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  • andysullivan
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    okay spoilers…

    andy transferring to 23 because sullivan got maya fired trying to save 19 makes no sense. he was literally saving your home, andy. okay, yeah, he went about it the wrong way, trying get back to captain but his intentions were to save your second home. and now she’s at 23, i assume to stand in solidarity for maya? but like, girllll, she’s thrown you under the bus so many times over the years, i don’t understand why you would move for her?

    #tv: station 19 #station 19 spoilers
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  • nbvethbrenatto
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    god im so glad I also quit station 19 along with greys anatomy lmaooo,, gOD

    #magnus talks #just saw a gifset abt how maya n carina are enganged #lmaooo#gOD #my heart watching s3 live entirly broke #but here i am ok with s15 of greys and s2 of ga being teh last season fo btoh shows #and i dont care that im th eonly person to care abt jack/maya #when a ship goes into my heart as an otp it never ever leasves #anyways maya n carina were Fine but also nothing u know ??? and also i am pretty much the only maya/gibson stan in the world #and i am cool with that position being on me and also i feel liek maybeits time for a s2 rewatch just bc i miss my loves #literlaly greys s15 n station 19 s2 are some of the best tv ever created and i will stand by that until i die
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  • caribbean-ace
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I just saw the Grey’s x Station 19 promo released around 5 hours ago and holy cow!

    I was not expecting a scene between Maya, Carina, Andy and the Chief confronting her about her decision (at least not right away). We already know she’s not Captain and they are bringing a new person to fill in the role.

    I’m curious about the whole Theo/Vic/Dean romantic triangle. I honestly see Vic and Dean as very close friends and not as romantic partners (but again that’s my perception) but i’m not too excited about Theo, we’ll see how everything goes. Also i’m wondering how things will unfold between Andy and Sullivan, given that he was actually the one offering himself to replace Maya instead of backing up her decision, the fact that we also saw him kinda undermine Andy’s authority just because she’s his wife plus the whole Maya thing makes me think if they have a shot to save their relationship or not. I’m very excited for this new season, i have a lot of expectations. Can’t wait for September 30th💛

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  • firesoulstuff
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #my head canon #karen wilson #TELL ME that woman doesn't actually work for the CIA #I don't watch station 19 #but from what I understand she basically plays Hen
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  • booasaur
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #replies #femslash related stuff #sent on 20210920 #Anonymous#5#new amstedam#leyren#station 19 #carina x maya #this is a good segue into the S19 asks I'll be switching to soon :x
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #anon I'm gonna need a lot more from you here!!!! #station 19#andy herrera
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  • caribbean-ace
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    14 days of Maya Bishop👩🏼‍🚒: Day 4

    Credits: (x)

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  • artreider
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Let's try to get this final live blog on my station 19 rewatch done. I'm currently laid up on my couch in mild pain but unable to do anything else.

    I don't really like flashback episodes but i want one for the premiere since we are jumping so far ahead. I hate that this episode starts with a fight. But damn knowing what the fight is over, i love how loyal andy is to maya in this episode. Something ive wanted for her and the team. Qnd also jaina looks gorgeous.

    The fire scene yay another fire on the fire show lmao. Feel like we missed some last year which im sure was covid related.

    The marina scene ugh chefs kiss. I love how happy and giddy they are. I do wish we couldve gotten to see some of their month apart communication and their quarantining apart those two weeks when carina got back. I wrote a little something related to that and i may share before the premiere of season 5.

    The quiet moment between carina saying her morning was better than those 6 weeks and then asking about mayas folks was a beautiful and real moment and i love it. So brief it could be overlooked but great choice for team.

    The little bit of danielle and stefania that was them and adlibbed in this episode was so great also.

    I love that rhey addressed how everyone was able to attend maskless and how safe the wedding was keeping the real world element in. Also vic love you and your chicken dance comment makes me sad that we didnt get it.

    Vics parents trying to talk to her about theo is so cute.

    Poor lawyer she'd be good for dean.

    I understand some people dont come out until late in life but that is hard to hear that you havent loved the person youve been with for decades like you do this new person. That would hurt me so much to hear, like i couldve been with someone who is my great love if youd told me sooner. I love/hate this storyline for travis family.

    Ugh if this fire had gone on any longer those poor kids and elderly couple.

    Haha andy you should wait until someone answers the door for you when visiting almost newlyweds or people who've been seperated for 6 weeks lmao.

    Also maya's excuse and none wet (shower) sex hair i love it.

    Ugh sullivan trying to defend himself makes me so upset.

    Bailey giving ben hell about second and third opinions is funny, like i figure shed be all for it.

    Inara and marcus leaving jack is sad. I hope we still get to see marsha in season 5. Also if they do pair jack and jo itd be a bit ironic. I mean jo too had an abusive ex like inara.

    Also jack and his marsha have similar eyes, itd be something if it came out she really was his mom.

    I dont understand how maya hadnt settled on what to wear she's queen of the clipboard lmao. Just goes to show how some things throw us off course. Also i totally get her saying her outfit choice will define her forever. I judge my look in my wedding photos all the time and feel like other people do as well.

    Why do i feel like this exchange between maya and carina was mostly adlibbed? It just feels so fun.

    This poor family and ugh i couldnt imagine having to make the tough calls of firefighters/fire captains.

    Love that all the fire crew helped put the wedding on.

    I understand travis emotion here.

    How'd this conversation about maya's folks get started with andy???

    I love that maya and andy's friendship is restored. Also famous last words maya, dont speak the bad juju into existence.

    Dean you shouldve spoken up there.

    Why the chief there? I live in a city and the chief aint showing up for a house call that needs a few units. At least not until fire is out of they for some reason cant get it out.

    Lmao maya freaking out about wearing the same thing as carina. Andy therapizing maya is funny.

    That poor boy.

    The dad comments to ben are beautiful. Also love that so many of the team know how dean feels about vic.

    So why is travis getting dressed separately than the rest of his team. I mean i know its because he doesnt know about Dean's feelings and pushes vic to give theo a chance as well as allow theo and travis to talk but come on. He wouldnt get ready separately.

    Also what was the point of theo going to that room if not to get ready. Sorry just annoying.

    I wish carina had had someone mention andrew to her. Whether ben, bailey, maya or even any of the fire team who worked on the call with him during the crossover awhile back. Her grief during this day of happiness should've been acknowledged, even with just a remembrance table for him amd other family she lost to covid.

    I do love this beautiful moment with vic though saying this isnt all just for maya.

    Oh my how i love the maya confronting her father. She is the brave i want to be. Also what she says to her mom, yes chefs kiss. However when her mom shows up at the wedding, really the woman couldnt grab a nice shirt or dress to wear on her way out or on her way to the wedding.

    I also love the look of pride on maya's moms face both at the house and the wedding.

    Im sad we probably wont get any moments of her living with marina due to the time jump.

    Ugh the choice that cost maya her promotion but ahouldnt have.

    Also with all maya's options for clothes, couldnt they had dressed her mama in something borrowed from maya. Lol im sorry it bothers me so.

    Vic's song for the intro is beautiful. Barrett has a beautiful voice.

    Maya is so happy her mom is there and i love it. Also in my head at least one person videoing is doing it for the greys family who couldnt make it to the wedding for carina.

    I also love maya singing along with vic to carina.

    Queen of the clipboard forgetting to write her vows is special and funny. I love carina talking her down from a panic attack. Also her simple vow is beautiful and how carina who probably did write her vows saying we're good instead of reading them after seeing maya's mom in attendance and the look shared is everything.

    I truly believe that was the moment she 100% knew maya had changed from end of season 3, was definitely all the way in. She knew what it meant for maya's mom to be there.

    Love the dance montage and improved marina kiss.

    Another healing theo and travis talk.

    Sullivan just cant let it go and ugh trying to justify it. I just cant, still not over it. Even if he isnt captain in season 5 it still isnt right.

    Sullivan you cant say you have the teams back then saying you can control them and throwing maya under the bus. Those are contradictory.

    This jack and andy conversation is interesting.

    This marina conversation is funny but sad when you know the end of the episode.

    Its so funny that so few people know about Miller's feelings at this point.

    It'll be interesting to see the travis, vic and theo in season 5.

    Ben and bailey are so cute.

    Wish we couldve had conversations at the wedding with maya and her mom or carina and maya's mom or the 3 of them.

    Inara is so wise. I hate this for all 4 of them.

    Gotta love the ole grab em and pull em back to kiss them and let them know how you really feel tremmett moment.

    Too late dean, they tried to tell you.

    I love marina dancing in the background ugh sullivan and the surrera rehashing.

    Time for the horrible news ugh.

    Everyone just looking at marina and knowing is horrible.

    Great season, great episode and im looking forward to whats next.

    Thank you to everyone thats been following my rewatch blogging, and for all the kind comments. I appreciate it so much, made the summer so fun.

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  • scentofdriedflowers
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I saw the new station 19 promo and

    and the chief right now is probably dead because... if looks could kill, Carina murdered him

    #station 19 #so many things to say...i cannot right not #too shooketh lol
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #I feel like this answer might not be as coherent as I think it is... #station 19#maya bishop#carina deluca#marina#andy herrera #you asked i answered
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • 51177416
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Grey’s/Station 19 promo

    Is that Maya in a red helmet!?

    Ps. Check out Carina’s face. She’s ready to fight someone for her wife

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Okay the new promo has me like pure buzzing again...

    #looks like we see the aftermath of Maya finding out about her suspension!?!?!?! #AND WHO THE FUCK IS SHE JUMPING OFF THE EXPODING THING WITH?!?! #also we now know Towen's wedding ends with Owen bringing someone to GSM in the ambulance so thats why Teddy's all omg #and Amelink are with a mediator so yeah...all my theories were wrong #station 19#grey's anatomy
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  • bikerlovertexas
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    *Jack and Dean sneaking through the woods*

    Dean: Hold on. It’s too quiet.

    Jack: You skipped “its quiet”.

    Dean: I didn’t skip anything. Obviously it’s quiet if it’s too quiet.

    Jack: But you’re supposed to say…

    Dean: Well now it’s not quiet enough!

    #jack gibson#dean miller#station 19 #incorrect s19 quotes #source: rick and morty
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