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  • Sokka: You know, I am a great strategist.

    Azula: Is that so? Then tell me how do plan on kissing those lips?

    Sokka: Well someone needs a little help with messing with Zuko am I right?

    Azula: You’re just too good..

    *she swings her arms around his neck and kisses him*

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  • She laughed as she drunkingly made her way to the phone. The world was spinning, but she’d just remembered that it was her boyfriend’s birthday. She had to call him.

    It took about four tries before she managed to still her hands enough to dial the right number. His voice sounded calm and steady on the other end of the line. He was no doubt partying too, since she could hear the noise in the background. No doubt the shouting voices and blaring music on her side were an equal match.

               She greeted him, attempting to keep any slur from her voice. His voice was like a warm caress, and she wished him a happy 18th birthday.

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  • Karlie Kloss via Instagram Stories

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  • Sex Workers - Everything You Wanted To Know But Was Afraid To Ask

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  • anyways peep that 1 time I was @ my city friends house at like 10pm and we were yelling the “I want it that way lyrics” and some random probably drunk dudes belted out the next chorus it was great

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  • I don’t know why

    But you managed to hold my thoughts



    This feeling is oddly familiar

    But I am not mad at you anymore

    I cannot force you to love me

    For that would not be love

    You are still engulfed with fog

    But not as much as before

    At the time I did not know what that meant

    Angering me to the core

    Thinking I was at fault

    Not enough for you

    I thought you were the villain

    When I was the one holding the gun

    The fog was a test

    An unholy ritual

    To see if I loved you or not

    And I think I do

    You may be tiring

    And I may be tired

    But I never got tired of you

    Like the fire you kept burning

    Maybe the universe is telling me something

    I think it’s clear that it wants wants us together

    But I cannot hold you yet

    I don’t know why but it’s making me frustrated

    But the universe has its reasons

    Maybe these hands are  not meant to hold you just yet

    Maybe our hearts are not ready to love

    Maybe we have a lot of things ahead of us, and not just this one

    So I will love you

    Waiting for our time

    Waiting for my heart and my hands to be ready

    Waiting for you

    Wait for me.

    I’m coming.

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  • That crushing, constricting pain was snaking through your veins once again, icy pinpricks of glass piercing through your skin, shattering your bones and tearing through ligaments. Your body collapsed limply, a puppet with its strings cut. Bent, folded and reshaped, a crane made from wet paper.

    A wire frame snapped into place, button eyes and facial features torn away and replaced with whatever identity you were supposed to be today. Ghostly hands spun you, posed you, fashioning a new outfit out of scraps and rags. Another thick stitch holding your mouth shut.

    You’d never been one for talking anyway.

    Their reflection had finally loaded, looming over you. They never noticed how poor your imitation was, the nonsense play was coming apart at the very seams with the repetition, but still they kept coming. Millions of new faces to wear, personalities to capture, still no roses when the curtain fell.

    Were you one of them once? Did you have dreams, aspirations? Friends? A role to fill?

    The music began to play, the old air filling your lungs, the bleary image of a museum in the background.

    Another encore.

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  • Shakira via Instagram Stories (Nov 13, 2019)

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  • Dear Residents of Scarborough Dorms,

    Due to recent events, we are going to hold a dorm wide meeting on Friday at 4 pm. Please see me if you cannot attend. On the agenda at the meeting will be:

    1)      The naming of Parsley’s three new kittens!

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  • -Пфф, женится тебе не придется, я уговорила родителей отложить свадьбу до весны. Но они во что бы то ни стало хотят познакомится с Маркосом, прямо сейчас. Вот я и подумала, что может быть ты изобразишь что ты Маркос, они успокоятся, и до весны оставят нас в покое, а там и Маркос поправится, ведь он поправится, правда? -И Тина посмотрела на Фридерика наивными большущими глазами, в которых было столько какой то детской мольбы и доверчивости…
    -Но почему ты не сказала им правду, Тина?
    -Я, я и так очень сильно их расстроила, а если они узнают, что мой жених сильно болен, я , я не знаю как они отнесутся к этому. Но они очень огорчатся, а я не хочу их огорчать больше.
    -И поэтому ты придумала эту игру в маски… Понятно… И как же ты потом им объяснишь, что жених за зиму стал выглядеть совершенно по-другому?
    -Я подумала, что потом, когда Маркос поправится, мы им все расскажем, и им уже не придется огорчаться… - И Тина опять с мольбой посмотрела на Фридерика.
    -Но как же я буду изображать Маркоса? Что говорить?
    -Ты просто расскажешь им, что работаешь шеф-поваром, и собираешься купить кафе в Оазис Спрингс, а потом я думаю будет говорить мой папа, а ты просто соглашайся и кивай, и все.

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  • И тут вдруг пришла Тина. Она привычно села на высокий табурет и посмотрела на Фридерика. Тина молчала, что было совсем ей несвойственно.
    Первым не выдержал Фридерик:
    -Тина, что то случилось? Почему ты молчишь?
    -Фридерик, я тут подумала - Тина замялась на минуточку, но потом продолжила, - Фридерик, ты знаешь, у меня к тебе несколько необычная просьба… Только пожалуйста, обещай, что выполнишь ее, это очень-очень важно. Пожалуйста, пожалуйста…
    -Фридерик, тебе совершенно ничего не придется делать, просто нужно будет немножко, всего один вечер побыть Маркосом.
    -Тина, ты в своем уме? Что значит “немножко побыть Маркосом”?! Что ты вообще имеешь ввиду? И зачем это тебе понадобилось?
    -Фридерик, от тебя потребуется просто сделать вид, что тебя зовут не Фридерик, а Маркос, и ты мой парень. Тебе совсем ничего не придется делать. Просто немножко пообщаться с моими родителями…
    -С твоими родителями?! Что ты им наплела? Зачем это вообще нужно, чтобы я изображал Маркоса?
    -Не нужно на меня так кричать! Я то думала, что ты друг Маркоса, и поэтому поможешь нам. А ты кричишь…
    -Помочь вам? Но как это может помочь вам?!
    -Ты забыл, что я жду ребенка от Маркоса? И мне пришлось сказать маме и папе об этом, и они хотят делать свадьбу…
    -Мне что? И женится на тебе теперь придется?!

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  • Фридерик в который раз уже тщетно пытался отправить электронные письма своим друзьям. И у него ничего не получалось. Видимо в Оазис Спрингс блокировали любую связь с другими городами.
    Мобильный телефон уже давно и безнадежно молчал. Была надежда на интернет, ведь просматривать информационные сайты можно было совершенно спокойно. Но вот письма не доходили. Ведь не может такого быть, что буквально все друзья Фридерика не просматривают почту!
    В какой то момент Фридерик засек в сети Дилана, но тот тоже не ответил на письмо и потом пропал также как и остальные.
    Кассанде Фридерик даже не пытался писать электронные письма, он знал о ее сложных взаимоотношениях с современной техникой, поэтому писал ей письма обычные, бумажные, но ответа пока тоже еще не получал, видимо письма очень долго шли до Винденбурга. И Фридерик все ждал и ждал и ждал…
    Но теперь ситуация была крайне невеселой, Фридерик нуждался в помощи. Маркоса нужно было спасать, и он надеялся, что друзья смогут придумать что-то невероятное для спасения друга.

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  •  I woke up with a flash of light blinding me for an avail. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on. I was lying on my back facing a radiant headlamp. I tried to push myself up but stopped when my head fires with pain, I dabbed my head with my hand. 

    I groaned and threw myself back down, I turned my head and saw a sink and cabinets galore with labels to small for me to see. I twisted my head back, behind me I saw a white wall and at the top was a small window with grass at the bottom of the glass portrait with pansies in the corner. I casted my head to the left of the medical like room was a speculum the covered half the wall, my reflection showed upon the glass, I was in my purple t-shirt sweater, jeans with my black laced buckled boots that went up to my knees. A white bandage was wrapped around my head and my messy, stained with blood, jet black hair fell down to the middle of my ribs. All seemed normal. 

     The other half of the left wall was drawers with my coat lying across the top with all the surprises still in store. Somehow, this place seemed vaguely familiar. Suddenly I remembered where I was. I was at the wizard commuting quarters where wizards, other wanderers or ill patients lived or stayed. Better known as the Commuting House.

    Many travelers used to stop here when Nexiège was safe…well safer, before the witch hunters began killing off the witch and warlock rulers and forcing the power and command of Nexiège, a six person job, over to Moregona, the last witch ruler. A spell was cast on the Commuting House so it would keep most witches and people away. I spent most of my childhood here and hated it.

     My attention was caught when the door swung open. I had shut my eyes and laid on my back again. I heard two pairs of footsteps enter the room. I recognized the first pair as Felix’s, his long and quick strides was hard to ignore, but the other pair seemed less familiar, it was like recognizing a person’s face but not knowing their name. 

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  • Blended in with the grey.

    Sounds of rain from the outside, I enjoy these short moments while they last. It’s getting cold outside, the air leaving my filters is forming fog in front of my face. My own death now confirmed in their books, who knows, perhaps I can use that to my advantage.

    “Unit ZC-06, Prepare the body for retrieval.”


    The transponder on the body now reading my numbers, I lowered my hood and placed the helmet over my head, lowering the visor and masking my identity further. A few clothing changes later, I was kitted up with the clothes of the soldier. Not keen on leaving my jacket behind, it was close enough to his coat for me to keep it on. Vest and helmet were the main parts; I sat the body up against the wall and wrapped a piece of cloth around his face like my hood. Azrael loaded in to his mind, running on backup power. Like a time bomb ticking away, I prepared myself and planned on what to do.

    Walking back into the hallway, I could see the soldiers keeping an eye on other rooms, lighting up the dark with flares.

    “Good work, Six. Head downstairs, command wants to debrief you.” A soldier who I had not seen before said to me.

    “Understood.” A simple response, keep the bluff as long as I can and get clear off the building.

    Rifle in my hands, had to keep the appearance of them, copy what they do with just enough left out. Down the stairs, passing by a few soldiers left there as guards. Into a hallway, my scanners mapping out rest of building as I walked. Need to locate a way to get out of here before they realize that I am not who I say I am.

    The building had a connecting structure leading over to the building next to it, seemingly sealed off for construction, it would have plenty of space to hide or lose anyone following. Need to meet up with this command before I go there.

    Down another set of stairs, I could feel my heartbeat increase as I attempted to keep it calm. You can’t see my face beyond the mask I wear, yet I feel on edge. Perhaps this whole thing is getting to me…

    Come on; keep it together for a little longer now. You can process it later if needed, but now, living takes priority. Bits of my mind gathered together, wrapped in remnants of a once steady mind, who know how long I can keep going.

    Last door, I entered the lobby and looked around. Large, open area with large pillars to make it look fancier than it really was. Still no idea what this place was before the evacuations, but that didn’t matter much now. A soldier guided me over to a trailer outside the building; the field command would be inside.

    Up the steel steps to a sliding door, I pushed the button next to it and the door opened. Stepping inside the small shack of control panels and server racks, a lone man stood at the back with his hand over on his ear.

    “Two days ago we found ZX15 roaming around the surface, and now? Now he is dead.”

    No words, I stood in attention and ran through my own systems, blade at the ready.

    “Good work out there. We have been hunting that bastard on and off, but maybe we can finally return back to our usual tasks.” The commander turned around, his face awfully scarred from the left side, his eye replaced with a cybernetic counterpart. Bold head, he stood proud with a smile on his face as he walked over to me.

    “Guessing I owe the lab some liquor for this… However, before that, let’s have a look at your feed to confirm that kill, shall we? Hand me the camera.”

    The camera… on the side of the helmet, it had seen all. Handing it over, I made my plan. The Commander plugged it into the side of his head and started rolling the footage, a small holographic display between us as he watched the video roll. As the events that had led to me standing here became clear; I drew my revolver and took aim, removing the helmet from my head with my free hand.

    “That liquor can wait.”

    “What is this? Wait… Don’t tell me…”

    “Six of hearts becomes the Ace of Spades, good night.”

    “You kill me; a new commander will take my place…”

    One shot between the eyes, the head of the snake was down and out, I saw an outgoing signal leaving the trailer. It carried a message with it.

    “15 alive”

    Hood back over my head, I grabbed any files I could and ran out of the trailer, bullets rattling against my jacket as I ran, the rain leaving most of my view covered in fog.

    An intersection heading in 4 directions, my radar warning of blips coming in from all of them. A faint signal on my radio, sender unknown.

    “You can hear me, yes? Right, follow my orders and life, or don’t and end up dead. Head east.”

    The orders kept coming as I moved through the tight corners of the city blocks, bullets scraping by the walls and chassis as the hunters closed in. One last turn, I ended up in the middle of an alley heading in three directions.

    “Alright, hold there.”

    “Hold? Seriously? They are right on my tail.”

    No answer, Clouds of smoke covered my surroundings as I felt someone take my hand and pull me into a building.

    “Down there, go.” A masked individual pointed me down to a sewer entrance. No time for questions, I pulled the hatch up and dropped down. The man followed, and as soon as he landed, he pushed me against the wall and placed a pistol against my forehead.

    “So who are you? We heard the gunshot, heard the radio broadcast, where is he?”


    “The Android you are hunting, first you say he is dead and now he isn’t? Explain.”

    “He is closer than you think.” I unmasked my transponder.

    “This is some trick, who are you, really?”

    “Let him off, it is him.” A familiar voice in the darkness, a red light shining through it.

    “How can you tell? These things are like clones, man.”

    Enough of this, I grabbed the gun and twisted it to the side, pushing the man off me and disarming him. Magazine out, round out of the chamber, I dropped the pistol back to him.

    “That’s how you can tell.”

    “Where have you been? We lost your tracker once you left the bunker and failed to get a signal through.” Valkyrie walked over, a squad of resistance soldiers behind her.

    “Where to even start…” I wrapped my arms around Valkyrie as a drop of coolant ran down my face.

    “Let’s say I died on the way and was reborn.”

    “Like a phoenix?”

    Like a phoenix.

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  • I don’t know why my roommate never noticed the windows all flung open in the dead of winter, at midnight. Or why she had no problem with me covering all the iron fittings in the room with blu-tack. Or, even, why she never noticed that I didn’t sleep, eat, and sometimes hibernated on the kitchen counters (I can’t help it, it’s the cat in me). 

    I tried to warn her, don’t get me wrong. I’d say things like “Wow, I bet you wish you were sharing a room with your friends this semester”, or “You could always request a room change, it’s not too late”. When that failed, I went to the RA, begging her to please move my roommate, but the threshold was coated in salt and the door ringed with iron so I was forced to turn away. I broke things in the room, blamed it on the old plumbing. Stuffed the drain of the shower, turned the faucets into blistering hot tubes of metal to boil the water so none came out. Cut the lights almost every night, and even put a helium balloon covered in tacks in the wardrobe so it would make scary scratching noises as she tried to sleep.

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  • ❝ We need to talk, Mr Griffin. ❞ Peggy Carter said evening after she and Damion had returned from a recently stakeout.

    ❝ What about? ❞ He asked, noticing the way she moved and reacted. Something was bothering her.

    ❝ About you and me. ❞ She replied sternly, placing her hands on his hips as she inhaled deeply and with an air of annoyance. ❝ You’ve been following me around this whole mission and watching over me like I’m a lost puppy in need of supervision or like I’m a porcelain doll waiting to break and this needs to stop. ❞

    ❝ What are you talking about? I’m only trying to show you some decent, gentlemanly courtesy! ❞

    ❝ Yes, and I appreciate it, but I can take care of myself. I haven’t survived all these years because I’ve had someone looking over my shoulder everywhere I go. I didn’t even want to be here in the first place and I still think we’d work better if we worked as we always have done and what we’re best at, alone. But that’s not an option right now so we have to make due with what we have. But if you keep doing everything for me and treating me like I’m glass and I can’t do anything for myself then we’re going to have a problem. ❞

    ❝ Are you through? Because now it’s my turn. You have been a pain in the ass ever since I met you. And I really didn’t like you at the beginning. I thought you were extremely annoying and a nuisance until I found out who you were. And you know what? I must admit I was excited when I found out. I was thrilled. You may not realise it, but in ‘spy school’ you’re someone they teach about. Hell, we had a whole semester on you and what you accomplished and how you worked and operated. So when I finally go the chance to work with a living legend like yourself, someone I was brought up on? I jumped at the chance of having you on board. But you’ve been nothing but rude, condescending, and extremely irritable. I’ve been trying to do my best to hide my disappointment because I thought you were better than this. You’ve been acting like a child, kicking and screaming all the way because it’s something you don’t want to do. I get it, you don’t like me or working with me, but you don’t have to shove it in my face every time we’re together. I couldn’t wait to work with you on this mission and now? Now I regret ever asking to have us assigned together. So I suggest you either grow up and put your emotions aside or keep quiet and get the mission done as soon as possible so you don’t have to be in my disgusting, disgraceful presence anymore. And now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to turn in for the night. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early. ❞ Damion finished as he turned on his heel and quickly left before Peggy could even reply. His heart pounded rapidly against his chest as he walked away. He could feel Peggy’s eyes against his back as he continued down the long hallway to his room. Without looking back, he unlocked his door and closed it, leaning against it with his back once inside. Damion ran his fingers through his hair multiple times, unable to comprehend what he had just said to Peggy. In all honesty, she was his superior and had every right to tell him what she did, but still. He just couldn’t take it anymore. It was true he had been more than terrified to work with the great Peggy Carter. Who wouldn’t be? It was also true he was nervous around her, not that he had ever had any problem with women, that was one of his strong points, but Peggy was different. Maybe he had been too clingy towards her. Maybe he had tried too hard to keep her safe and protect her. He just…he didn’t want any harm to come to her, ever, especially on his watch. He’d never be able to forgive himself if it did. Damion regretted some of the things he’d said to her and wished he could take them back and explain why he felt the way he did, but it was too late. The words had already been spoken and she’d probably hate him more now than ever before. Should he go out and apologise? Nah, better wait until tomorrow…hopefully that would be enough time to figure out what to say…

    Meanwhile, Peggy stood in the hallway, dumbfounded at what had just occurred. Her mind reeled as she went into her own room on the opposite side of the hall. She slowly closed the door, poured herself a drink, and sat down heavily on one of the chairs overlooking the ocean outside. He was right, she had been an ass to him. She didn’t even know where it had come from! She had never acted like this to anyone else before, why him? Was it because he was a good-looking, cocky British agent who had outsmarted her on numerous occasions? Possibly. But one thing she knew for sure, was she didn’t hate him, or even dislike him. What she hated was having another partner, someone to worry about, to watch over, to keep an eye on. She had lost so many friends, colleagues, people who had put their life on the line for her or because of her and because they believed in her. It was all her fault. She never asked them to do it, to risk their lives for her, but they did, and they…they were seriously wounded and some of them even died. Their lives were on her conscience. Their blood on her hands. It was a feeling that never went away no matter how many years passed by. Had she gotten cold in her later years because she was afraid of losing more innocent lives? Is that why she had so little friends and pushed everyone away? As much as she hated to admit it, that was exactly the reason she had been mean to Damion and others like him. She had been mean out of fear of letting someone else get too close and losing their lives for her. It was something she was tired of seeing, something that hurt more than words could describe. And the truth was she liked Damion, she liked him a lot, which is why she had decided to push him away, far away, so he wouldn’t get too close and see her for what she really was: A broken, tired, woman. Tired of all the fighting and the killing and the politics. Tired of outliving all her friends and loved ones. Tomorrow was a new day, she’d go to him before they went out on their mission and apologise for her behaviour…he was probably too angry now to even try to approach…But the fact he had called her a disappointment, hurt her deeply, more than she ever thought it could. Her actions had hurt a man who had only ever wanted to meet her and had looked up to her throughout his training and because of her actions, she crushed his dreams in a single blow and for that she couldn’t forgive herself. Maybe she’d go visit him in a few hours instead? She didn’t think she’d be able to wait until morning to say what had to be said and to clear the air. So she drank a little more and waited and mused for what seemed like hours before she finally summoned up enough courage to knock on his door.

    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    ✥ Credit to me

    ❝ Cσмρяσмιѕє ωнєяє уσυ cαn. ωнєяє уσυ cαn’t, dσn’t. Eνєn ιf єνєяуσnє ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ thαt ѕσмєthιng ωяσng ιѕ ѕσмєthιng яιgнt. Eνєn ιf tнє ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂ ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ tσ мσνє, ιt ιѕ уσυя dυtу tσ ρℓαnt уσυяѕєℓf ℓιкє α tяєє, ℓσσк αt thєм ιn thє єуєѕ, αnd ѕαу, ‘Nσ, YOU мσνє.’ ❞

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  • Nathaniel, darling, you really need to calm down…

    ❝ Calm down? Are you serious? You could’ve died out there this morning and you want me to calm down? ❞

    I did what had to be done. I couldn’t just let those people die, Nathaniel. You would’ve done the same thing had you been there.

    ❝ Bull crap, Peggy. Who do you think you are? You’re not indestructible, you know. You’re not invincible. You could’ve died in that fire! ❞

    I was in the building when it went up, Nathaniel! What would you have me do? Every man for himself? Leave them all inside there to die? What would you have done?

    ❝ I would have saved you, in a heartbeat, no question. ❞

    One life is no more important than the lives of twenty others!

    ❝ It is to me! Don’t you understand? I love you, I need you more than anything else in this world and I can’t lose you. You and Nat are the only two people in this world I care about. And being selfless is one of the things I love about you, but I don’t want you to kill yourself for others who wouldn’t even give a damn or a second thought about saving you. ❞

    You don’t know that for a fact, Nathaniel…

    ❝ Don’t I? Not everyone is like you, Peg. Not every cares about the well-being of those around them. Just because you’re selfless doesn’t mean they are. I’ve lived a long time and I’ve seen how people have changed throughout time and they’re not getting better. You’re a rare breed, sweetheart, and I don’t want to lose you. I know you can take care of yourself, just please, please promise me you’ll be more careful and not take any unnecessary risks, okay? ❞

    Oh, fine, fine! I promise not to take…many…unnecessary risks and scare my boyfriend out of his wits.

    ❝ Peggy………………..why do I have the feeling that that promise wasn’t completely sincere? ❞

    I haven’t the faintest idea, darling. Now let’s talk about something more pleasant like dinner, dancing and a walk on the beach?

    ❝ With the most beautiful woman in the world? Sounds like Heaven…and incredibly romantic…what are you planning? ❞

    What, who, me? Nothing! You’re so suspicious, I couldn’t imagine where you got that from…

    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    ⚜ ~ ❝ Cσмρяσмιѕє ωнєяє уσυ cαn. ωнєяє уσυ cαn’t, dσn’t. Eνєn ιf єνєяуσnє ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ thαt ѕσмєthιng ωяσng ιѕ ѕσмєthιng яιgнt. Eνєn ιf tнє ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂ ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ tσ мσνє, ιt ιѕ уσυя dυtу tσ ρℓαnt уσυяѕєℓf ℓιкє α tяєє, ℓσσк αt thєм ιn thє єуєѕ, αnd ѕαу, ‘Nσ, YOU мσνє.’ ❞ ~ ⚜

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  • @laurenlyle7 despidiéndose del set de la temporada 5. Y por ahí podemos ver a @samheughan haciendo una peineta, a quién irá dirigida🤔

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