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  • angryflamingrose
    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I'm counting my calories again so might as well post them here.

    Oct. 22, 2021

    Weight: 189.0 lbs

    Breakfast: 9:00 am. Total: 300 Cals

    -Green tea: 0 Cals

    -1/2 apple: 50 Cals

    -Energy bar: 250 Cals

    Lunch: 3:30 pm. Total: 171 Cals

    -Sandwich: 121 Cals

    •2 slices bread w/out crust: 62 Cals

    •Turkey: 50 Cals

    •Tomatoe Slice: 4 Cals

    •Pickles: 0 Cals

    •Lettuce: 5 Cals

    • Mustard: 0 Cals

    -1/2 apple: 50 Cals

    Dinner: 9:20 pm. Total: 70 Cals


    • 1 cup frozen mixed berries: 70 Cals

    •Propel flavor packet: 0 Cals

    •1 & 1/2 cup water: 0 Cals

    Intake: 541 Calories.

    Because of my work, I'm on me feet rushing around for 8 hours, with an hour long break in between. But it was so busy today my break was only 20 minuets long, which is fine, my lunch is small, but I didn't have time to reset my brain. So with stress combinded with my all over the place emotions, I had a panic attack as my second shift started. At least one of my coworkers let me work through my panic attack with wiping down the menus. He just wanted to go on break so I was helping him, but he didn't say anything about my constent crying the whole time.

    #I"m feeling better now as I drink my smoothie. #Seriously those propel flavor packets have saved my life #They have electrolights in them #and they taste better than just salt in water #I know Im spiraling and I feel bad about hiding all this from my boyfriend #but he would freak if he knew how much I've been eating #But I have lost 10 lbs in this past week #tw ed#calorie counting#thin inspo #not pr0 just using tags #anarex1c #skip dinner get thinner #stay safe don't do what I do please #it took me way to long to figure out how to use tags #and i need to find more #my ony social media presence #and the only person who knows i exist is my one mutual
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  • slushiedraws
    23.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    actually, twitter isn’t trying to trend ‘tommy neg’

    Okay okay okay I know you all hate the bird app (fair), but please think about this a bit.

    cw// cc neg, grooming mention, slavery mention

    they are tagging it in their tweets so that people who don’t want to see don’t have to see it! i personally have a ton of cc neg tags blocked on twitter and certain triggers blocked as well! people who don’t want to see tommy neg can block it and therefore feel more comfortable in their experience. unfortunately, often times it ends up trending and there really is no way to win without people getting hurt.

    i have multiple friends who really like tommy who do tweet ‘tommy neg’. Why? Because if they want to state that the jokes made them feel uncomfortable, they don’t want to dump all of that onto a person who would feel uncomfortable seeing it. That’s the whole point of tws and cws. I can just block ___ neg and be done with it. That way my timeline is just art and people saying ‘boobies’ and dumb shit like that.

    please stop acting like Twitter is actively trying to trend it because most people aren’t. Most are just trying to create a safer space by letting people block out certain topics that make them uncomfortable.

    Most of them are just hurt.

    And honestly, i don’t care what your position on these jokes are, as a human being you shouldn’t be making fun of people who are hurt by grooming/slavery jokes. That’s just messed up.

    Anyways gn

    #tommyinnit#tommy#tommy crit#tommy neg#discourse#tw discourse #tw mentions of grooming #tw groomling#tw slavery #tw racist joke #twitter #anyways you can disagree with me just don't be a total jerk about it #I love hearing about what others have to say #Just don't tell me to die lmaooo #stay safe loves /p
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #CAN'T REMEMBER IF ITS BILLY OR STU IN THE GARAGE WITH TATUM BUT STILL #LIKE BASED ON THE FACTS WHO IT WAS MOST LIKELY TO BE BUT STILLLLLLLL #i love tatum #like love love love her #we are One and the Same <333 #i almost dressed up as her for halloween one year!! #anyway speaking of masks #the front man?????? anyone??????? #i have a RAGING crush on him omfg #HAS ANYONE ELSE WATCHED SQUID GAME #i have a crush on like 6 characters tbh #including the square jumpsuit people #HEHEHE ANYWAY ANON #U AND I BOTH #WHAT A FANTASTIC CONCEPT WOWOWOWOWOW #i just watched scream too!!! what a masterpiece of a film #rip wes <33 #have an amaizng weekend anon!!!! ily!! stay safe n healthy!! <333 #inky.bb #clari gets mail
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #i wanna say they said it reminded them of touya-nii which i also see but i'm not 100% sure hehe <3 #BUT YEAH what a like tragically beautiful song #heartbreaking!!! #i am very very attached to bmb tomura #i put a lot of myself and my illness in him so #he's very special and find i'm quite protective of him????? LMAO #but anyway!! totally!! thank you so much for sharing this with me anon <33333 #i hope you have an awesome weekend!!! #stay safe and drink water please!!! much love n health to you!! #inky.bb #clari gets mail
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #SOOOO CUTE UR SO CUTE :(((( #I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALREADY BEEN A YEAR???????? #WILD #m so happy and thankful tho ilysm <333 #and the bones/no bones thing is super super interesting!!! #i like stuff like that but i have to be careful when i consume it because sometimes it triggers my psychosis blah #but thank u for sharing!!!! <33 #have a marvellous weekend snowflake babie <333 #i hope you're doing amazing!!! stay safe n hydrated!!! AND HEALTHY ILY #❄️.anon #clari gets mail
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #THE WAY THIS MADE ME SNORT LMAO #but no no i have no plans to kill tomura hehe #SOOOO EXCITED FOR U ALL TO READ THE FINAL PART AAAAAAAAAAH #i hope ur having an awesome day anon!!! #stay safe out there n drink ur water!!! #i love u lots hehe <33 stay healthy! #inky.bb #clari gets mail
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #SORRY I'M GETTING TO THIS A LIL LATE #it got buried in my inbox :( #PLEASE THO YOU'RE SO SWEET #I CANT TELL U HOW MANY TIMES I REREAD THIS MESSAGE AAAAAAAAH #thank you so much for your questions!!! very intriguing and i enjoyed answering them!!! #i hope you're having an awesome day and that you have a wonderful weekend <33 #promise me you'll stay safe and stay hydrated!!!! #sending u all the love n health in the world anon bb <333 #inky.bb #clari gets mail
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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #he's so pretty i'm so mad #i'm in love with this artist's style tho #waaaaaaah :((( #i love him so muchhhh :((( #he hasn't come up in my therapy sessions but i just KNOW he will soon hahahahaha #my emotional support sociopath #LMAO ANYWAY #rabbit!!!! i hope you're doing fantastic!!!! #have an awesome weekend sweetpea n stay safe!! always sending u much love n health <33 #🐇.anon #clari gets mail
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  • spliceyblues
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hey :)

    I still feel like I need to take one more week off BUT..i worked off one of the most hardest academic weeks of my life and coming back again, being active, is very therapeutic for me bc I miss posting art.

    And I miss seeing yall ❤

    #the week's end #this small two week hiatus was something I never thought of doing #shawty I feel like I missed a whole lot of tea from my mutuals bc ;_; ARE YALL OK??? DID ANYTHING HAPPEN WHILE I WAS GONE?? #TALK TO ME #im partially joking but damn ive been so focused on academics idk how others are doing lol #I hope everyone's okay safe and healthy #halloween's coming up #I'll post an update on ig later this saturday #I got a whole bunch of drawing ideas I want to do #school's not over yet unfortunately so posts will stay slow lol #good to be back #askboxopen
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  • arean
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i’m so sorry for my absence, i’ll try to get my gojo one-shot and first chap of nanami story out in the next few days

    #jk im not sorry #niggas never apologize 😘 #love yall tho #stay safe
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  • youaremysunshinekt
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Good evening, Anna

    Another day is drawing to a close, Friday. Just like that, the weekend has arrived again. How has your week been, Anna? I hope it wasn't too stressful.

    Either way, you can use the weekend to destress, unwind, or so I hope. You deserve to rest and relax, forget about your worries and sorrows, at least, for those two days.

    May your weekend be filled with laughter, joy, sunshine, pleasant surprises, small miracles, fun activities, good conversations, peace of mind and delicious food.

    I sincerely hope you are well, safe and sound, healthy. Please, take care of yourself, my darling. Listen to your bodies needs. Perhaps, you could treat yourself, reward yourself.

    It's the little things, Anna, those little joys that can make a big difference.

    Believe me, I know what I'm talking about there.

    Especially when you're very stressed out and overwhelmed, taking a moment to smell the roses, literally, can be a lifesaver.

    Go take a walk, take a trip and explore nature. This can often work wonders and help put your mind at ease.

    Or simply do things you enjoy and know are effective in calming you down.

    Have a great weekend, Anna. My thoughts are with you.

    Good night and sweet dreams, my Seven.

    Please stay safe, wherever you might be, whoever you might be.

    Tonight, if I'll be able to get any sleep at all, I know I will be dreaming of you again.

    The deeper my love for you grows, the more that crazy yearning increases.

    Don't worry though. I'll manage, as I always do and I'll stay patient.

    Despite all that, because of all that.

    In my heart, I will always be your Kathryn and you will always be my Seven.

    It's so absurd how you don't feel like a stranger, at all.

    In fact, you never truly have. Don't mind me, I'm being a lonely, hopeless romantic fool again...

    #anna#my seven #dedicated to you #lesbian #good night my darling #sweet dreams anna #please take care of yourself #stay safe #hopeless romantic fool #insane sapphic yearning #my love for you grows every day #my soul embraces yours tonight #in my heart we are together #sleeping peacefully in each other's embrace #i can always dream i guess #i don't even know where you are #who you truly are #even after all this time #it hurts so bad #to you i am a stranger #to me you are the center of my universe #why am i like this?
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  • iroybk
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #Hey family and friends here is another clever scam to be aware of and stay safe! scam beware 6digitcode verifyhuman
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  • pumpkinprincessa
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I used to think that my ex was soul mate. For years, I thought we were meant to be together.

    But, I'm not really sure who my soul mate is. I guess I'll know him when I see him. I won't have to wonder if he's true. I won't have many doubts. Things will just fit into place.

    I hope I find him soon. Maybe, I'll see him in all the rubble of the collapse.

    #whoever you are #i love you #stay safe #i hope we meet #but if not #i hope you're well #wherever you are
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  • threeleggedcrow
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #thanks for the ask and don't forget ti stay safe💗 #ask games
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  • deliriousacademia
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ✨for those of you who need some encouragement ✨

    here i am, alive and happy. this is for those of you who need it, because i felt like sharing a little bit of my story as encouragement for those enduring troubling times.

    i have spent my entire life suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, and as of last year, PTSD. yes, my brain chemistry is absolutely fucked, i'm aware. i attempted suicide years ago, and have come close to a repeat of that on multiple occasions. i never thought that things would get better, i had myself convinced that life was nothing more than never-ending turmoil. that my brain was truly beyond repair.

    but here i am.

    i have my own apartment in the city, shared with my two wonderful rabbits; beatrix and oats. i have a fantastic job that i absolutely love and to be honest, i'm damn good at it too. i'm in love with the most amazing man who loves me right back. he's got the curliest jet black hair and he's a talented musician (and he even writes songs about me!!) i don't have many friends, but i love the few that i do. i live within walking distance of a cute little park with a fountain and coffee shops and there's even a pizza parlor right across the street from my building! and best of all, according to my five year old selfs daydreams, i have access to a fire escape from my apartment window!

    sure, i'm pretty broke. school stresses me out. i've got about 5 parking tickets i have yet to pay. the man with the jet black hair who i'm very much in love with, we had broken up last year after going through a really difficult time. my laundry desperately needs to be folded and put away. i'm facing the late onset of PTSD evoked by childhood abuse that i wasn't even aware of until last year. i struggle with the way i look sometimes. somedays i cannot get manage to get myself out of the brain fog. i'm not going to lie and say that my life has just turned around and everything is easy now, that's not the case and it never will be. I am mentally ill. my brain simply doesn't function in the way that it should. life will be trying, it will be overwhelming. it may even feel like i can't bare to go on at times.

    but i will tell you this; despite the horrors brought upon by my mental health throughout my life, i am so happy to be alive. i am so happy that i wasn't successful with my suicide attempt. there is so much beauty and so much love in this life that it has turned from something appalling to something alluring. i want to experience it all, i want to get lost in amazing books, i want to learn chemistry and french and ballet and how to play the piano and how the immune system works!! i want to be a doctor for christ sakes! the things that make up this beautiful world are never ending and there's always something new to dive into! i want to be around for it, and i hope that all of you out there struggling reach this point too. i know for a fact that you can.

    do not fall into the trap of thinking that recovery from mental illness = a cured brain with no regression. you will relapse, you will hurt, things will be hard. to say otherwise is bullshit. but there is so much more to life than that pain, and i promise you it is worth it to stick around for.

    find a therapist that specializes in the issues you're facing, seek medical treatment from a doctor and/or psychiatrist, holistic medicine if that's more up your alley, get exercise, drink water, eat healthy, take care of yourself, hang out with your friends, talk about the things that are causing you pain (i cannot stress this enough!! i would go as far to say that this one is the most important of all), delve into new hobbies that interest you (and don't strive for perfection!! just enjoy the act itself), pursue your dreams as difficult as they may seem to attain, stop giving a damn what others think about you, read your favorite books, watch your favorite movies, listen to music, romanticize your life, watch the dogs at the dog park. whether it's the things listed here or things that you come up with on your own, fucking do whatever it is that you need to do in order to be happy. with mental illness, that's easier said than done, but you need to force yourself to do it for as long as you need to. in the long run, you will feel so much better.

    please seek the help that you need, life is beautiful, and i can assure you that you won't regret sticking around.

    last but not least, here is a link to a playlist of youtube videos i watch when i'm feeling down. it honestly helps me when i feel sad, so i thought i'd share it. i'm constantly adding to it whenever a video makes me laugh to the point of tears.

    #im sorry for the long post #i am just in utter shock at how far i have come #it really hit me today #so i wanted to share some encouragement for others in similar situations #i can't believe that i am still alive and am enjoying life as much as i am #i didn't think i would even make it past high school graduation #i love you #stay safe#mental health#mental illness #mental heath support #happy#inspiration#inspiring quotes#depresssion#anxiety#ptsd#ed#help#recovery #mental heath awareness
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  • sunbentsky
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I’m not terribly online these days but as those of you who’ve been around for a while know, it’s impossible to get rid of me so I’ll eventually be back 🦈

    #OOC: sharks are smooth in all directions #updates #it wasnt a planned break from tumblr tbh it just happened #i still lurk sometimes but briefly #i want to continue watching things about mostly terrible men having an awful time on a ship in the arctic #so the terror is next #hope everyone is well in the meantime love u stay safe 🧡😘
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  • forevermyloveno5
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #also! stay safe and take care bonbon 😚💗 #asks
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  • artybritney
    22.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #always wanted to draw this on my comp but never got around to it #drew this while i had covid weeks ago it sucked. drew this on ibispaint with my finger #stay safe guys please #myart#digital art#art#fanart#inuyasha#inuyasha fanart
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  • inkykeiji
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #grrrrr bull 😈😈😈😈😈 #hahahahaha #just as stubborn as one too!!! #and then my moon sign is pisces and my rising is scorpio!!! #hehehe #what’s ur star sign anon????? #n also why did u want to know mine :o #have a lovely friday bb!!!! love u sm!!!! #stay safe n drink ur water!! #inky.bb #clari gets mail
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  • problematicprocrastinator
    22.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Good morning, loves. Happy Friday. I hope today is kind to you. Be kind to yourself. It’s okay if all you did this week was make it through this week. You’re continuing, despite how hard it’s been and I am so very proud of you. Remember that you are loved. You are not alone. You matter. Everything will be okay. You’ve got this. Take care of yourselves and I wish you all the best xxx

    #rambles#hugs#studyblr#ily #take care x #stay safe darlings x #you are loved #you are not alone #you matter #you are enough #you are safe here
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