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  • hailtothegeekbaby
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Review: The Blue Flame #3

    Writer: Christopher CantwellArtist: Adam GorhamColorist: Kurt Michael RussellLetterer: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouDesigner: Tim Daniel Cover A: Adam GorhamCover B: Yoshi YoshitaniOn Sale: 7/28/2021 “It’s been seven months since the incident, and Sam Brausam is alive… if you can call it that. He’s barely learned to walk again, his spirit seems broken beyond repair, and the booze and pain pills aren’t…

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  • dccomicsnews
    27.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Review: Strange Adventures #11

    Review: Strange Adventures #11 @tomkingtk @MitchGerads @DocShaner @MattB_Lloyd

    Review: Strange Adventures #11[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writer: Tom KingArt: Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” ShanerLetters: Clayton Cowles   Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd   Summary Alanna puts her cards on the table and  finally gets the truth about Aleea out of Adam.  However, it still seems like there’s more than meets the eye…. Positives Strange Adventures #11 may contain…

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  • mykieumy
    27.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Kinda fucked up that when i started watching skam all the characters were like 2-3 yrs older than me and now im the one 2-3 yrs older than the new characters

    #straight from the drafts #druck#skam #strange the passage of time #yes i mean the new gen #but also robbe is a year younger than me #tfn
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  • trueloveandotherscificoncepts
    27.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Y'all know I'm right.

    (bonus bonus points if its Captain Pike in the skirt)

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  • doodlepatoodle
    27.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I just bought a 2nd game for my 3ds help

    #help girl im buying games digitally for a console that doesnt get any new releases anymore #i bought rythem heaven megamix and finished it in 3 days #i just bought smt strange journey #help #shut up doodle #i had to get a new sd card cause the one i had was too small
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  • gothamstrek
    27.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    anyone else have a growing fear that theyre gonna make spock/number 1 a thing

    #i will riot #star trek #star trek snw #spock #s'chn t'gai spock #star trek strange new worlds
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  • starryoak
    26.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I think Prime!Lorca should get to come home and also maybe be in Strange New Worlds, uwu. And be better than our Lorca, but strangely similar due to his experiences in the mirror universe

    #star trek discovery #star trek disco spoilers #star trek disco #discovery #strange new worlds #star trek strange new worlds #star trek#gabriel lorca #prime gabriel lorca #mirror Gabriel lorca #mirror universe
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  • starryeyes2000
    26.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Where’s an All-Night Pharmacy When You Need It - Part 9

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x Reader

    Rating: Teen

    Summary: Flashback to five years ago. Noah'a birth is overdue and Chris proposes.


    Five Years Ago

    “Babies come when they are ready Chris, not when their impatient fathers desire it,” Phil says in a soothing tone. Amused he thinks, all expectant fathers are just alike.

    Chris stops pacing and sits in a nearby chair. He picks up a PADD stylus and taps it against the palm of his hand. “She’s two weeks overdue. You said your calculations were always accurate within a day.”

    “I got this one wrong. It’s not an exact science.” Chris glares in response. Phil then advises, “Try to relax and enjoy these final quiet days. Bank some extra sleep, you’re going to need it.”

    “Should you induce labor?”

    “Only if mother or baby are in distress. Otherwise its best to let nature set the timetable.”

    “When did you examine them last?”

    “This morning. Both are fine. I’ll check in on them again in the morning.”

    “You mean this evening,” Chris suggests in a firm tone that invites no disagreement.

    “Very well, but I am telling her you made me.”

    “What? Are we in high school?”

    Phil chuckles. “Right now her ankles are swollen, her back hurts, she’s shedding water weight, her abdomen is cramping. The baby is rarely still and often playing a solo high-impact contact sport kicking relentlessly and vigorously. Her body feels awkward and unattractive. She needs TLC but constant overt fussing becomes annoying. In the interest of marital harmony, try to be subtle.”

    Chris mutters to himself. Phil is fairly certain the Captain is not complimenting his CMO.

    “Surely Number One has something for you to do,” Phil prods. Best for everyone on board if Chris is kept busy right now.

    “For reasons I cannot begin to fathom she is conducting a Level A1 inspection of everything. I am inundated with reports from it.”

    Well done Una, just what the doctor ordered. “I’ll let you get to it then.” As Chris rises to leave Phil reminds, “Call me if our mother-to-be has any shoulder pain or a persistent headache.”


    “Where’s Chris?” Phil asks as he scrutinized the readouts on his scanner.

    I shift back and forth trying to find any position that’s comfortable. Once I manage to ease the now constant ache in my lower back the baby starts kicking. “Sent him to the bridge,” I reply through gritted teeth, adding in a low grumble, “so he can hover over someone else for a little while.”

    “Ah. The fierce protector is in overdrive?”

    I nod.

    “I imagine that feels suffocating at times.”

    I nod again.

    “It’s hard being the bystander. I know, I feel the same way. You’re like a daughter to me.” I smile at him fondly. He gestures to my swelling abdomen. “And this child a grandson. Chris is a man of action who is used to being in charge. He isn’t in this situation and there is no direct action he can take other than taking care of you.”

    “Yes.” My voice gets very quiet. “I’ve made everything harder for him. Keeping a crew safe on a deep space mission is a heavy responsibility. Balancing the safety of his child on top of that is … it’s one burden too many.”

    Phil chuckles. “I’m pretty sure Chris was a willing participant. Or did no one ever explain to the two of you the possible consequences of all that sex? The reality of long-term missions far from settled space is pregnancies happen and you cannot always get home before the child arrives. Our Captain has shoulders big enough to carry the load.” He places a hand on my stomach. “He really is active. There’s no doubt he belongs to Chris.”

    “I don’t think he ever sleeps. The baby that is.” It’s impossible to hide my misery and the tears that are always just below the surface spill out. “Sorry. It seems like I am always crying or being ratty to Chris.”

    “Tears are normal. As is a bit of crankiness. He understands.” Phil closes the scanner. “No signs of early labor yet, I think you have another week to go.”

    “Just yesterday I was grateful the baby is late. I’m not ready. Today, I’m still not sure I am ready, but I just want it to be over.”

    He patted my hand affectionately. “Also normal. May I give you some unsolicited advice?”

    I didn’t try to hide my amusement, “When has saying no ever stopped you?”

    That elicits a knowing grin. “True. When Chris comes back, spend time focused on each other and not the baby. Have a quiet dinner together, make love if you feel up to it. If not, spend the night in each other’s arms. I’m across the hall if needed.” Phil tilts his head and frowns slightly. “And after that unintentional yet awkward segue, I’ll make a quick exit.”

    I rub my baby bump, which is more accurately termed a baby beach ball at this point. “You, little one, chose your father well. Let’s take care of him tonight.”


    By the time Chris returned, I had freed my hair from the messy bun adopted over the past few weeks and changed into a soft wrap dress that clung to the parts of my body the pregnancy accentuated. The lights were dimmed, and soft music floated through the small rooms. He came bearing a bouquet of white roses, my favorite. Flowers are a rare gesture for him. And, as he did every morning before leaving our quarters, every night before going to sleep, and every evening when the work part of our day was through, he kisses me, a quick kiss of love and affection. I look forward to each one. I know it will be hard to maintain these little rituals once the baby arrives and consumes our time and attention, and I will miss them.

    He smiles, that special smile reserved for me. “You look beautiful.”

    After almost a year and half together, the sincerity of his compliments still makes me blush. I reach for the flowers and press them to my nose. “Thank you, they are lovely.”

    “Are you hungry?” I ask. Chef, channeling his Italian and Persian grandmothers, has rigid views on diet for pregnant women and insists I eat at least one home cooked meal each day. My constant cravings for macaroni and cheese, French fries sauced with a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, and vanilla milkshakes are taxing his considerable creativity and innate lack of patience. With Chris’ tendency towards vegetarianism thrown in, the challenge is pushing Chef to his limits, and he can be heard muttering to himself alternately in French, Italian, and Arabic and often using all three languages in the same sentence. Today’s offering includes a summery tomato salad, eggplant and lemon risotto, and rare beef coated with olive oil and basil served at room temperature. When he dropped off the tray, Chef shook his finger at me and admonished, “Finish all the meat, Phil says you’re are iron deficient again.” There is little privacy on a starship packed with a crew that becomes like family and with an event that galvanizes protectiveness everyone is micromanaging this pregnancy.

    “Yeah. Let me get cleaned up and changed first.”

    After dinner, Chris settles me on the couch, making me as comfortable as is possible when over nine months pregnant. While tidying up he says casually, “Today is our six-month anniversary.”

    My brows crease. Is it possible I forgot? I count backwards. “Wait, no, our wedding anniversary is next month.”

    “No not that one. Six months ago, in what is quite possibly the worst proposal in the history of mankind, I asked you to marry me.”

    Despite that moment’s lack of anything within the same quadrant of romance it is a fond memory for me, and I smile. “The evening you walked into our quarters and said, without any preamble, ‘I checked the regs and I can marry us with or without witnesses. Shall we do it now and get it over with?’” I chuckled. “There was no asking involved.”

    “To which you replied, ‘you don’t have to marry me just because you knocked me up.’” Chris grimaces. “And then you burst into tears.”

    “Hormones,” I point out.

    “And an insensitive boyfriend,” Chris finishes.

    I crook my finger beckoning him. As he leans over me, I run my hands up his chest and wrap my arms around his neck, guiding him down and near my lips. I whisper in his ear, “Your apology was memorable.”

    He blushes.

    Sitting on the coffee table so we are at eye level, he takes my hand in his, kissing first my palm and then my wrist. Reaching for my other hand, he clasps them. “I request a do-over. I knew after our first date …”

    I interject, “I don’t think being stranded in a shuttle for twelve hours is really a date.”

    “Who is proposing here?” Chris asks with mock annoyance and a faint smile.

    “Sorry. My bad. Please continue.”

    Chris clears his throat and takes a breath. “After our first date I knew we were for each other, that you are my joy and true love. That every random occurrence in my life had cause, it was leading me to you, the one I was born to care for and cherish. That day I silently vowed my fidelity to you and promised that with me you would find the support and devotion to express your inner light and beauty.” He kisses me. “Every day since I’ve affirmed those vows. Will you be my partner for the rest of our lives? And beyond?”

    This time the tears aren’t due to hormones. I pull him close, and we embrace. Chris tilts my chin up and wipes away my tears. “Well?” he asks.

    “Yes. For always.”

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  • spiteful-bomb
    26.07.2021 - 23 hours ago
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  • spiteful-bomb
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #🍒💔 // ic #the bois // reply #lets chat!// ask #a new challeger? // anon #m!a guilt #guilt anon #this is strange.... // m!a
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  • papercranesong
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Malcolm seems to be the unofficial transporter operator.


    T’Pol and Malcolm: kindred spirits

    Feel like Archer tossing Malcolm the water polo ball when he’s trying to give his important weather report is the same vibe as Trip messing around taking photos whilst T’Pol is trying to get on with her survey.


    Although it was noble of her, T’Pol should probably have injected herself first, not last. What if she got overcome by the space pollen before she finished injecting everyone? (Although maybe the space pollen was causing her not to think logically about it)


    Archer’s conspiracy story he told Trip made no sense to me. And I wasn’t even on any space pollen. Am I really that thick? Hmm.


    Malcolm’s allergic to pollen. Wonder if he would have been affected by the space pollen? Or would he be taking an anti-histamine that rendered him immune, like Daniel Jackson in SG1’s The Broca Divide? What if T’Pol had included him in the survey, and he alone remained impervious to the space pollen effects?


    Malcolm’s seen some bad sights in the last two episodes - the hanging corpses from the previous episode, and now the dude materialising on the transporter pad with half a tree in him. Wonder how it affects him and how he deals with it.

    #malcolm reed #strange new world #star trek enterprise #enterprise rewatch#my musings #malcolm reed focused #likely fanfic fuel
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  • captain-andorable
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    ✨thank you post✨

    Just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone that supports my art on here 🥰🥰🥰 I absolutely see the repeat likes, reblogs, and the sweetest tags that make me break down and cry/laugh/ aaa!! I really wish I could reply to everyone's tags cause sometimes I'm literally screaming when I read them. (I'm still in shock that people genuinely like my art?!)

    I have to give an extra loud shout out to the Pike fans... because ya'll just keep encouraging me to draw this man 😂 So thank you!! You all light a fire in my soul, and I hope I can continue to do our Captain justice!!! 💖✨🖖

    (Sorry older photo for attention, I promise new Pike stuff is in the works!!! Including a piece for @starfleetstgmgr 's fic "A Matter of Time" which you ALL need to go read RIGHT NOW because it's incredible 💖✨)

    #THANK YOU FRIENDS #I LOVE YOU ALL #captain christopher pike #star trek#captain pike #star trek strange new worlds #this post got really long
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  • reallystressedhoneybee
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Star Trek Drabble: Caught in the Turbolift

    Caught in the Turbolift: Lieutenant Lucinda Evans has been avoiding Chris like the plague after the two shared a rather sensuous kiss at the birthday party of Commander Tar’ah. No matter how many times Chris seems to track Luce down to talk, she always slips away before he can get within six feet of her. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the meddling from a certain First Officer and a half-vulcan who, to be frank, had no business in the affairs of love.

    Warning: Fluff.

    To Note: Christopher Pike x OC

    Word Count: ~1.4k

    The avoidance tactic was working well. That is, until he figured out that I was purposefully avoiding him. Then he started getting a little sneakier about approaching me. But even then I managed to slip away in the nick of time before he cornered me.

    The patience of that man seemed to have no bounds, nor did his determination for that matter. If I lingered in the mess hall a minute too long, he was on to me, stopping in a hall to talk to a crew member? He materialized out of nowhere. He had even managed to almost get me while I was at my station performing my duties. I had narrowly escaped that one. An ensign that reported to me asked me for help with a readout he didn’t understand. I hadn’t been at my station to be caught.

    He was persistent and would no doubt pursue me until he completed his desired mission. Hunt down Lieutenant Lucinda Evans and ask her why she refused to talk to him about what happened at Commander Tar’ah’s birthday party.

    I had to admit; it was almost hurting me to avoid him. We were near best friends and had never gone more than a day without talking to each other. Now we were going on two weeks of no contact. Everyone was getting suspicious, even those that didn’t know us that well.

    But no way in hell was I talking about what went down at that party in which I might have had one too many drinks and then proceeded to do something that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

    “Evans, you’ve been working overtime for nearly two weeks. Call it quits before I have to order you.” My eyes lifted from the console I had been staring at for nearly thirteen hours.

    “I’m almost—“

    “Go. Home.”

    “Yes, ma’am,” I muttered before slowly closing up my station. It was late, and I was looking forwards to crashing back in my quarters and getting a good night’s sleep. We had gotten a transmission in from high command, along with several sets of data that needed to be transcribed and decoded. It was simple work, just a lot of it.

    A perfect excuse to be far too busy to talk to him.

    Rubbing my bleary eyes, I picked up my comms and turned off the location transmitter as I walked towards the door to the room. I was petty, but not so petty to the point where if someone had an emergency, they couldn’t contact me through my comms. Waving goodbye, I opened the door to the room and poked my head out, looking both ways down the hall before leaving. Coast was clear.

    I headed down the corridor in the direction of the turbo lift, and just as I was halfway there a voice rang out.

    “Lieutenant Evans, I was wondering if I may have a brief moment of your time?” I jerked in place, not expecting someone to talk to me, but was relieved to see that it was Spock that had spoken.

    “Ensign Spock, of course… what can I do for you?” I returned as I stopped in front of the lift and waited for one to arrive. From there while I waited for the lift Spock went into a long indentured speech about a transmission I had uncoded a few weeks ago and the mechanics behind it and if I were to be honest, I was only half listening.

    Spock seemed more interested in talking than actually asking me whatever question he had and by the time the lift arrived, well, he was still talking. But Spock seemed into whatever he was jabbering on about, so I was inclined to let him do so. My brain was fried from hours of transmission decoding.

    “… which is why I thought to come to you since you are notably the best decoder on the ship.” I blinked up at Spock as the lift doors opened to let whoever needed to use it into the lift. “Thank you for listening. Have a good night, Lieutenant.”

    What? Wasn’t he going to ask me a question? My eyes followed Spock as he exited and then went round when I caught sight of who was now boarding the lift.

    “Evening, Spock,”

    “Captain.” He didn’t. My jaw was nearly hanging open as I gawked at the half-vulcan walking down the corridor like he hadn’t just distracted me for a full five minutes so he could finally corner me in a space that I couldn’t escape.

    That was plain dirty, even for him.

    I tried skirting around the incoming man to dash out of the lift last minute, but he was quick to step in my way.

    “Lieutenant, I didn’t see you there,” He said with a cheerful smile that made me feel all that more guilty. The mere fact at how cheerfully he responded to my last ditch effort to escape gave me all the facts I needed. This was planned.

    I shrunk back.

    “Deck nine, please.” The lift started moving again. I had a few brief moments to simply panic in my mind before he spoke again. “Halt lift.”

    The lift slowed down to pause where it was, and I couldn’t help but flinch when he turned to me. But rather than speak again, he took a step in my direction. I was taking an automatic step back in time with him until my back hit wall. I tried to slip to the side, but a hand shot out and blocked my way. I dived for the other side, but ended up completely blocked in with a very determined and intimidating blue stare.

    “You’ve been avoiding me.” This time I was really shrinking back. How could he have retained such a calm and controlled look when I had literally done everything I could to avoid him for over two weeks? “Care to explain why?”

    “Been busy.” My lousy lie was blatant and down right not believable. An eyebrow went up like he was questioning if I had really just lied straight to his face. I pressed my lips together and stared at a hatch covering to the left.

    “You wanna try that again?”

    “Not particularly,” I mumbled back, slumping where I leaned. A hand reached up and took my chin, tilting my head until I was forced to look him in the eyes.

    “Come on, Luce, talk to me,” Chris asked gently, brushing his thumb across my chin. “Or are you giving me the silent treatment for kissing you?”

    My face flushed at the mention of the incident that had been plaguing my mind for the last few weeks.

    “So you meant to—to—“ I couldn’t even say the words out loud.

    “Kiss you?” Chris offered lightly. “Yeah, I did. Though this is the first time someone has avoided me for a solid two weeks for kissing them.”

    “I’m not exactly experienced in the dating scene, so forgive me for freaking out when my Captain and friend kisses me…” I huffed, then I blushed and tacked on one last part underneath my breath. “Even if I enjoyed it.”

    “You have an odd way of showing that.”


    “You gonna stop avoiding me now that we’ve cleared that?” I gave him a halfhearted shrug, my cheeks still feeling rather hot.

    “I guess?”

    “You guess?” Chris didn’t look convinced with my answer, and I just got all that much more flustered.

    “I don’t know… is—is this even remotely okay?”

    “That’s what you’re worried about?” My flustered look turned into a scowl as I glared at him. He let out a chuckle. “Luce, it’s not like you are a member of the bridge crew, no one is going to blink twice at this… if Una and Spock’s meddling hasn’t proven that already…”

    “Fine, but I seriously haven’t dated anyone since the academy and that ended up as a disaster so I literally have no idea what I am doing.”

    “You’re overthinking this already.” My eyes narrowed, and I huffed at him. Chris flashed me a cheeky smile before bending down and pressing his lips against my forehead. “Stop avoiding me, that’s all you need to do.”

    “I can do that.” I mumbled.

    “Good,” Chris answered, flashing me his thousand-watt smile. “In the meantime, you owe me dinner for all that avoiding. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”

    “Well, I was planning on making Chicken Florentine for dinner…”

    “You know I have a weakness for your cooking. Resume lift.”

    Christopher Pike Masterlist

    Date Published: 7/26/21

    Last Edit: 7/26/21

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  • chiropteracupola
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    my dad in 2019: read moby dick, it’s an adventure story, you like those!

    my dad in 2020: so I see you’re getting really into boat books... read moby dick, how about?

    my dad in 2021: read moby dick, it’s gay, isn’t that right.

    #news from the cupola #he is evolving #but still strange
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    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • thegirlthatsdancingintherain
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think it's good to remember things in life tend to happen very suddenly. it's not like movies where all the details of the plotline foreshadow the ending... those details are there in real life, too, but there's so many of them you don't know which ones will be the relevant ones until later and that's scary but also kind of beautiful

    #like when i first heard of covid i barely registered it as something major it was just news like any other news #it was something in china far away no more important than other international happenings my co-workers joked about it in passing #only now do i look back and think i wish i remembered more closely how it all began. but i don't because i didn't know it would be relevant #and that's on life and how strange time is because we only experience it in one direction thank you for coming to my ted talk
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