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    He had been traveling for a month at least now in search of any information that might help his Father be able to traverse on land again comfortably and to have their family whole and complete again… but such information eluded him up until now as he stood outside the Great Library of Fortuna. A large building holding ancient texts since the dawn of civilization for his homeland.

    ( He wondered if it had anything on Terra. Perhaps it did? )

    Shaking his head free of such thoughts, he was about to enter, only to feel a familiar tug of an object his Aunt had given him to alert him to a certain human’s presence, and in turn, she might have slipped Lorcan something to give to Kaguya to let her find Kaito.

    ( His Aunt was devious like that, but why, now, of all times… was she seeking him out? )

    Looking around, the Centaur made his way from the Central City to a place of cover and pulled out the pendant that he wore around his neck.

    “… What could she want?”

    #poisonplumpomegranate#starters#kaito ic #ooc; eris is a shipper at heart whoops
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  • @rxkishiya​ liked for a starter

    Their last encounter wasn’t the best…or well it was but it didn’t end like how the wind pillar expected it to. Maybe he did something wrong? 

    Maybe he shouldn’t have kissed her…but he should definitely talk it out with her. He rolled his eyes, the whole thing was frustrating him. 


    He arrived at her door. “Hey! Hekima, it’s me. Are you in there?” hopefully she wasn’t too busy into her work. 

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    This woman was unbelievable. Was she really that stupid? 

    Or at least it seemed that way to the wind pillar. She was just standing in the rain. He really didn’t know what she was doing, or why she was doing it outside of his dojo.

     Did she usually space out like this? 


    He clicked his tongue and opened the door. “HEY IDIOT WOMAN! YOU’RE GONNA CATCH A GODDAMN COLD!” he shouted loud enough for her to hear him. 

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  • @tenthousandmusesmaybemore​  (I think we decided on Hana) liked for a starter

    Sanemi was out on a mission in a village near a mountain. Rumors were spreading that there have been mysterious disappearances. Even some of the demon slayer members were. Perhaps it was one of the 12 kizukis. Most likely a lower moon. 


    Before the night fell he decided to get some food from a nearby ramen peddler. He paid for his food and sat down quietly as he ate. 

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  • image

                 HIS HEART was beating fast. while the first week or so in wrenbury had been fine, with nothing overly interesting happening around the camp or even in the main town, but things were beginning to change. rumours were spiralling, gossip sweeping over the campsite as horror stories were coming to light, stories that seemed to never exist when nico first arrived. while he thought it all fake, thought they were typical ghost stories one would tell at a camp, nico wasn’t so sure now. it was late - dark - and the most piercing, gut-wrenching  scream had come from the woods. turning to the person beside him, he let out a shaky breath.  did you hear that ? he half hoped he had imagined it.

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  • @starfleetsmutineer​ // starter for v; starfleet


    “——–I HAVE TO SAY, this ship is nothing short of incredible.”

    #starters#starfleetsmutineer#v; starfleet#q #80 yrs late with a starbucks #sorry this is so short ahhh i am so bad with long starters #but it will get longer!!
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  • No Oil Spicy Fish Finger | Indian Style Recipe | Healthy Air Fryer Snack with Nutrition List

    Here is a recipe on how to make easy and quick fish fingers in an Air Fryer with no oil with nutritional information. These are very healthy and tasty party or evening snack packed with flavor. This recipe will make approximately 30 pieces of fish finger and are sure crunchy and crispy, but moist and juicy from the inside. 

    If you do not have an air fryer, you can fry them in oil or cook them in oven. It is an Indian Style mildly spiced fish fingers. You can adjust the level of spices as per preference. The video has ingredients mentioned in English and Hindi.


    250 gms Boneless Fish ¼ Tsp Turmeric Powder ½ Tsp Red Chilli Powder 1 Tbsp Lime Juice ½ Tsp Salt 1 Cup Coriander Leaves ½ Tsp Cumin Seeds ½ Tsp Mustard Seeds ½ Tsp Black Pepper  2 Ginger 5-6 Garlic Cloves 2 Green Chillies 1 Cup Bread Crumbs 1 Egg ½ Cup Plain Flour
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  • @schwartzkatz​ 

    Draco had been on the pitch all day- practice had started early in the morning and had ended several hours earlier. He had refused to go in with the team, as one of the members had been giving him a hard time and he’d fallen off his broom. The force of the bludger, and the impact of the ground, had severely injured his arm, and had given him a nasty injury to his ribcage, but he had refused to stop practicing. 

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  • for @avgvstvs-caesar

    from: Commodus

    verse: main

    As the sole heir of Marcus Aurelius - as he had been since the death of his younger brother Marcus when he was five - as well as his co-Emperor - Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus had much to learn and much to fight for. The Julii - an Italian clan that had originally surfaced from Alba Longa - had been one of the most loyal families in the Empire ever since the early days of Emperor Augustus, who himself had been a member of such family - as the adopted heir of Julius Caesar, the self-appointed dictator perpetuo. Lucius knew the Julii clan well, having been closely acquainted with several members of the family.

    Using his wisdom, Emperor Marcus Aurelius had entrusted Octavian - the son of Gaius Octavius, one of the few Consuls that his father could still trust in the ruling body of Rome - to the position of Centurion in one of the Legions commanded by Lucius himself. The two young men - being roughly of the same age - got along rather well, to the Emperor’s joy.

    And in order to cement Lucius’s role as Marcus’s heir and co-Emperor, the eighteen-year-old had been betrothed to Princess Elissa, the heiress to the throne of Carthage. They would wed as soon as the royal family returned to Rome from Germania, which would hopefully be in a few months. Elissa had accompanied them to the camps, following the example of Lucius’s mother, Empress Faustina the Younger.

    The camps were quiet at the moment, allowing Lucius time to think things over. The wars in Germania had dragged on for far too long, and both the Prince and his father had grown tired of the constant fighting. He simply wanted to wed his betrothed and live a comfortable life in Rome.

    “I can’t stand this any longer, Octavian.” He told his friend with a heavy sigh, green eyes meeting blue. “I am tired of war.“

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    Rp starter: Magic Beans

    Hope was searching Mr Gold’s shop. It was one of her favourite places in Storybooke. So many gems, some still unclaimed by other characters despite the happy beginnings which just led to more questions. She liked to explore, find out if there was anything with questions unanswered and solve them. Her own assignment, like her mom and dad’s sheriff duties.

    She found a beautiful old book embroidered with gold lining in royal blue and a ribbon bookmark. As she pulled it from the shelf, the bookmark was stuck behind the bookshelf. “Seriously?”

    As she went behind the dusty books to pull the bookmark out by the source, something glistened at the corner of her eye. A magic bean. She held it up to the light to see the glistening oyster shine as the shop bell rang…

    #ouat roleplay #Hope Swan Jones #Storybooke #once upon a time #abc#ouat#Emma swan #hook killian jones #rp#starters#opening#magic bean #mr gold shop of antiques
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  • Mega Blastoise’s cannons are so powerful, they can punch holes through walls

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    [Interact with this post to have summer social thread]

    #[fancy baby]#starters#(ic) #𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕥𝕠 𝕍𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠 #𝕝𝕠𝕘 𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕪#𝕥𝕖𝕩𝕥
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  • Just some concept art and scrapped designs I had while making the starters for my fakemon region.

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  • Open to: tops/bottoms/vers

    Nathan McCallum OC

    Your muse recently started going to Jasper’s gym and became one of his clients, your muse is heavy on the flirting and Jasper is trying to be ~professional~ but sometimes he can’t help it and he flirts back.

    Jasper hears weird noises on the locker room when he’s getting ready to close for the night and when he checks it’s your muse masturbating.


    Jasper was finding harder and harder to keep it together around his new client, he had a strict rule of not getting involved with clients but this guy seemed to know how to push his buttons. He did his best to remain professional every time they trained together but sometimes it was almost torture, especially leg day, no one liked leg day to begin with but when your client is flirting and fucking gorgeous, it’s even worse.

    He’d made it through another session alive and people were clearing out, it was his turn to close the gym so he stayed behind to tidy everything up. Once that was done he headed to the lockers to get his things when he heard some weird noises and he decided to take a look, making sure to be quiet and not be a dumb person in a horror movie who yells ‘HELLO?’ and alerts the killer.

    Jasper double the corner and quickly moved back, a small look of shock on his face before he peeked again. Yup, it was definitely his client sitting on one of the benches with his dick out, jerking off. He had no idea what to do besides letting him do his thing and come back later, except when he couldn’t stop looking at him.

    No one was around so Jasper pushed his shorts down, his dick quickly hardening as he watched him, taking in the way he moved his wrist and how good he looked panting with his lips parted and his head thrown back.

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  • goodnight moon   —   valley girl, part one.   every single line out of this character’s mouth is golden. here and below the cut, you can find 83 lines of dialogue from the first three videos of the series—i can not emphasis how much the content of these lines vary despite the title. edited for roleplay purposes, feel free to change around whatever you feel the need to to make it fit your muse better.  tw:  implications and imagery of violence, clown mentions, some gore and unsanitary mentions, abuse mentions / implications.

    • ❝  don’t be embarrassed!  i love girls who love to have fun.  ❞
    • ❝  nothing spookier than rotting flesh, am i right?  ❞
    • ❝  this dress goes about to right before the knee, is that cool?  ❞
    • ❝  feel free to get up to any more shenanigans you want at the party tonight. fireworks, bees, wherever the night takes you.  ❞
    • ❝  your face is so pale.  ❞
    • ❝  blood all over you scales, bones shards in your teeth—that’s tacky. pearls?  high class.  ❞
    • ❝  got any fireworks?  ❞
    • ❝  i would never get between a girl and her snacks.  ❞
    • ❝  maybe i’ve seen you on instagram or something.  ❞
    • ❝  it’s honestly a little spicy when you never know if and when that someone special is gonna steal from you. always a fun little surprise. like, ooh, what’s it gonna be this time?  ❞
    • ❝  i have missed seeing your pretty little face here.  ❞
    • ❝  and you have how many teeth left?  like four?  ❞
    • ❝  you seem—really cool. i’m loving your energy.  ❞
    • ❝  i do get pretty passionate when it comes to [food].  ❞
    • ❝  there’s something… seductive about scurvy, you know?  ❞

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  • “Did you have to - to bring me here of all places?” Sean complained as the other had dragged him somewhere again. It’s not like he didn’t appreciate or like it - it was welcome, any chance out of his room was - but he wasn’t feeling up to anything lately. He would only be a stick in the mud.

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  • continued from here. / @gunmetclgrey


    WHILE SHE’S RECKLESS, Echo can’t say she wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing. Alex, it appears, just had the upper hand in speaking up first. But she’ll still act peeved because she is; no matter where her temporary partner goes, the agent won’t be far behind. ( And that means they’ll both be in deep shit by the time they get back to headquarters. ) 

    “I get out of here? What are you, my mother?” she asks, sneering with disbelief as she slides the blaster from her hand. “I hear trouble, I’m following right after you. What’re you thinking, we stay as quiet as we can ‘til someone catches on?”

    #gunmetclgrey #v; to the stars #thank u for this!! hope u don't mind i continued #starters#q
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  • Change as needed

    • “I’ll have you know this is the healthiest first day of a relationship I’ve ever had.”
    • “Well, now that you’ve unloaded this on me, what am I, an accomplice?!”
    • “___, I came here to be talked off a ledge, not pushed!”
    • “That’s very kind of you, dear, but now’s not the time for well-intended placation.”
    • “One must prepare for any event! Miracles don’t take reservations.”
    • “I’ll give you fifty cents to stand outside and never come back.”
    • “Oh, I don’t need to be a part of this.”
    • “Your body, your problem.”
    • “Are you sure you remember it all?”
    • “It might be nice to have a guy around here who has some basic skills for a change.”
    • “Those kids are one hundred percent stealing from you.”
    • “I’m taking this gun.”
    • “Oh, ___, please I couldn’t possibly make it all the way to my own bed.”
    • “___, my nails aren’t dry yet!”
    • “Just so that you know, making people choose between two things that you like is not exactly a compromise.”
    • “Gossip is the devil’s telephone. Best to just hang up.”
    • “Sometimes in life and in love, risks must be taken. One never knows what may happen.”
    • “I’m wearing sunglasses because I’m in mourning, ___.”
    • “I’m assuming you’re not dead.”
    • “This is kinda a heavy conversation to have at 9 AM, is it?”
    • “Never say ‘nom nom’ again.”
    • “That wasn’t the most comfortable situation to be in.”
    • “Maybe we should take a minute and think about this.”
    • “Something about this is just not working for me.”
    • “Are we really still talking about this?”
    • “___, whatever decisions we make, we make them together. Nobody’s gonna leave you behind.”
    • “Okay, have you EVER gotten an A?”
    • “Okay, first of all, no one’s sharing the cookie.”
    • “Carnies are people too.”
    • “We are not tempting fate, okay?”
    • “This is why I choose not to be in a relationship.”
    • “Isn’t it easier to just be direct? Either way you get an answer.”
    • “You’re, like, super smart, and pretty in like a breezy, non-threatening sort of way.”
    • “Just so you know, that’s not really a compliment, but thank you.”
    • “___, I spent most of my life not knowing what right was supposed to feel like  And then I met you, and everything changed.”
    • “Umm, ___, do you mind telling your phone to fuck off?”
    • “You’ve been sleeping for two days.”
    • “Okay, I’m not playing into your fraudulent behavior.”
    • “I just like making careful choices.”
    • “Did our waitress just make a sex reference?”
    • “Okay just to be clear, I couldn’t do this first!”
    • “This would be a really sweet moment if what we had just admitted to each other wasn’t so sad.”
    • “Excuse me, this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m single.”
    • “I think we need to be more realistic about what we can pull off.”
    • “Loose wallets, loose inhibitions, everything’s just really loose.”
    • “I’m gonna do something uncharacteristic and ask your advice.”
    • “Consider this my olive branch.”
    • “You know people can see you, right?”
    • “That is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”
    • “Pack your bags, bitch! You’re getting out!”
    • “I’m trying to, like, learn from my mistakes before I make any new ones.”
    • “You were quite the heartbreaker.”
    • “You’re a good one, ___.”
    • “Uhh, hi. How long have you been standing there?”
    • “You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever known.”
    • “I just overheard three women with smoker’s coughs talking about Sex and the City. The singles have arrived!”
    • “You’re my Mariah Carey.”
    • “So are we playing a game or not?”
    • “I would hardly call myself an expert on this subject, and by subject, I mean genuine human emotion.”
    • “It’s like you’re an oracle when it comes to the sex lives of lonely people.”
    • “I’m gonna take that as a compliment even though everything inside of me is telling me that it’s not.”
    • “Oh, isn’t this festive?”
    • “Let’s go. I’ve had enough waking hours for one day.”
    • “You know, this— this was a really stupid idea.”
    • “Oh, there’s no booze in that! Ew!”
    • “You’re still thinking about the espresso machine, aren’t you?”
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  • @gallant-gained


    “You didn’t forget to send Prince Kiragi a birthday present did you?”

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