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  • I’m taking fanfic commissions to fund my publishing endeavours

    Yo yo yo! As many of you know I’m tryna publish a book, and whilst I investigate various avenues for this I would seriously appreciate help to fund it!

    I will write for:

    • Good Omens
    • The Magnus Archives
    • My Hero Academia/BNHA
    • Star Trek (I’m a spirk bitch)
    • House MD
    • Legend of Korra
    • Harry Potter (drarry)

    If you have a fandom in mind that isnt in the above list, I will totally consider doing it but I may request a higher payment for it so I can do my research.

    I’m charging the following:

    Drabble (a shortish to medium sized textpost): £5

    Ficlet (a long text post that will have a read more break): £8

    One chapter fic: approx. £15 (depending on the length of the fic)

    I’m not going to accept multi chapter fics because I dont want to go insane lol

    Technically I’m not sure if this is legal?? But if I dont put my Kofi link on the ao3 page or drabble/ficlet posts I think I can jump through that loophole.

    DM me if you’re interested!

    Just x

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  • 3 minutes in: OH WAIT, that’s the actress from “Look Who’s Talking” and “It Takes Two”!

    6 minutes in: ooooooh, the 2009 Star Trek movie would have had a MUCH bigger impact on me if I had watched this one first

    18 minutes in: it’s THAT Khan?! Way to reuse a good episode idea!

    24 minutes in: no no no no NO NO NO NO NO

    28 minutes in: *belatedly realizing that the actor interpreting Mr. Scott is also the actor who interpreted the butler in “The Duke”*

    39 minutes in: SPOCK SAID IT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL

    54 minutes in: AHA, IN YOUR FACE!

    57 minutes in: why do they always HAVE to kill a baby to make it suddenly more dramatic

    59 minutes in: Spock is being super soft in this movie and I’m living for it

    1 hour and 16 minutes in: WHOA, the story really did repeat itself

    1 hour and 24 minutes in: I love this song

    1 hour and 25 minutes in: NOOO SCOTTY

    1 hour and 32 minutes in: Spock please

    1 hour and 33 minutes in: PLEASE

    1 hour and 36 minutes in: he ran so fast and he’s so sad look at him :(((

    1 hour and 37 minutes in: NO. :(((((

    1 hour and 39 minutes in: I’M DEVASTATED. THIS IS SO CRUEL.

    1 hour and 44 minutes in: wow this part is supposed to feel so touching but I don’t feel anything, it pales in comparison to what happened five minutes ago

    1 hour and 45 minutes in: SHUT UP T____T

    In conclusion I hate everyone, why did I even start watching Star Trek, I’m so sad

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  • What if the crew decorate their communicators like we do laptops? They get stickers and covers and make them all personal

    • Jim’s has a little Enterprise on it and probably some really tiny photographs of the crew because he’s sentimental like that
    • Spock’s probably got a hella nice plain case for his but underneath it also has photos
    • Bones cannot be bothered to decorate his but it’s scratched as hell from him throwing it around so I guess that counts
    • Scotty’s got a protective case over his because he broke his last one after he spilt scotch on it and besides, he probably throws his around engineering too
    • Uhura has some stylish stickers that change colour with temperature because then it shines different neon colours depending on the climate of the planet they visit
    • Sulu taped pressed flowers to his but now there’s so much tape that it barely opens
    • Chekov literally just painted his the colours of the Russian flag and got in trouble with Jim for it because the stickers are supposed to be removable and that’s permanent paint, ensign
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  • Sarek remarried. There’s a whole unexplored avenue there and there might just be a whole other potential-ass Spock sibling going around just waiting for the right moment to be known.

    #Star Trek#Sarek#TOS#Spock#TNG #Sarek and the Gang
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  • I don’t know if I’m the only one, but for me Troi x Worf… kinda works? She has been helping him raise his kid and she stopped him from committing suicide I have seen ships fly on a much smaller basis

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  • image

    O'Brien: “Rom, I’m going to have to leave you in a tough spot.”
    Rom: “Captain Sisko, Odo, they don’t know about any of this, do they?”
    O'Brien: “No. No, they don’t. And I want you to help me keep it that way for a little while longer.”
    Rom: “I have to stay here and play the idiot?”
    O'Brien: “I’m afraid so. No matter what Odo asks you.”
    Rom: “I’m Quark’s brother. I know the role.”

    In which Star Trek Deep Space Nine tortures Chief Miles O’Brien, but with a twist in that this torture connects to the long arcs of the seven years of series.

    I love how this episode opens (after the bit between Rom and Quark). Miles is chewing out Julian for having killed some of Keiko’s plants (Idran hybrid bonsai trees), and he’s worried how his wife is going to take it when she returns from Bajor. When Miles meets her at the shuttle, he confesses immediately (well, he blames Dr. Bashir) but Keiko doesn’t care. Chief O’Brien is relieved until he learns that the reason Keiko doesn’t care is because she has been taken over by another creature. And that creature is threatening Keiko’s life, and has work for Miles to do.

    Read the full review at douxreviews.com

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  • sends you a picture of jim kirk’s ass in star trek (2013)… sends you a picture of jim kirk’s ass in star trek (2013)… sends you a picture of jim kirk’s ass in star trek (2013)… sends you a picture of j

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  • Human: Don’t you feel bad about this?

    Vulcan: You know that I do not.

    Me, throwing popcorn at the screen: I know you’re full of shit

    #platextsofmemories#star trek #always trying to pull this shit on me like I haven't seen the episodes about vulcan feelings
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    I made a thing.

    Poem is Ode to Loki by Fuensanta.

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    They ain’t wrong…

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  • Attention:

    Nyota Uhura


    Star Trek: The Original Series




    Source: Have You Seen Her Earrings?

    #nyota uhura#lieutenant uhura#star trek #star trek tos #tos #star trek into darkness #star trek beyond #star trek aos #aos#lesbian#lgbt#lgbtq#wlw#queer
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  • I just love Stamets and Tilly’s relationship so much. They’re such good friends and appreciate each other, and Tilly’s always trying to show him the better side of things, while Stamets is always there to back her up and to encourage her. In Season 1, when Stamets was trapped in the mycelial network, it was Tilly who never gave up on trying to get him out of there, Tilly who convinced Saru to let her try and save Stamets, and Tilly who shocked Stamets’ brain into its experience of seeing the Discovery and the alternate Paul Stamets from the mirror universe and Hugh while in the mycelial network–the first thing he’d seen and had been able to make sense of during the time he was stuck that we know of. Then, in Season 2, we get the opposite–Tilly’s in trouble due to the jahSepp attached to her, and now it’s Stamets trying to save her, going to Captain Pike and convincing him to crash Discovery into the mycelial network to save her. Just–what a friendship, respect, and care that those two have for each other. I love seeing it.

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  • s'chn t'gai the science guy

    #to the beat of bill nye the science guy obviously #star trek #star treck tos #spock
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  • So recently my followers have surpass 1k and I am really grateful that people decide to stick around this messy blog.

    To celebrate it, I am opening gifs requests for several fandoms.

    • Star Wars (Prequels + Clone Wars, mostly.)
    • Wonder Woman (2017 and 1984 trailer)
    • Elementary
    • Fantastic Beasts
    • Harry Potter
    • His Dark Materials (I’ll post it in my side blog)
    • Star Trek (films)
    • Hunger Games

    Be specific on what you want (like characters, colours, type of gifs etc). I cannot promise to immediately make it but I’ll definitely deliver it.

    I’ll open it for a week or so <3

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  • Hahah it was called yorktown cause foreign forces tried to attack it but didn’t succeed

    #star trek#hamilton #Im an idiot #it was named after the fucking town where the last battel took place #during the american civil war
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