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    don’t be afraid I feel it too…

    Rey and Kylo Ren Wallpapers

    -Power Trip by J. Cole

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  • Chapter 1- On the Run 

    Rated: 18+

    Word Count: 863

    Summary: When you ran from your father and your family’s clan, you never expected him to send Din Djarin, a well known hunter from the Mand’alor’s clan after you, let alone convince him to postpone turning you in without an explanation. But hey, beneath every beskar helmet lies a couple secrets, right?

    Warnings: eventual smut, language, mentions of blood, violence

    A/N: I hope you guys enjoy my first crack at writing a Star Wars fic! It’s not technically following canon and instead will follow a our favorite Mandalorian as the son of the Man’alor, with a couple of differences from canon. All will be explained as I write, with POV switching between the reader and Din every other chapter or so. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!

    Your eyes flew open, your body immediately transitioning from sleep to waking, and already searching the room for danger. It was an instinct that had been ingrained into you since you were young, and long gone were the days of slowly waking.

    Now, you were ready to fight or flee as soon as your eyes opened. Especially these days. The body next to you shifted, the cantina owner mumbling something in his sleep and you forced yourself to lie still, trying to calm your nerves. Something had triggered you into consciousness, and if you had one rule, it was to listen to the little instincts that told you when something was lost. Ignoring them could cost you your life. Or worse.

    Save for a few dressers, a wardrobe, and the man sleeping peacefully beside you, the bedroom was empty. It was probably sparse for a cantina owner’s bedroom, but the man’s wealth wasn’t your main interest when the two of you had stumbled into the room hours before. Despite the lack of obvious danger, you slid out of bed, crouching next to it to let it shield you as you searched the room for your bags. You still couldn’t place what, but something wasn’t right and that meant it was time for you to go.

    Keeping low, you crept towards your bags, gathering your scattered clothes as you went. You shoved your own shirt into one of your bags before flinging it over your shoulder, opting to keep the cantina owner’s on instead to save yourself time. You hesitated as your hand wrapped around the handle of his door for a moment, realizing you couldn’t recall his name before slipping out silently.

    Crossing the dark cantina floor, you stepped into your pants, pulling them over your hips when you heard it– the scuff of shoes against the rough floor outside near the entrance. Dropping low immediately, you slunk around the bar, listening intently for another sound that might give away whoever was close. Nothing.

    It could just be a thief..  you reasoned, but a tiny voice in your head offered up a far more unsettling explanation: someone might be looking for you specifically.

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  • obi wan is actually my favorite character bc he simply Doesn’t Know When To Stop Flirting. dealing with politicians? people who are trying to kill him? man starts flirting. in a lightsaber duel? flirting, make it double. encountered a physical manifestation of the light side of the force who could definitely kill him if he pissed them off enough? flirts with them immediately

    #'''''''negotiate'''''''' just say you're gonna try and flirt your way out of it and go #iconic behavior#but also #let the galaxy BREATHE my dude #star wars #obi wan kenobi #prequel trilogy#pt #the clone wars #clone wars#tcw #star wars clone wars
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  • Luke Skywalker looks like someone who would be a back up dancer for like, abba or something

    #luke skywalker#Star Wars#I mean #he IS the dancing queen
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  • sims star wars edition: here’s a brand new star wars character we made up for you to get missions from! :)

    me: nope *breaks the game trying to edit him into a character I already know and like*

    #star wars #journey to batuu #sims 4 #batuu was a mess of a pack but the 9 year old star wars nerd in me still loves it #the other thing I did while playing today was make a child resistance fighter who bullied kylo ren so severely that he burst into tears eve #ah good times
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  • The Armorer

           — The Mandalorian, Season 1

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  • anyone want to share their fave mando and darth vader pics? 💗 (yesss i know this is random but my walls are too empty and so i thought that picture wall decor would help)

    #also i recently rearranged my room so im excited on how its looking #AND I THOUGHT WHY NOT ADD MY FAVE MEN!!! #heck i'll even throw in a stormtrooper #the mandalorian#din djarin#darth vader#star wars
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  • The Mandalorian X Male Reader


    || Masterlist ||



    Requested: Hey can I request engineer!reader x Din Djarin where reader travels with Din and Din just assumed reader can’t fight for shit since reader is an engineer and he’s seen reader get scared of insects, but then Din is in trouble and reader comes to save him, guns blazing, like “listen you pay me to take care of the ship, not to take care of you”

    Warnings: Fluff, language, engineer reader, slight violence, sassy reader, badass reader that din falls in love with!



    Originally posted by gffa


    It has been a few days since they have landed on Nevaroo, fueling up and getting supplies for their next journey. But, of course, they couldn’t leave yet without repeating the crest. Poor thing was busted up and his partner was in charge of fixing it up.

    Din couldn’t asked for some help from Greef but y/n refused the help, saying that he was the personal engineer and it was his job to fix the dam thing.

    Thing is, they have been on Nevaroo way too long. They were suppose to head out three days back but because of the crest not working up, they had spent the next few days trying to fix it, but so far no success and y/n still refuses the help they are offered.


    Din is sitting in the cockpit with the child when he is startled by the loud shouting. Grogu too, gets startled, causing him to drop his favorite ball and to turn his head towards the engine room. His ears raise in alarm as he turns to Din and gives him a look. Din can only shake his head with a sign, “Let’s hope you don’t repeat those words one day.” He said as he climbs out of his seat and heads towards the back.

    Approaching the engine room he hears the other grumbling to himself as he got closer.

    “Stupid piece of junk! Why won’t you work?!” Y/n whispers to hismelf as he works on the wiring, reaching inside to try and fix it but ends up getting shocked instead, causing him to yelp in surprise and pull away, glaring at the thing he kicks the wall.

    “I thought you were fixing my ship, not breaking it more.” Said Din, leaning against the wall with arms crossed. Y/n gasps as he turns around to see the Mandalorian. “I’m trying but your ship is a piece of junk.” He says back with a glare.

    Din sighs again, he’s dealt with y/n for awhile now so his additude was nothing new to him. The two have grown so close that y/n no longer found the Mandalorian intimidating like before.

    “Treat her nice.” He reminds the engineer as he bends down to check the wiring. “Dank ferik.” He can see the wiring but can’t reach it, grunting he tries to reach for it again but slowly gives up after a few seconds. “Any suggestions?” He blurts out.

    Y/n hums. “You won’t like it.”

    “That’s okay.”

    “Are you sure?”


    The two stare at eachother as y/n speaks up quickly. “The hole is small enough for the kid to crawl through.”

    Din rasies a brow from underneath the helmet. He was close to regecting the idea until he gave the small space one last look, taking in the size. He looks back to y/n who only grins in return before the two slowly turn their heads towards Grogu who was standing in front of them. Watching them with big curious eyes, giving off a small coo at the two.

    “—the red wire goes where the blue wire was and the blue wire goes where the red wire was.”Din tries to instruct the kid. The two were able to squeeze the kid inside and Din had explained Grogu what he needed to do and the kid agrees to the idea with a small nod and here they are now.

    Din has been trying to guide the kid on what to do but the small gremlin can only give him questionable looks, confused on what he was suppose to do.

    “No—you put the red one where the blue used to go.”

    Y/n sighs and rolls his eyes at the Mandalorian, suddenly getting frustrated as he crouched down and shoves din aside. “Move over tin can, the kid doesn’t know what he’s doing.” He says as he looks inside the small space and gives Grogu a soft smile.

    “Grogu.” The kid tilts his head over to y/n his ears rising at the attention. “Hey kid, We need you to help us fix the wiring, you are the only one who fits and if you can help fix it then maybe we can leave early and explore another planet.” Grogu coos at the idea of exploring a new planet or at least getting to know a new area.

    “Good, now listen—“ he tries to guide the child and make the situation a bit more easier for the kid to understand. “Grogu, show me the red wire.” He instructs.

    Grogu grunts as he lifts his small arm, holding the red wire towards y/n with a tilt of his head. “Good job! Now, on the board you will see two colors. Blue and red, I need you to put the red one into the blue.”

    Grogu huffs and gives off a squeak, questioning himself weather that was right or not? He was a child and had the mind of a child, so of course he’s going to be confused as to why the colors need to be opposite.

    Y/n is quickly get the signal of the child. “Grogu, you see the red one has to go inside the blue charge because it’ll make the ship work faster and better. Don’t you want the ship to go fast like last time?” He asks, reminding the child of the time that Din spun the crest around in circles, causing the child to squeal in joy and throw his little arms up.

    “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Said Din as y/n glares at him and slaps him on the leg before turning back to Grogu with a fake smile.

    The kid turns back to the board and looks at the two different cables. Cooing he plugs the red one into the blue charge, “yes! Perfect, now put the blue wire into the red charge!”

    Grogu lets out a small huff as he plugs in the red wire, causing the ship to come to life as y/n stands up and cheers. “HA!” He points at Din with a mischievous grin. “Told you that he can do it.” He folds his arms over his chest with a raised brow and a smirk on his face.

    Din rolls his eyes under the helmet, “well—“ he walks over to help the kid who was trying to get down from the small height. Taking the kid in his arms he strokes one of his ears. “At least the kid is a better mechanic than you.”

    Y/n gasps with a glare. “You take that back.”

    “Sorry, but no.” Din shrugs and leaves the area, heading back to the cockpit where he sets the kid down and starts to check on the controllers to see what was functioning correctly this time.

    After the checkup, they were ready to head out. They had all of the supplies they needed and could last for a few weeks. “Come on kid,” he nods towards Grogu. He was sitting on top of the boxes while holding his favorite silver ball. He watches Din move the boxes against the wall and straps them in. “Looks like we are good to go—“

    He is cut off by a scream coming from the cockpit. Din is quick as he climbs up to the cockpit and rushes inside with blaster in hand, “what’s wrong?” He sees y/n standing by a corner with wide eyes as he points towards the pilots chair. “Kill it.” He says.

    Din rasies a brow in confusion as he turns to look at the pilots chair, stepping forward he spins the chair around to see a pretty large spider on the seat. “Oh.” With his blaster he nudges the creature, causing it to move.

    Y/n gasps and tries to push hismelf further into the corner. “Are you crazy?! Kill it already! Just kill it!” He shouts. The Mandalorian chuckles at the mans actions and shakes his head. “It’s not going to hurt you, these aren’t poisons like the rest.” He puts his blaster away and turns to y/n. “Didn’t know you were scared of small creatures.”

    “Shut up! Spiders and Womp rats are two different things! One can easily kill you and the other just runs away!” He exclaims.

    Din shakes his head. “I’m starting to think that you don’t know how to do much.” He mumbles out before turning back to the chair to remove the spider, but once he turned back he sees Grogu holding the creature in his small hands and shoving it in his mouth. A loud crunch can be heard as he chews on the thing.

    Y/n gags and covers his mouth. “That’s disgusting.” He groans out and quickly leaves the cockpit to avoid the scene that he just witnessed.

    Din chuckles, turning to the kid and with a shrug he says. “At least you ate something.” The kid grins back at his father and laughs.

    Din and y/n say their goodbyes to Greef and Cara, thanking them for the help and for allowing them to stay for a couple of days. Now, they can officially head out and visit another planet.

    As din prepares the engines he glanced over to y/n who sat next to Grogu, playing with the kid as the crest slowly lifts off.

    “Where too?” Asks y/n with a small smile as he holds one of Grogus tiny hands in his own big ones. “I was thinking that was visit Tatoonie for a bit, I need to visit someone.” Y/n rasies a brow. “Visit someone, who?”

    Din smiles. “An old friend.”

    The ride to tatooine was long, it took a few hours for them to arrive through hyper space and all in one piece. The crest was flying smoothly and no damage has occurred quiet yet, but hopefully nothing bad happens.

    Y/n looks out the window as they arrive, taking in the desert planet as they fly over mountains and a few towns. “It looks lonely here.” He blurts out without thinking.

    “Trust me, I’ve seen worse.” Din replied back as he turns the crest around and slowly lands them down in front a big building that y/n didn’t recorgnize.

    “Want me to come with?” He asks, holding Grogu in his arms as Din turns off the engines and turns around to face y/n. “Best you stay here, I’ll be back quick.” He gives din a nod and looks down to Grogu who coos back and pats his cheeks, trying to cheer him up.

    Din nods at the two before leaving the cockpit.

    Y/n is left behind with the kid, holding him close he watches from the cockpit as The front gate is pulled away and Din is allowed inside, he watches the gates close again leaving him alone with the kid. “Alright womp rat, what should we do for the next few minutes?” He asks.

    Grogu tilts his head with rasies ears, wanting to know if they’ll do something fun. Y/n laughs and heads towards the ladder, climbing down with the kid in his arms. “Their sand outside, maybe we can play for awhile?” He suggest as he drops down the ramp, allowing them to step outside.

    Once y/n step out a blast of heat hits him, causing him to groan. “It’s too hot.” He grumbled out as he sets Grogu down. The child waddles down the ramp and towards the sand.

    Y/n makes sure to guide the kid towards a shady area where the sun won’t hit them. After finding a perfect spot he sits down next to the kid who begins to play with the sand, making small hills as he squeals and kicks the sand around in joy.

    Y/n was too distract by the kid that he didn’t notice a small pack of anoobas coming towards them. A deep growl pulls him away from his distraction as he looks up ahead to see anoobas slowly making its way towards the two.

    Y/n quickly gets on his feet and pulls out his blaster. “Damn desert beasts.” He hissed out. Grogu whines and hides behinds his legs, holding onto his pants as his ears pin down.

    “Grogu, get back to the ship and hide just how we taught you.” He instructs the kid who listens carefully and nods. The ramp wasn’t too far from them and as the kid makes a run for it the anoobas are quick to jolt into action. Running towards them as y/n shoots his blaster at the creatures.

    Grogu whines as he climbs back inside the crest and quickly hides behind some boxes. Y/n continues to shoot at the creatures, taking one down but still having two more charging at him.

    Cursing under his breath and heads back inside the crest, quickly grabbing Mandos beskar staff that he left behind and using it to defend himself. The creature jumps at y/n, he rolls away from it and uses the staff to stab its side causing the creature to scream in pain.

    He holds the staff hard in his hands as he glares. “Come on you filthy mutts.” He says as he spins the staff. The two creatures circle him, he follows their footsteps and keeps track of the two, waiting for one to make its first move.

    The one behind him attacks first, swinging its claws at him. Y/n is quick to suck the attack and swings the staff under the creatures legs, tripping it over as the other jumps at him. Gasping he steps back and almost trips himself. “Stupid sand.” He mutters out before the creature bounces on him.

    Using the staff he holds it up in front of him to stop the creature from digging its teeth into him. Grunting he holds the staff tight as he holds the creatures sharp teeth away from him by. The creature growls and puts its weight on him as y/n screams, trying to push the thing away from him. His arms were starting to tire him out and soon he’ll become this things next meal.

    Before his arms could give out a blaster shot it heard and the creature falls limp on its side. He shoves the creature away and pants, standing back up as he turns around to not only see one but two mandalorians, making their way over.

    Signing in relief he lets himself relax for bit until he notices the other anoobas approaching the mandalorians from behind. Y/n’s eyes widen in worry, gripping the staff in his hands he glares at the creature. “Mando look out!” He shouts. Using his last strength to throw the spear at the creatures head as it tumbles down into the sand.

    Y/n placed his hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath. “You—you—“ he pants out and walks towards the mandalorians. “You took forever!” He points to Din with a small glare. “I almost got killed and then I had to save your life! You almost got killed by that damn thing!” He points at the creature before walking over and yanking the spear out of its head, stumbling back as he looks at the weapon. “It’s all dirty now.” He says.

    “So this is who you hired?” He hears the other Mandalorian say.

    “He was suppose to be an engineer…didn’t exactly expect this.” The other replied back as he puts his blaster away. “Where Grogu?”

    “I told him to stay inside the ship, he’s probably still hiding inside—just like I taught him.”

    You taught him?”

    “Hey I just saved your life, you hired me to fix your ship not to be your babysitter.” He shot back with a hand on his hip as he gives him a sass like stand.

    The other Mandalorian chuckles under his helmet as he listens to the two argue. Y/n turns to the other and nods towards him, “something funny to you bucket head?”

    His laughter dies down but underneath the helmet he is smiling. “Nothing, just impressed by your ways and strength. You could make a good Mandalorian.”

    Y/n hums. “Yeah—I’d rather not.” He tosses the staff to din who catches it. He walks passed the two as he sighs, “I’m gonna get the kid.”

    The two mandalorians watch y/n walk away and head back towards the crest. “I’m surprised.” Said Boba. Din rasies a brow at him and holds the staff in his hands as he looks at him. Boba turns towards his friend. “Surprised you haven’t married him yet, best you hurry before I decided to take him for myself.” Said boba.

    Din glares at his friend who laugh at him before shaking his head and patting his shoulder. Din may have found y/n a bit annoying and tough to handle but after seeing him fight he couldn’t help but fall in love just a little bit more with the man.

    #male reader#pedro pascal#din djarin #din djarin x male reader #pedro pascal x male reader #the mandalorain #star wars x male reader #star wars #the mandalorian spoilers #the mandalorian inccorect quotes
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    I had this old pair of converse that I was going to throw out… until I decided to make them Rebels themed✨

    (There is only a little bit of Sabine because I have a pair of docs that are going to be all Sabine themed)

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  • To Walk

    Orientation and a breath - take your time, the path is before you, but you do not have to run along it. Sometimes, it is enough just to take those first steps. 

    Headcanon utilized: On the Twi'lek species: They grow up fast, because Ryloth is a very dangerous world - but they get to a certain point and their metabolisms just slow way down and they live for a loooong time. it’s why you don’t usually see a lot of older Twi'leks, and they all seem so young for so long! They just live a long time lol. 

    I am nonetheless adding one warning: Talks of slavery, but nothing…too specific.

    References: Awakenings by Oliver Sacks. It was STUPIDLY difficult to find examples of what it was like to wake up from this particular fugue with some of the commonalities to Maul. This book is specifically about soldiers coming out of what is called a sleeping sickness that showed up after the first world war and their reaction to a drug that they were testing, as well as some other reddit forums and some quiet talks towards the ends of some of the sources I linked last time. It is not the same, but it was some of the only accounts that I could find. This book is a bit hard to read but if you would like you can check it out. Either way I did my best to reflect this as well as I could. Thank you for being patient with me.


               Plo did not want to let go.

               It had been three months. Three months of almost complete and total shutdown. Of Orders and blank stares and no movement outside of what he was told. Maul smelled vaguely of sweat, his tunic covered in much the same – having last been ordered to go through a series of exercises before they had tried to talk to him again as Maul was always more aware after a session – but Plo could not care less.

               The Council had been working together in rotation to talk to him, to try and get him to engage with Tiq’s involvement, the Rodian having been working near tirelessly to try and get Maul to wake, to come back. He was vaguely aware of Tiq wiping tears from his eyes, having sagged into Eeth, who was also looking like he was deliberately trying to hold back tears.

               But Plo closed his eyes and just held onto Maul, feeling the rhythm of two hearts against his chest, the strength in those limbs – which had been such a relief, to know that Maul would follow…and Plo’s mind skittered away from the reality of those orders. He hated every single one of those orders, every single one that had fallen from their mouths, but they had been so needed, and to know that Maul had been able to exercise, had been able to keep up something he had obviously worked so hard for… It was good.

               It was good.

              Maul held onto him like his life depended on it, and there was a part of Plo that thought Maul really might feel like it did, and when that presence that had been so missed, (so truly and dearly missed) slowly began to unfurl… Plo felt Maul’s signature, his being slowly come back.

               Maul no longer felt like nothing, no longer felt as though he was empty space.

               And Plo was glad he could give this to him.

              Plo was also aware that Eeth and Tiq were not the only ones that were crying. He was mildly grateful that Maul could not feel the liquid that was very obviously dripping onto his shoulder due to the tunic he was wearing, and the fact that his horns meant he had to tilt his head away.

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    #twin sons#star wars#plo koon#eeth koth#maul#darth maul#anakin skywalker#qui-gon jinn#obi-wan kenobi #so did anyone else need a break? #i sure needed a break #holy dang yo #i wish i could curse in these tags but they won't show otherwise #either way last chapter was exhausting #i needed this #we needed this #the characters needed this #i love forward motion #my ongoing quest to write 1000 ocs #wow i hope i don't actually write 1000 #either way i'm always happy to share them #we needed more older women in star wars okay leave me alone
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  • i just wanted to draw lando bc like… capes [ID: a highly saturated drawing of lando calrissian in a blue cape, with a bright yellow lining, and a teal pirate shirt tucked into dark pants and pale gold boots. he’s reclining casually, against a bright salmon background, holding a gold capped cane. he’s looking towards the top right, smiling mischievously /end ID]

    #lando calrissian#star wars #i guess this is a star wars blog now idk whats happened to me #this is like my forth star wars post in a row WHO AM I SORRY FOLKS #art#my art#fan art #my fan art #star wars original trilogy #star wars art #eye strain #this is actually a test to see how different the saturation is on my tablet v desk top i cant tell which one is accurate
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  • Earth Girl(Rey x Reader) Finale

    Summary: It’s time to go back home, back to Earth where you belong but that means it’s time to say goodbye.

    Word count: 1, 391

    A/N: This was mean to be posted a few day ago but I had some technology problems. This is the final part of this small series, thank you all for sticking until the end. As always, let me know what you think!!


    Originally posted by babyjujubee

    “Earth?” you murmured a bit confused. Rey was serious, avoiding your questioning gaze, her brown eyes concentrated on the white and blue tunnel of hyperspace.

    “You’ll be safeter there.” Rey told you. “I don’t know why I didn’t take you back to your planet since the first day. I’m so stupid thinking I could protect you.”

    “Hey, stop. You’re not stupid, by far you’re the most brilliant person I have ever known.” you said reaching for her hand. “We just have to figure out a plan together. We could go back to the Resistance.”

    “No, you need to go back to Earth now.” She said in a commanding tone, finally looking at you. “I promised you I’d help you and I will.” she told you. “You will return home, Y/N”

    Keep reading

    #rey of jakku #rey star wars #i-write-sometimes-blog #rey x reader #rey x y/n #rey of nowhere #rey x you #star wars #star wars imagine #rey #earth girl series
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  • I really wanna know what happens in this comic. I’m so crazy with luke in this outfit

    #is that some kind of tuxedo in galaxy far far away? #Luke Skywalker#star wars#Fanart
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    they were brothers, they were family, but when it mattered most, they couldn’t remember turning on each other.


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  • hey 😡 chancellor palpatine 😡 i just wanna have a talk —

    #star wars #just watched the phantom menace and hey 👋 you shouldn’t have killed qui gon
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  • Summary: Reader enjoys singing to themselves while Din is gone for bounty hunting and one day gets caught.

    (I’m new to the app so I lost the message the person sent to me, but here’s the first request I managed to copy before I lost it. I really hope the person enjoys it. I had a lot of fun!)

    Request:  My prayers have been answered! Thank you so much for doing this, the lack of Dad!Din Djarin with young adult reader is killing me. Ok, so could you do a one shot the where reader (who is around 17) really enjoys listening to music and singing, but is afraid that it’ll annoy Din since he’s usually so quiet. So when Din is looking for bounty’s, the reader listens to music through her speaker rather than her iPod (or whatever is the space equivalent of an iPod) and just sings her heart out. But Din comes back early to find the reader singing to herself along with the lyrics, and surprises her. I’ve got some song suggestions, you can choose which one can fit the mood of the one shot. I tried to give you a wide range of genres, but not too many songs. Let me know if you need anything. 

    Pairs: Dad!Din Djarin x Young Adult Reader

    Words: 1,520

    A/N : So I got a little carried away and ended up writing a little backstory for the reader because I imagine that they’d be from Earth and still LOVE listening to earth tunes. Like, can you imagine Din’s confusion to most human songs’ lyrics? Anyways, I really hope you guys like it and please request more things for me to write or tell me your thoughts on the story. I’d really appreciate your feedback!!

    Ending up in outer space was the last thing you’d expect to happen when you turned seventeen. You thought you would be dealing with high school drama and figuring out where you’d be attending university. Not getting picked up by an alien spacecraft during a camping trip and taken lightyears away from Earth. It was too much for you to handle as you had no clue what was going to happen to you, so you quietly hummed your favorite song to help calm your nerves of whatever impending doom you would face. Though it seemed that you were not meant to face such a fate, when blasting came from the corridor of the ship and what seemed to be an armored knight entered the room, finding you huddled in the corner wearing nothing but your pjs.

    You later found out that the knight was known as a Mandalorian while conversing with him under the star lit cockpit of his ship. 

    “Never heard of it.” 

    “You’ve never heard of Earth?” You looked at him incredulously, shocked at his indifferent tone. 

    His helmet humbly shone as he shook his head. “Wherever you’re from, kid, it must be far. Is there anyone you know around the system that can look after you?”

    You shook your head. If he didn’t know about Earth then you must be really far from home. This could be why people back home haven’t been able to find any alien life forms. They were so far out of reach that they didn’t know about humans back home. Did that mean you couldn’t go back home? What would you do now that you were stranded?

    The Mandalorian looked at you for a moment before sighing. He confessed that he lived with a son who needed to be watched over while he was out pursuing bounties and offered you to stay with him for the time being so long as you watch the child while he was gone. He would also do his best to find any information about this Earth you spoke about and try to return you to your home. By Creed, he’d said. Which confused you at the time though you didn’t try to argue, not wanting to get marooned your first day in space. From that day forward, you began your life with the Mandalorian and his child.


    “When are you coming back?” You followed Din as he activated the boarding ramp to lower to the ground. He was off to retrieve another bounty. You could tell by the puck he carried with him. Whoever’s information was in it was not going to have a good day, you were sure of it.  

    “End of the day, if things go well.” Din began to make his descent down the ramp, not bothering to turn around and face you. “Close the ramp. You have your coms in case anything happens while I’m gone.”

    You watched as the Mandalorian set off for the nearest town, waiting for him to distance himself from the ship before pushing the button that’d close the ramp and heading back inside to get Grogu. You stopped in the middle of the main corridor, looking inside Din’s bunk. Grogu cooed inside the makeshift hammock, sleepy eyed and yawning.

    “Din’s gone. You know what that means?” You picked up Grogu and made your way to the cockpit. A small squeal erupted from the small green thing in your arms, causing you to chuckle as the doors to the cockpit opened dramatically.  For a baby he sure was able to understand so much. Plopping onto Din’s seat (something you only had the courage to do when he was gone) you pulled out your phone and began connecting it onto the main board. 

    Back on Earth, it was no secret about your love of music. You used to spend hours in your room completely losing touch with reality while you sang your heart out. It was different in space. Though the music to you was foreign and full of languages that were not of your native tongue, you enjoyed them nonetheless and even listened to them using an old datapad you found in the ship. Never aloud though. You were afraid of overstepping your boundaries with the Mandalorian you’d lived with. The fact that he never said much intimidated you enough. You didn’t want to annoy him. Besides, after a long day he deserves to come back home to peace and quiet. 

    That didn’t mean that you couldn’t enjoy yourself while he was gone. Oh, on the contrary it became tradition for you and Grogu to turn the Razor Crest into one big speaker while the two of you jammed out to music. As it turned out, Grogu really enjoys the 70s. 

    The two of you pranced around the ship for what only felt like an hour, when in reality the suns of the planet had gone down a long time since. Grogu had tired himself out and fell asleep the moment he returned to his little hammock. You, on the other hand, sat in the cockpit where the music was currently playing in. The wires had to be redirected and closed so that the only area the speakers played music in was where you were. Even though Grogu was sleeping, you were far from done listening to music. At the moment, you were singing your heart out to Killer Queen. You had been silently listening to the music before. But with a classic like this it deserved to be sung with. Or at least, that’s how you felt.

    Unbeknownst to you, Din was making his way to the ship when he heard sounds coming from within. This worried him for a moment. His instincts told him that someone else was inside and with the kids. Quickly making his way up the ramp, Din upholstered his rifle and scanned the main hull of the ship. A moment passed. The hull showed no signs of struggle. Taking several steps forward Din picked up on the light snoring coming from his son’s hammock. He checked Grogu quietly, careful as to not wake him but still wanting to make sure that he was alright. Comforted to know that his son was safe, Din admitted to himself that he was being too rash with an intruder inside of the ship and took a moment to glance around the vicinity in search of his other ward. Where were you? He checked your empty cot before making his way into the cockpit.

    “Didn’t know there were concerts on this ship.” 

    “Dank Farrik-” You jumped out of your seat, startled by Din’s clapping that had interrupted your vibes. You were too busy singing to hear the Mandalorian’s steps as he entered the hull. “I didn’t hear- how long were you watching?” 

    Din made his way beside the main chair, placing a hand on the headrest. “Long enough to know you messed with my cables. How’d you learn to do that?” 

    “Peli taught me some things last time we were with her.” Your ears burned hot. “She thought it’d be useful to learn in case you needed an extra set of hands.”

    You stared at anything but Din, still embarrassed from the startle he gave you. With his helmet on it was virtually impossible to look at him and tell what he was thinking. To know if he was annoyed. If he was upset at you for messing with his ship, he certainly didn’t show it. Was he going to kick you out? Leave you stranded? You sighed, closing your eyes and waited for him to say something.

    A chuckle emitted from Din’s helmet. “Y’know, I was wondering where that song was from.”

    You opened your eyes, tilting your head at him questionably. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean,” He sat on the co-pilot’s seat, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees, “Grogu has been mumbling some sort of uh… song whenever he doesn’t see you around. I always assumed that it was his way of calling for you. Didn’t really know where he’d gotten it from, until now.”

    A large smile found itself on your face. 

    “Really?” Din nodded. “He really loves Earth music, yknow.”

    “He doesn’t do a bad job mimicking it either.” A pause. “You two should play it more often when we’re travelling. It’d certainly make the place more…”

    “Lively?” You added with a smirk.

    Din hummed, nodding at your words. “Yeah, kid. Lively. Alright, out of the chair. We gotta hit hyperspace for our next commute.” He ruffled your hair and chuckled at you swiping at his hands. You settled in the co-pilot’s chair while he positioned himself on the pilot’s chair, grabbing your phone and staring at it for a moment. Its wires remained connected to the ship’s board. 

    “Here.” He handed the phone to you. “I’d like to learn more about your music…if that’s alright with you.”

    You smiled, hitting shuffle on the playlist and listened to the music flood into the cockpit. You didn’t fail to notice Din’s foot tapping to the beat of the song. 

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  • Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 809 (Those Thirteen Movies)

    While reading the Readers Digest, I happenened to come across
    a movie  list-
    That got bad reviews, obviously, the greatness had been missed.
    Casablanca, 1942, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
    set during WWII-
    Here’s looking at you kid, yes, the love did come through.
    The Wizard of Oz, 1939-
    Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion,
    and the Munchkins, still all…

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