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    ♫ I can’t comprehend the fact that I have you ♫

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  • stranger things sucks but i miss steve harrington

    #yes stranger things is one of my fav shows yes it sucks and i hate it #steve#stranger things
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  • Can’t lose HIM again!

    So mike says he can’t lose El again. But they end up leaving in the end and that was when he realized he loves Will also and can’t lose him again. He loves eleven as a friend!!!

    You might have seen the parallels where mike hugs his mom after Will’s “body” was found and when he hugs his mom after the Byers+El have left. This could have been partly because of eleven and maybe all others Byer members but the hurt he feels probably goes to Will and how he didn’t get to apologize and how he never got to tell will how much he loved him.

    The thing that makes him really break was that he never got to properly apologize to Will and they left off on a bad note. I can only hope that in ST4 there is a part where they talk about it. That would literally be so cute

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  • modern day steve would have tiktok and would make stupid funny bizarre videos with the kids and robin

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  • I only got the chance to do a super quick test tonight so I’ll take better pics and do better makeup soon!!!!!

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  • Millie Bobby Brown - Time 100

    #millie bobby brown #lovely#beautiful#muse #not kids anymore #time 100 #dolce & gabbana #2018#stranger things
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    “there’s more to life than stupid boys, you know.”

    holiday celebration gift for @mellarksevrdeenmax mayfield/hargrove (stranger things) happy holidays tess!
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  • I don’t remember making this

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  • Billy: *lying in bed seductively* Why don’t you come join me, pretty boy?

    Steve: Billy, please put your shirt back on, we’re in Ikea. People are staring.

    #harringrove#steve harrington#billy hargrove #billy x steve #incorrect stranger things quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect harringrove quotes #stranger things
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    A4: 21 x 29,7 cm (11.7 x 8.3 inc) - $8

    A3: 29,7 x 42 cm (11,7×16,5 inc) - $15

    Dm me to buy this (I don’t have store)

    Really grateful for reblogs💗💖💓

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  • was on IMDb looking at one of their lists and it looks like they’re a lil confused

    #game of thrones #the umbrella academy #breaking bad#stranger things
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  • “I ship Eugene wit his new radio gal pal. I’m getting some strong Suzie and Dustin feels.”

    #TWD #The Walking Dead #TWD Eugene #Suzie and Dustin #Stranger Things#Dustin Henderson#ST Suzie #Suzie Stranger Things #Stranger Things Suzie #ST Dustin #Dustin Stranger Things #Stranger Things Dustin
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  • nancy wheeler 

    images don’t belong to me. all credit goes to the original owners.

    #nancy wheeler #nancy wheeler imagine #nancy wheeler x reader #nancy wheeler x you #nancy wheeler moodboard #nancy wheeler aesthetic #nancy stranger things #stranger things nancy #stranger things #stranger things imagine #stranger things aesthetic #stranger things moodboard
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  • It’s Monday and Billy’s got Tracy Daniel’s pushed against the lockers.

    Steve watches, only mildly irritated.

    He wouldn’t give a single shit, if it wasn’t his locker being blocked.

    Tracy’s tall, taller than Billy, but he’s got one of her legs hitched up and she clings to his back like her life fucking depends on it. Like if she let go she’d fall off the edge of the earth.

    Steve gets it. When Billy’s attention is on you, it’s like you’re the only thing in the world.

    Her second leg soon joins the first and she’s wrapped around Billy tight, mouth open, making soft and desperate noises.

    Steve wonders if she has any sense of fucking dignity. But again, he gets it. You take these moments from Billy, drink them in desperately like it’s the first gulp of water you’ve had in days.

    It’s satiating.

    Steve is now more than mildly irritated.

    God, where the fuck is a teacher when you need one.

    Billy’s grinding against her, slowly, minuscule movements, and Steve would bet his whole savings that she’s wetter than the cafeteria sloppy joe’s.

    What kind of name is Tracy Daniel? Her last name is a first name, it’s fucking stupid. Steve finds himself incredibly irritated.

    “Ahem.” Steve clears his throat loudly, deep lines embedded in his forehead.

    They don’t notice him.

    “Excuse me.” He says, loudly.

    Still nothing.

    The fucking audacity.

    “Hey, c’mon!” Steve yells, reaching out and shoving at Billy.

    The boy breaks away from her. Tracy’s legs find the ground, shaky like a newborn calf.

    “Oh, Harrington. Didn’t see you there.”

    “No fucking shit, Hargrove. That’s my locker. Take it outside for fucks sake.” Steve snarls.

    Tracy, despite having a stupid fucking name, is no pushover. She fixes Steve with fiery eyes and flips him off before grabbing Billy by the wrist and dragging him away.

    “Hope you enjoyed the show!” Billy shouts as he’s pulled away, making a gross snorting sound when he laughs.


    “Tracy Daniel? Tracy fucking Daniel?” Steve’s muttering, one hand buried in Billy’s hair, pulling back, holding him up while his other hand digs into Billy’s hip, brutal, pinching any skin he can get ahold of. He wants it to hurt.

    But Billy likes it to hurt. So once again, he’s winning.

    Steve’s thrusting his dick into Billy at a fast, unforgiving pace. The slide of it makes his back, chest and neck red. Billy’s moaning, eyes shut, one hand slipping down the sheets to grab hold of his dick.

    Steve lets go of his hair and grapples for Billy’s hand. “No, don’t you fucking dare. This isn’t about you, asshole. You get to fucking wait.” He says, lips pressed against Billy’s ear, teeth pressed tight together.

    He’s irate.

    Steve leans back up, gets both hands on Billy’s ass, holds on and pounds into him, making Billy cry out and collapse forward on the side of head, hands bunched up in the sheets. His mouth is open and Steve can see the sheen of saliva threatening to spill.

    “Think Tracy can do this for you?” Steve talks low and fast, spitfire angry. “Think you can come the way you do for me when you’re with her?”

    He slaps Billy’s ass twice, hard, open-palm. Billy shouts, turns his head back and his eyes are nearly shut.

    “Please, Steve, don’t stop.”

    And there, right there. That’s what he wants.

    Steve pulls all the way back, so that just the head of his dick is inside Billy, just catching the rim.

    He pulls out, fuming. His body is running on so much adrenaline and he’s shaking as he gets off the bed and finds his jeans.

    “What the? Steve?” Billy rolls over, stares at him while he gets dressed.

    Steve winces as he gets his dick in his jeans, notable bulge protruding.

    “Till you’re done with them, I’m done with you.” Steve bits out, angry angry angry.

    “Harrington, what the fuck?” Billy shouts, sitting up on the bed but Steve knows he’s not getting off it. Steve fucked him too good, too long, kept staving off his orgasms. Billy’s not moving.

    “Go fuck yourself.” Steve says, fully dressed.

    He leaves, slamming Billy’s bedroom door behind him.


    It’s Tuesday and Tracy’s making a scene in the hallway because Billy Hargrove just broke up with her.

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  • Ao3 | FFN | The Music

    El furrowed her eyebrow in confusion. “What are you talking about?” she asked, frowning. 

    “It’s just that Dustin’s having a party tonight and he wants me to try and bring a keg of beer.”

    El burst out laughing. “A keg of beer?” she repeated. “Could he have picked a worse person to try and illegally bring beer to a party for minors?” 

    Mike felt just the slightest bit offended by her statement. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

    #Mileven #Mike x Eleven #OTP: You're The Most Important Thing To Me In The World #OTP: IT Makes You Crazy #OTP: I Love You Too #Stranger Things#fan fiction#userbeautifullyflawed
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  • Has anyone written a fic where Steve is actually a teen parent?

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