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  • radioctve
    03.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    stiles had always been up for helping out and he knew he had a certain obligation to make sure to keep malia in check at the lake house. hence why he didn’t put up a fight when it was suggested. but part of him still worried she would get the wrong idea if they were alone too long. or if she got in her head about the fact that he was trying to help. he didn’t want to hurt her by leading her on. not to mention he would much rather be spending the night with lydia but at least she would be at the house too tonight. and so were scott and kira. they all left him with malia for a while as he tried to keep her focused and calm, all in chains but the precautions had to be taken.

    “and now we wait...” he let out a breath, arms flopping at his sides as he came up the last step from the basement and looked from scott and kira who were talking among each other--probably flirting-- to lydia.

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  • shiftinghero
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My main motivation to shift definitely is seeing what non canon stuff my fave characters do that they never include in the show ykw I mean?? Like what if Scott McCall is the biggest Beyhive member or sumn😭😭

    #I have a theory Stefan Salvatore is a mf barb #same with stiles and Derek hale😭 #Bucky Barnes definitely a barb too #I’m so excited to see everyone’s music tastes in real time #obviously there’s way more than music It’s just all I can think of rn #reality shifting#shifting realities
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  • liltiana-ann
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You're Right

    *** Paring; Stiles Stilinksi X Fem! Reader **Warnings; Light Fluff, Short Story Summary; Stiles tells Scott about something he saw in the woods but Scott chooses not to believe him. You believe him though...


    Since you officially moved in with your boyfriend, everything has been less than quiet lately. Don't get me wrong, you love your friend group and you absolutely love your boyfriend but sometimes you just wanted peace and quiet in your own home or you just wanted to be alone (If you know what I mean). But unfortunately every day someone besides you and Stiles was always in your new home. Today was different. Stiles needed to tell Scott something so important that he couldn't say it over the phone, so he invited Scott over.

    You sat on your shared bed comfortably as you read a Moby Dick book. Your fourth favorite book of all time. While reading your book, your boyfriend's hand slowly stroked your uncovered thigh as he sat on his side of the bed having an 'important conversation with Scott who sat in a lonely chair across from the bed.

    "I know what I saw was real, okay? There was a vampire running around the woods. You need to do something about it before they kill someone else." Your boyfriend, Stiles, explained as his eyes kept traveling to look at both you and Scott. Scott looked unconvinced and scoffed at Stiles's false accusation, noticeably already not in the mood due to his argument with Malia earlier. "Do you hear yourself right now? Vampires? In Beacon?-- Scott questioned making Stiles widen his eyes, not believing that his best friend didn't believe him right now. The only time he was being absolutely serious. -- How about you call me when you really found something worth my time. I have to get back to Malia."

    And with that, he left out of yours and Stiles's shared apartment not bothering to look back at all on his way out. Stiles sighed dramatically as he flopped down on top of you, smashing his face in between your neck as you laughed at his actions and proceeded to calm him by running your small smooth fingers through his hair. "I believe you, baby." You said as you sat the book on a nearby table and pulled him into a comforting hug. When he let go, he stared into your e/c orbs questioning why you were always so nice to him. He knew you loved him, but he never understood why. "You do?" "Of course I do, baby. Tell you what, what would you say if we were to get dressed and go hunt ourselves a vampire? We don't need Scott and the others." "I'd say that I love you so so much, Y/n Y/l/n." He confessed as he began to softly peck your nose, then your cheeks, then finally landing on your lips. It was a sweet passionate kiss until you pulled away and looked at him with your eyes full of deep lust and admiration. "And I love you too, Stiles Stilinski."

    #stiles stilinksi imagine #teen wolf #stiles x reader #teen wolf stiles #stiles stilinski#scott mccall
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  • msmischief101
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ♞Pairing: Steo ♞Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken ♞Warnings: - ♞Words: 1013 ♞Dialogue Prompt: "I am either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime. I'll decide in the car." ♞Mini Fic Roulette: 4/∞


    “I’m sorry… she what?”

    Theo chuckles, leaning against the counter. “She was nice to me.” A smirk curls around his lips, almost as if he’s enjoying the whole situation. He probably does enjoy everything happening right now. Everything. The asshole probably couldn’t wait to come home and tell him about how Tracy kept touching his shoulders and back and arms, about how she touched him as if she owns him.

    Stiles grinds his teeth and continues cutting the vegetables. “And you just let her?”

    “I was supposed to stop her?” Theo asks ever so innocently.

    No. No, Theo will not get a rise out of him. He will not. Stiles is highly aware that his idiot boyfriend is just trying to prove a point. Clearly, he does not understand the difference between being overly possessive as well as the most jealous person on this side of the universe and having an issue with Tracy, who has the most obvious crush on Theo, touching him.

    Theo hums and shifts closer.

    Stiles slams the knife into the kitchen counter, feeling a small sense of relief when it sinks into the marble without any resistance. “You don’t wanna get close to me while I’m handling something sharp.” His nogitsune is a fickle beast, but Theo keeps pushing and pushing it. He doesn’t care about the consequences. He wants Stiles to snap.

    Unsurprisingly, Theo is amused by his threat. He chuckles and wraps his arms around Stiles’ waist, kissing a line from his shoulder to his neck to right behind his ear. “I thought you aren’t jealous?” he whispers, biting his earlobe as if they aren’t in the middle of a brewing argument. This is all fun and games for him.

    “I’m not jealous,” Stiles says in a low voice. He can feel his anger vibrating just underneath his skin. “But I have a problem with that fucking bitch being all over you all the fucking time.” Taking a deep breath, Stiles curls his hands around the edge of the counter. He closes his eyes, feeling the marble give way under his grip. Good. Stiles wants to break something. Theo’s kitchen is the better option than Theo’s face, although the second option seems more enticing.

    Soft lips brush over the nape of Stiles’ neck. Theo chuckles soundless, fingers dancing just above the hem of his sweatpants. “Babe—“

    “I’m not jealous,” Stiles interrupts, grinding his teeth as the marble cracks under his fingers, “because I trust you, but you just want to prove a point. So what’s the next move? Let her suck you off?” He elbows Theo in the ribs and pushes him off. Distance. He needs distance, or he is going to use that knife for something Theo is not going to enjoy. “I need some air.”

    “Baby,” Theo says, still sounding as if the whole situation is nothing but a fucking joke to him, “what are you doing?”

    Stiles walks out of the kitchen, heading for the stairs and his shoes. “I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime.” Maybe he should stab Tracy instead of Theo, that way he’s finally getting rid of her and the biggest issue in their fucking relationship. This bitch doesn’t understand boundaries and acts as if Stiles and Theo haven’t been dating for almost two years. “I’ll decide in the car.” But he knows, he knows, Tracy is not going to survive this night if he actually does leave this house.

    “Don’t you think that’s a bit dramatic?” Theo leans against the door frame, watching him with a small smirk.

    Stiles slips into his shoes, curling his hand around the doorknob. If he opens this door, Tracy is dead. He can feel the anger bubbling to the surface, he can feel the nogitsune pacing in the back of his mind, can feel his control slipping with every passing second. His knuckles turn white. “Maybe I should call Brett while I’m at it.”

    Fingers curl into his hoodie. Before Stiles knows it, Theo has him pinned against the front door, eyes burning red. “I told you to lose his number.”

    “And I told you to put Tracy in her place,” Stiles snarls, trying to push Theo off him, but his boyfriend doesn’t budge. “The difference is that Brett is just a friend while Tracy has been trying to get you to fuck her since she first met you. I’ve been patient, but maybe I should cut off her fingers one by one to get my point across.” The nogitsune rejoices at the idea. Its excitement makes him almost dizzy.

    Theo growls.

    They’re pushing each other’s buttons all the time. They’re too fucked up to function with each other, too in love to stay away. Stiles needs Theo like he needs air to breathe. Theo gets him. Theo adores him. Theo keeps the nogitsune under control. But Theo drives him up the wall like nobody else. Theo makes him angrier than he’s ever been before.

    “You’re mine.” Snarling, Theo curls a hand around Stiles’ throat, thumb pressing into his skin right above his furious pulse.

    Stiles licks his lips. “Yes, I am,” he says in a low voice. His anger slowly ebbs away slowly, and he grabs Theo’s shirt, holding onto it as if his life depends on it. “So, tell your beta,” he spits, voice trembling with frustration, “that the next time she even thinks about touching you, she is going to regret it — and so will you.”

    For the flicker of a second, the hand on his throat tightens, cutting off his air. Theo isn’t good with taking orders, never has been, and probably never will be. “Fine,” he says, and his eyes turn blue, shoulders and grip relaxing. “I’ll make sure she gets the message.”


    “Good.” Theo’s lips twitch, and his amusement returns as if it’s a fucking roly-poly.

    Stiles still has the urge to smack him. “You’re lucky I love you, asshole.”

    Theo moves his hand to the nape of Stiles’ neck and pulls him in for a mind-melting kiss.

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  • streamondemand
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    'O' – high school Othello on Paramount+

    ‘O’ – high school Othello on Paramount+

    O (2001), Tim Blake Nelson’s sensitive and intelligent updating of Othello, drops the pathological envy, racism, fear, and jealousy that drive Shakespeare’s play into the hormonally heightened world of modern teenagers in a private boarding school. Soldier Othello becomes basketball hero Odin (Mekhi Phifer), the only African-American in the student body, pushed over the edge in a cruel campaign…

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  • voidstilesplease
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Liam: Why do you have coffee every morning? Will you die if you don't have it?

    Stiles: No, I won't die. But you might.

    #teen wolf#liam dunbar#stiles stilinski#incorrect quotes #heard this on TikTok #and thought this is SO stiles lol #(honestly same) #(it's the morning and i NEED coffee grrr)
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  • teencopandthesourwolf
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @halinski pls say it was you who wanted to be a part of my wolfpack tag list... dumblr dot com decided to get rid of the ask, grr. if it is you, omg ofc i will add you asdgjksfhkkk :)) if not... here have some sketchy THANK YOU ART that's intended for someone else, lol.

    #thank you if it was you dude! #if not whomever it was dm me xD #sterek#sterek art#stiles stilinski#derek hale#teen wolf #teen wolf fanart #fanart#digital art#art#tcats arts#teencopandthesourwolf
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  • entriesbymaia
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #stiles stilinski gifs #teen wolf #dylan o brien one shot #dob #stiles stilinski masterlist #stiles stilinski x reader #twedit #stiles stilinski au #stiles stilinski fluff #stiles stilinski one shot #stiles stilinski fanfiction #stiles one shot #teen wolf one shot #void stiles#series#masterlist#collegeau #teen wolf au #fanart#fanfic#crossover#alternate universe #mieczyslaw stiles stilinski #stiles fanfiction#stiles stilinski#stiles fanart #void stiles imagine
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  • celestialsonata7
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Favorite Stiles Stilinski Outfits:

    6.01 Memory Lost (1/2)
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  • entriesbymaia
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #stiles stilinski #stiles stilinski smut #stiles stilinski imagine #dylanobriensmut#dylanobrien#dylanobrienimagine #teen wolf imagines #headcanon#collegeau#soulmateau#happyending #dylanobrien x y/n #dylanobrienfluff#obriensource #stiles stilinskix y/n #dylan x y/n #dylanobrien x reader #dylan o'brien masterlist #stiles stilinski gifs #teen wolf #dylan o brien one shot #dob #stiles stilinski masterlist #stiles stilinski x reader #twedit #stiles stilinski au #stiles stilinski fluff #stiles stilinski one shot #stiles stilinski fanfiction #stiles one shot
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  • addiefic
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    unpopular opinion: stiles looked hotter in season 1 with his buzz cut

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  • lavitafattapuntino
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    Ci si può abituare alla solitudine, imparare a conviverci, a starci addirittura bene...
    Ma per quanto ci provino molte persone non ne sono in grado... Si continua a provare un senso di angoscia, di abbandono, tristezza... e quando ci si pensa si avvertono fitte al cuore... che non fanno altro se non aumentare il senso di nausea continuo che assilla la mente ...
    La paura di essere lasciati indietro e di non riuscire a trovare qualcuno in grado di capire e di far scomparire le sofferenze... é così invadente il senso di abbandono che diventa impossibile convivere con se stessi.
    Ma cosa succede se una persona in armonia con la propria solitudine comincia a provare dei sentimenti per qualcuno che invece necessita di affetto ?
    Tutti prima o poi anche solo di rado sentono il bisogno di avvicinarsi ad una persona... qualcuno con cui potersi confidare e sentirsi al sicuro, qualcuno di speciale...
    Da un lato la persona sente il bisogno di avere i propri spazi, d'altra parte si ha la necessità di costante presenza per colmare il senso di vuoto incessante.
    É quindi possibile convivere assieme con due caratteri così opposti ?
    Si può arrivare ad un compromesso tale da creare un punto di equilibrio tra le due parti?



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  • domesticated-feral
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    To Dust // Void Stiles edit

    #i didnt use any transitions in this edit #so thats cool ig #Void Stiles#Teen Wolf#my edit
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  • batwynn
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I know, it’s December and this is a horror comic. Forgive me?

    CW: Body horror, blood, death, possession, just general... unease. 

    #Sterek#Teen Wolf#Void Stiles#Horror comic#horror #Tw: Body horror #Tw: blood#Sorry lol #I wanted to share something that wasn't Patreon only stuff or secret work or personal commissions #welp
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  • addiefic
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    index tabs, stiles stilinski.

    summary: stiles gains interest in your favourite book.

    warns and info: reader is a bookworm.

    a/n: please can i get some feedback on this, i’ve posted my writings before but due to no feedback i lost notification and i don’t want to go through that again.

    your food sat in front of you, hardly touched by the hands that’s holding a book. your favourite book, you must have read it a thousand times. either all the way through or just your most-loved moments, marked by index tabs.

    you continued to read the words on page 438 when the seat next to you was moved and sat in. you quickly looked up, ready to be uninterested and keep reading, until you saw your boyfriend.

    “hey baby, same book as yesterday?” he asked, his right arm going to rest behind your chair.

    “yeah, you okay?” you asked, closing your book and keeping your thumb between the pages.

    “always am. what’s up with the index tabs?” stiles nods his head, indicating to your book.

    you lift the book from your lap, giving him a better view of the index tabs. “colour coordination. blue means sad moments, pink means romantic moments, green means funny moments, and orange means plot twists”

    removing his arm from behind you, stiles slowly takes the book from your hands, opening it to one of the pink index tabs.

    you admire his slow-moving lips as he reads a few lines. “i like it” he says, looking up from the book and handing it back to you. you take the book from him and set it on the table.

    stiles leans forward, capturing your lips in a quick peck. “i gotta go to class” he whispers against your lips.

    “okay, ill talk to you soon” you reply as he stands, kissing the top of your head and walking off.

    you take the book from the table, opening it to the pink index tab that stiles read. he proposed, the main character proposed to his girlfriend.

    you smiled gently, switching the page to where you were on last and continuing reading.

    #stiles stilinski #stiles stilinski x reader #stiles stilinski x y/n #stiles stilinski x you #stiles stilinski x oc #stiles stilinski fluff #stiles stilinski angst #stiles stilinski smut #stiles stilinski fic #stiles stilinski fanfic #stiles stilinski fanficiton #stiles stilinski oneshot #stiles stilinski blurb #stiles stilinski imagine
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