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    The Devil was Once an Angel

    Title: The Devil was Once an Angel

    Pairing: Dark!Steve x Reader

    Warnings: This is dark. Smut. Vag. penetration. Oral. M receiving. Little anal play. Swearing. Rough sex. Angst. Mentions of blood play. Violence. Talk of previous murder

    Summary: Part 3. Need to read Part 1 and Part 2.  Is the reader regretting her dark turn?

    A/N: This took a completely unexpected turn. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

    Just tagging a couple people. @the-iceni-bitch (I know you love this psycho shit 😘) @thatsthewrongwallcraig​ @labella420​

    The high-pitch whistle sound reverberated in his ears before the impact - the vibranium shield slicing through the air, ricocheting off the concrete pillar in the empty parking garage before flying back into the waiting hands of its master.

    Pierce turned around just in time to watch Steve catch the shield with his strong fingers, before tossing it over his shoulder, placing it across his back.

    “That’s a helluva way to get someone’s attention, Captain.” Pierce spoke, his voice full of mirth as a smirk crossed his face, briefly, before disappearing into his wrinkles, eyes hard.

    Steve didn’t move, stalk still like a stone-cold statue, his jaw strong, clicking in combativeness. “You summon me, like a goddamn whore?”

    Pierce’s head cocked to the side, the smirk returning. “Isn’t that what you’ve been doing with that new toy that shares your bed?”

    Steve was on him before he had time to blink, fingers wrapped around Pierce’s throat while the other held the shield to a pulsing artery - begging to be set free to spill over the white collar of his suit.

    His eyes never blinked, emotion void across his face as Steve's eyes seared into his. “When you’re done playing house, I’m going to have to insist you come with me. You and your little - toy,” he emphasized the word with a smile, “have created quite the mess, Rogers.”

    “I don’t answer to you,” Steve spoke, his eyes travelling lower to watch the pulse jump and bite against the shield.

    “Oh, dear boy,” Pierce’s hand came up to the shield, slowly lowering it away from his body, “but you do. And we’ve never had any issues until you started taking up with that little neighbour of yours.”

    “Leave her out of this,” Steve sneered.

    “I wasn’t the one that brought her into it. That’s on you. And killing Hawthorne?” he tsked. “Big mistake. You owe big for that.”

    Steve pulled away, turning his back as he started to walk away.

    “Captain. You burnt down one of our warehouses along with all its contents when you started that fire to hide your girl's sins. We’re going to need a sign of good faith.”

    Steve gripped his shield tighter, his walk strong as he stalked away, his voice low, but loud enough to be heard. “Don’t worry, Pierce. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”


    You sat back against the leather chair, your notes on the meeting forgotten as your boss called your name, repeatedly. It took a few moments before you recognized the sound and looked up, eyes wide in confusion. “Sorry. What?”

    Your boss’s eyes narrowed, “You okay, y/n?”

    “Yeah. Yes.” You said, straightening up in your chair, pulling the notes from your lap. “Sorry. Long week.”

    “Well, I know it’s a shock. Hawthorne certainly brought in a lot of business. His passing is,” the man shrugged, “unexpected. But we still have work to do.”

    You nodded.

    “Okay,” he grabbed his briefcase. “I have that deposition to get to. Let me know what you find.”

    You nodded again, before standing and watching your boss leave you. Your eyes travelled down to the papers on his desk, bearing the Hawthorne name, and you sank back into the chair, your hands outstretched before you.

    There was nothing there. You knew that. But the stains remained, just under the surface. The blood, thick and glossy against your skin. You had washed your hands, repeatedly, for hours after the incident. The more you scrubbed, the more it remained.

    Your eyes closed, picturing the blood spilling from his throat while Steve has fucked you from behind. It had felt good. All of it. Taking control. Watching his life drain from his body, his skin growing pale as the blood left his body, flowing over your soft skin like warm, sticky, caramel; getting into every nook and cranny.

    You had never felt what you had felt in that moment. Like a God, watching little mice running around, your boot hovering just above their madness. Steve had toppled over a gas can as he grabbed your hand, cleaning it with the man’s tossed clothes as he tugged you out of the building, the flames licking the very thighs his slick dripped from. 

    It became something else then, as you watched the building engulf in flames. Your eyes unable to look anywhere else but the blistering flames before you. You felt Steve lick the shell of your ear, whispering words you couldn’t quite recall. 

    A crowd began to gather as Steve tugged his baseball cap low, covering his eyes, blending in. You felt his arms wrap around your waist, holding you close. Your eyes turned up to look at him,  the flames dancing across his eyes - unwavering gaze at the destruction before him, expression emotionless.

    You had gone home that night, numb, wrapping your coat tighter around your body, pleading for it to care for you. Comfort you. 

    Your walk into your building was quiet as Steve took your hand, pulling you toward his door. You smiled sheepishly, gesturing to your door, exhaustion - regret? - promising a perfect sleep.

    But that never came. Nothing perfect and little sleep. Steve refused to let you out of his sight that night. The sheer ecstasy at what you had both engaged him, excited him to no bounds. He had described - in great detail - how hard he had been in watching you kill. How he had never thought he would find the perfect partner. In the same moment he spoke of his darkest desires to fuck you as you both bathed in blood, he sank his cock deep inside you, praying to the Gods on how good you felt. His fingers bruised your thighs as he roughly pumped into you, his grunts pushing past your lips in a vulgar expression of his desire. 

    Steve had fucked you every which way that night. Your mouth, tired and sore, held agape as he pumped into your tonsils, eyes sealed shut above you, pleasure washing over his body at your heat. You on top, riding him like a bucking bronco as his hips jutted up, pounding into you, ripping your first release of your body that night like a thief, snagging the jewels straight from your body before draping you in your very own pearl necklace.

    On top, punishing your body with his thrusts as your legs rested on his shoulders, pushed against you as he nipped and bit at your breasts. On all fours, head pulled back while his mouth eagerly claimed you, a thumb pushing into your puckered back entrance, promises of ruining that soon as his cock pounded your pussy walls, stretching you open with each drive. And when he finally spilled inside you for the final time, so deep into your core that you felt every ribbon splash across your walls as you clenched around him, your own release coating his cock in your milk. A cry fell from his throat as he touched his lips to yours, an, I love you into your mouth, sealing it in with a kiss.

    You had felt passion before. But nothing like this. This - this all consuming desire to burrow inside each other, pull him into your womb, letting him curl up inside you, never leaving. This was something more. Something dangerous. And even as your mind tried to come to terms with what you had done, the need for Steve to be inside you - never left. The throb you felt deep in your pants awakened an animal instinct inside you. Some murderous desire to let the world burn around you as he fucked you with every inch of his fat cock, screaming in agony and ecstasy - two star-crossed fucking lovers in the night, laying waste to the world around them.

    You walked through your days like a shadow across the floor. There, but not really. A darkness encroaching upon the surface, pulling you down into the depths of darkness below your feet.

    You dropped your bag on the table by the door, switching on your hallway light. You fell back into your door, grateful for the cryptic message you had received from Steve.

    Avenger shit. Be back in a few days.

    You craved normalcy. Heating up soup with grilled cheese for dinner. It would have been easy to blame Steve for your new-found homicidal tendencies. But that wasn’t quite right. You had started changing before knowing anything about him, other than the face he showed the public. Before you knew he claimed your body each night while you slept. Before you knew he was working with the bad guys.

    Bad guys, like you.

    You sighed, biting into your sandwich. 

    You pulled a folder from your bag, setting it on the table before you, combing through all the faces that Hawthorne had assaulted, before slamming the file shut.

    “Vag up, y/n” you spat harshly to yourself. “The man was an asshole and deserved it.”

    “Did he, though?”

    You jumped from your chair, the pages of the file scattering around your feet. The man took a step out from the darkness. You recognized him. You knew him. You shook your head, stammering, “I…”

    He held his large hand up, demanding silence.

    “I know what the two of you did. And I know it wasn’t all on you. We know of your history with…” he grinned, “the deceased. We also know, Steve is compromised.” The man pulled a seat from under your kitchen table, sitting down, casually, as if he had come for a biscuit and a cup of tea. His arm outstretched, beckoning you to sit across from him. You dropped onto the hard surface, tucking your hands in your lap, fidgeting at his strong stature.

    “I’m here to ask you for help.” He leaned in, the light hitting him sharply, “we need to know how far he’s gone. And if we can get him back. Or, …” he trailed off, purposely allowing you to finish the sentence yourself.

    “Or, kill him?”

    Fury’s hands crossed over his lap. His face even, but soft - forlorn - just the same. “We need to know if Captain America is truly lost to us. Or if it’s something else.”

    “Like a drug?”

    “Like a drug.”

    Your head fell, eyes falling heavy on the table before you. It wasn’t a drug. It wasn’t mind control. That you knew. 

    But could you give Steve up? Was the world you had before so much better than what you had now?

    The tingle that began in your fingertips was hot. Scorching. You watched it course through your veins, igniting a fire within you as it moved through your body. You weren’t trapped by your conscience. It was merely showing you your options. Simpering victim, plagued by some pathetic righteousness that did no one any good. Or freedom to live as you pleased. Steve didn’t give you this power; he merely made the introduction. And this world, with its - devil-may-care attitude - was a sin worth committing.

    A smile crept across your face, the face of an angel caught in the devil’s web, pleading for forgiveness. “I’ll help you. Tell me what you need me to do.” You asked, sinking your fangs into the angel’s throat and shredding the last bit of your humanity along with it.

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    so someone on twitter said this is the only picture we have of the cap quartet and i-

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    New Life

    Title: New Life Creator(s): samandbucky Card number: 072 (StuckyBingo) Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31185761 Squares filled: E1 Alpha/Beta/Omega for @stuckybingo2020 & my first fill for @badthingshappenbingo Distress Call Rating: Teen And Up Archive warnings: burglary Major tags: Fluff, Omegaverse, Burglary, Distress Call Word count: 3,169 Summary: Omega Steve meets Alpha Bucky through a nanny gig. Steve was expecting this to be just another gig, nothing more and nothing less. He never expected to bond with the alpha's children, or become part of the alpha's life permanently.

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    Can’t believe I’m so into Stucky in 2021.  All it took was the return of Bucky, and watching him simp for Steve for a few episodes, and I got thrown back in time.

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    Stark Spangled Rebirth

    Chapter 7: You Know, It’s Kinda Growing On Me

    Summary: Steve and Katie assemble a team to take the fight to HYDRA.

    Warnings: Bad Language words. Smut (NSFW, 18+)

    Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC Katie Stark

    Word Count: 7k

    A/N:  Again, used a fair bit of creative license with this but, what is Fan-Fic if not exactly that? This series is my contribution of sorts to the CATF 10 Year Anniversary Challenge. Thanks to @angrybirdcr​ for the lovely edit, and also the totally NSFW one that I daren’t post for fear of being flagged, however if any of you want to see it, send me a PM! He he he...

    Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Katie Stark and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.

    SSR Masterlist // Main Masterlist

    Chapter 6

    “The fifth one was here in Poland, right near the Baltic,” Steve bent over, marking the location on the map which was spread out in front of them on the table at the underground SSR base in Whitehall, London. “And the sixth one was… about here,” he marked another spot, “thirty, forty miles west of the Maginot Line.” He straightened up as a soldier rolled the map and carried it away, his pencil lightly bouncing against his fingers as he jiggled it a little in his hands. He looked up to see Katie and Agent Carter exchanging a glance with one another, a soft smile playing on Katie’s face. “I just got a quick look.” He finished.

    “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Peggy said, the slightest hint of humour in her voice and at that Katie winked at Steve, the three of them walking over to where Phillips was studying some other locations that Katie had already marked on another map on the wall.

    “These are the weapon factories we know about.” She explained as Steve stepped up behind her, his eyes quickly taking in the markers positions.

    “Sergeant Barnes said that Hydra shipped all the parts to another facility that isn’t on this map.” Steve added, his tongue lightly poking the inside of his cheek as he tried to spot something in the seemingly random locations of the factories that would help them find the other one, but there was nothing jumping out at him.

     Phillips mused for a little moment before he turned to Peggy. “Agent Carter, coordinate with MI6. I want every Allied eyeball looking for that main Hydra base.”

    “What about us?” Katie asked.

    “We are gonna set a fire under Johann Schmidt’s ass.” Phillips retorted, taking a piece of paper from a female, blonde private, turning to face them both. “Whadd’ya say, Rogers? It’s your map, you think you can wipe Hydra off of it?”

    “Yes, sir.” Steve nodded eagerly. “I’ll need a team.”

    “We’re already putting together the best men.” Phillips informed him and at that he saw Katie bristle a little over the Colonel’s shoulder, clearly picking up on his use of the non-inclusive noun. Phillips obviously didn’t see her being part of that team, and that wasn’t something Steve was prepared to let slide. She deserved to be there, alongside the best of them, because, well simply put she was the best of them. He’d seen first-hand how she’d handled herself in that base, fighting her way through more guards and HYDRA soldiers than he could count. She’d gotten their men out of the factory, been instrumental in strategizing and plotting how to get them home safely, and she had the respect of the six guys they had already chosen to make up a specific command with the sole focus of taking down HYDRA.

    He locked eyes with Katie, giving her a significant look before he turned to Phillips. “With all due respect, sir. So are we.”  Phillips blinked for a moment, before he turned back to Katie who shrugged as Steve continued. “I saw those men in action. Myself and Agent Stark also experienced first-hand their different specialist skills and various aptitudes during the escape and along the journey home. I think we’re best qualified to assess exactly who fits the bill.”

    Phillips looked at him before he gave a small jerk of his head in agreement and Steve flashed Katie a smile. With that she turned and headed over to a table at the back, picking up several files before she returned.

    “I had these prepared earlier, so that you could take a look.” She explained, holding them out.

    Phillips took the files from her and opened the first one, Steve noticing Bucky’s photo looking back up at him from where it had been paper-clipped inside.

    “Huh. B-A-R-N-E-S.” Phillips spelled out Bucky’s surname, a smirk flickering on his lips. “How about that Rogers, I can spell.” Despite himself, Steve gave a snort as Phillips tossed the files down on the table and looked at Katie, then Steve. “Not interested in what those files say. You said you know these men, so give me the low down. You got five minutes.”

    Katie took a deep breath and opened the top file that Phillips had thrown down on the table and pushed it forward a little. “Okay, starting with James Buchanan Barnes of the 107th. Barnes and his unit were ambushed by the Wehrmacht troops at Azzano.  Barnes is a trained and accomplished marksman and holds a lot of inside intelligence on how HYDRA operate, he heard a lot of tactical conversation when he was on the isolation ward. Seems the people watching him were too arrogant to think he’d understand.”

    Phillips gave a jerk of his head to show he’d understood and Katie then moved to the next file and opened it, placing it down next to Bucky’s.

    “Private Gabe Jones. 92nd Infantry Division.” Steve spoke, nodding to it. “Also Captured at Azzano. Jones is another expert marksman and one of his unit’s main gunners. He’s also multilingual, fluent in English, French, and German.”

    “Useful.” Phillips nodded as Katie reached for the third file and opened it, displaying it alongside the other two.

    “Corporal Timothy 'Dum Dum’ Dugan, 69th Infantry Regiment, or the Fighting Irish, another one who was captured at Azzano.” She looked at Phillips who arched his eyebrow at her. “You know Dum-Dum, Sir, so you don’t need me to tell you he’s good with a gun and also exceptional at hand-to-hand combat.”

    Phillips nodded and waved his hand telling her to move on and she then opened the next file and Steve once more took up the explanation.

    “Jacques Dernier, French Resistance.”

    Phillips gave a scoff. “What the fuck was his French ass doing in North Western Italy?”

    “He wasn’t, he was captured in Marseilles by HYDRA and transported to the factory as labour.” Steve explained. “He’s a self-proclaimed explosives expert, a claim backed up by the other men who escaped the HYDRA base alongside him.”

    “He managed to wire a truck up to explode.” Katie looked at Phillips who gave a snort. “Don’t ask me how, because I have no idea, but I want to introduce him to Howie, see if they can come up with any new ideas to make things go bang.” She paused as she opened the next file. “Private Jim Morita. Served in the Nisei Squadron as a Ranger. Pretty good with tech as well as being another good shooter and also fluent in Japanese.”

    At that Steve reached for the final file and opened it, tossing it down on top of the others, nodding down to the photo displayed. “Major James Montgomery Falsworth of the British 3rd Independent Parachute Brigade.”

    “A Major, huh?” Phillips looked at Steve, a smirk on his face. “He out ranks you, Captain.”

    “That’s kind of a moot point, Sir.” Katie shook her head, giving a snort. “They’re not even part of the same army.”

    “I’m aware of that.” Phillips looked at her as Steve took a deep breath.

    “I don’t care much for titles.” He replied. “I’m interested in his abilities. He’s logical, a strategist and tactician.”

    Phillips paused for a moment before he nodded. “Alright, if these are the men you-“

    “There’s one more.” Steve spoke and Katie’s head shot up from where she’d been studying Monty’s file to look at him, curiously. He turned to Phillips and inclined his head towards her.

    “What?” Katie spluttered and Steve looked back to her as she stared at him, her mouth hanging open. Steve knew she’d resigned herself to being merely their support from Base now that an actual male Captain was stepping up to lead the charge against HYDRA so to speak, but he wasn’t about to let that happen.

    “You told me yourself, if it hadn’t been for you I’d never have made it into or out of that base alive.” Steve spoke gently. “You have the intel on HYDRA, you have Dum-Dum’s ear and the men trust you. I want you on the front lines with us.”

    She blinked, before she stuttered for words and Phillips gave a bark of a laugh. “Look at that, for once she’s got nothin’ to say.”

    Steve gave a little smile and raised his eyebrows. “How about it?”

    “Yeah, I mean, of course, I’m in.” She replied instantly, looking to Phillips for approval and he took a deep breath.

    “I can’t really argue against it, not when you’ve been leading the fight against these guys for so long.” He sniffed. “Plus, telling you no would simply be a waste of both breath and energy.” He turned to Steve and nodded. “You want these men, you go get ‘em. I’ll clear this up the chain. Report back to me tomorrow when you’ve spoken to everyone.”

    ***** “We need a name, for the team.” Katie excitedly spoke as the pair of them made their way through the grounds of Albany Street Barracks. They’d remained at base for an hour or so after Phillips had left, coming up with a list of things they needed to do before calling it a night when they’d exhausted all their ideas.

    “Why don’t we use the one you had for your guys, you know, when you led the raids?” Steve asked and Katie wrinkled her nose.

    “We didn’t have an official name as such”

    “But you had an unofficial one?”

    Katie grinned. “Well, don’t forget technically it wasn’t my team, I’m a woman.” Steve rolled his eyes as she continued. “I was off radar, non-existent. Phillips was the official commanding officer. So for that reason, Dum-Dum nicknamed us Chester’s Angels.”

    Steve gave a snort and shook his head. “Yeah we are not calling ourselves that.”

    The pair of them fell silent, the only noise they made being the click of their boots against the cobbles as they headed towards the living quarters. The Barracks they were staying in normally housed The King’s own Hussars, the cavalry regiment of the British army, and under some agreement made between the British War Office and the US Senate, room had been made to house the members of the SSR whilst on British soil. The building was gorgeous, neatly built of brick and occupied an area of eight acres and a half. The messing and accommodation areas were situated on the east side of the parade ground, running parallel to the stables and service buildings. Katie had stopped on their way in to say hello to a couple of the British horsemen, gently stroking one of the large, black horses on the nose, Steve hanging back. Whilst they were beautiful animals, horses scared the crap out of him.

    “What about Cap’s Commandos?” Katie broke the silence. “You know, I mean commando is already a term for a special operations unit.”

    “Huh.” Steve pondered. “You know, I like the sentiment.”


    “Yeah, the word Commando derives from the Latin commendare which means to recommend.” Steve informed her and Katie shook her head, laughing softly.

    “Huh, you know, I never knew that and I feel like I should.”

    “Guess you don’t know everything after all, Doll.”

    Katie paused at the entrance door as the soldier guarding it moved to one side to let them in. “Rude.” She narrowed her eyes and Steve laughed as they both walked into the building. “So if we called ourselves that, it would literally mean Cap’s Recommendations. Very apt, don’cha think?”

    Steve wrinkled his nose as he followed her down the coridoor where she took a right. “Yeah, but it makes it sound like I’m the boss or somethin’.”

    “You are.” Katie snorted.

    “Well, maybe, but we’re a team.” Steve shook his head, an exasperated noise escaping his nose.

    They both entered the small, communal kitchen and Katie headed for the steel coffee pot, rolling her eyes as she found it empty.

    “Well, what about we pick some kind of alternative adjective or verb and make it ironic, a little joke maybe”

    “A joke?” Steve frowned.

    “Yeah.” Katie shrugged as she grabbed a foil packet from a cupboard. She tore it open and sniffed the contents before she turned to look at him. “So like this is all supposedly being done by stealth and using the element of surprise, let’s use something that alludes to the opposite.”

    “Like the Screaming Eagles?” Steve offered and Katie pointed at him.

    “Exactly.” She gave a definitive nod as she tipped the contents of the foil packet into the coffee pot.

    “So something like the Screeching Commandos?” Steve looked at her, his eyebrow arched.

    “No.” Katie wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like screeching, it has negative connotations, I mean when has anything good ever screeched.” She turned and grabbed a match, lighting the stove for the kettle.

    “Shrieking?” Steve offered and she moved, across the kitchen, kettle in her hand.

    “That’s better. But it needs to be something strong.”

    “Caterwauling.” Steve said with a grin and she snorted, giving him a dig with her elbow as she passed to grab a container of water.

    “Shut up.” She scoffed. Steve watched as she filled the kettle and placed it on the stove before she leaned back against the counter.

    “Okay, so something alluding to being loud, that’s powerful.” Steve pondered.

    “Roaring?” She offered. “I mean that’s what lions do, it’s powerful and they hunt in packs, we’re gonna be a pack.”

    Steve nodded. “Yeah, that’s good, but I don’t like cats.”

    Katie looked at him, blinking, before she burst out laughing. “Oh my God!”

    “What?” Steve chuckled as she snorted, shaking her head.

    “They’re not domestic cats, Steve!”

    “I know that, but they’re still cats. I much prefer dogs.” He stated matter of factly before he grinned, a sudden memory washing over him. “You know, when I was a kid our neighbor had a huge dog that I was convinced was a wolf. He had this trick, if you offered him a scrap he would howl on command…”

    At that he trailed off, a sudden warm feeling flushing through his system as they both locked eyes in a moment of realization before they spoke at the same time.


    Steve grinned. “Now that I like. The Howling Commandos. It works.”

    “Yeah, yeah it does.” Katie beamed.

    As they stood there, smiling at each other like two complete idiots, the kettle started it’s own loud howling and Katie moved, clearing her throat as she removed it from the heat and added the boiled water to the metal coffee pot.

    “We’re gonna need an insignia.” Steve spoke, now completely wrapped up in the thrill of the moment, his mind running away with him a little, the passion of leading his own unit completely sweeping him away. “Maybe a wolf’s head?”

    “Well, the Screaming Eagles have an eagle, Old Abe, so a wolf’s head makes sense in that respect but…” She trailed off, grinning. “Chester always said our symbol when I was operating the unit should have been wings.”

    “Why wings?”

    “Because we were operating on a wing and a prayer.”

    At that Steve snorted. “That’s kinda funny.”

    She shrugged. “Yeah, it made us laugh, even if it was true.”

    Grabbing a strainer, she poured the now brewed coffee into two mugs, setting the pot down on the side. Steve took the one she offered to him with a thanks before he took a sip and spoke again.

    “Okay, how about we go with my name and seeing as you’re gonna be my second in command, we’ll take your insignia. Good team work, Agent Stark.”

    “Your second in command?” She blinked. “Seriously?”

    Steve nodded. “Well, yeah. Unless, you don’t…”

    “No, I do, I just…” She shrugged. “I thought you’d have chosen Bucky or Monty.”

    Steve took another sip of his drink, cocking his head to one side as he studied her for a moment. “Well, you know the type of work we’re going to be doing. You’ve done it before. It made sense.” He paused again before he smiled. “Plus, from a purely selfish point of view, you’re a lot easier on the eye than either of those guys.”

    Katie smirked over the top of her mug. “Flattery will get you everywhere, Captain.”

    Steve’s grin turned into a softer smile, before he stepped forward, the hand not holding his mug moved to her hip. With a gentle tug he pulled her closer, pressing his lips to hers in a soft kiss.

    “You know,” she whispered against his mouth as he pressed his forehead to hers, “you can’t be doing that out in the field, you’ll be gettin’ accused of favouritism.”

    “Hmmm, is it an accusation if it’s fact?” He quipped back and she laughed, as he gave her another sweet peck.

    Pulling back, she smiled a little, her eyes and expression soft. “I should go, Peggy wants me to help her get ready. She’s going to some fancy Officers’ dinner or something later with Phillips and Howie.”

    “Are you not going with them?”

    “What and sit around listening to a load of posh bastards rabbitin’ on about how hard it is on the front lines when they’ve never set foot outside their offices?” She scoffed. “No thank you. They epitomise everything that is wrong with this damned war.” Steve smiled at her indignation and she shrugged. “Besides, if you’re gonna ask the guys officially to join the team I should be there, you know, as your second in command. Call it team bonding.”

    “That’s a really bad excuse to use because you don’t want to attend some pretentious dinner party, Doll.” Steve smirked and she shrugged.

    “I don’t care. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But, for the record, not wanting to be in the company of imbeciles isn’t the only reason I don’t wanna go.”


    “I wanna spend time with you.”

    Steve smiled and looked down licking his lips before he raised his head and met her eyes. “Well, I guess I’ll see you later?”

    “Yeah, yeah you will.” She stood on her tiptoes and gave his cheek a soft kiss before she turned and headed out. Steve watched the sway of her hips as she left, casting him a coy look over her shoulder that had his cheeks and neck feeling very warm.

    And his uniform pants feeling very tight.


    “So, let’s get this straight.” Dum Dum looked at Steve as he sat at the table in the small bar in London.

    “We barely got out of there alive, and you want us to go back?” Jones looked at him and Steve gave a little grin.

    “Pretty much.

    “Sounds rather…fun, actually.” Monty grinned and across the table Morita belched loudly.

    “I’m in.”

    A string of French then escaped Dernier and Steve watched as Jones replied, Dernier shooting off a couple more words in his mother tongue before the men laughed and shook hands. Steve exchanged a look with Dum Dum who was as puzzled as he was, and they both turned to Jones who gestured between him and Dernier.

    “We’re in.”

    Steve smiled and then turned to Dum Dum. “Hell, I’ll always fight. But you got to do one thing for me.”

    “What’s that?” Steve asked as Dum Dum drained his pitcher and set it down on the table with a quiet belch.

    “Open a tab.”

    With a scoff of laughter, Steve stood up and gathered their empties into his hand and walked over to the bar. “Another round.”

    “Where are they putting all this stuff?” The barman looked at him, his mouth hanging open a little.

    Steve simply snorted and then moved over to where Bucky was sat at the bar counter, as in the background someone started playing the piano, a rendition of ‘There's a Tavern in Town’ ringing out across he bar.

    “See? I told you.” Bucky gestured to the men at the table as he took a drink from his glass. “They’re all idiots.”

    “How about you? You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” Steve looked at him and Bucky scoffed, shaking his head.

    “Hell, no. That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight.” He turned to Steve and shrugged. “I’m following him.”

    Steve smiled a little, the sentiment not lost on him as Bucky smirked a little and shrugged. “But you’re keeping the outfit, right?”

    “You know what?” He glanced over his shoulder at the poster advertising his now cancelled USO show, depicting him in his spandex. He smiled and looked at Bucky “It’s kind of growing on me.”

    Before Bucky could quip anything back, Steve was suddenly aware that the singing in the bar had stopped and the two men leaned back to look through the door, to see both Peggy and Katie walking into the pub. Peggy was dressed in a tight fitting, deep red dress, all heads turning her way as she strode confidently towards him but Steve only had eyes for the woman behind her. Katie was dressed slightly more demurely than Peggy, her dress was a floaty, cream coloured material with frills around the sleeve caps, which trailed down the front of her dress, blending into the flowing, knee length skirt. The soft looking material was patterned with bronze coloured leaves, which were matched perfectly with the patent brown heeled peep-toe sling-backs on her feet. As Peggy continued towards him, Katie stopped by the table he’d vacated minutes ago, Falsworth standing up politely to offer her his chair.


    Steve’s eyes jerked to Peggy as she stood in front of him and he nodded. “Agent Carter.”

    “Ma’am.” Bucky flashed her his best smile and Steve had to stop himself from rolling his eyes.

    “Howard has some equipment for you to try. Tomorrow morning?”

    “Sounds good.” Steve nodded, his eyes flicking once more to Katie who was now settling herself at the table, smiling at Falsworth in thanks as he pushed her chair in for her.

    “I see your top squad is prepping for duty.” She quipped and Steve gave a smile.

    “You don’t like music?” Bucky asked.

    “I do, actually.” She turned to smile at him. “I might even, when this is all over, go dancing.”

    “Then what are we waiting for?” Bucky deployed his usual line and Peggy flashed him a smile before she turned back to Steve.

    “The right partner.”

    It was no coincidence she spoke those words to him, the words he himself had said to Katie all those weeks ago. As his eyes locked onto Peggy’s, she gave him a small smile and arched her eyebrow, the faintest jerk of her head back towards Katie confirmed his suspicions and he flushed slightly at the fact he had clearly been the subject of a conversation between the two women, and unless he was very much mistaken, the one stood in front of him was giving him a silent instruction.

    Or warning, he wasn’t quite sure.  

    “0800, Captain.” Peggy finished, before she turned and walked away.

    “Yes, ma’m.” He cleared his throat, answering both her spoken and unspoken orders. “I’ll be there.”

    “I’m invisible.” Bucky scoffed, referring to the rejection he had just been slapped with from Peggy. “I’m…I’m turning into you. It’s like some horrible dream”

    “Don’t take it so hard.” Steve clapped him on the shoulder. “Maybe she’s got a friend.”

    “She does,” Bucky grinned, “but her friend seems kinda into you.”

    Steve rolled his eyes, a smile flickering on his face as once more he glanced over at Katie. This time she looked straight back and flashed him a demure smile and he felt his cheeks flushing again. Fuck, was there any time he was never going to do that?

    “You gonna go find out what your dame wants to drink?” Bucky asked and Steve turned to him.

    “She’s not…”

    “Whatever, Punk.” Bucky snorted, shoving him harshly in the back. Steve cleared his throat as the two men made their way over to the table, Bucky flopping into a seat opposite Katie.

    “S’up Doll Face?” He quipped and she raised her brow.

    “Barnes.” She smirked a little as he leaned back, eyeing her for a moment before Steve took a deep breath.

    “Agent Stark, what can I get you to drink?”

    “Gin please, Captain.” She smiled. “Straight over ice if they have any.”

    “Ooh Lady Lieutenant, you getting on the hard stuff already?” Dum Dum teased and she shrugged, turning to face him.

    “Well if I’m going to keep up with you reprobates out there in the field I might as well start as I mean to go on.”

    At that all the men turned to one another, surprise on their faces and Steve groaned, realising he’d forgotten to tell them that.

    “You’re coming with us?” Falsworth asked and she looked at him nodding.

    “Is there a problem with that, gentlemen?” Steve was quick to jump in and he saw Katie smile to herself as she looked at the table.

    “Hell, no.” Duggan snorted. “I know better than to question her, I got a black eye last time.”

    “You deserved it.” Katie narrowed her eyes as various snorts rang around the table. “You challenged my authority in front of the entire unit.”

    “Exactly, which is why I’m not gonna do it now.”

    “Do you hit everyone who challenges you?” Steve asked, thinking back to when she’d taken Hodge down the first day he’d been at Camp Lehigh.

    She turned to him, and shrugged. “Depends on how exactly they’re doing the challenging.”

    At that the group gave a few loud guffaws at her innuendo and Steve rolled his eyes as she fixed him with a stare.

    “That drink aint gonna buy itself, Cap.”

    With a scoff, and another loud roar of laughter from the table at the fact she’d just sassed him, he shook his head and turned back to the bar, a large smile on his face.


    A few hours and several drinks later, Katie decided to call it a night. As she rose from her seat, all the men around the table did the same, wishing her a good night and Steve excused himself to walk her back to the barracks, pointedly ignoring the looks the team shared. As Katie stood up, thanking Steve as he held out her shawl for her, he saw Bucky smirking in the corner of his eye. He turned to his best friend who simply raised his glass in his direction, arching a brow. With a roll of his eyes, but an ever so subtle smug smirk, Steve gently placed his hand on the base of Katie’s spine and guided her towards the door.

    Once outside, he offered her his arm and she smiled, curling her hand over the crook of his elbow, leaning into him a little as they walked the short distance back to the barracks, their talk quiet. They both greeted the guards on the gate who saluted them as they passed and headed inside, their footsteps light as they walked the deserted halls.

     “You know, you didn’t actually have to walk me to my actual room.” Katie opened her door, turning to Steve. “Pretty sure we’re safe in here.”

    “I’m a man of my word. I said I’d walk ya home.” Steve’s mouth curled up at one side into a soft smile. “And, okay, it isn’t exactly home but…”

    Katie gave a little chuckle before she looked down at the floor, biting her lip. “Such a gentleman, your ma would be proud.”

    Steve felt himself warm at her compliment and he popped a shoulder as she looked at him, her eyes shining. There was a moment’s pause before he cleared his throat and looked down the corridor. “I should…”He jerked his thumb over his shoulder and Katie nodded.

    “Yeah, you probably…should.” She stepped forward a little, her left hand curling on the lapels of his jacket, before she gripped his tie firmly in her right, yanking him towards her a little, Steve’s eyes widening at her sudden forceful nature. “But that doesn’t mean you have to.”

    There was a moment’s hesitation, Steve trying to reconcile the war between his brain and his body. His mind was telling him this was bad, because he was a gentleman, and he should be walking her home and leaving it there. But damned, his body was already reacting, he could feel the stirring in his pants as he looked into her green eyes which were shining with mischief. It was same conflict he’d felt all those months back, the night before he got the serum when they’d made out.

    “Stop thinking so much,” she whispered, the hand round his tie pulling further, his face was now mere inches from hers, “let go, Steve.”

    And that was it, his lips crashed to hers and he backed her through the door, kicking it shut with his foot. The kiss was fierce, the pair of them stumbling around the small room as Steve’s arms wrapped around her, hands splaying on her back, holding her as close as he could. A soft moan escaped her mouth which resonated in his lust addled brain like an alarm, and he pulled away, his breathing deep.

    “You sure you wanna do this?” He whispered, his forehead pressing to hers, his tongue wetting his lips slightly.

    “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” She replied, her voice barely audible over her own deep breathing.

    And Steve knew then he was a goner.

    He surged forward once more, his hands cupping her face, hers reaching out to undo the buttons on his jacket. She pushed it back over his shoulders and he shrugged it off, where it fell to the floor with a soft thud. Then, before he could even contemplate his next move her hands had reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it free of his pants. His back muscles twitched as her hands danced over his skin, the sensation of her gently dragging her nails across the base of his spine sent a spike of desire, like a red hot poker through his entire body and he let out a groan against her mouth, which caused her lips to curl up at one side. Steve pulled back a little, watching as she quickly undid the knot in his tie and then her manicured fingers popped each button on his shirt, her eyes following her actions before she raised her head to meet his gaze as he shrugged off his shirt, carelessly tossing it to one side.  

    He swallowed as her hands gently pressed to his chest, sliding up over his shoulders, one tangling in the back of his hair. His own curled over her hips as he kissed her again, before he hesitated and felt her soft palms gently move over the top of his hands, guiding them round to the back of her dress. His fingers skated up and he found the zipper. With a deep breath, he looked at her once more and she nodded, and he pulled the small, metal zip down the track, causing it to fall forward slightly and he got a glimpse of her breasts, clad in a silk balcony style bra.

    She pulled away from him this time and he watched as she allowed her dress to fall to the floor, and he swallowed again, his dick now rock hard at the sight of her in nothing but her underwear in front of him and when his eyes had finished travelling up her curves, she hooked her fingers into his waistband and tugged him closer to her. He let out a groan as her knuckles brushed over his sensitive stomach, the anticipation now killing him as she slowly undid his belt, taking her time, locking her eyes onto his again. The lust he had seen moments ago had now completely turned into something softer, her eyes shining like emeralds.

    “God you’re beautiful.” He stuttered out and Katie giggled nervously before he kissed her again stepping forward a little. The force of his movement caused her to step back, and she almost fell as the back of her knees hit the side of the cot up against the wall. “Sorry.” He pulled back a little, and she shook her head.

    “I’m not.”

    At that point, Steve felt the nerves wash over him once again, what the fuck was he doing? God, this was all sorts of wrong, and incorrect, but…fuck, he was damned if he didn’t want this.

    “Katie, I…” He stumbled over his words and she frowned a little.

    “What? Don’t you wanna…”

    “No, I mean, yeah. Yeah I do. I really do…but, Doll, please tell me you do too.” His voice was a nervous plea and she took a deep breath, her hands popping the button on his khaki uniform pants as she leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips.

    “Yeah, yeah I do.” she whispered.

    “Good, okay, yeah, that’s…good.” He nodded, his lips back on hers as he kissed her again. She moved, climbing up backwards onto the cot, Steve chasing her mouth with his as she knelt up on the mattress, her hands cupping his face, the pads of her fingers softly pressing into his clean shaven jaw.

    “You’re gonna need…erm…” she pulled away a little, and he looked at her, and she arched her eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you didn’t bring your standard issue little packet of protection?”

    “What?” Steve frowned.

    “I know they give you boys those.” Katie scoffed. “Put it on before you put it in, ring any bells?”

    Steve flushed a furious shade of red as he groaned, his head falling forwards and pressing against hers. “Yeah, I know, but I didn’t, I mean this wasn’t exactly how I was planning this night to go down.”

    “Hmmm, the Star Spangled Man doesn’t have a plan.”

    “Oh for God’s-” his protest was cut off as she kissed him again, chuckling a little.

    “Don’t worry, I’m one step ahead of you.” She nodded to where she’d tossed her purse. “Just so happens I might have swiped a couple.”

    “You were planning for this?” Despite himself, his lips quirked up at the side and she shook her head.

    “Not planning, no. Hoping.”

    She kissed him again before she moved and stepped off the bed, hopping over to retrieve said item and Steve took the opportunity to sit down and rid himself of his boots. It took him a few attempts to get the laces undone his fingers were shaking that much and once he’d finally gotten rid of them, he didn’t have a second to contemplate his next move as Katie had tossed the small, foil packet onto the small lamp table by the bed and straddled him, her knees falling either side of his hips.

    He was aware that his breathing had quickened and he looked at her, the lump in his throat thick as she reached behind her, eyes trained on him. He swallowed thickly as she undid her bra and his eyes flickered down to take her in. She was a sight to behold. All soft pink curves and rose bud nipples which were peaked against the sudden rush of air to her skin.

    He was achingly hard now, and he needed to do something about it. In a flash he pivoted them so she was led flat on her back on the bed, and he propped himself up over her, caging her with his arms and legs as his mouth hungrily covered hers. His hands trailed up her bare legs, to her hips, up the side of her body and then onto her breasts teasing gently. She groaned, rolling her head back on the pillow at the sensation, her hips bucking upwards.

    “Fuck.” He seethed out at the feeling of her grinding up against his rock hard crotch, and he nuzzled at her neck with his nose. She dragged her fingers up his spine, as he buried his face in the side of her neck, his lips working at the pulse spot beneath her ear, the little noises of pleasure she was making were music in his ear.

    Shifting slightly, he took his weight entirely on his left arm, his right cupping her face until her fingers wrapped around his. Before Steve had figured out what she was doing, she’d guided his hand down to the waistband of her panties and in a movement that was pure instinct he continued, working his large fingers down through the elastic, over her soft curls. When he felt her slick against his pads he let out a groan, and she sighed as he gently began to stroke her.

    It took him a little while, and some guidance, but soon he’d figured out exactly what was working for her as he moved his fingers, taking care to keep his strokes just right. His face watched hers intently as she bit her lip, her eyes falling shut in pleasure. Before long her hips started to move against his hand and he gently twisted his wrist, inserting two fingers inside her, swallowing at the way she felt, so soft and warm.

    Her body was now reacting exactly the same way he’d seen before. Encouraged, he continued his movements. Her hand moved up to grab at his hair, pulling him down to kiss him and before long she was softly crying out, her back arching as her walls fluttered around his fingers as she came.

    How Steve didn’t blow his load right there and then he had no idea, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to be in her, surrounded by her, feel her, claim her as his own.  His hands both shot to the side of her panties, completely forgetting his strength and he heard them tear. He dropped his forehead onto her sternum, letting out a groan at his stupidity before he heard a laugh.

    “I’m sorry…” he blurted out as she continued to giggle.

    “Steve, it’s okay.” She shook her head. “You good?”

    “Yeah, just, well, I’ve never…”

    “I know, me neither, remember?” She leaned up, gently kissing him before she grinned. “And whilst I’m no expert, I expect you’re gonna need to take your pants off for this next bit.”

    “Oh, shit, yeah…” Steve swallowed and stood up, dispensing of the rest of his clothes, the feeling of his cock finally being freed from his clothing was bliss. His eyes roved over her bare form as she lay on the bed, watching him, her own eyes flicking down his naked body and he blushed a little before she gave him a sinful look, her teeth biting her bottom lip.

    “Don’t keep me waiting, Soldier.” She gestured with her head to the little table and he grabbed the condom. His fingers slipped a little as he tore the foil packet open, his hand shaking as he knelt on the bed between her legs, rolling it down over his shaft the way he’d seen it demonstrated, but, well it was awkward, and he was starting to get a little bit fed up when Katie put a hand over his and he glanced up at her.

    “Relax.” She whispered.

    “I’m sorry, I…”

    “Shhh,” she kissed him softly as she guided his hand down and once he was sheathed she led back down and he moved, his hands either side of her shoulders as he positioned himself.

    With as gentle a movement as he could, he worked his way into her, letting out a loud groan, and her breath hitched a little.

    “God,” Steve breathed, temporarily paralysed as the sensation of being buried in her for the first time washed over him, her tight warmth hugging his cock. His arms shook and he dropped down to his elbows, shifting a little to support his weight on his forearms so he didn’t crush her, his entire body coiled tight like snake.

     “You okay?” she asked softly, clearly able to feel the tension in his muscles as he lay over her.

    “Yeah.” He panted. “You?” “I’m good,” there was a little pause and she placed her hand on the bottom of his back, applying a little pressure with her palm, “go slow.”

    So he did. He started thrusting. Slowly at first, picking up the pace a little as he gained confidence. Her hands slipped up his back and came to rest as her arms hooked under his, palms flat on the back of his shoulders.

    Steve watched her carefully as he continued his movements, his eyes locked onto hers. She looked straight back at him as her body gently moved with each thrust he made. He leaned down to kiss her, and it was a little sloppy because his brain and body were that awash with this absolute new sensation of pleasure that he was struggling to function or focus on much at the moment. He broke the kiss, dropping his forehead to hers, his mouth slack as the heat tightened in his belly and he knew it wasn’t going to be long before he came.

    "Katie, I'm not...I'm not gonna..." he started to explain, almost apologise even but she cut him off.

    "It's okay," she nudged his nose with hers, “let me see you, Stevie."

    He raised his head and she looked straight at him, and with a few more little thrusts he was gone, tipping over the edge with a little grunt and a cry of her name. As the surge of pleasure washed over him he pitched forward, burying his face into her neck, breathing deeply as the world span around him, the blood pounding in his ears was almost deafening.

    Her arms held him close, hands gently sliding up his back, scratching at that spot on the nape of his neck, softly tangling in his hair as a final shudder ran down his body, the waves of pleasure finally began to subside.

    “I’m sorry,” he blurted out before he could stop himself, “You didn’t even – I’m sorry.” He said again still kicking himself.

    “Just enjoy the moment, please.” She whispered, kissing his temple.

    “Did I hurt you?”

    “No.” She shook her head. “I’m fine.”

    Steve sighed as he dropped his head to her chest, still inside her, as she ran her hand through his hair and down his neck. He stayed still for a while before he pulled out of her, careful to wrap his hand around the now filled barrier and he moved, sitting up so he could remove it. Once he had disposed of it in the small waste basket by the vanity, he retrieved his underwear and pulled it up over his legs before he turned around and looked at her as she sat up in the bed, the sheets clutched to her chest.

    There was a moment’s awkward silence, neither of them really knowing what to do next. Steve was torn. One half of him wanted to climb back in and hold her against him, whilst the other was telling him he should dress and bail before they got caught and in a heap of trouble.

     “Stay.” Her small whisper broke through his thoughts and he looked at her as she watched him, her face hopeful. “I mean, if you want.”

    “Of course I want to.” He swallowed, crossing the room and dropping back onto the bed. “I just don’t wanna get you into any kinda trouble.”

    He couldn’t help the trepidation he was feeling. Whilst there were no rules against what they’d just done, as such, it might be frowned upon. But then again, they’d been careful, they were both consenting adults…

    “No one will come up this way, not for a couple of hours at least.” Katie shook her head, clearly reading the look on his face. “And, well, I don’t much care. They shouldn’t give out those prophylactics if they didn’t want us to fuck.”

    “Jesus, Doll.” He grumbled at her crass nature and she giggled, softly. Cocking her head to one side.

    “Sorry, should I have referred to it as making love?”

    Steve rolled his eyes, before he took a deep breath. “That was more than just a fuck to me, you know that right?”

    Her face softened and she smiled, reaching out to cup his face. “I know. It was to me too. So stay, please.”

    With a nod he moved, working his way back under the covers. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, his large frame taking up most of the space but he moved so she was between him and the wall, making sure there was no way she’d fall out and she lay on her side, her leg thrown over his as her head snuggled into his chest.

    His hand softly ran up and down her spine as she gave a sigh, pressing a kiss to the underside of his jaw.

    “Night, Soldier.” She whispered and he pressed a kiss to her temple, his eyes closing.

    “Night, Sweetheart.”

    She was asleep well before him. Steve lay awake, his sharp ears listening for any footsteps or any sign that they were about to be caught but, after half an hour or so of nothing but silence, he finally gave into the wave of tiredness that had seeped into his bones, and fell into a deep, contented sleep.

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    Guys, Tumblr hates me & doesn't show my fics in the tags SO I'll help you out a little...

    Here's the link to my Marvel-Masterlist (there's a new Zemo piece from yesterday & tonight will bring you another new Zemo fic)

    Thanks Tumblr, I appreciate you a lot.

    Here's my AO3 link if you don't wanna miss any new pieces from me <3

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    Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (MCU) - Credit if using

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    i love all of you

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    Natasha, addressing the squad: And if you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the suggestion box.

    Steve: But – that’s just a trash can.

    Natasha: It sure is!


    Y/n: *treys herself into the trash can*

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    -Marvel Characters and their favourite Irish songs (feel free to let me know your thoughts and if there’s some characters I didn’t include that you feel would really like a particular song)-


    Bucky loves ballads, the slow love songs or tragic songs. Him and Steve don’t really care for drinking songs because they can’t get drunk. Bucky’s favourite one is Molly Malone just because of the story and it’s easy enough to remember.


    Peter’s favourite is The Rattlin’ Bog because it’s energetic and he is the only one on the team who can successfully complete the whole song and it really annoys some of the other Avengers


    I feel like Tony’s favourite would probably be Seven Drunken Nights, not really sure why. It just seems to fit him. Needless to say, Tony likes the drinking songs.


    Nat’s favourite is The Auld Triangle and she sings it with all amazing harmonies, Nat’s just an amazing singer full stop.


    As I said, Steve and Bucky prefer the ballads or the tragic ones. Steve likes The Town I Loved So Well but when he’s singing it he’s not imagining Ireland, he’s imagining 40’s Brooklyn because that’s the town he loved so well.

    That’s all the ones I can think of for now, let me know/reblog if you think of any more! :)

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    Sam: You know, Steve gives Tony flowers everyday.


    Sam: I wish you'd do that too.

    Bucky: Okay.


    Bucky: *gives flowers to Tony*

    Tony: ???

    Bucky: Dunno, I'm confused as well.

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    I just broke my own heart listening to Lover, Please Stay by Nothing but Thieves and just thinking about Bucky and Steve

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