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    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • deadpoetdalton
    30.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A Charlie Dalton playlist

    frank iero and the future violents - moto pop

    blur - song 2

    iggy pop - real wild child

    the mountain goats - no children

    david bowie - moonage daydream

    the clash - i fought the law

    against me! - crash

    bob dylan - like a rolling stone

    pulp - disco 2000

    the doors - people are strange

    tom petty - i won't back down

    young fathers - shame

    jimi hendrix - all along the watchtower

    the beatles - twist and shout

    queen - another one bites the dust

    the smashing pumpkins - cherub rock

    stevie nicks - edge of seventeen

    the who - my generation

    talking heads - road to nowhere

    adam ant - goody two shoes

    the cure - the lovecats

    blondie - call me

    Todd playlist
    Cameron playlist
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  • chloe-octavia
    30.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    the holy trinity?

    did you mean:

    #CO posts #character introductions can be something so personal #dead poets society #dps#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#stephen meeks
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  • duh-itsalampmeeks
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Not that Type of Party - Chapter 3!

    Heres chapter 3 of the dnd fic! Sorry it took so long, I explain why in the notes of this chapter but tl:dr is: school kicked my ass. Sorry this chapter is a bit of a mess the first bit I wrote during the week and the rest of it today. Enjoy!!

    DnD Gang: @anderperrytheplatypus @aedan-mills @andersonsdeskset @charlie-dalton-simp

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  • dpsthinker
    30.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    when his name is stephen kc meeks jr

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  • justredistributingmatter
    30.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Dead Poets Society Characters' Favourite Desserts

    This was really weird to write and I have no idea where it came from but I haven't done one of these in a while so here you go???

    • Richard Cameron - I feel like Cameron would like chocolate moose because it's special and not something you get to have every day but it's still simple. I feel like Cameron definitely has "taste" but he doesn't like things that are over the top or anything because, being the over-,thinker he is, he finds them overwhelming (and also unnecessary).

    • Knox Overstreet - Knox likes a good strawberry cheesecake. Strawberries remind Knox of life and love (... and Chris?) He likes cheesecake because he admires the contrast of something savory (cheese) and something sweet (cake). It's like with anything in life, Knox thinks: balance is best.

    • Charlie Dalton - banana split, Charlie likes banana splits. Why? Because they're fun and they're crazy and they taste funky and sweet and amazing (I've never had one but I can imagine lol). It's fruity (hehe) with chocolate and cream, a plethora of sweet flavours, and it's great to have on the beach while youre relaxing and just enjoying the moment as it is, which is just how Charlie thinks life should be lived: presently. Banana splits are not pretentious, they're easy to make, and they taste as good as any other overpriced, fancy dessert, in Charlie's opinion. The sight of Charlie's particularly chaotic banana splits nauseated Knox and embarrasses Cameron but it's all worth it in the end.

    • Todd Anderson - Todd loves apple crumble. It reminds him of autumn evenings. Todd associates happiness and comfort and stability with the taste of apple crumble. He usually bakes his own snd Neil baked one every year for Todd's birthday instead of a cake... this makes Todd very happy :)

    • Neil Perry - Cameron and Todd might argue this isn't a dessert but pancakes are Neil's favourite dessert. He finds them refreshing and fulfilling, associating them with new beginnings. Besides, pancakes offer such variety. You can put blueberries or chocolate chips in them, or coat them in jam or maple syrup. Neil likes to have options and also likes to change things up a bit, so, to him, pancakes are the perfect dessert... And, sure, it may or may not have been a coincidence that this became his favourite dessert when Todd moved in and started making him pancakes every morning ;)

    • Stephen Meeks - Meeks likes oatmeal cookies (same, Meeks) because they're very simple and, plus, oatmeal is a greatly nourishing food for the body. Oatmeal cookies have a nice texture and flavour, and he knows he can just go to a cafe and grab one to go. Meeks doesn't see the point in spending too much time making a fancy dessert or the decadence of eating one. He likes the accessibility and also thinks it's the little things in life that matter. Like cookies :) (Pitts always brings him one with some coffee or tea when Meeks is deep in homework or studying).

    • Gerard Pitts - Tiramisu because it's flavourful with various textures to it. Pitts does appreciate once-in-a-while treats, unlike Meeks who doesn't see the bother, but Pitts thinks tiramisus are a classic and delicious. Meeks and Pitts once attempted to make Tiramisu one Christmas for the poets... It did not go well.

    • Chris Noel - another classic: Chris loves Crème Brûlée. It's elegant and delicious and light. She likes the utter simplicity in it's flavour and yet it still remains a rather pretentious dessert to this day.

    • Ginny Danburry - Ginny adores cookiedough ice cream. It's funky and modern and relishing. She and her girlfriend always eat an entire tub of it on their movie nights.

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  • deadpoetdalton
    29.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Not to be dramatic but dead poets society literally makes me feel so happy to be alive and I'm forever grateful for that

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  • meeksexual
    29.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    (Im so sorry i didnt find owner of this gif, bit creds to you <3 || GIF NOT MINE)

    This gif has been “following” on all of pinterest for few months now, and honestly I always think it’s some cut out scene from Dead Poets Society. It just has those vibes and I cant.

    For the context: this guy is 21 years old, New Zealander Formula 2 racing driver Marcus Armstrong (happy b-day kiwi)

    BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM, this could literally be from the DPS ( when i first looked at it i didnt know marcus and thought its meeks or todd )

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  • staticsnowfall
    29.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    a lot of people have done this but here is dead poets society as dms i have sent/received from/to my friends <3


    charlie: idk how to keep a boyfriend tho because my only traits are artist, horny, depression, swag, and adhd


    neil: am i crazy or is jfk a dilf

    charlie: nah you right

    neil: EXACTLY todd literally said i was fucking insane but IM RIGHT IM ALWAYS RIGHT

    todd: you are fucking insane and i’m breaking up with you


    cameron: are you going to take your meds?

    charlie: not today

    cameron: wow! you’re just like my idol. dream!

    knox: i love you

    knox: sorry wrong chat


    pitts: what do you mean you “aren’t exactly gay” you are the epitome of homosexual

    meeks: :/


    cameron: in history my teacher went on a tangent about the Sugandees tribe it was interesting

    charlie: sugandeez nuts foo 🤣🙏‼️

    cameron: you stole my joke :(


    neil: it’s so hot in here

    charlie: i’m wearing pants today and i’m fucking baking bruh

    meeks: i’m thirsty :/

    pitts: he need some milk 😂😂😂😂

    meeks: fuck you but also yeah


    cameron: when steve ate the apple that’s how he became eve and the first woman was made

    todd: who is steve??

    meeks: technically i’m steve

    cameron: no you dumbass, steve from minecraft

    pitts: ohhhh steve like that lil monkey from cloudy w/ a chance of mongbwlls

    pitts: MEAFBALLW

    pitts: MRATBALLD

    meeks: this mf sayin mratballd

    todd: he tried ig


    todd: but i don’t have a girlfriend?

    charlie: no you have a twink who can weld

    neil: damn straight ‼️


    charlie: i gotta come up with my senior prank

    neil: uhhhh shit on the floor in the hallway

    charlie: ok but what if i rented a cow and snuck it in thru the gym

    neil: that’s alright too i guess not as good as my idea tho 🙄

    charlie: and then i shit on the floor!

    neil: excellent!


    meeks: why do knox and his gf look identical l

    pitts: they a whole episode of separated at birth


    knox: i think me and chris need couples therapy

    charlie: i think you guys need to break up

    pitts: do you guys ever take a huge piss and then like an hour later you need to take another huge piss and wonder where the fuck it came from because you haven’t drank anything between the two pisses


    neil: you’re looking submissive and breedable, bro! keep it up! 💯

    todd: you too??

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  • deadwallacesociety
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    dps as the most cursed fucking texts i've sent or received

    pitts: girl are you an internal organ? because you're a fucking failure

    pitts: good pickup line^^ use this u dont even have to credit me


    neil: the last year and a half has been my "dilf" character arc tbh

    cameron: please stop talking

    neil: IM SORRY IT'S TRUE


    charlie: *repeatedly sending a cursed ass image to gc*

    cameron: STOP IT CHARLIE

    charlie: im sorry i just thought it looked submissive and breedable:(

    cameron: i'm going to show up outside of your house with a baseball bat


    knox: what are u guys doing rn?

    meeks: eating raw cookie dough to build up my immunity to raw eggs

    knox: oh uh that's nice... are you sure that's gonna work??


    charlie: fuck guys whats the fourth letter of the alphabet i forgot

    knox: d😭😭

    charlie: EEZ NUTS

    todd: shut the fuck up


    neil: i'm going to smoke a pipe on my 18th birthday you guys

    todd: neil you have to be 21 LMFAO

    neil: when did i say i was legally smoking a pipe im just waiting til 18


    pitts: i want someone to take me out to the texas desert and hunt me down with guns while i run away

    meeks: we just watched no country for old men if you couldn't already tell


    charlie: todd can i come hang out with you and neil today?

    todd: yes be careful we have an exterminator today

    charlie: ooh is it bob duncan lol

    todd: no it's because you are a pest <3


    cameron: once i volunteered at the library and some old man came up and asked me if i could find out how much time his daughter had left in jail


    knox: i posted my taylor swift album rankings on twitter now i'm getting death threats should i delete the tweet



    neil: im an actor

    pitts: hi actor im peeing

    todd: hi peeing im dad

    neil: hi dad im an actor


    cameron: omfg did yall hear about the fire that happened near welton

    charlie: i hope they burned down the mf child support office im behind on my payments🙏🙏

    alr that's all the fucking text screenshots i'm going through on my phone today hope you enjoyed and if you didn't enjoy idc🙏🙏

    #sorry cameron is barely in here most of my friends and i are way more unhinged than he js :( #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society headcanon #dps hc#charlie dalton#neil perry#todd anderson#stephen meeks#steven meeks#gerard pitts#richard cameron#knox overstreet#80s movies
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  • deadpoetdalton
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Remember when Cameron basically told Knox to shut up about Chris and study trigonometry instead? King behavior

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  • cali-snow
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    my beloved

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  • deadpoetdalton
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Richard Cameron playlist

    the smiths - last night I dreamt that somebody loved me

    sleeping at last - hearing

    the shins - new slang

    r.e.m. - half a world away

    the lumineers - ophelia

    kate bush - running up that hill

    tamino - crocodile

    the cure - disintegration

    tom rosenthal - asleep on the train

    lykke li - i never learn

    novo amour - oh, round lake

    mitski - a pearl

    the national - mistaken for strangers

    kishi bashi - i am the antichrist to you

    the middle east - the darkest side

    bon iver - holocene

    cocteau twins - pearly-dewdrops' drops

    josé gonzález - crosses

    keaton henson - career day

    fionn regan - 1st day of may

    seafret - atlantis

    fink - looking too closely

    Todd playlist
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  • cali-snow
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sorry allelon, but no I do not accept your headcanon thank you

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  • pittsiesbooks
    28.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    projecting myself onto neil perry (headcanons)

    what's new?

    if he has a pen in his hand, he will not stop clicking it, or uncapping and re-capping it until someone tells him to stop (90% of the time he doesn't realise he's doing it)

    he has a hard time focusing on conversations if there are other people talking around him and the person he's talking to. eg: if meeks and neil are talking, and charlie speaks a little louder, neil will be unable to focus on what meeks is saying (but that doesn't mean he'll process what charlie is saying either). (this happens to me all the time lately and it's so annoying)

    he is constantly chewing on the inside of his cheeks or of his lips to the point where his cheeks hurt, so he chew gums 24/7 to avoid doing it too much.

    he has a lot of random interests that he desperately want to learn more about but gets overwhelmed with them (+ feels like he doesn't have time to learn more about them because school and stuff) so he never quite gets around to learning more about them, just picking up bits of info here and there, and he gets sad about it. (i want to learn more about astrology, astronomy, greek and norse mythology, crystals, plants, poetry and art and it's overwhelming so i end up doing nothing ahhh)

    sometimes he makes himself a cup of tea, comes back to his room, puts the cup on his desk, gets on his bed to do something and completely forgets about the existence of his tea. and so an hour later he sees the mug and gets sad that his tea is now cold but he's too lazy to go heat it up so he just gulps it down in one go.

    he doesn't like people touching his things because he's irrationally afraid they'll handle them wrong and break or damage them.

    #dead poets headcanons #dps#dps hc#neil perry#charlie dalton #me projecting my personality onto the dead poets #gerard pitts#richard cameron#stephen meeks#todd anderson#steven meeks#knox overstreet#mr keating#anderperry #im really exposing myself with these
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  • astroloserr
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    tell me im wrong. u cant.

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  • deadpoetdalton
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Happiness is this blurry photo of Todd and Cameron being besties while watching Neil play Puck

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  • chloe-octavia
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    WAIT- are these all achievement pins??

    my school gave these out for each subject. just look at these nerds; meeks is running out of space, knox has a solid collection going, and charlie has…nothing. is that in character or does he just refuse to wear them???

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  • pittsiesbooks
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    more dps headcanons (aka me projecting myself onto the boys)

    pitts says hi to bumblebees in his puppy voice whenever he sees some. he also stops to put snails that are on the road out of harm's way (and always try to put them in the grass or under bushes).

    cameron likes it best when it's raining a lot. if it's the weekend and he can't go outside (not that he minds) because of the rain, he'll wear his most comfortable clothes, make himself a cup of tea and get under his blanket to read.

    neil has to make lists for everything, otherwise he gets really anxious and jittery. he always makes an exact list of what he's packing when traveling somewhere, and checks it twice.

    meeks has a carefully constructed morning routine and gets very upset if it's disturbed.

    todd doesn't like to get on his bed with clothes he's worn outside (and don't even suggest getting IN bed with his clothes on, he'll look at you like you've grown another head). he will whack the dead poets with his pillow until they get up if they get under the covers of his bed with their clothes on (this sounds weird sjfhdkdk but like, it's okay if it's indoors clothes).

    meeks has three lamps in his room that have different purposes: one is for studying or whenever he's working on a new project, one is the 'before-bed' lamp, usually for when he reads or if he's not going to bed yet, and the last one is for when it's really dark outside during the day and he just wants some ambiance lighting.

    knox absolutely adores candles (his favorite scents are cinnamon and cedar wood) and he's very careful to only light them for the first time when he knows he's staying inside all day, so that they can burn all the way to the edges and burn prettily. he also really wants to buy those candles with like herbs and crystals in them.

    charlie is always cracking his knuckles, his neck or his back (he does it like, 7 times a day) and the other poets find it disgusting (especially meeks, he can't bear to hear the sound of it). if he sits on a chair or gets into bed, he has to crack his back beforehand, or else he'll be uncomfortable, not matter what position he's in.

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