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  • Word Count: 1985

    Type: Fluff

    Warnings: None really… I guess cursing if that bothers you?

    Prompts: 43 (Frost the damn cupcakes.) and 51 (I’m your husband. It’s my job.)

    Author’s Note: Everybody’s been soft over family stray kids, so I added a son into the mix. 

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    Originally posted by hyyunjinn

    You sighed, yet again, as you scrolled through the endless photos Snapchat had to offer you that night. There were plenty of golden images of Minho with the cat filter and Chan with the giant nose filter. Hyunjin had some pretty selfies of him with that heart filter — god he always looks good. You couldn’t help but laugh when you reached Jisung’s.

    The boy sent you a picture of his wide eyes — a picture that reminded you of a psychopath ready to claim his next victim — with large bolded text that read “DON’T YOU DARE FUCK UP OUR 895 DAY STREAK” 

    You quickly pointed your camera at your feet, snapping a picture of your award-winning giraffe socks that Seungmin gifted you for Mother’s day, and sending it to Jisung. There was no way you were letting that streak go. It had to be one of the biggest accomplishments of your life. 

    Well… Marrying your best friend and having a son with him was probably your best accomplishment. But this Snapchat streak was a close second. Come on, you and Jisung were going on 3 years with that streak! 

    Sure you cut it close — with it being 11:45 PM and all — but you kept the streak up anyway! 

    Speaking of… 

    You couldn’t shake the feeling that you were forgetting something. Oh well! You get that feeling an awful lot and frankly — you’re usually forgetting something that isn’t important. Being a mom does that to you. 

    The important things are taken care of. Your son’s presents are wrapped and hidden in the closet, you have the ingredients for his favorite meal for dinner, and you’ve… not prepared the cupcakes for his class tomorrow. 

    Oh shit! 

    That’s what you were supposed to be doing! 

    Panic bubbled in your chest as you darted to the kitchen, quickly cracking eggs and pouring oil into the Kitchen Aid bowl before pouring in the 3 boxes of cake mix. You turned on the mixer and preheated the oven, thanking the gods that you somehow remembered.

    Sure it’d be a long night, but you were still going to be able to give your son the joy of handing out cupcakes to his class. 

    Ever since that snobby rich kid in his class brought in homemade cupcakes from his mom, who owns a fucking bakery you might add, your son has been wanting YOU to make homemade cupcakes for him to bring on his birthday. 

    Of course you agreed and told your son you’d bake some cupcakes, not thinking about the fact that you were no baker. He’ll have to settle for box cake mix. He probably wouldn’t know the difference anyway. 

    Once the batter was all mixed, you poured the cake mix into cupcake wrappers, until you filled all the muffin pans you owned — which is a surprising number considering Seungmin’s mom bought you one for a housewarming gift, your mom bought you one as a birthday gift, AND your son picked one for you for Mother’s Day.  

    Oh yeah… you also bought one because you forgot about other 3 sitting at home. 

    All those pans came in handy. You managed to fit all four into the oven, which was AMAZING because that meant you didn’t have to stay up until 3 AM waiting for all those damn cakes to bake. 

    You scrolled through your phone a bit while the cupcakes baked, sending odd pictures to whoever was awake. Thank god Hyunjin and Jisung have HORRIBLE sleeping habits, or you’re sure you would have fallen asleep to let the cupcakes burn. 

    Once your timer went off, you pulled the cupcakes out of the oven and set them on a platter to cool. 

    The hard part was done. Now all you have to do is wait. Perhaps it’d be a good time to get in a cat nap? After all, you can’t do anything until the cakes are cool. 

    You stretched your body out on the couch, resting your head on one of the throw pillows as you set an alarm for 5 AM. An hour should be enough time to frost the cupcakes. If not, then oh well. You tried. 

    Tiredness took over your body as you sunk into the couch cushions, sleep taking over almost instantly. 


    Seungmin couldn’t help the sigh that escaped his lips as he woke up, yet again, at 4 AM for no apparent reason. This wasn’t the first night this happened, no… this has been going on for about a month — ever since you started staying up later. 

    Perhaps he had a sixth sense when it came to you? 

    Who knows… 

    Seungmin reached over to your side of the bed, feeling a bit disappointed when his hand came in contact with the cold sheets. You didn’t come to bed last night. 

    He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. You’ve been staying up later, you seem tired all the time, and he felt like he didn’t get to see you as often. Perhaps you were stressed out from work? Or maybe he did something wrong?

    Seungmin rubbed his eyes as he sat up. He might as well go and check on you. Besides… something smells good in the kitchen and it’s making him want to snack.

    Seungmin walked out into the living room, eyes widening when he saw the cupcakes in the kitchen. Why the hell were you baking cupcakes at 4 AM? He knew it was his son’s birthday today, but he didn’t see why you needed to make cupcakes this early. 

    “Baby?” Seungmin shook your shoulder lightly. “Baby? Why are you sleeping out here? You should go to bed.” His thumb rubbed your arm as you started to wake up. 

    Your hands reached out to rub your eyes as you smiled — missing your husband’s gentle touches, but wait… What time is it?

    You shot up from the couch, frantically grabbing your phone to check the time. Oh thank god! It was only 4:15 AM. You still had time to frost the cupcakes. 

    “Woah, woah, woah. Everything’s okay!” Seungmin wrapped his arms around you. “What’s going on?” 

    “No time to talk. I have to frost the cupcakes.” You shot up from the couch, before grabbing a butter knife in the kitchen. 

    “Hold on love.” Seungmin chuckled, “Why do you need to finish the cupcakes now? He won’t be eating them until after dinner right?”

    “Do you remember that asshole kid with the baker mother?” You yawned. 

    Seungmin laughed at your saltiness. “Of course.” 

    “Well our son wanted me to make cupcakes to take in to his class.” You explained, frosting the cupcake in your hands.

    “Why not buy them from the grocery store?” Seungmin asked as he leaned on the countertop. 

    He couldn’t help but wonder why you were so worked up over these cupcakes. Surely his son wouldn’t mind you grabbing some — no offense — prettier cupcakes from a bakery, or from the grocery store down the street. 

    “Because.” You put the… rather unique… looking cupcake into a container. “Asshole kid brought in homemade cupcakes.” 

    Seungmin couldn’t help but laugh. “Fuck that asshole kid.” 

    “Right?” You glided the knife over another cupcake, globbing frosting on the top. “Why couldn’t he bring in store bought cupcakes like everyone else?” 

    “You know…” Seungmin grabbed a cupcake and bit into it. “It’s not going to be that big of a deal if you buy cupcakes from the store. If we do it now and pack them in those containers, he won’t know the difference.” 

    “Asshole quit eating the cupcakes.” You smacked his arm, making him giggle. “And no. I’m not going to be that mom.”

    “What mom?” Seungmin took another large bite of the cupcake in his hands. 

    “The mom who buys cupcakes from the grocery store when her son asks for homemade cupcakes.” You glared at your husband. “I’m not going to let this be the reason our son resents us later in life and turns to a life of pimping and selling prostitutes.” 

    Seungmin let out a loud snort at your comment, hand darting in front of his mouth to keep what was left of the chocolate cupcake in his mouth so it wouldn’t fly across the kitchen. “If this sends him down that road I think we have bigger problems.” 

    “Just shut up and frost the damn cupcakes.” You chuckled, tossing an unfrosted cupcake in his direction. 

    “Okay okay! Just quit waving that knife around.” Seungmin grabbed another butter knife and started frosting cupcakes alongside you. 

    The two of you frosted in silence for a while, simply enjoying each other’s presence as you globbed frosting on the chocolate cupcakes. Although they didn’t look the prettiest, they were still homemade, and you felt like you deserved brownie points for that. 

    Seungmin broke the silence after a while. “You know… He’s not going to hate you if you go buy cupcakes.” 

    “But he requested these ones.” You mumbled. “He doesn’t ask for much, and this is his birthday!” You couldn’t help but sigh. “I just want his birthday to be special.” 

    Seungmin smiled softly. “It will be. Especially when you’re going through all this trouble to make these.” 

    “I know I should have made them yesterday, but I got so busy.” You sighed. “I had to re-teach him how to divide fractions, because his teacher fucking sucks. But first I had to re-learn how to divide fractions because apparently the education system can’t teach kids how to divide fractions the way they did when we were in school.” 

    You put another cupcake into the container, pausing to rub at your eyes. “Then I had to go to work and deal with Shelly’s high-pitched bullshit, then come home and teach our son how to do his homework AGAIN.” Another sigh escaped your lips. “I just got overwhelmed.” 

    “You know what would have made it easier?” Seungmin shoved the knife in the frosting. “If you relied on me more.” 

    You knew this was coming. It was true, you did have a bad habit of just handling everything yourself because it was easier. You had a routine! You get your son up, make him breakfast, make him lunch, double-check his homework, take him to school, go to work, pick him up from school, help him with homework, make dinner for your family, play with your son before he has to go to bed, tuck him into bed, then use what little energy you have left to drag yourself into bed. 

    Wow… Maybe he was right. 

    “It’s just easier if I handle it myself.” You mumbled. “You’re busy and —” 

    “Don’t act like you aren’t busy too.” Seungmin cut you off. “Look, I know my job is pretty demanding, but I can help out. He’s my son too. There’s no reason for you to do everything.” 

    You smiled at him as you drowned another cupcake in frosting. “Why are you so amazing?”

    Seungmin couldn’t help but laugh at the sad ensemble of cupcakes in front of you two. “You probably won’t think I’m amazing after hearing this, but these cupcakes look like shit.” 

    You glanced at the mess of frosting and decided to admit defeat. “Okay fine, let’s go to the bakery and get some cupcakes. It’s 5 AM, I think they’re open now.” 

    Seungmin kissed you on the forehead. “I’ll go get them. You go get some sleep.” 

    “What? I don’t mind going with you.” You pulled your shoes on and grabbed your jacket. 

    “No.” Seungmin yanked your jacket from your hands and threw it back on the coat rack. “You need to go get some sleep. And call in sick today, you don’t need to deal with Shelly’s bullshit running on 2 hours of sleep.” He chuckled. 

    You smiled. “You take such good care of me.” 

    Seungmin laughed. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 

    “Now go get those cupcakes before our demon spawn wakes up.” 

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  • Written Ships

    Sorry to anyone who’s submitted a written ship I’ve had a lot going on, I will try to get to them as soon as possible!

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  • To all the ppl now creating fake Woojin accounts

    With his supposed insta name and telling ppl it’s his real account

    How dare >:(

    #this makes it so much harder to find him #:( #i just wanna give him supprt #but its so damn hard to find his account now #keeper’s post#my post#woojin#kpop #plz no hate #am only being grumpy #stray kids #stray kids woojin
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    The brightest star in my sky ⭐️

    Cr. Dreamnight

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  • Chan-Tripped

    Summary: A day in gym class didn’t go according to plan.

    Word count: 708

    Warnings: pure fluff

    A/N : For my baby @simplybangchan


    Originally posted by skzbffie

    What had started off as a fun day in gym class with your friends, turned into a not so fun day for you, and many others. As you were running, you accidentally slipped and fell directly onto your elbow, groaning in pain as you grabbed a hold of your elbow, wincing at the sudden contact.

    Your friends had all stopped their movements and activities, running over towards you, as soon as your best friend came close to you, she knew your elbow didn’t look right. What she thought was a dislocation soon proved to actually be a fracture. Your friend quickly made her way to the teacher explaining the situation while your crush of two years came up to you.

    “Let me help you to the infirmary, they might call an ambulance from there; it looks like a fracture.”

    You thought Chan was going to help you walk, but instead he picked you up very bridal style, very carefully, not wanting to cause anymore discomfort. You couldn’t help it, knowing your cheeks turned a shade of crimson.

    “I-I can walk myself C-Chan.” you stuttered. It only made Chan smile.

    “You’re cute when you’re flustered.“

    You just giggled and hid your face into Chan’s shirt, letting him carry you all the way to the school’s infirmary. Once you entered the door your best friend, teacher and a pair of paramedics were already waiting for you, Chan carefully placing you on the bed. You accidentally knocked your elbow against his arm and you hissed in pain, feeling more tears prick your eyes.

    "Sweetheart.” the paramedic stated. “It’s definitely more than a fracture, we are going to have to take you to the hospital and get it checked and plastered.” As you entered the ambulance, Chan asked if he could come with you to keep you company (as your parents were out of town) which they happily agreed too.

    "How did you know?” You questioned Chan once the paramedics had started driving.

    “Oh, Y/F/N told me to come with you cause your parents are away. Plus, I don’t want you going through this alone, so I will be here with you Y/N.” You smiled at his soft, careful words. How you wish you could just tell him how much you liked him, but you told yourself, it would never work because of his looks and popularity and your, …well, you.

    “Thank you” you mumbled.

    “You’re really brave sweetheart.” The paramedic yelled from the front of the van. “If I were you, I’d be screaming in pain.” You all started to laugh, you were beyond shocked that you even managed to get up; you were surprised you weren’t groaning in pain, but something made  you think that Chan had something to do with it.

    As soon as you arrived at the hospital, the paramedics told Chan he had to wait outside while they took some scans and bandaged it, as soon as you were put in a different room, you were crying in pain, your arm was throbbing and you felt as if you couldn’t get rid of the pins and needles sensation, you wanted it to be over. Thirty minutes or so went by and you were finally sitting in a hospital bed, Chan had made his way into your room, and as if on cue, you felt all your pain disappear as Chan did his best to distract you from everything.

    “I hope you are done crying Y/N, you look exhausted.” Chan laughed and you joined him. But then he suddenly thought of something. “Why didn’t you cry when I was around?”

    You looked up at Chan and right into his beautiful brown orbs, my you loved his eyes, well you loved everything about him.

    “I - uh I…” you couldn’t quite get the right words out, too scared that you would stuff it up.

    Chan, on the other hand, knew your secret; turns out that your best friend accidentally let it out some time ago, but Chan couldn’t have been any happier, because he’d had a crush on you for a while. Chan stood up and leaned over your body, resting one hand on your cheek as he pressed a long kiss to your forehead.

    “I like you too.”

    #stray kids reactions #stray kids x reader #stray kids smut #stray kids imagines #stray kids #stray kids angst #stray kids drabbles #stray kids fanfic #stray kids fluff #stray kids hard hours #bang chan x reader #bang chan#lee know #lee minho x reader #seo changbin #seo changbin x reader #hwang hyunjin x reader #hwang hyunjin #han jisung x reader #han jisung #lee felix x reader #lee felix #kim seungmin x reader #kim seungmin #yang jeongin x reader #yang jeongin
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    (Members in brackets are favoured for writing)

    - NCT (Jungwoo, Taeyong, Jaemin)

    - GOT7 (Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson)

    - Seventeen (No preference)

    - Ateez (Hongjoong, San, Wooyoung)

    - Monsta X (Wonho, Jooheon)

    - Stray Kids (Felix, Hyunjin, Minho)

    - The Boyz (New)

    - X1 (Yohan, Seungyoun)

    - A.C.E (No preference)

    - EXO (I include all previous members and my preferences are Kai and Luhan)

    Dom!Idol requests will be ignored and you may be blocked.

    Feel free to send in a request but one per person please. :)

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  • @k-shizzers thanks for requesting again lovely 💗 im glad you liked your last ship! 🥰


    from X1 i ship you with Yohan and Wooseok


    Originally posted by wueseoks

    from ATEEZ i ship you with Mingi and Wooyoung


    Originally posted by dearmingki


    Originally posted by shuuvee

    from Stray Kids i ship you with Lee Know and Hyunjin


    Originally posted by 167crn

    and from Pentagon i ship you with Hongseok and Yeo One


    Originally posted by shwonie

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  • @/every wooj stan


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  • [200120] realstraykids:

    ~🐺 찬이가 스테이에게 주는 미션~

    특별한 사람이랑 같이 안아서 사진 찍고 올리기!

    Give someone special a warm hug and share it online!⠀⠀

    #StrayKids #STAY #GoneDays #District9UNLOCK #HUGS #찬방시즌2? #🤙🏻


    ~🐺 Chan’s mission for STAY~

    Give someone special a warm hug and share it online!⠀⠀

    #StrayKids #STAY #GoneDays #District9UNLOCK #HUGS #chan’sroomseason2? #🤙🏻

    Trans Cre: @straykidsvideo, take out with full credit

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  • Chris and his babies ❤️

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    about:: hyunjin b&w

    please:: fav or reblog

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    I’m not dreaming this, am I?

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  • [10:04] Gazing at the night sky with his shimmering big eyes, Jisung turns to you with a loving look while pointing at the canvas of midnight blues and dusky purples, “Those stars right there, are just like us. Always looking out for each other, shining brightly and being there for eternity.”

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    happiest day of my life me thinks

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