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    mr laforge i love you.png

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  • Spirk… good

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  • Picard: If I die, how much would you miss me?

    Q: It’s cute how you think death can get you out of this relationship.

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  • That’s the whole point. That’s why we’re here. To save each other.
    STAR TREK: PICARD (2020), Season 1

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  • Curzon is a sexist sleazebag - why do people like him?

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  • so i started to make my friend watch star trek… and I dont know how I’ll explain to her Spock’s Brain, Sub Rosa, Threshold


    Originally posted by sweartrek

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    Star Trek, “The Tholian Web” (1968) • Midsommar (2019)

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  • Background art for Star Trek: The Animated Series, 1973/74.

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  • qcard for iscalox 

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  • Sarek: You can’t go to Starfleet, Spock!


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  • Spock: Am I repulsive? If there was something repulsive about me, you’d tell me, right?

    Bones: I’m your friend. I would call you repulsive in a second.

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  • tfw your husband mysteriously returns full goth in black after years of absence and doesn’t acknowledge you

    #this could be us but u trying to purge all emotion...... #spock#james kirk#leonard mccoy#mcspirk#trekedit#star trek #anyway i am rewatching these films and the best part about this scene is bones #cos he comes out flying all 'SPOCK I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE U!!!!' but he gets nothing.. rip #neledits*
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  • Well this isn’t a very funny title but I’m sticking with it for now! Welcome to a little series about Leonard McCoy getting to know you (a dentist on the Enterprise) and maybe more…?

    Warnings: Dentist stuff, slow-burn-ish, tooth rotting fluff, other content warnings will be written as headers of the coming chapters

    Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader (female)

    Words: 2419

    Hope you’ll like it, don’t forget to leave a heart or a comment. It feeds the beast

    (Part 2 coming soon)



    Originally posted by claygoblin

    You sigh as you go through your list of check-ups, two names highlighted red by now: James T. Kirk and Leonard H. McCoy. The usual suspects.

    Although it was common knowledge around the ship that the CMO practically had to hunt and strap the captain down to a biobed for his physicals only few, including the more unknown part of the medical staff, knew that the captain was even harder to get for his appointments for your field. Both the captain and the CMO hate the trips to the exam rooms in the dentist’s and orthodontist’s sections of med bay.

    Even though you had just taken the position of your now retired colleague you had already picked up on the bad experiences that quite a few crew members had gained along with their appointments.

    You send another thoughtful look towards the office of said CMO before you switch the PADD in your hand to stand by and approach the door with self confident steps. With another deep breath you gently knock the door before you open it up, already preparing a soft smile. Or at least as well as you can, seeing as it is nearly the end of your shift and it had been a very long one this time.

    Dr. McCoy keeps his gaze glued to the screen in front of him at his desk, his hands hovering just above the on the table projected keyboard. His eyebrows are scrunched together in a frown which thankfully clears up a little as his eyes flicker towards you.

    “Oh, hello, Dr. Y/L//N. I’ll be with you in second I just have to finish this report and then-”

    “Leonard Horatio McCoy, you’ve missed your appointments with me five times by now.” you interrupt him and see the man break a sweat in one fell swoop. His mouth opens for a second without any sound coming out before he grumbles something under his breath that sounds like a curse.

    After another final look to the screen in front of him and then towards you, he sighs. Then suddenly his shoulders raise a little in time with his head but you’re already prepared for him making new excuses.

    “I know that your shift ends in a few minutes and you have no meetings as you are cleared of any because of your appointment. So there’s no way out of it this time, Doc.”

    The corners of his lips turn up to a bitter smile, his hands raised in defeat.

    “Alright, alright. Long time since someone whipped out my second name to scold me. Give me a second.” he chuckles lightly but you can see the way his jaw clenches as he closes the files. Meanwhile you can’t fight is the way your eyes automatically start following his hands fly over the keyboard, steady and precise as always. Before your mind can drift off to the stories of his athlete days at the academy, he gets up.

    Immediately you get your PADD up and raise it a little higher than necessary, resetting the timer for Dr. McCoy’s check-up to distract yourself. When you risk another gaze up to his face he is already approaching you. Hazel eyes fixate yours but you just return his probing gaze the best you can.

    “Alright, let’s go then. It’s just a routine check, you’ll be out in a few minutes.” Another smile in his direction and you turn your back to him, his steps now steadily following after yours.

    “Doesn’t mean I like it.” You almost miss his murmured response and have to hold back a pitiful smile as you lead him into one of the exam rooms down the hallway.

    “Just sit down and try to relax, I’ll be extra careful, alright?” you reassure him and watch him reluctantly sitting down in the chair as you adjust the headrest for his height. When he doesn’t lean back you gently tug him by his shoulders, pulling a heavy breath from him.

    “You’re alright, just breathe, I’ll be right there in a second.” With another pat on his shoulders you go over to washing your hands and slip into the gloves. When you return you catch the CMO eyeing the instruments on the table next to him.

    “So, did you have any pains or bleeding?” you ask and he shakes his head ‘no’ while you shift the chair into his direction, grabbing the light above him.

    “Alright, then I’m just going to take a look. Open up for me please.”

    After another gulp he opens his mouth, exposing the insides of his mouth but you can’t help but notice how dry his lips are. As you gently probe and test a few areas you observe how he sometimes holds his breath or squints his eyes.

    “You okay? If you want I could play some music or put on ambient sounds?” you withdraw from him a little to give him space to answer.

    “I’m fine.”

    “Alright. So, I have some good news and some bad news but nothing dramatic.” you conclude loudly. That gets his attention and you lean onto the armrest he isn’t using.

    “Well, bad news are that I found some signs of cavities in one tooth and will have to clean that tooth and freshen up the filling. There’s also some dental calculus we’ll need to get rid off but it really is just a teeny tiny bit. Good news is that this will not take much time.” you explain, leaving out the unnecessary medical jargon. You made the experience that including too many strictly medical expressions or talking over the head over the patients just makes them more nervous. Seeing as the CMO in front of you already is an anxious patient you hope this will calm him but it only seems to make him even more nervous: His face has lost all its color and his pulse has sped up incredibly as you see on the vital display on your left.

    “Do you want somebody else to do it or should I-”

    “No. Just. Careful what you do, kid.” he interrupts and you huff out a laugh as you pull the instruments a little closer and place a cup beneath the tiny sink to Dr. McCoy’s left.

    “I’m no kid, Dr. McCoy but I promise I’ll be careful. Please clean your mouth before we proceed. If you want you can just grab my knee with one hand and squeeze if it hurts or anything and I’ll stop immediately, alright?” You get a nod as he rinses his mouth. A much larger than anticipated hand hesitantly settles on your leg and you smile reassuringly at him before he leans back, opening up his mouth and letting you go to work.

    You hum as you do your job, the grip from the Doctor sometimes becoming a little tense but he never really squeezes even though his heart rate seems to be through the roof. But after the first few steps he relaxes a little, the tension leaving his body little by little as you tell him what you do as you go and just as anticipated he is done just a few moments later.

    “Alright.” you finally mumble and roll away to get a few swabs. The warmth his hand left on your leg is still tangible as you pull out a package of the white cottony material. Out of the corner of your eye you catch the CMO getting up.

    “Hey, wait I wasn’t done with you yet!” you call as he moves to leave the room, his shoulders rising as he hears you.

    “You were bleeding a little- would you be so kind to sit back down?” you smile at him, his face still tensed up as he looks back.

    “Yeah sure.” He bites his lip and focuses on his feet as he walks back. He keeps his hands behind his back until he sits down, where his right hand rests on your leg again. He blinks into the bright light above him as you mumble for him to open up again. You patiently dab the blood away and proceed to find a little injury which in return makes you curious as to what caused it.

    “Uh. Did you- experience any pain in your jaw the past few days?” you carefully ask and feel the grip on your knee tightening a little.

    “What why?” You back up and let the now bloody cotton dab fall into a spare metal bowl.

    “Well, it seems like you have been grinding your teeth. Are you under a lot of stress?”

    “Well, I’m the CMO, of course I am.”

    “What about headaches?”

    He sighs and rubs his temple.

    “Yeah, well, I haven’t been drinking quite enough either.”

    “Those reasons are all legitimate sounding enough but I’d like to give you a bite guard so your teeth won’t be grinding against each other as much. It will resolve some of your problems. But you’ll need to do something against the tension in your jaw, too. We’ll do the imprints for the bite guard at another time if you’re alright with that.”

    He seems a bit skeptical but nods.

    You roll off the gloves and throw them into a bin before lifting your hands to the sides of his face.

    “I can offer to massage the tension out or you can try-”

    “How often do I have to come back?”

    “I’d like to get you in at least once a week or something close to that until the grinding stops”, you answer and he nods before warily looking at your hands.

    “What about massaging the tension away? Would that even work at this point?”

    “Let’s just try and you’ll tell me if it feels good.”

    “Yeah, okay”, he mumbles and you smile before pressing his head back against the headrest, your hands on both sides of his face. The angle is a little awkward but this way he can still hold on to your knee.

    As you start slightly letting your fingers dig in to find the right muscle, he tenses considerably.

    “It’s just me. Try to loosen your jaw a little”, you mumble in an attempt to help make this less painful. “You know, a shoulder and back rub would probably be good for you, too. It’s very important to remember to put your own health first.”

    He grumbles but stays still as you feel around for the most tense spots.

    “You know, once I almost lost my right hand because I didn’t stop to think about how my hand was already cramping before pressing around on sensitive nerves. So look out for yourself first, okay?”, you mutter, focusing more on his tense jaw than your own words. He smiles and you make the mistake to look into his eyes. He has been watching you the whole time and you hurriedly look away again, feigning absolute concentration. You suddenly notice how close your face is to his. You clear your throat and back up. However, your cheeks betray you and start to warm up.

    His grip on your knee loosens as you rub small circles underneath his earlobe. His heartbeat slows and a sigh escapes him. You smile involuntarily as he closes his eyes as well and leans into the touch.

    “Does that feel good?”

    He just hums and you let your thumbs trace forward, moving on to his jawbone. With more pressure you move your thumbs up underneath his cheekbone and resume your work.

    “Open your mouth a little, please.”

    He does as he is told, brows furrowing slightly as you find a tense muscle. He grips your knee as you work more into it.

    “This is a little uncomfortable, right?”

    “Uh huh”, he breathes and a frown shows on his face as you continue to put pressure on that spot.

    “There’s no way around that, sorry. This might take a while.”

    You spend a few minutes like that, the CMO’s eyes fluttering open when the tension moves out of a muscle a little. The only sounds are steady breathing and a noise of content here and there.

    When your own neck starts to get stiff, you have to consciously remind yourself of your own scolding a few minutes prior. He looks so relaxed, though, that it takes another minute for you to will yourself to stop.

    “Okay, then. I’m going to have to stop here, for now, but I think we’ve made some progress”, you explain and he closes his mouth as you lift your hands from his face.

    After moving your head to relieve the pain in your neck, watch him again. He moves his jaw before actually yawning.

    “Did I tire you out already, Doc?” You grin, amused as he rubs his eyes afterwards.

    A smile sneaks its way onto his face.

    “Dr. Y/L/N”, he breathes and fixates you again, “your hands are magic.” The seriousness in his answer makes you blush. You scratch your neck.

    “That’s big, coming from you”, you mutter and look at the hand still resting on your knee.


    “You have the steadiest hands of the ‘fleet. Or so they say.”

    “Well, I can’t really allow myself not to”, he retorts but you can tell by the vitals he must be flustered.

    “Just like you can’t allow tension to build up like that again. Find someone to give you that back and shoulder rub, there must be a few people on your team with chiropractic training, after all. They are be better trained to help you with your jaw, too”, you tell him, slowly becoming even more conscious about that hand on your knee.

    “I’ve tried to get some help from them but I feel guilty about taking their time, they already have a lot on their hands. Plus they seem hesitant to scold me. So I was thinking… maybe you could continue helping me with that tension in my jaw?”

    “I’m not sure-”

    “You don’t have to!”, he interrupts and scratches the back of his neck. 

    There’s a second of awkward silence and you bite your lip in thought.

    “I’m always hesitant to take over duties which aren’t originally mine and I can’t note that in my schedule either- I’d have to do it after my shifts.”

    “I’ll do my best to repay you then, Dr. Y/L/N.” He sincerely retorts, looking directly into your eyes.

    Your heart stutters before you smile, feeling your cheeks heat up.

    “You’ve got yourself a deal, Dr. McCoy.”


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