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  • catch me steven universe posting on main soon bc I’m rewatching the entire thing so I can finally finish it for the first time bc I stopped somewhere after emerald lmaooo

    #steven universe #so if you want it blacklisted lmk
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  • PEARL X LAPIS FOR LIFEEEE- oh…..Lapearl contribute? Srry l love this ship so much.

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  • so i drew this as practice in ms paint
    it was fun!

    meant to add a ruby and a sapphire too but whatever lol

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  • Headcanon: Jasper is a bad, stone-cold bitch, but if you tell her you love her with heartfelt sincerity, she’ll probably melt. No one has ever said that to her before and she won’t know what to do with herself. Steven hit her with an “I love you, bye!” And sources say they found her crying about it hours later. Amethyst gave her a “love ya, sis” and she could barely keep her composure. She hasn’t known love outside the adoration of a fan in thousands of years and she doesn’t know how to process it.

    #steven universe#jasper#amethyst#headcanons #alternatively: jasper is secretly a big softie and this is her soft spot
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  • image

    Happy Connverse Day!!!!

    #happy connverse day #connverse#steven universe#su#suf #steven universe future #connie maheswaran #steven quartz universe
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  • Peridot & Lapis 💚💙

    Click the images for better quality!

    #steven universe #steven universe fanart #fireopal-tash#fanart#su fanart#su#digital fanart#lapis su#lapis lazuli #lapis lazuli su #steven universe lapis #peridot su #steven universe peridot #peridot#fanart lapidot#lapidot #peridot x lapis #FireOpal-tash
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  • Day in Fandom History: December 2…

    Steven looks like a hero when he forms a magic crystal bubble around himself to protect a girl he likes from danger, but then panics when he can’t figure out how to turn the bubble off. “Bubble Buddies” premiered on this day, 7 Years Ago.

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  • Welcome to the Darling Diamond AU, an au where White diamond had a daughter named Luna who lives on homeworld!

    Do White and Pink have swapped roles here?

    No, white is still the oldest, and pink is still the youngest.

    Who is Luna’s father?

    Not Greg, that’s for sure.

    Did the war still happen?


    Is Steven still here?


    Does Luna know about the Crystal Gems?

    She knows as much as Homeworld wants her to know.

    Is Pink Pearl still under White’s control?


    Where can I see this AU?

    It is found on the blog and on AO3, under the same name!

    #Steven universe au #steven universe #steven universe fanfic #White Diamond #steven universe ask blog #Su au#Su fic#su
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  • I watched the Steven Universe movie after years without watching the actual show

    Really heartwarming, I cried in like 90% of it and I am literally White Diamond for sure lol

    #Steven Universe#SU#SU Movie #Steve Universe The Movie #I still don't understand why Greg and Steven's fusion is all ripped like that #It doesn't make sense #But that's like my only obvious nitpick about the thing
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  • Hello Tumblr. Help idk how to use this app. I want to join this void

    Let me introduce myself. My name is sultan, I go by he/they. I just turned 17 and I have just been traumatised by that destiel scene.

    I’m into supernatural (as I previously stated), doctor who, Steven universe, and I draw and write (not well but I do). I’ll probably end up joining random other subcultures later on lmao. Also I’m v gay. Also I’m a swiftie. Idk what else to add so here’s a gif of a sloth petting a cat. Have a great day 👍🏼

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  • “How often are you subject to poofing spells?

    A) None,

    B) Some of the time, or



    Originally posted by fishcrow

    #scenes from a gem #scenes from a hat #steven universe#improv#prompts #scenes we’d like to see #reverse a prompt
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  • Many oral exams later, I managed to finish Garnet. I usually always consider adding shading (I tried adding it to Lapis, but her arms messed me up) but I desperately wanted to post something.

    My original inspiration was a Marionette-like character I created in 6th grade, whom was mainly black and fucsia with red and blue details (Exactly half blue and half red). About a week ago, I randomly remembered it and immediately made the connection with Ruby and Sapphire. Of course as soon as I started drawing I stopped thinking and followed my hand; as a result, the only things that really look like my old OC are the boots and a bit of the chest, like the Y shape…. and the choice of white: I wasn’t sure it would be fitting for Garnet, but I guess it looks good.

    I started from her head and had way to much fun with her head shape.

    I obviously chose Classic Garnet Shades because why wouldn’t I? And the skin color is a 50/50 mix of the shades of blue and red used in the details.

    #steven universe#garnet #steven universe au #blue diamond steven au #su fanart
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  • image

    Plankton reaction Chely in pink

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  • will any piece of media have a more profound impact on my life than steven universe? probably not

    #angel.post #steven universe
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  • Amethyst from Steven Universe likes NSP

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  • I am so so glad to see the recent trend of kids shows like Kipo and Steven Universe that argue passionately to listen to and understand your opponents. I understand that it’s idealistic and naive and some people really do need to be removed from power/killed with a big anime sword, but also, as these shows have shown, most of the bad guys aren’t really that bad all along, as long as someone gives them some patience and kindness and understanding. And that’s definitely the kind of message I want to put forth into kids minds.

    #Animation#Cartoons #Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts #Kipo#Steven Universe#Su
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  • I’m just gonna make an ask blog called “Ask CN and their cartoon babies” because I’m bored. I will make a blog on that tomorrow but the informations and rules are here

    • I won’t be adding the oldest or worst cartoons in the ask blog. I will tag those cartoons who are my favorite and who are part of the ask blog

    • NO NSFW. Love and wholesome stuffs are allowed but NSFW will NOT be allowed because the children are like 9+ or younger and they are too young to know that (Except the one who doesn’t age but they still don’t know what’s NSFW is as well)

    • CN is the parent because they are the ones who made the cartoons but the children just call them by their names.

    #apple and onion #adventure time#clarence#powerpuff girls #we bare bears #the amazing world of gumball #mao mao : heroes of pure hearts #unikitty#steven universe#regular show #craig of the creek #cartoons children#CN#cartoon network
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