.

    "Oh, kid, you wish it was self control," he said, taking the tool I offered. "Trooper helmets have different communications settings and they can cancel audio input and output. You'd be surprised at how much chatter's been going around today."

    "The amount of gossip must put a Hutt's spy network to shame…" I chuckled.

    "It's not all bad," he said, turning the speeder on and running diagnostics. "Most of it was troopers wanting to see how Cho would fend against a Jedi Padawan. For all his talk, most of us think seeing him bested by a seventeen year old would be quite entertaining."

    I shot him a playful glare. I knew it was wrong, but Force did I want to kick his ass. He was arrogant, rude and a total womp rat to senator Chuchi. Patriotism died in the face of toxic masculinity apparently.

    "You know I can't do that, however tempting it might be…" I said.

    "We know, but watching you try to hide the impulse is very entertaining."

    He dodged the snow ball I threw at his head, chuckling as he made his way to the next speeder bike.

    As soon as Master Kenobi and Master Skywalker returned, I realized for the first time that my lightsaber was the wrong color. I did not have the patience to be diplomatic with people like Chairman Cho, the man deserved a roundhouse kick in the ass and absolutely no authority over other living beings. And everyone around me agreed. Master Kenobi was so done with the man, he couldn't even bring himself to be sassy anymore, and even worse was the fact that Master Skywalker wasn't speaking at all.

    The only person who was genuinely interested in changing the Chairman's mind was Senator Chuchi and to be completely honest, the woman deserved an award. I would have beaten some sense into him but Obi-Wan's seriousness frightened me more than the frustration the Chairman provoked.

    The Chairman insisted that the Talz had no jurisdiction in Orto Plutonia, that they were savages trespassing on Pantora's territory and that they were a threat to them. It didn't matter that they didn't have the technology to leave the planet, or to get light that didn't come from a fireplace for that matter. Nothing mattered, only that we were all on his land.

    To be fair, those kinds of situations were the reason I'd decided to become a Jedi, but every time the Chairman opened his mouth I wondered whether it had been the right choice. I decided to just keep silent and follow Master Kenobi's lead, I couldn't trust myself on this one. If I had, Pantora would have had to hold elections for a new Chairman. there was nothing I hated more than entitled beings.

    To be honest, I didn't really think the Masters' efforts to resolve things peacefully would work -not if the Chairman was the one carrying out negotiations. And we all should have seen the result coming clicks away. The first indicator was when we were setting off for the meeting with the Talz and Cho told Rex to gear up for war. Granted, General skywalker told him there would be no war, but someone had yet to tell that to Cho.

    The Chairman had had every chance to change his mind. The Talz had proved to be intelligent enough to monitor us, to have scouts follow us, to have evaded our scanners. Their status had been put in question when it was proved that they were intelligent enough to have developed not only a language but also a writing system -however rustic. The Talz had every right to be respected, they just didn't have the luxury of a sensible person on the other side of the negotiations table.

    And the Jedi? We could do nothing about it. Chairman Cho had declared it all an internal affair, and not even Senator Chuchi had the authority to denounce his authority. So war was declared. Ironically enough, however eager to declare it an internal affair, Chairman Cho was ordering our troops around as if he had any right to them. It was sickening to watch, and I could stay silent, but never idle.

    "Master Kenobi, I'd like to escort Rex's squad." I said as soon as Cho started ordering troopers to gear up.

    "Kriari, the Chairman has declared this an internal affair. the Jedi cannot intervene." He sighed.

    "Then he has no right to our troops, Master." I insisted. "I know you are not going to let him go undefended, but at least let me go as backup. The men don't deserve to die for his arrogance."

    Obi-Wan seemed to consider it as he looked me in the eyes. Maybe he was searching for something. Maybe he found what he was looking for.

    "Very well, but you are not to intervene for anything other than protection. Understood?"

    "Yes, Master," I said, and in my relief I hugged him. "thank you."

    The only good thing I had to say about chairman Cho was that at least he rode at the very front of the suicide squad he had assembled. The clones followed him only because thos had been their orders, they were not stupid. The enemy was only the enemy because the man at the front of the charge had made them so -even if they had reason to resent them. The Talz were in their homeland, they knew the territory, the best spots for ambushes, they were not hindered by the weather conditions. We were at a disadvantage, a big disadvantage. And still they followed orders, because above all, clones were good soldiers, and good soldiers followed orders.

    Good soldiers died that day, for a man who was not worth the life of a single one of them.

    It happened so fast yet so slow, as battles often do. We were ambushed and as we had expected, the Talz weren't messing around: colonizers were not welcome in Orto Plutonia. I jumped off my speeder and took point, cutting spears left and right and deviating others with the force. We were surrounded, Rex got the men to take defensive possitions. We were all doing our jobs tight, everyone was in possition, but we were being overrun by an enemy who had the numbers and the terrain on their side. Six troopers went down.

    "Retreat!" I yelled over the noise of blaster fire and the growl of the beasts Talz rode. "Rex, get the men out of here!"

    The Chairman tried to protest, to call me a coward, to say they could never retreat when faced with beings so inferior. I cannot say if I could have prevented him from getting stabbed when he did. I was too busy making sure the troopers lived to fight another day. It might have been wrong for a Jedi to admit, but I didn't care if he died.

    Rex took the wounded man and mounted up. I covered as much of the retreat as I could before jumping on the back of Nax's speeder. We were not in the clear, not yet. The canyon stretched around us and the enemy knew the terrain well. Even in our retreat we were losing men. Some got shot down, some got caught in a trap. I tried desperately to Force push spears away from the troopers, to cut down those that got past me. It was difficult work when trying to hold onto the back of a speeder bike.

    To our dismay, the enemy had booby trapped the ice bridge that led to the tundra as well. two more troopers went down when they were trying to get across. The bridge collapsed, and with it our only way out. We were surrounded, the storm had jammed communications, and as far as we knew, no support was coming.

    "Just like in Christophsis, ey, Commander?" Said Rex beside me.

    I smiled sadly at him.

    "Tighten up formation, Captain. I'll do my best to redirect enemy fire away from the men." It had become a habit of mine to default to 'business mode' when in a tight spot. Compartmentalizing was a lot easier when the lives of others depended on you thinking clearly. "Ger Coric to tend to the wounded right in the middle of the formation. Hopefully we'll make it out without any more losses."

    But hope was often worth jack shit in war. We lost three more men before the gunships showed up. The sound of the LAAT/i engines over the roaring storm almost made me cry, and the ceasefire on the enemy's side even more so. I turned my lightsaber off and grabbed Rex's forearm. He grabbed my shoulder and squeezed. We had made it through another one, if barely.

    "You okay, Rex?" asked Skywalker as soon as they got off the ship.

    "Just a scratch, sir." he said.

    "Tell me." He said, voice low and grave face.

    "Eleven dead and several injured including the Chairman. Would have been a lot worse if the Commander hadn't been here." He said patting my shoulder.

    Master Kenobi had been looking at me the whole time, waiting for me to say something maybe. Or maybe just checking for injuries. I shook my head, I didn't want to talk about it, not right now. The price for one man's arrogance had been too high. Too many men had died needlessly because one man decided colonization was worth more than peace.

    I am not ashamed to say I was glad when Chairman Cho died. In my eyes, he deserved it. Maybe his death would at least be a little consolation for the eleven troopers who lost their lives that day. I didn't hate people easily, but I hated that man, and I was glad that he had died. An even better consolation was Senator Chuchi denying the man his dying wish. There was cruel satisfaction in knowing that he failed to achieve his aim even when he had died for it. The fact that the Talz had been recognized as sovereign over Orto Plutonia gave me ever lasting satisfaction if only because that meant all those troopers hadn't died in vain. And then, there was one less war to fight in the galaxy.

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  • cyberneticmuses
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago


    "Don't lie to me, Bucky. Never lie to me."
    A sigh followed shortly as Ariadne put her hand back in her lap.
    "It reminds you of them, doesn't it ? Is it because it's me ? Or is it because my hands are dead ?"
    Hurried questions to whomst she hoped to have answer - mostly because they will help, on the long term. If he thinks of you as a monster from his past, it will be easier.

    Bucky could not hide the shocked look on his face. He had been called out on things like this perhaps twice and one time it had been his therapist once and the other it had been Sam.  “It usually meant something bad was about to happen.” He shrugged his shoulders. It was just that light, lingering touch over already sensitive scar tissue that gave him the creeps. “If it makes it better your hands are soft....!” He chuckled so slightly. “Cold maybe a bit..... But i lwas frozen down to 0 kelvin for a good chunk of my life so i’m not sure i’m the best to judge what’s cold.”

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    K'T'Inga Class Battle Cruiser from Star Trek Timelines, 2016.

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