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  • Star Wars - Shakespeare meets Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Your Fan Art, and More!

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    SW Characters x Greek Deities

    Padme Amidala x Dike

    In ancient Greek culture, Dike is the goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement based on immemorial custom, in the sense of socially enforced norms and conventional rules. She was one of the three Horai (Horae), goddesses of the seasons, and keepers of the gates of heaven. Her sisters were Eunomia (Good Order) and Eirene (Peace). Like her siblings, she probably also represented an aspect of springtime growth.

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  • I’ve never sat down and ranked the Star Wars movies per my own interest in them before, so I thought, why not. What better way is there to potentially become a target of fandom discourse than stating personal opinions about fictional movies and your enjoyment level of them? I can’t think of a single thing. It’s 1 a.m. and I have nothing better to do, so I’m just gonna get like Emporer Palpatine and do it.

    I’m only ranking movies within the actual Saga - I personally don’t feel like Rogue One and Solo should be included with the trilogy episodes, per my perspective on these films. Maybe if they make more stand alone movies, I can rank those 4 months after the trend of ranking things ends, but as of now, there’s not enough of them to properly pit against one another.

    Another fun unwarranted defense strategy I’d like to add is that I was born in 1993 and didn’t get to experience the genuine thrill of the OT nor was I really old enough to just… care about or even slightly understand the PT when it came out. Attack of the Clones was the first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters and I remember vividly Padme kissing Anakin before they got tied up to face death and the only reason I remember that scene specifically is because I thought Anakin was a babe and I was prematurely furious at Padme for touching him. With that being said,

    #9) Attack of the Clones - I do not like this movie… at all, honestly. Watching the Star Wars movies again in my mid-20’s was a wild ride, because I realized how much I truly didn’t understand when I watched them as an infant. I opted to watch them in order of Episode, not release, and about halfway through AotC, I almost gave up on the franchise completely. The dialogue is bad. The scenes with Anakin and Padme are genuinely super uncomfortable for me to watch. I think it’s secondhand embarrassment for the actors, maybe? I don’t know. But I can’t get passed it. This is the only movie I have only seen twice within this Saga - once when it was in theaters, again for my rewatch before Force Awakens came out. I remember the important parts… I’ve no reason or desire to watch it again. I’ve seen people rank this movie a lot higher than I ever would consider and that’s fine with me, I’m thrilled to know some people enjoy it. I’m just not one of them.

    #8) Phantom Menace - If I was still 7, I won’t even lie, this movie would rank in the top spot. I watched this movie so many times when I was little because young Anakin was the first kid actor I remember adoring. I even watched Jingle All The Way year round, I loved the dude so much. But if I still liked this movie for that same reason, I would turn myself in to authorities. It’s a movie I desperately want to like, because I’m such a Darth Maul fan, but the storyline is just really… you know. And Jar Jar is just… yeah. And there’s so much more that’s not great about it than the few minor details or scenes I truly enjoy. I’ve seen it a million times in my lifetime, but in recent years, just once all the way through. And I’m ok with that. I occasionally look up scenes I’m on good terms with to watch on YouTube, but the rest of it is pretty dull or super cheesy so it’s another movie I just don’t see myself watching again. I would be more willing to watch it over AotC, if I had to pick, but I doubt life ever boils down to that being a mandatory decision to make.

    #7) The Rise of Skywalker - I am in a very, very strange relationship with this film. I love almost all of the scenes until you smash them all together. I don’t understand the thought process the writers had going into this. I don’t get the story, the purpose, the goals, the logic, the twists, the final battle… it’s like taking 1 puzzle piece each from 100 different puzzles, then taping them together and… claiming you did… a cool puzzle. Watching Palpatine shoot all that lightning into the sky - dope! Adding the scene with the rest of the movie - oh, right, it’s this movie, he’s dead. Rey fighting her dark self - neat! Watching it happen within the movie - that was unnecessary and a waste of screentime. Rey shooting Force lightning - holy crap, that was insane! Finishing another 20 minutes of the movie - she’s not gonna do it again, is she? It was just a fun thing to look at, wasn’t it? She’s not gonna use this ability in battle or even mention it again, either, huh? That’s really all TRoS is - a bunch of fun things to look at. None of it means anything, none of it is ever revisited again later on, and some of it just downright doesn’t make any sense in any way and shouldn’t have even been filmed (I’m talking to you, Rey looking hopefully into the forest before departing on your journey with your guy pals… and you, too, Jedi Leia training with Luke, who shouldn’t have been here at all, anyway). Bitterness aside about Ben’s death, Finn’s arc, Rose’s absence, Poe’s past, Rey’s existence and the KoR’s irrelevance… this movie lacks absolutely everything any decent movie needs - drive, development, substance, depth, consistency, a plot, motive. Some stuff happens and it ends.

    #6) Force Awakens - This movie went from 5 to 6, back to 5 and now obviously I’ve left it at 6. Honestly, I think it’s guilt more than anything. You can easily guess what my number 5 is, I’m sure, and ranking FA above it just seems downright dirty. Force Awakens is a great movie in my opinion, period. I love it. I’d watch it right now if I wasn’t writing this super important essay that determines absolutely nothing about any of my possible future success. However, I just can’t give credit to Force Awakens for being the good movie that I feel it is, because it wouldn’t be what it is without what came before it. It’s plagiarism. It’s cheating off your friends test but changing a couple of the answers, hoping it’s not obvious that you cheated. Still, I will always like this movie and I have no ill feelings towards it at all - I really do like it. Meeting new characters is fun, Kylo taking his helmet off is nice, Rey owning him in a duel is questionable yet satisfying to see. It’s a good set up for the new guys and I’m fine with it.

    #5) A New Hope - Copy and paste the above passage here… No, I’m kidding, of course I’m going to talk about this. This movie started it all and knowing that makes me appreciate it on a higher level than this personal ranking, but this isn’t an appreciation post. I like so much about this movie - I like Han, Leia, Obi-Wan, R2, and sometimes Luke is cool, too. I don’t get attached to characters that I can relate to as much as I do characters I want to hang out with or be just like. I know a lot of people liked Luke because he was relatable, I guess because he’s an average poor kid, but that’s just not a selling point for me. Han was always my favorite - I like dry humor and cold hearts, which… well, I do actually relate to, wow, okay. Oops. Anyway, it’s a lot harder for me to explain why I like something than it is for me to explain why I dislike something, so I start rambling. A New Hope is a good movie. I like it.

    #4) Return of the Jedi - I like so much of this movie, especially C3PO’s bits. Sure, there’s things I don’t understand why or how they happened, but it’s nothing big enough to really sit around and question. It’s a proper third movie in a trilogy, a great ending. It doesn’t retcon or diminish any key elements from previous films and it wraps up the characters stories nicely, gives them actual cinematic conclusions, you know - Han and Leia are victorious in their mission and love each other, Luke faces his enemy and denies the darkside, Vader finds a new purpose in life, saves his son and fulfills his destiny. It’s exactly what you’d hope for with any concluding story while also being rational and makes sense for the overall story of the trilogy. I’m a sucker for logical endings.

    #3) The Last Jedi - I know this film divided the Fandom and it’s not beneath me to understand why - fans of previous films don’t like it because it’s not what they wanted or expected. I like it because I didn’t expect or anticipate anything going into it other than seeing a lightsaber or two, because I wasn’t a diehard fan of the OT or PT. I didn’t care that Luke was a hermit or that Leia was in a coma the whole time, because I liked the ST characters and was more invested in their stories. For me, the ST was about the new characters and these movies were for new fans that didn’t exist during the time of A New Hope. This movie has a great story, dynamic, and message and Kylo killing Snoke was my “No, I am your father” moment. I was in awe. I was HYPED UP. I wanted more. The Last Jedi is what made me dive face first into all the other Star Wars content available - novels, TV shows, games. I joined my first Star Wars ship, got into fanart and fanfiction, started writing my own fanfiction and attempted video and photo editing. I vaguely knew about everything that would happen in the PT and OT because they’re old movies, so the impact they made on original fans didn’t hit me the same way. TLJ slapped me sideways several times. Me not having been an OT fan has never made me feel like less of a SW fan - I didn’t choose when to be born. I could sit and debate any movie, write essays on building lightsabers, answer questions about most characters from any film, but only because TLJ gave me a reason to want to fully understand all the cracks and corners of this universe. And I just can’t wait to see what happens now with Rey, Kylo, Finn, Poe and Rose after everything they went through in this movie. I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing and make so much sense.

    #2) Empire Strikes Back - I. Love. This. Movie. So. Much. I love Vader, I love Han and Chewie and the Falcon, I love Yoda, I love learning about the Force, I love Darth Vader, I love the ‘oh, man, what do we do now?’ ending, I love Lando and his heartless betrayal hiding behind that beautiful smile, I love Vader, I love watching Luke willingly fall to his potential death just to get away from his dad cause I would have done the same thing with my mom if the opportunity had presented itself to me. This movie is the embodiment of all the best things Star Wars has to offer and it’s so much fun to watch.

    #1) Revenge of the Sith - I bet this is totally unexpected and a complete shock, especially considering my username and apparent love for Darth Vader mentioned once or twice above, so if you need a minute to recover, I understand. I have always been more captivated by villains than heroes; this doesn’t mean I’m rooting for the bad guy to win, but I will admit that when they do, it hits different for me. Villain’s have drive, purpose and passion - they have a vision for the world (or galaxy) that they truly believe is right and they will do whatever they must to achieve it. Heroes are just, you know, there to stop that impending doom and try to talk some sense into their enemy - that’s nice and all, but it’s kinda like seeing a therapist or listening to your parents belittle your hopes and dreams. Villains experience manipulation, trauma and heartache to such a high degree that it screws them up mentally, and a strong mentality is so much more powerful than physical strength so when it’s corrupted, a villain is born with no reason to believe they’re the villain. There’s this depth to villain’s that heroes often lack - people with decent mental health go through hard times and find reason to accept it, fragile people find reason to defeat what makes them feel fragile. Thinking about Anakin being that sweet podracing kid telling his mother goodbye as he is screaming 'I hate you!’ at Kenobi is such an impactful moment for me. While I want Anakin to realize what Sidious is really doing to him, I can’t help but admire how passionate he is about saving his wife that he would literally do whatever he thought he had to. And the Jedi had always resented Anakin and they were never too shy to make that known, so what did they really think was going to happen? There’s so many arguments and debates and defenses you can come up with for most of the Sith, while heroes are simply just decent people, doing life decently. The Jedi sometimes come across as self-proclaimed, snooty superiors and I have my grandmother to hang out with if I want that kind of energy in my life. Revenge of the Sith gives me what I love - the fall of a hero. Demented and twisted as that may seem, I’m not ashamed. I love complicated, controversial stories. And the scene of Anakin’s transformation into Vader gives me chills every single time I watch it. This is my favorite movie, hands down, which is obvious since it’s #1 but I just wanted to make sure to really verify it.

    So, yeah. There’s the ranking no one asked for. You’re welcome. I will not be budged. I will stand firm in my beliefs. And if you really read all of that, I’m sorry your quarantine is as miserable as mine. We’ll be free again… one day.

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  • The ending is the movie The Rise of Skywalker is foreshadowed by the last word we ever hear Ben Solo speak when he leaps onto a platform and delivers the line


    #the rise of skywalker fix it #the rise of skywalker #tros #ben solo deserved better #ben solo#reylo #star wars sequel trilogy #starwars universe#starwars
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  • Din: why did you shave your eyebrows!?!?!?

    Baby yoda: I dont know!!! :D

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  • “C3PO - Star Wars tribute art” di Oregon Pizza Illustration.
    L’asta prenderà il via qui Lunedi 13 Aprile alle ore 10.00

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  • You might say I get my money’s worth for my #actionfigures - #dc #starwars #doctorwho #batman #superman #byte #tiktok #lol (at Albion College)

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  • For those who asked, here is my #droid #runit #starwars #r2d2

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    Prime video is the biggest Adam stan

    But yeah I’m going to house #6

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    Bienvenue sur ce nouveau billet! Après quelques mois et en plein confinement, je me suis décidé de progresser un peu !

    Aujourd'hui, je vous propose des idées autour d'un scénario pour Star Wars, sans penser à une version particulière, sans système, hormis une sélection de personnages prés-tirés à proposer à vos joueurs.
    La proposition de jeu est une intrigue enquête/action du temps de l'Ancienne République, sur une planète isolée sous loi martiale. Elle est conçue pour nécessiter au moins deux personnages Jedi, car l'intrigue va entre-autres tourner autour de la disparition de deux de leur ancien collègues. Les autres personnages sont libres. Quelques pré-tirés sont proposés dans des fichiers à par ici.

    Le scénario en lui-même consiste en un panorama des différents protagonistes, leurs buts,ainsi que quelques lieux que les personnages auront l’occasion de visiter sans doute.
    Il y aura sans doute du travail pour adapter tout ça à votre propre façon de faire, mais j'espère vous donner un tas d'idées !

    Concernant l'univers de jeu, bon, tout le monde connaît au moins vaguement Star Wars j'imagine. Le truc avec les chicken-wings qui font piou piou dans l'espace et les épées colorées qui font waaan waan tsschhiii. Même qu'on en a encore fait un film il y a peu.

    Comme annoncé précédemment, la période historique est celle de l'Ancienne République, et ce scénario a été écrit plus ou moins au même moment que les premiers trailers du jeu vidéo multijoueurs en ligne The Old Republic. Vous pouvez vous y mettre tranquillement, le seul point commun entre ce scénario et celui du jeu vidéo et qu'ils se déroulent dans le même univers, à peu près au même moment. A quelques banthas près. Et même si vous ne connaissez pas à ce point l’état économique de la bourse de la mangouste d’Alderaan et son lien avec la géopolitique du secteur Atrivis à l’instant T, ce n’est pas grave, les grandes lignes utiles à ce scénario vous sont fournies !

    J'espère que vous apprécierez le voyage! Bonne lecture et bon jeu!

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    [Commission] Chibi Sith Couple

    ‪Thanks again to @.shadowstarblitz on instagram for the opportunity! Glad to draw this lovely couple again!‬

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