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  • yarnforbrains
    18.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Kinktober: Day 18 - Costumes

    Poor Carrie isn’t a big fan of Halloween and regrets coming with her friends to the Employee Halloween Party at the Avenger’s Compound until she follows a handsome man into the haunted house. Also on ao3.

    Words: 3.3k

    Warnings: 18+, MINORS DNI costumes, oral sex (f receiveing), ripped stocking, penetrations (p in v), public sex, sex at work

    Carrie was not a fan of halloween. She did not like anything scary. She was a quiet, sensitive soul who preferred to spend her nights at home in pajamas with a good book with a bottle of french wine and cheese. Carrie was not a partier, and she did not like large groups of people. If someone had written a book about her, she would have chosen to be a side character and not the protagonist. She was not adventurous. She was steady and calm, reliable and kind. She kept her head down, acted responsibly, and preferred not to engage in silliness. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be carefree and spontaneous; it was that everytime she was, it ended poorly.

    Carrie had been standing outside the conference doors for far too long. Her workmates had poked and prodded at her until she had agreed to come with them to the company halloween party. The Avengers Compound was fully decked out with the spirit of halloween. Employees and their families had all come in costume, and it was a spooktacular Halloween event. Children bounced between cubicles, trick or treating at people’s desks, and there was a costume contest going on somewhere. The cafeteria was serving spooky finger foods, and a handful of conference rooms had been connected and turned into an elaborate haunted house.

    Everyone was having fun - except for Carrie.

    Her friends had abandoned her for the haunted house, and although they tried to convince her to come along, Carrie did not want to go. She might have been small and unassuming, but when her fight or flight instinct kicked in, she was more likely to throw a punch than cower in fear. Punching a coworker in a haunted house was not an experience that Carrie wished to have, and she adamantly refused to go with them. Now, she was standing outside a media room, chewing on her thumb, trying to decide if she wanted to go in and watch the scary movie that was starting soon.

    “Are you a Pilgrim? That’s wonderful!”

    Carrie turned towards the voice, dropping her arms straight to her sides and speaking to the ground. “Um, no. I’m Wednesday Adams?” She didn’t think her costume was that far off. She’d braided her hair, slapped on a black dress with a white collar, and worn sensible shoes and black tights. She’d even put on the black lipstick. But correcting someone always made her uncomfortable, and she was embarrassed to do it.


    She repeated her answer and looked at the man talking to her. Whoever he was, she didn’t recognize him or who he was supposed to be made her feel slightly less discouraged and self conscious. “The Addams Family? Tv show? Movie? Christina Ricci?”

    He rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged. “Sorry. Not familiar with it. Can you show me?”

    Nodding, Carrie took out her phone and googled it for him. She held her phone out, and he came closer.

    “Oh, you did a good job! I’m sorry I thought you looked like a pilgrim.” He grinned under his bushy mustache. His smile seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

    “Um, who are you supposed to be?” she asked. He was wearing a khaki long sleeved shirt and pants with high black boots that came up to his knees. On top of his head was a cowboy hat.

    “Wait, hold on.” He pulled a pair of armless spectacles out of his breast pocket, where they stayed attached with a thin, metal chain. Once they were on, he tipped his hat and bowed, blue eyes twinkling. “Theordore Roosevelt, ma’am. Twenty-sixth president of the United States.”

    “Ok, I see it.” Carrie chuckled.

    Rising, he replaced his hat on his head and put the glasses back in his pocket. “These things pinch terribly.” There had already left a red mark across the bridge of his nose.

    Not knowing what to say, she smiled tightly.

    “Are you going to go in?” he asked. That she still couldn’t figure out who he was outside of his costume bothered her.

    “I don’t know. I don’t really like scary movies.”

    He nodded understandingly.

    “I’m sorry, but have we met?”

    He laughed. “It’s the mustache. No one recognizes me with the mustache. I’m thinking of keeping it.” Realizing he hadn’t answered her question, he apologized and held his hand out. “Steve Rogers, ma’am.”

    Carrie’s eyes went wide as she shook his hand and told him her name. “It’s definitely the mustache. Sorry, Captain America...Steve...sir?” Realizing she had been shaking his hand for longer than what was considered appropriate, she dropped it abruptly.

    “If you don’t like scary movies, then skip it. Do you want to do something else?” His face was kind, and she felt foolish for not recognizing him right off the bat.

    She shook her head. “I don’t know. Everyone went to the haunted house, so I’m just kind of killing time until they get back.” She wanted to go home, but that wasn’t an option. If she left early, her friends would never let her hear the end of it.

    “Not a fan of haunted houses?” He leaned against the wall next to her, crossing his legs at the ankles and sticking his hands in his pockets.

    Carrie shook her head again. A small group of people walked past them and entered the room, and she waited for the door to close before answering. “I am not a very brave person.” She smiled sheepishly. “And when I get scared, I start swinging.”

    Steve chuckled. “Well, I was headed over there. Would you care to join me?” He held his arm out to her. “I know for a fact that Loki is over there, and if you were to punch him, I would be forever in your debt.”

    Carrie looked between his offered arm and his face, not quite sure what to do, but between his sparkling blue eyes and his charming smile, she tentatively wrapped her arm around his. She immediately second guessed her decision. His forearm was solid underneath her hand; he was pure muscle and she was so far out of her comfort zone that she wasn't sure she could find her way back.

    Steve escorted her to the haunted house, talking the entire time, trying to put her at ease. “How about I go in first, and you can stay behind me?” Carrie was sure she would have appreciated his effort if she was less concerned with hitting a coworker or less distracted by how Captain America - Steve - managed to smell clean and dangerous at the same time. She was operating on autopilot, nodding her head at the appropriate times but not really saying anything.

    “It will be okay. I promise.” He patted her hand comfortingly as they arrived at the haunted house entrance. She still wasn’t convinced, and the screams she heard coming from inside were not very reassuring. “Are you ready?”

    It seemed he wasn’t going to let her out of it. Taking a deep breath and blowing it through pursed lips, eyes screwed shut, she nodded. He took a step forward, but she stayed where she was. He came back to her and lowered his mouth to her ear. “We don’t have to go in…”

    His breath on her ear sent shivers down her spine. She shook them off, and took another deep breath. “No, let’s do it, but you have to go in first.”

    “Maybe you should stretch your hands out first?” He was teasing her, but he was right. Carrie dropped his arm and interlaced her fingers, and bent them backward. The joints cracked loudly, and she rolled her wrists and shook them out.

    “You really are serious. You might punch someone.” Steve was smiling again, intrigued and amused. Carrie got the distinct impression that he was hoping that she would. Holding the door open, he took her hand in his and interlaced their fingers.

    Carrie allowed him to guide her into the haunted house and instantly regretted it. It was nearly pitch black with black light paint splattered around to look make it look like a murder scene. Glowing cobwebs filled every corner of the room, and a soundtrack of screams and spooky sounds played through the speakers in the ceiling. Carrie held Steve’s hand a little tighter as they made their way through the room.

    It didn’t start off scary, but by the third doorway they went through, Carrie had plastered herself to Steve’s side. Her body was huddled against his arm, and she was sure she was squeezing his hand hard enough to hurt. A sound came from behind them, and they spun around. Steve put himself in front of her, and she cowered behind him. When something tapped her on the shoulder and then immediately retreated, she screamed louder than she ever had before and jumped onto Steve, sending his hat flying off into the dark. He wrapped his arms around her protectively and guided her out of the area. Once through the next doorway, he retook her hand.

    “It’s almost over. You’re okay.” He tried to reassure her, and if the lights had been on, he would have seen just how little Carrie believed him.

    They had almost made it to the end of the haunted house. They made their way down a skinny hallway that felt inclined on a strange angle and made her feel like she was walking on sinking ground. The space was filled with fog and a green light spilled from an evil looking door at the far end.

    “We have to go through there, huh? Her voice was just a squeak, but Steve heard her and squeezed her hand. They paused in front of the door, and she took another deep breath before reaching for the knob. “Wait!” Her hand paused in mid-air. She pulled him to the side so they would be behind the door when it opened. “In case something jumps out.”

    “Good thinking.” The way he was humoring her was sweet and endearing.

    Steve pulled the door open, closing them in the small space against the wall. They waited for something to attack but there was no sign of anyone coming. Carrie wasn't sure if it was being pressed up against the wall by Captain America or if knowing there had to be something waiting for them in the next room made her more nervous.

    Holding himself off the wall, he placed his mouth at her ear again. “Are you ready?”

    She turned her head towards him and felt the brush of his lips and the tickle of his mustache. She felt his lips turn up in a smile, and he rubbed his lips over hers again. Pressing his body against her as they hid behind the door, he kissed the side of her mouth. Adjusting her position in the dark, Carrie turned her head and kissed him back.

    Steve moaned against her mouth and gently held the sides of her face. The kiss lingered, and when he pulled away, she heard him chuckling. “Do you think I’ll be wearing your lipstick?”

    Carrie shook her head before remembering he couldn't see her clearly. “No. It’s liquid stay.”

    “Good.” He kissed her again, a proper kiss that made her knees weak and had her grabbing onto his shoulders to keep her knees from buckling. Steve pushed her back against the wall and rolled his hips against her. Carrie gasped at what she felt, and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He worked her slowly, and she became more eager with each kiss. Soon her hands were in his hair and his were hitching her leg around his waist.

    “How much do you like these stockings, beautiful?” Steve sucked on her neck, and she whimpered. His hands moved to her breasts, and he toyed with her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her clothes.

    “I don’t,” she panted.

    Without warning, he dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her dress up to waist.

    “Hold this here.”

    Carrie did as she was told and held her dress up, transfixed by the sight of him on the ground in front of her. She shivered as Steve grabbed the crotch of her stockings and ripped them open. When he rubbed the front of her underwear, she let out a curse and grabbed a handful of his hair. He removed her hand and put it back on the hem of her dress.

    “I told you to hold this up.” The hard edge of his voice went straight to her clit, and she nodded mutely. Satisfied that she was following orders, he kissed her through her underwear before pulling it to the side.

    Carrie nearly fell when he licked a stripe up her cunt. His tongue was hot and wet, and felt so good against her clit. She called his name when he lifted her leg and set it over his shoulder. He licked her deeper, fucking her with his tongue - only stopping to tease her clit. He moaned against her, and the vibration had her toes curling.

    She wasn’t sure if it was because it was Captain America between her legs or because he had her up against the wall where they both worked, but she was already close to coming.

    She was almost there when Steve nipped at her clit and slid her leg off his shoulder. Carrie whined, the bottom of her dress still balled up in her hands. As soon as he stood up, his hands were at his belt, undoing it quickly and letting his pants drop. He nudged her legs open wider with his feet and kissed her sloppily. She could taste herself on his lips, and his mustache was wet with her arousal.

    “Are you ready?”

    Carrie could feel him eagerly rubbing against her, leaving a sticky trail of precome on her skin. “Please?” She moaned, bringing her leg around his waist again.

    “Good.” He kissed her on the mouth again and then whispered in her ear, “I want to feel you come on me.” His dirty words made her groan, her voice sounding like just another soul trapped in the haunted house. His cock pressed against her entrance, and once they were aligned, he pressed into her slowly.

    “Oh, God. You feel so good.” Steve moved her hands to his shoulders and sucked on her neck. She knew she would be covered in marks when they finally made it out of the world’s best haunted house, but at the moment, she didn’t care.

    They heard a scream coming from the beginning of the haunted house, and the reality of being fucked in public by America’s most beloved superhero hit Carrie like a ton of bricks. Steve felt the stiffening of her body and immediately understood.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll make you come before they get here. Hold on,” he warned her. With that, Steve hefted her into the air, and she wrapped her legs around him to keep from falling. The change in positions sent him deeper inside of her and the new angle had him stroking the sensitive spot inside of her that made her see stars and stripes.

    “Shhh!” He fucked her hard against the wall, and she cried out loudly. Steve silenced her with a rough kiss. Carrie smelled herself on his mustache and tasted herself on his tongue. He pulled away from kissing her to whisper another order in her ear.


    Her orgasm was involuntary, and she couldn't have staved it off if she had wanted to. She trembled around him; the feeling of coming around his cock deliciously drew her orgasm out. Steve threw his head back, slammed his hips into hers, and drove his cock further into her. He came hard, and she could feel the intensity of his orgasm as he jerked into her, spilling his seed inside her.

    The set of screams sounded again - this time much closer. Steve pulled out of her hastily and shoved himself back into his pants while Carrie fixed her underwear and smoothed her dress. There was nothing to be done about her tights. They were clearly ripped down the inside of her thighs, and Carrie was sure she’d be leaking cum when she walked.

    “You’re ready?” He asked for the fourth time that night. Steve took her by the hand, kissed her briefly, and they passed through into the final stage of the haunted house. They walked through the door nonchalantly, as if they hadn’t just fucked behind it.

    They were completely unaffected by the horror scene that had been laid out for them. Neither of them jumped when skeletons lunged at them or creepy crawlies dropped down from the ceiling. They could see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. They moved towards the end of the course, but a cloud of green smoke appeared in front of them.

    It was Loki, dressed in head to toe red, looking like an ever so dapper devil. Horns sprouted out of his head, and he grew larger in front of them. Enchanted flames flickered around him, and he cackled maniacally as he floated over to them.

    “You want to leave?” He looked between Steve and Carrie. Neither looked amused or afraid. “It will only cost you your soul!”

    Steve looked at Carrie. “I told you he’d show up.”

    Loki deflated immediately and the flames stopped. “What do you mean ‘you told her’? You mean to tell me you ruined the surprise?”

    “Oh, no, we are very scared,” Carried said solemnly.

    “Well, maybe you would have been if you hadn’t stopped to screw in the hallway…”

    “Loki!” Steve raised his voice in warning.

    “No, no, no. It’s fine. Go on through. Guess I can’t take your soul if he fucked it out of you.” Loki stepped out of the way and waved them through. He was annoyed and wanted them out of his sight.

    Steve and Carrie exchanged a look, and Steve nodded subtly. With that, Carrie planted her foot, cocked her arm back and punched through Loki’s face. Her fist collided with his nose with a loud crack, and blood started trickling from his nostrils. Loki howled, more in disbelief than pain, and Carrie shook her hand out.

    “Serves you right,” Steve said. “You should be more respectful to a lady.” He lifted their joined hands up and kissed the back of Carrie’s hand. He beamed at her, and she smiled at the way his mustache tickled.

    “You let her hit me? I cannot believe you let her hit me!” Loki was incredulous and bleeding.

    They left Loki behind, pinching the bridge of his nose and tilting his head back to encourage clotting.

    Carrie and Steve blinked as they stepped out of the darkness. When their eyes adjusted to the light, Jesus, Carmen San Diego and Cleopatra were looking at them, each with a different look on their face. Jesus Tony’s smirk had Steve squaring his shoulders. The way Natasha San Diego was looking at Carrie’s ripped stockings made Carrie want to hide behind Steve, and the exasperated look on CleoPepper’s face was one made of an HR nightmare.

    “You got a little black…” Tony pointed at Cap’s lip. “…a little smear…” He then pointed to Carrie. “You also got a little…” Tony awkwardly pantomimed putting on lipstick. Both Steve and Carrie’s hands went to their mouths to try to fix the smudged black lipstick.

    “Well, we are going to get some ice cream.” Steve nodded respectfully to the others. “I hope you don’t mind if we excuse ourselves.”

    “Is that what they’re calling it these days?”

    Pepper elbowed Tony in the side, and he started asking what he did wrong. They started bickering, and Steve took the opportunity to pull Carrie away.

    “So,” he asked. “Vanilla or chocolate?”

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  • wednesdaynn
    18.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    concepts: new kinks with s. rogers

    imagine trying out new kinks together with steve rogers. you’re fidning all these new things to try in your relationship on the internet. and steve just being like “seems like fun. would love seeing you all tied up and squirming underneath me while you try not to cum.” while kissing down your neck and his hand reaching the hem of your shirt slowly peeling in off. i feel lie at first he would be all hesitant on trying all these things he’s never heard off. he would be scared to either hurt you, or that you wouldn’t enjoy it as much. but you would reassure him on everything. you’d create a safeword and both just went on a search for new things to try. and starting small with handcuffs and overstimulation, to going further with waxplay and breathplay. he would be careful the first few times, but he’d would start to understand the fun behind it, especially when he saw how amazing you reacted to everything, his best girl.

    #steve rogers fanfiction #steve rogers x reader #Steve Rogers#steve rogers/reader #Steve Rogers x Female Reader #captain america#Chris Evans #chris evans characters #steve rogers smut #concept
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    18.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Tony : *shouting in Italian*

    Peter: I know, I'm sorry, Mr. Stark

    Steve: You speak Italian?

    Peter: No. I just know the phrase, "Are you fucking crazy? Don't you ever do that again!" in every language Mr. Stark speaks.

    #do not reblog as st*rker #peter parker#tony stark #incorrect peter parker #incorrect tony stark #peter and tony #irondad #irondad and spiderson #incorrect irondad and spiderson #spiderman#ironfam#iron man #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #adorable peter parker #dad tony stark #incorrect avengers quotes #the avengers#incorrect avengers #incorrect steve rogers
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  • misguidedasgardian
    18.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago


    May I present to you, my Halloween /Kinktober Lineup, one shots I´m writing to celebrate halloween and Kinktober! wuhuuuu, starting Oct 25th and Finishing in October 31 st.

    Classic horror inspired stories, and some more contemporary, and embelished with a kinkyness

    🎃 = Terror // 👻= Dark // 🔪= Graphic Violence //🩸= Gore // 😈 = Sexual acts // ☠️ = death

    Kinktober Lineup

    1. The monster over my bed (DarkStepdad!Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader) 😈🎃👻

    It wasn´t the monster outside the window you had to worry about, nor the one under your bed, but the one that could get over it

    2. YOU (Dark!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader) 😈🎃👻

    It was so wrong to start an affair with your boss, but when you wanted to put an end to it, it was too late, you were already trapped

    3. The Hunt (Winter soldier x Avenger!Fem Reader) 😈👻🔪☠️

    Zemo had managed to turn Bucky back to the winter soldier, and his first command was to come after you and Sam, in his personal hunting ground

    4. Summer Camp (Dark!Steve Rogers x Avenger!Fem Reader x Dark!Bucky Barnes) 🎃👻🔪🩸😈☠️

    C´mon, the new SHIELD hideout was laughable, an old abandoned summer camp? It was actually clever since nobody in their right minds would go near it, you know, because of the legend of Jason and whatnot

    5. Possessed Walls (possessedDark!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) 🎃👻🔪😈

    You felt bad, almost scamming that old lady that rented your place. She rented it at a so lost cost, because according to her, the apartment was haunted, you snickered as you moved in, because there wasn't such things as “haunted"

    6. The babySitter (Dark!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader x Dark!Bucky Barnes Ft. Peter Parker) 😈🎃👻

    You were babysitting your neighbors kids, and decided to invite your boyfriend to join you after hours to watch some horror movies, after all, it was Halloween night

    7. Survivor, (Dark!Avengers VS. Fem!Reader) 🎃👻🔪🩸

    Because in a good movie, the protagonist always survives despite the odds and the deranged characters who were after her

    #kinktober #dark bucky barnes #dark!bucky x y/n #dark!buckybarnes #kink#kinkystuff #dark!bucky smut #dark!steve rogers #dark!steve smut #dark!steve x reader #dark!steve x you #halloweenfics#spooky season
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    18.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    i live for stony tik toks

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  • marvelfanfics1
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #daddy!stucky #daddy!stucky x little!reader #daddy stucky #daddy stucky x little reader #daddy!steve x little!reader #daddy steve x little reader #daddy!steve rogers #daddy steve #daddy!bucky x reader #daddy!bucky x little!reader #daddy bucky barnes x little reader #daddy bucky x little reader #daddy!bucky #little!reader #dd/lg blog#little reader#submission
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  • lbibliophile-mcu
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Monkey Suit

    70 years later, and nothing has changed. Captain America smiles for the cameras, and never shows how much Steve Rogers has lost to make it this far.


    For: @whumptober-archive - day 18: "smile for the cameras" @steverogersbingo - rappin' with cap PSAs

    Based on this moodboard (because I spent too long picking out screenshots of Steve's angstiest expressions not to reuse them)

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  • in-aether-case
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Someone in the MCU has definitely gone to the Captain America museum exhibit, found the part where they talk about Bucky and Steve and then just started playing "history hates lovers" on full blast. And while this could very much be any member of gen z, I like to think Harvey, Shuri and Peter made a day of it.

    #stucky#mcu #history hates lovers #bucky barnes#steve rogers #bucky x steve #bucky barnes x steve rogers
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  • theclairvoyant
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hello! My requests are open!


    #tony stark x reader #marvel x reader #stucky #bucky x reader #Bucky Barnes x reader #steve x reader #Steve Rogers x reader
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  • mjpck
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Do you ever just get fick-fecking mad at Steve Rogers for abandoning Bucky and Sam when you’re doing the dishes or are you normal?

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