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  • “who am I to you?”

    “a sour candy”


    “because I hate the taste yet I love the lingering feeling”

    “you should try mint instead”

    “no, I like them better”

    the seconds are ticking right after 10

    “you know that I…”

    “I know. You don’t have to say anything.”

    “can I ask you for something?”

    “what is it?”

    “be happy,”

    “…I’ll try”

    “for me.”


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    I never gave it a neat title, oops. 
    Svea Year I + Pre-Seventh Year Midsummer Celebrations {HSWW}

    ─═Featured HSWW/Polyvore Era not-mein oc’s═─

    • Eloise Avery | @.themadmonarchist
      • (also mentioned Lord and Lady Avery, but they don’t appear)
    • Syn Lothbrok | @.ghostpastey
    • Hvitty Lothbrok | @.ghostpastey
      • Entire Lothbrok Family (too many to name individually)
    • Damien Greaves | @.natasha-maree13
    • Tyler Lee | @.maybones (lol, I originally typed @minahbones)
    • Minah Kwon Delacroix | @.maybones
    • Tara Lee (I couldn’t leave out Little T from this nutty dance) | @.maybones
    • Theo Nott | @.themadmonarchist
    • Moses Park Jr | @.koby
    • Lyra Greaves | @.natasha-maree13
    • Oberon Greaves | @.natasha-maree13
    • Henry Clark | @.lady-stoneheart
    • Xander Carlyle (I think I’ve been listing him as clark all this time, whoops) | @.lady-stoneheart
    • Sungjae Lee | @.chrissykinz
    • Loralei Expura | @.thespian-at-large
    • Lyrae Mino | @.skyfalll


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  • Land with no name

    Did you hear from the tale,

    Of a land with no name?

    Where the earth is still singing,

    And the birds flying free.

    Did you hear from the eldest,

    Of a land with no name?

    Where they all come together,

    Once a year to celebrate.

    Did you hear the winds whisper,

    Of a land with no name?

    Where the sky seems so near,

    Every dream can be reached.

    Did you see the smokes picture,

    Of a land with no name?

    Where the sky touches the earth,

    And the land’s smiling still.

    Did you hear then all caling,

    From the land with no name?

    Where we all come together,

    Where we all are the same!

    This is what I dreamed of years ago and still am dreaming of! Together we make a difference!

    If you like my work consider to like and reblog ^^

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  • A Whole Lot of Nothing

    (Based on my life)

    ·In which I tell you about my life like it’s a fictional character’s and my subconscious’s that helps me

    [12:09 PM-12:22 PM]

    “You almost woke up at noon.”

    “Well at least i said good morning, watched Naruto and searched ways to clear your head. ”

    “Oh, good job even though you didn’t really research ways to clear your head right?”

    “Yeah i just glanced and gave up.”

    “Try tomorrow okay.”

    “Alright, and i’ll watch Naruto all day!”

    “Maybe, but try to go outside alright? If you’re not too lazy.”


    “Are you mad at your :=æ.!?æ?”

    “Yeah…she nags a lot! She even admitted to it but kept doing it.”

    “I know she’s rude. But she probably cares about you. ”

    “But my sister hasn’t had to make her bed in a month!”

    “Your :=æ.!?æ is watching out for you…maybe, well i only said maybe to make you feel better.”

    “Whatever…I guess I’ll appreciate her getting mad at me everytime i blink. ”

    “She’s stressed. Give her the benefit of the doubt. She could be just mean or stressed, that’s what you tell yourself…why don’t you ask her?”

    “I don’t want her to get mad.”

    “Well…try again tomorrow, and be more involved maybe she’ll lile you better. She might like your sister better than you, well that’s how you think it is, right?”


    “Ask her tomorrow.”

    “I’ll try.”

    “Alright, get off the chair and get in your bed to watch Naruto, you’re going to miss it.”

    “Okay! See ya.”

    “And next time you do this at three in the morning, write down when you fell asleep.”

    “Okay! I’ll try.”

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    Burning it all

    It gives me this feeling,

    A memory that I know is there

    But unobtainable

    Do you remember?

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  • aha i’m not sure but i hella feel like i’m being used lol

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    Silent Witch 35, 36 - Chapter 1

    ~Updates Saturday afternoons!~

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  • Me creating a new story be like: Know what this character needs…

    EVIL DAD!!!!

    #writing #I just noticed this trend #story
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  • Willow Mist Playlist

    This story is based around my AU Willow Mist and takes place after The Fallen Angel! Please enjoy!

    Words: 4,111


    It was snowing lightly when the group ran from the palace to the stables and hastily readied their horses with most of them sharing. Jackie lifted Marvin onto the back of his horse, Chase had Jameson and Robbie since Duke was easily able to carry three people, Sean joined Anti, and Angus rode separately. They set their horses into a gallop and rode as quickly as they could through the castle grounds, travelling down the long path into the kingdom.

    Their minds were overcome with dread and anxiety, convinced that something terrible had happened to their brother and his resting place. Anti readied his knives in preparation to kill anyone who had desecrated the grave and was trying to mentally prepare himself for the sight that he was going to view.

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    • “It’s an acquired taste. Aquired tastes are always more pleasant… And hard to get rid of.”
    • She saw Carol’s pale hair across her eyes, and now Carol’s head was close against hers. And she did not have to ask if this were right, no one had to tell her, because this could not have been more right or perfect.
    • Carol wanted her with her, and whatever happened they would meet it without running. How was it possible to be afraid and in love, Therese thought. The two things did not go together. How was it possible to be afraid, when the two of them grew stronger together every day? And every night. Every night was different, and every morning. Together they possessed a miracle.
    • Or perhaps it was nothing but happiness, Therese thought, a complete happiness that must be rare enough, so rare that very few people ever knew it. But if it was merely happiness, then it had gone beyond the ordinary bounds and become something else, become a kind of excessive pressure, so that the weight of a coffee cup in her hand, the speed of a cat crossing the garden below, the silent crash of two clouds seemed almost more than she could bear. And just as she had not understood a month ago the phenomenon of sudden happiness, she did not understand her state now, which seemed an aftermath. It was more often painful than pleasant, and consequently she was afraid she had some grave and unique flaw. She was as afraid sometimes as if she were walking about with a broken spine.
    • She bought a pack of cigarettes at the same drugstore, walked back to the hotel and sat in the lobby, smoking, savoring the first cigarette since she had left Carol, savoring the forgotten state of being alone.
    • There were simply the mornings, mornings anywhere, when she could lift her head from a pillow and see Carol’s face, and know that the day was theirs and that nothing would separate them.
    • For a moment, she felt her body might shatter apart of itself, or might hurl itself through the glass of the long windows across the room.
    • (…)she was conscious suddenly of the energy in her body, the spring in her toes, the youth in her blood that warmed her cheeks as she walked faster, and she knew she was free and blessed (…)
    • But she could feel in the wind’s coldness its core of spring, like a heart warm and young inside it.
    • She felt shy with him, yet somehow close, a closeness charged with something she had never felt with Richard. Something suspenseful, that she enjoyed. A little salt, she thought.
    • The air was cool and sweet on her forehead, made a featherly sound like wings past her ears, and she felt she flew across the streets and up the curbs. Toward Carol.
    • Carol raised her hand slowly and brushed her hair back, once on either side, and Therese smiled because the gesture was Carol, and it was Carol she loved and would always love. Oh, in a different way now, because she was a different person, and it was like meeting Carol all over again, but it was still Carol and no one else. It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell.
    • Then as she was about to go to her, Carol saw her, seemed to stare at her incredulously a moment while Therese watched the slow smile growing, before her arm lifted suddenly, her hand waved a quick, eager greeting that Therese had never seen before. Therese walked toward her.
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  • I’m not even sure i gonna write this story, BUT!

    I did a list of songs for it for almost all the chapters. Probably i gonna change it later, add smth or replace smth. That’s what i have for now:

    Part I

    #songs#music#bmth#nbhd #twenty one pilots #bands#inspiration#writing inspiration#writer#author#story#chapter#ideas#writing#song#love songs #music is love #music is the answer #music is my escape #music is art #book#Spotify
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  • Eliza Quill. If I told you that this seemingly normal, 17-year-old girl living in the metropolis of New York, was a descendant of phoenix’s, or even was a phoenix herself you’d be surprised, astonished, and might not even believe it.

    But what if I asked you to look a little deeper. In the way her onyx eyes flare into a fiery orange-red shade when she looks at or near the sun, so she avoids the sun altogether. Or the way you can see her body physically warm up and feel better when she’s near a fire, so she stays away from it at all costs. Or even her name itself.

    Eliza, short for Elizabeth. She was named after the Great Queen Elizabeth I, who was referred to by William Shakespeare in his play, Henry VIII, as the Maiden Phoenix. Turns out, she wasn’t just named after the Maiden Phoenix because her parents were fascinated by the idea of phoenixes or the Queen. She was named after the Maiden Phoenix because this long-lived bird was ancestry. The symbolism of strength and re-birth was something that was in Eliza’s blood.

    The phoenix was said to have become extinct thousands of years ago, some say that the legendary bird did not exist at all and that we had no proof of it being real in the modern world…Except we do. Eliza along with a few other rare people are the proof.

    You see, all the creatures that you were told that were extinct or that didn’t even exist, were in fact real. The reason that they were ignored, forced to hide, was because the people didn’t want to accept it. They were afraid of believing the truth, so chose to sugarcoat it instead and live in a world that only what society thought was acceptable, was to be accepted. The only way a truth lives on is for it to be repeated, talked about, and normalized but those were all things that the people chose not to do. Hence, the phoenix, werewolves, vampires, sirens, and what not were forgotten. If they were ever talked about, it would be in the form of myths and ‘fairytales’.

    What about the few people who do know about their true selves. That they are much different than the humans around them. Well, for starters, most of the young superhumans very rarely get a chance to fully transform, sometimes not at all. But a part of their actual selves stays with them, even in human form.

    Take the Basilisk for example. Those people have the most compelling eyes, green in most cases, and have an ambition for greatness, they are the descendants of Basilisks. Basilisks can kill with just a single look, much like the people who have dark, deep eyes in what you feel as if drowning, which gives them a perfect upper hand to take you off guard, or they who spend their time researching about the deadly cobras of the jungle. They are also the ones who greatly admire tradition and customs. Their admiration for power and control is a trait passed on from one generation to another.

    Just like Eliza Quill being a phoenix, Magnus Sawyer is a basilisk. Unlike Eliza, Magnus had great control over himself and was proficient in hiding his 'monstrous’ self. The two of them, along with every supernatural creature they ever knew, were always taught from a young age that the bestial part of them, the monstrous part of them, was a curse. It was always considered as one.

    In a way, the descendants of the once-powerful and mighty creatures of the world sided with the humans. Most agreed to stay hidden in the shadows of fear and neglect in order to save their skins, while the others who wanted to stand up for themselves and their kind were brutally silenced.

    Not silenced by a verbal warning nor a forewarn of caution, but instead silenced by a stream of blood dripping down the body of a child who believed that his voice had a meaning. Silenced by the people whose families had to come to the morgue to identify their bodies, because they believed that their voices would be heard.

    Innocent blood was spilled that night, more than any other, because of fear. Fear drove the neighbor to kill neighbors in order to save their skins. That night would always be remembered by all supernatural creatures around the world, yet still, no one had the courage to talk about it openly.

    So, that’s where our story begins. When one young child finally dared to talk about 'the night of sacrifice’.

    A/N : The rest of the story can be found on my profile as well as on Wattpad under the name A Dying Fire.(It’s a Work in Progress)

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  • “I fly over the ocean poisoned for like five hours and I come home and there’s people in my house!!” She yells, visibly distressed. “I never had time to get out of my ‘big scary warden’ mindset so I was trying to be calm and intimidating but I just couldn’t do it for that long ok?! I’m stressed out like 24/7 and I just wanted to eat a berry and take a nap, alright?!”

    She’s taking heavy breathes by this point, so she stops to calm herself down. It only works a little. “I’m just….not. Ok. I usually try not to think about all this stuff for longer than I have to but with people in my house pestering me about it that didn’t go well.”

    (( @ask-rotom ))

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  • Setting up a big art contest for everyone in New Hope hasn’t been easy. Isabelle thankfully has lots of experience organizing events, and the community immediately started working together to figure out how we would run it. I, Isabelle, Digby, Blathers, and Tom Nook would work together to judge the pieces submitted. We posted announcements all over town so people would have time to prepare their pieces, and then on the 10th we cleared out the plaza and set up displays for everyone to put up their art.

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