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    The Tower: Happily Ever After - 15

    The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic

    Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //

    Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

    Word Count: 2652

    Warnings:  breastfeeding, postpartum depression, smut (MMFF, oral sex, vaginal sex, mild d/s, mild degradation kink (name calling specifically), mild lactation kink)

    Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

    Chapter 15: Ups and Downs

    My good day was followed by a bad one.  It was a bit like having a crash after a high.  I was low and lethargic and even though I knew I needed to get moving, I was struggling to make it happen. 

    I lay in bed with the twins in the late morning, curled on my side as I fed them.  I was wearing a simple sleep gown that was open at the front, and nothing else because I didn’t have the energy to do the full Asgardian dress.  Nova had already fallen asleep and Inky was curled into his side, his three tails curled over Nova’s belly.  Thour was still feeding, though her eyes were closed.  Her fist was bunched into Icy’s blue fur.  I worried about them being so close to each other.  Babies tend to grip hard and pull hair or scratch and poke eyes without meaning to.  They don’t have enough control of their gross motor functions to do anything intentionally let alone genty and I worried that one day they’d hurt the vulparev and whatever Loki had said about them defending themselves would come into play in the worst way possible.

    However, Loki had assured us all that they would be fine.  They were the twins' guardians and they would die before hurting them.  While Loki wasn’t always trustworthy, I knew that with this, I could trust them.

    Steve stepped around the outside of the mattress and lifted Nova.  Inky made an annoyed chittering sound and got up, arching his back.

    “Alright, alright,” Steve said, picking the vulparev up too.  “I’m just taking him to his bed.”

    I laughed softly and watched as Steve carried Nova and Inky down the steps of the bed.  I closed my eyes and took slow deep breaths trying to clear my mind.  I felt Bucky approach and the mattress dipped beside me as he lay down opposite me.  The cool caress of his metal fingers traveled down my cheek and I opened my eyes.  “You falling asleep?”  he asked softly.

    I shook my head.  “No.”

    “This one is,” he said, tickling the side of Thour’s cheek.  Her mouth fell open and her head fell back.  I smiled a little.  “Eating in her sleep.”

    Steve appeared at the stairs again and looked over at us.  “Two down?”

    “Mm-hmm…” I hummed.

    He came over, this time scooping Thour and Icy up in one go.  As he took them both back down the stairs I scooted closer to Bucky, who wrapped me in his arms and pressed his lips to the top of my head.

    “Did you wear yourself out yesterday?”  Bucky asked.

    “Maybe.  It felt good though,” I said.

    “The flying?”

    “Yeah.  And the sex,” I answered.

    Bucky pulled back and looked down at me.  “You had sex and didn’t invite me?  That’s rude.”

    I chuckled and cuddled back into him.  “Grow some wings and you can come along next time.”

    “I’ll get right on that,” he snarked.  He ran his hand up and down my arm.  “Are you going to get up?”

    “Mmm…” I hummed noncommittally.

    “You going to just lay here?”  He asked.

    I shrugged.

    “Oh, Elly,” he said, nuzzling into my hair.  “Do you want me to pleasure you?”  He whispered against my ear.

    I bit back a laugh and nuzzled into his neck as I made that same noncommittal sound.

    “Do you want me to not pleasure you?”  He teased.

    “I want you to not call it that,” I said.

    Bucky laughed and pulled me closer to him.  “No?  You don’t like when your darling husband pleasures you?”

    “Stop it!”  I giggled, pushing him.

    Wanda and Steve reappeared at the side of the bed and Wanda slipped off her shoes and crawled up, shoving herself between me and Bucky so that Buck was now holding both of us.

    Because of the fact she read minds and struggled with her own mental health, Wanda had been avoiding me lately.  Something that both hurt and I understood.  The last thing I wanted was to cause her pain, so I was glad she was looking after herself, but I also missed her and wished she was up for taking care of me because she was so good at it.  It was nice to feel her against me now.

    “What are you three planning?”  Steve asked.

    “Nothing,” Bucky said.  “Seems like Wanda and Elly are in a cuddly mood.  I might just cuddle with them until Elly is ready to get up.  You wanna join in?”

    Steve looked at his watch, which was a little odd given time was measured differently in Asgard.  “Thor said he wanted me to attend this afternoon’s council meeting.”

    “And what’s your watch telling you Stevie?  That it’s still morning in New York?”  Bucky teased.

    “Okay, smart ass,” Steve snarked, as he slipped off his shoes and got into bed behind me.  “I figured out how they measure the day here and how that translates to 12 hours on earth.  I just have to calculate the difference.  And I still have a few hours, so we can cuddle.”  He skimmed his hands over me, running them down my arms and over my stomach.

    I hummed softly, closing my eyes and nuzzling into Wanda’s hair.  “You sure you’re okay to be here?”  I whispered.

    “I missed you,” she said softly.  “I feel bad.”

    “You don’t have to,” I said.  “I get it.”

    “I know you do, and that’s worse,” she said.

    I tilted her chin up to look at me and gazed down into her green eyes.  “I love you so much.”

    “I love you too, Elly,” she said.  I leaned down and kissed her deeply.

    As the two of us kissed, Steve's hand ran up to my breasts and squeezed them gently.  It was a surprising unsexual move for something that should have been sexual, but it felt more like just an extension of the tender caressing he had been doing since he’d laid down with us.

    I pulled back from the kiss and leaned back against Steve.  “If you keep doing that, I’ll leak on Wanda.”

    Steve stifled a laugh.  “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

    “It’s okay,” Wanda said, nosing at my neck.  “I’ll change my clothes if I need to, but that doesn’t bother me.  You should know that by now.”

    Almost as if to prove her point she squeezed my breast and as it started to leak, she leaned down and circled her tongue around it, licking it up.  My nipple pebbled and she pulled it into her mouth.   As she sucked, the slow draw of liquid pulled down making my breast ache.  I moaned and let my head fall back against Steve.

    “Jesus, Elly,” Bucky groaned.  “What was that sound?”

    “Come on now, Buck,” Steve said, reaching over and running his hand down Bucky’s chest.  “You know El has a thing about her breasts.”  His hand moved down to Bucky’s crotch and began to unfasten the ties on his pants as he brought his lips to my ear.  “She also likes to be called a little slut.  Don’t you?”  He whispered so only I could hear.

    “Yes,” I moaned loudly as my cunt flooded.  My libido had been so low since the twins had been born and the last two days it felt like going from zero to a hundred.

    “I can smell you, my little slut.  Already wet for us,” Steve whispered.  He lifted his head and looked at Wanda, who was still suckling on my breast as Bucky began to undress her.  Her tits were free of her simple gown and Bucky was tugging it down over her hips.  “Wanda, sweet girl, start fingering Elly please.”  Her hand ran up under my skirts, her finger pushed between my folds and she began rubbing my clit in tight circles.  “That’s a good girl,” Steve praised.

    I tensed up and rolled my hips against her hand as a buzz built in my cunt and spread up to my aching breasts.  Bucky and Steve got up on their knees and began to undress.  They leaned over Wanda and me and kissed as they slowly rid themselves of their clothing.  When they were naked, Steve grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.  He brought his lips to my ear again, whispering low so only I could hear.  “Use your mouth to get Bucky nice and hard, Elise.  Show me what a good little slut you are.”

    “Yes, Steve,” I moaned, his words adding to the pressure coiling inside my core.  He pushed me forward a little and I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue and licking over the head of Bucky’s cock.

    Bucky hummed and pushed forward, sinking a little deeper into my mouth.  I hollowed my cheeks around his shaft and moaned as I curled my tongue.  He looked down at me and caressed my jaw, moaning deeply as his cock hardened in my mouth.

    Wanda had released my breast and started sucking Steve’s cock, though her finger continued to work my clit.

    When Bucky was fully hard, he started rolling his hips, gently fucking my mouth.  I relaxed and opened wide for him, looking up as I started playing with Wanda’s tits.  He went deeper and deeper until he was hitting the back of my throat.  Bucky groaned louder and his cock leaked. The sound of his moans blended with the rest of ours.

    Steve pulled my head back suddenly and I gasped and looked up at him waiting for his next instruction.

    “Okay, my sweet girls,” he said, caressing Wanda’s cheek.  “Make each other feel good.  Let us watch.”

    We lay down facing each other again and began to kiss.  Our hands roamed over each other and Wanda pushed her thigh between my legs.  I ground down on it and she did the same to me, her wet smearing on my skin as my own dripped from me.  My breasts ached and I pushed them against her trying to relieve the pressure.

    “Wanda,” Bucky said, running his fingers down her neck.  “Why don’t you suck on Elly’s tits again?”

    Wanda kissed down my neck and along my collarbone.  I arched my back and gripped her hip, thrusting my breasts towards her.  She leaned down and pulled one into her mouth and began to suck.  I mewled at the slow draw through my breast and rutted against Wanda’s thigh.

    “Fuck, that’s it,” Bucky groaned and began kneading Wanda’s breasts.  “Good girl.”

    “Elise,” Steve growled.  “I want your fingers in Wanda’s pussy, right now.”

    I quickly complied, slipping my fingers between her folds, and thrusting two into her cunt.  She gasped and clenched around my digits, moaning into my skin.  I curled my fingers inside her and began to stroke them over her walls.  Steve lay down behind me, pressing his body close to mine and grinding his cock against my ass.  His fingers went to my clit and he slowly started to rub it.  “That’s a girl.  Now, take them out, and put them inside you,” he growled against my ear.

    I whimpered, my whole body tensing, and pulled my fingers from Wanda.  I felt close already - like an orgasm was sitting right there ready to crash down on me.  I slowly eased my soaking fingers inside myself, trying not to just knock myself right over.

    “That’s my girl.  Don’t come yet,” Bucky praised.

    I moved my fingers slowly in and out, clenching my teeth.  “Now, Elise,” Steve said.  “Let Bucky suck those dirty fingers clean.”

    “Fuck,” I groaned.

    Steve’s hand came down on my ass with a crack, and I jerked against Wanda.  “Language,” he scolded.  “Now do as you’re told.”

    I pulled my fingers from my cunt and offered them to Bucky.  He pulled them into his mouth and moaned as he sucked them.   As he did Steve wrapped his hand around his cock and guided it into my cunt.  I cried out and clenched around him, gripping Wanda’s hip hard enough to bruise.  She mewled and rocked her hips against my thigh again.  Bucky released my fingers and moved up behind Wanda on his knees, he lifted one of Wanda’s legs onto his chest and straddled her thigh, she let go of my breast and looked up at him.  “Ready, Wanda?” he asked.

    “Yes… please…” she breathed.

    He took his cock in his hand and guided himself inside her.  She closed her eyes and moaned as he filled her.  I pulled her into a passionate kiss.  Her lips were sweet and puffy and I nipped at them.  She matched my fervor, tangling one hand into my hair.  Bucky and Steve thrust into us, slowly at first, but soon their hips were pistoning as they railed into each of us.  Steve leaned over me and sucked one of Wanda’s breasts and I rubbed her clit quickly.  She groaned into my lips and her body shuddered beside me.

    I felt like I was falling apart at the seams.  My muscles spasmed and my legs trembled.  Steve wrapped a hand around my throat and gently squeezed and that paired with the frantic kiss with Wanda meant I couldn’t breathe.  I pulled back with a gasp and all at once, my orgasm hit.  I cried out loudly, jerking between them as it crashed through me.

    My orgasm seemed to drag Wanda’s over with it.  She whimpered and clenched her teeth like she was trying to fight it, but I’d felt it too completely and with a cry, she shuddered around Bucky’s cock.

    They both pulled out and for a moment I was confused as to what was happening.  Wanda rolled away from me and I looked around a little perplexed as Bucky and Steve changed places.  Bucky flipped me onto my stomach and pushed his weight down on me, his arms wrapping around my chest so he could massage my tits as he sunk into my cunt. 

    I moaned and looked over at Steve with Wanda.  She was completely dwarfed by his body, as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and he slowly rolled his hips as he thrust into her.  He had his forehead pressed against hers and looked deeply into her eyes.

    “They look good, don’t they,” Bucky whispered.

    “Mm-hmm,” I hummed, gripping the sheets.

    He nipped at my earlobe as he thrust into me harder still.  “You feel so good, Elly,” he hummed.  “I love you so much, you know?”

    “I love you too,” I whimpered.  “You’re gonna make me come, Bucky.”

    “Isn’t that the plan?” He asked.

    I slipped a hand under myself and fingered my clit as I focused on the pleasure coiling through me and running from the threads to Wanda, Bucky, and Steve.

    I jerked back against him as a second orgasm hit, my cunt clenching around his cock.  He groaned and his hips began to stutter and just as he jerked forward and released inside me, Wanda’s orgasm hit too and she arched up under Steve with a loud moan.  Steve continued to thrust, chasing his own release.  As Bucky slipped from me and rolled over, Steve thrust hard into Wanda and came.

    We lay together in a pile, our limbs all tangled together.  Eventually, Steve and Bucky both sat up.  “Shall we take a bath together?  El, maybe you can go for a fly after.”

    I frowned and nodded.  “I’m sorry that I’m letting you down.”

    “No, Elly,” Steve said, caressing my cheek. “Don’t ever think that.  I’m just trying to help.”

    I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me.  Bucky picked up Wanda and the two men carried us down to the bathroom.  I felt light-headed and good but I was scared that it wasn’t going to last long.  I wanted to get better for them though.  So I would hang onto that feeling as long as I could.

    // NEXT

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    Eating In (Steve x Reader)

    Inspired by a request from @indecisive20something​! 

    485 words, PG-13ish. More sassy than smutty. Oh well. 

    It takes you a few seconds to really process the sight of the disaster zone that is Steve’s kitchen. There’s flour spilled across half of the counter, a splatter of brown sauce decorating the backsplash, and a tower of dirty mixing bowls teetering precariously in the sink. 

    Steve himself is holding another mixing bowl, glaring down at its contents as he whisks furiously, as if his Captain Bossypants face might cow the roux into compliance. He has sauce smeared across his temple, and he’s pink-cheeked and sweaty with exertion, and somehow he’s still ridiculously attractive. 

    “What’s going on? Did aliens invade your kitchen?” you ask, trying not to laugh. 

    Steve looks up guiltily at the sound of your voice. “Goddammit,” he mutters, and sets the bowl down on the counter just a little too hard, so that its lumpy white contents slosh over the rim. He runs both hands through his hair, scowling. 

    You go over to him, backing him up against the counter and standing up on your tiptoes to give him a kiss. 

    “I was trying to make a nice dinner,” he mumbles, cupping your cheek with one big palm and pressing his mouth to your forehead. “I’m so sorry.” 

    “Is this about what I said the other day?” you ask, barely suppressing a giggle. 

    “Maybe,” he says sulkily.

    And isn’t that just like Steve, to decide to cook a massive dinner simply because you doubted he could?

    You’d been teasing him, joking that men in the forties were used to having women do everything for them. Steve had gotten all earnest and huffy in declaring himself a proud feminist who would never enforce outdated gender roles in a relationship. 

    You smirk. “So, what, this is your trial run at being a housewife?” 

    That gets a reluctant half-smile, at least. 

    You press closer, running your hands up the sculpted planes of his chest and kissing him again. When it seems like he’s trying to pull away — to apologize again, undoubtedly — you chase his mouth, sucking his lower lip between your teeth insistently until he opens up for you and deepens the kiss. He wraps his arms around you, enveloping you in his body heat and the slightly burnt sort of smell that’s clinging to his soft plaid shirt. 

    When his hands slide down, cupping your ass and then hooking under your thighs, you follow his lead, letting him scoop you up so you can wrap your legs around his waist. He almost hoists you up onto the counter, but then you both glance down and notice the mess. Steve rolls his eyes and carries you over to the table instead, setting you down gently so that you’re sitting right on the edge. 

    “I swear to god if you make some pun about eating out —” 

    Steve gives you his best “who, me?” face before going for the button of your jeans.

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    has anyone done this b4

    #there are SO MANY similarities #dont @ me #you know im right #stucky#stevebucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers #the winter soldier #captain america #captain america the winter soldier
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    Honestly, Marvel loves to queer bate us!

    - Steve & Bucky (Stucky)

    - Sam and Bucky (SamBucky)

    - Maria and Carol

    - Loki and Mobius

    (Let’s not forget Valkyrie)

    Comment if I forgot anyone!

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    1950s moodboard for my steve rogers fanfic <3

    How will steve ever choose between you, once a waitress now a rising star, model, any dream girl a guy could ever have, or will he go with the famous Peggy Carter? You will soon find out.

    #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers au #my moodboards #im excited to write this au! #it's been on my mind all afternoon #aspen is trying to write #im trying :/
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    Yelena: Yous are all such posers

    Yelena: This thing that yous do when you whip your hair and you're fighting with the arms and the hair and the yous do like a fighting pose

    Avengers: No, we don't -

    Yelena presses powerpoint button

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    Cuddling preferences

    The avengers' favorite ways to cuddle with you!


    CHECK MY WATTPAD : Melissa Young

    let me know if you want me to add anyone to the preferences that i make!! 

    Steve Rogers :

    Tony stark:

    Thor Odinson :

    Loki Laufeyson / Odinson :

    Clint Barton :

    Bruce Banner :

    Bucky Barnes :

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    Captain America V1 #146

    Writer :: Stan Lee

    #sharon carter #comics :: captain america v1 #w :: stan lee #p :: jack kirby #c :: steve rogers
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    some things the mcu fandom have absolutely RAN into the ground:

    - bucky & plums

    - steve/bucky saying “doll”

    - its been a long time or whatever tf that song is

    #i will be adding to this list #these things are fine- but dont fucking over use them #im so tired of hearing that song tho #marvel#steve rogers#bucky barnes
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    Author's Note: Here it is, the next installment! This is how my writing is going...

    Me: I'm doing a short story.

    Writing muse: You mean a novella?

    Me: No, a short story.

    Writing muse: Good talk. We're doing a novella.

    It looks like there's more to this than originally planned. Buckle up for a nice little novella. Pray for me, so I don't turn this into a full length novel.

    Tag List Note: If I missed anyone on the tag list at the end of the chapter, or you'd like to be added, reply to this post. I'd be happy add you!

    Word Count: 3,812

    Warnings: NSFW, 18+ with explicit language, discussion of - bondage, limits, sexual themes, and cuckolding activity.

    Previous Chapters:

    Restitution - Chapter One

    Restitution - Chapter Two

    - - - - -

    Restitution - Chapter Three

    It took ten minutes to sell Ari the painting. He didn’t quibble over the price and you pocketed fifty-five million in the easiest negotiation of your career. It was almost like he wanted to be up sold. He signed the agreement and called his bank while you contacted Annabelle to share the good news. When you mentioned the buyers wanted to take you to lunch to celebrate, she was gleeful. The chance to rub elbows with people who forked over millions for art was a chance no director turned their nose up at. Annabelle was chuckling at the museum’s good fortune when you wound down the call. Just as you were about to bid her goodbye, she made an insinuating comment about you marrying one of the buyers for his money.

    “Do it for the arts! If we go into the red again, he can bail us out!”

    “Goodbye, Belle. Have a nice meeting.”

    The spa they took you to was a popular spot, housed in a hotel where one night cost what you spent on rent each month. You’d considered going there but hadn’t been able to afford the prices. And that was before Jackson had decimated your finances.

    At the spa you were swept away to a private room and quickly realized the men had paid for the full package. Impressive. You didn’t want to be impressed by mobsters. But they were surprisingly generous, first with the painting and now expensive spa treatments. This almost felt like a lover was pampering you on a holiday, you thought after your mud body wrap was rinsed off. You followed a tech down the hall for your facial, and as serum was stroked into your skin, an uncomfortable thought occurred. This was the most thoughtful thing a man had ever done for you.

    Your heart spasmed.

    No, there was no need to wander down a path of self pity. It was amusing, you decided, pushing back the painful prickle of emotion. A pair of loan sharks were raising your standards. Or perhaps this was their boss’ handiwork. The third man, your mystery buyer, made you nervous. These men weren’t typical underworld characters if they paid fifty-five million cash for a single painting. Steve and Ari were connected to someone powerful. Related to him, actually. He was their brother.

    “You’re all set for your manicure, dear. Then it’s off to your suite for lunch and a relaxing soak in the hot tub before your massage and pedicure.”

    “That sounds awesome, thank you.”

    You had no idea what she was talking about, but the words hot tub, massage, and pedicure meant a good time in your book. Then you remembered agreeing to talk about guidelines with the men and guessed they must have rented a room for privacy. When your nails were done, the tech walked you to the dressing room where a bag of clothing waited.

    Inside was a bathing suit that resembled the one from the photograph in your living room. The one Ari must have seen while visiting Jackson. You put it on and covered the suit with the simple wrap dress. When you slid your feet into slides, you realized everything provided was from a brand you preferred. Had they researched you? No, that was outlandish. Who could get that kind of information? It must have been a lucky guess, or they’d pumped Jackson for information.

    At the front desk, Steve was waiting. He escorted you up to a suite. When you saw Ari, salvia pooled in your mouth. He was shirtless, wearing swim trunks that fell to mid-thigh. An intriguing dusting of hair was concentrated over his pectorals and formed a thin trail down his stomach.

    “How was the rest of your morning?” Ari asked.

    “Lovely, thank you.”

    A room service cart was waiting. You ate quietly, seated next to Steve with Ari across the makeshift table. They’d ordered for you. As with the clothes, it was a dish you typically ordered. They had to have done reconnaissance about your tastes with Jackson. It was a surprise to discover he’d known what you’d prefer. But then again, he’d been a great actor when he’d swept you off your feet. The unconscious act of piecing together the puzzling details about the day helped to soothe your nerves. You recognized how flustered you felt as your mind buzzed, picking apart every little thing.

    Anxiety was festering in your belly. The proximity to both men in seclusion, given what you’d promised them, sparked an uncharacteristic apprehension in you. Most of the time you were in control. But the bargain you’d struck for revenge put Ari and Steve in the driver’s seat. This was unfamiliar to you, and not just because you’d be giving three strangers your body tonight.

    This was crazy. You should seek mental health care. You were going to sleep with three men. One after another? Or all at once? Would they require that of you? The idea of what you’d promised them circled the edges of your mind. Ari pushed back from the table and stood.

    “Why don’t we get in the hot tub?” he said.

    “Go ahead. I’ll put the cart out in the hall,” Steve said.

    Ari flashed you a smile. “I’ll go test the waters, sweetheart. Don’t be the last one in.”

    He stretched, lifting his arms, drawing the skin of his abdomen taunt to reveal ridges of muscle. He grabbed a towel and headed for the balcony. When Ari was outside, Steve turned to you.

    “Why are you uncomfortable?”

    “I’m not, I’m fine.”

    “You’re going to need to be honest if this is going to work out tonight,” Steve said.

    You sighed. “I’m not sure why I’m nervous, okay?”

    “Is it because you’re alone with us? Or because we’re going to start talking about sex?”

    Your face heated. “Probably the second one.”

    Steve smiled and held out his hand. Carefully, you laced your fingers with his and tilted your head back to look up at him. His eyes scanned your face, searching.

    “Does this make you uncomfortable?”

    “No, this is nice,” you said. He squeezed gently, stroking the pad of his thumb over the back of your hand.

    “Good. How about we hop in with Ari? You two can sort out the details. He’s better with this kind of thing. Everyone says I’m the shy one of my family. Talking about sex when I’m not turned on isn’t the most comfortable experience for me, either. But it’s important, so we don’t hurt you, or cross any boundaries."

    Your tension eased, marginally.


    Steve rolled the room service cart into the hall and you removed your dress. When you climbed into the hot tub across from Ari, Steve settled next to you, his heavy arm curving around your shoulders. You turned your back against his chest and sighed as he drew his arm around your ribs. You leaned into his embrace and let your cheek rest against his neck. A sigh of contentment passed your lips and you shut your eyes.

    It didn’t matter that you’d only met Steve a few hours earlier. His arm was so strong and the feeling of security when he’d wrapped it around you made you melt. He felt solid and warm. Not just physically warm, but like he was one of those men who’d been born with a soft side and kept it past puberty. His lips pressed to your temple. You felt him smile.

    “Comfortable, doll?”


    The bubbling water was just right, not too hot. Steve nuzzled your hair and you curled into him. You had agreed to sleep with him. He owed you this snuggle.

    “You two are feeling cozy,” Ari said.

    Your eyes opened to see him sprawled on the opposite side of the tub. His arms were draped over the edge, emphasizing the broad muscles.

    “Jealous?” Steve teased.

    “I’ll have my turn,” Ari said, his smile widening.

    “Are you ready to talk about tonight?” Steve asked.

    “Sure.” You tried not to tense up, but you did.

    Steve spread his hand on your belly and stroked.

    “Have you ever had multiple partners at the same time?” Ari asked.


    “Have you ever done bondage?”

    You shrugged. “Full on hard BDSM stuff, no. I’ve had my hands tied and I’ve been spanked. But nothing hard core.”

    “You’re familiar with the red, yellow, green system?” Ari asked.

    “I’ve used red and green.”

    “Yellow means slow down. It’s your signal to us that you need a check in.”

    You nodded. “Okay.”

    “Do you have any hard limits I should know about up front?”

    “Uh… I’m not sure?”

    “For example, do you want to try nipple clamps?”

    You winced, but the idea was intriguing. “Not tonight.”

    Ari nodded. “That would be a soft limit. You’re not ready for it right now, but it’s not a hard pass. I'll save it for later.”

    There wouldn’t be a later, but you didn’t point that out.


    “What about spanking?” Steve asked.

    “I enjoy some, but I’ve never gone hard enough to be left with bruises.”

    “Noted,” Ari said. “Butt plugs? Anal sex? Flogging?”

    “I’ve never done any kind of butt play. And I’m not into flogging. Hard pass.”

    “Not my scene either,” Steve murmured when you rejected the idea of being beaten.

    Across from you Ari shot an amused look at his brother. “That’s one of Steve’s turn offs.”

    You glanced up at Steve. He lifted a broad shoulder, giving a sweet half smile.

    “What are your limits? Can I ask that?” you said.

    Steve’s baby blue eyes went soft. “Yes, you can. I appreciate it. I’m not much for the rougher side of sex. Ari and the boss tend to swing a little more that way. For me, clamps of any kind, metal handcuffs, gagging, that’s not my scene. I’m partial to spanking, as long as I’m getting a pleasurable response, but I don’t punish with spanking. Beating of any kind is off the table and bruises are a hard limit.”

    You looked at Ari. “What are your limits?”

    “No breath play, but that’s a soft limit. If you enjoy it, I’ll participate. Major sadistic stuff and humiliation is a hard limit. Seeing a woman in pain is an erection killer for me. I don’t mind clamps or metal cuffs. Gags can be fun, but I don’t use them often. Being called ‘master’ is weird for me and I hate it. When you’re underneath me, I want to hear my name and that’s it.”

    Your lips twitched. He made a solid point.

    “I enjoy a nice bondage scene when I’m in the mood,” Ari said. “But seventy-five percent of the time I’m into vanilla sex. Bondage is to spice things up and add intensity.”

    “Do you want to restrain me?”

    Ari shrugged. “We don’t know exactly where the night will take us. Knowing your likes and dislikes is important when we don’t have shared experience. I want to get a complete picture of your tastes. We don’t have to do bondage to need a discussion about limits.”

    “In a way, this is going to be a power dynamic like bondage,” Steve said. “With Jackson watching, we need you to be comfortable enough to stop the scene.”

    “What are you planning?”

    “So far? A light spanking to tease you is definitely on the agenda. Let’s talk about past experience,” Ari said. “What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?”

    Your face heated in response to his bluntness.

    “My college boyfriend liked to give oral and he was good at it. He edged me one time and I nearly passed out when I came.”

    Ari smirked. “Receiving oral is on the table, I take it?”


    Steve tightened his arm around your ribs. “How do you like it?”

    Your tongue turned into a knot and your jaw dropped. Words deserted you. His tone was carnal, hungry, and it shot straight to your core.

    “Save a little mystery, Steve. We’ll find out tonight,” Ari said.

    The blond chuckled. “Fine. How about anal? You’ve never tried it, but is that a hard pass or not?”

    Your body had a ready answer. Against the material of your bathing suit, your nipples pebbled in spite of the heated water. You felt your breasts grow heavy and shifted nervously, uncomfortable with the sudden feeling of arousal.

    Steve pulled you close to his chest. His big hand stroked to calm you.

    “If it’s off the table, that’s fine. We’re genuinely asking and we’d accept no without a question, okay?”

    “Give her a chance to speak,” Ari said.

    His deep blue eyes glinted with knowledge and his gaze dipped to the front of your swimsuit.

    “I’m interested in anal, but I haven’t had the right partner to try it with.”

    “Okay,” Steve said. He couldn't hide the relief in his voice.

    “You want that tonight?”

    Ari nodded. “It’s up to you. But if you’re looking for the right partner, I assure you we’re up to the challenge.”

    “What about pain?” you asked.

    “I’m definitely not a sadist,” Ari said, his mouth twisting in disgust. “You heard my limits. I promise, we’re not going to hurt you, just the opposite.”

    “I meant for anal,” you said. “I’m curious about it, but I don’t know if I’m ready.”

    Ari’s expression cleared. “Right. Lubricant is extremely important. And you can’t just dive in. We’d relax you with orgasms, a round or two with both of us. Then we’d try a butt plug. That alone might be all we work up to. If you’re enjoying it, let me know. I’ll be happy to oblige. The red, yellow, green system would be in effect.”

    Steve pressed his lips to your temple. “I’m going to warn you that I’m not a small man… particularly not under the belt. So if you don’t want anal with me, no hard feelings.”

    You tilted your head back to study him, then shrugged.

    “Why don’t we see how it goes?”

    Ari’s grin was wicked. “That’s a yes?”

    “I’ll try it.”

    “One other important question is about being filmed,” Ari said.

    “No. Hard pass,” you said, answering almost before Ari had finished asking.

    Ari flicked a glance at Steve. “No recording, then?”

    “What am I, a pornstar? No way. I can’t let a tape like that exist.”

    “What about being watched on camera, as long as it’s not recording?”

    “I thought you wanted Jackson in the room?”

    “He will be. But the boss is arriving late, after we intend to get started. He’s coming back from a business trip and wants to watch the three of us. The feed would be live and unrecorded.”

    “When are you expecting him?”

    “Ten-thirty or eleven. What do you say? Discrete cameras, live and unrecorded, streamed to a secure iPad? Is that okay?”

    “Unrecorded, I’m willing to trust you about. But will it be secure?”

    “We’re not small-time criminals,” Steve said. “It will be a secure line.”

    “Alright. But I want to see the set up beforehand and know where the cameras are.”

    “That’s fine,” Ari said. “What about restraints? Do you mind handcuffs?”

    They ran through a few other kinks, types of praises you enjoyed or didn’t, and what you liked for aftercare. Steve volunteered to spend the night with you and Ari offered to make breakfast the next morning. You were firm in your insistence that once the scene was over, you had the option to leave. Neither of the brothers were happy to lose that negotiation. Steve tried to entice you with promises of a post scene massage, hours of cuddling, and bubble baths with rose petals. You didn’t budge.

    It was a boundary you needed, you decided as you stepped into the elevator to return to the spa. This wasn’t a romance. Steve was a gentleman and Ari was a wicked ladies’ man. You’d felt your heart soften at Steve’s cautious boundaries and melted at his shyness. He was polite and sensitive. With a steel core of intense protectiveness at the heart of him. He’d never harm a lover, physically or emotionally. Ari was bold and had a streak of wildness that made you want to crawl in his lap and ride him to find out just how fierce of a lover he could be. But he was a pleaser the same way Steve was - his soft limits spoke volumes. If you wanted him to choke you, he’d do it for your enjoyment. He was a man who’d take care of a woman’s every need, no matter what.

    They would respect your limits and you decided to set a private limit of your own. You’d keep your heart out of their hands. Knowing the men and feeling secure with them was a necessity. But your emotions had spilled over during the conversation - not a lot, but enough to worry you. Whatever happened, you wouldn’t let your judgement be compromised by feelings.

    As the technician worked on your toes, your mind drifted to the only question remaining. Who was the boss, your mystery buyer? You wondered, your mind drifting as your feet were massaged. No clear picture would form in your head of the unknown mobster you’d meet in a few hours. The memory Ari had brought up of your best orgasm had your thoughts straying, going back in time, to old heartaches.

    Andrew Barber was the first man you’d loved, and the last. College had been a wild time for you, sexually, but everything had happened in the confines of a monogamous relationship. It was the happiest time of your life. You’d loved Andy so much it still hurt, even years later, to think about him. His abrupt disappearance from your life had been a blow you’d never seen coming. Since then you’d lost your sense of trust, not only in men, but in everyone. He’d pulled the rug out from under you so fast the experience had shaken you to the heart. There’d never been closure. He’d said his family was making him leave and refused to explain further. What he’d made perfectly clear was that you’d never see him again. Then he’d vanished. Years had gone by, but the event hadn’t lost its peculiarity. Until the day he’d broken things off, Andy had barely mentioned his family. Scarcely a word had been spoken about them during the three and a half years you’d spent together. All you could remember was him saying his parents were toxic, and his siblings were the only family he needed.

    You shook off the thoughts. There were so many unanswered questions left in Andy’s wake that thinking about them could leave you spinning in circles for hours. It was better not to go there. Instead, you decided to focus on Steve and Ari. You were about to have the best sex of your life. That orgasm from Andy?

    It would pale in comparison to what you’d be having tonight.

    The short hem of the cocktail dress placed your legs on prominent display. You waited in the lobby of Ari and Steve’s building, watching for Jackson. The spa had given you a minor makeover with hair and makeup, the results of which were worth every dime. You looked spectacular. Steve and Ari had made certain you knew it without a shadow of doubt before you’d come down.

    Your boyfriend walked in, looked around and gawked when he saw you.

    “Damn, you look hot.”

    Jackson ran his eyes up your body like your efforts were intended for him.


    You stood up and moved to put more space between you and him.

    “Where are we supposed to go?” Jackson asked.

    “They gave me a key. Come on.”

    The keycard opened a private elevator to the penthouse.

    “Thanks for doing this for me,” he said.

    In the background, the elevator quietly hummed its ascent. You fixed your eyes straight ahead and didn’t reply.

    “It’ll be fine, you know?” Jackson’s voice was strung with nerves.

    It appeared Ari and Steve had the right idea. He was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

    You fuck up my credit, I fuck up your masculinity.

    The elevator chimed and the doors slid open to reveal Ari. He was draped over a sofa in the living room, looking like a predator lying in wait. His long legs were stretched out and his suit jacket had been discarded. He’d turned up his sleeves and opened another button on his collar. A little of his chest hair peaked out.

    Ari didn’t stand in greeting as Jackson approached with you. He didn’t glance towards the gambler, but kept his eyes on you.

    “Jackson. I see you’ve brought me someone. Hello, sweetheart.”

    “Ah, yeah. This is Y/N, my girlfriend. Y/N, this is Ari.”

    Ari stood up when your boyfriend nudged you in his direction. He towered over you, despite your stiletto heels. His eyes glowed with hunger.

    The big man pulled you into his arms. Then his mouth covered yours, hot and hard. A firm hand on the back of your head held you still as he thrust his tongue into your mouth. You grasped his shoulders for balance as the kiss turned your knees weak. He didn’t let up, taking the kiss even deeper when you moaned.

    “Okay, let her breathe, Ari. She doesn’t like her face being eaten off.”

    Jackson sounded pissed.

    You smiled against Ari’s mouth as he pulled back a tiny bit. He curled his hands around your waist, cinching you tight against him.

    “Do you not like kissing me, sweetheart?”

    You linked your arms around his neck. “Mmmhh. We should keep going and then see what I think.”

    He chuckled and slanted a glance towards Jackson. Then his mouth was on yours again. He flicked his tongue, nipped at your lips, stroked and teased until you sagged in his arms. Ari broke the kiss, leaving you panting. He held you tight, taking most of your weight as your legs had taken on the consistency of gelatin.

    “Okay, honey. What’s the verdict? Do you like kissing me?”

    “Yes, Ari. I like it a lot.”

    Heat flared in his sapphire irises. Placing a finger under your chin, he turned you towards Jackson. Ari pressed his lips to your temple and ran his free hand down your side, keeping the other on your face. Jackson stared at the hand stroking over your body. He went rigid when Ari cupped your breast. You arched into the touch. He purred, rubbing his thumb over your nipple.

    “Good girl. Tell Jackson. Tell him what you like.”

    “I like Ari kissing me.”

    Jackson flushed, but said nothing.

    “Sit down, Jack,” Ari said. “Get comfortable. It’s going to be a long night.”

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