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    • “We order different drinks at the same bars.”
    • “I know about what you did.”
    • “I wanna scream the truth.”
    • “You’re such a damn liar.”
    • “Hope they bite you.”
    • “You’re not in love.”
    • “Did it frighten you?”
    • “I’m waiting for it.”
    • “I want it.”
    • “Sometimes, I wake up in a different bedroom.”
    • “I’m clean out of air.”
    • “It’s all gone.”
    • “My hips have missed your hips.”
    • “Will you stay with me?”
    • “What will we do when we’re sober?”
    • “We just don’t care.”
    • “But we care.”
    • “I know you’re feeling it too.”
    • “I know this story by heart.”
    • “It’s Over.”
    • “I think you might be the same as me.”
    • “I guess we’re partying.”
    • “I guess I’ll go home.
    • “She’s so hard to please.”
    • “I do my best to meet her demands.”
    • “You’re a little much for me.”
    • “You’re a liability.”
    • “I understand.”
    • “I’m a little much for everyone.”
    • “Please, could you be tender?”
    • “This song is for you.”
    • “I guess I should go.”
    • “I wish I believed you.”
    • “I care for myself.”
    • “The whole world knows but you.”
    • “It’s time to let go.”
    • “I’ll fake it every single day.”
    • “I still remember everything.”
    • “You won’t remember in the morning.”
    • “Who am I?”
    • “They’ll talk about us.”
    • “You’re walking out.”
    • “Be a good man for someone else.”
    • “Sorry I was never good like you.”
    • “I am my mother’s child.”
    • “I’ll love you until my breathing stops.”
    • “I’ll love you until you call the cops on me.”
    • “I’ll find a way to be without you.”
    • “I still feel you, now and then.”
    • “Will you say I’ve changed?”
    • “I love it here.”
    • “I’ve stopped needing you.”
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  • ygo rp starters !!

    send one and specify muse(s) :

    trap card.“ that look on your face reeks of trouble. what are you up to? ”

    spell card. “ do you need to sit down or something? you look pale. ”

    monster card. “ what’s that look on your face for? ”

    millenium ring. “ have any good secrets to tell me? ”

    millenium rod.“ you haven’t seemed yourself lately. ”

    millenium puzzle. “ are you currently aware of the fact that you’re bleeding? ”

    millenium eye. “ have you ever wished on a shooting star? ”

    millenium scales. “ do you think there are multiple universes? ”

    millenium necklace.“ i’m going to beat the shit out of you if you do that again.

    millenium key. “ want some hot chocolate? it’s not poisoned. ”

    #rp memes#rp meme#rp prompts#rp asks #rp ask prompt #rp ask meme #ask meme#prompts#my prompts #rp sentence starters #starters #i got bored and just made my own bc i was too lazy to look for some lmao #ygo#yugioh
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  • @murder-popsicle asked:

    “I heard you were sick, so I brought soup.”

    ➤ // vague relationship starters // accepting.


           Steve grinned at Bucky from his spot laying on the sofa despite the fact that he probably looked downright terrible with his skin all pale and clammy. He was running a fever and a cool cloth wasn’t doing much for it. Even though he’d been coughing all night miserably, the sight of Bucky was all the medicine he could’ve asked for.

    “Hey, Buck,” he said, his smile beatific until he started to cough again violently.

    When he finally got his coughing fit under control, he looked up and murmured, “Sorry. I ran out of that awful-tasting tonic and I don’t have any more credit at the drugstore.” He shrugged. He needed to find a new job—one that actually paid enough to keep him out of hock for a change.

    #steve doesn't get sick with the serum #so I went pre-war #murder-popsicle #v. // to be decided. ›› need a raincheck #starters
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  • @khakerskayavdova asked:

    “What are you eating?”

    ➤ // vague relationship starters // accepting.


           Steve pushed at the noodles and a lone tree of broccoli still on his plate and shrugged. “Leftover Chinese. You want some?” He pointed with the tines of his fork toward the boxes over on the counter. He’d left them out since he thought he might want more if it didn’t taste terrible.

    You never knew around there how fresh the leftovers were goint to be but he still hated wastefulness—a depression-era holdover he couldn’t seem to let go of—so he often ate what the others deemed “too old.”

    ‘Like me,’ he’d joke back as he dug in. Luckily, his sense of smell was significantly better since the serum and he could tell if anything was off enough to make anyone sick, himself included—though, granted, that would take a much more significant number of microbes that, as yet, he’d never experienced.

    Come to think of it, he doubted if he’d ever get over wartime rationing, either. He still breathed a silent thank-you over every cup of coffee with sugar that he drank.

    #I think I'm hungry #that ended up being so much about food #khakerskayavdova #v. // to be decided. ›› need a raincheck #starters
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  • @taser-girl asked:

    “You should come with a warning label.”

    ➤ // vague relationship starters // accepting.


           She’s not wrong, Steve thought to himself.

    He hated the fact that most people looked at him and saw a paragon, when in reality, he was very aware of just how flawed he was—maybe even more than most.

    In keeping with his worst flaws—his tightlipped stoicism and inevitable need to poke the bear—all he said was, “Oh, yeah? What do you think it should say?”

    #taser-girl #v. // to be decided. ›› need a raincheck #starters
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  • “Soooo…are you a supervillain, or just a repeatedly-told-they-were-gifted-as-a-child-and-grew-up-to-be-a-mediocre-adult-with-self-esteem-issues kind of villain?”

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  • it’s late and im alive

    like for a starter ill get that shit up for yall <3

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  • @alwxysrunning

    Joe looked at the blue haired woman, trying to figure out if he’d seen her before. Nope. He approached her and asked, “Hey, can I help you find anything? I take it you’re not from around here.”

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  • Something random I decided to do. My favorites starters of each Pokemon Generations.

    Gen I


    Obvious. This is best starter after all. Charmander was cool (before they started treating him like a golden child) and Squirtle was okay (not a bad design but he’d kind of just a turtle) but I had no Idea what this dude was. And that’s what drew me to him. His design was the most unique. The fact that he was awesome in the show too was icing on the cake.

    Gen II


    Another design based choice. I could never get behind Chikorita (still think it’s ugly) and Totodile was just meh. But I thought Cyndaquil looked pretty cool, and based off of his later evolutions I chose right. It just looked way more impressive than the others. Easily the most cool looking of the three.

    Gen III


    Gen III is where the grass types won me back! I had always favored grass type pokemone anyway, and Treeko looked cool, was a beast in the anime, and had the best final evolution. Mudkip was okay, but I’m not a fan of it’s later evolutions. They were just meh. And I know everyone went crazy of Torchic, and even I think it’s cute and everything, but it never wowed me and I was even less impressed with it’s evolutions that I was with Mudkip’s…

    Gen IV


    Turtwig has a pretty cool design from the start, a solid middle evolution, and an awesome final evolution. I’ve always been a fan of the bulky tank type pokemon and I could tell off the bat this was going to be one of them, so I was sold. Piplup has a pretty appealing designs, but it’s evolutions are super fugly. Chimchar was fine but, just not as good as Turtwig. it was also the start of their god awful track record with their fire starters…   

    Gen V


    God I wished I had stuck with grass this gen. I chose Tepig because I thought he’d have the bulky tank thing going, and he did but… he was awful. His middle design was just embarrassingly bad and his final wasn’t much better. I just didn’t care of Oshawott all that much. But Snivy was just awesome and had some slick looking evolutions to boot. Even my brother (who almost always goes with fire types) picked it over Tepig… like I should have…

    Gen VI


    Another starter I wished I had picked. Chespin was cool from the start, but his later evolutions were awful. Froakie has a pretty cute start and some solid middle and final evolutions. They’ll all pretty cool. As for the fire fox one (don’t know it’s name and it’s not worth looking it up) it’s ugly from start to finish. 

    Gen VII


    I was honestly pretty surprised that I liked all three of the designs for this generation, even their middle and final evolutions. (I do wish they’d freaking stop with the fire/fighting type though. I know Incineroar isn’t a fighting type but… c’mon, he’s a freaking wrestler…) But Rowlett won me over from the get go. Just look at this fluffy round boi! How can you not love him?!

    Gen VIII


    Look at him! Look at this adorable little monkey boi! Again, I liked all three of the initial designs, but Grookey middle and final evolution cemented him as my favorite. Sobble if really adorable in it’s first form, but it’s evolutions are… not good. Especially the final one. Scorbunny first form is fine, it’s middle evolution looks sort of weird, and it’s final evolution is alright. It just doesn’t have anything on my boy Rillaboom!

    Well, there you go! Please remember that this is just my opinion, so if you’re favorite starter got crapped on here… grow better taste…

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  • image

                ‘   i see all of you are still so STUPID and …      lost.   ‘

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  • @xxyumeno​ | Achilles


    Although she did not show it – and although her world had crumbled around her – the lost demigoddess was ailing on the inside. Her pain, true, her heart, aching. She was without her father, her mother, her adopted brother, and she was barely getting to know her half-brother… but it was strained. Her feelings were strained. Not to mention… she had nearly lost Achilles. She supposed it was good that she lived by the seashore now – a place she had wanted to go for so long.

    Here, she could think and be without trouble. ( Even if Vai occupied a settlement next door. )

    Sensing everyone going about their day as usual, Ava finds herself sneaking out to the shoreline with the sky just starting to darken and the stars beginning to come out. Pausing and slipping her shoes off, she lets the water wash over her feet. Cold, it was, but not uncomfortable.

    Relaxing, even.

    Sadly, she could not hear anyone behind her – or those that might attempt to approach.

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  • scorbunny is best starter, sorry I dont make the rules <3

    #again im lazy and wont shade lol #scorbunny#my art#pokemon#pokémon#my doodles#my posts#starters#galar#swsh#galarian starters#sword#shield #sword and shield #pokemon sword and shield
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  • “Sorry… I just want to be alone right now.”

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  • Felicity was on her way home from school when she heard the stranger’s voice. She turned around just as she was about to go up the steps to her porch. “Can I help you?” she asked, only hearing part of what the stranger had said. “I’m a little busy at the moment…”

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  • Rp Idea, OPEN TO ALL

    Verse: Clara as a Time Spirit (original verse)


    Clara has met Muse B during her time traveling/dimension travels. Clara and Muse B become close and are soon friends with benefits. Clara makes regular visits to Muse B’s time period/dimension for their get togethers. Their meetings become more frequent and they start to realize there may be more to their situation, but they have to face the problem of being from different times/dimensions.

    Then we could simply go from there and plot more if you want or let it flow on its own.

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