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  • kassette--woodswich--esquire
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    *Upon coming across this post, you find a friendly looking large woman. Not quite middle age, but older than the rowdy age of college folk. She sits aside a lovely camp fire, stones ringing the warmth, a neatly built pyramid of logs ablaze. A frame holds a blackened kettle, and a humble tea set with faded cherry blossoms painted on the side. She offers you a tea cup and a smile, and gestures to a cushion across from her.* Sit awhile, and tell me your woes, new friend.

    #Definitely not uncle iroh #uncle iroh #auntie ira? #auntie Irene? #tea #stay awhile and rest #traveller #dark souls but it's noble bright #new fren#friend#bonfire#campfire
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  • thoughts-of-ongoing-life-crisis
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Here is a picture of Luci with a cat just to lighten the mood of my blog since I have been posting rants.

    Luci was not particularly happy with Nightlite (cat) stealing his bed, but he was also very interested in the cat. Luci is a little afraid of the cat if it’s on the ground, but wants to eat the cat if someone is holding it. Idk what goes on in that little guys head.

    #Luci was dyed with pet safe dye for Christmas #this picture was taken at work #Luci always goes to work #I don’t remember why nightlite was in that day it’s someone else’s cat #they only let nightlite stay in the office for a couple hours because Luci started getting worked up #also Luci doesn’t mind being dyed or groomed if it bothered him they wouldn’t do it #he enjoys the attention #my aunt only has one other white dog and he would NOT be happy about getting groomed and dyed #Luci gets dyed every once and awhile #for a couple months he had pink ears and a pink tail
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  • forgettin-my-legos
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    hold on im shifting into BUTTON MODE

    #monkie kid#lmk #lego monkie kid #qi xiaotian #traffic light trio #lmk traffic light trio #ik its a wip i wanna tag it anyways vsbbd #my roomies are all making buttons so i might...join them in selling some 👀 #also god sorry for the inactivity ive got 50 wips and nothing finished 😔 but a fic ive had in the works for awhile now might surface soon #sooo theres that - anyways hope yall have a nice mlk day stay warm!!
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  • summerwages
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Dewdrop in..

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  • gimmetheb0nes
    16.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I hate how I keep telling my mom what I want to do after I graduate but she just ignores me, pretends I never said it, and then acts like I’m keeping what I want to do a secret from her :/

    Ik teachers don’t make much money but I feel like I would be happy doing that more than any other job I can think of… I just want to be stuck doing some shitty job that sure makes nice money but makes me miserable

    Teaching makes enough to have a normal home, some food (which I wont be buying much of lmao), and pays the necessary bills. I like having the schedule of waking up early, and I want to do something social and it meets a lot of other things I want in a career!

    #idk im rlly stressed rn #college is getting closer and closer #I have to see what scholarships I can get bc my mom isnt payong for my college at all and I would like to move out when I go to college #but everything is super expensive rn so if prices stay the same as they are rn then im gonna be stuck living with her for awhile longer :/ #i just hope I’ll be able to do a roomate thing and dorming on campus would be great but I prob wont bc i think its super expensive ;-; #gtb0
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  • casually-not-fitting-in
    16.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    if you see me changing my header to include something something related to minecraft youtubers, no you didn’t :)

    #Lindsey Logs #just wanna change things up since It’s been awhile #not my pfp tho. that stays #also I will die for the color scheme so for now I’m just trying to find something cute for a header to match :D #also hello I am back! I’ve been here the whole time actually lol
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  • b00bstone
    16.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    guess whose stupid decisions came back and bit her in the ass! its me! mine did! 

    did i go back to fooling around with this guy knowing full well he was only using me as entertainment until he found someone he actually wanted? yes. 

    is it one of my deepest fears that ppl will only ever want me that way and never as a gf/significant other? yes

    does him using me as a placeholder and then getting together with someone else trigger that fear every fucking time? yes

    but i did it anyway and now im crying because he has started casually seeing someone and that just reminded me that this would end with him finding someone else and that hurts. 

    #Teddy Roosevelt #i dont even want a relationship with him anymore #but i was kinda hoping he would stay single awhile longer #and it doesnt help that hes doing that distancing himself thing so ik even as friends it wont be the same until he is single single again #can my friends pls stop getting into relationships #it hurts watching myself become less imprtant to them again and again
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  • euesworld
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    "Good morning floofy butt!! Grab a chair and stay awhile cause today is going to get good.."

    I think today is going to be a great day, not cause of luck.. no.. cause we are going to make it great, why?? Cause today is gift that we shouldn't waste - eUë

    #good morning #in the morning #morning thoughts#morning#floofy butt#floofy baby#floofy #grab a chair #grab my ass #i don't care #haha#stay awhile #today is a great day #today is a good day #today is a gift #good vibes#good energy#good things#life#life quotes#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love#quoteoftheday#thoughts#feelings #thinking of you #thinking about you
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  • ask-huggy-and-friends
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #| don’t be shy. stay awhile! ;; ask | #| blue sour patch kid ;; huggy wuggy |
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  • fanficbrainrots
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #msgs #i wish ao3 does have that feature where u can comment on any scene of a chapter tho #thats what made me stay in wattpad for awhile
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  • scenemcbc
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    this is NOT a diss on wrestling acting btw wrestling as commedia del’arte fucking owns and it’s a really important art form and medium that almost no popular wrestler in a mainstream promotion seems to get (if you’re not playing a character in wrestling then Why Are You Even Here), wrestling is such an underutilized storytelling form it drives me insane. doubleyew doubleyew ee you are my fucking enemy for life

    #if you want to watch wrestling watch chocopro and watch tjpw and that is my recommendation. #never ever ever watch dubya NEVER watch a&w. it is not worth it #my issue is more that simply wrestling is a medium for storytelling but it is treated and promoted as a medium for athletics #so dudes good at that part can coast by on being just okay if not awful at acting #and its just like. you end up with the biggest stars being in this baffling place where they're not very interesting to watch #also dubya ends up pushing a LOT of powerhouse type wrestlers and no disrespect to that style but my god the way its blocked out #it is so. dull. THERE IS GOOD POWERHOUSE WRESTLING I KNOW THERE IS #progress is going to hell and every man there is going to hell by my hand but i saw its atlas division and its GOOD!!! #dubya is so aggressively uninteresting whenever it gets the chance but it has the most money and the most leverage #and so when its not using the promise of political favors to keep its wrestlers working during the plague its influencing everyone else #it is such a blight on the landscape of wrestling...........my god.........my GOD #and all of its serious competitors are also from hell im getting angry again i hate wrestling so MUCH #even the small fun promotions like. i was into one for awhile and then it came out 'oh yea one of the competitors is a r*pist #and we're having issues because the women he hurt agreed to Restorative Justice because she thought she could handle working #the same promotion with him still and didnt want him to lose his job but she couldnt and when this came out we said Well Tough Luck! #You Already Said He Could Stay ^_^ Lol' #btw that was tim faust twitter user @crulge's promotion and he is still on twitter very popular among leftists and i see him #ALL. THE TIME. and its like okay dipshit worry about your own fucking inability to even keep people you hire safe. idiot. asshole #oh my god i hate wrestling i can't even think about it anymore without thinking about the FUCKING. ALL OF IT! summer 2020 #was so fucking bad and it has never ever gotten better aughhhhghgffu
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  • muse-borealis
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    If you or someone you know has had your blogs falsely and randomly taken down by tumblr you should be entitled to financial compensation because that fucking sucked

    #MY BLOGS ARE ALIIIIVE. #Hi for anyone who doesn't have me on discord: tumblr terminated my account for awhile #randomly?? out of the blue??? #idk why - we're assuming it was a glitch bc I've never so much as had a flagged post - and I still don't? #but they're back!! they're alive!! #please. stay. that way. #tumblr gods don't ever do it again please ;;
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  • motheyes
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i am up i made food

    #i couldn’t stay in bed #i had to get tea in me #and i had a cheesey bagel with butter #and a banana #i’m gunna have some crackers too i think #i’m watching gg #i’m so excited to go to the library #ik it’s not gunna be for awhile tho i gotta calm down #a doesn’t get up for like another hour #and then we will prolly chill for a few
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  • oowenspower
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    hockey-and-other-shit  ->  oowenspower

    #username change #i have a feeling this one will stay for awhile #owen power supremacy #owen power
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  • obi-art
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Guess who's got the covid!!!

    It's me.

    #obi art#obieros#digital#my sona#obi #physically i dont actually feel that bad #but emotionally & mentally i feel like complete and total shit #ive tried SO HARD to be and stay safe #and im letting my coworkers down #like could i BE anymore useless??? #ahhhhhh…….. #guess I’m just gonna wallow in my own self pity for awhile #I’m sorry
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  • ghostgirlgun
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    sensory overload meltdown just made me lose 8 hours of my life

    #i tried to fight through it for like 4 hours but that just made it worse #i finally calmed myself down but it took 4 hours and now it’s 4am and i haven’t done everything i needed to do today #i might just stay awake for awhile and try to finish it all before the sun rises idk #my posts
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  • ameliasgf
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #unnecessary post but also need to just yeah #not excited for saturday at all #but kind of ok bc it will be over and i’ll get through it #i’ve been changing a lot about myself for the better i think #felt like i dressed and did everything on how i might look more acceptable #but now kind of just realizing i need to get past that #started reading also kinda #no one ask me which book cause i will not answer #bought a few candles might get another piercing and might cut my hair again except #i like my hair #had a really stressful week and had someone at school tell me that i was too scared to move on through life but too scared to stay #which made lots of sense #i can’t wait to feel at home somewhere else #just feel like maybe i’m meant to get through all of this on my own #took awhile to accept but know im not the same as before so it’s okay #felt like ranting and this seemed like the only place rn which is cool #love you all
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  • mauvv-is-dead
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    My uncle passed Tuesday night. My Gramma was the only one there. She held his hand as it happened. She didn’t want to be there for it, but my mom believes it’s what he would’ve wanted ♥︎

    #cw death#cw cancer #i wish he hadn’t suffered #the pain he was in could’ve been avoided had he not been convinced to try chemo #all it did was prolong that. it didn’t increase his odds of survival at all #not with colon cancer it doesn’t. it’d spread so far. far enough that he developed other forms of cancer #it got to his lymph nodes #an obstruction turned out to be more cancer #he could barely function at all. he couldn’t even eat anymore. not even with a feeding tube since he couldn’t shit anymore #he was doped up on morphine. he’d been asleep for the most part for idek how long #long enough that i didn’t get to facetime to say goodbye #bc of my own issues combined with this i had to resign #i’m still devastated. i wanted to overcome it. #but i wasn’t well. at all. #i’m still struggling and stressed. but i finally told my mom about it #and she’s not even mad at me ;-; #i’m actually thankful i have this time to be present for my family #i can fly in with my mom and stay awhile. help look after everyone. we’ll hold each other up #and i’ve missed them so fucking much 😭😭😭 #texas was my first home. it’s been like years now. i’ve only visited twice. never got to stay very long #now i may be able to stay over a week ♡︎♡︎♡︎ #i’m looking forward to reconnecting with them. i miss my sisters. my dad. abuelo :cc #i expect there to be tension here and there…hopefully it won’t be too bad #this is a lot of tags lmao #thank you if you’ve read this far
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  • utopia-and-broken-cynics
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hey, Welcome!

    I am Kay/Cyna (either is fine). 18.

    I'm a writer who struggles to write. Send requests please (what I write/ the aphmau ship list). Sometimes I draw.

    My pronouns are they/them.

    Black, Able-bodied w/ minor vision problems, Anxious.

    I try to curate a safe space for a) me to be myself and b) others to feel comfortable. I may mess up so please correct me.


    NSFW Blogs, Transphobes, Homophobes, TERFS, Truscum, MAP, (Minor Attracted Person/P***phile) Racists & People under the age of 13

    If you sexualize age regressors / de-aging & Anti age regression - it's a healthy coping mechanism that therapists encourage.

    If you are Anti-mspec / Bi, Pan, Poly, Omnisexual (etc) exclusionist. They are all valid

    If you are anti-Neopronouns & anti-Xenogenders.

    If you support k!nk at pride & Pro-shippers, do not interact at all.

    If you support ALM (All Lives Matter & Blue Lives Matter)

    DNI If you support / is an Endogenic System.

    By the way, Tulpas ≠ Systems

    If you are anti-self diagnosing. Diagnosis is a privilege, whether it be due to race, gender, money or even lack of familial support.

    {DNI from @miraculousdiaries}

    #intro log #Welcome stay awhile
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  • sparrows-wren
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Wanted to draw my s/i lookin more pirate-y and with a hair style more like mine :3

    #I’m always wearing braids cuz it helps my hair stay clean ahdkfl #so drawing her in braids makes me feel so much more connected with her!! #also she looks cute in a hat!! I gotta get her a hat #also if you notice I’m using she/her pronouns for them as well lately!! #for awhile I was testrunning using only they/them for her but I’m realizing I like switching between they and she for her! #swapping pronouns around used to confuse me a lot but it’s growing on me #ren's art #s/i: ren sparrow
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