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  • Honestly the Stranger Things kids get more badass every season. I mean none of them are physically intimidating,!don’t get me wrong, if Dustin came up to me in a dark alley and threatened me with my life I’d squish his cheeks and five him baby talk but-

    They’re taking charge more and now those who needed to be saved are doing the saving.

    Reference: Mike saving El (a few times actually), Dustin literally breaking into a Russian base to save Steve and Robin’s drugged asses whilst also being the reason the adults didn’t die in the same Russian base, The Griswald Family sans Mike and Max saving El, Lucas saving members of the Griswald Family in several occasions…

    Point is, by season 3 the teens and adults are often stepping aside or have to rely on The Party more to let them take the lead and trust them to save their asses and honestly I’m so soft for it. Like in Season 1 they more or less were just kind of there and dragged into it because they had El.

    In season 2 they had a little more say but their word was more of a ‘just to consider’ kind of situation until it got into the thick of the danger in which case it’s listen to the kids or die from ignorance.

    Season 3 has them feel more like equals than some group of kids who just so happened to know about what was going down and being roped into the situations and that’s one of the reasons season 3 is my absolute favourite season.

    To conclude, my babies are becoming a band of badasses and I demand more appreciation for The Party badassery.

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  • At the end of the day at least there’s one thing we can all agree on:

    Steve Harrington has the phatest most voluptuous dick to ever grace the face of this god forsaken planet.

    #amen#Steve Harrington#Stranger Things #It's almost 6 am someone make me go to sleep please
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  • i want to rewatch Star Wars. but i also want to rewatch Harry Potter and The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes and a tone of series.

    but laziness yknow ?

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  • “Billy… Please, will you talk to me?”

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  • My dash has been abnormally dead lately and I just want some new people to follow and more content on my dash so reblog this if you have a tagging system and reblog/post any of the following:

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    • Films
    • Horror shows/movies
    #marvel#teen wolf #avatar: the last airbender #atla#dc#stranger things #game of thrones #disney #the umbrella academy
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  • Steve, to the Scoops Troop: Alright, here’s the plan. 
    Steve: Step 1: Get the plan. Step 2: Do the plan. 

    #steve harrington#scoops troop#babysitter steve#mom steve#dad steve#leader steve#omg #honestly same though #like #this is such a mood #me trying to make a plan all the time #also sorry i missed a day everyone #i'm back now lol #stranger things #stranger things incorrect quotes #i love him
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  • s03e01 / s03e02.

    #billy hargrove#billyhargroveedit#stranger things#strangerthingsedit#mine*#s3 #sry for putting nasties on your dash but for the sake of parallels... #i am weak #sb tell me if this has been done i honestly cannot keep track
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  • #stranger things #stranger things theories #jim hopper#anon #ask miss t
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    this was me after watching the video that was posted to twitter tonight because i’m glad i got some new dacre content but it was short lived and poorly executed

    #all in all #they did my boy DIRTY #saying he was gonna be a villain all along?? #how can you do that #to a CHILD #that is being FUCKING ABUSED #anyway #thanks for coming to my rant #billy hargrove#stranger things#dacre montgomery
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  • through karen’s eyes pt- 1 (byler)

    Karen watches as her son grows up, makes friends, falls in love, and experiences untold horrors

    - she always wanted a girl, when her first child, nancy, had been a girl karen had been overjoyed

    - the thing was, girls were easy for karen, after all she was a girl- woman probably was the correct term but sometimes she still felt like the naïve young girl she was in her youth

    - when she had a boy, mike, she was terrified. she had no idea what to expect, how to act, she was so scared of messing up and it’s not as though ted would be of any help, he would only be there to criticise her mistakes

    - nancy turned out studious, quiet, slightly uptight, rather quick to anger, feminine, she was so many things karen was

    - mike was rambunctious, stubborn, also studious, outgoing

    - on his first day of school karen was so surprised at how scared he was, clinging tightly onto her and even nancy with whom he regularly bickered

    - she was happy when he came home regaling tales of his teacher and other students and of his new friend, will

    - it was a long time before she met this boy whom mike constantly talked about

    - he was so silent and nervous when she first met him, karen couldn’t understand how he had become friends with mike

    - over the years will came out of his shell more and more, with small smiles eventually growing to wide grins in her presence

    - mikeandwill eventually grew to mikeandwillandlucas, then in fourth grade to mikeandwillandlucasanddustin

    - the boys were a rowdy bunch and karen turned the basement into a space for them to play their games or whatever they spent so much time doing

    - she liked all of the boys, however, she always had a soft spot for will, he was after all mikes first friend, and he felt like a second son to karen

    - she still vividly remembers when he confessed to her about his father, she had noticed the way he would flinch at movements and always seemed to have various bruises (and various excuses), when he had left that day she cried over how someone could be so horrible to such a sweet little boy

    - when lonnie finally left will spent a few nights at the wheelers house while joyce and jonathan tried to settle the dust

    - one night she caught will sobbing in mikes arms in the kitchen, she decided not to interrupt, seeing the way her son was soft and comforting in a way she had never seen

    - will was good for mike, she decided, he was a calming influence that he desperately needed

    - when will went missing, saw an unbridled panic in her son’s eyes, but she would have taken that anyway over the broken looks when he collapsed in her arms one night- will was dead

    - that night karen found herself crying over the fate of will byers

    - when will was found, karen was dumbfounded, she knew there was more to the story than anyone seemed to be letting on, she knew both mike and nancy were involved, she could see it in their eyes, their new closeness, their tears shed behind locked doors

    - most of all she knew from the government agents coming to their house making them sign all sorts of forms with stories of a russian girl- stories that seemed off for some reason but who was she to go against what the government says

    - she felt her heart break for her children, forced to experience something, some untold trauma she had no idea about and probably never would

    - most of all her heart broke for will byers, seeing him in the hospital looking so small and scared and weak

    - she felt better seeing the two boys together, the way they seemed to relax around one another, the small smile that appeared whenever they were together, the giggles that erupted between them and with no one else

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  • hopper: joyce, you’re like an angel with no wings.

    joyce: so, like a person

    #stranger things #stranger things incorrect quotes #stranger things incorrect quote #incorrect stranger things #st#hopper#jim hopper#joyce byers#jopper#david harbour#winona ryder #i miss them #source: parks and rec
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  • this is what true love looks like

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  • Steve: sometimes I can’t tell if you really care about me


    #saw the pic and had to make something #thanks johnny for the help. #harringrove#billy hargrove#steve harrington#stranger things #steve harrington x billy hargrove #incorrect quotes stranger things #incorrect quotes #stranger things fanfiction #mine
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  • Timeline-wise, it’s not impossible for Max Hargrove to be Wendy Corduroy’s mom.

    #you'll stop getting posts about this fandom everyone else moved on from at least a year ago when #1) things get better or 2) i get it out of my system #and not a MINUTE BEFORE #please be kind if i have got my math wrong i am but a humble storyteller #gravity falls#stranger things
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    My top ten favorite TV Shows

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