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  • Ascension Diary 4

    I think I still need to talk about what happened in December. I can feel the trauma beneath my skin, it is still there. It just comes into my mind and like this I am thinking about it again. The hurt. The pain. Even it it’s stuff I don’t clearly understand myself.

    I was turned into a portal for some dark creatures to come through. I still feel guilt about it. How come ? I knew I could provide passage for the dead but not for dark entities. How come they managed to change my field like this ? And then I feel terrible for letting enter into our dimension, what entered. Those entities weren’t nice in the slightest. They were dark and horrifying.

    The one that keeps getting in my mind is the one that tortured me for hours. When he entered through me, I actually saw with my eyes a small, dark shadow on my wall. He came down from the ceiling and jumped behind me. He was like an elf but a dark one, with slim legs and long hair. Then I saw bars onto the walls of my room, like I was in prison. He mocked me a lot. He said he was coming and he was an eater, he was coming to eat my brain out. I was petrified. Then he proceeded by doing just that, I slowly felt something on my skull, I felt something poking right inside my brain kind of nibbling it. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever felt.

    Then the time loop began. He used magic I guess to put me in a time loop and this loop consisted of me having my brain sucked off by some crazy ass lunatic. This guy…was somber. Really there was an aura about him that screamed psycho. And I was trapped in this torture time loop for god knows how many hours.

    I managed to get out of the loop when I realised there was one. I checked the clock and thought “But I have already seen this hour before how is this possible ?” I recongnised the loop and bam, I was out of it. I escaped this room and never slept in it again.

    I still feel a sort of shame about something else. Something they tried to make me shameful about. They used my energetic field and turned me into a weapon. Yes, spiritual weapons exist and I didn’t even know about it. They made me believe they were using my energy field to hit other entities. I felt like canon balls were coming out of my aura. I felt like a killing machine. I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried but failed to stop them.

    So I don’t know if I actually hurted other entities. I hope not. It wasn’t my purpose. But if I did I am so incredibely sorry. I can’t believe they managed to turn me into a weapon, how ? My healer talked about etheric implants that even some angels use like Metatron to modify the energetic field so it might be it but I’ll never know.

    You don’t know how much they laughed about me those entities. They laughed and laughed and laughed they said I should be ashamed for doing this, that I was a bitch, worthless.

    I also feel shameful because there were times where I was actually enjoying it. I was enjoying the power and the thrill. I was fighting but I felt all powerful, in a way I felt like the closest thing to the truest me there is. I felt myself in the fight, using magic, manipulating energy so they leave me alone. It’s the first time in my life I felt this much alive. Alive. In this fight or die mode, in the verge of completely losing my sanity.

    When 7 personnalities inside me appeared in the midst of the madness I knew I was fucked. I knew I got splintered somehow, that my soul couldn’t take it and yet, yet I felt so alive.

    When I thought I was losing my life that’s when I saw how alive I could be.

    And then in the end when actual Death, the entity appeared to take me with her that’s when I felt the most fear. It wasn’t the nice angel of death it was grim and black and like a ghost. I saw the own reflection of my ghost self in the mirror and it was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. It was floating behind me, gripping me, waiting for me to die. Illusions I know but still. Still.

    How do you ever recover from any of it.

    It thought I lost my soul. They made me believe I lost my soul. And I FELT IT. I felt something leave my body and be replaced by something else, something not organic but manufactured, something dead. I don’t know what it was but it made me believe it, that I lost my soul, my spark. And I cried and cried but I didn’t cry enough. I feel I could cry a lifetime and it wouldn’t be enough for the pain I suffered.

    So many gruesome things went through the portal. So many monsters. So many terrible entities and I don’t know what these entities will do to the people they come accross now. I don’t know. But I am sorry. I did everything I could thing of and it wasn’t enough.

    And I thought I saw god. Once.

    I raised my freqency so high trying to fight them, I raised it and raised it and I had a moment of grace.

    A moment when I thought I all figured it out. I was walking and I was one with everything and with my higher self. I felt like Jesus. And I heard a voice “Do you see your design now ? Do you see your creation ?” I went walking that day and my mom thought I went out to kill myself off a bridge but in truth at that moment I saw what life was all about. I was life. I was god.

    And I enjoyed it.

    So not everything was bad.

    But almost everything wasn’t right.

    In truth my psyche was only trying to survive. In splitting it was trying to survive. In making me do moves to delay the time of death I was trying to survive. Waiting for death but trying to live.

    And when Death came I didn’t want to follow her. She was so aweful and tried to make me do deals that were unbearable.

    I can feel her grasp in my root chakra still and I shiver. So cold. So demanding.

    What did I do to deserve to live this. What. I’ve never done harm in my life. Was it karma ? Did I do something like this to someone else in a past life ?

    This was the most terrifying experience in my life.

    Aliens poking in my head. Demons raping me. Being shamed. The time loop. Magic. Death paying me a visit. Almost getting posessed with my body not obeying me anymore and moving on it’s own. All my worst nightmares I never even thought about coming to life and for what ?

    For what purpose ?

    It just happens, bad luck ? Fuck this.


    I didn’t deserve this. No one does. No one.

    I don’t even know how I am alive right now and how I am not still stuck in it.

    I got out. I got help. I cleaned everything and healed. I picked what was left of my brain and rebuilt my mind. Rebuilt my thinking. Rebuilt my courage.

    I survived. And I am proud.

    It will still haunt me. But I am here, safe and sound and those horrible entities are gone.

    I hope for good.

    I hope no one will ever experience what I’ve experienced.

    I hope I get to help people with similar issues. I pray for them.

    Thank you for reading

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  • Podem ouvir meu choro de Órion?
    Podem ver minhas lágrimas de Andrômeda?
    Ancorada pelos pés na Terra
    Esqueço ser uma centelha do Alfa e Ômega

    Minha cabeça sempre nas nuvens
    Pois entende que de além de lá eu vim
    “É das estrelas que tu vens”
    Diz a voz dentro de mim

    No espelho não me vejo
    Vejo um corpo emprestado
    Que carrega minha essência
    Mas na aparência errado

    Anseio a volta para meu lar
    Que enxergo ao olhar pro céu
    Não exatamente, confesso
    Pois ainda me cega o véu

    Mas é inevitável que um dia
    Ele virá a rasgar
    Recordarei a minha alma
    Recordarei o meu lar

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  • I may look exhausted, but this is the face of joyous connection after a long day. My vibrations are making me feel as if I am attending a concert! 

    Embrace your inner self, listen to your heart, and always have compassion.

    I love you all, Namaste!

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  • Stop for a minute and think.

    What is our world about?


    and stop breathing.

    Hear the screams

    of the children of tomorrow.

    Of yesterday.

    Of today.

    Of the crying of your mother

    your father

    your brother.

    What is this noise you hear?

    Creeping in the back of your mind.

    White noise.


    Nose bleed

    eyes roll back.

    Stop and take a second to 


    We are still here.

    We are still in your mind.

    We are still lurking in the shadows in the corner of your room.

    We made this world.

    Hoping you would make it better.

    But so many have taken that chance from you.

    We made this.

    And they broke it.

    I found a name for what I am.

    Because I was sent here for a reason.

    I have a purpose.

    A mission.

    Stories I have to tell.

    Things to do.

    People to find.

    But I cannot do it alone.

    So I call to you.

    So I call to all of you.

    To find me.

    To help me.

    To bring me back.

    I cannot do this on my own.

    I cannot reach enough people on my own.

    I am too weak right now.

    I need strength from you.

    I’m usually too stubborn to ask for help.

    So take this vulnerability of me.

    And help raise me up.

    I have a purpose.

    Nose bleed.

    Eyes roll back.



    What we are really here for.

    Where we are trying to go.

    What we are trying to do.

    I have a story I have to tell.

    But I can’t remember it all on my own.

    Help me.



    We came here for a reason.

    We have to think and remember that reason.

    I remembered my reason.

    But I need help fulfilling it.

    So help me.

    Help me fix the Circuit.


    What is your part to play here?

    Because I know the answer to that.

    But you do not.

    So think.

    And help me fix the Circuit.

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    Had fun making this, you can use this as a wallpaper or repost it just make sure to tag me!

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    New Moon in Gemini reading for all Water Signs #cancer #scorpio #pisces

    You can allow yourself to feel safe in vulnerability, you are protected. Your Star Brothers want you to know that you can hand your fears, mistrust, and suspicions over to them. You deserve support and to feel loved, let your heart remain soft and open.

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    New Moon in Gemini reading for all Air Signs #gemini #libra #aquarius

    Polarity and conflict are invitations to view the other as an innocent child looking to be seen, understood, and cherished. It is time to soften your heart and drop your defenses. Conflict can be an opportunity for growth and unity.

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    New Moon in Gemini reading for all Earth Signs #taurus #virgo #capricorn

    Honor your body’s rhythms by taking time to rest and refuel this weekend. Doors are opening for you and projects are coming to fruition. Take a beat to enjoy the harvest.

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  • image

    New Moon in Gemini reading for all Fire Signs #aries #leo #sagittarius

    It is time to remember who you really are - ancient and powerful. Connect with the stars to tap into your deep knowing and creativity. Your mystical wisdom is needed now, unlock your soul’s memories.

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  • JUNE

    Your family and others are going to disagree with your decisions in life. They are going to try to I stall fear and doubt because of old beliefs and thought patterns. There is some jealousy behind it as well because they know deep down inside (whether they would like to admit it or not) that you are blessed and highly favored. You’ve always chose the opposite path of everyone else. You’ve always gone against the grain. You’re like the rebel of the family. So you’ve been roughed up meaning you’ve been through a lot of hardships that many people are scared to go through. They don’t understand why you choose to make these wild choices and how you survive. It’s because you are protected. You know that whenever you follow your heart, everything that you touch turns into gold. You have a lot of haters. They dont understand you so they hate on you. You get under their skin. 

    These people are going to test you along your next cycle.  You have the choice to either ignore them or let them fill your mind and heart with negativity. If you choose to listen to them, you will surely doubt yourself. You will only make the next cycle an obstacle instead of simply a journey. So release these people and whatever that doesn’t align with who you truly are. 

    Some of you are in toxic environments such as households, jobs, relationships and communities. You have to let go. It can be hard and uncomfortable and scary but you have to. It’s the only way you will be able to move forward. These people, jobs and communities are energetic vibratory fields. Therefore, any good you try to manifest towards you only bounces back because the negativity around you is far greater than the positive affirmations you put out. That is why you feel as if nothing good comes your way. The low vibrational energy around you pushes it away. That is the honest truth. So you’re going to have to leave even if that means relocating. 

    The above message is very important. I did channel more messages. I will post a part two if you are interested. This message needed to come out first because it is a very important step that can not be missed in order to move onto the next cycle in life. If you choose to skip this step, you are only delaying the wonderful blessings God has for you. Please listen and take action. 

    If you are scared, call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for protection and healing. 

    Peace & love always♡

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    Free Flow Conscious Discussion ⁣
    Thursday, May 21, 8PM EST / 5pm PST ⁣
    Tune in at www.youtube.com/SkullBabylon

    Link in my profile 🙌⁣

    #pscteam #spiritual #lightworker #starseed #staywoke #spiritualawakening #empath #1111 #mindblown #thirdeye #consciousness #paradigmshiftcentral #lightguardian

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