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  • Letters to Vinci: Letter 4

       Dear Vinci,

    While soaking the sun rays to produce flakes of embers. I discussed with my friends whether the flakes of embers’ concentrate can help you heal your scars. It seems to be extremely effective with all kinds of ailments and we didn’t want to see you in pain. The Celestial Winds conditions seems to be constantly changing. The clouds usually covering the Ghoolian’s streets have been creating formations like Undulatus Asperatus with a tinge of red in them.

    Last Night, there was an extremely strong hailstorm which caused a lot of damage to some of our houses and it seems the weather won’t be improving any time soon. These hailstones weren’t the normal kind as they were frozen solid and were as strong as small rocks. This sudden change of weather has baffled some of the Cucumber Beetles in our colony as they hadn’t anticipated this kind of weather in the middle of July. Normally, Ghoolia has an annual festival for the ripening season of the mangoes and pink guavas, but due to the intense hailstorms the orchards have been extremely damaged. No one knows what caused this and we hoped if you knew anything about it. The larvae have been taken to safe-houses for now to protect them for the unforeseen weather. We shall send Fei to deliver this letter to you and to make sure you are in good health. Please take care of yourself, Vinci.


    Franc, The Firefly.






    Suddenly, as the old grandfather clock strikes eight, a mysterious figure enters the room. Draped in darkness, leaving traces of frozen rocks as he walks on. His hands as frail as icicles, every breath he takes leaves a white cloud behind. He takes off his cloak and reveals a marked number 9 on his back.

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  • Letters to Vinci: Letter 3

    Dear Vinci,

    The clinic for insects is finally complete. Though we had to wait for a very long time for the root pods to take shape. Thanks to you for allowing a temporary Nimbostratus cloud to conjure above the Singamarian hills. The pods came out beautifully and they seem to have made their own atmosphere inside. Some of my co-workers told us that they saw a spiraling light descend and leave some packages behind on its trail. These packages contained few wind chimes equal to the number of pods we had grown.

    We had hung these golden wind chimes in each of the pod and they seem to be playing the piece “Claire De Lune” in a very serene way. Strangely we have found out that these wind chimes have the letter M on the first wind chime and S at the last chime.

    Though with the absence of light in the area. Fireflies have been found around the wind chimes giving off a glowing chandelier look. We have had 20 butterflies volunteer to look after the patients and it seems everything is going swimmingly. We have started giving new-born larvae piggyback rides around the area for fun. Your idea of creating a safe haven for injured insects was immaculate. Thank you, Vinci. We all hope your dream comes true like you made ours.


    Horus, The Hercules Beetle.





    A glistening aura radiates from the corner of the room. The contents in the room started shaking.  A puff of mist covers the room and a man appears. His shoulder-length silver tresses are disheveled with glowing crystals. He sighs and sits in his chair. The floor was littered with thousands of pages ripped from numerous calendars. Cabinets filled with galaxy colored potions. He motions his finger towards a wooden table kept on the corner of the room. The table moves close to him. The table filled with charts and papers are written in mystical writing, he unrolls a silver tinted paper. The paper has hundreds and thousands of spheres. Each waxing and waning from left to right. A tear of dew falls off his eyes onto the paper. A new sphere appears, halfway waned.

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  • Hello Vinci,

    Remember me? I have been taking it easy since I lost a limb. I recently found your whereabouts when the Celestial winds wrote about you in the skies. I quickly burned them into my memory and started this letter. Though it’s been eons since I have seen you. I can still remember your glistening aura you had during that incident. You gave off a certain warmth and I can still remember it to this day. Thank you for saving me Vinci.

    Besides, hovering around the Atchafalaya swamp all day. Recently a bunch of Glass frogs joined the swamp and I have made a new friend called Fred. We had a very weird first encounter as he tried to hug me with his tongue. Though I had a narrow escape it took me a while to introduce myself to him. He didn’t realize that even I could speak his tongue. I’ve been busy teaching Fred and his friends that we, Dragonflies aren’t food and how there are many different sources of food. It took me a hard time but it was worth it at the end. There are some flies who give me some honey drops. They don’t tell me where they get it but it’s amazing. I use the honey drops and roll them with peach skin and share it with the frogs. They call it Drac’s Disco Roll. They think it’s funny but I’m just speechless. I’ll be keeping in touch with you and I hope to hear from you soon. Keep Shining, Vinci.

    Drac, The Dragonfly.

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  • Dear Vinci,

    Been quite some time since I’ve sent you a letter. Ever since you gave this old bag of bones a motivation to live. I’ve been busy with business. We have had a colony of beautiful honey bees settle above my cottage and lines and lines of ants waiting in front of our doorstep waiting for the sweet honey drops. Annie, my niece has been helping around the bakery. She’s a very sweet little larva and always has a bright smile when I tell her stories about you. The house you made for me under an oak tree was such a beautiful idea. Every morning the sun rays fills the kitchen in such a serene way.

    The crisp persimmon flesh marinated in tangerine juice is delivered to my doorstep everyday by my good friend Franc. The crickets are serenading the town with “Kreisler: Schön Rosmarin”. I probably need to open the bakery because it’s half past 8 now. Hope to hear from you soon.


    Alice,the Ant.

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  • After a tiresome despedida Ryan’s parents arranged for the afternoon, he and his best friend Rachel went to his kitchen to finally eat their favorite cake.

    “You know, your extended family aren’t that obnoxious if you tried to have a nice conversation with them” she said as she took out the box from Ryan’s fridge.

    “Yeah, sure, whatever. They’re just nice to you ‘cuz you’re pretty” he said, placing his chin on the table.

    “Oh come on, you know I can see right through them Ry!” She beamed, eyes turning red as she looked at her best friend

    “I can even see right through you.”

    “Hey, hey! Cut it out Chelie, you know how bothered I am when you try to decipher my thoughts” he covered his face as an attempt to block her telepathic powers.

    She chuckled at his look as her eyes turned back to its natural brown state. She placed down the box of cake on the glossy wooden table, opened it and took out the unfinished caked and two forks inside.

    Sitting down on the stool opposite of Ryan, she took her fork and started eating.

    “Dark chocolate will always be the best” she exclaimed, clearly happy of the food.

    Ryan nodded in response. But little did Rachel know that Ryan was trying to sneak in his phone to take a picture of her before he leaves.

    It’s been a few months when he realized he was actually in love with his best friend, but he just couldn’t seem to tell her at all. Instead, he acts like a protective brother who always try to make her avoid anything dangerous.

    “You know…” she said while taking another bite of the cake, her back facing Ryan

    “I’ll really miss you, because, well… you know…” she turned slowly with teary eyes and a wry smile.


    Just as she turned to him, he was able to take Rachel’s picture. His cheeks began to heat up as he looked at her smile, then at the photo. He covered his face with his one hand and smiled uncontrollably.

    “Hey! Why did you take a picture of me?! That’s so unfair, let me see it. Ryan! I might look ridiculous, please show me” she protested, but Ryan insisted to hide the picture.

    “Still Cabbage?” He asked while laughing

    Rachel pouted at the question and started to poke Ryan’s side.

    “Hey, hey, hey” he said, his hands turning green. Rachel floated gently from where she was standing and was seated back to the stool.

    “It’s getting darker outside, we better finish the cake so we can have some more fun” he smiled at her.

    A few hours passed, Ryan and Rachel went down the stairs, laughing at their first impressions to one another. As they reached the door, she faced Ryan with a small smile and hugged him. Her hug was getting tighter, a portion of Ryan’s shirt was getting a bit warm, and a soft sob slipped out of Rachel’s lips. He hugged her back as tight as he could, caressing her back, and kissing her forehead.

    As her sobs started to fade, she whispered to him

    “I still have to fight you, you know”

    Biting his lip, he pulled her away and stared at her. Her face flushed with a tint of pink, eyes a bit swollen from the tears, and her lips a bit swollen as well from all the time she bit into it as an attempt to suppress her sobs. He touched her soft cheeks, stroked it with his finger

    “You don’t” he said as he slowly leaned in to kiss her.

    As their lips parted, Rachel bowed her head, trying to cover the shy smile on her face.

    “This time, instead of cabbage, can I say what it really means?” He asked her

    She nodded shakily, still can’t move on from the kiss. He chuckled at her and hugged her.

    “You’re the most important person in my life”

    “Cabb— y-you are… t-the most… im-important p-p-person… i-i-in m-m-my… life…”

    Gently pulling her with him, he turned on the music and closed all the doors with his powers. Bit by bit, they started floating from the ground making Rachel hold on to him tighter. 

    “Relax, I’m here.” he assured her

    Ryan gently placed his hand on her waist, Rachel placed hers on his shoulder. Slowly and clumsily, they started dancing in thin air, along to their favorite song.

    “I just want you to know who I am “ 

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  • The Demon’s Witch: Chapter Three Part One

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    #demons witch#sims4#sims 4#storyblr#sims story#poof #a wild morgyn appears #i also had a knocking photo #but forgot its winter in game #and i have a mod making them change once indoors #and it ultimately was scrapped
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  • The Demon’s Witch: Chapter One Part One

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    #demons witch#storyblr#sims4#sims 4#ts4 #i know archer isnt a very demonic name #but #his last name is horn lol #randomizer for the win #he's mad cause he was napping
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  • I need help thinking of a title for a story

    The story i am writing needs a title

    It is set in a fantastical country, during a never ending conflict between neighbouring kingdoms.

    The main characters are two princesses, who are set to create an alliance between two other smaller kingdoms, when a family heirloom, a ring, is stolen by a rebel intruder, and the queen of one of the small kingdoms goes missing. The princesses have only eachother to trust, and they have to recover the queen and the ring, which they soon realise has magical properties.

    The main motif of the story is the ring, which has historical significance as it belonged to the first queen of the protagonist’s household, so it would make sense for the title to relate to the ring.

    If anybody has any ideas, please comment them xxx

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  • Wandering with your head in the clouds until one day you look down and instead

     of seeing the pretty lights you only see how far of a fall it is

    So you climb down on shaky limbs

    And then you’re never brave enough to climb back up again

    See, it’s strange because I’m told I’m too young to fall in love

    but looking around here

    I’m the only one far enough from the ground to fall at all

    #storyblr#writeblr#writing#original writing #to write is to bleed #teenager#growing up #coming of age #coming of age poem #by artemis #falling in love #spilledink#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled poetry#spilled writing#spilled words#poetryblr#poetry#love poem#poem #growing up poem #coming of age story #head in the clouds
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  • So, I made this blog as a way to get feedback on stories i write as i write them, instead of after i’m done. I’ll post about 2 pages at a time (it’s a small notebook, equivalent to about 1 ½ normal pages)

    that’s all for now!

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    Originally posted by adventurelandia

    Hello hello hello!

    this is sort of a reintroduction because I have introduced myself with the blog @worldofhiraeth.  After some debating, and some organizing on that blog -and some updating, seriously that world is massive- I have decided to actually make like an actual writing blog that isn’t dedicated to that WIP. 

    A little about me:  

    • a college student studying Linguistics, six languages, politics and anthropology
    • I  love to read, write and listen to Hans Zimmer and music in general
    • I am 23 and like the color pink
    • I have worked for Disney World
    • I live in the North Eastern part of the US
    • I love traveling!

    I’ve been working on Hiraeth for a long time.  i’ve been introducing the characters slowly and I have about 75% of the wip done for the first draft.  I think I’ll add chapters on here when I start the second draft but we’ll see. 

    This blog is mostly for sharing writing tips, resources, notes and what not since the blog listed above is about… well the world of hiraeth.  this blog is dedicated to all the notes and stuff I have for the story, ideas I’m thinking about using, posts and inspiration from here and so on.  

    it’s really great to meet y’all officially and outside the world of Hiraeth! 

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  • Maisie glanced to her client.  They nodded at her with encouragement.  She’s probably done this a thousand times and yet each time she has to do it, makes her nervous.  She’s used to the reactions, the looks, the anger.  She’s used to being called crazy, and she even agreed that she was.  But still, she had a job that needed to get done and she would be damned if she didn’t finish what she started. 

    She walked into the rather small cafe and waited for the barista to take notice of her.  The barista smiled at her and asked her the same question she asked everyone. “How can I help you?”

    “Are you Jacky?”  Maisie glances to the nametag.  Of course she is.  She just needed a conversation starter.  Said woman nodded, turning a suspicious glance to the woman. “Sure am.” 

    “Do you mind if I spoke to you privately for a moment.  It’s about your brother.”

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    Spring and summer always meant one thing to Ophelia: tourists.  People from all over the four kingdoms would come flocking to the beautiful town nestled in the valley to get their hands on the local magic that sparked stories of love and fear.  she was young, maybe around eight or nine.  

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  • “Hello”  you said in a louder voice. 

    I glanced at you with “WTF?! “ expression. Mom told me not to talk to strangers.

    Our bus comes late again” he murmured 

    What’s with the Americans?! Why are they so friendly even to strangers?

    I sighed when the bus came. 

    I hurriedly went inside the bus so I could choose the seat next to the window.

    You want the seat next to the window huh?”

    I guess today is my lucky day!  Yahoo!  That guy who is annoyingly persistent is sitting next to me.

    Why is this guy talking to me in the first place?

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  • #1 (first draft)


    I cycled to school as usual, yes, cycled, a whole 7.5 kilometers, in my last half hour of sweet loneliness before I was forced to sit next to people and talk to them for the rest of the day. Not that I did much talking anyway, even if we could talk I would sit in silence, only speaking when the person I was sitting next to asked me something, and even then, I would keep it short and simple.

    The first lesson went by relatively quick.

    The guy sitting next to me understood what it was about and did not attempt to make small talk, which was nice. It was quite a busy class, so I was lucky to have someone sitting next to me that didn’t talk much, because the chance that I would sit alone was minimal. Some days there were more people than desks, and we had to ‘borrow’ a desk from another classroom.

    When the lesson ended I went outside, because the cafeteria is too noisy, and I don’t really have someone to sit with. I mean sure, there are people I could consider friends, but I’m not really close with them, and I really don’t mind sitting alone. I sat down on a low fence, grabbed my phone and took out my lunch box. I made my lunch myself, so it wasn’t a surprise when there were four slices of bread, and two juice boxes, inside. I’d been eating a lot lately. A few days ago, I’ve started to make myself extra bread, as I noticed I was hungry when I got home. I ate my lunch and scrolled through my social media for a bit. The break ended a few minutes later, and I went to my next class.

    This class was less fun, because the teacher decided it would be a good idea to randomly call on people to give their opinion. It isn’t that I didn’t know how I should formulate my opinion, it was that I had to say something so personal to the entire class. I’m pretty good at formulating my opinion, as I do it all the time on internet, but then I have time and can correct things before the other person knows what I wanted to say. In real life, however, I will talk too fast, mix up words, and stutter. I don’t have an actual stutter, but if I try to talk too fast I will have to say words again. Then the teacher spoke: “Eliah, what do you think of this?”

    “I- Uhm… I think he makes a valid point, miss.”

    “Eliah, I asked for your opinion”

    “Um… yes miss, of course,” I said. “Though he has a valid point, I do not agree, because, um, I think he has overlooked the fact that this was written when the author was, uhm, still a teenager.” By now not only was my voice wavering, my hands were also shaking, my knees unstable, and a whole lot of heat had rushed to my face. I was probably redder than a tomato at this point.

    “Thank you Eliah, you formulated that well, but, you spoke quite fast and soft, so I’m afraid not everyone could hear you correctly.” The teacher said. She then addressed the class: “What Eliah said was that, though Ben made a valid point, he overlooked the fact that the author was still in his teenage years when he wrote this.”

    Please, please, leave me alone now, I thought. I’ve been humiliated enough today.

    The rest of the day passed in a blur, mostly because I was still a bit shaky for the first fifteen minutes after that lesson, but what I do remember clearly was just a lot of silence, and patient teachers. It was nice today.

    I cycled back home, and when I got there made myself some bread. I really have been eating a lot lately. I must be growing I guess.

    When my mum got home we talked for a bit (in which a bit is a few hours). When it was around 9.30 p.m. we realized we hadn’t eaten yet, and maybe that would be a good idea, so we made something easy, ate it sitting in front of the TV, and got ready for bed. I took a quick shower, washed my hair, towel dried it and went to bed with my hair in a bun. It makes for nice curls when I wake up and keeps it from knotting. I fell asleep quickly, which was nice, because that doesn’t usually happen. Hopefully I’ll get some good sleep more often.

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  • This was an entry to Wattpad’s Midnight Sun movie contest. Approximately 500 words. 

    Young love, people usually take it as a joke. A concept believed by some and rejected by others. Much like the idea of the supernatural. Does it exist? Or does it not exist? You teeter on the edge of belief and disbelief until you fall into the abyss of experience…

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  • Story Maker

    Just imagine there’s a little store at the end of the street. It looks so old that nearly everyone thinks it have been closed for years. Please remember that to never judge a book by its covers. Try opening the door…

    Inside the door and the dusty windows,chandelier on the ceiling light up the cozy chamber. Bookshelves stand on the right side of the room. All of them are full of books in different colors. The bookshelves are so high that you might need a tall ladder to reach the books on the highest shelf. On the left side of the room,notebooks,parchments,quills are put together in a huge box irregularly. None of the notebooks are the same,so as the quills. You might spend hours searching through the box to find the perfect you want. Right in the middle of the room,right under the chandelier,a huge crystal ball is set on the round wooden table rotating. Ancient maps and sketches unfolded cover the whole table top. Through the crystal ball,there’s a fancy desk full of files,books and tens of tea cups. The tea cups stack up so high but never fall off. Behind the desk, a man called

    “Uncle Chester!”shouted the boy who just entered the store, “You there?”

    Well, a man called Chester. Chester is an old man with long silver beard. He’s the owner of the store. Actually,the store belongs to his family and he got it from his father. And the boy who just entered is his nephew,Aaron.

    “Yes,”said a low voice which certainly is Chester’s, “What brings you here?” He stands up from his chair and looks at Aaron.

    Aaron grins. “I’m looking for a book,”he says, “I need that for my literature class.”

    Chester frowns and mutters. “Well, come inside.”

    “I’m looking for a book”is a cipher between Chester and Aaron. Weeks ago, Aaron found a secret letter in one of the thousands of books. The letter seems to be from centuries ago. Sometimes,after school, Aaron comes to the store to help work out the problem on the letter.

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  • Not a literal reboot, no.

    After a long hiatus, I’m back on Tumblr and instead of uploading my usual content, I decided to turn into a storyblr. Initially I was shy and embarrassed to even come clean as a on and off writer but after seeing so many writers such as me who are still struggling to finish their stories makes me feel like joining in the fight. Despite being on Tumblr quite some time, I still lack knowledge in Tumblr terms (if there are any). I guess that’s all from me.
    With a new start before me, I hope to meet new writers and learn on how not to tear my brain out after writing my first chapter for 3-4 months (I lost count at 6-7 months). Cya! :)

    P/S: I do enjoy aesthetics on propaganda posters and photos so don’t be surprised if you see me reblogging a poster with cryptic alphabets. 

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