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    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    a handful of fic recs

    so bc im insane, these will be organized by genre instead of group

    Science Fiction 

    Residue written by @taetaesbaebaepsae

    pairing: Monsta X’s Joohoney x fem reader

    sub genres: strangers to lovers, Android au

    warnings: vanilla smut, just generally heartbreaking, theres a lot of ways to read the subtext and general commentary in this fic, and they just hurt even more

    when I tell you I cried and it took me d a y s to get over this fic, f u c k. the world building is done very well, and after reading and taking days to process this reminded me of how much I love sci-fi as a tool for social commentary. this also made me rethink how to use the idea of “humanity” and what exactly defines it. 


    Goldstorm and Bug Boy written by @masterninjacow

    pairing: ATEEZ’s Yunho x fem reader

    sub genres: rivals to friends to lovers, mutual pining, superhero au 

    warnings: violence, some slight gore, sexual tension 

    this is so fucking cute. it reminds me of my childhood reading comics and the small snapshot stories in kids superhero cartoons. Yunho makes for a Spiderman I really like, less the awkward nerdy boy, and more so the gentle kind and playful man. he's easy to imagine as an older, mid twenties Spiderman, and his almost mentoring relationship with reader I really enjoy. 


    I'm yours, you're mine written by @wildernessuntothemselves

    pairing: Stray Kid’s Felix x fem reader (x Chan)

    sub genres: heavy smut, yandere, psychological horror

    warnings: !NON CON!, BDSM, murder, public sex, heavy dom/sub dynamics, abuse (physical and emotional), stalking, cheating, I'm 100% positive there is more I'm forgetting

    honestly if you like yandere, or things like Killing Stalking you will probably enjoy this fic. the horror is mostly pretty slowburn until it kinda hits you all at once. I literally knew how it would end from the very beginning yet I STILL found myself gasping with a hand over my mouth when everything is revealed. 


    Twilight written by @foreveryouaremystar

    pairing: ATEEZ’s Mingi x fem reader

    sub genres: enemies to lovers, royalty au 

    I am stretching this fic by putting it in this category but I do think the first couple of chapters fit 

    warnings: abusive family, adult content 

    I'm the biggest sucker for Mingi in royalty aus, but this one focuses on him as the son of a conqueror king. theres some subtext I like about what it means for a kingdom to be “taken over”. Mingi isn't written as the usually awkward fluff ball, and it focuses well on his intimidating air and high intelligence. 


    [17.25] written by @lettersfromaphrodite

    pairing: Stray Kid’s Changbin x fem reader

    sub genres: vampire au, prostitute au

    warnings: BDSM, smut, switch!Changbin 

    this is lovely if you are looking for a sexy spooky vibe. I adore this authors work and this is a not so guilty pleasure of mine. 

    Slice Of Life

    Fall Season written by @star-lemonade

    pairing: A.C.E’s Sehyoon x fem reader x Byeongkwan 

    sub genres: non idol au, polyamory, LGBT+ 

    warnings: smut, threesome

    wow this fic makes me soft. especially the relationship dynamic of reader and BK. as a queer person reading Sehyoon and Byeongkwan’s dynamic in this fic contrasted to Sehyoon and readers dynamic really pulled on my heart stings. both our male leads here are bi in this fic and reader has to overcome their own biphobia in their character development and I think its written well. 


    All In written by @tenelkadjowrites

    pairing: ATEEZ’s Mingi x fem reader

    sub genres: best friends to lovers, fake marriage au

    warnings: drinking, smut, size kink

    this is exactly what the summery says, and its perfect. please drink responsibly. if I had any notes for the author it would be: you made me cry with Mingi’s confession at the end and my layer will be contacting you-

    [17.59] written by @lettersfromaphrodite

    pairing: Stray Kid’s Jeongin x fem reader

    sub genres: royal au, strangers to lovers, found family

    warnings: emotional abuse, assassin reader

    LITTLE BABY PRINCE JEONGIN I would die for him. hes so fucking adorable never speak to me again. this fic is sad as fuck in the beginning but don't worry it has a happy ending

    Mis. Series

    so I wanna shout out these series from these two authors really quick

    @i-see-thevision ‘s Stray Kids Heaven Or Hell

    genres: various

    summery: each story depicts a SKZ member as either a demon or an angel, and follows their relationship with each of their readers. 

    my personal favorites: Jisung and Changbin


    @lettersfromaphrodite ‘s wereworlf x witch Stray Kids series

    genres: soulmates au

    summery: each member of SKZ’s pack finds their mate, who each happen to be witches. a coven and sisterhood is formed among the wives of this pack of wolves.

    my personal favorites: Felix, Chris, and Jeongin

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    90s heartthrob felix ♡
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    200103 Cle : Levanter Fan sign - Lee Know
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    Pairing: Fem!Reader x Stray Kids

    Genre: Hybrid AU; A/B/O AU; Established Relationship

    Word Count: 6.5K

    Warnings: Explicit Smut; Language; Knotting; Breeding Kink; Rough Sex

    Summary: You were the only Omega in your pack, which meant that you were solely responsible for the pleasure of your Alphas.

    A/N: We’re the official fandom of wolves. Embrace it. 

    On most mornings, your mind was more than capable of drawing you back from the precipice of deep sleep, and your natural alarm clock was rather astute at restoring your senses.

    But on this morning, in particular, you were both startled and annoyed when you felt Chan’s nose sniffing around your exhausted mound, leaving a faint trail goose flesh behind in his wake. 

    “Channie,” you protested against him, and you tried to shift away from the bigger alpha, but Chan had a careful grip around your waist, preventing such movement.

    “Hold still,” he instructed you, and you sighed out loud but relented.

    “Are you trying to embarrass me?” you asked, but it was always the same question every time, and you would think after so much time together, that you might be used to this.

    But sleep was far more important, especially after the conclusion of another heat. 

    “I want to make sure it’s over,” Chan said, and he gave a loving kiss to your exposed hip before tossing aside the blankets to look at you.

    Your skin flushed, realizing that you were wearing nothing but your underwear and one of Changbin’s oversized t-shirts. Trying to hide the bruises left behind by your older mate. 

    “It broke sometime last night,” you whined.

    Right around the fifth knot that Changbin had stuffed you with, growling into your ears as he filled you with his cum.

    “I’m sure you’re right,” Chan agreed, and you understood well-enough that he was just trying to be a good pack alpha.

    One whose instincts told him to cherish and prize his pack’s only breeding Omega, even if you weren’t prepared to have pups yet. Still, it was an ingrained instinct, and every month you selected an alpha to spend 3 days with in the solitude of your bedroom until the ordeal was over.

    For this round, in particular, you had chosen to spend your heat with Changbin. He was the second most dominant alpha in your pack, and there was something undeniably irresistible in his scent that drove you to him. But your choices weren’t always clear in advance, and it oftentimes depended on how you felt when you detected the faint signs of pre-heat creeping through your body.

    For instance, when you were feeling nothing but overpowering lust, drooling over the thought of your alphas knots, then you usually chose Minho because the red-headed alpha was more than adept at unlocking your most private fantasies. In fact, he took great pride in reducing you to nothing but an incoherent stream of moans and whimpers, usually while your arms were tied to one of the posts surrounding his bed. 

    But when you wanted someone nurturing and caring during your heat, you found yourself underneath Chan. Relishing the pack alpha’s generous cock as he took matters of your pleasure to the utmost degree of seriousness. Baring your neck for him to scent you as much as he desired. 

    Your pack alpha was also the best at aftercare, showering you in compliments while ensuring that you were clean and satisfied. Sitting behind you in the bathtub, nose buried into your neck, while his fingers relieved the soreness in your muscles.

    And once your heat officially broke, Chan would always be there, regardless of your chosen alpha, to check and make sure that nothing was wrong.

    You smiled, thinking that it seemed obvious to most considering his role as chosen leader within your small pack, but knowing that it had more to do with Chan’s giving nature. 

    “Hungry,” you pouted, looking into those familiar blue eyes that reflected the color of the sky on a cloudless afternoon.

    “Come on,” he said, amused by your behavior, but nonetheless more than willing to collect you into his arms, bringing you out into the kitchen where the rest of your packmates were already waiting.

    “Binnie,” you whimpered when your eyes discovered the big alpha sitting at the table, and you squirmed your way out of Chan’s arms to perch yourself down onto Changbin’s lap, more than happy to take his attention after spending another heat with him.

    “Favoritism,” Seungmin snorted from your right, and you glared at him even though it was something that everyone in the pack often pointed out.

    Maybe you were somewhat impartial to Changbin, but how could anyone blame you? Even though he wasn’t your pack’s leader, Changbin was the second in command. He was also the biggest and strongest alpha, muscles bulging under those tight t-shirts that he liked to wear around the house, and Changbin had the biggest knot out of all your alphas. Naturally, your Omegan instincts were drawn to Changbin, but there were other less superficial reasons.

    Like the fact that Changbin’s scent was your favorite, something that resembled pine and the musky odor of the forest, reminding you of home. He also had an alluring personality, drawing you in with his mysterious dark eyes, curtained behind a mess of black hair. 

    Changbin was also very serious most of the time, and it was sometimes difficult to refute the fact that he was the most responsible alpha. He was also kind and generous with his members, loyal to a degree that you had never discovered in anyone else. 

    You tried not to smile when Changbin rumbled above you, like he knew that you were thinking about him, and you curled yourself even closer to his warm chest while breaking off pieces of a biscuit that you had snatched from the center plate. 

    “We need to hunt again,” Chan said, directing most of the pack’s attention away from you as you ate.

    “I’ll organize the patrols,” Minho offered.

    “He always does it,” Felix grumbled in complaint, but most of the others understood that everyone else was far too lazy to take on the additional burden of organization.

    “What else?” Chan asked, leaning back in his chair as he opened the floor to his packmates.

    “My rut is next month!” Jisung suddenly interjected, fixing you with a knowing look as he smirked.

    You rolled your eyes, understanding well-enough Jisung’s over-the-top flirtations.

    When you were first initiated into the pack, Chan had sat you down and discussed some of the important things that you needed to understand. Amongst them, the simple fact that some of your packmates, at the time, had not yet endured their first ruts. And Chan had told you that he wouldn’t allow you to spend their first ruts together. “They’ll be uncontrollable,” he had said. “I don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

    But it had been hard for you, both as an Omega and packmate, to listen to Felix and Han’s cries of your name as they locked themselves away in their rooms for a solid week straight. You hardly slept at all, and if you did manage to drift off, you would soon awaken again after having rather scandalous dreams of the alphas fucking you silly.

    “Someone’s excited,” you purred, but you couldn’t deny that you were very much pleased to have Jisung’s attention, his desire for you evident in the way his scent rolled over you in a way that could only be described as seductive.

    “Stop that,” Chan said, interrupting your staring contest with Jisung as the younger alpha frowned.

    “What did I do?” he objected, but Chan simply rolled his eyes and directed the conversation elsewhere.

    “Let’s discuss the budget,” Chan decided, and everyone collectively groaned at the mention of a boring topic.

    Even though it was essential, you found yourself tuning out his discussion as you snuggled closer to Changbin, inhaling his scent and permitting yourself to look over the rest of your packmates, tuning in to their unique scents to make sure that everyone was safe and secure. It was only natural as a caring Omega, and you found yourself pausing on Hyunjin and Seungmin, sitting next to one another and doing their best to look interested in Chan’s conversation.

    You found yourself grinning at that, wondering what else might be wandering through their heads instead of numbers and figures. In comparison to your more boisterous and energetic alphas, the Betas were the complete opposite, and you watched Hyunjin and Seungmin as they listened to Chan.

    When you considered hybrids in general, Hyunjin and Seungmin were as close to human as one could get. They were far tamer than your alphas, less driven by their instincts, and there wasn’t as much of a need to be with you when you were in heat. Of course, there was still an obvious attraction, but the only time you had sex with either of them was when you missed their scents, or on those occasions when you craved their presence.

    If you thought about it enough, sex with Hyunjin and Seungmin was fun because your instincts weren’t screaming at you for a knot; instead, you were able to loosen up and forget about the idea of breeding and the added stresses of your heats. They fucked you because they loved you, and you had spent countless nights with them simply because you adored your Betas. 

    Not that you didn’t cherish time together with your alphas. But there were unique kinds of different when it involved each of your mates.

    “Well, I think that takes care of most things,” Chan said, interrupting your thoughts as he glanced around the table, stopping on Jeongin with a noticeable frown. “Are you okay?” Chan asked, glancing at the youngest with his usual look of concern.

    “M’ fine,” Jeongin mumbled, but you knew better than that, raising your head to scent the air to see if you could detect any sickness.

    But you weren’t expecting something laced with desire, causing you to jerk back against Changbin. It hit you immediately, the slight tang to Jeongin’s scent, telling you that he was in the beginnings of his first pre-rut. And you weren’t the only one who noticed, exchanging a look with Chan that told you he was on the same page.

    “You reek,” Jisung suddenly inserted, and Chan gave him a sharp look while Jeongin bared his teeth.

    “You smell worse,” Jeongin snapped, and you shivered at the dominance coating his tone. It also didn’t help that his scent was spiking in response to his defensive aggression, and Changbin let out a little warning growl, holding you even tighter with one strong arm wrapped tightly around your waist. 

    Jeongin frowned at the reprimand, sulking over his breakfast as he stabbed his fork into his eggs. 

    Chan sighed, raking a hand through his hair as the chaos. “Jeongin, you’ll have to move rooms. It smells like your rut is close.”

    “You’ll be fucking miserable,” Jisung muttered.

    “Not helping,” Chan said, but Jisung merely shrugged and went back to his breakfast.

    “Will it hurt?” Jeongin asked in a small voice - a far cry from the alpha you had just seen asserting himself.

    “You might be uncomfortable,” Chan said. “We’ll keep you separated from Y/N. It’ll be worse if your alpha detects an omega scent.”

    You nodded your agreement, offering Jeongin a sympathetic look. “It won’t last long, Innie,” you offered in reassurance, but you could tell Jeongin wasn’t entirely convinced, following Chan out of the kitchen with a sullen expression.

    Three nights later, Jeongin was in the throes of his first rut, locked away in his bedroom.

    The only respite from his exile was the occasional appearance of one of your alphas to bring him food and drink; although, most of the plates returned to the kitchen untouched.

    “How long will it last?” you asked Chan one afternoon, looking over Jeongin’s full breakfast plate with a heavy heart.

    “Not much longer,” Chan said, but it didn’t ease your anxieties, and you found yourself unable to even sleep that night, listening to the pathetic sound of Jeongin’s cried through the walls separating your bedrooms.

    You couldn’t take it anymore, leaving your bedroom to walk across the hall to an even more familiar room. You didn’t even bother knocking, entering the dark space without hesitation, tip-toeing to Changbin’s bedside with careful maneuvering. 

    “Binnie,” you whispered, fingering the alpha’s bed sheets when he turned to look at you, dark circles haunting his eyes. “I can’t sleep.”

    You winced when Jeongin let out another howl, and Changbin’s gaze softened with understanding as he tossed back the sheets to offer you a small place next to him.

    You smiled, crawling next to your alpha in his bed, and you immediately scented him, burying your nose against the little gland where you could smell him the strongest, seeking his familiar comfort to distract your mind. 

    “Relax, sweetheart,” Changbin said, and you nodded against his chest, keeping yourself as close to him as possible to help aid the process of drifting off to sleep.

    His cloying scent kept you under, and you managed to doze off for several hours until the sun from outside penetrated the curtains, leaving a warm glow to surround Changbin’s bedroom.

    The minimal sleep was better than nothing, and you stretched out your limbs, jostling Changbin from next to you as he slid closer from behind.

    It was an instant reminder that you had forgotten that Changbin slept naked, body temperature running hotter than the others. His cock was flaccid, but you could feel the entire length of it pressing up against your ass. And maybe you were still just a bit on edge, the Omega inside of you unhappy that you weren’t able to satisfy Jeongin’s cries last night.

    “Binnie,” you whined, tilting your head back enough to rub your nose against his scent gland. 

    “Y/N?” Changbin grumbled, voice thick with sleep, and you felt a trickle of slick leak out just from hearing the sound. 

    “You smell good,” you purred, putting on the charms a bit too much when you sweetened your scent, smiling in satisfaction when Changbin growled.

    “Y/N,” Changbin said again, but his tone was stern, eyes opening to look down at you with a dark expression. “What are you doing?”

    “I heard Jeongin all night,” you said. “He kept calling my name.”

    “Yeah?” Changbin chuckled, rising just a little from where he had been laying down on the mattress to lean in closer to you, fingers inching beneath the sheets to skate across your thighs. “He probably just wanted a go at this sweet little cunt.”

    You moaned at his words, lifting your hips up from the mattress in the hope that Changbin would move down to where you wanted him more than anything else.

    But he seemed more interested in teasing you, sliding his fingers through the slick pouring down the backs of your legs, slowly bringing his body on top of yours. 

    His bare skin was warm to the touch, powerful thighs encouraging you to turn over into a vulnerable position, cock growing heavy as he sniffed across the nape of your neck. 

    “You want to get fucked?” Changbin growled into your ear, and you were whining because he was hovering on top of you, caging you in with his strong arms while you were laying submissively on your stomach. 

    “Please,” you whispered, gasping when Changbin jerked down your sleep shorts and panties, fingers immediately curling between the tight walls of your cunt to probe your slick walls. 

    “I want you leaking for my cock,” Changbin grumbled, and you could feel the heat deep in your abdomen and the matching tint at the peaks of your ears from the effects of his words. 

    You lifted your ass higher into the air, knowing that Changbin was more responsive to his alpha instincts, and he favored the most optimal breeding position. 

    “Little minx,” Changbin huffed, but you were very proud of your efforts to unhinge the alpha who prided himself on control.

    Even if your cunt was taking the blunt of his unraveling, thick fingers unforgiving as they scissored you open, sinking against your walls without any semblance of gentleness.

    You jolted forward when he started pressing against a more sensitive spot, legs shaking and mind dulling over with a lustful haze. 

    “What do you want, Y/N?” Changbin asked, spearing his fingers through the gathered wetness, stroking you skillfully to the edges of an orgasm. But one that you managed to resist, wanting to hold out for him until you could both cum at the same time. 

    “I want your cock, alpha!” you screamed, tear-streaked eyes buried into the pillows, raising your ass even higher into the air to entice him.

    Changbin growled his approval, taking your hips between his hand and mounting you from behind. “Let Jeongin know what he’s missing out on,” Changbin said, and you nearly came just from those words alone, gasping when he fucked his cock inside, aided by the slick making it easier for him to start thrusting.

    He was relentless from the start, harsh pants clouding over your ears, and his chest was flush against your back, letting you feel his uneven breaths and erratic pulse. You moaned when his heavy balls started slapping against your ass, ready to empty themselves inside of you. 

    You could feel the hollowness each time his cock left your cunt, and then the warmth and satisfaction that followed when he hit home again. Reaching deep inside of you to the point where your hand could glide down your stomach and feel his cockhead against your abdomen.

    He was fucking you to the point where you could do nothing more than struggle to support yourself on your forearms with your mouth contorted around a silent scream, drool coating the pillow next to you. “Changbin,” you whimpered, jolting forward when he re-angled his hips, raking his cock against your overstimulated g-spot every time he pulled back out. Snapping his hips forward to push you down even further into the mattress. 

    “So good for me, baby,” Changbin grunted, and he was lifting one of your legs higher around his waist, moving your body to his preference, and the strength of his muscles was just as arousing as the cock moving between your thighs. 

    If you were in heat, you would be begging him for a knot. It was only natural as an Omega, but even outside of your cycle, you found yourself salivating at the not so distant reminder of Changbin’s thick knot. How good it stretched you out and kept you stuffed full of his cum.

    Could Changbin knot you outside of a rut or heat? Not usually, but the entire ordeal with Jeongin must’ve been enough to disorient his alpha because you could feel the beginnings of Changbin’s knot catching on your entrance, and your eyes were rolling into the back of your head because his knot was so big and it filled you so well.

    “Changbin!” you whimpered, finding enough strength in your desire for the knot growing at his base, pushing yourself back on his cock in desperation. “Give me a knot, alpha.”

    “Fuck, you want me to breed my omega?” Changbin cursed, fingers sliding up the sides of your waist, reaching around to grope your breasts in a rough squeeze. The pads of his fingers were like sandpaper against your poor nipples, and you knew they would be puffy and red by the time Changbin was finished with you.

    “Alpha! Please!” you cried again, tears falling uninhibited, and you could taste the salt on your upper lip as each choked sob was forced from your lungs with every meeting of your hips. The sound echoing in the room, loud and wet, slick and hot. 

    “Alpha’s got you, Y/N,” Changbin grunted, and you inhaled the released pheromones' that he rubbed into your scent gland to calm you down, doing nothing more than humping and grinding against you as his knot swelled and locked the two of you together.

    You nearly blacked out from the pleasure, coming without his consent at the first streak of cum painting your insides, and you squeezed around him with the last reserves of your strength, determined to milk him for everything.   

    Changbin bit down hard on your shoulder as he felt his Omega so good and tight around his knot, sniffing at the faint trickle of blood at the site of the wound. “Sorry, angel,” Changbin said, licking at the imprint of his teeth marks and you whined and whimpered until he carefully moved you both onto your sides so that it was more comfortable.

    “Hold still,” Changbin said with a hushed tone, rubbing his hand along your side while your pathetic cries gradually tapered off into something of a content murmuring, hiking up your leg from where it was draped over his hip to keep you both as comfortable as possible with his knot still plugging up your pussy.

    The next morning, everything was back to normal in your shared house.

    Although Jeongin was too tired to meet with anyone after enduring his first rut, you were determined to go out on a run, despite Chan’s initial disapproval since he, Changbin, and Minho were planning to leave for a while.

    “We won’t be on the grounds,” Chan said, fixing you with a stern look. “Stay here until we come back.”

    “Okay,” you agreed, even as you shared a secret, knowing smile with Jisung who lingered behind Chan.

    But you were both smart enough to wait until Chan’s scent was gone from the house before you, Felix, and Jisung hurried out the backdoor, shifting into your wolf forms and racing each other down the worn paths in the forest.

    It was a tradition for you, Jisung, and Felix to sneak out of the cabin and play together on the ice that formed over the surface of the pond in the little clearing at the center of the woods. It was the first sign of winter, and you wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

    Faster, your wolf seemed to howl in encouragement, and you agreed with her at once, running between Jisung and Felix as you nipped at their hindlegs and tails.

    Thankfully, the younger wolves were more tolerant of your teasing, and the three of you wrestled your way through the snow as you spotted the pond up ahead in the distance. 

    Despite their alpha status, you were rather fast for an Omega, and you outpaced both of them as you ventured out onto the ice first, skidding across the slick surface as your nails dug into the ground.

    It was difficult to keep your footing, but you managed to make it to the center of the ice, wagging your tail as Felix and Jisung hurried to meet you, and it was only once you came to a complete stop that you realized something was wrong.

    Your breath caught at the first sound of the ice moaning under you, and there was a series of loud cracks beneath your paws, and you just managed to send your packmates a warning bark before the solid ice supporting you was breaking.

    The next thing you remembered was plunging beneath the cold water, fighting against the pull from the icy depths.

    You let out a distressed yelp as your fighting instincts kicked in, trying to dig your claws into the sides of the ice pocket.

    But it was hard to find support on the slippery surface, and you could hear Jisung and Felix’s loud yelps and howls as they tried to get to you.

    Your heart was beating faster and faster, blind terror coursing through your veins faster than the ice sinking into your flesh. It was even worse when your head bobbed underneath the arctic water, senses thrown out of commission when the darkness threatened to consume you, and you kicked your legs to breach the surface, taking in fresh air as you felt the threat of hypothermia growing stronger as each minute passed.

    “Y/N!” you could hear Jisung through your pack’s mind-link, and you felt the sharp pain of his teeth digging into your scruff as he tried to drag you out.

    But the smaller alpha wolf wasn’t strong enough, and the smell of fear was powerful around you, coming from you and your alphas as you tried everything to keep yourself alive. 

    Were you going to die here? The thought raced through your mind unbidden, and it was hard to stay positive when your limbs were growing weaker, and the cold was affecting you more than it usually did. 

    “Sungie!” you screamed through the mind-link, and you knew that it was unfair to scare the alpha any more than he already was, especially as he teetered precariously close to the edge of the water himself. “Felix!”

    The temperature was numbing everything, and you could just barely make out Jisung and Felix throwing back their heads to release synchronous howls for help, hoping to reach your other packmates.

    But the fight was rapidly leaving your drained wolf, and you could feel your claws retracting despite Felix and Jisung’s teeth still trying to hold you up. And maybe that was a responding howl on the wind, but you couldn’t be sure. Especially when sleep suddenly seemed like a more viable option, closing your eyes and resisting the calls of your alphas as your head dipped beneath the water.

    It was all over in that moment, and you could feel yourself sinking, until a sharp pain stung the center of your scruff, and you were brought back to the surface by a pair of sharp teeth belonging to a giant jet-black wolf who somehow managed to fish you out from the clutches of death.


    Your wolf gave a haphazard tremble, lungs crying for air as you coughed out more water than you could’ve imagined. The burn was aching in your chest, and you still couldn’t feel anything beyond the desperate chill permeating every inch of your wolf.

    But you still managed to shift back, hair drenched and clothes ruined from the water, and you started to shiver at an uncontrolled rate. 

    “Breathe for me, Y/N,” Changbin whispered, and you were ashamed to see the sight of rare tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

    “Binnie,” you sighed, voice hoarse from all the water you coughed out, but it was a good sign that you could speak. 

    The big alpha choked around a sob when he realized that you were conscious, gathering your limp form into his arms to hold you close to his warm chest.

    “Alpha’s got you,” Changbin said, drawing his fingers through your hair. “You’re safe, Y/N.”

    You sniffled at the gentleness in his tone, opening your eyes wider to look over his shoulder where Jisung and Felix stood in front of your pack alpha with their heads hanging low to the ground. “Irresponsible!” Chan shouted, and his voice roared over the blood pumping in your ears.

    Chan was nothing but furious. You could tell because his blue eyes were glowing with electricity, shifting several times from his wolf form back into the stern leader who looked ready to explode. 

    “She could’ve died!” Chan said, and you were aware that the rise and fall of Jisung and Felix’s shoulders meant that the younger alphas were crying as well.

    You wanted to protest, to tell Chan that it was your fault because you wanted to come out here so bad. But you were too tired to even move, allowing Changbin to keep you supported and safe in his arms.

    Later on, you were certain that you would get your own earful from the pack leader, and he wouldn’t let you forget about the incident any time soon.  

    Chan’s yelling and growling persisted until Minho stepped forward, and you hadn’t even noticed the quiet alpha’s presence. 

    “Everyone’s okay,” Minho intervened, laying a hand on Chan’s shoulder to pull him back from the edge. “I think they know what they did was wrong, and I doubt they’ll do it again.”

    You watched Jisung and Felix shake their heads, whispering apologies to Chan as they submitted to the bigger alpha. But even if you weren’t standing there with them, you were all three ashamed of what had happened on the ice, and there wasn’t a single wolf in your pack who wanted to disappoint Chan.

    It was much later on when Chan sat you down in your room to discuss the incident at the pond, and you bowed your head and accepted his rough words until he left you alone to think about everything you had done. For the next several mornings, you tried to avoid Chan as much as possible, even if it meant skipping meals and spending too much time alone. 

    You wanted to give him time to cool down, and Chan was still upset with you for weeks after the incident, but overtime he relaxed the tension between you, scenting you whenever you passed him the living room, and inviting you to share his bed to strengthen your bond.

    Eventually, he even apologized for raising his voice, holding you close in bed together as he gave you a heart-splitting kiss that reminded you that your alpha was only trying to keep you safe.

    The pack had settled once you restored that special tie with your pack leader, and everyone eased back into their usual routines like nothing had even happened. 

    It was much better this way, expressing constant love for your alphas and betas, sitting with Hyunjin and Seungmin for movie nights or playing video games with Felix, and even helping Minho in the kitchen. This was the dynamic you needed. The one that kept you sane, and the simple fact of the matter wasn’t more obvious to you than feeling your omega once again at the crest of another impending heat, and Chan looked at you expectantly while you listened to the others pacing the floor outside of your bedroom.

    “Ignore them,” he whispered, and you startled when you realized that he had picked up on your anxious thoughts. 

    “They’re eager,” you joked, but Chan knew you better than most.

    “Take your time,” he said, walking over to sit next to you on the bed. “It’s always your choice.”

    You nodded, grateful for his patience. “I have someone in mind,” you said. “I’m not sure though...”

    “Everyone will respect your decision,” Chan said, and you relaxed when he pulled you against him to scent your sensitive gland. 

    “Well...” you trailed off, glancing at the door for a moment before shrugging. “I think the choice is interesting.”

    “Interesting?” Chan chuckled, and he stood with a huff when you both heard the sound of arguing voices from outside the room. You grinned when Chan marched over to the door to bang against the wood. “None of you are helping!”

    You sighed, always endeared by their enthusiasm, listening to the argument teeter into silence. “Okay,” you decided, pulling Chan’s attention back to you.

    “You’ve decided?”

    “I want Jeongin,” you said, clearly surprising Chan who paused at the edge of your bed.

    “Jeongin?” Chan repeated, and you deflated a little when he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth - a habit that he had adapted whenever he was about to say something that he knew you wouldn’t like.

    “You don’t approve?” you asked, not meaning to sound so defeated, but the reminders of Jeongin’s first rut were still bothering you. His desperate cries of your name as you tried to drown them out with another alpha’s presence.

    Chan looked down at the floor, eyes narrowed as if he was in deep thought. Eventually, he met your gaze again, and his expression was soft. “Okay,” Chan finally agreed. “But I’ll be there too in case something goes wrong.”

    You smiled, overjoyed by his approval. “Thank you, Chan.”

    “Like I can say no when you obviously want it so much,” Chan scoffed, and he reached back to open the door for the others, and you laughed when several of your packmates fell through the frame into a giant pile from where they had been eavesdropping.

    But Jeongin was one of them, and you met his nervous smile with a look that you hoped conveyed just how excited you were to have him at the most intimate level possible.

    One Week Later

    Your pre-heat symptoms were always manageable, and all that you usually required was rest and plenty of water to drink. It was nothing outrageous, and the first stirrings of lust for your alphas was easier to ignore. But you did your best to save up as much energy as possible for what was to come. 

    The heat itself hit you in the middle of the night, abdomen cramping over and over again, and your little whines and whimpers roused Chan from where he had been sleeping next to you, eyes glazing over as his alpha smelt his omega at her peak.

    “Come on,” Chan said, gathering you into his arms. “Let’s get you to Jeongin.”

    “Please,” you managed to tell him, wrapping your fingers into the fabric of his t-shirt as he brought you across the hall. He didn’t even knock before he was entering the room, and it was strange, walking into Jeongin’s bedroom with Chan cradling you close to his chest. Protective.

    “Innie,” you called out to the youngest alpha, watching him stir from his sleep as his nose scented the air.

    Jeongin whimpered when he smelt you, the scent of your heat growing stronger as you neared your high.

    “Jeongin,” Chan said sternly, using his alpha voice to direct the youngest member of your pack. “Get off the bed. Wait for me to get Y/N ready.”

    “Okay,” Jeongin said, and you knew that it was hard for him to resist, crawling out of bed with a prominent erection already straining the front of his sleep pants.

    But he was patient, watching you both with unflinching eyes as Chan helped you remove your clothes, gentle fingers brushing through the wetness gathered at your slit. 

    Your arms trembled as you held yourself up and endured the teasing touches, looking back at Jeongin as you kept your ass raised up for him. 

    “Y/N,” Chan whispered, using his command to force you to look back at him. “Do you need anything?”

    “No,” you said, and a sharp tremor shook down your spine when Jeongin snarled from across the room. 

    “Omega,” Jeongin growled, and you glanced at him to see that he was pacing anxiously next to the bed, shirt thrown to the side as his gaze took you in. 

    “Don’t move,” Chan said, using his alpha voice again to force Jeongin to listen, even as the youngest fidgeted in place.

    “Is he okay?” you asked Chan as he sat next to you on the bed.

    “Yeah, he’s just relying on instincts,” Chan said, hesitating as he moved back from you. “Are you comfortable?”

    “For now,” you said, ignoring the barely concealed lust in Chan’s gaze as another wave of slick gathered between your thighs, getting yourself nice and and wet for your alpha.

    “Well, your body is ready,” Chan said, and you lost sight of him as he attended to Jeongin, and you shivered in anticipation, feeling another flicker of arousal when the bed dipped behind you.

    “He won’t last long,” Chan continued, and you sought him from the corner of your eye as a source of comfort, sitting down in one of Jeongin’s chairs as he observed the scene.

    “Omega,” Jeongin purred from behind you, and you looked back to see that Jeongin’s pupils were blown out, eclipsing the white as he mounted you from behind. He was overzealous, pumping his hips out of overexcitement, and you whined when his cock jutted between your thighs - almost painful from how hard he was - missing his target until you reached back for the base, guiding him home so that he could take care of the rest.

    “Oh!” Jeongin rumbled, leaning his head against the top of your spine, humping you so fast that you could barely feel him moving between your walls - a burst of speed and energy that was sparking a runaway fire of longing in the place where you remained connected. 

    Your fingers flexed against the sheets, holding on for dear life as the alpha at his prime took you apart on his cock, hands reaching down to grab both of your ass cheeks to spread you apart for him. “Alpha,’ you whined, cheeks burning at the exposed position, but it only seemed to spur Jeongin on even more, thrusting himself into you with an uncontrolled and erratic pace.

    It was so rough and primal, and you could never anticipate what he might do next, bringing himself down to grind against you so good, only to pull back and allow himself to knock against you even faster, hitting your best spots when you least expected it. 

    But as Chan had warned you, Jeongin had limited control over himself, and you could already feel the start of his knot swelling. It wasn’t as big as Changbin’s, but he made up for it with the way he expertly shoved it into you all at once, and you climaxed so hard that you thought you might pass out. Arms and legs convulsing as your pussy sucked him in and gaped around the intrusion between your thighs. Hardly coherent when Jeongin emptied himself into you, cum filling you to the brim and even managing to leak out a little from the sides of his knot. 

    You whined when his hips gave aborted little motions, grinding his knot against your sensitive walls. It was like he was ready to go at it again, even though you had to wait at least twenty minutes for his knot to go back down.

    “Alpha,” you sighed, feeling nothing but warmth and gratitude for your alpha who took care of you so well. 

    “Y/N,” you head Chan speak up. “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah,” you replied, amused when Jeongin bared his teeth at Chan who started walking over to the bed, using one hand to stop the younger alpha from overstimulating you any further. 

    “Take it easy,” Chan said, holding out his hands as he continued to approach, checking the place where you were knotted to make sure that everything was fine. You sighed when you felt Chan touching you where you were so sore and aching. “Alpha did a good job breeding you, princess,” Chan whispered, mischievous fingers coming around to tap against your engorged clit, and you hummed in response, more than satisfied with your two strong alphas remaining so close to you on either side.

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    20.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Here’s the request for Changbin!

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  • dirtykpopsnaps
    20.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Here’s the request for Hyunjin!

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    20.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    i know a lot about you . . . 🔪

    like or rb

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  • butterfliesinthenightsky
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    hello :) could i pls get a selca ship for ateez, bts, & skz? you already have my photos since you asked me to resend this but tysm ! i hope you have a good day or night <33

    Thank you SO much for re-sending your request! I hope you enjoy it @banxtan <3 I hope I do okay and make sense in the explanations as well!

    In ATEEZ, I ship you with Hongjoong!

    Okay, so Hongjoong. I chose him because I feel like, yes, you and him would vibe well together but also because I feel like you would have similar personalities? Looking at your pictures, you seem to also have a caring side, a side that tends to look out for others more than yourselves sometimes, a side that sometimes tends to overwork itself without thinking of the negative sides to it. That is both a good thing and a bad thing, I just feel like he would love that you are just as hardworking as he is!

    In BTS, I ship you with Namjoon!

    Yes, I know, another leader. I just get those vibes and emotions from you. I think you and Namjoon would be a good fit because you seem to have both a soft side and a "hard" side. You also seem like you have a lot of empathy towards the other emotions of those around you, and take a deep interest in making sure those around you are taking care of themselves. The fact that you seem to be hardworking also ties into my reasoning as to why I picked Namjoon for you!

    In Stray Kids, I ship you with Hyunjin!

    (I miss him so much.) Okay, so my main line of thinking when it comes time to actually pair a person with the requester comes into two different sections: who I feel like they are most similar to personality-wise, who they are astrologically compatible with and would vibe with the most, but also (not to be shallow), who they would look the most aesthetically pleasing with. I decided on Hyunjin for you, not only because you both are really pretty (I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable that I am saying that) but to me it seems that you are both similar in the sense that you both have two "sides". Like, how people initially view or think of you before they actually get to know you may not necessarily align with how you actually are if that makes sense? I know people sometimes think Hyunjin is stand-offish when they first start listening to Stray Kids, but quickly discover that he is a massive sweetheart and cuddle-bug.

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  • thevampywolf
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Genre: angst, fluff

    Warnings: none

    Request: no

    Member: Chan

    Cold metal brushes over your fingers as you twirl your bunch of keys in your hand. You've reached your boyfriend's neighbourhood, the telltale friendly houses with their gleaming golden lamps winking at you in welcome. You've always loved this neighbourhood; compared to your own dark, uninviting street, this one was practically painted in the warmest, most bubbliest shades of pink. If you squint enough, you're sure you can see imaginary bits of confetti hiding in the bushes of the neatly trimmed hedges that skirt across the paths.

    Stifling a yawn, you almost do a double take; no way, is that the sun rising? Already? Upon squinting for closer inspection, you realise that the tiny thread like white line at the bottom of the inky horizon is indeed the sun waking up. Appalled, you guess the time must be around five in the morning. And you still haven't slept.

    Swallowing back an incredulous laugh, you raise the key to Chan's home up to the sky, the faint scatter of stars glinting off of the rough edge. It's definitely extremely late, and you're sure your boyfriend could be sleeping right now. But your whole body aches, all of your organs seeming to be pulled towards the direction of his house; you miss him so much, and you know your sleepless nights would end if you just got to curl up in the warmth of his arms. Maybe you're selfish for wanting it, but you're exhausted, and he's the only thing that can relax you enough to fall asleep.

    After all, there's no way you can sleep in a house that feels unsafe to you. Especially with the constant lull of your family bickering up till god knows what hour.

    Standing in the doorway, you slowly twist the key in the white door. Then you gently push it open, being careful to not make any noise; you don't want to wake him, if he's asleep.

    Placing your leather jacket, damp with the cold, onto one of the clothes hooks, you rub your hands in the cosy heat of the house. The faint woody scent of your boyfriend's cologne lingers in the atmosphere, almost faded but still sweet enough to make your heart pang with longing. You're the closest you've been to the man in weeks, and yet, the small distance is more difficult to withstand than the longer distance.

    You remove your boots before creeping up the stairs with the grace of a cat, and soon you're standing outside the door of your boyfriend's room.

    Pushing down on the handle, you open the door and slide inside. Your face automatically breaks into a sleepy grin; in the hazy, fuzzy darkness of the bedroom, you make out the huddled up outline of Chan. His black duvet is a mass of endless shadows as it sits tucked up under his chin, the slight curve of his lashes a smudge of charcoal against his pale cheeks. The plumpness of his lips are ever so slightly parted, and his hair is a cloud of dark curls spilling across the pillow. He's so beautiful even in his sleep, you think, and the vulnerability of his expression is so pure and childlike that you feel your heart shattering into a million pieces under the weight of your love for him.

    Creeping over to the bed, you duck your head under the duvet and crawl inside of the bed. Your cold body prickles instantly with goosebumps as it comes into contact with the sudden heat; it's so warm under the duvet, Chan's body heat flooding the bed. The closer you slide over to him, the stronger his cologne gets and you take a deep breath of the scent of your home before you can't take it any longer.

    Chan's arms are folded infront of him and you nuzzle your face in-between until you reach the softness of his muscle. You always feel tiny beside him, and you curl up as small as possible as you bury your face into his chest.

    A surprised sound escapes Chan's mouth as you settle down in his arms; he wraps his limbs around you automatically, and from the strength of his hug you can tell he's missed you too, if not more than you missed him.

    "Baby?" Chan asks sleepily, his voice husky. He sounds exhausted, and you feel bad for waking him up. "Am I still asleep?"

    You shake your head againt him and loop your arms around his neck. "I'm sorry for waking you up Channie. I just really missed you. I couldn't sleep."

    Chan chuckles quietly as he pulls you closer, his breath tickling your neck. "I missed you too my princess. But are you okay?"

    "I am now," you whisper against his collarbone. It's true - laying with him is therapy for you, the feel of his heartbeat against yours, his rhythmic breathing his heavenly scent - they always seem to transport you into another dimension, a dimension where it's only the two of you and all of your wordly problems have evaporated.

    As always, the man reads your mind and doesn't push it further. Instead he drops a kiss to the top of your head and tucks you into him, making sure you're as comfortable as possible. "I'm glad I can make you feel better."

    Nuzzling the skin of his neck, you smile. "You always do."

    Chan shuffles further down the bed suddenly, so his fave is level with yours. He sports one of the softest smiles you've ever seen, before he leans forward and kisses the very tip of your nose. "I love you," he hums, raising his hands to cup your cheeks. His thumbs graze over your skin and your eyes flutter nearly shut as he kisses you again. "I really, really love you."

    "I love you more," you reply. "So much more."

    With a soft giggle, Chan throws his leg over your waist. "Go to sleep now, my angel. You look sleepy."

    You nod at that and lean forward, your hands pressed flat against his steadily beating heart. In the circle of his arms, you finally fall asleep.


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    just gonna leave this here

    brb crying

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    Changbin X Hyunjin friendship 💙

    this post is for you 💙 @b1gbang thank you for always being here for me, I miss you so much thank you for being my best friend, love you girl 💙
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  • sp8kie
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    . . . 黄金の様 輝く笑顔で 皆のこころを総なめ

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  • moonstruckkrp
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    Welcome to Moonstruck, we're thrilled to see you! You have 3 days to accept the friend request from Luna Lunaticus. Remember to post your introduction within 3 days and if you have any question at all, don't hesitate to ask. Happy roleplaying, hope you enjoy your stay with us. ♡
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  • pastelracha
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    skz being horny/needy

    ☾ Title : skz being horny/needy 

    ☾ Pairing: all members x fem!reader

    ☾ Genre: fluff, established relationship, kind of suggestive

    ☾ Prompt: request : Hello, could you do SKZ being horny/needy please ?

    ☾ A/N: first thanks a lot for all the requests, I didn’t add spicy thing to this one (sorry if it’s want you wanted), cause I'm a bit tired so yeah :/ but here is skz showing how they are to their partner when they’re horny/needy, hope you like it  don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox

    ☾ Word Count: 0.962K

    masterlist | ask or request


    Whenever Chan feels needy or horny, he would be even more all over you. Let’s be honest Chris is pretty touchy every time, he needs skinship to survive ! But when he is in the mood, his hands are everywhere, on your thighs, ass, the side of your chest (Let’s all admit we have a thing for his hands). He probably have a « Hot time with Y/N » playlist and turn it on to let you know he wants you. 

    Kiss your neck a lot, tell all the things he want to do to you in your ear. Not shy really show off a lot that the wants you, now, here and ready. He would look so raw and ethereal, completely shutting the world to concentre on you. ( yes he is my ult bias bye)


    Horny minho, is a really a beautiful sight to see, he would look at you as the 8th wonder of the world, but with lust in his eyes, being fully dark. All in subtlety, he would let his hand running on the side of your waist, putting his nose in the crock of your collarbone to smell your perfume, lacing your finger with his and whispering how sexy you look on the spot. 

    Lighting candles around the house, to create the ambiance. A power cut would create the mood, with the said candles, and blankets. And boom Minho needs you (I mean power cut can create the mood ok). Would just kiss you out of nowhere, trying to show you how needy he is, massaging the small of your back. 


    The moment you tied your hair in high messy bun (sorry if you have short hair) Bin totally lose it, seeing your neck and imagining where he would put hickeys on it. Changbin also totally have a playlist for this moment, so much smooth r&b, slow and sensual but also some hard beats. 

    He would deadass tell you to step on his face right there, Changbin doesn’t have patience when it come to you and feeling horny, he needs you and know you do it so why waste time ? Would also be all over you, touch you everywhere, softly bit your neck, teasing you hoping to get a reaction and playfully slap your ass.


    Dosent’t control himself when you just look so breath taking next to him and his hormones are acting up. Bitting his bottom lip an extra lot, would 100% tease you, small touch here and there. 

    Hyunjin being hot and bothered would be a candy to the eyes, his eyes full of lust and a small blush on his cheeks looking even more nice than normal. If the prince when to have you now on this couch, then he can (But consent is the key kids)! 

    Needs to feel your skin on his, bitting your bottom lips when he kiss you trying to give to the message that he wants you in less than 5 minutes. 


    This guy is a horny mofo for you ! Let me explain, whatever you do, he is on the verge to beg for you, to touch him, kiss him or just even compliment him. 

    Run his nails on your skin, and humming, his head on your shoulder. His lips on your jaw and put your legs on his laps. Would ‘innocently’ put your hand near his crotch, like ‘look what you do to me baby’ you drive him crazy even if you just breath, but he does have something for your voice (just saying). The definition of Netflix and Chill is Han Jisung, believe me your never seen the end of your films too busy being underneath him. 


    His soft and adorable aura, turn dark just as his eyes turn full black. 

    He wants you to beg for him to love you, touch you, anything, he just want you begging for him. Would wants all your attention, throws your phone on the bed and put you on his laps, moving your hair away from your face to look at how pretty and desirable you are. Makes you feel like the goddess you truly are, creating yet another galaxy of purple love bites on your throat. 

    Plays with the waist band of the short you are wearing, and would be bitting your earlobe. 


    Just like Changbin, Seungmin does have patience when it comes to you and your gorgeous body ! Would kiss you out of nowhere, hands straight on your ass and give you the hottest make out session ever. 

    Cute Seungmin ? Oh he is gone for the time being ! He literally wants to give you the world by pleasuring you. 

    You in one of his button up, is usually what turn him on, the feeling that you’re his and only his got him so turn on. The light blush on his face making him even more desirable to you, and his hair being a complete mess, cause he’s been running his hands too much in it, trying to get your attention. 


    When he see you in red lipstick, he is done for ! His hands find a place on your body, and his lips find place on yours, not letting you go. Telling you how much he wants you on the spot, his energy completely change letting you know how frustrate he is in front of you, needing you to touch him, and do something of your magic on him. 

    Take you by the hips, putting you real close to him to make you feel what you did to him. Him calling you ‘princess’ a lot whenever he is in the mood, his lips red and swollen cause he can not stop himself with you. 

    #straykidsland#skz imagines #skz x reader #skz smut #stray kids smut #stray kids #bang chan imagines #bang chan smut #lee minho smut #lee minho imagines #seo changbin imagines #seo changbin smut #hwang hyunjin imagines #hwang hyunjin smut #han jisung imagines #han jisung smut #lee felix imagines #lee felix smut #kim seungmin imagines #kim seungmin smut #yang jeongin imagines #yang jeongin smut #chris bang#skz#skz scenarios
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  • mndchldsung
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    anon asked:

    i'm not sure if i misunderstood your faq but i can request a compatibility reading between an idol and me, correct? if that's the case i'd like to request one with sf9's inseong!
    my placements: aries sun, gemini moon, taurus rising, taurus mercury, pisces venus, capricorn mars and scorpio juno
    hi i was the one who requested the sf9 one! i apologize, i did realize my mistake afterwards. can i request a compatibility reading with skz seungmin instead?

    thank you for requesting! you have the same moon placement as me <3 i finally finished your request today and i hope you'll enjoy reading it :) (sorry if it is a little bit all over the place lmao)

    onto your reading ~

    (requests are CLOSED atm!)

    *   *·.   ° °• ✦   . · ☆ .  .·* ·. •  • °✷  *

    Synastry Reading - Seungmin

    (the lack of seungmin gifs is truly sad)

    *   *·.   ° °• ✦   . · ☆ .  .·* ·. •  • °✷  *

    Square – Sun & Moon

    To start off, I wanted to address the Squares between you two, because unfortunately there a few of them and I just wanted to do the “bad” aspects first, so we can end on a positive note! :)

    So Seungmin has his Moon in Cancer, which squares your Sun in Aries. This is not insanely bad in synastry since it does mean you would be attracted to each other, but it indicates that you would have trouble relating to how he feels sometimes. The relationship may feel tense often and you will feel like you would have to give up a lot just to be with each other.

    This aspect is also prominent the other way around, where Seungmin’s Virgo Sun squares your Gemini Moon. I personally find Virgo-Gemini aspects not insanely bad, since both are ruled by Mercury and can actually have quite good chemistry. The main problem that usually occurs between the two is that Virgo can’t really understand Gemini’s flighty and more chaotic way of thinking and organizing things. Often times, Virgo can’t keep up or relate to Gemini’s constant need to change.

    Trine – Mercury & Mars

    Now, let’s talk about the more harmonious aspects. Your Marsis in Capricorn, which trines Seungmin’s Virgo Sun and Mars. This is a good thing since it helps him relate to how you take action and approach goals in life. He will like the way you assert yourself and will be similar in those areas. This can also fuel his ego in some way.

    Next, his Mercury and Venus in Libra trine your Moon in Gemini. This supports the idea that you feel comfortable communicating your emotions to him. It can indicate smooth and fun conversing and sharing ideas and theories comfortably with each other. Venus trine Moon also indicates being comfortable sharing your romantic feelings with each other and feeling like you truly belong to each other. Spending time together and having similar tastes is also part of this Trine.

    Trine - Venus

    Talking about the Moon, his Cancer Moon trines with your Pisces Venus. I really like Cancer and Pisces combination because both are very intuitive and sensitive and both can instantly pick up on how the other is feeling. Meaning (here in the Moon trine Venus aspect) you would be able to pick up how he feels and you two would feel comfortable sharing deep emotional topics with each other. This is a great indicator for romantic feelings and a neutralizer for other ‘bad’ aspects with these planets. You would be naturally drawn to each other and would share a warm, affectionate bond. (Note: His Libra Venus also trines your Gemini Moon! So this aspect goes both ways <3)

    Finally, I think you two would have to show a good amount of understanding for each other’s way of feeling and thinking, since it doesn’t align 100%. But that may not always be a bad thing. If you both are able to compromise and communicate (and tolerate) differences, then there is definitely hope that the relationship would go smoothly.

    *   *·.   ° °• ✦   . · ☆ .  .·* ·. •  • °✷  *


    of course there are a lot more aspects to consider when doing synastry. but considering that would be a tad too long to do here - i just sort out the aspects that are the most striking to me. also - there is no “perfect” synastry. it would be nearly impossible to do a synastry without finding some disharmonious aspects. this is simply my interpretation of the most prominent aspects between the two charts. also astrology is a purely theoretical concept, you should always take these readings as interpretations. we, of course, don't know these idols personally and this is all speculation based on their and your natal charts.

    *   *·.   ° °• ✦   . · ☆ .  .·* ·. •  • °✷  *

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