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    chapter four: villain origin story

    this is my my wattpad acount. i update there before i update here. so if you prefer wattpad than click here. this is my story so please don’t repost it anywhere!


    (get's pretty gruesome at the end fyi!)

    As the bell that dismissed class rang Stiles grabbed her wrist and dragged Heather into Coach's office with Scott and Allison. "Derek's outside waiting for Lydia," Scott said. "I think someone in here is waiting for her too," Allison said shooting Heather a look. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "Are you going to try and kill her?" Allison asked. "She's the kanima. So yes. Especially after what happened at the pool" Heather said.

    Stiles turned to her. "It's not her" he snapped. Heather looked into his eyes and could see that he was angry. It was the first time he had seen her angry. "Stiles she didn't pass the test. Okay. Nothing happened" she reminded him. Stiles looked at her and didn't say anything. He knew that she didn't have her emotions on. It was the first time he had actually seen her so cruel. Just the other day she was comforting Lydia and now she was ready to kill. He was hoping that this wasn't who she truly was. He had experienced her niceness, so he knew it was there somewhere. Until then he couldn't let her kill, Lydia. "It can't be her" he said.

    "Well, it doesn't matter because Derek thinks it's her. So, either we can convince him that he's wrong or we have to figure out a way to protect her" Allison said. "Well, I don't think he's going to do anything now. Not at school" Scott replied. "What about you? You don't seem to care?" Allison said glaring at Heather. She didn't. She'd kill her right in the middle of the hallways before she could speak Stiles grabbed her hand. "Heather. Please" Stiles said softly pleading with her.

    So many thoughts were running through her head. She absolutely hated the fact that Stiles cared so much about Lydia. She hated how much she hated the fact that Stiles cared so much about Lydia. She hated that she had to hurt Lydia. She hated that she would be hurting Stiles. All the hate was building up in her and an Argent glaring at the side of her head didn't help. But then she looked at Stiles. She looked into his eyes and felt defeated. She closed her eyes and rubbed her head. "Fine. I'll give you a chance to prove to me that it's not her. But Derek will go after her afterschool. I guarantee it."

    Stiles sent a small smile her way. He knew she was a good person deep down. He just had to figure out a way to bring it out of her. "Maybe there's something in the bestiary that can help," Allison said. "Oh, you mean the 900-page book written in archaic Latin that none of us can read. Good luck with that" Stiles snapped. "Actually, I think I know someone who might be able to translate it" she replied. Heather's eyes looked up. "You've just been sitting on that piece of information huh Argent," she said glaring at the hunter who gave her a sharp look back. "I can try to talk to Derek. Maybe convince him to give us a chance to prove it's not her" Scott said ignoring the tension building.

    "But if anything happens you guys let me or Heather handle it okay?" Scott said looking at Stiles and Allison. "What does that mean?" Allison asked. "It means you can't heal like I do. I just don't want you getting hurt" he told her. "Fingers crossed" Heather mumbled under her breath with Stiles nudging her in the arm as he heard her. The girl rolled her eyes and lead back against the wall.

    Allison reached into her bag and pulled out a crossbow from her bag. "I can protect myself." Heather scoffed. Of course, the girl who is an Argent but isn't a hunter who can protect herself but isn't a murderer just always carries around a weapon with her. Real convenient. Scott just looked at her and didn't say anything. "What?" Allison asked. "Did something else happen?" "I just don't want you getting hurt. Seriously if anything goes wrong you call me. Okay? I don't care if your dad finds out. Call, text, scream, yell whatever and I'll hear you and I'll find you as fast as I can. We have until three." Allison nodded as Scott turned around and started walking towards the door. Suddenly the whistle of an arrow went through the room and Scott turned and caught it seconds before it went through his eye.

    Heather turned to look at Stiles sheepishly holding the crossbow that Allison set down. "Aghh. Sorry Sorry. Sensitive trigger on that" he mumbled and handed it back to Allison. She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room heading to her next class.

    "Hey Heather wait up!" Stiles shouted as she followed me out of the office. She turned around and just stayed quiet waiting for the boy to say something. "I just... I wanted to say thanks. For giving Lydia a chance" he said as Heather narrowed her eyes at him. "I see that crush you still have for her is going strong," she said to him. "What?" "Erica told me. That must be why you care so much about keeping her alive." Stiles didn't know what to say. He did have a crush on Lydia. But he didn't know how he still felt. His feelings hadn't necessarily disappeared but Heather. When she first came up to talk to him, he thought his heart stopped. Every time she looked at him, he felt like he couldn't breathe. And he knew he was annoying Scott with how much he talked about her. "I... I don't have a crush on Lydia. I mean yeah, I used to. But... but now... I just don't want any of my friends to die okay." Heather stood still. She could smell the confusion he had and saw it on his face. She also saw how much he meant it when he said he didn't want them to die. "Okay. Let's go find her then."


    They found Lydia in the library and joined with Jackson and Allison. They were headed to Scott's house and told Lydia they would be having a study session there. When they arrived, they hurried and got Lydia inside knowing that Derek and his betas were on the way. Heather was still conflicted and hadn't said a word the whole car ride there. When she thought about the kanima paralyzing her and then Stiles and Derek at the pool all she wanted to do was kill it. And she was pretty sure it was Lydia.

    But whenever she thought about just reaching over and snapping her neck, she could hear Stiles's voice in the back of her head telling her not to. Just knowing that he had that kind of power over her made her skin crawl. But she couldn't lie to herself. It was also kind of hot.

    "If we're studying at Scott's house then where is Scott?" Lydia asked. "He's meeting us here," Stiles told her. They walked in and Stiles shut the door and locked every lock then looked out the window to make sure Derek wasn't here yet. Lydia, becoming suspicious of this whole thing just gave him a look. "Uhh, there's been a few break ins around the neighborhood," he told her, and they all just stood there awkwardly. Then Stiles grabbed a chair and tucked it up against the door.

    "And a murder," he said when he realized Lydia was still looking at him. "Lydia follow me. I need to talk to you for a minute" Jackson said and started walking upstairs. "Seriously what is going on with everyone?" Lydia asked as she followed him. Once they were gone Heather looked at Stiles. "Very subtle," she said and gestured towards the locked door. "Shut up" he mumbled. "Just help me keep watch. Derek will probably be here soon" he said to her. Heather rolled her eyes and leaned up against the window.

    "I still don't get what you're doing here. Or why we should trust you" Allison said looking at her. "Didn't you shoot Derek and then try and kill Scott?" Heather snapped. "My grandfather told me about you and your kind. You can so much better Stiles" Allison said. "And Scott can do better than the teenage hunter who's easily manipulated and brings weapons to school," Heather said getting ready to pounce as she felt her anger rising.

    "Look you're both a piece of work okay. Can we focus? Derek and the gang are here" Stiles said ushering them towards the window. "I'm going to call Scott," Allison said pulling out her phone. "I thought you could handle yourself" Heather smirked at her. Allison just rolled her eyes as Scott picked up.

    "It's me," Allison said.

    "What's wrong?" he asked obviously panicked.

    "You need to get here. Now. Right now."

    "Okay. I'm leaving now. On my way"

    They all continued to look out the window as Stiles noticed Allison typing on her phone. "What are you doing?" he asked getting Heather's attention. "I think... I think I have to call my dad" Allison replied. "But if he finds you here you and Scott..." Stiles said. "I know...but what are we supposed to do? There not here to scare us. Okay. They're here to kill Lydia." Heather rolled her eyes not believing how quickly the girl who said she could defend herself just gave up and got scared.

    "Then we fight okay. You're right. They are here to kill Lydia. But you don't want that right? So, kill them first" Heather told her. "Are you joking? We can't take them all" she said looking at me with tears in her eyes. "Get it the fuck together Allison. Yes, we can. Or at least I can. Other than Derek they've been werewolves for like three days. You told Scott you can handle yourself. Prove it" she yelled at her.

    "Can you two just please stop fighting, okay? I have an idea. Just shoot one of them" Stiles said. "Are you serious?" Allison asked him. "Heather's right. We told Scott we could protect ourselves. So, let's do it. At least give it a shot, right?" Stiles said looking between the two. Allison nodded agreeing to the plan. "They don't think we're going to fight right? So, if one of them gets hit I guarantee they'll take off. So just shoot one of them." Heather looked at Stiles not really agreeing that shooting at them would make them leave but it was a better plan than just standing there. "Which one?" Allison asked. "Uhh Derek. Yeah, shoot him. Preferably in the head." Heather shook her head. "Scott could catch an arrow I'm pretty sure that Derek can," she told them. "Just shoot one of the other three then," Stiles said. "You mean two?" Heather asked looking at the window only seeing Erica and Boyd. "No, I mean three" Stiles confirmed but then looked out the window. "Where the hell is Isaac?" he asked.

    As if answering her question Isaac appeared behind them and grabbed Allison's arms making her drop her crossbow then threw her to the ground. He tossed Stiles to the ground and stood over him. Heather let her eyes turn black and her fangs come out as she grabbed Isaac and threw him against the wall. She picked him back and threw a punch at his face. "That was for the other night" she growled talking about the police station.

    "Guys! It's here" she heard Allison yell from upstairs. She picked him again and held him against the wall. "This was for hurting Stiles," she told him before bashing his head against the wall knocking him out. Scott barged in the back door and headed upstairs where Allison was.

    Heather walked over to Stiles and reached out a hand to help him up. "Thanks" he mumbled not being able to take his eyes off her black eyes. He didn't understand how he could still be attracted to her when she was like this. All black eyes. Two extremely pointy fangs coming out. He should be terrified. But he wasn't. Her face went back to normal as Scott came back down with Allison carrying a paralyzed Erica with him. He picked up Isaac and threw them onto the lawn as they all stepped outside.

    "I think I'm finally getting why you keep refusing me Scott. You're not an omega. You're already an alpha. Of your own pack. But you know you can't beat me" Derek said smirking at them. Heather rolled her eyes not believing herself to be in any pack and thinking she could totally beat Derek. "I can hold you off until the cops get here," Scott said as they all heard the sirens in the distance. Heather looked up hearing something on the roof. She stepped onto the grass and saw the Kanima running around before taking off. Then Lydia stepped outside. "Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" she asked.

    A look of realization took over everyone's face. "It's Jackson" Heather whispered to herself. Stiles sent a knowing look. He knew exactly what she was thinking. Lydia was his friend so she couldn't kill her. But Heather knew nobody liked Jackson. So, she was definitely going to kill him.

    Derek took off running after it and Heather followed ignoring Stiles screaming after her. She followed Jackson and Derek until the thing apparently got tired of running and turned to face them. Derek started throwing the first punches, but that thing kept getting back up. Heather noticed some pipes above her and used that to help swing and throw herself over at Jackson. She kicked it down and landed next to it punching it left and right.

    It screeched as it sat up and grabbed her arm pushing her into a cement block. She groaned as she looked up and saw Derek being thrown too. When a pair of headlights came into view, they both hid behind the cement pillars as Chris Argent stepped out and started shooting at Jackson. He looked around for a bit knowing that someone else was out there.

    While he was distracted the kanima got back up and threw him to the ground. Another person stepped out of the car and Heather noticed it as Gerard. The kanima stepped right up to him and he didn't even look phased. Suddenly Scott ran up and pushed that thing to the ground. It ran off and while everyone was distracted, she ran after it.

    She followed it all the way to a nightclub in the city. She looked up and it climbed inside a vent at the top of the building. Heather cut the line and went up to the bouncer. She compelled him to let her and walked over to the bar. She looked around didn't see anything. "What can I get you?" she looked up at the bartender. "Rum and coke," she said still looking around for Jackson. "Can I see some I'D?" he asked. "You don't it," she said looking at him and compelling him. As he brought over her drink she looked to her right when she heard a familiar voice. "Two beers!"

    She looked over and saw Scott and Stiles. Laughing to herself she called over another bartender. A shirtless guy came over to the two boys to deliver their drinks and informed Stiles that his drink was already paid for. He looked over and saw Heather waving at him from across the bar. She walked over to him, drink in hand, and smiled. "This doesn't look like your scene" she joked. He rolled his eyes. "What are you doing here? How'd you get in?" Stiles asked. "I followed Jackson here then I just walked in." "Well don't do that again!" Stiles said screaming because of the loud music. "Do what?" "Just run off like that okay! We're a team. We're supposed to do stuff together." Heather looked at him amused. A team? She liked the sound of that.

    "What we're planning to do anyway? Now that you know it's Jackson?" Scott asked. "Kill him" she deadpanned thinking it was obvious. "You can't do that okay. We have to try and save him." Before she could respond Stiles nudged the two of them. "I found Danny," he said, and they all looked over seeing him on the dance floor with some guy. "I found Jackson," Scott said, and they looked up at where he was looking.

    The kanima was slithering around the ceiling right above Danny. "Get Danny," Scott said. "What are you going to do?" Stiles asked. Heather took off before he could hear their response again ignoring Stiles calling her. She looked up and noticed it cut some of the wires connected to the fog machine. Suddenly it was incredibly hard to see but she turned as people started falling to the floor. She also noticed Derek walking through still in his wolf form red eyes glowing. Scott noticed too as he yelled at Derek to stop before the alpha took his claws and slit the kanima's throat. It stumbled out and Heather and Scott followed it. She wanted to make sure it was dead.

    They followed the trail of blood and found Jackson, in human form, laying on the ground covered in blood. His throat healed. Tired of all this Heather bent down to check if he was still breathing. "Is he alive?" Scott asked her. "Not for long" she responded as she reached up to rip his heart right out of his chest. Before her fingers could pierce his skin Stiles called her name.

    "Heather! Stop. What the hell are you doing?" he asked running over to them. "Ending this" she responded. "No. I told you we're not killing him" Scott said. "And why not? We were all in the same club just now. Dozens of people including Danny paralyzed. Before Derek showed up, he would've killed someone!" she said standing up. "We can try and save him," Scott said.

    She rolled her eyes and looked at Stiles. "Tell me you don't believe this saving him bullshit," she asked him. He just looked between Scott and Heather not really knowing what to do. "Come on Stiles. He's a dick. Nobody likes him. I'd been doing this town a favor" she said. Stiles sighed. "You're probably right but maybe Scott is too. Maybe we can save him" he told her.

    "And how exactly do you plan on doing that? He doesn't even know what he is?" "I don't know but... I'll figure it out. Look. Just give me a chance please. You gave me a chance to prove it wasn't Lydia. Just give me one more chance to see if we can save Jackson. Please" Stiles said in his softest voice looking right at her. Again, Heather wanted to kick herself for letting him do this to her. "Fine. But you need to do something with him. You can't just leave him here." Stiles and Scott nodded. "Help me take him to the jeep."

    Scott and Heather dragged Jackson's naked body into the back seat. They were about to drive away when Stile's dad pulled up. "You have to get rid of him," Scott said. "Get rid of him? We're at a crime scene and he's the sheriff" Stiles replied. "Well do something!" Scott told him as Stiles grumbled and got out to talk to his dad.

    Jackson started grumbling next to Heather in the back seat. "Jackson be quiet" Scott hissed. We watched Stiles for a few more minutes before Jackson started getting up again. "Mhmm what's happening?" he asked. "Oh my god. Jackson shut up" Heather said punching in the face to knock him out again. Scott gave her a look. "What?"

    Finally, Stiles came back, and we drove away trying to decide where to take him. "What about your house?" Stiles asked Scott. "Not with my mom there," he said. "We need to take him somewhere where we can hold him long enough to figure out what to do with him," Scott said. "Or long enough to convince him he's dangerous" Scott turned to Heather. "What about your house? Where do you live anyway?" he asked. She shook her head. "Absolutely not. I live in a nice apartment downtown with lots of expensive white furniture. He'll get blood on everything" she told them.

    "I'm starting to agree with Heather. We should just kill him" Stiles said. Heather smiled now that Stiles was finally agreeing with her. "We're not killing him" Scott groaned. "Alright fine. I got an idea" Stiles said. "Does it involve breaking the law?" Scott asked. "By now don't you think that's a given" Stiles replied sarcastically. "I was trying to remain optimistic." "Don't bother."


    Stiles's plan was to steal a prison transport van and lock him inside. Heather didn't understand how kidnapping him was better than murder. "You guys are gonna be in so much trouble," Heather said as she heard Jackson cursing and trying to break out of his restraints. "You're involved to know" Stiles reminded her. "Yeah, but I don't have parents. Who am I going to be in trouble with?" she asked him.

    "Shut up. Just come with me" Stiles grumbled as they walked into the van to give Jackson some sandwiches Stiles picked up. He opened the van doors and Heather could smell the anger coming off him. They hopped in and sat across from him. "Alright I got you some..." Stiles was cut off by Jackson lunging and screaming at him "Let me out!" "You know I put those pants on you. Alright buddy. One leg at a time. Being all up close and personal with your junk wasn't exactly the highlight of my day. So don't think this is fun for me either." Stiles told now.

    "It was the highlight of mine" Heather joked while both boys rolled their eyes. "You know we're actually doing you a favor," Stiles told him. Jackson looked at his handcuffs. "This is doing me a favor?" he asked. "Yes. You're killing people. To death. And until we can figure out how to stop you, you're going to stay in here. Sorry" Stiles said before pulling out the sandwiches. "Now do you want ham and cheese or the turkey club?"

    "You actually think my parents won't be looking for me?" Heather scoffed. "I'd be surprised if they don't throw a party the second, they find out your missing," she said, and Jackson just scowled at her. "Well not if they don't think anything's wrong," Stiles said and pulled out Jackson's phone showing him that he was texting his parents.


    For the next few hours, Stiles and Heather sat there telling Jackson all about his nighttime adventures. "Scales? Like a fish?" Jackson asked. "No more like a reptile. And um your claws have this liquid that paralyzes people. And you have a tail" Stiles said. Jackson not believing a word of this just looked at them. "I have a tail?" he asked. "Yeah, you have a tail." "Does it do anything?" "No. Its's actually quite useless" Heather smirked.

    Jackson was silent before leaning up to her. "Can I use to strangle you?" "You still don't believe us?" Stiles asked. "Alright the night of the semifinals what did you do right after?" he asked. "I went home." "Are you sure about that?" Heather asked. "Yes, you idiots. What the hell else would I do?" he asked. "You attacked me and Derek at the school when you surrounded us at the pool. You also killed a mechanic right in front of us by the way. That was lovely. And one of Argents hunters. Oh, and last night you tried to kill Danny."

    "Why would I want to kill my best friend?" Jackson asked. "Well, that's what Scott out trying to figure out right now." "Well maybe what she be figuring out is how he's going to pay for a lawyer when I prosecute your asses all the way to jail!" Jackson screamed. "Alright well them me this. On the night of the first full moon what happened?" Stiles asked. "Nothing. Nothing happened" Jackson said. Heather heard his heartbeat. He wasn't lying. He even looked disappointed.

    She and Stiles stepped out of the van not wanting to sit in there with him anymore. "He wasn't lying," she told him. "I could hear his heartbeat. He wasn't lying when he said nothing happened." "Yeah, well maybe he just doesn't remember," he said.

    I heard Allison running us to us. She seemed worried. "They know." "What?" Heather asked. "They know Jacksons missing," she told them. "No, they can't. I've been texting his parents since last night. They don't have a clue" Stiles told her. Allison shook her head. "My grandfather told me his parents went to the police. They know."

    Stiles started freaking out and ran to check the walkie-talkie in the van. "All units proceed to Beacon Hills Preserve. Proceed with caution until Sheriff Stilinski's arrival." Heather grabbed the phone from Stiles and crushed it in her hands knowing they would be tracking the location. "Ok hop in," Stiles said and the three of them jumped in as he drove off to find a new hiding location.

    They went to the edge of the preserve. Allison and Scott's secret make-out spot. "If Jackson doesn't remember being the kanima he defiantly won't remember stealing Danny's tablet," Scott said you have met them there. "Why would he steal the thing if he doesn't even know what on it?" Heather asked. "What if someone else took it?" Allison asked. "Then someone else knows what he is" Stiles replied.

    "Which could mean someone's protecting him," Scott said. "Yeah. Like the bestiary says the Kanima seeks a friend" Allison said who had it translated by the French teacher/guidance teacher Ms. Morrell. "Okay hold on. So, somebody watches Jackson make a video of himself turning into the kanima then just erases part of it so he wouldn't know. I mean who would do that?" Stiles asked. "Somebody who wanted to protect him?" "There's something else. You said the only thing you found online was that it goes after murderers. What if that part's actually true?" Scott asked.

    "It can't be. He tried to kill all of us" Stiles said. "Yeah, well Heather is a murderer," Allison said. "Fuck off Allison" Heather replied. "I don't think that it was actually trying to kill us. Remember at Isaac's the first time. It just went right by us. And didn't kill you guys at the mechanics" Scott said. "Well yeah but it tried to kill me and Derek at the pool" Stiles reminded him. "Did it?" "It would've! It was waiting for us to come out." "What if it was trying to keep you in?" "Why do I feel so violated all of a sudden?" Stiles asked.

    "Because there's something else going on. We don't know what it is. We don't know anything about what's going on with Jackson. Or why someone's protecting him." Scott said. "Know thy enemy," Allison said, and they all stopped to look at her. "Just something my grandfather said." "Alright I got it. Kill Jackson. Problem solved" Heather said. "He risked his life for us. Against Peter" Scott said. "I don't care. Who the hell is Peter?" she asked. "And what did we just find out? He got the bite from Derek. It's funny how he got exactly what he wanted by supposedly risking his life for us. It's funny" Stiles said agreeing with her.

    "Okay it doesn't mean he's not still worth saving," Scott said. "Yes, Scott that's exactly what it means" Heather snapped. "It's always something with him too" Stiles added. "He doesn't know what he's doing," Scott said. "So what?" Stiles asked. "I didn't either," Scott said. Heather rolled her eyes not really caring about Scott either. "Remember when I almost killed you and Jackson," Scott asked looking at Allison. "You should have. Would've killed two birds with one stone" Heather said. "I had someone to stop me. He has nobody" Scott said ignoring her. "That's his own fault," Stiles said. "Doesn't matter. If we can save him, we should try." Heather sighed. She was getting really tired of Scott always needing to be a hero. But Stiles gave in, and she promised him she would give them a chance.


    Since Stiles and Heather were there all day, Scott and Allison decided to stay and guard Jackson while we got some rest. They decided to head back to her place since it was closer.

    "Wow. This is actually really nice" Stiles said looking around. Heather wasn't lying. Most of her furniture was white. Her apartment was on the 16th floor and had an amazing view of the city. There was a piano facing the windows. "How can you afford this place?" he asked. "I compelled the landlord," she told him grabbing a blood bag from the fridge and a soda for stiles. She sat next to him on the couch as they looked out the window.

    Stiles grimaced as he watched the girl next to him casually sip on a bag of human blood like it was a caprisun. She noticed him watching and handed him the bag. "Wanna try?" she smirked. "Oh god no." She laughed and focused her attention on the view in front of her.

    "You know sometimes I forget how beautiful the city is," she said. "You grew up here, right?" he asked as she nodded. "What was it like here?" "Well California wasn't even a state until about 70 years after I was born. So, it was mainly just empty barren land. Lots of green and the mountains. It was beautiful. I kind of miss it" she told him. "Why did you leave?" he asked but she knew he already had the answer. "Scott told you about what I said to Erica?" she asked looking at him and he nodded. Finishing the bag, she set it down and walked over to the window.

    "I was only 17. I mean like actually only 17. I had been turned and woke up dazed and confused. I didn't know what was going on and just wanted to go home. It wasn't until I got there that I realized how thirsty I was."

    Heather closed and her eyes as she remembered that day nearly 300 years ago.

    She opened the door, and her entire family was in the room. Her mom looked over and cried out. Seeing her daughter covered in blood and bruises. "Oh my god. Heather? Baby what happened?" she asked running to her daughter. As soon as her mom got closer all Heather could focus on was the smell of the blood coursing her mother's body. Her eyes turned black, and her fangs came out for the first time as she sunk her teeth into her mother's neck. Her family screamed as her father came over and tried to pull his daughter off his wife. But Heather didn't stop. Not until her mother's head snapped from the pressure and dropped onto the floor. Mouth dripping in blood she looked towards her father he cried out knowing he was next. When she was done, she looked around for her sister and her brother. She found her sister hiding under a table. She smiled picking her up and ripping her head off before leaning her head back and letting her sister's blood fall into her mouth before tossing her head aside. She followed her brother's scent outside. She could see him running periodically looking back. He screamed and ran faster when he saw his sister following him. Using her newfound speed, she caught up to him and tackled him to the ground. His screams filled her ears as she sunk her teeth into him.

    She didn't realize how long she had been talking until Stiles placed his hand on her shoulder and made her turn to face him. "He was only six Stiles! Six! I couldn't believe what I did. I couldn't face it" she said. "I know. That's why you turned it off isn't it?" he asked, and she just nodded. "Look Heather. What happened. You didn't mean to okay. You didn't have any control over it. You didn't have anyone to help you through it. I know if you did you would have never done anything like that. They know that too" he said to her, and she looked at him.

    "What is wrong with you?" she asked him, and he looked at her with raised brows. "I mean I tell you I killed my whole family, brutally, and you're telling me it's, ok?" "Because I know that's really not who you are. You drink blood bags, right? Even though you turned your emotions off, and you don't care about anything anymore you told me you don't drink from people unless necessary. And I bet it's because of the guilt you still feel. You did some bad things hundreds of years ago. That doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, I think that you're actually a great person." They were standing so close to each other there was practically no room between them. Stiles could feel her breath on his and wanted to kiss her so badly. Heather also wanted nothing more than to close the gap between him. But as she could almost feel that metaphorical switch flickering in her head. She couldn't. She couldn't face the emotions and trauma from that night. So, she stepped back.

    "Um. We should go um... check on Jackson" she muttered. Stiles nodded disappointed that he didn't take his chance. "Yeah, we should go."

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    Desperate Times Calls For Stiles’ Machinations

    This is for @sterekdrabbles ,  Jan 10, 2022 - immense, telephone, endure

    You can also read it here in AO3.

    Thanks to @fanfics-fix for encouraging me to do drabbles XD

    Being human in a family of werewolves seemed to have given Derek's family the idea that they can barge in on them whenever Stiles was in Derek's bedroom or eavesdrop on their conversation when they call each other. He has never hated his family so much for not being able to even have a make out session in his room, even with the door slightly ajar.
    Derek was immensely giddy to find out the normal telephone call had turned out to be Stiles calling. Now his family can endure whatever Stiles had planned, even when he will be thoroughly embarrassed.
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    stiles: you are ridiculous

    theo: ...-ly obsessed with you, i know

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    tidbits of stories i'll probably never write - c.a - part 1

    Chris stared at her in fascination and caution as Scott and the others explained what was in front of him and how she got there. She simply stared back.
    "We found her wandering the woods. She tried to run when she saw us but she didn't make it very far before she fell. It's like she's not used to using her legs. She kept...hissing the closer we got, and she hasn't spoken a word on the way back so we're not sure if she understands what we're saying," Scott began. "Clawed me a little too but it's healing."
    Chris nodded along, "what do you think she's doing here?"
    "We're not sure, no good explanation comes to mind when we think about it and she won't answer any of us."
    "Has she tried to leave?" Scott shook his head before responding.
    "No. In fact, as soon as we brought her here, she immediately jumped in the pool as soon as she saw it. Now she won't let us get near her."
    "Do we kill her?" Stiles asked, causing everyone's heads to turn towards him.
    "What?" Stiles continued, seeing the look on everyone's face, "you're a hunter, Argent." Before anyone else could say anything, Malia chimed in to back Stiles up.
    "She does seem pretty dangerous. She almost got me when we found her and Scott already told you what she did to him."
    "I don't kill sirens," Chris shook his head, shooting a look back at Stiles, "I don't even hunt werewolves anymore."
    "But you still have the means to do it right? We can't just let her-"
    "Stiles," Scott reprimanded, "we're not killing her."
    "Okay. So what do we do with her then?"
    Scott looked back at the mermaid in the water, lost in thought. She stared back between the adult and teenagers standing before her, waiting to hear what they would say next. Because little did they know, she can definitely hear and understand everything they were saying. And she will not let them kill her.
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  • toomanyfandomsstuff
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Stiles: whose car is this

    Whatshisface (I genuinely can’t remember his name): belonged to my nurse

    Stiles: what happened to your- ohmygah-

    Whatshisface: i got better

    I shouldn’t have laughed

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  • existentlyfe0
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Pretty Boys !!!

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  • wheredidhiseyebrowsgo
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Lost Fic Find

    the one about Stiles having a half sister show up and Stiles blows up (sorry i deleted the ask accidentally)

    @cathcer1984 thinks it could be their fic!

    Spiraling. by cathcer1984

    (1/1 I 3,456 I Teen I Sterek)

    Stiles and his dad get a surprise visitor one summer's day. Claudia's first born child who was put up for adoption.


    Stiles was home from Quantico for the summer when she came.

    She showed up on their doorstep looking like the ghost of a woman long dead.

    The Sheriff dropped his glass of iced tea he had been holding when he went to the door. Stiles' laughter died in his throat.

    "Sheriff Stilinski?" She asked and god, Stiles thought, she had the same tone but the wrong accent. "My name is Maria Walker. I'm the biological daughter of Claudia Gajos, Stilinski now."

    "She's dead." Stiles gasped out as his chest tightened.

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  • theinternetisfulloftrash
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Currently spiraling over Dylan's blatant fucking moan in TW 4x3 before the highlighter talk. If you too would like to suffer, it happens at THIS moment right here:

    #that is a sound I want played at my funeral #which will be tonight if I keep listening to it #stiles stilinski#dylan o'brien#teen wolf #teen wolf season 4 #stalia#uhhnn mmm#indeed #you fucking menace #I made mischief suffer with me #don't worry #she's not okay #dylan kissing
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  • asarcasticwitch
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
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  • cutecabbagesstuff
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Have you ever found the first part of a first chapter of a story you don't remember anything about?

    And it looks promising but you don't remember a single thing about it and you wrote notes but they're extremely vauge?...

    Like yeah, past me. I totally remember where we were FREAKING GOING WITH THIS 😭😣

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  • ohdolans
    17.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #stiles stilinski concept #stiles stilinksi x reader #stiles x reader #stiles x you #stiles stilinksi imagine #stiles x y/n #stiles stilinski fanfic #stiles stilinski x reader #stiles stilinski fanfiction #stiles stilinski blurb #dylan o'brien imagine #dylan obrien x you #dylan o'brien blurb #dylan o'brien concept #dylan o'brien x y/n #dylan o'brien x reader #dylan obrien blurb #dylan obrien x female reader #dylan obrien concept #dylan obrien x reader
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