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  • Kinktober Day 22 - degradation x Changbin (gn!reader)


    “You think it’s fun to be like that in public, you dirty slut?” You growled, and Changbin whimpered, hips lifting off the bed “Well?”

    “N-no- I’m sorry-” He tried to answer, but you interrupted anymore of his words with a scoff

    “You sure didn’t seem worried when you were whispering right into my ear about how much you wanted me to fuck you,”

    “J-just wanted you t-”

    “Such a shameless fucking whore,” You interrupted again “You want me to touch you, is that it?”

    “Please-” He stuttered, wrists tugging against the ropes you’d restrained him with

    “Why should I touch such a horny bitch, hm? Do you really think your pathetic cock deserves pleasure?”

    “Please- I don’t- but please- I just wanted you to- hah- to pay attention to me,”

    “Well you have my attention now, right? Aren’t you satisfied?”

    You scowl grew into a smirk when Changbin squeezed his eyes shut, cock pulsating and dripping with pre-cum. His entire body was heaving up and down, and his cheeks were an unbelievable shade of red. He hadn’t intended to make you this mad, or to be punished quite this much, and the humiliation from your words was almost unbearable, but he couldn’t deny how much it turned him on, how much he wanted to hear more, just how much more it made Changbin want to feel you against him.

    “Dumb slut,” You muttered, slapping his thigh at his lack of answer, and Changbin groaned

    “Please…” He whimpered

    You raised a disapproving brow, but you knew that soon enough you’d give into the boy’s admittedly adorable pleads, so you intended to reprimand him as much as you could while you still had self-control.

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    𖧧࣪ LIKE OR REBLOG ᵎᵎ  🌱 ⚠︎ ⌒ ʚ ĭ ɞ ﹫skz.chris mood ♡

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  • gonna set chan’s room as my background 💀

    #if anyone recognises it... shoutout to you adfsksjd #let me tell ya... i haven’t a clue what’s going on in this maths class #ramblings#stray kids
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  • Stray Kids reaction to you telling them you’re pregnant

    Notes: you guys haven’t planned anything, he told you he wants to focus on his career and you were okay with the decision, wanting to build your own career. But when you find out you’re pregnant, you were afraid to tell him.

    Warning(s): mention of vomiting, abortion, unplanned pregnancy, labor. I love love love plot twists so please be ready for those in my work.

    Changbin version

    You and Changbin had been married for almost 2 years now, with no plans of starting a family. Even though you were okay with the decision, deep down you weren’t satisfied. Changbin being the busy bee he is, sometimes slept in the studio and you were lonely. Don’t get me wrong he doesn’t ignore you, he’s just working with Chan and Han on some beats and lyrics and is preoccupied sometimes, he does come home to you, y'all married after all. Your friends had been pregnant in the past so you knew the symptoms and what it looked like. You were experiencing the same things, and your friend told you that yes sis you are pregnant. So you took a test and waited in the bathroom, it was indeed positive. You held your head in your hands and groaned. “what am I going to tell him”. You weren’t someone who cries easily so you knew you could give him the news without being a crying mess. So with a deep breath you walked over to him. He’s currently sitting in his studio he had setup in the apartment and working on lyrics. You sit on the beanbag in the corner next to where he’s sitting, he acknowledges your presence but is too involved in the writing process and seems upset. He’s mumbling some lyrics to himself but they aren’t good enough for him so he groans loudly and sits back covering his face with his hands. Did you pick the wrong time to decide to tell him? Maybe but you weren’t gonna hide this from him so you start “Changbin, honey?”. “hmmm” he says without moving his hands from his face. You take his hands in yours and make him face you, you sitting at a lower angle than him. He looks stressed af and lost, because he really is thinking of lyrics right now while you’re talking to him. “Seo Changbin listen to me, I need you to be attentive, snap out of it”. “tf y/n I’m busy can this wait please I really need to get this done”. “no this most certainly cannot wait”. “what is it”. “you see Changbin, we’ve been really active lately, you know and even though I was taking pills, nature had something else in mind and well I took a test just now and…”.“what’re you talking about exactly y/n?”. “I’m trying to tell you that I’m pregnant”. He doesn’t say anything, he’s just looking at you, a bit shocked and confused. “but we- I mean you- that’s not- wow”. He’s smiling, that’s a good thing, right? Changbin kisses your forehead. “I’m keeping this baby, I want this, you’re not mad right?”. “?? why would I be mad tf of course I want this baby too I’m really really happy, it just doesn’t seem like it because I’m tired, y/n oh my God you make me the happiest man in the world huh a baby, our baby”. He’s lost again and smiling to himself. You’re glad he’s happy about this. “come on let’s go out to eat” you say. “can’t I really need to work on these lyrics”. “okay if you come now, I’ll help you with them later”. “you? help me with lyrics? don’t make me laugh” he scoffs. “I’m good at it too”. “please name one song you wrote the lyrics to, let alone produced”. “well at least I didn’t let things get out of hand and produce ‘wow’”. “don’t bring that up around my child woman”. “our child and come on”.

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  • okay i took one of these what stray kids are u uquizzes and i got minhAHAHAHAHAHA I CANT XJLKAMNYDFJKZL oh goD

    #the one w/ the most gay & feral energy #yeah#minho#stray kids#skz#mine#my post
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    annyeong yeorobun!!!

    i just finished my forensic medicine exam :’) took these beautiful pictures when i was on my way to send my sister back to hostel.

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  • positives of writing jeongin as ace in this fic: i can project my own experiences and worries to make it more realistic!

    negatives of writing jeongin as ace in this fic: i’m projecting my own experiences and worries to make it more realistic.

    #ao3 author#writing#stray kids#wip#jeonglix #honestly it's nice to write an ace character but also very very close to home
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    A feather of your wings

    falls down on my knees

    Les yeux d'un ange

    who asks me to please,

    Exchange some blood,

    for a bit of his love;

    Silence the stars,

    to make them all ours;

    Sit on the ground,

    and search for a sound.

    “It may be acoustic,

    it may be instrumental,

    you just have to find it

    and tell me I’m your angel”

    A feather of your wings

    falls down on my knees,

    Les yeux d'un ange

    who asks me to please,

    Erase some memories,

    and find them again;

    Surprise the moon,

    making her mad.

    Stay by his side,

    not leaving alone

    the boy with the wings,

    the boy who has drown.

    “It never is easy to

    let go of things,

    But you are lucky,

    cause I asked you please”

    #stayhavennet #i've written this so long ago omg #han jisung#jisung au #han jisung scenario #han jisung imagine #han jisung blurb #han jisung poem #skz han#stray kids#skz #stray kids au #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagines
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  • jeongin: should i get in trouble for something i didn’t do?

    chan: no

    jeongin: good because i didn’t do homework

    #stray kids incorrect quotes #stray kids#incorrect quotes #incorrect skz quotes #bang chan#yang jeongin #i.n #cb97#chan#christopher bang#chris bang#incorrect skz#skz #incorrect stray kids
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  • heads up

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    #bang chan#stray kids#polaroid #stray kids everywhere all around the world #skz
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  • Familiar

    pairing: chan (bang chan) x gender-neutral reader

    genre: no smut, married!au, emotionally heavy, lots of plot build-up/context description, slow burn, fluff at the end, second-person POV

    word count: 2098

    content warnings: themes of death, depression/grieving, lack of eating, swearing; this is a SERIOUS piece that may make you cry. please proceed with caution and take a mental breather after. 

    summary: your husband chan died a year ago, and life hasn’t been the same until you meet a peculiar stray dog whom you decide to keep.

    a/n: partly inspired by the netflix anime film “a whisker away.” hint hint: australian dingo…

    korean key:

    ⦿ sasaengpaen (사생팬) = crazy spy-like super fans, sasaeng for short; pronounced “sah-seng”

    ⦿ annyeong (안녕) = multipurpose word that translates to hi/bye and no; in this story, it’s used in the hi/bye sense. pronounced “on-yawng”



    It happened a year ago. The crash. The sasaengs. The coma. The stroke. The doctors’ denial of life support. The funeral.

    Your husband Chan had died tragically after a catastrophic car accident outside the JYPE building in Seoul when a group of sasaengs tried to take control of an already chaotic situation on the street. Chan had been rushed to the hospital, so bloodied and so internally fractured that he immediately fell comatose and incidentally suffered a stroke due to the bodily trauma. 

    You’d begged with all your might for the doctors to put him on life support, but they refused, saying he’d be vegetative for the rest of your life. They even sent an insurance liason up to Chan’s ICU suite to speak with you about having to pay for his life support as long as you continued to live, and you were just so beaten down by all the hospital staff that you agreed to release his body to the funeral home his parents had flown in to coordinate with.

    And you were destroyed. 

    Your employer had given you three months’ bereavement, but you still couldn’t bear to go to work for four more months. You slept 12 hours on Chan’s side of the bed every night and only wore his clothes during those four months of intermittent crying. After you used up the remaining sick days and paid time off you’d accrued over the years, your manager finally terminated you for missing too much. The next two months were spent on the couch with no appetite and inconsistent sleep, the good memories of Chan continually flooding back to you at random times. 

    This was when you’d decided it was time to get your shit together because the scale declared you 15 lbs [7 kg] lighter; the circles under your eyes scared you each time you dared to glance in a mirror; and your phone’s mailbox had filled to its limit with messages from anyone and everyone offering their condolences for your loss. So three months passed, and you were able to gain back most of your weight, sleep more consistently, and clean out your social media.

    Those last three months were the cleansing your soul so desperately needed, and for the first time since the incident, you were starting to feel a level of normalcy again. You’d even pushed yourself to get back into the workforce, and thankfully, this new employer didn’t cause a scene about your 11-month gap in job history. 

    The dominoes were falling back into place. Sadly, you’d felt compelled at one point to ghost the rest of Stray Kids because it was just too painful for you to act like you could handle yourself around them. Out of worry and compassion, they all individually sent you messages here and there, but you told yourself maybe in the future. After all, your life had disintegrated to less than dust, so you were your priority moving forward.


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    Teary eyed, you look at Jisung at the altar. You didn’t expect that this is the happy ending for the two of you.

    “Have this.”, the freckled man sympathized with you. Holding out his handkerchief, offering it to you. You didn’t noticed you are crying until now, getting the handkerchief from him. “Thanks.”, you mumbled, embarrassed that you are crying at Jisung’s wedding, patting your wet cheeks gently.

    “Weddings really gets us all emotional.”, he whispered, trying to justify your actions. With that you snorted, “Yeah.”. Its unappropriate to laugh at this occassion or cry for that matter. You are not even a family to cry for Jisung. You are just thankful that the man beside you stop you from crying more.

    “I’m just…” looking at Jisung. He is holding the hand of his bride, smiling lovingly at her. “I’m happy for him.”

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