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  • heartate
    16.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    good morning ... i’ve decided that ffxiv ahri is just gonna be another lost, rare race of people or something just to explain her being a 9 tailed fox but like her also being a primal in a different au would be sexy but like i just really want her to kiss estinien is all

    #i have no other reasons #and i want her to kiss everyone’s wols #and it’s not like the game DOESNT have a 9 tailed fox #it’s just like a literal beast that we fight for fates LMAO #yooooooo #hear me out right #what if ahri is a big giant fox like that back when she was more like feral and shit #but when she like is super super calm she is a beautiful lady when she sleeps #LIKE YOU KNOW OLD SCHOOL AHRI LORE WHERE SHE WAS JUST A PLAIN SEMI MAGICAL FOX #kinda like that except make it giant and definitely magical #like she CAN be in her normal form too and that’s how she lured people in sometimes #but the more humanity she gains the less often she stays in the big fox form and defaults to her regular state of being #YOO HEAR ME OUT RIGHT #WHAT IF IT WAS LIKE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND SHE WAS CURSED TO BE A GIANT FOX 90% OF THE TIME #UNTIL SHE LEARNED TO STOP EATING PEOPLE WILLY NILLY AND GAINED HUMANITY #heyyyyyyyy #ooc. #note to self.
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  • neocute1
    16.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I have 10 minutes to get ready for a D&D meet I don't even want to go to.

    But my sister's the DM and she's really excited so even though it's gonna suck up my whole morning and I'm gonna be gone all afternoon, I'm doing it.

    I don't even know if I leveled up my character, but too late to think about that now.

    #we have a party made up of a lot of her friends and me #and we haven't met in like 3 months because of school and life getting in the way #and today is the only time before July we'll be able to meet #so it doesn't really matter that I don't feel like it I'm not gonna ruin this for them #I'd much rather be drawing or doing homework or something #and it also sucks that I'm not gonna have time to eat until dinner because of this #but I woke up like an hour ago so I had time to eat breakfast I just forgot #cause I and honestly the whole rest of the party have to leave at like 1:30 for a variety of reasons #and she pretty much wants to be playing right up until we have to walk out the door #I expect us to stop at either 12:30 or 1 though #at least I hope we do #and nothing's gonna stop me from multitasking when other people are doung stuff #it's just annoying is all #but whatever I'll be fine and it makes her happy #so in the end it doesn't really matter that I'm gonna spend 3-4 hours doing something I don't wanna do in the first place #I'm sure once we actually get going I'll enjoy myself
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  • lilyevansgf
    16.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    "sirius played the piano" this and "sirius played the guitar" that. SHUT UP! sirius played the accordion

    #i am so right #sirius black #i need to stop using this meme format it is getting old i will admit
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  • 1oxytocin
    16.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    what if i was meant to frequent my local well-loved romance bookstore and spend my days there happy and content and best friends with the owner and workers that people maybe think i work there and maybe i should

    what if i was meant to be known as the bookstagram with the cute femme nails what if that was my brand what if i took photos of books and photos of events at the bookstore and you always get my nails in there and that’s the brand because it’s cute and what if i took photos of my butch and i arm in arm walking to the bookstore and what if i took silly cute photos of my butch holding my favorite books and my bookstagram was books and butches and bookstores MY FAVORITE WORDS ALL B WORDS? shut up i just realized this

    so when you see those bookstagrams that are mixed with books and life mine would be books and then cute pictures with my butch and yes i would have my butch as backdrop for my favorite book photos to talk about my favorite books and stop this is so cute i want this to be my life............................

    #because i can’t not mention femme nails. if you know you know/ if you don’t now you do #that was literally what this post was supposed to be about books and femme nails but i got carried away and it’s fine clearly this is a mast #erpiece / #i’m yearning so hard and it’s all bc of this fucking book LMAO i love it so much it’s like... i can’t stop thinking about it/ #i definitely would never ever want to take photos for the sake of instagram tho that’s the curse i think. living for ig NO i live for ME / #this all occurs with or without you ig /you just get to see it #ok now i’m making up my life i need to go do something else/
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  • totem-of-ungaying
    16.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    To all those people on this website who always told me you could control ur hyperfixation if you tried hard enough; tell me how. Tell me how right now I want to leave. Let me out.

    #im so tired of mcyt and dsmp i wanna leave #im not even invested in it anymore yet I cannot fucking stop thinking about it
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  • yellowlaboratory
    16.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #obx#pltc #poor Sara had to help me deal with this half formed plan and she’s an absolute saint for it #she deserve a noble prize or something #also JJ is the sweetest I love him and how much he loves his friends and yes i leaned in heavy to that this chapter #i just love it so much #look if I had one ounce less self control they would have been cuddling on the bed #but I feel like they aren't quite there yet you know #especially with what we see in canon and the upcoming chapter #so I restrained myself but only just barely #i also didn't actually write JJ leaving the room so like #feel free to go full 'death of the author' and decide that they did share the bed #I would not be mad at all #in fact i fully support this #also#listen #this fic WILL be finished before season 2 premieres #full stop #so if we get a date #especially if it's soon #I will have to kick it into high gear #but we are close!!! only two chapters left and I can't deal with it #what will i do without pltc #answer: start another fic #🙃🙃🙃
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  • stuck-in-the-ghost-zone
    16.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    I need to stop having thoughts in the shower

    #i need to stop Thinking in general #//vent#delete later #haha i just wrote a script in my head for the therapy talk with my parents #and like #i couldnt even Think about saying it without crying so there goes that out the window Again #literallt every time ive built myself up to ask about it something happens that just crushes me and #like its happened COUNTLESS fucking times in the last 5 years and . i want to just fucking give up but also #i had a fucking dream about killing myself last night and woke up feeling miserable and i want that to Stop Fucking Happening #hhhhghghgh #me: shows obvious signs of mental illness for a majority of my life #my parents: haha i am looking away i do not see it #and when i do see it i think youre doing it on purpose to be difficult so im gonna yell at you and call you worthless <3 #i want to tell myself like 'im gonna sit them down and talk about it tonight' #but literally every other time ive said that something happens and i cant anymore #either one of them is in a shitty mood or one of them is somewhere else or my brother brings up something else and like #i want to fucking Stop Existing thanks <3 send me to superhell ill take ghostburs place just let me fucking #wander in a train station for all eternity or some shit im sick of it here #sorry for putting fandom shit in my vent posts but like im coping <3
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  • say-al0e
    16.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #tumblr pls stop #this is my sign to not write novels or at least not post it all in one go lol #answered
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  • eforest
    16.05.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    every time i see or think something about a hyperfixation something within me awakens like a sleeper agent and i just go batshit tbh

    #i am actively avoiding my hyperfixations but then the second smth reminds me i ouh.... well something within me snaps to be frank #i wil see smth w the vaguest relation to any of my hyperfixations and every ability to focus leaves my body instantly rhere is no topic #except for this hyperfixation unfortunately #like ouh i see..... i have to behave in insane manners now ! *detonates* #kio.txt #unfortunately i am having ? 3? 4? main hyperfixations atm and franjly she is killing me #like girl help i mean it i cant stop thinking abt rhis #yea ok it is 4 and then there is also this one in the middle n rhe reast is all like waiting #ok wel more like 2 and they are. right underneath the surface of my main hyperfixations but what ever im normal i prommy #truly they need to put me on stimulants im losing my mind to be real fucjing honest #like i mean it there is nothing in existence actually other than my hyperfixations #i hate it here truthfully i need a lobotomy or whatever #every day it is like ouh... *hyperfixates so hard i implode* #and then u add in an fp....... bestie im dying here #brain rot and whatnot #like truly there is. euthanise me actually #i am cycling between the same topics in my head and frankly there is nothing else i am capable of focussing on #there is just these 7 things i think about and to be frank nothing else other than funny little syndrome of soo deranged thoughts #infodumping grip image here btw also i am about to start screaming so so loud #syndrome of i am going to beat the shit out of a wall unfortunately bc i cannot infodump #like frankly i am hurting here i need someone to reciprocate my interests rn in a neurodivergent manner bc im about to start killing #i just cannot do fandoms antmore i did that before on here when i was. whatever the fuck in age like young or smth and you all. oh i cannot #especially bc -_- some of my interesrs r asian media atm and i experience severe amts of bloodthirst whenever i see a freak of that brand #yuo know what i mean im not allowed to say it bc i'll get jumped digitally but if u are also asian esp then ohh u get it so much #truthfully i will start murdering now #hold on.. ouh no there is 8 girl help put me in the brain extraction machine or smth #so funny bc all of these hyperfixations r making me miserable bc of funy little syndrome things related to them and its like wahoo ! #*withers away slowly and so so painfully as i drive myself into insanities* #delusion inducing tw #paranoia inducing tw
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  • godslush
    16.05.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    First - Back - Next

    #art#fanart#mega man#megaman #dai's mega man dump #stardroid pluto#stardroid mercury#stardroid saturn #behold it is mercury #who is currently the most infuriatingly tedious stardroid to draw #it took a while just getting him looking right in sketches #something about his face was throwing me and looking wrong #the problem was i was giving him cheekbones lol #he is however not the hardest character to draw overall #that honor goes to someone who might surprise you #i need to stop using that spattered-white-diagonal-line-through-black background for filler #lol it's so conspicuous to me now
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  • brightjin
    16.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    im so tired of feeling like this!!!!!!!

    #personal stuff #i hate hate hate this ifjdsklvjdkslsd #i cant talk about it w anyone bc i dont want to be a whiny downer the whole time #but i keep feeling like this idk how to make it stop i sdfjklvs i dont knowwwwwww
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  • b1uejey
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Some of Our neighbors keep throwing firecrackers out the window and I am scared every single time

    #Jey talks#Vent #It's not even legal at this time of the year #I wish they would stop #I don't even know why they do it
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  • your-buddy-spooks
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fun reminder that people who are not arospec don’t get to decide our words and labels for us and just because you think its ridiculous doesn’t give you a right to exercise your (nonexistant) authority and/or concern about it. Hope this clears things up!

    #in short #stop telling aro people what to do. #we know more than you do about this #aromantic#aro#arospec #aplatonic isnt not feeling platonic attraction its about not wanting a qpr or feeling pressured into friendships #love #platonic or otherwise #is not a hard requirement for life believe it or not #allo people stop purposefully misunderstanding our language challenge #if you're going to criticize us mean ol' scary psychopathic aros then at LEAST get the fucking terminology right
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  • lostchildofthenewworld
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This fic went from like 10 chapters to 20 to now like 30, why do I do this to myself

    #STOP IT!!!! #ideas
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  • wosofan14
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i’m not crying you are 💔

    #😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #absolutely heartbreaking this #she deserves so much better I can’t stop saying it #casey stoney#muwfc
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  • perhapsjoy
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yknow im starting to think im just bad at doing film analysis

    #@ my teachers there is a reason im not picking film studies and the reason is i suck at it #so maybe stop making me analyze films?? pls? #hi hello it me
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  • selfaware-despair
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Journal Entry 5-16-21

    Have you ever known the feeling of just needing to be smaller and smaller and smaller. Not because of diet culture, or the perfect thinspo post, or getting a summer bod. Instead, you just need to be small, to shrink away, to become invisible and untouchable. Because it’s safer. It’s less stressful. It’s just....less. I hate being touched, I hate the feeling of everyone looking at me and judging me (even though I know that’s not the case). I hate the constant, overwhelming, feeling that judging eyes are on you everywhere at all times, so I must be perfect, graceful, funny, calm, composed, happy, mellow, cool, and on and on. I feel like the only time I can relax, can breath, can act myself is when I’m alone. So when I’m in public, there’s a constant weight/pressure/demand for no slip ups. The exhaustion wears me thin. It pushes me to hide. I don’t do what I do for attention. I don’t act the way I act so people will notice me. I want to be smaller and to be less so I can blend into the background, to the corner where I can breath. Where I can curl up and hide away from the eyes. I know it’s impossible. I know it’s unreasonable in reality. But I do not care. I cannot bring myself to because while it’s not a common or true reality, it’s my reality. And the only way to escape it, in my mind, is to retreat into myself and disappear from it all.

    So no, I don’t have an ed because I’m obsessed with being skinny or thin or the ideal women or have the bets Jody it because I’m fat phobic. I suffer from an ed because I feel trapped, overwhelmed, and out of control of others perception. I suffer from an ed because of my sadness and anger surrounding an issue I cannot control. I don’t know how to escape this reality. I fear I never will.

    #persistent depressive disorder #ocdproblems #living with ocd #body dismorphic disorder #body insecurities #ed ment tw #ed probz#ed relapse#ana account#ana relapse #i do not support eds #stop romanticizing it #trauma survivor#ed relatable#ed journey#ed journal#ana journal#ed restriction
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  • dave-striiider
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    any debates about that cop "accidentally" using their real gun instead of their taser and Wow that cop must be so stupid to make a mistake like that haha! are missing the actual issue which is that a cop knowingly shot and murdered someone with their gun and then when people got mad they pretended they accidentally mixed them up. "wild they mixed it up given the taser is on the non dominant side and the gun is on the dominant side" "wow all this funding for people who cant tell guns apart" "maybe this kind of thing happens because cops only have to do 6 months training" literally Shut The Fuck Up, they didnt make a mistake, they knew it was a gun and knew they were using it to murder someone just like in many other cases they know the skittles or water gun or wallet or Fucking Nothing their victim is holding /isnt/ a gun. They're Literally Just Lying About Committing Murder. stop pretending its anything else

    #everytime i see people acting like it was a genuine mistake im fucking filled with rage #yes i know it was a while ago but i saw someone on tiktok being all like ''im in cosmotology school and have to do way more training than #cops so maybe thats why mistakes like this happen'' it wasnt a fucking mistake!!! it was MURDER and then they PRETENDED IT WASNT #stop fucking making excuses for these pieces of shit and stop spreading these ideas #and absokutely stop fucking sharing jokes
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  • red-lever
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    god i find it so funny when people try to voice their subjective opinions as if theyre correct when its a subject that doesnt even apply to them at all. its like interrupting a Which Pie Is Best conference to say 'um well all pies are bad actually', your subjective opinion is valid but in some situations its also completely worthless. not every post is for you

    #youre allowed to have your opinions but maybe remember you might not like something because you just dont like it #and that doesnt make it inherently bad????? #making this post after seeing asexual people say 'all sex scenes are bad actually' on a sex positive post like #have you considered this post just isnt for you??? #also lesbians talking about men like yeah you can 100% have your opinions for sure #but the whole 'all men bad why would anyone be attracted to them' thing is just?? #??? lmao youre a lesbian of course youre not gonna be attracted to men your opinion is valid but worthless here #like this isnt supposed to be rude but people need to stop forgetting that not every post out there is for everyone #and most of your opinions are subjective!
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  • joebidensjuul
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Does anyone know why my phone says I spent so long on uquiz/safari last week?????? Obviously I don’t spend EVERY hour of the day on my phone lmao. I don’t even have the safari app on my home screen and I clear my cache pretty often so I have no idea why/how it would even be running in the background. And even if it was running in the background it still wouldn’t show up like that right??? Bc like Spotify doesn’t show up as me being on for many hours a day despite playing music almost constantly

    #I set the other limit to see if it would stop n i don’t think it did bc I never got the notification that it would close #jam.txt
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