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  • The Dragon’s Mourning - Chapter 10.

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  • Character Facts(AU22)

    AU22s strange programming consist of decapitating it’s prey and raising the limbs up to satellites.

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  • Second half of this story starts here.

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  • i tried to do one of those cute “i tried x for 30 days” videos but it ended up being about 5 months of chaos and failure

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  • image

    It was the same thing every night, dinner was quite with only music playing in the background.

    We weren’t allowed to talk, just sit in silence.

    I grew within my thoughts before suddenly speaking out loud.

    “I want to time travel.”

    “We’ve been over this number Five. You’re not ready.”

    “I am ready! I’ve been practicing my spatial jumps.” Does so now ending up near Reginald’s side.

    “No means no, now go sit back down.”

    I could feel rage rise inside me, I was ready. I was made to be ready.

    My eyes moved across the room landing on Vanya. She shakes her head telling me no.

    Looking back at Reginald, I snarl my nose before storming off.

    Deciding enough was enough, I took my own initiative to time travel, even if l was told over and over again that I wasn’t ready.

    I went through time zones, experiencing the different seasons, a cool crisp touches my cheeks causing me to inhale shakily.

    A sound of a baby crying catches my attention.

    Looking around, eyes scanned the area until I saw a man in a trench coat and hat.

    “Dad?” I spoke walking behind but kept my distance.

    “This baby, I will take off your hands.” The man spoke towards the woman.

    “I, he’s not for sale, I’m sorry. I can’t do that to him.” The baby cries in the woman’s grasp.

    Staying hidden, I watched from afar, one of us had smart parents.

    Eyes slanted watching the man or Reginald walk off with the door closing behind him. I could tell his mind was running with thoughts.

    I listened carefully hearing him pick up his phone.

    “No luck on number Five, don’t worry. I’ll get her to.”

    Hearing those words, my heart sank into my chest, I fell to the ground with eyes now staring ahead in shock.

    Finally shaking my head from my thoughts, I went back to the house watching what my life could have been, or maybe see how it occurred. I knew if I changed my life, it could really affect the time continuum.

    A small smile appeared on my lips watching who was my mother hold me, she sings gently before placing her lips to my head.

    “I love you so much Nicky. You’re special.”

    She laid the baby down in the crib now turning off the lights.

    I stayed hidden, hearing a noise, my eyes adverted towards the area.

    Reginald was climbing through the window.

    Anger filled inside with my fist clenching together tightly.

    I watched the scene unfold as he basically kidnaps me.

    Shaking my head inhaling in a sharp breath, I could feel something wet against my cheek, I quickly brush it away.

    That asshole of a father destroyed my life.

    Looking down at my hands, I knew I had to get back so I can rip my dear beloved father to shreds.

    However my abilities had a different thing in mind.

    Standing in front of what used to be my home, the academy, it lays in fiery rubble.

    I can hear the wood crackling along with the fire, it seemed it had just occurred.

    I began to sprint towards the academy, what was left of it anyways.

    “Ben? Vanya? Dad?” I asked looking around. Had some hope someone would answer back.

    Just silence of the fire crackling was heard.

    My eyes looked around seeing a lifeless body before me.

    “Luther…” His name falls breathless from my lips.

    My body gives out with myself falling to my knees.

    I was at loss of words, emotions all over the place.

    I could see everyone, all of my siblings dead. They laid lifeless near me. All of them except Ben and Vanya.

    Where were they?

    Looking down at my hands, I tried to use my ability, of course nothing.”Come on! Shit.” Lifting my eyes, I look around once more.

    I stared for what seemed to be a long time, I let out a sudden scream. It echoes around me along with the silence.

    After shaking myself from my shock, I began to move gathering what I could.

    Anything I thought would be useful to help me survive.

    Soon those days of being alone turned into weeks, those weeks turned into months then to years.

    Being alone, I learned to survive on my own. During my journey,

    I met someone, or perhaps a manikin more likely.

    Her name was Dolores.

    Dolores helped keep me sane, she kept me from losing my mind, more so than I may already had.

    After everything, I was literally in love with this manikin. Considering I didn’t really know what love was, I wanted to feel something, at least to show myself i was still human.

    She was all I had, everyone else in this hell was dead, non existent. Yes, this was hell, I thought my life and knowing I was kidnapped was hell, but this is what hell really is.

    I was surprised to see what survived through the apocalypse, I read Vanya’s book, somewhat interesting, I’d say.

    My nights grew lonely, I’d stayed up most nights, mostly due every time I close my eyes, I see the image of the academy and my siblings lifeless.

    I suffered from nightmares. They never seemed to get any better. I would try to fight every urge to sleep, I truly didn’t want to relive that moment all over again. It wasn’t worth the effort when your body is to exhausted and is striving to survive. With that said, I would find myself literally passed out. With that said, I didn’t dream during those times. Which was a blessing.

    I hated being alone, but I grew used to it. I spent most days not talking, but Dolores made me at times.

    She honestly saved my life out here. She gave me a purpose, told me I could fix this, I could help my siblings once again.

    I knew I wasn’t the best brother. My siblings all meant something to me even if we weren’t close.

    I was closer to Klaus, Vanya and Ben growing up, but I had a different relationship with Luther, Diego, and Allison. In a way, I was close with everyone.

    They saw me always having my head down in equations, but truth was, I listened to every word and every phase spoken.

    Being left alone in this world, I guess you could say I had PTSD, I suffered from trauma, my heart ached knowing I couldn’t protect my family. My siblings, I had that ability, and I wasn’t around.

    This was my fault, I should have listened to the damn old man.

    With each day passing, I tried every day to use my ability, but again nothing worked.

    A woman found me years later, I was an older man now. She went by the name of the handler who worked for the commission. She said she had this great opportunity for me. I could go back in time and to the future taking care of people who needed to be taken out, to make things fall into plan, without messing up the space continuum.

    After a few more years passed, I worked for the commission and doing as the handler said. I tried every chance I could to return back to my siblings. I had one lucky day when things fell into place for me. Now here I am staring at a space portal watching my siblings all freak out by the looks of the sky.

    I soon duck out of the way upon seeing Klaus throw a fire hydrant my way. Luckily from reading Vanya’s story, I knew who everyone was.

    I shook my head then looked around seeing if I was being watched.

    Seeing I was in the clear, I take off in a sprint running into the other world, everything goes black I fall onto the ground with a loud thud.

    Klaus looks at everyone then back at me. “You guys see little Five too, right?”

    Hearing his words, my head hangs low staring at myself then lifts my gaze meeting theirs “Shit….”

    Since I arrived, I learned Ben died, and so did our beloved father.

    Luckily for him, I didn’t have to kill the man, he already died.

    Now, the only thing left on my mind is to protect my siblings and save the world.

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  • Starship: The Unreliable

    Current mission: rescuing Jameson

    Booting up logs…..



    Text based record of captains feed available:

    As Kane, Parvati, and Elli approached the lab, they see 13 mangled scientists, their limbs ripped apart and thrown about.

    {ADA: crew member parvati experienced stomach pain here, and said she wanted to throw up, but has asked this part to be kept out of the logs}

    Inside the lab

    The crew found more and more decapitated bodies, however as they approached one door, they noticed some of the reptiles seemed to have been beheaded cleanly.

    Elli: uhhh captain sir, if I may, I don’t think the raiders or the other reps did this.

    Parvati: what do you mean?

    Kane: I’m interested, what DO you mean Elli?

    Elli: well sir, the cuts are too clean, you only see these in the medical field….and con-

    Parvati: considering Jameson is a medical doctor! That means he-

    Kane:( with detected excitement) that must mean he’s the one who did this! Meaning he’s probably still alive, maybe even on the other side of the door!

    From the other side of the door: yes yes! I’m Jameson! Did someone send you? Please I’m begging you get the door open quickly! I don’t have time to explain!

    Parvati: mister stand back! *loud bang* ( Parvati swings an electric hammer at the door, blowing it down cleanly)

    Jameson: *running quickly out of the door* RUN RUN RUN ITS RIGHT BEHIND ME!

    *Loud snarling noise*

    A large orange reptile like beast bursts through the other wall


    Parvati scooping up Jameson: don’t have to tell me twice!

    Elli: Captain which way do we-


    Kane: this way this way( as he points down the left hallway)

    ADA: captain I would advise not being eaten.

    Kane: well fucking thanks Ada I didn’t think of that!

    ADA: just trying to help sir.

    They break through the entrance door and keep running, till they can no longer hear the beast behind them.

    Jameson: oh gods thank the law you came, I would’ve been another of that things droppings if you where a minute too late.

    Elli: no problem mate, just let me patch you right up and-

    Jameson:( getting up and starting to run away) no no it’s quite alright I’ll be back to the town soon enough.

    Parvati: hey captain( holding up a wad of blue paper) looks like this fool dropped some blueprints, think they are worth anything?

    Kane: yes actually…..they might be just what we need to buy that jump key. Let’s head back to the town and report what we saw first

    ADA: good idea captain, I’ll get the ship running when you get there.


    Encoding file…..

    Booting down….

    Shut down successful.

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  • Thinkin a thought this morning about a thing FFIX does right w/r/t its character development: we meet most of our various heroes not in isolation, but in their own context, which means we get to know who they are (and love them!) so much faster than if we were started at square 1, zero information given.

    Originally I was just thinking of Freya, and how much it affects how we think of her that she’s already Zidane’s friend from the first meeting. How he kicks off their meeting by razzing her, then competing with her, then immediately without hesitation going to help her with her quest re: the assault on Burmecia - what we learn about Freya (and, yes, Zidane himself) through getting to have those interactions based on their solid knowledge of each other. But more importantly, seeing Freya in the context of the other Burmecians, and the Cleyrans, who know who she is, admire her, depend on her. How Freya sees herself as still undeserving of that praise, despite how badly she seems to want to be counted among their number (thinking of her dancing with the Cleyrans.) We see who she is from the outside and from the inside, because we get to see her interacting with people who know her either intimately or by reputation, instead of just operating in a void with occasional sidebars about her missing boyfriend.

    But it’s true of Steiner as well - we meet him doing his job, wanting everything in its place, and taking comfort in the stolidity of his role (but we can also see how others view him as ridiculous, imcompetent, a relic.) And Eiko, who goes from being a moderately annoying Spunky Child Character to a full person when we see her life among the moogles, how they alternately protect and hide behind her. Eiko as an orphan eking out a fairly bleak but not unhappy little life among the ruins of her people, with monsters for companions, is a bigger character than Eiko the Spunky Kid Thief. 

    Zidane as well, I suppose, though we see more of his personality brought out through interactions with people outside Tantalus than within it (with Baku the exception.)

    Compare to Amarant, who is a blank slate when we meet him, and it’s like pulling teeth to find out what that dude’s story is. Or heck, Dagger and Vivi, about whom we know very little early on. But their slow-build stories work by contrast, because we learn so much about their companions that we have a “hook” into these stories along the way. 

    It wouldn’t work if we met everyone Out Adventuring!!! and had to pull those story-teeth out of all of them in order. We wouldn’t have a reason to care so much. But alternating characters whom we know immediately with characters we don’t know at all helps build the scaffold of their relationships and their role within the larger story.

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  • Tear it Down - Photoshoot

    These two titans of San Mys record label Spotlight Entertainment are a force to be reckoned with. Well-known LGBTQ+ activist Cameron Oxford and infamous Thorne Bailey joined their talents to raise awareness and money for charity. Their single Tear it Down hit the top of the charts immediately. Spotlight Entertainment won’t share the exact numbers, but Oxford and Bailey told us every Simoleon will be donated to charity. Oxford and Bailey paid the production costs of their collaboration from their own pockets and donated money to charity as well. - San Myshuno Times Online

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  • I aim to be the storyteller who captures the essence of the soul and speaks from the heart.

    Also, I can’t help but think that there’s someone out there who doesn’t have a bed to lie in. To have that luxury to dream. Makes all my problems so insignificant. Valid but not as colossal as others.

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  • Chapter 1 - “Flicker”

    Word count: 1.2k

    A/n; oop- part 1 omg! I made it only 1.2k words because I was busy being a 🤡 hehehh-

    There’s a surprise moodboard at the end c:


    I’ve finally come to the realization that maybe,after all these years, she wouldn’t be coming back.

    I placed the cup I was previously holding back onto the counter. My tears felt suffocating at this point, they never stopped. Salty and bittersweet sorrow was always a nostalgic feeling no matter how many times I’ve tried to impede it. They were always reminiscent of the fact she was never coming back. 

    I took in a deep breath, like I could breathe only when my presence was accompanied by sadness.

    I leaned back on the cool wall, jolting me up a bit,from the contrast of the warm bed. I started thinking. 

    Was that dream real? Or was it just another one of those stupid,stress nights?

    I unconsciously looked at the gently swaying window, reflecting the orange hue of the rising sun, the curtains dimming the light from completely blinding me. There, a slit between the curtains and the window was present. Beautiful cotton skies,swirling with intricate clouds and vibrant dream-like colors of hints of pastel blues and indigos. The clouds forming a beautifully ornate pattern across the sky after the rain, something I’d seen for the first time. 

    The little plants growing beside the window frame were luminous with life. They gave off a fresh scent that made breathing a bit easier. The lovely scent pricked my nose, chuckling a bit at the thought. A few chirping birds passed by, a mother and her child, her children emulating her,singing sweet songs.

    The little window gave me just the tiniest bit of hope of restarting.


    I was holed up in this apartment for the rest of the day, having been given a holiday due to heavy rains for the past weeks. Of course, I continued on lifelessly until today, where I wanted to do some activity.

    Still having the reminder that rain will be pouring down later this day. 

    I started planning on what to do. I counted the stakes this was just a lucid dream, or it wasn’t. I’ve never had these dreams, half of the excuse that I hadn’t been able to snap out of my own haze of ignorance. 

    If it really was real, I started planning ahead.


    My heart ached for a minute as I stared at the word I’d written down. It was almost on impulse my mind acted upon, but it was showing that I had started to think about this more rationally than an emotional view.

    I brainstormed for steps to start, my hands not fast enough to keep up with my mind, a reason for my messy handwriting.

    I need to start thinking about our old,happier times instead of mourning for the ones we won’t be able to spend together.

    This sentence alone made an appearance of a bittersweet smile.

    I may not remember those times too brightly, because back then, we didn’t know we were making (lost) memories, we just knew that we were having fun.


    5:36 PM

    It was the same dream I’d gotten last week.

    The same road I’d inevitably run down, the same pattern of warm blood that’d slip through the cracks of the jagged road, the dreadful feeling of fear creeping up on my back as I came to a screeching halt in front of me.

    The pitiful stares of people around me as shock stilled my body.

    But then I woke up.

    A dry path of drool still embedded on my skin as I lifted my head up to see the papers around me, small pictures of us scattered on the grey,cold desk. I fell asleep. 

    I stared at the ticking clock for a few minutes,confused thoughts still clogging my mind. I slowly processed what was happening around me and stood up.

    I turned right,hearing a loud purr.

    Munko laid on top of my bedside drawer,dangerously close to pushing the lamp off,but taking more interest in the stray fibres of my pillow cover. I walked over trying not to startle her and slowly picked up the lamp, keeping it beside the drawer. Munko stretched out onto the space the lamp had previously taken over, as if mocking its victory over the space. I laughed at her antics and picked her up, making sure her claws weren’t tangled within the fibres of the pillow cover.

    I walked out of my bedroom, leaving the half written papers on my desk to fly with the outside wind however they wanted,hoping they wouldn’t fly out the open window.

    I slowly let her down from my arms onto the floor. She walked towards her food bowl that laid empty,with only small crumbs of the dry food I’d feed her at times. I remembered to feed her and walked over to her to pick up the bowl. She’d instantly meow as loud as possible whenever there was her bowl in my hand, because she knew I was going to feed her a bunch.

    I kept the bowl on the counter and,like muscle memory, completed the task before I knew it. I was still thinking,however, about what I should exactly do. Enko’s instructions were quite vague, only to “move on”.

    Of course, I had the internet too. But just as a precaution,maybe I should wait for her instructions. It is her undying wish, after all.

    I picked up the bowl after Munko had eaten and licked it clean to pour in some water and get her to drink some,even if only a little.

    Making sure she’d drink at least some, I searched for my phone. The apartment was too silent,too tormenting for my thoughts.

    I searched for my phone, located it and sat on my bed, browsing through my music playlist searching for some background noise. It’d work even if it was static, I can’t handle silence for long. 

    Music was like a form of comfort.

    I’d always find something related to my problems, having something to relate to and knowing that person who sang it was also going through the same thing always gave me some form of reassurance. It comforted me.

    But music only helps you so far. 

    There are times when even music can’t read your feelings. Feelings are complicated and hard to understand. They’re always deeper than the surface. No words can describe, whether unique or common, no word could ever.

    People say that a person who understand the depth of your emotions is your soulmate, and to hold on to them with a death grip.

    However, this concept was quite a mess to me.

    I put my phone down as beautiful rhythms emitted from it. 

    I was lost, for once. It was a new feeling. A mix of stress, confusion yet excitement and thrill. It felt refreshing. Life was seeming vibrant and colorful for the first time,new fluttering feelings dancing in my chest, and my heart pounding in happiness as small flickers of thrill run down my spine.

    Is this what living feels like?

    I don’t want to lose these feelings, this new feeling of ebullience, a ball of child-like happiness. 

    I want to make everyday count,every day to remember, and every moment to be filled with contentment.

    Maybe I’ll try something new tomorrow.



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  • If any part of any of my characters’ stories is secret, I can say with 99% certainty that the reason is either A) I’m too embrassed of the plotline or B) I have zero idea and am hoping I’ll figure it out at some point

    #That secret in my HTTYD OC's story? #It's A #And I used to have this one character who's early life was a complete mystery #She had amnesia or something #Literally the only reason is I couldn't think of a backstory #Writing#OCs#Storytelling#HTTYD OC#Original Characters#Original Stories
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  • image

    “Draw me” screamed the raven as the fish looked on.

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