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  • moonlybxbe
    17.04.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    short story kind :-

    I couldn't believe that I actually did it, it was my first time and that too with two people at the same time, I didn't know these things could actually make the other person feel sexually satisfied and experience love.

    But when I felt two arms encircling my waist/torso from behind and his/her body heat radiating over my body, making me aware of the fact that we both were completely naked and were glued to each other. I couldn't possibly ignore the fact that my head laid on a bare chest and his hot calm breathes brushed over my head.

    I was being held close by the love of my life while I intertwined my hand with the one whom I wasn't scared to say was also my love. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be laying naked with two people whom I had the best sex experience with and I loved them with all my heart, I would have laughed at your face.

    "Love you my darlings", I said before closing my eyes drifting off to heaven.

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  • lesmotsde16
    17.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    On vit dans une société un peu bizarre ces temps-ci. Une société où les histoires se font et se défont. Une société où les gens partagent quelques minutes, quelques heures ensemble, sans prendre la peine de se connaître, et de voir à quelle point leur homologue est une personne merveilleuse. Une société où les gens ne se battent plus pour ce à quoi ils tiennent. Ils abandonnent avant même d’avoir essayé, préférant se préserver plutôt que de se perdre dans une histoire éphémère à l’échelle de l’univers. C’est un peu triste vous ne trouvez pas ? Une société où les gens ne prennent plus le temps de se battre pour les histoires qui ont compté et qui compteront toujours ? Et le pire dans tout cela, c’est que de plus en plus, ce phénomène est normalisé. On fait croire aux amoureux de l’amour qui tentent de survivre que les belles histoires n’existent plus, que les histoires où les gens s’aiment sincèrement et se battent l’un pour l’autre n’ont plus leur place dans ce monde.

    Mais moi, c’est pas ça que je veux ! Moi, je rêve d’une histoire qui me fasse chavirer, d’une histoire qui me retourne la tête et le cœur, d’une personne qui me fasse oublier jusqu’à mon propre nom, et que j’aimerai à en crever !

    Je veux une belle histoire qui en vaille la peine, peu importe le temps que ça dure, du moment que l’on s’aime ! Je veux qu’on se batte pour ce qui nous tient à cœur, et qu’on prouvent à tous ces idiots que toutes les histoires en valent la peine ! Je veux me battre pour lui jusqu’à ne plus pouvoir respirer, jusqu’à être vidée de toutes mes forces. Parce que ça ne sert à rien d’aimer si c’est pour le faire à moitié. L’amour, c’est un tout, c’est complet. Et tant pis si on fait des erreurs, si on tombe et qu’on se brise le cœur. Les plus belles histoires, c’est celles vécues avec amour et passion, pas celles qui durent 60 ans et se terminent avec un mariage et beaucoup d’enfants. Les belles histoires, c’est deux personnes, et beaucoup d’amour.

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  • kentwayne108
    17.04.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Chapter 15 of the Unbound Realm is UP!

    Chapter 15 of the Unbound Realm is UP!

    Chapter 15 of the Unbound Realm, my work-in-process YA fantasy series, is UP!  Nyanti welcomes Jon and his companions into Grifter’s Ridge, a ragged outpost that now houses the refugees of Jelia!  Here’s the link:  Chapter 15 of the Unbound Realm Get Kor’Thank here:  Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl.  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on…

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  • officalroyalsofpierreland
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Starting that New Start

    Private Tarmac, Siene | 12pm

    Micheal Jean: Hello Girl! How's my favorite pupper Jerome: Well, hello to you too Your Imperial Highness Michael Jean: Ahh Hello Jerome!

    Gardenia: How are you feeling sweetheart? Minerva: Better now...thank you for- Gardenia: Nonsense, you know the door is always open for you.

    Chartes Estate | 1 pm

    Gardenia: You look better Minerva: I feel...a little better... Gardenia: Mini- Minerva: Its...its gonna hurt...especially cause he jumped into another relationship so fast... Gardenia: Proves he's a fool Minerva: MUM! Gardenia: Am I wrong?


    Gardenia: That's what I thought.

    #officalroyalsofpierreland#story#sim: Minerva#sim: Gardenia #sim: Jerome Simparte #sim: Michael Jean
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  • charatale-au
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Charatale Page 225

    Comic Overview

    [If you like my comics, then consider supporting me on Patreon]

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  • silentwitchcomic
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Silent Witch 112, 113 - Chapter 4

    Lila’s proportions always come out wonky and idk why.

    ~Updates Saturdays and Mondays ~

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  • toppat-civil-warfare
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Dave Panpa#Henry Stickmin#thsc#story #the henry stickmin collection
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  • balkopat
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Capital - 10 Kings Age

    I wanna tell you about my game and story in it! 

    This is my Hood called “The Capital!”. I started this hood like 10 years ago, so the pictures will be little bit - hımmm- bad? I hope you will be enjoy my improvment!

    Time to intodructed my Main Familys!

    1 - Tunol Family - Bluewater Village - Ruler Family

    2 - Landgraab Family - Capital - Ruler Family

    3 - Una Family - Capital 

    4 - Thayer Family - Capital

    5 - Lewis Family - Capital

    6 - Mole Family - Capital

    7 - Lothario Family - Capital

    8 - Phelps Family - Capital

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  • swan-of-fabletown
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bluebeard: Of course I’m telling the truth and in this case, I can prove it Bigby: How?  Bluebeard open his drawer of his desk and pulled out a file.

    Bluebeard: We formalised our engagement in writing, I assume you can verify her signature Bluebeard passed the file to Bigby. Bigby not sure to trust Bluebeard but he knows Bluebeard cant be trusted all time.

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  • princess-altalun
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ~Short bit of writing No. 1~

    “Make haste!”

    The woman leaned forward, the salty air rushing through her short hair as the endless ocean sprawled out before her. She could taste the salt, feel the heat of the sun, far too much for any of those not born out on the planet, un creatively called Oceania.

    “I see one of them!” She grinned, noticing that familiar splash of foamy water, the flash of silver fins. “Make haste, I say! We’ve almost got it!”

    It was unsurprising that many assumed the captain of the SS Adalanta a bit mad, but she knew she wasn’t. Those creatures with their slippery fins and slender bodies could only hide from her sharp eyes for so long.

    Standing on the actual deck of the ship, rather than the very edge was Captain Andromeda’s first mate, called Icarus. Clearly, old names like those had come back into popularity. Icarus himself could never say why, he found them quite long and bothersome. Hence why he called himself Carus and Captain Andromeda simply Mida.

    Turning toward the rest of the crew, all other close friends of the captain, Carus lifted a shoulder. “You heard her,” he said. “Make haste, I suppose.”

    He could hear Mida still at the front and the volume of her voice made him cringe. “You can’t escape me this time, Silver! We’re right on top of you now!” Followed, of course, by that cackle of a laugh she had.

    One of the rowers, Perdix, sighed deeply, rubbing his temples, before grabbing ahold of his ore once again. “Shanty?” He asked.

    The rower opposite him, Perseus, nodded, cracking his knuckles, before taking ahold of his own ore. He began the song with a long note, his voice gruff and husky.

    As the crew began to sing, Mida cackled again, leaning forward. Her boots squeaked as she slid along the long spike protruding from the front of her ship. “Faster! Sing faster!”

    And they did, for what else could they do? Deny the captain’s orders? Certainly not. The last time someone had done that, the perpetrator, Cassiopeia, or simply Cassy, had been made to sit in the brig for the rest of the evening. Carus couldn’t lie, the whole crew loved Mida. She was just a bit... out of it.

    As one song came to a close, another began before Mida could shout once more. She continued to inch forward as the ship rocked. The silver fin was so close now. She might reach out and grasp it. She squinted, blinking salty, steaming drops from her eyes as she continued crawling along the spike.


    The first mate looked up from where his eyes had been fixed, on the many scars criss crossing his gnarled hands. One of the rowers in the back, Hestia, was pointing frantically forward, a look of pure terror in her doll like eyes.

    Carus turned quickly, his face dropping at the sight of Mida, dangling upside down off the very edge of the ship’s spike. Any wrong move, a bit too much rocking, the slip of a finger, and she’d fall in and likely be crushed by the Adalanta.

    “Mida,” he called. “What in the sea’s great name are you doing?”

    “I just need to get a little closer, keep going!” Mida called, one hand outstretched to grab something Carus couldn’t see. She looked desperate for it, like it would complete her life once she got her own calloused hands on it.

    “Captain!” Perdix called out. “That’s dangerous! Be careful!”

    “I said get me closer!”

    Carus dragged a hand through his sunny gold hair, squeezing his eyes shut a moment at the sight. He wanted to tell her no, say she was crazy, drag her back onto the deck, kicking and screaming by the hair if he had to.

    But, of course, he couldn’t.

    Nobody, nobody in all the galaxy could possibly tame that woman, nobody. Especially not him or the rest of the crew. He looked helplessly back to the rowers. To Perdix and Perseus, to Hestia and the still silent Penelope.

    “Make haste.”

    And they did. All of them, knowing what he meant, they all grinned and bore it, pushing themselves harder, harder, harder. When Carus heard a splash and a cry, he was quick to assume the worst.

    Whirling back toward the front though, he found something unexpected. Mida was laughing as loud as ever, though she barely held on by her crossed legs. She was holding tight to something, her face split in an almost frightening grin.

    “Carus, Cassy!” She hollered. “Pull me in! I’ve got it!”

    Carus hurried back to the opposite side of the ship, grabbing the mostly unaware Cassy by the wrist to roughly pull her to the front.

    “Oi,” she huffed. “I was read...” Her voice trailed off at the sight. “Never mind.”

    With quick hands, Cassy and Carus managed to haul the captain back onto the ship. She gripped something silver in one hand. It seemed to struggle and snap at her and Carus could see what looked like tiny teeth prints on her hand, but she didn’t seem to notice, raising the odd creature triumphantly over her head.

    “What in all the known worlds is that?” Cassy asked, staring, open mouthed, at the silver creature.

    Mida grinned that same grin at the petite blonde woman, hardly moving at all. “It’s a fish,” she said simply. “A fish living in the sea of a world everyone on Old Earth thought was uninhabitable. But I proved them wrong, I did!”

    Cassy and Carus stared at one another, wearing identical expressions of shock.

    “Wait, hold on,” said Perdix, slowing down his rowing and signaling for the others to do the same. “You’re telling me...”

    “Cap was right for once,” commented Penelope, rubbing her wrists. “Well, Mida?” She asked expectantly. “What can it do?”

    Mida looked so confident then, her grin never faltering, never falling, never changing as she turned it on each member of her crew.

    “I have no idea!”

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