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  • I’m not mad- YOU MAD

    There is a woman out there in the world who said something very mean and very derogatory to my roommate, a certain “f” word used to refer to people of the LGBTQ+ community. You know why? You know what he was doing to inspire this trashy woman to say something like that to him?

    He was holding the door open for her at the store. He was leaving the store, she was walking up to the store, he held the door open for her when he saw her approaching, and then her hideous true colors just vomited out of her garbage mouth.

    I hope her card got declined and I hope there were a bunch of people in there to watch her struggle and be embarrased. I hope no good samaritan volunteered to pay for her things and she had to leave the store empty handed.

    I hope then, all dejected and sad, she gets in her car only- it doesn’t start. She cranks and cranks and cranks but nothing happens. She tries to call a friend to pick her up, but I imagine she doesn’t have any friends. Her card was declined earlier so she can’t call a tow truck. What’s she gonna do? She walks home. It starts raining. She doesn’t have an umbrella- she was going to buy one from the store but her card was declined! So just gets soaked.

    She makes it home, wet, dirty, and sad only to realize she doesn’t have her house keys! She can’t get inside.

    If only there was someone there who could have held the door open for her.

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  • Canele is now 89

    You know what that means!!!!

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    Mayday #Sketch (29/31) : ever ever after.

    I had this conversation with someone about how queer people tend to have a thing with Children’s books. I figured it’s because most of us miss out during our childhood. But it’s all good, we have made it after all. We have the time now and our stories can be forever. Share your favourites with your favourites. If you have any… Sana all (I wish the same for everyone).

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  • Happy Sunday!

    Keep me entertained today and share se sexy stories, fantasies, or kinks with me! Let’s have sum fun. 😉😏👀

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  • Tbt to my first day at uni teaching when the organization guy sent me TWICE to check on the outside lists because he thought I was just a lost student instead of a professor asking for her classroom

    #tbt bc days of the week are an illusion now #story time
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  • I keep a steady supply of birdseed in the area behind my apartment so the cat can be entertained. Every day there are flocks of them, all throughout the day. A lot of them are little finches and wrens that live in the hedge nearby. I’ve had a lot of time to observe them at this.

    One day, I noticed one of the birds on the cement closer to the door, not pecking at seeds, but just sort of hopping and crouching between each hop. When it got back to the dirt, it started digging itself in and fluffing itself up in a dust bath. And then another bird came over and started feeding seeds to it, like a chick. The one on the ground opened its mouth so wide that the one feeding it stuck almost its whole head inside! I’ve never seen anything like it! My guess is that either they were courting, or maybe this was a recent fledgling, and the parent was therefore still looking after it. 

    Anyway, they kept at it for about a minute and then both flew away.

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    In better news, my cat exists

    #story time#my cat#cats#animals #I was so cat deprived this month #I heard her shift and I was like #Ah yes #I'm home now
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  • The fact that almost everyone I know is not absolutely terrified of becoming their mother and, dare I say, get along with them ? Wild. And lonely. But mostly wild.

    #story time#mommy issues #My mother didn't wanna be her own mother #She's not WORSE (at least according to what I heard of the stranger that is my grandmother) #But she's probably not better #Oh god is this gonna happen to me ?
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  • When I move out, there is a definite chance that my parents will never hear from me ever again

    #story time #I'm not risking calling my father #Because then she'll just complain I didn't call her #And she WILL remind me whenever she can #They'll get a happy birthday and a merry christmas text and that's it #I'm gone#Bye
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  • (First photo) I made a splurge purchase haha. From left to right: Stewart, William, and Stuart.

    I put them with my succulents, Hubert and Genevieve, and a statue of a dog I found in the garage. My grandfather sent it to my grandmother from Guam. Sorry for the bad lighting.

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  • The audacity of that person. 👁👄👁 But tbh memeing that hard on the daily is pretty impressive.

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  • On our nature walk last night we ran into a couple of newlyweds on the trail. They’d come straight from the wedding and were still in their full regalia taking nature pictures. They were so happy and it made us happy

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  • I just remembered this one time - I was at a party in an apartment and the host had to leave to grab the pizza from the main floor. I immediately rounded up the guests and staged a “disappearing act”. We crammed into the closet, shushed, and waited. And waited, and waited… until someone mentioned having beans and we all came tumbling out in a big laughing pile of goof. Turns out the host had head my rallying cry before they had even locked the door and was taking their sweet time.

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  • I had an experience which I have not spoken about at all, both figuratively and literally, until my daughter asked me this question: Are aliens real?

    Ever since I was a little girl, my dad has openly spoken to me about extraterrestrial life. And it was never the possibility of but as a fact. His belief was so strongly implanted in me that I have never doubted this as being a fact.

    When I had my own children, I knew there would come a day that I would tell them about how things are and that the amount of evidence to this phenomena is insurmountable.

    Three years ago this coming November, I was awake at the back of six and I love the autumn time in particular because from my home in Scotland I can see the space stations very clearly. Now, I’m not all that familiar with which one is which but I have always found them awesome to look at and admire how far we’ve come - and so quickly at that. So I’d look up every single morning (I still do, during the darker months) and see the space station and smile, wondering what the fantastic people up there were seeing and the awe of our planet.

    That early morning I had come through to my kitchen and left the light off to make coffee. Nothing unusual about that.

    I saw the spacestation out of the window, put coffee into the cafetiere and began boiling water then got on with preparing my son a cup of milk. I leave the kitchen for five or so minutes then come back and for whatever reason, I look up again to the spacestation.

    Out of nowhere, as if seeing something literally appearing from nothing, I saw two UFOs. One was above the other and they crossed into each other from the right hand side of the spacestation and going towards it before fading into invisibility. (Picture a figure of eight turned on it’s side or the infinity symbol if you prefer.)

    I was awake and not sleep deprived. I know what I saw. And it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to register what was happening. I remember feeling relief, such sheer relief that my faith in their existence and that everything I had ever been told was true. I started to cry. It was a profound experience for me. My belief was validated before my own eyes.

    This story is kinda dull as far as stories go but it did happen.

    My daughter is sceptical, not just of the existence of extraterrestrial life but of many things. So I told her exactly as I’ve told you about my experience. And her first question to me was, “How do I see one?”

    My answer? “Look up long enough and you will.“

    If you’ve had an experience and don’t feel that anyone will believe you, just know that you are not alone and I am happy to hear your tale should you wish to share.

    I believe.

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  • B……… Best friends……………

    #story time#Ducktales #AND BY THE WAY #If you and your best friend's friendship doesn't confuse anyone about your sexuality #Are they REALLY your best friend ?
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  • Ok but like this one time I went to Home Depot and I was just minding my own business and then I hear this screeching.

    I high key freak out and start looking around and-

    This lady just has a whole ass blue macaw on her shoulder as she looks at the flowers outside.

    And I’m just: 👁👄👁

    Like I know people see some weird things daily but I wasn’t ready for that.

    But lady, keep doing you. I don’t know what mood that is but same.

    And get your little blue boi a cute lil mask.

    #it was weird #weird story#birb #pretty blue macaw #true story#short story#story time#slayqueen #mood?
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  • On a zoom meeting my dad burst into my room, I told him I was on a zoom meeting and he left but then my teacher made us all mute our mics because of that and ive never been more embarrassed.

    On that same call (we were doing presentations), it was some kids turn and he said aight and went to share his screen but then he just suddenly dissapeared and there was this awkward silence and my teacher asking him where the hell he went. I still cant get over that.

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  • Some FB karen was meaning to insult me and called me a 12 year old boy, but in reality, she only made my ftm self confidence fly. 
    Fuck yeah, I’m a 12 year old boy? Yes. I’ll take that, 110%.

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  • Intro.

    Hello, and welcome to our blog! We’re happy to see you’re interested in our insanity, and we hope you enjoy what we make here. This blog is run by two people, @caffinated-creator and @fluidfox123, but you can just call caffinated-creator Nightlight and fluidfox123 Fox if you want.

    These two creators are writers and artists are simply looking to share their beloved story with the world. Or in this case, Tumblr. 
    This story they created together was made on August 27th of 2018. To this day this story is still being edited, redesigned, and re-imagined. They are not here to get attention. They are not here to get famous. They are just here to have fun and do what they love and what they hope you’ll love too. So, here is a rundown about what this blog will have:

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