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  • itschocopiggysart
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hey y’all! It’s day 25 of CozyToberFest, and the prompt is ‘fun!’ This little doodle is inspired by @amethyst-noir ‘s “Ironstrange Valentine’s Week, Day 4: Fun Fair” fic, which is a truly excellent read. 💛🍦

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  • sireniana
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Strangely Beautiful- Chapter Two

    It was warmer in the library than he remembered. Of course, he had hardly been focusing on such unimportant qualities. It was probably also affected by the fact that he'd been pacing and ringing his… (hands? Tentacles? Pincers?) for several hours now.


    "So this is how insanity feels." He muttered conversationally to the cherry tree, its pink blossoms apathetic to his plight. "Well, my friend, you will probably be a better sight for Christi-."


    Who? What? Where?


    "Oh hell-" He slotted himself behind a book column, why didn't those kooky magical architects make these things bigger?

    "Hello? Is someone here?" Came the voice again. Her voice.

    Oh, he was not prepared at all.


    "Not to be rude, but I think you owe me an explanation." She tried again, peering around slowly. Wow, this place was beautiful.

    She might even have willingly jumped through that portal for something like this.

    Something shuffled behind one of the many, many pillars. Right. Questions first, books later.

    "Listen. I have all the time in the world and an excellent hide and seek record. Let's just give up the game, shall we? Fourth try's the charm, maybe?

    "Good Evening." Gravelly and deep and delicious. Perhaps it was the shock clouding her rational, "But good grief, what a voice." She thought, electricity running down her spine.

    Four was officially her lucky number.

    "Oh! Thank goodness, I thought I was hallucinating you! Well, now, care to enlighten me as to where in the world I am?" Christine was not a woman who raised her voice, but that did not mean intimidation was outside her skillset.


    Stephen gulped. Okay, so the most beautiful, most brave woman in the world was twenty feet away. Angry, confused, and probably not expecting… well him to step into the light.

    Maybe if he stood very still and made no noise she'd forget about him.

    Unfortunately, humans develop object permanence at a very young age, and his dear Christine developed a temper right alongside.

    "Alright, then. I suppose I'll have to start checking the nooks and crannies. You know, if I remember correctly there's an old saying about running and hiding." She grinned, which would have made his heart stop if it had been beating previously.

    Then she started walking. Directly toward his chosen hidy-hole.

    Ok, new plan, and quick!


    She stopped.

    He was finally about to start breathing when he noticed that her eyes were wide, pupils dilated, a classic human response to-


    She smelled like… fear.

    Well then. He could smell fear now.

    He should probably get used to the scent.

    "What, what's wrong?" Please, please let her not be frightened anymore.

    "...I thought… your voice.. changed." Barely more than a whisper, as if the situation was just now becoming real to her.

    Of course. How could he have been such a fool-

    "Please, just.. tell me what's happening."

    Anything for her.

    "You-, we-, I-." Words trickled out but none were cohesive or formed a sentence. Just say something, blast it!

    "You're my guest, here." Finally, something coherent. And technically not a lie, either. Forced as the guest status may be.

    "What? No, that can't be right, I'm just an E.R. doctor and you-." She paused, eyes flickering around for any sign of life.

    "What are you?"


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  • prettywitchiusaka
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Lines From Stephen x Clea Fanfics I May Never Write (Out of Context) Post 23:

    Clea: Believe me, Stephen...It’s you I want...It’s always you...

    (He smiles.)

    Stephen: Good...I’m glad...

    (Clea smirks.)

    (She leans in and kisses him. He falls into her and wraps his arms around her waist.)

    #Marvel Comics #marvel cinematic universe #Doctor Strange#Clea #stephen x clea #Prettywitch's Fanfiction #vampire Stephen strange au #vampire stephen
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  • prettywitchiusaka
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Lines From Stephen x Clea Fanfics I May Never Write (Out of Context) Post 22:

    Dracula: You will pay your insolence with blood, you wench!

    Clea: And you will pay for what you’ve done to my husband!

    Dracula: I hope you can back that up. I will show you no mercy, little Princess.

    Clea: I am no mere Princess.

    #Marvel Comics #marvel cinematic universe #Doctor Strange #Tomb of Dracula #Tsubasa Chronicle #stephen x clea #vampire Stephen strange au #vampire stephen #And then they hate fuck! #Just kidding! #They just engage in Mortal Kombat!
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  • prettywitchiusaka
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Lines From Stephen x Clea Fanfics I May Never Write (Out of Context) Post 21:

    Stephen: Everything okay, Wong?

    Wong: Yep. I’m just thinking how I liked the two of you much better when you weren’t a couple.

    #Marvel Comics #marvel cinematic universe #Doctor Strange#Wong #stephen x clea #Prettywitch's Fanfiction #llol!!! #Wong being sassy #poor stephen
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  • sobeautifullyobsessed
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #Anon#anonymous #anonymous love letter #Love Letter from a Fictional Character #Stephen Strange #Master of My Heart #Doctor Strange#Strangebatch #My Eternal Muse
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  • incorrectkamartaj
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Stephen: Are you okay?

    Mordo: Yeah, I'm fine.

    Wong: What does "fine" mean?

    Mordo: It means I'm perfectly content but I also wouldn't mind if the sun exploded right now and killed us all.

    #doctor strange#stephen strange#wong#karl mordo #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect kamar taj #submission
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  • lady-chibineko
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Fic SamBucky: Nunca juzgues a un libro por su portada, por su cubierta... o por su sobrecubierta



    SamBucky Halloween 2021 Bingo prompt 8: Cemetaries

    Link a AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34725865

    Aquí les dejo un extracto del fic, que está completo en AO3. Espero lo disfruten!

    Título: Nunca juzgues a un libro por su portada, por su cubierta... o por su sobrecubierta

    Autor: Lady chibineko (Miembro de la Orden Sirusiana) (Miembro de la Mazmorra del Snarry) (Alumna de la casa de Hufflepuff en Media Noche en la Torre de Astronomía)

    Disclaimer: Los diversos personajes del MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) pertenecen a Marvel, Disney y sus respectivos creadores, productores, directores y demás involucrados en este amplio universo.

    Advertencia: Este es un fic slash, lo que quiere decir relación chico-chico; si no es de su agrado este tipo de lectura por favor no sigan.

    Nota: Este fic participa en el evento 'SamBucky Halloween 2021 Bingo' auspiciado por THE SAMBUCKY LIBRARY en tumblr, con el prompt: Cemeteries (Cementerios) (Tarjeta 2, espacio medio derecho).


    Wong observó con desazón los cuerpos sin vida de los 2 monjes que habían sido encargados para cuidar al niño, y luego volteó la cabeza para mirar a Strange, quien tenía una expresión que estaba seguro igualaba a la suya.

    - No es reciente.- murmuró el hombre son seguridad- Nos llevan por lo menos un par de horas de ventaja.- Wong miró el reloj en una de las paredes de la habitación donde estaban, eran casi las 7 de la noche- Y son apenas unas horas las que tenemos antes de la media noche.

    Strange volteó la cabeza para mirar ahora a Wong, quien continuó hablando.

    - Según los últimos reportes, tienen un maldito ejercito de mercenarios trabajando para ellos, y estoy seguro que esos mercenarios son la razón de esto.- Wong gruñó mientras señalaba los dos cuerpos sin vida- ¡Necesitaremos un ejército propio para recuperarlo! ¡Y no hay tiempo de conseguir uno, ni recursos! ¡¿Qué vamos a hacer ahora?!

    Stephen Strange miró unos segundos más a Wong, luego volteó la vista hacia sus hermanos caídos, y finalmente suspiró.

    - Usar un ejército propio, supongo.- exclamó con voz distante y algo de resignación.

    Wong alzó una ceja y preguntó con voz claramente sarcástica.

    - ¿Y sabes dónde conseguir uno ahora mismo?

    Strange volvió a suspirar.

    - Algo así...- dijo antes de volver la mirada a su compañero.

    Lo que mostraba el rostro de Wong ante la respuesta dada, no era exactamente reconfortante. Pero estaba bien, Strange no había intentado confortar a nadie.


    Sam volvió a mirar de reojo a Bucky y no pudo evitar la sonrisa que, por enésima vez, adornó sus labios.

    31 de octubre, 10:12 de la noche, y él se encontraba tranquilo en el departamento que tanto él como el sargento compartían en New York; luego de una tarde completa de repartir dulces y elogiar a los pequeños que llegaron disfrazados hasta su puerta. Desde seres mitológicos a personajes de la pantalla tanto chica como grande, de héroes a villanos, y de pequeños profesionales a incluso un mini vagabundo. Había sido una tarde divertida e interesante hasta ya entrada la noche, y ahora tocaba hacer algo que pocas veces había tenido el lujo de hacer durante los últimos años: Tomarse una noche de Halloween para disfrutar al lado de su ahora novio de 109 años, quien de momento se encontraba intercambiando historias de terror con un AJ pre adolescente por medio de una video llamada bajo la divertida mirada de Sarah, con Bucky adorablemente ataviado con su pijama especial para la fecha: Un pantalón de franela color negro con esqueletos bailarines y la parte superior también de franela, de color naranja con líneas negras y el cuello verde, representando una calabaza tallada con el rostro en la parte de adelante.

    Era parte de un juego de 7 pijamas destinados para algunas de las celebraciones del año: Año Nuevo, San Valentín, Pascua, 4 de Julio, Halloween, Acción de Gracias y Navidad; y siendo sinceros al ser para adultos era más que nada un regalo de broma, pero AJ no lo había visto así. Según Sarah, ni bien vio el paquete de pijamas AJ había asegurado que era el regalo perfecto para su 'tío Bucky' y no se equivocó, porque cuando Bucky abrió el paquete la mañana de Navidad del año anterior, bajo la atenta mirada del resto de la familia (y hay que decirlo, una mirada un poco preocupada por parte de Sarah) Bucky prácticamente había rebotado sobre su sitio de la emoción, y había ido a cambiarse de inmediato con el apropiado para la fecha.

    - ¡Sam! ¡Sam! ¡Tienes que tocarlo! ¡Es tan suave y cómodo, Sam! ¡Nunca había tenido algo tan cómodo!- exclamó el súper soldado con la misma emoción que mostraba AJ mientras lucía el pijama de pantalón verde navidad con bastones de caramelo dispersados por todos lados, y la parte superior con el rostro de Rudolph el reno de la nariz roja en el pecho, junto a pequeños rostros de Santa, regalos, arbolitos y duendes estampados por doquier.

    Había sido genial ver a Bucky así de feliz... lo no tan genial fue que en algún momento entre que Bucky entró a la habitación de nuevo con el pijama ya puesto, y la exclamación acerca de la suavidad del pijama; el cuerpo de Sam había comenzado a reaccionar como si el mismo Bucky fuese el próximo regalo a ser abierto.

    Afortunadamente la única en notarlo fue Sarah. Desgraciadamente Sarah lo notó y le mando su peor mirada de reprimenda.

    Cuando llegó el Año Nuevo y Bucky se transformó en la ilusión de fuegos artificiales andantes gracias al siguiente par de pijamas, Sam se dio cuenta que los pijamas eran algo así como un problema para él, porque su cerebro comenzó a gritarle que la mejor manera de comenzar el año sería quitarle a Bucky la pijama con los dientes y hacerle ver fuegos artificiales de todos los colores a continuación.

    El problema número 1 ante esa línea de pensamiento era que seguían en casa de la familia. El segundo fue que Sarah lo regañó por querer deshonrar de esa manera el regalo que AJ había elegido con tanto cariño para su tío Bucky.

    Así que Sam se regañó a sí mismo también y aguantó con estoicismo hasta que llegó la noche del día antes de Pascua, día para el cual el pijama en cuestión no solo constaba de un pantalón color celeste claro con pequeños conejitos adorables por todos lados, y una parte superior amarillo bebé con una explosión de huevos decorados; sino que el pantalón de pijama también tenía como detalle adicional una colita esponjosa en forma de pompón que Bucky no dudó en ir a mostrarle a Sam, junto a un bailecito al mejor estilo de los cartoons de Betty Boop que daban en la década de los 30's y que Sam estaba más que seguro que Bucky había visto en los cines en su momento.

    Y algo hizo 'BUM' dentro de la cabeza del actual Capitán América, lo cual aparentemente fue notado por Bucky, quien de pronto lo miró preocupado.

    - ¿Sam? ¿Estás bien?- preguntó el súper soldado.

    Sam le pidió perdón a Sarah y a AJ en su mente por su falta de fuerza de voluntad, aspiró hondo y procedió a taclear a Bucky sobre el sofá que estaba cerca.

    Bucky pasó de un '¡Uf!' a un ataque de risa que pronto se convirtió en un montón de gemidos, suspiros y frases inentendibles, mientras Sam se dedicaba a venerar el cuerpo del hombre que amaba, en tanto que al mismo tiempo profanaba el pijama.

    En fin, Sarah no tenía por qué enterarse ¿Cierto?

    Los siguientes pijamas corrieron una suerte similar, y de momento Sam esperaba que AJ y Bucky terminasen con lo suyo para tener su celebración privada en cualquier momento, así que ¡Por supuesto!.... Algo tenía que suceder.

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  • midnight-proxi
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Our Love is God: Yandere What If: Doctor Strange x Reader Part 1

    .:A/N: This is somewhat of a spoiler if anyone hasn't seen Episode 4 and Episode 8 & 9 of Marvel's What If. I love episode 4 so damn much, I can't help to watch over and over again 😂 Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it and this is technically, my first ever Yandere one shot story 🖤:.

    One Life.

    One Choice.

    One Moment.

    There was nothing he could have done to prevent the end of the world. His world shattered around him, his friends disappeared, his love for Christine faded from his grasp leaving him all alone in his crystal dorm. The Ancient One, and O'Bengh had told him, it wasn't risking to bring someone back to life, even the Watcher himself, tried to step in to signal him but couldn't do it because of his oath.

    Things got a little interesting after the Watcher asked him for help from a bigger thread, Ultron. "You're really going to make me say it?" Said the Watcher as he hesitated.

    "Oh yeah. I definitely want to hear you say it" said Strange with a smirk. "Are you ready to break your oath?"

    With a heavy sigh from the Watcher as he quickly let his pride slip out from his mind. "I can't believe what I'm saying. I can see now, I need your help"

    As the two individuals discussed a plan to defeat Ultron and save the Multiverses. The Watcher gather up heroes from different points in time and universes: A female soldier lost in time, Lost Prince of Wakanda, Tony's protege and murder, Alone child with party intention, A Thanos slayer and including a lone survivor watch her world destroy from the hands of an Android. They all fought well against Ultron trying to take back the infinite stones but in the end, Strange figured The Watcher actually planned it! They never meant to win from the very start knowing Killgonmer betrayal and Arnim Zola possessing Ultron's body to claim the stones for themselves.

    Strange quickly casted a spell around them to seal them away from their own crystal prison. The watcher was grateful from their successful mission and sent the others back to their own dimensions; however, Strange was given the task to watch the crystal dome in case they decided to break out. "Besides, what are friends for~"


    Nearly a month after a battle against Ultron, pacing around his prism prison watching carefully at the miniature crystal dome by his side. Strange couldn't get that thought from his mind, The Watcher did say there are endless possibilities from different realms. Perhaps, there is someone who would share his life with just like he had with Christine...

    Casting a small spell in front of him showing a small gateway from different universes and checking out the others in their realm. Scrolling through as it felt for eternity until something caught his attention, a young beautiful woman perhaps in her late 20s; her (color hair) hair looks so silky and shines bright from the rays of the sun. Strange couldn't help but admire her beauty, if only he could get away from his realm and get to her. "I must have her, she would be perfect for me~"


    POV SUIT: (Reader's POV)

    Walking through the busy streets of New York, people trying to cram themselves, shoving people shoulder to shoulder and the street's traffic is just as terrible back in California but I didn't mind. Today was a beautiful day for a night out with friends but mostly everyone got busy with school, work or a family business all except Peter Parker and Scott Lang of course. Those two will always be there whenever your friends quote, "ditch you" but I know they joke about it but sometimes you felt they could be right. Soon your phone vibrated from a text message from Scott.

    'Hey (your name)! Are you doing anything later tonight? Hope is wondering if you want to go with us on a date night! You can bring a plus one~'

    I rolled my eyes laughing at his text.

    'Sure I would love to. I'll bring Peter with me if he's not busy'

    He quickly responded in no less than 30 seconds.

    'Great! We'll pick you at your place! See you soon'

    I placed my phone back in my pocket and kept on walking with a smile. I had a feeling that Scott is trying to hook me up with Peter, he seems nice, smart and quite handsome but I only see him like a brother to me. Peter does the same as well but, the more I thought of it it made my cheeks heat up a bit just a thought of him. Without thinking I bump into a solid wall or at least what I thought it was.

    'Please be a wall and not some crock.' Slowly lifting my head up with a faint growl from the individual, a crack from it's tail bash in the concrete. My eyes widened in horror, it was The Lizard out in the open with a louder roar, everyone in the streets panic and rush out of the way. Screaming trying to get somewhere safe, I tried to get away but The Lizard quickly grabbed me by the waist and roared at me. "Where is he!" He shouted at me. "Where's your little friend at!"

    "I don't know what you're talking about!" I said, trying to get out of his grasp.

    He growled as he tightened his grip on me, I let out a scream in pain. I won't tell him anything where Peter is even if he torture me or kill me for information. Before The Lizard tightened more a yellow red light casted in the back of me with a mysterious black cape came out wrapping itself around The Lizard's head, releasing from his grasp I nearly fell to the ground until a pair of arms grabbed me pulling me into the portal. My vision slightly blurred trying to look around my surroundings. All I could see was the room filled with books, weird objects with the light casting the room a bit. I tried to get up but I felt my legs numb with small needles pinching my muscles. "You poor thing let help you"

    I quickly turned to the direction where the voice was coming from, I couldn't see who it was until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I flinched, causing to slap his hand away from me. I quickly turned around and I saw him on his knees with a worried look on his face. "I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to startle you like that" Said Stephen reaching his hand at me. "I won't hurt you"

    "I-It is okay, I c-can do it myself" I lied as I slowly got up not caring about the stings around my legs. "Where am I? Whatever happened to The Lizard?"

    "Don't worry about him, dear. I took care of him"

    Another portal opened out the same black cape wrapping itself around the stranger closing behind him. "Who are you?" I asked

    "Who? Me. My name is Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme" he said gently, grabbing my hand and kissing it. "What about you my dear?~"

    I blushed slightly with his icy blue eyes staring back at me, I couldn't help but blushed even more having my face heated up. I quickly moved my hand away from him and covered my cheeks. He softly chuckles, caressing my hair a bit. "I'm sorry, I'm usually never like this when it comes to new people. Y-You just surprised me when you saved me" I said moving my hands away from my cheeks. "Name's (your name) (last name) by the way"

    "(your name), what a lovely name for a beautiful woman" he said with a smile.

    He gently grabs my hand once more pulling me closer towards him, wrapping his other around my waist drawing me closer and closer to him. The more I look deep in his eyes as our lips, I place a finger in his lips with a shy smile. "Isn't that a bit early for a kiss? We just met after all."

    Stephen chuckles with a sigh moving my finger away from his lip. "You're right. I was caught in the moment. Sorry."

    Before I could say anything, the front doors slammed open with a voice that sounded familiar. "(Your name), are you here! I brought Ant Man with me"

    I excused myself walking out the room toward the downstairs in the main entrance of the house. Stephen followed me nearly close to me; It was Peter with Scott in their hero uniform. Peter walks up the stairs and walks toward me holding my hands. Stephen looks over my shoulder seeing Spideman holding my mines, he quietly growls trying not to make a scene. "You okay? I heard from Ant man saying, The Lizard came out of nowhere and nearly took you hostage!" Said Spiderman in a slight panic.

    "I'm fine P-, Spiderman. Doctor Strange rescued me from him" I said with a slightly blushed

    Spider-Man let go of my hands but I can tell he was slightly blushing as well behind his mask. "T-Thanks Strange for saving (your name)"

    "No need to thank me, Spider-Man. I was there in the right place and the right time" Said Stephen with a smile. Feeling his hand holding my left arm slightly gripping it with a slight pinch.

    I twitched a bit and pretended it was just a mosquito bite me, Scott sensed something wasn't right about all this not from the awkward conversation Peter and Stephen are having but the way Stephen is behaving around (Your name). After a few minutes of conversations, I left with Spiderman and Ant man to take me back home; Stephen didn't like the idea of me leaving with them, I could see his eyes shifting to a different color and stare at Peter with hatred. Wrapping my arms around Spiderman's neck with his arm wrapping around my waist. "You ready?" he asked.

    I nodded as he shot out a web and swung from building to building following behind Ant Man, I looked back at the Sanctuary as Stephen walked back inside slamming the doors behind him. About 5 mins we made it to my apartment, I helped him open up the window and we both crawled inside closing the curtains behind us. "That was pretty awkward with the Doc" said Peter, taking off his mask. "Don't you agree?"

    "He's not awkward, Peter. Stephen is just misunderstood" I said shyly.

    "I agree with Parker, (your name)" said Scott, turning back to his normal size. "He's giving me weird vibes around him. I think you should stay away from that man, Stephen may cause some trouble."

    "Scott is right (your name), he may have saved you but, I just don't know what will happen if anything happened to you" Peter once more grabbed my hands closer to his chest. "(Your name), I love you and I wanted to tell you that for so long"

    My heart was racing hearing from him, Scott looked at me from behind Peter giving me a smile, some thumbs up. I quietly heard him saying, "Go for it!"

    I quietly giggled but smiled at Peter putting my arms around his neck. "I'm guessing that double date was just an excuse for us to hook up?" I look at Scott.

    "He was going to say that but I think this is the perfect time for it" Scott smiles patting both our shoulders. "How about we should get ready, I don't want Hope to stay at home doing nothing"

    We both chuckled giving Peter a kiss on the cheek, they quickly changed back to their normal clothes and headed out of the door. Waving them goodbye, closing the door with a soft sigh, my heart is still racing from Peter's confession and I just hope this night lasts longer..

    Stephen POV:

    Seeing (your name) with another man made my blood boil, I can't stand him being near my (your name). She's mine! I won't let anyone interfere with my plans to be with her! Growled feeling my right hand changing into tentacles, I grew in pain pushing the creature back inside my body. Panting slightly sensing the creatures trying to escape after consuming their powers for my own will. "Shit. I have to keep it together or else, I'll lose control with these beings inside of me"

    I took a deep breath walking around the empty halls, casting a small spell that formed a small bat. "Follow them, I need to know where she lives and where they'll be heading."

    The small creature phase through the wall and follows them to (your name)'s apartment. Opening up a small mirror through the eyes of the creature hiding behind the lamp. Watching from afar hearing their conversation until I heard something I didn't want to hear.

    "(Your name), I love you and I wanted to tell you that for so long"

    Clutching my fist slamming it against the wall puncturing a huge hole not caring about the damage, I growled at the young man who tried to tell my love away from me. "I'll make him suffer for saying those words to her."

    Summoning different off the shelf searching a spell for tormenting or perhaps, a cast forbidden spell that could wipe every heroes in this realm. No that would be too obvious I’m not casting the same spell like Wanda did when she nearly wipe out the mutants gene population. I already did cast a spell she used on that small town in New Jersey with no memory upon these pathetic beings. “I just hope this spell will last longer just be a bit closer with (your name), I’m sure Scott and Peter will soon figure out what’s going on and foiled my plans!”

    “If they do, I’ll make sure to put end of their exists once and for all but in the meantime, I should get ready for my date~”


    This is just Part 1 of 2! I wanted to continue the story from start to finish but, I don’t give out a small info for the story 😂

    Anyway, I’ll post part 2 in Halloween to continue with this Yandere Strange story! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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    Title: Life Asked Death Chapters: 17/20 Rating: Teen and Up Audiences Warnings: Implied/Referenced Character Deaths, Canon-Typical Violence Categories: Gen Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Relationships: Gamora & Loki & Nebula (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel), Gamora/Peter Quill Characters: Gamora (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Peter Quill, Thanos (Marvel), The Black Order (Marvel), Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Other Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy Team Word Count: 42k Summary: Infinity War AU. Thanos moves on with his goal to wipe half the universe out of existence. Gamora, Loki, and Nebula have to come back together and face their pasts. Part 7 of “Three of Us Against the World.”

    Stephen is not a master at this game.
    He’s only a pawn, albeit one with slightly more information than the others.
    You see, when the time stone showed him all of the possible timelines and routes they could go through, it showed him that this isn’t his fight. He is to help, sure, but he isn’t one of the main players.
    He can push and prod at the others, but ultimately, their choices are their own.

    Read More on ff.net Read More on AO3

    #life asked death #three of us against the world #stephen strange#doctor strange#loki#gamora#nebula#thor #guardians of the galaxy #the avengers#mcu#marvel#fanfic#my fanfic#my writing#mine #ff.net #ao3 #infinity war au #endgame au#thanos#infinity stones
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    Stephen Strange voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch WHAT IF...? (2021), created by A.C. Bradley

    #marveledit#doctorstrangeedit#whatifedit #what if...? #f: mcu #tv: what if #c: stephen strange #marvelcharacter4#**
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    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Loki: Elskan mín?

    Peter: Yes, my Love?

    Loki: How long do you think your fathers would be angry with me if I, hypothetically, were to set the living room on fire?

    Peter: You set the living room on fire?!

    Loki: NO! It's a hypothetical question

    Peter: ...

    Peter: You should probably stay away for about a month

    Loki: Oh, okay, that is too long, so it's not worth it


    Peter: Dads? The living room doesn't happen to be on fire, does it?

    Stephen: No?

    Peter: Oh, thank goodness!

    Tony: ... Should we be worried or something?

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  • scarletwitchpanels
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Scarlet Witch summoning Doctor Strange in West Coast Avengers #79

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  • kosammyl
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    My favorite men 🤧

    #doctor strange#marvel #doctor stephen strange #what if#sammy lawrence #bendy and the ink machine #batim#art
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  • stark-strange-love2
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    *at 2am*

    Tony: you always ask what my insomnia thoughts are but I never ask you about yours. What are you thinking about right now love?

    Stephen: nothing, go to sleep.



    Stephen: Fine. In the English language you can spell ‘Tony’ as ‘Ptoughneigh’ and it would still sound the same phonetically


    Tony, rolling over: Goodnight

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