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  • zombiehopper
    25.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Colour Palette Meme

    Max Mayfield + To The Max

    send me a colour palette + show/movie/character/ship etc. and I’ll make a gifset of it.

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  • heapcfglory
    25.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

                                     billy hargrove || steve harrington

                       ind. canon divergent roleplay blogs || written by mash

                                  promo by the wonderful @xsafexspace​ ♥

    #( self promo. ) #stranger things rp #stranger things roleplay #canon rp#canon roleplay #thank you for this beautiful promo i cry ;; it's so pretty sdkjghd
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  • 0aurelion-sol0
    25.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    What ?

    A "The Matrix Ressurections" reference ?

    Baths ? Like the bathtub/baths in ST ?

    Do rubber ducks have any meanings that I don't know of ? 🤔

    And what the fuck does Brenner have to do with Steve ? Is there something underwater related to Brenner ?

    Is this just a shitpost ? Duffers get out of and give him back his account...

    After gay frogs now we have fucking rubber ducks ?

    #st4#st4 theory#st4 theories#st4 speculation #stranger things 4 #stranger things season 4 #stranger things#steve harrington#martin brenner #dr. brenner #dr. martin brenner #hawkins indiana #hawkins national laboratory #stranger things steve #steve stranger things
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  • dysfunctional05
    25.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    When you wanna make friends but you literally hate everyone

    #That clip from the American shameless where Mickey(?) is talking about how the gays are all ✨meH✨ and ✨bleH✨ #that me #like why can’t I be invited to sneak into a club or something instead of going to the woods at night with strangers on Halloween to ‘drink’ #like one of those sounds like a normal idea and the other sounds fucking weird #I mean no offence I appreciated the offer it’s just not my thing #let’s hang out at the library go to a nightclub or go shopping?? idek just something? #also I respect people whos identity is like a big part of their life and stuff #but just because I’m queer doesn’t mean I’m comfortable talking about binders/periods/what I identify as etc
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  • scoopsbonbon
    25.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Hello! I'm bonbon and I LOVE stranger things!!

    My fav characters are Robin, Nancy and steve!(I love all the characters, but these ones are my favorites)

    My ships: Ronance, Stancy, Harringrove and more.

    I just created my account and i've never used Tumblr before....so I hope you could help me out with some skills...

    Just follow me and let's talk about ST!!!

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  • izzymeadows
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    After finishing Stranger Things 2, I still want to take care of Eleven and shower her with love and hugs 🥺 my poor girl

    Also Will is my baby son and his birthday is one 1 day before mine and I find it funny.

    Also Steve? Steve is a fucking KING. His friendship with Dustin warms my heart. I need more of them and I'm like 👀 about season 3.

    Max you rock, but you're not "the zoomer" you're the rogue.

    #stranger things #stranger things season 2 #they all are my children
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  • sing-from-the-hair
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #stranger things#mileven #el x mike #millie bobby brown #stranger things cast #stranger things edit #el hopper#eleven hopper#jane hopper#sadie sink #eleven x max #mike x eleven #finn wolfhard
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  • therottenfew
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

                           wнen тнere ιѕ no мore rooм ιn нell,                              тнe dead ѕнall walĸ тнe earтн

                                                 ˢᵉˡᵉᶜᵗᶤᵛᵉ ᶤᶰᵈᵉᵖᵉᶰᵈᵉᶰᵗ ᵐᵘˡᵗᶤᵐᵘˢᵉ                                                        ᵃˢ ᵗᵒˡᵈ ᵇʸ ᵃˢʰ

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  • holyslytherinwastaken
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I drew Finn Wolfhard and the puppy from this photo

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  • novalunosiss
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I have so many ideas for fics that my notes app is completely clogged up. Have I ever actually written anything for any of these fics? No. Will I ever actually write anything for any of these fics? Also no.

    #it’s just so hard to find the motivation #I’m constantly busy from the time I wake up to when I go to sleep so I just have no energy 😩 #shut up nova #byler#stranger things#writing#fanfic#fan fiction#byler fanfic
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  • hawkinstigers
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    they're so precious <3

    #i can't stop laughing at the flayer/demogorgon icons..what was the REASON #stranger things#puzzle tales #best thing to come out of the game
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  • deathrisiing
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    does Steve die? he dies, doesn’t he? fuckin Google and its spoilers when you don’t even search those keywords. that is not what I meant when I said I wanted him to get wrecKed.

    #/ stranger things #I will be pissed but not surprised #bc it’s always the characters I’m attracted to that die #rhetorical btw I have 3 eps left #I’m so numb I don’t think itll bother me
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  • sightwander
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    // 𝑻𝒂𝒈𝒔

    #asks. — the visions never stop. #ooc. — out of sight out of mind. #dash com. — i see you. #memes. — author’s notes. #starter call. — answering the call #promo. — you’re important to this story. #aesthetics. — if you could imagine the things i’ve seen. #musings. — the less you know the better. #visage. — the seer the author the madman. #Interactions. — i think this is how it’s supposed to play out. #headcanons. — you’re making yourself paranoid. #self promo. — i never asked to be the protagonist. #verse. — main. #verse. — secondary. #verse. — tertiary. #verse. — it chapter 1. #verse. — it chapter 2. #verse. — stranger things. #verse. — midnight mass.
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  • verstapen
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    people on f1twt are so fucking wild, they will just straight up say “max is the greatest driver on the grid” and then argue with anyone who says otherwise like omg....... i think if i said that on main here i would be gutted like a fish

    #also imagine ARGUING on the internet with strangers #couldnt be me #i just say things if you disagree i do not give a shit fuck off
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  • sketchy-yy
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Heyo fellow simps and ship fanatics! I really love writing in my free time, and I was inspired by many others to create my own request masterlist. Have a read through and please message me any fic idea!

    This is a list of all my fandoms I’ll happily write fic on.

    RULES - I will NOT write any blatant smut, pedophilia, or anything along those lines. All requests related to the noted subjects will be deleted.  I mainly like to write fluff, but I’m happy with most levels of angst. Also yes ofcourse I’m open to lgbtq+ stuff! I’m a lesbian myself and that stuff is super cute :) I will write fic for young characters age 12-14 kinda thing. I’m a minor too, and I wish there was more little Ellie stuff :( and obviously NOT smut wtf

    I’ll do oneshots, full multichapter stories and reactions/headcannons. This includes Reader X Character, Ships, or platonic stuff. Or just other random stuff.

    Now that’s out of the way, here’s my fandoms:

    Life is Strange

    This includes all games from the series. 

    I won’t write for characters like Damon Merrick or Mark Jefferson.

    The Last of Us

    Both games from the franchise. 

    Most characters are all good. Never David.

    Yes, I would love to write fluffy stories about young Ellie, I’m fourteen and still have a crush on her haha.

    His Dark Materials

    Hjhjhjhj mainly bc I really like Lyra but aaa

    Maybe I’ll do Miss Coulter? Maybe Asriel? Depends on the prompt ig lol

    Attack on Titan

    Practically everyone yes

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    I love my girls

    Stranger Things

    All the reasonable characters are good :)

    I’m a super flexible shipper so I’m not biased against Byler and Mileven or Elmax. All are cute :)

    The Walking Dead (Video Games)

    I’m more into the fourth game and it’s characters but I’d do Kenny or some other characters from previous games.

    The Walking Dead (TV)

    Open to basically everyone. Obviously not the super fucked up characters, but that goes for everything.

    And more to come! If you like, you can request a fandom and I’ll check it out and see if I can get into it. I’ll keep updating this list as time flows :)

    #Stranger things #life is strange #the last of us #his dark materials #attack on titan #doki doki literature club #the walking dead game #the walking dead #Elmax#Byler#Chenrich#pricefield#rellie#Dellie#Silverparry#Eremin#Eremika#Natsuri #monika x sayori #Violentine#Clouis#Enid Rhee#Rositara#lgbt#gay#pride#Tlou #Riley x Ellie #Requests#Masterlist
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  • reddie-as-ill-ever-be
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Will and some girl singing ‘kiss me’ from Sweeny Todd

    And Mike being jealous as fuck

    Yes Will would be the one playing Antony. Fucking fight me.

    Please I just want a theatre au with Sweeny Todd

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  • smashmouth-hargrove
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Tommy's mom is a nurse,,, pass it on.

    #Why because I said so #Tommy H#Stranger things #did I wake up and specifically open my lap top to type this? #yeah #goodnight again yall lmao
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  • dopeasspancake
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    AU where Max and Eleven are both famous pop stars and Billy and Steve ghost write their songs (Billy for Max and Steve for El). BUT Billy and Steve are also exes who have no idea who the other writes for, and they always end up writing songs for/about each other and eventually Max and Eleven realize what’s going on and help get them back together 😌

    The thought that Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift) is 100% a song Steve would write will not leave my brain. Like just imagine him watching her record it in studio to make sure she conveys all the emotion he put into it 🥺

    Also Billy would 100% write Bad Guy (Billie Eilish) lol

    That’s it. That’s the plot.

    #harringrove #song writer AU #pop star AU #billy hargrove#steve harrington#max mayfield #eleven stranger things #stranger things
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  • bonniebirddoesgifs
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Billy Hargrove (Stranger Things) - Credit if using

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  • august-grey
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    read on ao3


    Halloween 1984

    If there’s one thing Alice had learned in the past year, it was extremely hard to say no to Nancy Wheeler. After almost dying together at the Byers’ house, the girls had become close. In Alice’s experience, you can’t really come out of a monster attack without making a couple friends in the process.

    Alice could tell Nancy had been having a hard time lately, so when Nancy insisted that she come with her to Tina’s Halloween party and just be “stupid teenagers” for once, Alice couldn’t find it in herself to say no. That’s how she found herself being chauffeured to a bonafide high school party in the backseat of Steve Harrington’s car, nervously yanking down the too-short sleeves of the Princess Leia costume she’d worn a few years prior.

    Truthfully, Alice head still swam when she tried to process everything that had happened last November and what she had learned afterward. A monster from another dimension, a little girl with psychic powers, sweet Will Byers seemingly coming back to life, the truth behind Barbara Holland’s disappearance. With the one-year anniversary coming up it was no wonder Nancy was having a difficult time, Alice thought. Nancy needed all the support she could get and if getting shit-faced with a bunch of teenagers she couldn’t care less about would help, then Alice was all for it.

    “So is Jonathan meeting us there or what?” Alice leaned forward, resting her cheek on the side of Nancy’s headrest. As much as she loved hanging out with Nancy and though Steve was really growing on her as a friend, Alice always felt a bit like a third wheel when it was just the three of them. Oddly enough, she felt the same way when it was just her, Nancy, and Jonathan, but she was choosing to ignore that for Nancy’s sake.

    “I mean, he said he’d think about it, so…maybe?” Nancy shrugged, clearly feigning disinterest. Alice narrowed her eyes skeptically but quickly dropped the subject as Steve pulled up to Tina’s house. One look at chaos outside had Alice instantly regretting letting Nancy talk her into coming.

    There were people everywhere; rowdy groups spilling out of the house and onto the front lawn, couples draped over cars and pressed against trees. A boy dressed as an astronaut rushed past Alice as she let herself out of Steve’s car. She observed as he stumbled over to a bush, struggling to get his helmet off before he—

    “Oh ew.” Alice scrunched her nose, turning away from the disgusting scene. “It’s not even nine yet, jeeze.”

    “Having second thoughts?” Steve nudged her playfully as the trio wove their way across the lawn, sidestepping empty plastic cups and stray partygoers laying in the grass. He jogged ahead, opening the front door for the girls.

    “No turning back now, I suppose.” Alice looped her arm through Nancy’s, and stepped through the doorway. The inside of the house was only marginally better than the mayhem they had witnessed outside. Alice was immediately hit with the scent of sweaty teens and beer. Bass thumping from the speakers pounded in her chest as she tried to center herself. At least the music is decent, Alice thought, watching the writhing mass of dancing bodies in the middle of the living room.

    “HEY HARRINGTON!” Steve’s stiffened as he scanned the room for the source of the voice. Alice felt Nancy flinch and withdraw her arm from Alice’s. A group of boys stalked toward the trio; Billy Hargrove, Hawkins’ newest “bad boy”, was leading the pack, bare-chested and reeking of beer. Tommy H., in his full Kobra Kai regalia, tailed Billy like a lost puppy, popping out from behind his shoulder to heckle Steve.

    “We got ourselves a new keg king, Harrington!” Tommy jeered, slapping Billy on the back. Alice rolled her eyes at the ensuing show of machoism, Steve holding himself tall as Billy invaded their personal space. Alice instinctively took a step backward, reaching out a hand toward Nancy. But Nancy wasn’t there. She gave a quick sweep of the area, looking for her friend. No luck.

    “Hey, uh…Steve?” She tapped his arm with the back of her hand, still keeping an eye out for Nancy. Steve’s attention snapped away from whatever weird staring contest he was having with Billy in the moment, and focused on her. “We lost Nancy.”

    “Shit, okay. I’ll go kitchen, you go bathroom. Meet back up in the living room?” Alice nodded her agreement and made to move past the gaggle of boys blocking her way. The majority of the group dispersed, melting back into the party. To her displeasure, Billy stood his ground. Now Alice wasn’t entirely immune to his charm. The guy was good-looking. But Alice also wasn’t an idiot and knew that looks only got you so far. Billy had been at Hawkins High less than a week and already had a not so great reputation when it came to his romantic pursuits.

    “Excuse me,” She said, trying to squeeze her way past Billy without actually touching him. She wasn’t sure if that was sweat or oil or beer making his chest glisten, but she wasn’t about to get close enough to find out.

    “Where ya going so fast, princess?” He drawled, taking a long drag of his cigarette. “You had enough of Harrington already?”

    “I mean you literally just heard that conversation, but obviously your auditory comprehension isn’t great so I’m just gonna…” Alice trailed off as Billy took a step closer, so that he was basically leaning over her and she had to almost fully tilt her head back to look at him. Her pulse quickened as he gently tugged a curl of hair that had fallen out of one of her makeshift spacebuns. She felt frozen in place, all sense of dignity and self-preservation shoved to the back of her mind. To be fair, he was really pretty.

    “Let’s dance.” Billy’s hand moved from her hair to the back of her neck, trailing down her body to the small of her waist. He was so close she could smell the tobacco on his breath, mingling with a crisp mint.

    “Uhhh….” She spluttered, stupidly. Shaking herself from her trance, Alice slid from Billy’s grip and put a good three feet between them. She could feel her face heat, undoubtedly turning an embarrassing shade of red. What the hell was that? “No. No, I mean…sorry. Maybe later? I uh…my friend. Gotta…Nancy.”

    “Later then.” Billy smirked. “I’ll hold ya to that.”

    She let out an manic sort of giggle before scurrying away, hiding herself among the crowd. There was one thing for sure, Alice needed to find her friends before she made an absolute fool of herself over Billy fucking Hargrove.


    A few hours later Alice was pleasantly buzzed. She’d not quite caught up to Nancy, who was teetering on the edge of fun drunk and sloppy, but she’d certainly had enough to let her previous anxieties mellow. Letting herself loosen up, Alice danced wildly with Nancy and Steve. It felt good to let go a bit. She wasn’t worried about her brother or her mom or school or monsters for once. She was just a kid at a party, having fun with her friends and trying to avoid a boy she knew was no good for her.

    “I need another drink,” Nancy shouted to her over the music, shaking her empty cup and began to weave through the crowd toward the kitchen. Alice and Steve exchanged a glance, neither wanting to say what they both were thinking. Alice tilted her head in Nancy’s direction and Steve took off after her, leaving Alice on the dancefloor.

    Taking a sip of her own drink, Alice continued to bop around to the music. She felt exposed without the comfort of her friends close by, but the alcohol dulled her senses enough that she didn’t care all that much. She closed her eyes and shimmied around in a circle, stopping only when she felt a pair of warm hands settle on either side of her waist and a warm, solid mass pressing into her back.

    “Your friends ditch ya?” Billy breathed in her ear, sending a full body shiver down her spine. Before she had the chance to overthink it, Alice downed the rest of her drink and spun to face him, looping her arms around his neck. Fuck it, the guy might be sleazy, but he was gorgeous and Alice was drunk. What could one little dance hurt? She gyrated her hips to the beat, matching his rhythm.

    “They didn’t ditch me,” Billy’s hands gripped Alice’s hips, pulling her against him. She let out a little gasp. “They uh, they had business to attend to.”

    “Sounds formal.” Alice’s clouded thoughts were interrupted by a small commotion from the kitchen. She turned her head toward the sound, hoping Nancy and Steve weren’t making a scene. Simultaneously, Billy ground his hips into hers, one hand gripping her tightly while the other cupped her cheek, turning her back toward him. He lowered his face, mouth hovering centimeters away from hers. She could almost taste the the tangy beer on his breath, clashing with the sweetness of her own drink still fresh on her lips.

    Alice let her eyes flutter shut and closed the gap between them. In an instant, she was backed into a wall, Billy hard against her, mouth hungrily devouring her own. Her hands slid from his neck, one firmly gripping the lapel of his jacket, the other roaming the solid skin underneath. In response, Billy did some exploring of his own, trailing kisses up her jaw to the spot right below her ear. Alice let out a soft, breathy moan that only encouraged Billy to continue his way down her neck to—

    Alice eyes flew open as a door slammed shut. Billy continued his assault on her neck as she caught a glimpse of a distraught Steve rushing from the bathroom toward the front door, brushing by a startled looking Jonathan. This couldn’t be good.

    With as much force as she could muster, Alice regretfully extracted herself from Billy. Quickly trying to smooth her rumpled dress that had somehow been hiked up her thighs, she backed away from him. Her head was swimming,

    “Sorry, this was fun, but I think my friends need me. See you around, I guess?” Alice offered Billy a quick smile before leaving him, baffled and open-mouthed.

    She made a bee-line straight to Jonathan who was, in turn, hurrying toward the bathroom. Alice put a hand out to stop him.

    “Jon! What happened?” She searched his face as though she could find the answer there.

    “I think Nancy and Steve had a fight. He pushed past me a second ago, but I think he left her in the bathroom. I’m gonna go check on her, you wanna see if Steve’s alright?” Level-headed as always, that Jonathan was. Alice smiled and patted his arm, sending him on his way. If there was anyone Alice trusted to help Nancy right now and make sure she got home safely, it was Jonathan. Feeling comforted that Nancy was in good hands, she focused on her new task: Steve.

    Alice followed Steve’s path out the door. To her pleasant surprise his car was still parked at the end of the street, headlights on but unmoving. She carefully, but quickly jogged across the lawn, which was now an even bigger mess than it had been when they had gotten here.

    Once she was close enough to the BMW Alice could make out Steve through the windshield, hands on the wheel, staring straight ahead. Trying not to startle him, she gently tapped on the passenger side window. Without looking at her, Steve leaned across and unlocked the door. Alice slid in, catching a glimpse of herself in the side-view mirror and grimaced at the state of her hair. She’d worked so hard on those buns and now they looked more like a couple of birds nests stuck to the sides of her head. Settling back in her seat, she methodically started to work the thousand or so bobby pins stuck into her skull.

    “So,” she began, dropping pin after pin into the center console. “You wanna talk about what happened in there?”

    “We had a fight.” He said, confirming Jonathan’s earlier suspicions. “But I don’t want to just leave her in there when she’s like this.”

    “Jonathan is taking care of her,” Alice offered, trying to give him some comfort. “You wouldn’t be leaving her to fend for herself. He’ll make sure she gets home alright.”

    Steve’s grip on the wheel tightened. “Right. Jonathan. Good. Great.”

    They sat in uncomfortable silence for a few moments before Alice asked, “You okay?”

    Steve sighed, sank back into his seat, and shook his head. He shifted the car into drive and turned toward Alice.

    “Wanna get fries?”

    “I thought you’d never ask.”


    “So yeah, basically Nancy doesn’t love me and probably has never loved me because she thinks we basically killed Barb so everything we are or have ever had together is bullshit.” Steve finished recounting the gritty details of the argument by dramatically dropping his head into his folded arms.

    He and Alice were crammed into the tiny back booth of the crowded diner, a basket of fries sat between them beside Steve’s slumped form. Alice was sprawled out on her side of the booth, Steve’s discarded blazer wrapped around her shoulders, finishing the last of her strawberry milkshake and tutting at the pitiful boy before her.

    Gently placing her empty glass on the table, she patted the top of Steves head comfortingly. The situation was absolutely fucked. On one hand, Nancy was her best friend. Alice felt an obligation to defend her, but the absolute heartbreak on Steve’s face made her gut twist.

    “Listen, I’m not trying to excuse her behavior, but Nancy was absolutely wasted. I don’t believe for a second that she doesn’t love you. But maybe there was some truth behind what she said. She’s probably feeling so much guilt over Barb that she hasn’t processed. She might feel like she’s not honoring Barb’s memory by carrying on like nothing happened.

    “And honestly it’s totally possible to see where she’s coming from. That whole…experience…was so surreal. I still have nightmares so bad that I sleep with a knife in my bedside table.” Steve turned his head in his arms, peeking at Alice from under his hair. She took a deep breath and tried to swallow the lump growing in her throat. She had meant for this to be a comforting conversation, but it had quickly gone south with her rambling. Not seeming to be able to stop, she let herself continue to open up to Steve.

    “But none of us talk about it. I’ve been hanging out with you and Nancy and Jonathan for almost a year now and we haven’t talked about it once. I mean, I’m probably only talking about it now because apparently I have no filter and low impulse control when I’m drunk, but like, how are any of us supposed to heal if we can’t even talk to the only people who understand what we went through.” Alice ducked her head, now fully trying not to cry. She was frustrated with how the night had ended up.

    “I have nightmares, too.” Steve spoke up after a few seconds. Alice lifted her head and found that he had pulled himself from his prone position and had fixed her with an intense gaze. He continued in a voice so low she had to lean across the table to hear him, “I have a hard time sleeping because of them. Sometimes it’s all the same which is bad enough, but mostly I don’t make it back in time to save anyone. Not Nancy, not Jonathan…not you. I get through the door and you’re all just torn apart. Barb’s there sometimes. She doesn’t say anything but I know what she’s trying to tell me. That it’s my fault. My fault you’re all dead. That she’s dead.”

    “But you did come back,” she reminded him. “You were scared and came back anyway. You saved us, Steve.”

    “Sometimes I don’t think I would’ve if you hadn’t shown up and run in there like a maniac.” He admitted. “You made me feel brave enough. Or maybe stupid enough.”

    Alice felt her cheeks redden at his confession. She was certain Steve would have charged back into the Byers regardless of her presence, but she could certainly see herself inspiring that kind of idiocy in others.

    “Have you ever thought about telling Nancy all of this?” Alice asked, attempting to bring them back to the original subject: Steve’s relationship.

    “No,” he shook his head, his eyes darting away from hers. “No, I just— I never wanted to worry her. I wanted to be strong for her after she’d gone through so much.”

    “Well, I think you need talk to her. To show her you’re on the same page.” Alice stated confidently. “Steve, you went through a lot, too. You should be able to be vulnerable with the person you love.”

    Steve gave her small smile. He seemed to be in slightly better spirits. “Any other advice while I’ve got the romance expert here?”

    “Oh, no way. You shouldn’t actually listen to anything I’ve said tonight. I talk big, but I very rarely follow my own advice. Speaking of which…” Alice winced, thinking about some of the not so smart choices she had made only hours earlier. Steve raised a questioning eyebrow as he shoved a cold fry in his mouth. “Can I tell you a secret if you swear not to judge me?”

    “Cross my heart,” He garbled through a mouthful of potato, drawing an x across his chest.

    “I made out with Billy Hargrove tonight.”

    “You what?!” Steve choked out. Alice cackled as he coughed bits of chewed food into a napkin. She waited, amused, for him to recover. He stretched across the table, taking her hand between his own. “Alice, nooo. You deserve so much better than that creep. Please tell me you’re not actually interested in him.”

    Alice stuttered mid-laugh. She had expected him to think it was funny, to immediately start making fun of her. But there was real concern in his eyes that gave her pause.

    “No way,” she scoffed, trying to play it off. “I told you before, Drunk Alice has low impulse control and and even lower standards. It was just a bit of fun. I’m not looking to marry the guy, Steve.”

    “I’m sorry, I know it’s not my business who you kiss,” Steve looked down at their joined hands before withdrawing and tucking them under the table. The sudden loss of warmth left a pit in Alice’s chest. She shook the feeling off as Steve continued, “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

    It was Alice’s turn to give Steve a reassuring smile. “I don’t have to worry about being hurt as long as you’re here to look out for me.”

    “Well, I’ll be here as long as you need.”

    #steve harrington #steve harrington x oc #steve harrington x original character #stranger things #stranger things fanfiction #Steve Harrington/of #Steve Harrington/original character #I don’t need your closure
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