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  • I am exhausted, have a bad cold, and the girl I’m babysitting won’t stop trying to choke me

    So please send me your fav reddie, stenbrough, stozier headcanons

    #good headcanons=good vibes #guys #im not going to make it for another 3 hours #she wont stop choking me #and jumping on me #pls help#reddie#stozier#stenbrough
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  • so anyway im gonna be posting two writing peices soon, one is the first chapter of a hopefully p long story and the other is just a quick blurb, the long one is a stozier hogwarts au and the other is a surprisseeee so ya just putting that out there

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  • when richie speaks to eddie for the first time, it’s quite unexpected. you wouldn’t think you’d talk to your crush for the first time in the boy’s locker room, frantically searching for the missing shirt he swore he left in his locker. rambling on about how he’d lose his perfect 100, richie almost yelled out a simple “you can have mine!” and his heart stops. it’s like he’s frozen in time, his lungs have collapsed and his entire body has no purpose anymore. there’s no overdramatic response, no sheer excitement from the richie tozier finally speaking, just a simple “thanks!” squeaked out from the smaller boy, and they go on with their day.

    when richie speaks to bill for the first time, it’s almost breathtaking. the summer of 5th grade, going on about his anxieties for middle school, his stutter, all the kids, the bullies, everything you would expect. of course, sappy richie comes out and whispers straight into bill’s ear that all of the losers are here for him and will never leave him. bill, in obvious shock, gasps and is tempted to mutter the classic “you spoke,” but he had basic respect for his friend and instead reacted as he would with anyone else.

    when richie speaks to stan for the first time, neither of them would believe you if you told them it would change their lives. in the back of the 4th grade class, bored out of their minds going over material everyone in the class had already knew. richie had unexpectedly popped out a joke or two to stanley. his soft laugh brought immediate joy to richie, and he felt his heart burst into confetti. everyday after that was full of whispering into the other’s ear when the teacher’s back was turned rather than passing notes, and they wouldn’t want it any other way, no matter how many times stan accuses richie of being annoying.

    when richie speaks to beverly for the first time, it’s gushing over the cute boys behind the portables before school. it’s bubblegum in april, chocolate in february, and snowmen in december. there’s no fear behind it, just pure affection. his words finally felt like they were being heard. he felt passionate, free, and as if he was on top of the world.

    when richie speaks to ben for the first time, it’s contemplating mysteries, being a so-called ‘nerd.’ reading comics and pointing out little details to make fun of them, giggling in the sunlight. when richie speaks to ben for the first time, it’s a long paragraph of an unsolved derry mystery, way more than what anyone has ever heard him say for the first time. he shocked both of them in that moment, and continued on with their sunday.

    when richie speaks to mike for the first time, it’s playing with puppies at the pet store. using that baby voice he always does, but only when he’s alone with the puppy, richie gently pets them. all in that moment it’s richie and the dogs, before he lets out a confident, “i wish i could get one, don’t you, mike?” mike’s only response is a simple nod as if anything could get more magical than this moment.

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  • im. lit rally. about to ruin their life and make them do a stozier rp with me GOD

    #stozier#roleplay#rp #things that annoy me
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  • Stozier owns The Cure and all it’s songs. Change my mind

    #stozier#richie tozier#stan uris #not saying this cause im listening to pictures of you #not at all
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  • If ot7 got married would they all hyphenate their names?

    #ik you cant marry more than one person but thats so funny to me #like#uris-tozier-kaspbrak-marsh-hanlon-denbrough-hanscom #or they all come up with one name to take? #ot7#poly losers#reddie#stozier#hanzier#hansbrough#stanverly#trashstack#bichie #( ok not marshbrak romantically #like sure they get married but like plantonic #because eddies gay asf bb #the losers are all soulmates ok? ok
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    • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Stan:</b> Just show Beverly's dad what that mouth do. 🙄<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Richie:</b> It is a gift. 😔✊🏻<p/></p><p/></p>
    #incorrect losers club quotes #incorrect it quotes #richie tozier#stanley uris #i hate myself and i'm not funny #the losers memes #the losers club #it#stozier
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  • i keep thinking about pre-established stozier where they’re just like… best friends who kiss sometimes. not even fwb. just best friends who kiss. and then they fall in love. that’s all

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    • Richie, whispers: person that loves me says what...
    • Eddie: What?
    • Richie: *blushes*
    • Stanley: No, seriously what?
    • Richie: Well that's interesting.
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  • Stanley: I, like, really want Doc Martens. I have no idea why, they’re not in, I just really really want a pair

    Richie: spoiler alert, Stanley. You’re gay

    #i heard this on the bus this morninf #and immediately thought of these two #it#richie tozier#it2017#it2019 #it chapter two #bill hader #it chapter one #incorrect it#incorrect losers#incorrect stozier#stozier#stanley uris#andy bean#wyatt oleff
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  • Uh so, please send in requests. It can be any ship, any age, fluff, smut, angst idc. I recommend you to not ask for smut bc I don’t think I’m that good at writing those. Go crazy y’all

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  • image

    sure hope the clown we just beat up in the sewers doesnt come back in twenty seven years and kill the love of my life that i forgot existed

    #richie tozier #richie tozier cosplay #it#it 2017#cosplay#selfie#selfies#cute#mine#ftm#it 2019 #it chapter two #it chapter 2 #reddie#stozier #the losers club #gay
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  • What would be hilarious is if Richie surprises Stan with concert tickets for his birthday, but the whole thing is a surprise. A typical Richie endeavor.

    When Richie pulls up to the venue, Stan is intrigued, but he thinks Richie either got tickets to some boring clarinetist or Post Malone or someone. He can’t tell if Richie is intending to insult Stan’s taste in music or to troll him. 

    But then they get inside and it’s a Doja Cat concert. Richie intended to troll Stan by dragging him to a loud concert of a genre Stan hates.

    But then Stan starts jumping up and down, ecstatic bitch, and the bitch knows every word and is singing and rapping along (except for the n word of course), and Richie is like “No way. No fucking way. This isn’t real.” 

    The troll has been trolled.

    And because we know Stan has a little booty action going on, he definitely starts twerking. And yeah, he’s dressed even more formally than normal, because he thought Richie was taking him to a restaurant or some shit. But still, he drops it low and throws it back. All the kids around them are like “Work sis!” And Richie is like:


    And Stan isn’t even aware that Richie intended to ruin his birthday with a concert he thought Stan would hate. He’s just riding the high of having the most fun he’s had in months. So he definitely gives Richie the best head of his life when they get home, unless he doesn’t wait until they get home 👀

    #stozier#richie tozier#stan uris#stanley uris #it chapter two #it chapter 2 #it 2019#it movie #it chapter one #it chapter 1 #it 2017
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  • when richie tozier is 7 years old, he meets stanley uris. in his best impersonation of a british butler, he tells him about how he had just fallen off the monkey bars. stan just stares at him. when richie asks if he wants to hear another voice, stan tells him he would prefer it if he just shut up, actually. they decide that they should probably be best friends.

    when richie tozier is 8 years old, he meets eddie kaspbrak. stan watches as richie’s face lights up. he looks at eddie, wearing a bigger smile than should be physically possible, and then back at richie. stan understands immediately. 

    when richie tozier is 13 years old, he tells stan he’s gay. stan raises his eyebrows, says, “you don’t say?’’ and asks if richie’s going to eat the last slice of pizza.

    (he also tells him he loves him. and he’s proud of him. and supports him. obviously.)

    when richie tozier is 17 years old, he ditches his prom date for a song and drags stan onto the dance floor. they swing each other around, stan laughing loudly while richie sings along. they don’t notice bev’s camera, and when she gets the photos developed she asks for two copies. richie keeps it in his wallet. stan frames his.

    when richie tozier is 18 years old, he gets accepted to the same college as stan. when richie asks if he wants to be roommates, stan looks at him like he’s an idiot and tells him he already bought the microwave. 

    when richie tozier is 21 years old, stanley uris gets engaged to patty blum. when stan asks richie to be his best man, richie throws himself at stan, crying, “i knew you loved me!” stan sighs and pats richie on the back while he crushes him.

    (no, he doesn’t smile. not even a little bit.)

    richie’s speech features no less than four voices, throws the five minute rule out the window, and is, at times, borderline insulting. stan rolls his eyes, laughs, shows off his best poker face, and only cries once. twice. three times. 

    when richie tozier is 35 years old, he is a household name. patty puts his new comedy special on after dinner the day it comes out. stan ignores it for his favorite puzzle. he’s heard it all before, anyway, because richie calls every day to run jokes by him. stan always tells him he isn’t funny. richie always says, “tell it to my millions of fans!” stan always hangs up. when richie starts doing his british guy impression, stan looks up and smiles fondly. patty pretends she didn’t see. 

    (she also pretends she doesn’t see him forget his puzzle and watch the rest. and if stan laughs at every joke, well, that’s between the two of them.)

    when richie tozier is 40 years old, he finally proposes to eddie kaspbrak. richie gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring pop, and asks stan to be his best man. stan just wrinkles his nose and says, “i hate grape.”

    (he eats it, though. and wears the ring for the rest of the day.)

    by the end of his speech, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. stan watches in amusement as richie, who had been crying since, “good evening everyone, i’m stanley uris,” finishes eddie’s emergency package of tissues. when richie is done, he stands up. “stan the man,” he says seriously, “i love you.” for once, stan has nothing witty to say. “i love you, too, richie,” are the only words that come to mind.

    (richie’s hug feels like it bruises a couple ribs. stan tells him they’re getting too old for this. richie ignores him.)

    #stozier#richie tozier#stanley uris #me suddenly in the shower: what if richie and stan were the best friends that ever lived #i went literally insane writing this i have never written something faster #i love them so much stozier rights!!!!!! #sophie writes#posts#1k*
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  • can someone plEASE @ Stanley Piss-boy Urine and tell him to stop fucking the bird outside my window?? i can’t sleep with all the ruckus 

    #richie tozier#stanley uris#stanley urine#stozier #stanley x birds #yall know whats good
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  • Someone had the colossal mega galaxy macroverse brain idea to have Stan and Richie switch bodies and it wasn’t me and I’m so angry about it!!!!!

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  • If… If you’re going to draw Stanley Uris…

    Draw him smiling, please.

    I mean… Obviously you can’t if your drawing is angst or just doesn’t have the context, but, at least once… Try to make him laughing, loving, having fun. He deserves happiness, he deserves all the good things in the universe! 💕

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