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  • The sun is warm. A sickly sweet breeze blows. Dane is sitting on the edge of the pier, feet dangling off the edge, the tips of their shoes just above the water. They breathe in deeply, slowly, then let the air out all at once.

    A friend appears behind them, offering a can of knock-off cola. “Party’s just begun, Dane,” the friends says to them. Dane looks up at the speaker. It’s Dylan. She hasn’t picked a new name yet, but Dane’s certain she’ll figure one out soon. She’s been transitioning for a year.

    “Yeah,” Dane replies, “I just wanted to take in one last sunset out here. The way the light reflects across the ocean… I’m gonna miss it.” They reach up and take the cola.

    Dylan sits next to them. “Yeah. It’s really something.” She’s obviously nervous about something. She’s twirling her own drink, causing the liquid to slosh in the can. She has an excellent poker face, but Dane sees through her.

    Dane cracks open the can. They take a long drink of the cold soda. Dylan’s can quietly swishes. “So what are you gonna do next?” She asks.

    Dylan already knows the answer to this question. She just wants to hear it from Dylan’s mouth. It doesn’t feel real yet, even with the unofficial graduation party going on in the abandoned warehouse next door.

    Dane sighs. “I’m moving to Capron, Illinois. I’m going to take over my grandpa’s general store.”

    Dylan sighs, too. She can feel the distance between her hands and theirs. It’s only inches, but it feels like so much more. “That’s small, huh? Only 1500 people. You think you can get used to that? No misgendering?”

    Dane shrugs. “They’ll probably get it wrong for a long time. That’s okay. They’re good people. I used to know some of them when I was younger. They’ll grow.” Dane takes another sip of the cola. Swish, swish.

    Dylan’s soda is nearly spilling out of the top of the can. “Just a general shop. Do you know how to run a store?”

    “Grandpa’s not dead yet,” Dane replies, “So I’ll learn a bit from him. He’s just worried about the place. He doesn’t want to sell it. Besides, I’ve always been interested in taking it over.” Dane puts their soda down and lifts a leg onto the pier, folding their arm over it.

    “But that’s not what you want to ask about, is it?”

    And before Dane has the chance say something else, Dylan has already thrown herself onto them. She’s gripping their shoulder tightly, pressing her lips against theirs. Dane is taken aback. They don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

    Dylan is completely sober; Dane can’t taste a hint of alcohol on her breath. She stops kissing them, but keeps her face near theirs. “I’m so sorry. This was stupid. I’m stupid.”

    Dane puts a hand on her cheek. She’s so warm, so soft, so alive. They kiss her back. They release the kiss, and Dylan sighs as they retreat. “Don’t say that, Dylan. You’re beautiful, and amazing.”

    They sit in silence for a while, Dylan laying atop Dane. Both of them breathing each other in. Dylan is so scared. Dane doesn’t know what to do.

    “Take me with you,” Dylan finally asks. “When you leave for Capron, take me with you. I don’t want to be here in California without you.”

    Dane grips her hand tightly.

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  • VERY important life tip: Find Good Friends

    In highschool I considered a group of girl’s as my best friends. They never made time for me, excluded me a lot and only planned on what they wanted to do. After graduation I told them I didn’t want to see them anymore. Our friendship lasted four years.

    In college I had a group of friends who depended on me for rides, had me pay, and only occasionally checked up on me. I told myself “it’s better than before.” Our friendship lasted two years.

    Present day, I have a small group of friends who check up on me often. We eat after work, get each other’s bills, always keep everyone involved, and always consider each other. Just a couple days ago they came over with flowers and pizza because I was sick. We had known each other for 8 months.

    Again, make good friends. Don’t settle for less. It’s very important to be around people who love you.

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  • Ev and Zach decided to try for another baby 😉.

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  • Another story that didn’t scare me. It seems to start the way many of these stories do: someone telling someone else an incredible/unbelievable story. This story is about a man who tried to rob a very wealthy man, but instead was in for a horrible shock. The story had a better pace then some of the others, but as with the others in the book - it saves a big, shocking moment for the very end. It’s meant to scare but I find that style to be tired and I prefer build up that already has me scared before that big moment. 

    Thanks for reading! I start up my next semester tomorrow but I’ll try to keep up posting every day! 

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    Important reminder:

    You can Express yourself in any way, not just your main activity

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  • Your dwarf girlfriend just invented a time machine! Together, the two of you travel back in time to see many famous events in history… as well as prevent several others. Returning to your normal time, you discover that World War II never happened; in unrelated news, a new beloved artist emerged around that time instead.

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  • Summary: Y/N is an avenger, and she can’t stand Steve Rogers. A powerful mage, able to conjure green deadly mists to use as she wishes. The public is horrified by her, so her private life is hidden by the name they gave her: The Green Malice.

    Follow her as she tries to fulfill her destiny; to find both her place in the world and maybe love on the way there.

    Characters: Y/N  Y/LN / Green Malice. Steve Rogers. Sam Wilson. The Avengers.
    Warnings: Swear words, nothing else, I think?
    Words: 2.5k
    A/N: gifs and images are not mine, credit to owners!! I’m back with another fic. Woho.

    Parts: prologue, one, two, three, four


    It had been a long time since you felt as good as you did at the end of the table, sipping your wine in silence, your dinner half eaten, hair thrown over your shoulder.

    There were few worries running through your mind as you inspected your fake nails. They weren’t long, but they needed to be changed. Your real fingernails were… well, they weren’t the average nails. Half of them were melted off and the rest were half-way to recovery.

    It hurt, but everything on your body hurt. You were poison, after all. The pain had become the norm for you. Strange, and maybe pitiful for others, yet nothing new to you.

    “How’s training?” Tony asked, seated next to you. You liked Tony. He seemed a bit cautious around you, but he was an alright guy. Pretty funny too.

    “I may have gone a bit hard on the dummies this week,” you murmured, glancing at him with a sheepish look.

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  • The balloon arrived with a promise. It opened its cavernous mouth, and spoke in the voice of God.

    “Everything will get better,” it said. “Just follow me.”

    We should’ve ran. We should’ve fled from it, screaming our heads off. There were a lot of things that we should’ve done.

    But all we did was listen.

    We were just too tired to care about such a thing as self-preservation. The world was going to Hell before our very eyes. Global warming. Political unrest. A never-ending cycle of school shootings and protests, police shootings and riots. Even a few mass suicides.

    Everything that could’ve gone wrong had gone wrong, and we all needed to escape. And the balloon had promised us an escape.

    It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. We moved without thinking.

    Thousands of people flocked to the middle of Times Square. The balloon hovered over us, watching its impromptu congregation with eyes bigger than a bus. They were brown and wet.

    It smiled a sweet, girly smile.

    Its blonde hair was whipped about.

    “Everyone will be happy now,” it whispered but didn’t whisper. “Just open wide.”

    We did as we were told. Like the children that we were. Young and blind, and full of human ignorance. Following the authority of something we couldn’t hope to understand.

    We opened our mouths. The balloon opened its own. And what fell from the depths beyond our reach tasted…

    … sweet.

    Happiness. Joy. Pleasure. Contentment. Satisfaction with life. Everything that was good and right with the world, we were drowning in it. True bliss. Paradise.

    Everything else just melted away.

    We had finally escaped from our nightmare.

    By the time we saw the balloon’s sneer, the look of utter disgust on its face, it was already too late.

    Our throats started to burn.

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  • There’s no point in calling the cops, I’m too deep in these woods. They won’t find me before it gets me. I’m only going to be alive for a few more moments now. Once it finds me, I’m a goner. I didn’t think it would be like this. I’m not ready to die. I’m scared. I was just hunting some goddamn deer, and then it jumped at me. Fucking freak, whatever it is is pale and skeletal, but… distorted in it limbs. Jesus, I’m rambling now. Not like it matters, God knows if I will even be able to publish this before it fucking gets to me. I can hear it getting closer. It’s sticky, crackling breathing is only a few feet away from me. It’s my fault. I was so close to getting away but then, I could’ve sworn I heard someone I knew. I don’t know how, but I did. And I fell for it and I’m sorry I don’t have any more time now please justre member mep lease rem emberme I’mscare dtodiea lone

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  • I don’t remember anything as my memory keeps circling around random events, all overlapping each other and making no sense. My head is too crowded, noises drifting back and forth, making me feel nauseated and suddenly I drift in the verge of tears. Paranoid and frightened while seeing my Kleenex stained with blood. It was 3:00 AM and the moon looks red and big like it’s about to hit Earth in a matter of seconds. Too many dogs barking outside the house hysterically as soon as the electricity went off. I keep staring at the moon while looking at my hand with remnants of red light reflecting at it. I hear deep growls back in the kitchen, it’s getting really close and I feel nauseated. I decided to open the flash light from my phone while putting the headphones on, playing “Riverhead” by Prick. The house collapses itself in two. I look up at the sky but there’s no sky. I blink my eyes and then everything dissappears. I’m in the street walking, in the air flying, in the forest eating and now I’m in space, burning inside a star. I’m now in a womb but no I’m not. I’m back again, I’m in the kitchen watching someone doing something which I can’t describe. A surgery perhaps ? Who knows, but it’s not a surgery since that person who’s being held on the table of my kitchen is conscious, I’m freaking out. the flashlight focuses at that person, wearing a doctor’s outfit that’s also stained with blood. Froth keeps coming up from his mouth and it seems like he’s not aware of my presence. My eyelids keep closing repeatedly, like my body wants me to unsee this but I keep moving closer with no reason, like I’m controlled by someone else. As soon as I got close I felt a deep pressure around my neck from that entity, I can hear the sound of my trachea being broken and I’m resisting, crawling in my mind, trying to find any exits but there isn’t.

    “Time is flowing red What’s it like? riverhead.”

    “Dissapear here.” “Wonder if she’s for sale.”

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    Да, это была их первая ссора. С утра, когда Джекки вернулась домой, Невил не церемонился и сразу же перешел к своему недовольству.Все сводилось к тому, что она уже имеет ребенка,и ей нужно находится рядом с ним большую часть своего времени. Его не переспоришь, он даже не слушал Джекки

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    И снова она ушла на работу, почти сразу же после учебы. И Невилу было тяжело с этим смириться,ему не нравилось, что  она  связана с какими-то криминальными группировками.

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  • Each day is a little bit better.

    I’m learning to cope without you. I’m training myself to remember the good times and focus on how we loved each other. This process brings tears to my eyes.

    Each day is a little bit better.

    The children will be fine. They’re young and you’ll be a distant memory. You’ve planned for our futures, and that thought brings tears to my eyes.

    Each day is a little bit better.

    From how we first met, to when we got married, to welcoming our children into the world, it will be so different without you. This future brings tears to my eyes.

    “Each day is a little bit better,” she tells her therapist, exactly as practiced. She trained herself to cope properly by studying grieving widows. She maintained that she will be financially set by ensuring the legality of the will. She thought on their first encounter, their “I do’s”, and the children they raised thinking it’d save the relationship.

    She planned and trained and maintained focus, and just as everyone always responded, “I’m so sorry for your loss. How are the children?”

    Coping, she responded, while remembering to study grieving mothers of deceased children for future reference.

    “We’re here for you.”

    And now, almost free, I smile and say, “Thank you,” as this truly brings tears to my eyes.

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  • The sink faucet was leaking, the sound of water dripping echoed in Liam’s ears. The awful noise sounding in his head over and over again, it was driving him insane.

    He wanted to stop it, but nevertheless as much as he struggled the bounds on his hands and feet refused to budge.

    Liam had no idea how long he had been there, but hunger and thirst slowly become more and more painful. His vision blurs and his head pounds as he listens to the horrible sound.

    He was sorry, he didn’t mean to kill that woman. It had been dark and she was in all black, he had been tired… Liam would cry if he could the dripping water reminding him of the rain on that night, the night he crashed into a woman on the way home killing her.

    Insanity slowly overtook him as he sat there alone and in the dark, that nightmare of a night replaying in his head along with that sound of water.

    This was it, this was hell, this was his hell. He was going to sit in that agony, that pain, that sorrow, that guilt, in that deserted highway rest stop. The same one he’d taken his life in for all eternity, suffering forever in his perfect hell.

    With that vile sound.

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