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  • soeffingcute
    29.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

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  • ceeceekao
    27.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    a story a don’t tell

    When I was 14, I started talking to my best friends boyfriend. it began with relationship advice, he didn’t understand what he was doing wrong/what he could do better in his relationship with her. He told me everything about himself, his family, his relationship, and in turn I told him everything about me. My absent father, my sisters who ran away from home, my tough mother. He was my best friend, so when he ran away from home one night in the winter and was sleeping on a bench, I stayed on the phone with him all night Because his girlfriend fell asleep. Obviously looking back I feel like a horrible person because I was interjecting myself into their relationship. What I didn’t realize was he was just lining me up as his next conquest. Then, on January 6th, I went over to his place without telling anyone. I knew at this point I felt strongly about him. I sat on the edge of his bed, in silence, as he laid over his sheet with his head on his pillow. I laid back, still not that near him, still in silence. Eventually I made my way next to him, and laid my head on his chest. I looked up at him, and he looked at me, and we kissed. He was still dating my best friend. I knew this, and still did it. He justified it by saying he would break up with her. In the end he couldnt, instead he treated her like shit until she broke up with him. After that, I asked her if it was okay for me to date him. She said yes. Later that day she said if I wanted to date him, we could not be friends anymore. I was devastated. I was losing my best friend. eventually she changed her mind and said it was fine. We started dating and I was in heaven. I loved him so much. I turned 15 with him, and we did everything together. I went over to his place after school, on the weekends and in the summer. When summer school started, something changed...

    he told me he needed a break. It took me completely by surprise... my world was ending... I cried for days, I cut my wrists, I didn’t eat. I was a shell. I had to see him every day in class, and he flaunted girls in front of me, saying they’re his new friends since his friends were too busy comforting me.I pled with him that I loved him and missed him... and finally one day he said he missed me too. Suddenly, we were together again. Everything was great and amazing. when sophomore year started, we were great again, I was in love as always, and I thought he loved me too. but just as soon as we were good, he needed another “break”. This time, I couldn’t handle it... I was starving, cutting, using lighters to burn my thighs, smoking cigarettes and sneaking alcohol at night. I was on auto pilot, going to school, then home. I spoke to no one, and my friend were scared of my mental health. One of them told a counselor who made to speak to a social worker. They thought something was wrong at home, I told them no. It was just about a boy and I was fine. This interaction woke me up from my fog. In the time we weren’t together he dated someone else. Someone I knew. That hurt too. This lasted about two months, then one day he texted me, said he missed me and wanted me back. I was so excited I could cry, I did cry. I say yes without a second thought. I had my angel back. We were together again, but something was different. I was constantly on guard that he would leave me, constantly jealous that he would cheat or was cheating. I couldn’t be away from him. one day we were hanging out and play wrestling, he hurt me pretty badly, I was bleeding. His excuse was that we were just messing around and to lighten up... this made me realize he didn’t physically care about me...

    that night he call and said he needed a break. This was spring now.... just after spring break. I finally told him to make a choice, stay with me and tell me what I’m doing wrong so we won’t need a break, or leave and don’t come back to me. He said it’s over. I cried, I was hysterical. I took all the items that reminded me of him, threw them in a bag, and left them in his garage on a Saturday morning.

    after this, we spoke once or twice, he came up to me at my prom, and even sent me a Facebook message 4 years after our break up.

    what I didn’t tell you in all this, was the emotional and physical abuse I endured. He constantly hung out and invited girls to his home, and made sure I knew, taunting me. All spring break he was in Israel with his family. I said nothing. While I was in Wisconsin for a weekend, he constantly baratead me with call and messages, accusing me of cheating, saying he was going to kill himself, and describing the cuts he was make on his body. I cried most of my trip.

    he came to class with two girls, both wearing hooters shirts, soaking wet and all three covered in whip cream. He described their very fun morning of massages and such. While I again, wanted to die. He would pull my arm behind my back, even when it hurt.

    he told me he didn’t like when I ate, because I got “dumb like my sister”. So I starved. I went from 180lbs to 125lbs in less than a year. All the while, I loved him. Whole heartedly. We had baby names. I think if I didn’t give him an ultimatum, I would have been with him for years if not still. I didn’t see the abuse until I was out of it.

    even after the four years, his Facebook message still sounded hopefully that we could be friends. Never did he acknowledge the mental and physical abuse. And I never saw it until others pointed it out.

    I wanted to tell this story, because manipulators and abusers are all around, and you would never know.

    if by some chance you read this, I won’t ever be your friend. Sorry not sorry.

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  • scrambl3dbr6in5andc0ff33
    02.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Finally finished Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered. Moving on to something new.

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  • itsmeclarice
    10.02.2021 - 11 monts ago

    My Favourite Murder

    The start of my journey of this blog started here, with this book, the dual memoir of Karen Gilgarriff and Georgia Hardstark “Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide”. I started reading this in January, and within 3 days I had finished, I just could not put it down.

    I have struggled most of my life with anxiety, depression and doubt, and a lot of what was said resonated with me. I would be reading a chapter and would stop and just sit and think, this is just like me, i have been there and thought the exact same. Their explanation for what we were thinking was like a light bulb going off “Wait that makes total sense, why have i never realised this?”

    Below are the Oh Damn moments, of realisation that has stuck with me;

    1. Clutch Friends

    Don’t treat friends like they’re the audience of your one-woman show. These are people who are good to you. Offer to them something high-vibrational.

    I admit i am very bad at this, i suck at making new friends and when I do I tend to distance myself and when we do talk only have one way conversations and not really taking the time to see how they are. I recently messaged a close friend, and took the time to actually converse with her instead of one word replies, and i truly feel better for it. I feel more connected and closer with her. This also relates to the “conscious communication with friends […] It boosts self esteem and […] gets your mind of f your mind”

    2. You don’t need motivation

    “Motivation isn’t necessary, you just have to do it”

    I am the most lazy person I know, my partner refers to me as a cat as i just sleep a lot and don’t get much done. I am always thinking if i could just be more motivated then i would get so much done and if i get more sleep, i will be more refreshed and more motivated to get things done. However the more i sleep the less i feel like i want to do anything. This week has been horrible weather; snowing, raining, cold. I have not been out since Sunday. Yet today the weather cleared, the sun came out and I know i should go for a walk, get some fresh air. But there was that little voice, “oh we could just go tomorrow, it is meant to be nice again, you might have the motivation then” This is not helping anyone. I snapped myself out of it and got my lazy ass off the couch and went for a walk, and i felt more calm and refreshed. It was wonderful.

    3. Be kind to little you

    At some point in my childhood, I learned to be very mean to myself. I regularly call myself a “stupid fucking idiot”, in my head when I’d do something as simple as take a wrong turn. 

    I have always done this to myself, still do and quite often. 

    But then my therapist helped me understand that the impatience and exasperation I felt toward myself was a learned behaviour that I picked up from childhood of being treated with impatience and exasperation by outside forces, but I didn’t need to continue that cycle. [...] Picture little you, at five years old,  and imagine calling her a “stupid fucking idiot” You don’t deserve that, you deserve understanding and patience and to know that mistakes can be made”

    There is a picture of me when I was a child, a massive smile on my face and riding a tricycle. I sat and imagined myself calling me as a child a “stupid idiot” and how sad that made me. Everyone of us makes mistakes in life, if we stopped taking risks to avoid making mistakes we would end up living as an hermit, not doing anything out of the ordinary. This would lead to a very boring life. We make mistakes and we learn from them, it is they only we can grow as people.  

    There are many more “oh Damn” moments I came across in this book and have made me think differently about how i process and do things. 

    I truly want to thank Karen and Georgia for their podcast and book, I now know I am not alone in my fascination of True Crime. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who like me loves the My Favourite murder podcast and also to anyone who thought they were an outcast and too different to fit in. We are in this together. 

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  • the-pizzacat
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

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    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    That boi on demon time . . @catnamedpizza @the_catnamedcheeto @catsonsnacks @chonksdoingthings . . . #cat #instacat #twitter #ssdgm #catsofinstagram #wholesome #pizzacat #babyyoda #adoptdontshop #reddit #feminist #regina #kittens #myfavoritemurder #comedy #meme #catmemes #stonks #socialdistancing #catmeme #canada #catpics #aesthetic #subscribetopewdiepie #tumblr #wholesomememes #wearamask #staysexydontgetmurdered #tiktok https://www.instagram.com/p/CYvFzlnLfwe/?utm_medium=tumblr

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