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  • jenniepanhan
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    backaof noppharnarch series + serenading

    he’s coming to me (2019) || still2gether (2020) || bad buddy (2021)
    #bad buddy #he's coming to me #still2gether#backaof noppharnach#2gether #bad buddy the series #hctm#still 2gether#ohm pawat#singto prachaya#bright vachirawit#win metawin#nanon korapat #ellis watches bb #these look SO GRAINY tumblr why do u hate me 🙃 #flashing tw#my gifs #p'aof really likes this trope huh? #not to play favourites but the scene in hctm is my favourite of the three #it makes me 🥺🥺🥺 every. single. time.
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  • trishisworld
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    I think you'd like this story: "waiting for you" by trishibooklover on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/277266848?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.tumblr&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=trishibooklover&wp_originator=3PlP1%2FDx3D%2FYJ982B9Pw34yHAGrBWI46FWLEWmfxuU9%2Bu928UwI%2FttwfARcG0JFa4FUt3k3ZLJAU7iiQUC3WSIguW4fs5fCx0nBYC2tY%2BzdluXs8Yx8ohzNwiMjSI%2Brx

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  • laowen
    21.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #i’m still waiting for a chance to watch the movie. i want it 🥺 #2gether#anonymous #mj got mail!
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  • konaizumi
    20.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Boss: We saved our best idea for last.

    Sarawat: If it's our best idea, why did we leave it for last?

    Man: Because we didn't know it was our best idea until our other ideas turned out to be terrible.

    #2gether#still 2gether #2gether incorrect quotes #bl incorrect quotes #2gether boss#2gether man#2gether sarawat#thai bl
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  • pran-pat
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    i Need to finish the trilogy of gmmtv shows that parallel 2gether and im hoping for bad buddy to fill in that spot...... tomorrow's episode im looking at u

    #bad buddy #first one was tgg and then it was futs #what are we expecting the next parallel will be 👁👄👁 #me voy a mojar and say thatits gonna be one singing the other a love song they don't know is about them #that it's* #anygays what do yall think it's gonna be the third installment of GMM TV Is Still Trying To Profit Off Of 2Gether's Success ?
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  • konaizumi
    15.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tine: don't go in the living room

    Sarawat: why

    Tine: i saw a spider

    Sarawat: did you kill it?

    Tine: i have two arms and it had eight it's not a fair fight

    #2gether#still 2gether #2gether incorrect quotes #bl incorrect quotes #sarawatine#2gether sarawat#2gether tine#thai bl
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  • jellybeanjackrabbitx
    14.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    My fave thing is when ppl call a breed of dog or cat by the name of a specific individual like a Dulux dog or a Scrumpy dog (that I resently learn is a French bull dog)

    #scrumpy is my cousins dog who died on christmas eve from 2 mant chiken nuggest and i didnt put 2 and 2 2gether that #scrumpy wasnt d name of the vreedy but i still love calling them scrumpy dogs #me op
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  • konaizumi
    11.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Man: So are we friends

    Boss: No

    Man: WHY NOT



    Boss: We are brothers

    Man: That was terrifying don't pause like that again

    #2gether #2gether the series #still 2gether #2gether incorrect quotes #bl incorrect quotes #2gether man#2gether boss#thai bl
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  • ryudian
    10.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    "This series is very cute and easy to watch"

    I couldn't agree more😚💕

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  • ryudian
    09.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Me: talkin about how bw doesn't post anything about 2gether the movie on their ig and twitter.

    My friend be like: it feels like unrequited love, huh? The fans are the only one who's excited. The agency and the artists are not excited at all.

    Sad but true🥲😭💔

    #it'll be a lie if I say I don't feel disappointed with bw🥲😭 #i do feel disappointed with them #🥲😭💔 #but who am I huh? #just a fan #2gether the series #win metawin#bright vachirawit#brightwin#still2gether#bbrightvc#winmetawin#still 2gether#sarawatine #2gether the movie
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  • nevermiind
    09.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Watching random shows: Still 2gether (ep.1)

    Being your secretary isn't enough?

    #watching random shows #still 2gether is my comfort show #I just love it so much #This scene is so wholesome #they are adorable #thai bl#bl drama#still 2gether#sarawat tine#+#+still 2gether
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  • cryinginnorwegian
    07.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    - How much do you miss 2gether the series and Still 2gether?

    - This morning I played all OST on Spotify during house cleaning time, and my whole family could listen to Bright, Win and Scrubb singing amazing thai songs...

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  • mixxiw
    07.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    deluding myself into thinking atots s2 is actually happening!

    #fanz.txt #we had tol special episode..... still 2gether..................gmmtv ......look at me ....you want it too....👁️👁️🌀🙂🙃🙂✨💥
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  • luluas-things
    06.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. く ﹚̤♡⃨ Bright Vachirawit

    ⠀ ⠀་🧸ꫬ໋ ⠀Moodboard﹚̤♡⃨ ⠀Ator thai ▒𓂅⃨

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀﹙𝐸﹚﹫luluas-things ⠀ ▒⃞⃮ 👑 ⠀⠀ᩧ

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▒₊ ♡⃨ ︙ love yourself⠀▒⋮ Ꜣ 🦋⠀ ᷧ▒̈

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Coloca o crédito se for usar por favor!

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  • hualicn
    04.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    No one talking about how the 2gether movie comes out in a WEEK????

    #not be back on my BL bullshit #2gether the series #still 2gether #2gether the movie #like will I be able to watch on gmmtv YouTube #I’m in the us how will I have access heck
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  • patandpran
    04.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The Nuisance and the Handsome Prince - A Sarawatine Medieval AU - Chapter 22

    Tine is an aspiring Squire who has been training his whole life to work alongside the Kingdom’s finest Knights. Sarawat is a Prince who, on the outside, seems fierce and unapproachable. He is disinterested in any of his royal duties, namely his Knight training. What happens when Tine is assigned to be the fierce and handsome prince’s Squire?

    A Wolf’s mourning howl sounded through the Ballroom as the Moonlight bathed the fallen King.

    The blood began to pool around the man as his crown fell from his head and rolled toward the Head Knight’s feet. Sarawat had fallen to his knees over his father’s crumpled body as the Head Knight’s hulking body stood towering above them, a look of cruel satisfaction twisted on his lips.

    Tine had never seen such a disturbing scene. A family was breaking into pieces in front of his eyes as Sarawat held his Father’s weakening body. The Queen’s sobs sounded throughout the Ballroom but everyone remained stoically still, unsure of how to process the King’s uncharacteristic sacrifice.

    The Bear broke the silence. “Father. How could you.”

    It was not a question. It was an accusation from Lord Mil’s mouth.

    The Head Knight ignored his son and knelt down to take the crown in his hand. Tine felt the fury building in him as the Head Knight raised the crown triumphantly, a prized possession that glinted in the Moonlight, mocking the efforts of those who had attempted to stop him. He let out a low laugh that made Tine’s stomach churn.

    Remember who you are.

    Tine felt the weight of his dagger in his hand as his Father’s words rang in his ears. He looked up toward the Moon and the planet filled him with purpose. From the day that he had stepped on the grounds of the Castle, he had known his mission. He had wandered away from it a few times but now, more than ever, he was reminded of why he was there.

    The Head Knight looked out at those who remained inside the Ballroom and bellowed, “You will all bow to me now. Get down on your knees and grovel for my forgiveness. If you choose to disobey this order, you will fall like your former King.”

    The order sounded out but inspired no movement. Those Loyal to the Queen’s secret cause would not back down so easily, despite the Head Knight’s actions. Of course, this caused the Head Knight to react in a less than pleased manner.

    He reached down and grabbed Sarawat by the scruff of his shirt. The King fell limp out of Sarawat’s arms and the Queen let out another strained cry. Tine had never seen Sarawat look so broken, hanging like a marionette in the Head Knight’s grasp. The Head Knight bared his teeth and raised his sword to Sarawat’s neck with his opposing hand. “I suppose I’ll need another trophy to mount on my wall. A Wolf’s Head will do.”

    It was then that Tine broke away from Ohm and darted toward the centre of the ballroom to complete his mission; for his family, for his beloved Sarawat, for the People’s freedom.

    The Head Knight spotted Tine and pressed the blade into his neck so a ribbon of crimson appeared. “Stay back, Squire! I know you have your perverse affections for the Prince but he is not worth your life. I won’t hesitate to plunge my sword into both of you abominations.”

    “Tine, no!” Sarawat objected desperately, looking directly into Tine’s eyes. “Please. This is what Royals do. We bleed. It makes us no different than anyone else. It’s an honour to bleed for my People. There doesn’t need to be any more bloodshed today. Let him do this.”

    “Wat.” Tine blurted out. “This is what I’ve trained my whole life for. I have to follow through with my word.”

    “The final words between demented lovers.” The Head Knight spat the words venomously. “How quaint…. but redundant.”

    “If you take a life, that’s all you are.” The Prince explained desperately. “You’d be no different than him, Tine. Be better.”

    Sarawat’s words echoed in his brain and entangled with Tine’s Father’s. Remember who you are. But that was the most difficult part: who was Tine? Who was he really? His Father’s dagger weighed heavy in Tine’s hands as Sarawat begged him silently to back away instead of taking revenge on the Head Knight.

    But Sarawat was right. The Head Knight had caused his family and the Kingdom too much pain for too long but ending his life wasn’t the answer. He could be defeated without being sent to his death. No one deserved to die. The blood spilled and wasted all around them was proof of that.

    “Thank you.” He mouthed to Sarawat who nodded calmly, despite having a blade pressed to his Adam’s Apple.

    That was the beauty of Sarawat, he continued to surprise Tine. Over and over again he proved how good he was - how Tine’s love for him was more than warranted. The best choice Tine had ever made was to love the Prince and he was especially thankful for the decision now.

    “I won’t have to hurt anyone if you release the Prince now.” Tine shared.

    The Head Knight threw his head back with a mocking laugh. Sarawat winced at the sound but Tine made sure to keep his face as neutral as a mask. He wasn’t going to let the Head Knight get under his skin. He wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction.

    “The one thing I admire about you, Squire, is how little awareness you have for the class Hierarchy.” The Head Knight declared, his words dripping with amusement. “We have that in common.”

    “I will never be like you.”

    “Father, let Sarawat go!” Mil called out between laborious breaths.

    “Shut it, you are nothing more than a disappointment, Mil.” The Head Knight roared at Lord Mil, turning his head slightly toward his son. “I am ashamed to have ever considered you my own blood.”

    And that was all the distraction that was needed. The Wolf bared his teeth and bit ravenously into the Head Knight’s arms. The Head Knight cried out bloody murder as the Prince slipped away from his grasp.

    Tine charged forward to ensure the Prince’s escape but just as Sarawat backed away from the murderous man, the Head Knight gathered his wits and began to lower his sword toward the Squire.

    A glint of satisfaction appeared in the Head Knight’s eyes as he brought down the blade, ready to slice into Tine. Without any armour to protect him, Tine’s fate was healed but as long as Sarawat was a safe distance away, he could live with that.

    But then an odd thing happened. Instead of just the blade following forward, so did the Head Knight. The towering man hurtled toward Tine, his hulking body losing control of itself. Tine had nowhere to go but down as the weight of the Head Knight fell toward him.

    Tine felt his breath leave him as the body of the Head Knight made contact with his own and the ballroom floor. He couldn’t comprehend what had caused the action from such a highly trained Knight but knew he would suffocate under the man if he did not act quickly.

    Thankfully, he did not have to act alone and someone rolled the giant man off of Tine. As he rose to his feet, Tine could see from his fallen position that Mil had somehow managed to drag his body toward his Father and take hold of the Head Knight’s legs, taking his weight out from under him by grabbing hold of his ankles.

    As soon as he got his bearings, Tine made sure he was ready to defend himself and Sarawat again but that’s when he spotted the object that would ensure that the Head Knight never rose again:

    His Father’s Dagger.

    “Oh god.”

    It was over.

    Just as the Head Knight had plunged his sword into the King’s heart, Tine’s Dagger now was buried deep in his own. There was no time for the Head Knight to react, he was dead as soon as he fallen to the floor.

    But why did Tine feel so empty?

    He had heeded Sarawat’s advice. He had chosen not to take his revenge against the Squire. And yet - fate had made him a murderer anyway.

    Whether it was an accident or not was highly in question. Tine knew he had not intended to end the Head Knight’s life but all bystanders were left to question whether the Prince’s Squire had been the one to take down the Traitor.

    Tine watched in terrified and frozen silence as Lord Mil maneuvered himself to his Father’s side. Mil lifted a finger to his Father’s neck to check for a pulse and let out a sigh when he brought his hand away. Even though his Father had been a monster, Mil still had the right to grieve his loss. He had lost so much more than just a Father and, in a way, he had assisted in the Head Knight’s demise.

    The sight made Tine sick to his stomach. He covered his mouth and rushed away to the edge of the Ballroom. The image of his own Father crumpled and broken crossed his mind and made his insides churn violently. A supportive hand fell on his back as he emptied the contents of his stomach into a random plant pot.

    “It wasn’t your fault, Tine.”

    His best friend’s voice sounded supportive but slightly wary. Tine’s head spun as Ohm rubbed circles into his back. Tine wanted to fall into darkness after what he had done. Suddenly, the Dungeon didn’t seem so bad…

    Across the Ballroom, the Princes and the Queen had gathered around the King. Somehow the angle of the Head Knight’s sword had allowed him a few more breaths with his family but the damage was clearly done.

    Sarawat held his Father’s hand tightly in his own while the Queen cradled the King’s head in her lap. Phukong was knelt at his Father’s side, tears heavy in his eyes as the King took ragged breaths. The chaos was over but the pain was just beginning.

    “My Sons… I am sorry for… being so wrong about everything.” The King wheezed out.

    “Father, conserve your strength.” Sarawat practically begged, his throat tight with sorrow. “Your actions spoke louder than words ever could.”

    “You revealed your truth self by stepping into save our Son.” The Queen murmured gently. “You may have wandered far from the path but you found your way back at the right time.”

    “I regret it taking so long to return to you, my Love.” The King choked out, his chest seizing as he cringed in pain.

    Phukong knew if he didn’t share his thoughts with his father now he would live to always regret it but there didn’t seem like an adequate way to put his thoughts into words. Sarawat looked up from his Father to see the troubled look in his brother’s eyes. He reached across to the younger Prince with his free hand and offered it in support. Phukong took it immediately and squeezed it with gratitude.

    “You two are the only legacy I am proud to leave behind.” The King explained, looking between his sons, his words barely a whisper. “Take care of your Mother. Take care of our People. And don’t be a fool like me and ever be blinded by power.”

    “We promise, Father.” Phukong managed to respond as his tears fell down onto the King’s robes.

    The Queen reached her hands to the back of her Son’s heads and bowed them together. “Keeping those you love safe is what matters most, my children. Never forget that. By the Moon…”

    “By the Moon…” Phukong and Sarawat declared in unison before distancing themselves again.

    “S-sarawat. Come closer.” The King expressed and the Wolf did as he was told, leaning his ear toward the dying King’s mouth to hear his final declaration.

    Phukong and the Queen waited patiently for the order to be made and as Sarawat rose, the King’s eyes fluttered shut. The Royal Family held each other close as the King took his final breath, releasing himself from the world.

    Sarawat steadied his brother who was now in the throws of grieving sobs. The Queen leaned over and pressed her lips to her late husband’s forehead to give him one final goodbye kiss. She then stood to her full stature and announced:

    “The King is no longer with us and per Royal tradition, we will mourn him in the way he wished. By being together and celebrating what it is to be alive. All other festivities will be put on hold until further notice.”

    After the Queen’s words, the Ballroom came alive with action. Both the Head Knight and the King’s bodies were whisked away and the Royal Family made their way solemnly toward the exit.  

    Healers rushed in to tend to the wounded and those Loyal to the Queen’s cause gathered together in silence. While they had technically succeeded in their mission, the aftermath had been much bloodier than anyone had anticipated.

    In a daze, Tine was led by Ohm toward the group where he was pulled into a hug by Fong. With his friend’s arms wrapped around him, Tine felt a bit more human but the guilt still weighed heavy on his shoulders, especially when he caught sight of a Healer working to bandage Mil’s wounds.

    “You did what you had to do.” Green assured Tine as he pulled away from Fong. Green continued and rested a hand on Tine’s shoulder, “I know it doesn’t seem like it now but… you acted for the best of the People and for your family.”

    Pear and Lady Earn nodded in agreement and it suddenly dawned that he had a family both within and beyond the Castle walls. His actions had ensured both his found family and his blood family’s safety.

    But the peaceful realization only lasted to long as someone suddenly charged toward the group, a sword raised high in the air. Sir Boss.

    “You killed my Father!” Boss cried out as he advanced upon them.

    Tine and Ohm acted quickly, pulling out their weapons and stepping in front of their unarmed friends as the Head Knight’s secret son tried to make an attack but just as his sword was about to make contact with Tine’s, another blade got in the way.


    Tine had seen the Prince exiting the room with his family but the Wolf always seemed to always have a strong sense of when danger was lingering.

    “Enough, Boss.” Sarawat growled, disarming his former friend, sending Boss’s weapon clanging to the ground. “No more carnage today.”

    Tine breathed in the Prince’s presence and was met with a mixture of relief and disgust at all the trouble he had caused for Sarawat and the Royal Family. With a wave of his hand, Sir Man and another knight grabbed ahold of Sir Boss and carted him away, kicking and screaming.

    “You two probably need a moment alone.” Ohm whispered in Tine’s ear before gesturing to the rest of the group to give the Squire and the Prince some privacy.

    As soon as they were left alone, Tine blurted out, “Be with your family. I will be fine.”

    “I know you, Tine.” Sarawat’s brow furrowed and placed a hand on Tine’s cheek. “I know when you’re lying to make other’s comfortable.”

    Tine was starkly aware of how intimate the gesture was considering they were in such a public space but he couldn’t help but lean into Sarawat’s touch. He needed support from the one he loved most to know everything would be ok.

    “I killed someone.” Tine murmured. “Does that make me a monster, just like him?”

    “I saw you choose not to take your revenge.” Sarawat assured Tine. “What happened after was an accident. Both you and Mil worked together to save my life and save the Kingdom from the wrath of a tainted mind. Who knows what might have happened if the Head Knight had been allowed to rule?”

    “Yes, but he still didn’t deserve to die.” Tine answered, hanging his head in despair.

    “But we all deserve to live in freedom - something the Head Knight’s reign would not have allowed us to do.” The Prince explained, interlacing his fingers with Tine’s.“You must stop torturing yourself, Tine.”

    “A sword that is plunged into flesh never does come away clean.” Tine shared, his voice shaking with intensity. “It doesn’t matter what the details were. I killed a man. I can never take that back, no matter how long I live in freedom. ”

    “You are still the same, Tine.” Sarawat urged. “You are the cunning, brave and loyal man that I fell for. The fact that I love you will never be tarnished. I won’t see you tear yourself to pieces over this.”

    “Sarawat! We must make haste.”

    Phukong’s return interrupted Tine’s response and so much was left unsaid. Tine wished he could share how much he returned Sarawat’s love, that all he wanted was for them to climb the stairs to the East Tower and for them to disappear into one another - to escape from all the bloodshed and insanity they had experienced over the past few days.

    But Sarawat was a Prince. He was a part of the Royal Family and with the King gone, he was next in line. It was more important than ever for Sarawat to rise to the duties that would come with his future crown.

    To fulfill his destiny as the leader of the Kingdom. To take the throne as not a Prince, but a King.

    …The one place that Tine could never follow him.

    “My Father’s death will not be in vain. There are great changes to come….” Sarawat assured Tine. “Do not lose yourself to the darkness, for my sake.”

    “Goodbye, my Prince.” Tine murmured, unsure if there would be another time he would address Sarawat in such a way. “I will try my best to fulfill your wish.”

    Sarawat squeezed Tine’s hand one last time before letting it fall, turning toward the younger Prince and following him out of the Ballroom. Tine watched solemnly as Sarawat disappeared from his sight, unsure of when he would see his Wolf again.


    The funeral services lasted three days. The Royal Family, as per tradition when a Monarch passed away, stayed away from the public and were only in each other’s presence until they were ready. As much as Tine respected the tradition, especially because of how much he understood the importance of family, he missed Sarawat desperately.

    On the fourth day, the Queen announced that the Royal Family was ready to meet over a meal with the members of the inner court. This included the Major Lords and ladies, the remaining members of the Guard and anyone that had been loyal to the Queen’s cause.

    Tine was surprised to received the invitation to the meal but was relieved at the prospect of seeing Sarawat again, if only from across the room. Tine had sequestered himself to his Quarters, only accepting visits from those he trusted most. He had not left his room for any other reason but seeing the man he loved was enough to inspire him to change his clothes and make a public appearance, despite the fact that the weight of the Head Knight’s demise was still heavy on his shoulders.

    Ohm and Tine made their way tot he meal in silence. Tine was gracious for the silence between he and his best friend as so many people had asked him how he was over the past few days. Right now, he drank in the peace before the inevitable craziness of the Banquet.

    For a celebration of life, the Meal was rather joyous. Tine and Ohm made their way to their assigned seating and were shocked by how jovial the occasion was. But that was likely what the King would have wanted and Tine knew better than to judge the way that people grieved.

    The Royal Family had yet to make their entrance but Tine was happy to see so many of his friends in attendance: Sir Green, Lady Earn, and Sir Man were all sat at the table. Even Pear and Fong lingered at the edge of the room.

    The room hushed as the Queen, Prince Phukong and Prince Sarawat entered the room. The three remaining members of the Royal Family made their way to their seats and Tine held his breath as he studied Sarawat.

    The Prince had a closed look on his face, much like when Tine had first met him. He wore robes that sported his Wolf Insignia in an array of dark shades. If Tine did not know the man behind the furrowed brow, he might be terrified of the lupine ruler. But was that really going to be how Sarawat led the Kingdom after his Father had used fear for so long to maintain his power?

    But Tine knew that Sarawat was different than the King. He would take the throne and make great changes to the Kingdom with the guidance of the Queen’s vision and Phukong’s level-headedness. Sarawat would rule for the sake of his People, not for power.

    The Royal Family made their way to the end of the table and Tine immediately noticed that they were not dining on a raised platform as they used to. They were on the same level as the rest of the court. Prince Phukong and the Queen sat down on either side of Sarawat but the elder Prince remained standing, a focused look in his eyes.

    “I am ready to announce whom I will marry.” The Prince’s voice rang out across the Banquet Hall.

    Tine winced, knowing that Sarawat’s announcement would not only signal the end to their relationship but be the beginning of the Kingdom’s next chapter. The Squire wondered who the Prince had decided would be best at his side as he transitioned into the role of King.

    The room was chillingly silent as everyone waited on baited breath for the Prince to make his declaration. Tine felt a hand on his shoulder and was shocked to see that Lord Mil had made his way into the room, likely just for the announcement. Days before, the gesture would have felt menacing but now Mil’s hand on his shoulder felt surprisingly comforting. It also served as a silence sign of forgiveness for the fate of Mil’s Father and the role that Tine had played in it.

    Tine spotted Fang lingering close to Sarawat and the Queen. It looked like his prediction had been correct. The Prince was going to not only choose a bride but a protector as his suitor. So not only would Tine no longer be able to love the Prince, he would no longer need to protect him either…

    “But first, I need to share the King’s last declaration before his Death.” Sarawat continued and several gasps sounded in the room “As per the King’s final wish… As the eldest in line, I may forfeit the throne if I so choose.”

    The Queen stood and leaned in to whisper to her son, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

    “More than anything.” Sarawat assured his Mother in a hushed tone before turning out toward the crowd. “I will pass my Royal Duties along to my younger brother, Prince Phukong, who will now serve as the future King.”

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  • konaizumi
    02.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Type: unpopular opinion, but people who need the crusts cut off their sandwiches don't deserve rights

    Tine, in the middle of using a cookie cutter to shape his sandwich like a heart: first of all, fuck you

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  • meteorjam
    01.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Very few scenes in media warm my heart more than Man throwing a surprise party for Type when he accidentally found out about his promotion and just the open and honest talk they have about their love and their eventual long-distance relationship. Like Man loves Type so so much and only wants him to be happy and succeed and isn't angry at his shortcomings he's just happy when Type can even be comfortable making mistakes in his presence because that is so difficult for him to do. Like Man is just the BEST boyfriend and gives so much of himself and Type is learning to give Man his flawed and honest self in return

    #help its mantype hours again #naomi rewatches: still 2gether #2gether#still 2gether#mantype#text
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