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    I’ll never be over this fit

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  • pairing: changbin x reader

    genre: angst, smut

    warnings: mentions of cheating, degradation, slight biting kink??

    word count: 4k

    a/n: thank you guys so much for being patient with me!! i hope you enjoy it :) both an ex with benefits with changbin and jealous changbin smut were requested.


    pulling your clothes back into your sweaty body, you collected your things and headed for the door.

    “woah,” changbin’s voice stopped you, “leaving already?”

    “i have to go to my dorm and shower before my 4 pm class.”

    “you can shower here.”

    you gave him a painfully obvious fake smile, “nice try.”

    that boy would do anything to get your clothes off, and despite having been broken up for two months now, you near always let him.

    you quickly cleaned yourself up and dried your hair as much as you could with a towel before making your way to class. right as you walked through the door, jisung was waving you over to sit beside him.

    he reached out and grabbed a chunk of your damp hair, “needed to shower the changbin off?”

    you swatted his hand away, not bothering to nod. he knew the answer.

    “jesus, you two are like rabbits. who the hell calls their ex at 3:30 in the afternoon for a quick fuck?”

    “a stressed out collage student who has three tests to worry about.”

    “he should spend his time studying something other than your naked body then.”

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    until your eyes open

    pairing | seungmin x reader

    genre | angst

    word count | 1.06k

    warnings | mentions of character death


    the look of hopelessness in your expression grew as you walk into a certain room, not knowing what to say or do once you see him.

    overhead, you can hear the sound of the television relaying recent news that had happened the past few days.

    a robbery at a general store, a new line of trainees getting ready to debut, and, a car crash.

    gathering all of your courage, you glance over at seungmin.

    a tiny hint of a smile graces your profile, covering up the once saddening look of despair on your face.

    ‘hey, minnie.’

    your hand wraps around seungmin’s own one, caressing the remaining warmth he retained.

    'i’m sorry i wasn’t here for you. a lot happened. especially with…that crash.’

    you are met with no response, but continued to speak.

    'min, i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately,’ you spoke, eyes straying up towards the television that showed the scene of the car crash. one glance and your eyes immediately darts back down to seungmin’s form. the picture of the car crash making you uneasy.

    'it’s nothing trivial. just some nightmares. i was hoping you could sing me that lullaby you always hummed to me when i couldn’t sleep before.’

    your grip on his hand trembles slightly, your fear for time running out increases the shakiness.

    'no, that’s not important right now. what’s more important is you,’ you mutter, 'people are waiting for you right now, minnie. you need to wake up.’

    'please, wake up, seungmin,’ your plead turns into a whisper halfway, the underlying tone of begs and pleas hidden, 'there are people who needs you. i need you.’

    a few stray tears escapes down your cheeks, dropping delicately on the hand of the person you were holding. whom was lying down in the hospital bed in front of you.

    a warm hand suddenly encases yours and seungmin’s hand. the heat surprising you greatly as you turn your head to see who the hand belonged to.

    it was seungmin’s mother.

    'ms. kim.’ you quietly said, a silent gasp leaving you.

    “seungmin? sweetie, are you awake?” his mother’s voice reverberates through your ears, her panicked voice echoing around the room.

    she had been sitting down on the sofa across from the hospital bed her son was in. and out of the corner of her eye, she could have sworn she saw his fingers move a bit.

    her tone caused several people who were waiting outside to look in, curious about the sudden announcement.

    your eyes turn to where she was looking at, only to widen when you felt his hand in yours twitch and his once closed eyes slowly opening.

    'h-he’s waking up!’ you said excitedly, making sure to tone your voice down.

    you could hear chan calling for the doctor as the rest of the boys rushes over happily. all were teary eyed and laughing in disbelief that their friend had just woke up.

    loud footsteps entered the room, alerting the presence of the doctor, whom came over to check up on seungmin.

    “ooh, seungmin. you’re awake. sweetie, you’re finally awake,” ms. kim exclaims, tears of joy escaping her. her hand moves up to wipe them away, the other stroking his cheek.

    a small groan was her response, as seungmin struggled to adjust his eyes to the bright lights and to the blurry faces he was still trying to recognize.

    “am i in the hospital?” is the first thing he asks, his free hand twitching about.

    “to answer your question, mr. kim, yes. you are in the hospital due to a car crash from a drunk driver recently days ago,” the doctor spoke up, “considering your injuries, they are severe but not too critical. you’ve been expected to wake up a few days ago and quite made us all worry there for a bit.”

    seungmin struggled to form a response, feeling something amiss as he scans the group of people again.

    you wait quietly, already expecting the worst.

    “where is y/n?”

    the sudden question left the whole room silent.

    'i’m right here, seungmin.’ you whisper, smiling sadly.

    chan decided to speak up, taking the initiative for the group, “seungmin, about that…you see-”

    seungmin sent a glare in his direction, “where is y/n?” he asked again, his voice firm this time.

    just then, a sniff escaped from someone, all eyes turning on them as the person spoke up.

    “seungmin, dear. y/n-”

    but seungmin didn’t hear his mother’s words. instead, his eyes and ears were locked in on the television. the broadcast was announcing the current news that had happened recently.

    one especially nerve-wracking case that was being talked about right now was what had made seungmin zone out and go blank.

    'three people caught in a drunk driving car accident. one survived with severe injuries, two died at the scene.’

    the pictures of the victims and driver were shown. dread filled him immediately so fast, he felt like he was drowning once he recognized two of the pictures displayed. one of him, and one of you.

    you smiled bitterly at your own picture, unable to accept the fact that you had left too soon.

    “y/n died during the car crash, seungmin. by the time help came, they were too late.” hyunjin said, meekly looking away when he repeated what seungmin’s mother was trying to say earlier.

    “this is a joke, right?” his voice came out soft, frantically looking around the room expecting a confirmation.

    no one answered his question, leaving him in distress at the fact that you were dead. the fact alone cause him to dismiss the state he was in right now. a crying mess.

    “i heard y/n as i was about to wake up. y/n was asking me to wake up. don’t tell me it wasn’t real. i felt y/n’s hand holding onto mine.”

    seungmin looked at his hand, still feeling the warmth he thought he had felt from you when he was unconscious earlier.

    you can already tell you were crying as much as seungmin was, struggling to accept that you were dead already. but there was nothing you could do for him as you watched his expression distort into despair and heartbreak.

    all you could do, as your already translucent hand began to dissolve, was to hold onto seungmin’s hand one more time, with a regretful smile on your face and your last parting words becoming inaudible and unheard.

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  • skz doodles i did at the beginning of last month :)

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  • 224-227/∞ gifs of minho

    #stray kids#bystay#createskz#leeknownet#kpopgfxnetwork#lee minho#minho#*minho#*gif#*mine#infinite minho #skz drought means i'm finally releasing some of my months-old drafts LOL
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  • If chan doesn’t react to this mv in his live like last time I’m suing 😂😭

    #also why can i see jeongin singing to this #but turning it into a whole trot version #like that would be gold #stray kids#vampys mixtape#Spotify
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  • Is anybody willing to be my friend please my paranoia has kicked in and I don’t wanna talk to anybody that knows me

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    ⊹ 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 : 𝖽𝗈𝗇'𝗍 𝗋𝖾𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 ♡

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    Rating: M (mature content)

    Warning: spanking, choking, raw & rough sex

    Pairing: Hyunjin x female!reader

    Group: Stray Kids

    Summary: Something was always drawing you back to your ex-boyfriend but you never found out what it was — until he showed you what the real reason was.

    Disclaimer: English is not my first language, so there might be some mistakes — also I kinda suck at writing smut lol but I hope you still like it!


    Love was a complicated thing.

    You understood that when your boyfriend of 2 years broke up with you without giving you a valid reason as to why he did it — and to be honest, you didn‘t even care anymore. He had his reasons for that and you had to accept it, no matter what.

    Hwang Hyunjin was the man who stole your heart and broke it in an instant.

    And even so, you always came back to him.

    You both would still meet up sometimes but only because he wanted something that only you and no one else could give him and that was your body. He knew every part of it in the smallest detail possible and it wasn‘t even scary or anything — those 2 years made it possible for him to find out everything about you.

    You kind of hated yourself that you stood in front of his door, your hand already in a fist but before you could even knock, the door opened and Hyunjin poked his head out. Your eyes widened at his sight and it was actually surprising to you. His hair was blonde now and at an average length. You gulped hard and he smirked, finally opening the door for you to enter his dorm room.

    „Did you miss me, Y/N?“ He asked with a low tone while running his hand through his hair and damn, they sure look good as hell. Suddenly you had the urge to just touch his hair for a bit because you‘d always play with them whenever you had the chance to but you fought against that urge and only nodded at his question which made him sigh.

    „You know, words are more like my thing.“

    „Yes, I missed you. I always do, Hyunjin.“ You finally answered him in a sharp tone which made him chuckle. „That wasn‘t so hard, now was it, Y/N?“

    You snorted at his remark and he immediately came closer, wrapping his arms around you. „I missed you too“, he whispered so quietly that you almost didn‘t hear him, but you did. And honestly, you wished that you didn‘t hear him.

    Those days after the breakup were the worst for you and sadly, he didn‘t care at all. Not about the breakup, not about how much he hurt you. And you were at the point to accept the fact that those 2 years didn‘t mean anything to him at all. It hurt a lot, but you weren‘t going to cry over something like this, in fact you were stronger than that.

    And yet you were in his room, your body almost longing for his touches.

    Hyunjin could apparently read your mind, because he moved a few steps towards his bed, while you bascially almost stumble upon your own feet and he pushed you softly onto his bed, crawling on top of you and his eyes met yours, full of desire and lust.

    „We can stop if you want, Y/N. But I only know that I need you right now“, he said with a low voice and you raise your hands to cup his face with them, yanking him closer and his lips met with yours, making both of you moan at the same time. Hyunjin was a great kisser, probably the only one you ever met and his kisses always left you behind completely overwhelmed and speechless.

    He nibbles at your lips, before he bites into your lower lip hard and sucks it afterwards, causing you to moan once again. If there was a thing Hyunjin was really good at, then it was definitely this — and sex, of course. Everyone who interacted at least once with Hyunjin sexually would agree immediately. He broke the kiss while his fingers traced over your top until he reached the end and pulled it over your head, while you reach for his trousers and yank them down rather forcefully, including his boxershorts.

    Hyunjin got up to pull his own shirt over his head and ran his fingers through his hair again, but you wish those were your fingers instead. You really wanted to touch his hair and you had a feeling you‘re going to do that soon once he‘s inside you. You pulled down your trousers and now the only thing that was left was your thong which caused Hyunjin to gulp while he lowered himself again and kissed you again, full of passion. You felt a hand on my thigh and he stroked your skin gently, which made your body shiver. You bit his lip a little harder than intended, but if he really did mind, he didn’t show it at least.

    He slipped a hand into your panties and flexed his fingers. He then let them slide into you to capture your moisture and then spread it over your pussy which made you moan loudly in ecstasy. His body moved in time with his fingers and he rubbed himself lightly on you as if he really couldn’t hold back any longer and his lust alone turned you on.

    You clutched the back of his neck, couldn’t stop yourself from digging your fingers into his skin. At the same time, you pulled him close and pressed his face to your neck. It felt so good and he didn’t stop kissing every part of your body that he could reach with his lips. His movements got faster and faster until you felt like you were about to explode. „I want you,“ you gasp. „Please. I want to feel every inch of you in me. I want to feel you.“

    Hyunjin let out a lustful moan and grabbed your legs to pull you closer to him. His fingers slipped under the waistband of your thong and he pulled on it, but he didn’t just tear it, he literally ripped it off your body. He positioned himself with a single deft movement of his hips and for a brief moment he rubbed against you, distributing the moisture of your arousal over his erection. Only then, when he was ready, he entered you.

    Slowly but surely he thrusted into you and you hate the fact that Hyunjin fills you up in a way that you keep craving for it, no matter how tough it was between you two.

    „Deeper,“ you gasp. „God. I want more, please.“

    He moaned softly and you knew he always liked dirty talk, but you no longer had control over your words. And that‘s bascially why you did it.

    By now he had almost completely penetrated you and the feeling was almost more than you could bear. You dug your fingers into the mattress, his back, the pillow, grabbed the head of the bed — you clung to everything you could find in order to anchor yourself in reality and not be torn away by the overwhelming intoxication with which he made you fulfilled.

    Shamelessly you stretched your hips towards him, lifted your bum off the bed and wrapped your legs around his thighs to take him deeper into you. Hyunjin propped himself up with one hand while the other caressed your chest. He let his hand slide over your entire body because you knew that the gentle curve of your neck and your hips fascinated him as much as your full breasts and your tight pussy, which just clasped around his cock.

    He cupped your hips and pulled himself out of you to roll over onto your stomach and he immediately rammed hard into you again, his hands slid onto your ass and he massaged them briefly before he spanked you with his outstretched palm several times on your ass. Hyunjin thrusted faster and faster into you until every thrust was accompanied by the slapping of his hips against your butt. He grasped your breasts which probably felt heavier and larger in this position and trembled every time he buried himself in you. “I want to see you”, you gasped out, almost breathless and you turned around, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down until he was on his back.

    Hyunjin always preferred to be the one in charge, but he always had a thing for how you took control. He watched you fascinated as you pushed yourself over him. You grasped his cock which was very wet from your excitement and you let yourself sink down on him and offer him a fantastic view of your whole body, from the wet glitter on the inside of your thighs to your slightly parted lips which were still puffy from his kisses.

    You gasped in pleasure as you sat on Hyunjin’s cock and began to move up and down on him. He raised his hands and cupped your bum, then began to toss his hips towards you because you knew that he would lose control as soon as you ride him. You lean forward and put both hands on his chest. You dug your fingers into his skin and shamelessly fucked him, causing him to raise a hand and place it on your neck. He licked his lips briefly and at the same time he choked you. A slight moan escaped you and you only got faster and wilder in your movements.

    He raised his other arm, squeezed a hand between your breasts, and forced you backward as he straightened. Somehow he managed to stay inside you while changing positions. Within seconds he was on top of you and he put your legs around your hips. His other hand was still around your neck and he choked you once again. Finally he let go of your neck and leaned over to kiss you.

    And then he fucked you like he never did before.

    Your fingers dug into his back and you feel a tingling sensation running down your spine that announced your orgasm and you just dig your fingers deeper into his back. He gave you a few more thrusts and you lifted your hands from his back up to his hair to run your fingers through it and grasped them with every single thrust that came from him.

    Hyunjin felt your insides tense around him and his cock twitched as he was torn away from a climax and you moan loudly as your climax overwhelmed you shortly afterwards. He kissed you again and pulled out of you.

    “You’re so damn beautiful,” Hyunjin said, and you looked at him, still caught in the aftermath of your orgasm. He let himself fall next to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulled you closer to him and gave you a light kiss on the shoulder before your eyes closed slowly.

    „I love you so much, Y/N.“

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    Take off that hat.🧢

    #bang chan#stray kids #bang chan breakdown #I JUST WANTED MY OWN MEDIOCRE GIFSET OKAY LET’S SHARE IT #i’m still obliterated over this oh my god #my stuff
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  • Hey can anyone link the Twitter thread of sweet uplifting messages in Korean to write for your idols if they’re going through a hard time? Please please pretty please

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    kazooing with felix

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  • I’m just going to say this…

    If I can’t find myself a bang Chan, I don’t want anyone.

    #stray kids #but im not playing #bang chan
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    chapter 7: nice to meet you?

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    The next day rolled around pretty slowly, the anticipation for the party slowly gnawing at you. You had been lounging around all day, waiting for time to pass, occasionally unpacking boxes of your stuff. The sudden knocking at your door startled you, causing you to drop your phone, much to your annoyance.

    “Who is it?” you called out, voice filled with irritation. You heard a chorus of hushed whispers before one cheery voice called out.

    “Y/N! It’s Jisung!” the brightness he radiated through his voice enough to make you smile. You stumbled your way over to the door and pulled it open, and were immediately greeted with the smiling faces of Jeongin (you were sure it was him..) and Jisung. 

    “Party time?” you asked, eyes brimming with joy. Jeongin excitedly nodded, his wide smile rubbing its energy off onto you. Hurriedly walking out of your apartment, you walked next door, the other two practically dragging you over.

    “The others are already waiting for you,” Jisung giggled, jumping up and down. Pushing open the door, Jisung gently led you in, the sounds of excited screams echoing through the apartment. 

    “Hyunjin, what the hell are you doing?” one particularly loud yell reached your ears, earning a laugh from you. Your neighbors sure were something and whatever that something was, you weren’t complaining. 

    “Is that y/n?” you watched as one of the boys stood up and walked to the three of you. Jeongin nodded, dragging you past the other boy and sitting you down in the living room. Immediately, you were bombarded by questions, asking about your favorite color, where you worked, what music you liked, and just about everything in between.

    You smiled to yourself, watching the boys bicker back and forth, occasionally lunging at each other and play-fighting. This was nice.

    “Felix, why don’t you say hi to y/n?” Jisung’s voice caused you to perk up. Looking over to the freckled boy, you blinked up at him, eyes full of curiosity. The look that Felix had given you made your heart drop. Scrunching his nose, he slowly parted his lips, his deep voice ringing in your ears.

    “Hey,” he said, nodding curtly. You bit the inside of your cheek, the look that Felix was giving you causing your stomach to churn with discomfort. Turning back to Jisung, you gave him a small smile, reassuring him that Felix’s odd behavior was fine and that it didn’t bother you too much.

    “He gets like that sometimes,” he sighed, patting you on the back. As much as you wanted to befriend Felix, you decided to ignore his blunt attitude and focus on getting to know everyone else. 

    With the shy waves exchanged between you and Hyunjin, the giggles and laughs with Minho and Jeongin, and the playful bickering going back and forth with you and Jisung, you’ve never felt more welcomed. Glancing over to Felix, you were met with a glare, his stone cold stare making you quickly turn away. 

    You had no idea why he was being like this, seeing as this was your first real interaction with him, and frankly, you hated the way you were being treated. 


    ♡ summary: moving into your new apartment by yourself was scary enough, but with three rowdy neighbors, you had no idea what to expect.

    ♡ taglist: @shoshishua @angelmingyu @haotheheckk @samemagicpoint @lokideadontheinside @kalegria @veryberryshort @svt13roses @memesolvernonchwe @day6straykidsthings @shionwrites @cherryskz @xu-miseo

    send an ask or dm to be added onto the taglist!!

    #skz social media au #stray kids social media au #skz#stray kids#skz smau #stray kids smau #knock on wood #skz x reader #skz x reader social media au #skz x reader smau #stray kids x reader #stray kids x reader social media au #stray kids x reader smau #lee felix x reader
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  • As a fan from Germany it’s the cutest thing for me to hear them say “I love you” in German uwu

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  • Changbin definitely knows how to move his hips

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  • Chan, finding Changbin face down on the floor: are you okay?

    Changbin: I’m depressed

    Chan: lol me too

    Chan: wait no, hi depressed, I’m dad.

    Chan: wait no, what’s wrong?

    #skz#stray kids#kpop#skz changbin#skz chan#seo changbin#bang chan#chan#skz chris#shitpost#stays#kpop scenarios#kpop memes #incorrect stray kids quotes #incorrect stray kids texts #incorrect kpop texts #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect quotes
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    changsung/jibin matching icons

    #stray kids #stray kids icons #icons stray kids #sem psd#icons#without psd#skz#changbin#han#changsung#jibin #changsung matching icons #jibin matching icons #stray kids matching #stray kids matching icons #han icons#icons han#changbin icons#icons changbin#request#seo changbin#han jisung#skz icons#icons skz
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  • hyunjin // psycho 200626

    #createskz#bystay#mgroupsedit#stray kids#hyunjin#hwang hyunjin #im sure this has been giffed a lot but i wasnt on tumblr back then #i cant get over it his dancing was so pretty #*#mygif#mygif:ateez#flashing tw
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    chan made his s/o a playlist

    #stray kids#skz#bang chan #stray kids x reader #skz x reader #bang chan x reader #stray kids reactions #skz reactions #stray kids scenarios #skz scenarios #bang chan scenarios #stray kids fake texts #skz fake texts #bang chan fake texts
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