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  • ghostlynimbus
    17.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    Thinking about Steve (and Steve & Billy)

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  • dalekofchaos
    17.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    One of my least favorite aspects of Stranger Things since season 1 ended is the complete lack of a Jonathan, Steve and Nancy dynamic. What was promised at the end of season 1 is the 3 would be best friends and and we'd get to see them as a trinity on adventures and as the fandom made them out to be “monster hunting trio”. Not once have we seen this dynamic and not even once do we even get to see a Steve and Jonathan friendship. Steve and Nancy's relationship ended and even their friendship seems to be nonexistent at this point. Like come the fuck on, this is terrible writing to hint at something happening and going in a completely different direction. Like as soon as they paired Jonathan and Nancy together, it's almost like they did everything in their power to write out Steve as much as possible. And that is complete bullshit.

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  • truebelieversworld
    17.01.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    So many people struggle with depression, with self harm and self hatred. We focus on comfort characters to help us, we know they'd care, that they'd want us to get better.

    It's kinda fucked up when you think about it, people tell you all the time to get help, that they want to help or that they're there for you. But no one is actually there until you show that it's too late. No one wants to talk about suicide attempts or self harm until it goes too far or it gets too scary. No one wants to help until it's shoved in their faces. And then they just want you to be better and pretend it never happened but it changes you, it changes everything about you. You aren't the same person anymore and people just expect you to be the same after the trauma and the pain and they expect you to recover and get better. They don't think of the nightmares or the fear, they don't think of the terror of waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you're still alive, trying to figure out if it's a relief to still be alive or if you're crying because you don't want to be. No one talks about the dull days where there's no color, no reason. They say it'll get better that everything takes time but no one talks about the in between, when you're still struggling to pick yourself up, but everyone already expects you to run.

    On those dark days remember someone loves you, that someone believes in you. Your comfort character would see it, they would know you needed help. Darling they love you so so much and they're so proud of you for everything you've done, even if it was just getting out of bed.

    Remember sweet one, your comfort character believes in you and so do I, your fellow late night scroller who's looking for a safe place to land.

    ~ True 💛❤

    #comfort character#anxiety#depression#self harm #tony stark x reader #stucky x reader smut #ironspider #steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes #tony stark x peter parker #bucky barnes x plus size reader #stephen strange x reader #clint barton x reader #steve harrington x reader #i believe in you #natasha x reader #harry potter fanfiction #draco malfoy x reader #dean x reader #spencer reid fanfiction #marvel fanfiction#fanfiction#luna lovegood#fred weasley
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  • reddie-as-ill-ever-be
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Steve: I'm glad we only had the Salem Witch Trials and not the full version

    Robin: I knew we should have had that concussion looked at…

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  • the-closested-bisexual-himbo
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Spit kink/drool kink//hand worshiping/finger sucking kink (cause I’m gay and HANDS!!!)

    Okay sooo… just, ugh Billy being the repressed gay, he bully’s Steve into sucking on his fingers (cause that’s not gay but the thoughts they lead to, lowrd. But to him it’s safe grounds.. juuust bullying 🙄🤦🏻 smfh.) but as he forces him to suck on his fingers he tells him “don’t swallow, wanna watch you literally drool over me pretty boy.”

    That’s it.. that’s the idea my head just spat out.

    Here have it. (I also imagine this developing into a kink for Steve because honestly, psychologically, trauma breeds kinks sooo.. this leads to him WANTING him to bully him into doing it until he accidentally reveals he’s obsessed with his hands aaand Billy’s not opposed to him worshiping his hands or anything.)

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  • stevesbqt
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Steve: oh billy ~~ *he’d lean into him humming quietly *

    Billy: *blushing uncontrollably *

    Steve: *whispers in his ear * I think we should have fruity pebbles for breakfast.

    Steve: *sits back down *

    Billy: for the love of- ASSHOLE *hits Steve with pillow repeatedly *

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  • stevesbqt
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Billy: *eats spaghetti * ow , shit I just bit my tongue and it really really hurts!

    Steve: quit bitching I bite it all the time , you never seem to complain.

    Dustin: *slams his utensils down* JUST ONE MEAL. CAN’T WE HAVE ONE NORMAL MEAL?!!

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  • dearrrabbit
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    [S] QUENTN ===> Have a serious discussion with those kids.

    #inflicts psychic damage on you #dbd #dead by daylight #quentin smith#steve harrington#jonathan byers#homestuck#i guess
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  • stevesbqt
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Billy: I LOVE YOU STEVIE !! L-O-V -E YOU

    Robin: is he okay ?


    Steve: he got his wisdom teeth removed earlier.

    Billy: I AM IN LOVE-EE

    Steve: *sips coke looking at billy *

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  • cakeleighh
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I feel like I always apologise for my contributions to society, and it’s no different here. Cuz this is just more shit from my brain.

    Mind Flayer; “but you haven’t,,, eaten them,,, yet??”

    The entity, an omnipotent being who managed to lose Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon; “uhhhh, well, you see, just cuz I’m not eating now, doesn’t mean the food isn’t mine. So bugger off.”

    Is there official lore explaining what happens in the entity’s realm when ST left? Like, did Steve, Nancy and the Demogorgon win and beat the entity? Or did they all die and go to that place where all the survivors and killers will eventually end up?

    Regardless, I think this is a funny concept. Though, the entity would without a doubt win in a fight against the mindflayer.

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  • emotionalsupporthimbos
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    My comfort characters but as my playlist names

    Reggie Peters- Im a yeemo motherfucker, sorry

    John Murphy- get in loser we're going to therapy

    Stu Macher- I'm a villain but I'm a slutty villan, ya know

    Marko Mclostboys- homoerotic 80's vampire type vibes

    Deena Johnson- I'mNoTliKeOthErGiRlziOnlyLisTenToScEAmo

    Adam Faulkner-Stanheight- I'm a bisexual in the saw franchise

    Jasper Jordan- pov: it's 7th grade and I hate myself

    Eddie Brock- kinda wanna keep living my life bitch

    Steve Harrington- just broke up with my nonexistent ex,,, goin thru it

    Kate Bishop- in the mood for some arson baby?

    Richie Tozier- aggressive will to live songs

    JJ Maybank- childhood nostalgia from before my dad was abusive

    #I've run out of characters but not playlist names #i have like 4 mor playlist names #anyways the jj one is very on the nose i i apologize #jatp#reggie peters#the 100#john murphy#outer banks#jj maybank#jasper jordan#richie tozier#it#kate bishop#hawkeye#deena johnson#fear street#steve harrington#stranger things#scream#marko tlb #the lost boys 1987 #stu macher
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  • valsyngur
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I don´t take criticism on this

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  • ansutamusic
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


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  • adveanture
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    tag drop :  mains,  dynamics pt. 4 

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   017.  sansa stark ( dynamics )  —  rel. jon / northsworn

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   018.  archer ( dynamics )  —  rel. robin / halvplans

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   019.  allan a’ dale ( dynamics )  —  rel. robin / halvplans

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. luke / hisbelief

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. nell / herhaunt

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. shirley / sunpathos

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   021.  steve harrington ( dynamics )  —  rel. nancy / nancewheelers

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   021.  steve harrington ( dynamics )  —  rel. jonathan / jonbyers

    ★ ∗ ∘ ∙   022.  dick grayson ( dynamics )  —  rel. barbara / wistcrias

    #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   017.  sansa stark ( dynamics )  —  rel. jon / northsworn #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   018.  archer ( dynamics )  —  rel. robin / halvplans #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   019.  allan a’ dale ( dynamics )  —  rel. robin / halvplans #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. luke / hisbelief #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. nell / herhaunt #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   020.  steven crain ( dynamics )  —  rel. shirley / sunpathos #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   021.  steve harrington ( dynamics )  —  rel. nancy / nancewheelers #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   021.  steve harrington ( dynamics )  —  rel. jonathan / jonbyers #★ ∗ ∘ ∙   022.  dick grayson ( dynamics )  —  rel. barbara / wistcrias #tag drop
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  • void--shouting
    17.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Episode List For “Mystic & Magic of Shadow Lake”

    Ep.1: Pilot - There is a hidden world parallel to our own, and the divide is crossed when vampires look to drain a high school dry, but who is this fifteen year old who dares to stand in their way?

    Ep.2: Don Quixote - An old man finds youthful strength and stamina when wearing a magical medallion, that is also driving him mad. When he sets his sights upon Raven Rose, it becomes a race against time to save her before the old man makes her his “perfect bride”.

    Ep.3: Short Fuse - Blowing up in anger takes on new meaning when a student finds she literally explodes with energy whenever she’s overloading with anxiety. She might not want to hurt anyone at first, but will that change with the right target in sight?

    Ep.4: Time Warp - Aaron, Raven, Ace, and Judy go on a field trip from their current time to the year 2005. No Tardis, or DeLorean at hand, the friends must discover another way home before time erases them from existence.

    Ep.5: Fiend - Supplied with pills that pull people into addiction, a high school senior gets locked into dependence on a drug whose side effects involve fire breathing. Who is this senior willing to burn in order to get more of his fix?

    Ep.6: Stutter - You can’t repeat the past, but a down on his luck man is willing to put that theory to the test, no matter who he has to kill to do so. Armed with teeth that can turn concrete into sand, he will win back his ex one way or another.

    Ep.7: Pressure - Rule one of dealing with witches, never piss them off. A rule that had been broken, and now the local witch has setup a magically trapped maze to toy with her teenage enemy. Adding more fuel to the fire, the witch upped the stakes by placing Judy in direct danger.

    Ep.8: Vampire - When she needed her most, Raven’s best friend returned to school. This return hasn’t come toothless, in fact it’s sporting razor sharp fangs. In the end, will Raven be able to help her friend, or will she have to lose her?

    Ep.9: Evil Angel - Warnings are told from a spirit of what’s to come. A demon will be summoned by the witch, but how it plays out is up to the choices of our heroes.

    Ep.10: Prospero - Possessed by a wicked demon, the witch’s power is used in tandem with the demons to reign hell upon the town without mercy. If the demon is to be gotten rid of, it’ll take a major sacrifice, one which there may be no return from.

    Free Kindle Ebook

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  • the-closested-bisexual-himbo
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Okay concept that before they moved to Hawkins Neil tried to “put Billy straight(oof the phrasing)” by sending him to military school and that’s where Billy got into fitness as an escape and release. As well as drinking and smoking. That’s also where he found out he liked boys, one of the smaller guys there that was just as scared was a goof ball with him from the start. He talked Billy up with each weeks gains, joking bro manner of course. A couple times when he’d find him emotional n hiding Billy comforted him and the other boy would console him the same when Billy was in his isolation, quite moods and the rare but intense breakdowns. They even held each other a few times which really solidified the worries in the back of Billys mind his whole life, each time. In those moments they were intimate for the comfort of the other, though in the embrace, all Billy could think was “fuck. I still feel the same way. I thought it’d go away.. thought it was a one time, two time thing. Just an isolated incident type thing. But nope I feel the same.”

    A few times after they held each other they sat there, back in the safety of separate selves once more. But Billy would feel the need creep up the second the pull away started. He’d sit there in the ache of wanting it back, wanting.. wanting more. He’d sit there in that silence waiting for something anything to either take him away from the feeling or.. (he hoped) towards it, falling, deeper into it. He longed more then anything to just fuckin stop fighting it and give in. To open his mouth and speak his way into a direction to shake free from that stuckness of the spot he always seemed to land himself in. He couldn’t though, but one time. One god damn night of drinking and he was praying literally praying to whatever the fuck be, that they’d have mercy on him, that they’d provide some peace for him, if only just a moment! And he got just that, JUST.. fucking.. that.

    Drunkenly they talked in the showers, which was a separate small building far enough away from the places where the others slept that they could speak freely. So when everyone was asleep, this night, they did just that.. only they got emotional and that comfort finally turned into the more he had dreamed of. They pulled back signaling the ending of the hug and Billy almost found the will to just touch his face to maybe push further even.. to kissing him. But no he couldn’t, but the thought or the feelings must have shown because Billy settled back into the personal spiral he always had after. Alone agin he felt, transfixed by all the ghosts back out to play he hadn’t noticed the guy was slowly coming back into his space. On his hands and knees just the few feet over but feeling like a life long strip tease granted just for him. Billy was wasted at sea, being pulled down in the heavy waves of self hate so all he could do was look over, head back sprawled half on the floor, propped up against the wall. He swallowed watching him come closer. Billy’s breathe quickened as he looked the other over taking in the moment of maybe. The other boy looked around nervously checks bursting with pink enough so that even in the moon light through the windows he could see it. He looked fuckin beautiful and it made Billy’s heart race but he was still stuck. “Please” Billy thought, “fuck, PLEASE give me more, please I need you, I neeeeed more but I just…. I CANT DO IT! I can’t be the one to-Please.”

    He mustered up a smile at the other that came across, he was sure, as very awkward but he was trying to show that he was at least comfortable with whatever he was trying to go for. His anxiety made him huff a small laugh out, he wet his lips a bit. Left his mouth open a bit once he let the smile drop.

    “Could I- would you be mad if I asked you for something?” The other boy whispered, inches from him. Billy nods no swallowing anxiously again, trying to find his breath, feeling his stomach tighten with heat. The other boy rested his hand on Billy’s open thighs further driving home his next question “are you sure?” And Billy still can’t speak but he nods yes as he looked down at his hand swallowing with the thoughts of hope that arose. “Could I- maybe.. if you don’t want to just tell me, don’t get mad okay?.. please.” He took a moment growing redder “But.. can I.. kiss you?” And Billys stomach tingles with excitement and he nods as much of a yes as he can muster in awe that it finally has happened! His prayers have been answered! The boy using his leverage on Billy’s thigh to push up n lean over slowly to kiss him. Dragging it out just as slowly as Billy wanted it, to take in every fuckin detail of that moment. Low lids looking each other over until their lips met and they melted. Eyes closed in ecstasy, Billy let out a little muffled whimper. Then the other boy was coming in packed tightly into him, to sit right between his limp, spread legs. Billy suddenly felt a jolt of electricity when his hand slide from his thigh to his hard bulge in his pants. Whimpering again, sighing his relief into the others mouth.

    As he knew the creator had a fucked sense of human a moment of peace granted was only that. Suddenly he heard something, saw lights flash on them, there’s a couple guys with flash lights and then the main lights shocked the depth of the situation through him, in an instant, outpouring the lesson Billy still had a ways to learn. They started yelling about how they’re gonna tell. Billy blacks out some but next thing he knows, they do just that. He’s sent home early as dishonorably as they can state things, they tell Neil.

    Billy has to lie that the guy had tried to put the moves on him and he was drunk and asleep in the showers. It didn’t stick as well as he’d like but it still was just enough to let Neil think he wasn’t gay or at least not the type of boy that went out looking for it but the horny one who, if under the right circumstances, if one crawled into his lap and asked nice enough..

    Then they moved and well.. he thought he’d left this all behind, that he’d be able to leave these childish thoughts behind, then he sees Steve fucking Harrington.

    Steve reminds him of the guy a lot. Maybe that’s why he finds himself fixated on him. That’s probably the reason for the anger that comes rippling through him like a tsunami every time he sees the beautiful fuck. Probably why he finds himself trying to get close to him at a every possible chance even if that closeness comes from Steve being on the other end of his blind rage at all that Steve symbolizes for him. Even if he’s on the receiving end of Steve’s own rage, he doesn’t care one bit, loves it even. He hates himself for it but every punch given or taken really does feel like a kiss to him.. like that moment that had dragged on in the showers. The blows tasting like love and lust and blood and tears, like the ones he cries at night, alone, quite as he can. They taste like the most ugly delights he dreams of, the want being crushed back down forcibly by Steve’s fists into his face. The lust, piercingly struck into the very face and body Billy wants, feral rage of a mask keeping the truth at bay as best he can in those moments. But Billy wondered to himself sometimes, in times when he’d get too close, took a bit too long for a comeback or blow, that Steve may catch it in his eyes the same way the other boy had. The thought gave him the same stupid hope he had then too, and yet he’d still find himself stealing those extra moments. A victim to his desires. Straddling Steve mid-yoking him up by his shirt to meet a hit.. and just, dazed for a moment too long.. he was so helpless to it though. That’s why you see, he was helpless to Steve and that’s truly what made his jaw tighter (every day in this hell hole of a town), his fist hit harder, his words that much nastier, always leaving a bitter taste of irony behind, because those were the only tools at his disposal. Those things kept him armored, kept him from being found out, from being totally dumbfounded by his want for the other and stuck still as a statue with out an ounce of control left in him. If he put these masks of violence between him and this problem they helped him keep some level of restraint. But the longer this went on for the more he wondered just how long he’d be able to do this for.

    (Because in the short time since the first boy he’d had a crush on to now, the hurt had grown too much to bare, just that alone, enough to drive him to sickness. Add in to the equation of the same feelings, the same dreams, for some new pretty boy. Add in that since said new crush his decline of mental health was all too visible to every damn person. But try as dude, he couldn’t grasp at the sides of this slide, just nose dive down, down, down. His best attempt at helping?.. wetting his way down with booze. If that didn’t kill him, or the smoking, or the bold moves he’d shoot Neils way to feel some odd sense of actual strength, would. It was odd, cause when he worked out it was only to fight the thoughts, the voices in his head, which never helped him feel any better. But standing up to Neil gave him a high he didn’t know just quite why, but, it’s like Neil was the only man he could truly stand up to with out feeling a shred of that “maybe”(for obvious reasons), only pure animosity and that made him feel, finally.. out of its death grip, finally able to stand solid in some semblance of power. Even if the hurt to come was hell. Sickly comforting in a way, it was his own personal hell loop he couldn’t help but keep on playin into. ‘Only for so long’ he thought back to himself weary in bed, a silent tear rolling down his check. He was tired, and on the highway to the real hell, only a matter of time, but something in him begged, some part whimpered these pleas once more (just about every night, at least the ones he could remember) like prayers once again into the vast ocean, in hopes that maybe before he gave way to these ravenous tides Steve would some how.. for some reason, find it in himself to, despite everything, throw him a lifeline. “Stupid, stupid, stupid, no guy that perfect, no boy that soft in every sense of the word.. beautifully so, could ever find it in him to love a boy like you.” A voice would speak something like this every time he prayed this, ‘even still, doesn’t hurt to try’ in the smallest of ways like he did. He’d think back. I can’t help but hope as it is but even that flame will die some day, hopefully, with me.)

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    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I like his look in this one 🥰

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    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Who's fucking with my Valentine's Day Steve Harrington design ? 🤭

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