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  • alan-007
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Valkirye Drive Mermaid (Nimi minimi's Stomach Growling)

    Valkirye Drive Mermaid (Nimi minimi’s Stomach Growling)

    um barulho alto sai de seu estômago, denotando que ela está com fome. Eles a alimentam com barris de comida (literalmente), deixando o resto das meninas na hospedagem sem comida. Episode 5

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  • justanothergeekyfan
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Alex’s stomach is having trouble digesting all that pizza he ate earlier. Seems like he really needs something for his poor tummy.

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  • justanothergeekyfan
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    Alex had gotten super hungry after a match and decided to eat three large pizzas. Later there were three empty pizza boxes and one upset tum-tum.

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  • alan-007
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Penguins Of Madagascar's Stomach Growling

    Penguins Of Madagascar’s Stomach Growling

    In Penguins of Madagascar, Kowalski’s stomach growled after eating too many Cheezy Dibbles. Cartoon Episodes: Gut Instinct & The Hidden.

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  • justanothergeekyfan
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    Blanka’s growled loudly as sighed loudly in annoyance. He hadn’t eaten anything in quite awhile and was very hungry. He saw Sakura and Dan Hibiki run up to him. “Oh hey Jimmy.” Said Sakura waving to him. “Me and Dan are gonna head to the fair. Do you wanna come with us?” Blanka thought for a moment before deciding to go so he could get something to eat. He followed them into the fair and went up to the first food stand he saw as soon as they got their tickets. He licked his lips as he was given the food. He quickly scarfed it down messily before burping. “Jimmy I’m pretty sure that you probably chew your food before shallowing.” Said Dan Hibiki staring at him. Blanka still felt quite hungry and he wanted to try all of the delicious foods at the fair.

    “I’m gonna eat some more food. You guys can go ahead.” He said walking off to the next food stand. “But you just ate a minute ago!” Said Sakura in disbelief. “How are you still hungry?” Blanka just shrugged and said. “I have the appetite of the jungle I guess.” He watched as Dan Hibiki and Sakura went off to play games at the fair. He got some more food and like before quickly scarfed it down and burped. He was starting to feel full but he still wanted to keep eating. Plus he was feeling thirsty so he decided to try all the drinks there as well. He felt like he was in heaven with all the delicious food and drinks he was having.

    He didn’t pay attention to how much time had passed or how he had eaten until his stomach rumbled and sloshed and bubbled and growled loudly. It wasn’t like those noises before he had ate something. It sounded sickly and painful. He groaned loudly as felt it cramp up before going some where quieter. Meanwhile Dan and Sakura were coming back to check on him. “Hey Jimmy are you ready to join us yet!” Said Dan carrying the prizes he won at the fair. He looked around but couldn’t find him. “Sakura Jimmy’s gone!” He shouted loudly grabbing her by the arm. “What do you mean he’s gone?!” Asked Sakura confused. “I don’t know I just can’t find him!” Replied Dan continuing to panic.

    “Dan calm down.” Said Sakura placing her hand on his back. “We’ll try to look for him ok.” Dan Hibiki took a deep breath and sighed. The two of them went around the fair looking for blanka. “Jimmy! Where are you Jimmy?” Dan shouted loudly trying to get his friend’s attention. “Jimmy! Come out come out wherever you are!” Said Sakura looking for him as well. Dan suddenly saw blanka and ran up to him. “Oh there you are jimmy I was so worried about you!” He said hugging him tightly. He then looked at him closely. “Hey um Jimmy you’re looking............um greener then usual.”

    He said before suddenly getting scared by blanka’s loudly churning stomach. “Is something wrong with him?” Asked Sakura walking up to them. Blanka couldn’t handle the pain in his stomach and started crying uncontrollably. “Stomach hurt lots!” He sobbed hugging Dan Hibiki. “Shh Jimmy it’s ok you’ll feel better soon don’t worry.” Said Dan Hibiki hugging him back. “Oh all that food you had eaten must’ve given you a tummy ache.” Said Sakura joining in on the hugging. “Let’s go home.” Said Dan helping blanka back up. “I promise I’ll rub your belly when we get there.” He said holding blanka’s hand. “And I’ll make sure to give you some medicine for your stomach ache.” Sakura said gently patting his back. Blanka could feel all the food and drinks moving around in his stomach as walked along side them. He hoped that the queasy and achy feeling would go away soon. (The end)

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  • alan-007
    17.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Detour (Robbie's Stomach Growling)

    The Detour (Robbie’s Stomach Growling)

    Season 3 Episode 8

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  • jacecoffeebat
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I don't see enough tummy art of Rick, so here ya go!!

    I'll be making a hungry version later :)

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  • stepsclosertoyou
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hot spicy noodles.

    #It's 1 am #I have cravings #Like ramen #I want like 2 bowls #With sushi #MY STOMACH JUST GROWLED #HAHA #I feel like im dragging this too much #I know I am but... #Noodles#Food
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  • alan-007
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jéssica Stomach Growling

    Jessica gorges on a bunch of snacks at a dinner party in Backfire (1995), ending up with a swollen, gurgling belly that startles her date when he sees it.

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  • another-bellyblog
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Gooey Goodness

    Figured I should actually write something for Chuffon, and also introduce them to Bexton and Y/N. Just cuz I feel like they should all be friends!

    Plot Summary: Y/N and Bexton stop by this odd looking cave and find an even odder slime like being inside. The goo person, known as Chuffon, decides to tag along with you two. But upon hearing an empty, growling gut. They can’t resist filling it up!

    Warnings: Slightly painful hunger, stuffing, belly aches. Story below!

    A sigh passes your lips as the train chugged along the tracks. You were looking out of a small opening in the side of the locomotive. The scenery passing by at a decent pace as you watched. Your magician friend, Bexton, by your side. Bexton was also watching the scenery. The lush, green, grassy hills mixed with a lot of flowers and trees. This would make a really good postcard to be honest. Only if you had anyone to send a postcard to... Eh oh well. At least you had Bexton. He was pretty good company. Not to mention Lazarus, but you haven’t seen him since a day or two ago.

    ”Hey Y/N, you see that?” Bexton grabs your attention. Once you looked over at him, you saw that he was pointing in a direction. Your eyes followed his finger and you saw it. A huge, open cavern. Just sitting in the side of a hill.

    “Oh yeah, what about it?” You ask. Bexton stands up carefully and chanted a spell. You were confused until the train came to a gentle stop.

    “I‘ve seen it a few times, but never got to explore it. Wanna come with me?” Bexton asks, jumping off the train and landing in the grass. Was he crazy? Actually no, don’t answer that. We all already know the answer to that question. Looking at him, you noticed that he was serious about this. Outstretching a gloved hand out to you, he beckons you to come with.

    ”Fine.” You agree begrudgingly. Grabbing his hand, Bexton helped you off the train with an excited expression. Once you had got off the train car, you let go of his hand. The two of you then started to approach the cave. The closer you got, the more anxiety you felt. Jeez this was a stupid idea. But you wouldn’t chicken out, not now. You just put on a brave face.

    The two of you entered the cave and were met with a very colorful inside. Many gems and crystals decorated the walls. Your eyes lit up as you looked around. So many colors and shapes! Bexton looked pretty excited too. While he decided to lurk near the entrance, you wanted to go in deeper. After a few more steps, you could swear that you could smell something. Sniffing the air, a sweet scent caught your nose. Enticing you to follow it.

    ”Hey! Wait for me!” Bexton caught up with you, but stopped dead in his tracks. Seems like the scent caught his attention as well. ”Whoa... what’s that smell?”

    ”I dunno, but I like it.” You admitted, following it closely. Bexton walks by your side. Pretty curious about what might’ve been producing this wonderful aroma. Soon, the two of you stumbled across an odd sight.

    A goo or slime like being, seemingly messing around with a ruby gemstone. They were a pink color, with purple parts of their body. A rather chubby being, as well as a cute smile. They were producing this aroma! You blink in surprise as you and Bexton stared at this mysterious being. Soon, they turned and gasped. Not expecting to have company.

    ”Oh! Hi! Sorry I didn’t notice you!” They had a slightly nasally voice, but not to the point where it was annoying. You smile kindly and approached the being. They were only a little shorter than you. As they look up at you, you couldn’t help but notice that their eyes were covered by their “hair”.

    ”We didn’t mean to scare you... I’m Y/N and this is Bexton.” You introduced the two of you. Bexton came forward and waved at the slimey person.

    ”I’m Chuffon! It’s very nice to meet you!” They wave back as they introduced themself. Bexton lowers his guard, sensing that this Chuffon character wasn’t a threat.

    “Well, we’ll leave if we’re intruding on your home.” Bexton says, adjusting his mask. This made Chuffon frown a little.

    ”No, this isn’t my home. I uh... don’t have a home.” Chuffon mentions, shyly looking away. Immediately, you felt bad for them. Even though you didn’t exactly know them. Bexton also felt kinda bad.

    “Hm, well Y/N and I have a train all to ourselves. I don’t think we’d mind another passenger.” Bexton offers, smiling kindly. Chuffon looks at the both of you with a hopeful expression. You agreed with Bexton’s words. It would be nice to have another member aboard the train.

    ”Oh! You mean it? Yay! Lead the way!” Chuffon spoke in a chipper tone. Bexton turned on his heel and started to walk away. You and Chuffon followed suit. This was the start of a new friendship, you could tell. Chuffon seemed like a trustworthy being, even though you had no idea that goo people existed. Once you two arrived back at the train, Bexton hops on first. You followed suit, and then Chuffon.

    ”And away we go!” Bexton smiles and started chanting again. Soon, the train started moving. Chuffon seemed excited to be here, judging by their smile.

    ”Is it okay if I look around?” Chuffon asks. Bexton only responded with a nod and a thumbs up. Causing Chuffon to get even more excited before slithering away from you two. Disappearing to go look around this mysterious locomotive.

    ”Guess we have a new friend now.” You joked, chuckling. Bexton chuckles as well, sitting on the floor. You sat across from him, seeing how thoughtful he looked. You knew Bexton could be a little apprehensive about making new friends. Hell, it took him quite a bit to even call you a friend. Although, you didn’t wanna push him out of his comfort zone.


    Oh. Or maybe that’s why his expression looked troubled. You pause before giggling softly. Bexton couldn’t help but blush lightly, rubbing his gut carefully.

    ”Ah, Sorry. Guess I’m getting pretty hungry.” Bexton apologized. You shake your head and move closer to the masked man. This didn’t go unnoticed, since Bexton looked up at you curiously. However, it didn’t take him long to figure out what you wanted.

    ”Oh right, I almost forgot you like that~” he flirted, grinning at you knowingly. God damnit, just when you thought you could handle him teasing you. Huffing grumpily, you forcefully planted an ear on Bexton’s gut.


    Immediately you were greeted by an empty sounding growl. Bexton chuckles softly and started to play with your hair. The gloved hands of the magician were careful with your locks. You weren’t just listening to the growls, you were rubbing the side of his gut as well.

    “Hey I-uh...” the two of you jumped and whipped your heads over in the direction of the voice. Chuffon was there, staring at you two with a confused expression. Your entire face turned red as you pulled yourself away from Bexton.

    “O-Oh! Um, hey Chuffon! Th-this isn’t what it looks like! I promise!” You insisted. That only seemed to make the goo being look more suspicious of your intent. Meanwhile Bexton had pulled his mask closer to his face. Red was staining the cheeks of the mask though, signaling that he too was a little embarrassed. Chuffon was about to just leave it be, but someone had to catch their attention.


    Everyone went silent and turned their attention to Bexton, who was back to rubbing his empty gut. Chuffon tilted their head and came closer to the magician.

    ”Is that your tummy I hear growling?” They ask, earning a nod from Bexton. You felt your cheeks simmer down a little.

    “Hmmhmm... yeah it is. I apologize, I haven’t eaten in a while.“ Bexton explained with a shy smirk. You shake your head and rubbed Bexton’s belly carefully, making him smile at you. Chuffon moves closer to you both and crouched down to Bexton’s level.

    *ggGGGRRR! rrrrroooo...*

    ”Oh my, you sound really hungry. Lucky for you, I can fix that!” Chuffon explains with a cute smile. Puzzled, you both look at the goo being strangely.

    ”You See, my goo is completely edible and very filling! It doesn’t hurt me if you wanna eat some.” Chuffon explained casually. Now you became even more puzzled. I mean, Chuffon smelled nice. Is it possible that he tasted just as nice? Bexton tilted his head at this new information.

    ”Are you... are you telling me you don’t mind if I eat part of you?” Bexton asks, scrunching his brow. Chuffon nodded, pretty much answering Bexton’s question.

    ”Ah... I’m not sure how I feel about that...”

    *rrrggg! RRRROOOAAAR!*

    Even though Bexton himself was apprehensive, his gut didn’t feel the same way. Letting out a painful sounding growl. Bexton wraps his arms tightly around his midsection as he grimaced in pain. Your eyes widened and you quickly felt bad for your magical companion.

    ”Jeez, that sounded like it hurt... look it’ll be okay. I promise I taste good.” Chuffon urges, looking worried about Bexton’s health. That sounds weird even with the context. But, Bexton found himself accepting Chuffon’s offer. The goo being smiles and turns their hand into a weird, almost tentacle shaped limb.

    ”Alrighty! Just open up, and remember to tell me when you’re full.” Chuffon smiles. Bexton didn’t know if this was such a good idea, but his hunger won. Lifting his mask up slightly, Bexton opened up his maw. You watched as Chuffon’s pink slime started to enter Bexton’s mouth. Immediately you noticed that Bexton seemed to enjoy the taste. Judging by the soft “mm” of satisfaction.

    ”So... this doesn’t hurt?” You ask, raising a brow.

    ”Nope! Not one bit!” Chuffon reassures with a thumbs up. Nodding your head, you turned your attention back to Bexton. Huh, he seemed to be enjoying this. Soon the empty growls stopped, as his belly slowly expanded outwards. You couldn’t help it as your eyes observed his stomach.

    ”Mph~” Bexton sounds... very pleased to put it into words. You giggle at him, seeing how much he was enjoying Chuffon‘s little stuffing session. Soon, you noticed that his pants were starting to strain against Bexton’s ever growing midsection.

    ”Oh um... Here...” You nervously reached towards the button on his jeans. Ah, this is very awkward and a little tense. Fumbling around with it for a second, you eventually unbuttoned them successfully. This caused Bexton’s gut to sort of fall slightly forward. Is it just you, or is it very hot in here? Chuffon giggles, placing a hand on Bexton’s slowly expanding gut.

    ”My my! You’re filling up nicely! Hehe, you’re probably the best person I’ve fed so far!” Chuffon explains with an excited expression. They’ve fed multiple people then. Well, at least that made you feel more comfortable with this. Bexton couldn’t complain.

    *guu... glluurrgl...*

    ”That sounds like a pleasantly full belly if I‘ve ever heard one!” Chuffon beams, pulling their gooey tendril out of Bexton’s maw. The masked magician sat there, huffing and puffing. You looked at his belly. It was very rounded out, and seemed to be completely full and satisfied. Chuffon giggles and started to rub Bexton’s full belly. Not long after, you joined in.

    ”Hmhm... you both like that huh?” Bexton’s voice was a little hoarse. A red hue stained your cheeks as he called you out. Chuffon laughs heartily.

    ”What can I say? Full bellies sound so nice! Plus, giving them a good rub is what I do best!” They announced proudly. At least they had a good excuse, you didn’t. You just really liked seeing Bexton so round and full. Almost helpless if it wasn’t for his Magic. You heard a deep gurgle come from Bexton’s gut, and he hiccups roughly.

    “Oh, maybe I gave you too much... why don’t you get some rest? Me and Y/N will try to sooth out the achey.” Chuffon urges, playfully patting Bexton’s tummy. After a soft belch, Bexton nods. Feeling quite exhausted after all of that goo settled in his empty stomach. Pulling his mask down to cover his entire face, he layed down. Causing his stomach to slosh and gurgle. You smile and continue to rub his belly. Chuffon followed your lead. The two of you Kept it up. Even after Bexton had long since fallen asleep.

    ”Mm... I feel sleepy too...” you admitted, your eyes feeling tired. Chuffon giggles softly and carefully lays you down. But, the sly slime purposefully layed your head onto Bexton’s gurgling mass of a belly. However, you had no reaction. The noises had put you to sleep rather fast. Chuffon blinks in surprise, but soon giggles softly. They stretch and continue to rub Bexton’s gut.

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  • celestrials
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    My stomach always hurts and every single time I ask myself why but then I forget I don’t eat very well, I eat like once a day maybe or I overeat and there’s no in between but almost every single time I do eat even if its something that’s good for me I feel like throwing up

    #I also happen to be on my period rn so that’s destroying me definitely #today tho I didn’t really eat #I had one meal like at 2 and it wasn’t very big #I usually go to sleep hungry bc being hungry makes me sleepy and I’d rather sleep than eat sometimes #also I don’t feel comfy being in the kitchen sometimes bc this isn’t my house and the ppl I live with are very weird about messes #it makes me really anxious sometimes #so usually I just won’t eat #and I won’t buy food either bc I never have any money anymore #usually the only time I ever actually eat well is when I hang out with me bf bc he buys or makes me food #but we don’t see eachother all the time #anyways I’m hungry rn and my stomach also hurts but it’s nearly 3 am and I’m worried I’d make too much noise and wake everybody up #so I’m going to ignore my stomach growling and go to sleep
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  • belladoe
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    #my stomach is literally growling but i cant fucking eat #ive only eaten a single pudding cup today like i need fucking food and energy #i can feel myself getting depressed from lack of food #but i cant fucking eat? #whatever at least im losing weighr
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  • tinaliketelltale
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Bigby ravenous stomach growl 2

    Someone feed this poor wolf boi 😞

    #the wolf among us #stomach growling#bigby wolf#stomach noises#hunger kink #i wish I had a fanart
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