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  • davekat-sucks
    06.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Brokat aka Blood Orange is better than Davekat.

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  • castaway-cloud
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ☁️ Jade Strider [Dirk Ways] - Moodboard ☁️

    requested by; @skleetheirken

    🌿 "A Jade strider moodboard with oranges(both in the color and the fruit) and inspirational messages? // DIRK WAYS DIRK WAYS SRY"
    free to use! credit isn't necessary but greatly appreciated!!
    #☁️🌿 :; mod xeph #☁️🌿 :; request finished #☁️🌿 :; moodboards #homestuck kin#homestuck moodboard #homestuck jade kin #homestuck jade stider #jade strider#orangecore#jade harley
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  • mrsegbert
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dirk: My main man Scoobert goes in.

    Hal: What about me? Scorbort?

    Dirk: I told you to never show your face around here again.

    #this is homestuck #dirk strider#hal strider #i just think that if you compact their entire relationship into an incorrect quote it would be this one
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  • dualityflipped
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    homestuck art dump

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  • vhsshopping
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dirkways Jade Strider (Homestuck // Kidswap AU) package

    Candle 1 [$14.00] | Metal Plant [$16.50] | Candle 2 [$13.50]

    Bowl [$16.20+] | Weighted Plush [$18.00] | Poster [$18.62]

    Plush 1 [$10.99] | Sunglasses [$13.97] | Plush 2 [$18.77]

    SURPRISE BONUS [$12.99]

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  • rainclouds-and-selfships
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ⚙: Breaking news folks, we have a kid now.

    #⚙: Local Gods Get A Kid. Spoiler: It's Very Small. #⚙: I'm gonna need to baby proof the apartment now. #♡takeover hours♡#☆strider hours☆
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  • baldobadperson
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    homestuck: longing stares are born from just one single glance

    AU: Modern Ship: Bro Strider/Karkat Vantas Characters: Karkat, Terezi, Eridan, Nepeta, Equius, Bro Strider Rating: EXPLICIT WARNINGS: Age Difference, Possibly Underage (Karkat’s 17-19), Orgasm Denial, Creampie, Fingering, Angst, Mutual Pining

    Karkat sat down on the floor, Terezi and Eridan sitting down beside him. Dave handed him a game controller and he rolled his eyes. 'You and I both know I'm shit at games, Dave, you sadistic bulgemuncher.' From beside him on the sofa, Nepeta giggled. Karkat's expression softened. He handed her the controller. 'Here, you play with him. You won't torment me this time, Dave,' he declared. Nepeta took it with a smile. 

    'Oh, dude, that hurts. All my plans ruined. How am I gonna recover,' Dave said, browsing through the shelf. It was sleepover time and Karkat, Nepeta, Equius, Eridan and Terezi were here. Dave picked out games and movies, dumping on the coffee table. 

    'Don't worry, Dave, I'm sure you can devise another torture for him,' Terezi said. Eridan snickered. Karkat flipped her off. Nepeta giggled. 

    Equius sat down next to her. 'What are we playing?' he asked. Nepeta and Dave were still looking through the pile of disk cases. 

    'Don't know yet. Can you help us pick?' Nepeta asked. 

    'I don't know much about them but I'll help,' Equius answered. 

    'Hell yeah,' Dave said. They went back to going through disks. Eridan came to join them, sitting down on the floor. 

    'You have board games, right?' Eridan asked. 

    'Shit, yeah, I do,' Dave said. He stood up. 'I'll go get them.' Terezi's arm was looped around Eridan's and Eridan did his best to describe what was on the disk cases. 

    'I'll go get the stuff,' Karkat said. He stood up. He stepped over Terezi's legs and went to the door. 

    'There's some bowls in the cupboards,' Dave said. 

    Karkat nodded. He went to what would be called the kitchen area if anyone actually cooked in it. He scowled up at the cupboard. They were higher than he was used to. Fucking taller people. Karkat reached up on his tiptoes. His fingertips touched the knob. Karkat grinned in victory. He opened the cupboard. Karkat stepped back then jumped. Fuck, the bowls were near the back. There was movement behind him. Karkat jumped then whirled around. 

    Dave's brother was standing in front of him. He reached up. Karkat couldn't help but stare at the way his white shirt moved. Dave's brother took the pile of bowls out of the cupboard. He lowered them then held them out. 'Here.' 

    Karkat blinked. He dragged his eyes down. 'Thanks,' he managed to say. He took them. He went to the sink. He set the bowls down then opened the tap. He washed the bowls. His skin prickled. He felt eyes on him but Dave's brother could just be staring at him for whatever reason. He was known to stare. 

    Karkat finished, he piled the bowls on top of each other and turned off the tap. He picked up the bowls and went to the door. There were plastic bags by it. He had put it there when he came in. Karkat crouched then pulled it closer. There were the liters of soda, bags and bags of junk food and candy and, of course, tissues. He took out the tissues. He opened it then dried the bowls. He put each one on the floor when he was finished. 

    He turned back to the plastic bag. He looked through them, setting each person's likes in a bowl. There was movement at the edge of his vision. beside him. Karkat looked up. Dave's brother was crouched beside him. 'What's goin' on here?' he drawled.  

    Karkat dragged his eyes away. He looked down at a bag of candy. 'Just sorting stuff.' This was for Equius. He put it in the Equius bowl. 'If you want some, you can take it,' he managed to say. 

    'I just might,' Dave's brother said. Karkat continued sorting. Something came to rest on his back. He tensed then relaxed. It was hand. Even through his sweatshirt he could feel how warm it was.  He didn’t lift his head to look at him. He could stare all he wanted but Karkat couldn't bring himself to look at him. He didn’t shrug off the hand. He finished. He picked up a pair of bowls. Hands came down to take another pair. 

    Karkat looked up. His eyes slid away. 'Thanks,' he muttered. They both stood up. Karkat went to the coffee table. The TV was playing something, they had settled on a movie. Dave, Equius, Nepeta and Eridan were doing their best to explain what was happening to Terezi. He set the bowls down. He glanced at the person beside him as Dave's brother leaned down to put down the bowls. Karkat went back to the door and picked up another pair of bowls. He set them down. He went back to the door and picked up yet another pair of bowls. He turned around. He jerked back. Dave's brother was in front of him. 'Sorry,' Karkat said quickly. 

    'Don't be. No mess, no fuss,' Dave's brother said. 

    Karkat nodded stiffly. 'Right,' he said. He walked around him then went to put the bowls down. He returned to the door. He bent down to pick up a plastic bag, only two remained. The one with all the junk food and the one with all the liters of soda. A hand stopped him. Karkat looked up. 'I'll be taking the soda.' 

    They were heavy, Equius was the one that carried them on the way here. 'Ok,' Karkat said. He picked up the plastic bag filled with junk food and went to the coffee table. He put it down on the table. The bags of candy were already opened. Dave's brother set the plastic bag filled with soda by the couch. Karkat sat down on the floor and reached for a bag of candy. 

    'What happened? Find something funky in the cupboards. We haven't cleaned it in a fucking long time,' Dave said. 

    'If there was something in it, I couldn't see it,' Karkat answered automatically. Fuck! He shouldn't have said anything, Dave's brother was *right there*. But why did that fucking matter? He had been here before. He already knew how stupid he can get. 'Because it was too fucking high up.'

    'Did you do that little jump to look at it, Kar?' Eridan asked amused. 

    'So what if I did,' Karkat said. 

    'I wish I could have seen it,' Dave said. 

    'It was cute,' Dave's brother said. Karkat blushed, shoulders hiking up. 

    Dave turned to his brother. 'Why are you here? No adults allowed, this is a kids only zone,' he said. 

    Karkat looked at Dave's brother. He held up his hands. 'A'right, a'right, I'm leaving you kids alone. I'll be in my studio if you want me.' Karkat looked away. 

    'Begone, you Matthew McConaughey sounding douchebag,' Dave said. 

    Nepeta leaned down. 'So do you have a crush on him?' she whispered. 

    Karkat turned to her with wide eyes. 'What?!'

    'What are y'all talking about?' Dave asked. 

    'Nepeta's asking Karkat if he has a crush on your brother,' Eridan answered. Terezi and Equius perked up in interest. They turned to look at him. 

    'What?' Dave asked incredulously. 

    'Do you have a crush on him, Karkat?' Equius asked. 

    'You want me to answer that? In front of Dave?' Karkat asked. 

    'I don't want to know,' Dave declared. He thought about it. 'I do want to know actually. Do you?'

    'I'm not gonna answer that,' Karkat answered. 

    'But you have to, this is gonna bug me for days,' Dave said. 

    'Suffer,' Karkat said. He went back to his candy. 

    They all settled down. There were board games on the coffee table. He complained about something from the movie or something that he was thinking off and everyone only half-listened. Candy and junk food was eaten and soda drank. The movie finished and they all looked through disks. Karkat, of course, picked a rom-com that everyone, of course, refused. An action movie was put into the player. The night passed. Movies finished, Terezi and Karkat played several rounds of Checkers and a racing game was played. 

    Karkat stood up. Eridan looked up at him. 'Going to the bathroom,' Karkat said. Terezi nodded. Equius, Nepeta, Eridan and Dave were focused on the racing game, Eridan almost elbowed Nepeta on the side. Nepeta yelped and Equius and Dave turned to her automatically. Terezi chuckled. Karkat smiled. He turned away. He went to the bathroom.

    He closed the door behind him. He went on the toilet then washed his hands. He opened the door. Karkat stepped back. Dave's brother was in front of him. 'Everything a'right?'

    Karkat dragged his eyes away. There was a knot in his chest. 'Yeah,' he managed to answer. It didn't disappear. 

    Dave's brother tilted his head slightly. Karkat's skin prickled. 'Something the matter, kid?' Dave's brother asked, curious. There was another unknown note in his voice.

    Karkat licked his lips. Eyes followed the movement. There was a knot in his stomach, part nervousness and part anticipation and part something else. Why did he call him kid? 'No, everything's fine,' Karkat muttered, 'Mr. Strider.' 

    Dave's brother stepped forward. Karkat's eyes widened and he stepped back. 'Oh, that was hot,' Dirk said, voice low. Karkat flushed. Because he was Dirk now. A hand came down to touch his cheek. Dirk stepped forward and the door swung almost closed behind him. He leaned down. Their lips met in a kiss. 

    Karkat's arms moved up, wrapping around Dirk's neck. Dirk kicked the door closed, hands resting on Karkat's hips. He picked him and set him down on the edge of the sink. He broke the kiss. Karkat whined. The edges of Dirk's lips quirked up. He took off his shades then moved down, his cap falling off. Dirk mouthed at Karkat's neck. He pulled him close, slotting their hips together. Karkat rolled his hips down. Dirk's chest vibrated with a groan. Karkat's hands moved up, they laid on Dirk's lips. 

    'We have to be quiet,' Karkat gasped. 

    'Then we'll be quiet,' Dirk said. His hand curled around Karkat's wrist. 'Besides, I'm not the loud one.' Karkat blushed. Dirk lifted his wrist and Karkat could do nothing but move his hand away. Dirk kissed Karkat's palm then leaned back. He leaned in and kissed Karkat. Karkat returned it. Seconds or minutes passed by in blur, lips against lips and wandering hands. 

    Karkat had the cloth of Dirk's shirt in his fists, arousal simmering in his gut. He could hear himself breathe. He remembered something. He broke the kiss, jerking back. 'Wait,' he gasped, 'wait, wait.'

    'What?' Dirk murmured. He kissed Karkat's cheek. 

    'I-' Karkat swallowed, 'I have to go.'

    'No, you don't,' Dirk said. He kissed Karkat. 

    Karkat returned it. He broke the kiss. 'I have to go,' he managed to say. Dirk kissed his cheek. He straightened. He took Karkat in. He was a mess. Everything felt good and this was a sight. Karkat turned away. 'I have to go,' he said. 

    Dirk stepped back. Karkat got down from the sink. Dirk looked around for his shades and cap. It was dirty now so he didn't put it back on. Karkat turned to face the mirror. He looked like a mess. His face was red and his clothes were in disarray. He rubbed his face. Dirk leaned forward. Karkat's breath hitched. He was leaning against his back and Karkat could feel how warm he was through his hoodie. 

    Dirk laid his hands on the sink, caging Karkat against it. Karkat's eyes flicked up. Through the mirror he met Dirk's eyes. Dirk bent down. He pressed a kiss against one of Karkat's horns. Karkat's breath hitched. 'See you later, baby,' Dirk murmured. 

    Karkat set his mouth in a line. His eyes dropped down. 'Yeah,' he said hoarsely. Dirk turned away, hands falling away from the sink. Karkat didn't raise his eyes. The door opened and closed. He breathed out. He looked at his reflection. He had to look like nothing happened. He rubbed his face and tried to return the messiness of his hair back to normal then righted his clothes. He smoothed down his hoodie. He breathed out. He hoped that nobody noticed. 

    He walked out of the bathroom and returned to his place by the floor. He reached for a bag of candy. Karkat freed one from its individual packaging, put it in a bowl then reached for another candy. The knot in his stomach was warm from the things he had felt, nervousness and anticipation and something else. What was that something else? It felt familiar. Karkat stared down at the candy in his hands. Angry, he felt angry. Why did he feel angry?

    'Are you alright?' Equius asked. 

    Karkat blinked and raised his head. 'What?'

    'Are you alright?' Equius repeated. 

    'I'm fine,' Karkat didn't feel fine, 'why are you asking?'

    'You're quiet,' Equius pointed out. 

    Karkat's mind raced. What can he say? What *should* he say? "I'm thinking about what I felt before I made out with Dave's brother," yeah that'd go over well. He opened his mouth. 'Yeah, because I'm focused on taking candy out of their wrappers so I can stuff them in my face uninterrupted,' he answered. Where had that come from? 

    'That's not a bad strategy,' Terezi said. 

    Fuck, he had to focus. 'I'll do some for you,' Karkat said, 'the rest of you are on your own.' Eridan and Nepeta groaned in disappointment. Karkat continued unwrapping the candy. Despite what he said, he shared some with the rest. They switched to a fighting game. Karkat finally accepted a controller. He actually won the first four rounds against Equius. Karkat grinned, victorious. He handed the controller to Dave. Dave looked at him confused. 'I'm gonna quit when I'm fucking ahead, thanks,' Karkat explained. 

    'I didn't know you were a quitter, Karkat,' Equius said. 

    Nepeta and Eridan snickered. 'If you wanted to get your ass kicked more, you should have just said so,' Karkat declared. He took back the controller and settled in. He lost the first round, won the second and third and lost the last. It was a tie. He won the next three rounds but lost the last. Another round started, he lost the first but won the three rounds after that. Karkat handed the controller to Dave. 'I'm gonna quit so I don't hurt your feelings more,' he said in a stage whisper. Dave laughed and took the controller. 

    Karkat turned to Terezi. She and Nepeta were playing chess. Dave played against Eqiuus and won then played against Eridan and lost. Karkat barked out a laugh. He high-fived Eridan. The next hour passed by. He played chess against Terezi and managed to win twice. Terezi won the other eight rounds.  

    'Hey,' a voice called out. 

    'What,' Dave said. 

    Dave's brother appeared. Karkat glanced at him then looked at the candy in his hands. Right, he was Dave's brother again. 'Take-out menus. Come and get 'em.' Everyone else turned to look at him. He put them on the coffee table. Everyone else took one, Karkat was last. He stared at it. He shouldn't be like this. He should be acting *normal*. He breathed out. He finally read through it and read through some of the others. 

    They picked their orders and Dave's brother came with the phone. It was passed around. 'Who's gonna pay for this?' Karkat asked. 

    'I will. Don't you worry ‘bout a thing.'

    'You're not taking this out of my allowance, are you?' Dave asked.

    'When it's for your friends, I won't.' Karkat made his order to the place he picked. He held out the phone. A hand came to take it. He went back to his candy. The orders arrived half an hour later and as he promised, Dave's brother paid for all of it. A take-out box was set beside him. 'For you,'

    'Thanks,' Karkat mumbled. Dave's brother tilted the bill of his cap. Karkat blushed, ducking his head.

    Dave groaned. 'Bro, what the fuck.' 

    Karkat pulled the take-out box closer, took the chopsticks off the top then opened it. 'Just bein' courteous,' Dave's brother said. 

    'You have never been courteous in a single damn day in your life,' Dave shot back. 

    Karkat dug in. 'Maybe because I didn't think they're worth it,' Dave's brother. He looked at Karkat. 'If you want me, you know where to find me,' Karkat swallowed. It was a good thing he didn't choke on the noodles. Dave's brother turned on his heel and walked away. Karkat relaxed. 

    Terezi laid her hand on his shoulder. Karkat looked up at her. 'So do you?' she asked. 

    'Do I what?' Karkat asked. 

    'Do you have a crush on him?' Terezi asked. 

    Karkat chewed, part thoughtful and part nervous. Was crush the right word? Dave's brother slept with him but could that be considered a crush returned? 'Yeah, I do,' he said quietly. Crush was the right word, despite everything else. 'Can you keep that to yourself?' 

    Terezi grinned. 'No telling Dave until the right moment, got it,' she said cheerfully. Karkat smiled. She would tell everyone but at least she'd keep it until a dramatic moment to drop it. They ate and continued watching the movie. The rest of the night passed. More food eaten, more soda drank and more movies finished and even a few video games played. It was getting late.

    Karkat laid down on the floor. He felt full and even sleepy. He closed his eyes. 'Are we all sleeping here?' he asked. 

    'Yeah, duh,' Dave answered, 'I'm not going to sleep in my room and leave y'all here.' 

    'I think Karkat's gonna sleep now,' Nepeta declared. 

    'No one bother me,' Karkat said. He rolled over to face the couch. Equius chuckled. Dave lowered the TV's volume. Karkat slipped into sleep. His eyes cracked open. He looked around blankly. Eridan had laid down beside him and Terezi was beside her. He sat up. Equius was on the couch, Nepeta curled up by his side and Dave across them.

    There was movement. Karkat raised his eyes. They met shades. Dave's brother was here. He didn't know why but he sat up. The living room’s light had been turned off, he could only see him because of the light of the TV. Dave's brother picked up a remote and turned off the TV. His face fell in shadow. He put it on the table. It took a minute for Karkat’s eyes to adjust to the dark. Dave’s brother had turned back to him. Karkat tensed. Dave's brother tilted his head. 'Come on,' he said. His voice was too loud in the dark. 

    Karkat didn't think about it. He stood up slowly. Dave's brother walked away and he followed. He stopped by a doorway. Karkat flinched, the light was too bright for him. He shut his eyes. He breathed out. He opened them. Karkat looked at him. He shouldn’t be doing this. He could stop at any time and maybe this was the time. Karkat went to him. The door swung closed behind him. In a blink, Karkat’s back was against it. He gasped. Dave’s brother was right in front of him. Was he still Dave’s brother or was he Dirk? Lips met his lips. Karkat returned the kiss eagerly and arms came down around him. They lifted him off the ground and set him against the door. Karkat could hear his heart thudding in his ears. This close, he saw Dirk’s eyes. No, he shouldn’t think that. But thinking of him as “Dave’s brother” was a good idea? “Dirk” was too familiar, too *close* but “Dave’s brother” was too close too but also too far. Strider then, awkward but it would do.  ‘Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, kid,’ a voice said into his ear. Karkat blinks. He looks at Strider. ‘Don’t call me kid,’ he muttered. He wrapped his legs around him. Strider rolled his hips, Karkat’s breath hitched. ‘Then what do I call you then?’ Strider whispered, ‘Karkat?’ Karkat blushed. ‘You like that? Baby? Karkat?’ Strider’s hips met his nook. Karkat moaned. His eyes widened. His hand slapped over his mouth. Strider chuckled. His hand curled around Karkat’s wrist. He pulled Karkat’s hand away from his face. Strider kissed him. Karkat kissed back eagerly then broke it. He bit down on Strider’s neck. Strider groaned. ‘Keep quiet,’ Karkat hissed. Strider chuckled. ‘A’right,’ he said. Their hips moved against each other and Karkat felt bulge unsheath, his nook getting wet. Karkat’s hand returned over his mouth. Strider leaned back. His hands moved down. He unbuttoned Karkat’s pants. Karkat loosened his legs from around him. He pushed his pants down. Strider grabbed his underwear and dragged it down. He unbuttoned his pants then shoved it and his underwear down. ‘Want a finger, baby?’ he whispered. Karkay shivered. ‘Fuck fingers,’ he answered. Strider’s expression was hungry. ‘Suit yourself,’ he murmured. He snapped his hips up. Karkat gasped and Strider silenced him with a kiss. Karkat’s toes curled. He pounded into him and Karkat held on. His arms wrapped around Strider’s neck, hands clutching his shirt. His shoulders banged against the door. His heels dug into Strider’s back. He could feel his muscles move. He gasped and whimpered at each thrust. Strider’s hand came over his mouth. Karkat could hear his every exhale and his panting was loud in his ears. His bulge curled and curled. Karkat whimpered against the hand. The edge of Strider’s lips quirked up. It was almost a smile. ‘You feel good, baby. Almost missed ya. Did you miss me too?’ Karkat nodded. Strider chuckled. The knot in his stomach had returned and it was getting tighter and tighter. His hands moved. He pushed against Strider’s chest then laid on his arm. He shook his head. Strider moved his hand away from Karkat’s mouth. ‘What’s wrong, baby?’ he murmured. Karkat’s chest heaved. ‘I can’t, *I can’t*,’ he gasped. Strider’s hips stilled. ‘Can’t?’ he said softly. ‘I’ll make a mess,’ Karkat managed to say. ‘A’right,’ Strider said. He moved away but Karkat’s legs kept him in place. ‘You-you don’t have to,’ Karkat said, ‘you can keep going.’ Strider’s eyes darkened. ‘Want me to keep going?’ He thrusted slowly. ‘You a’right with me coming inside you?’ Karkat’s eyes widened. ‘Want me to fill you up, baby?’ Strider murmured. Karkat whimpered. A hand returned to cover his lips. Strider moved his hips slowly and shoulders tense, his eyes on Karkat’s face. Karkat met his eyes. He was lost in it. The movement, his eyes, the body under his legs. Strider leaned forward. He pressed a kiss onto the back of his hand, looking into Karkat’s eyes. Karkat shuddered. He felt something warm inside him. Strider stilled. They stared at each other. Karkat panted. Karkat laid his cheek on Strider’s shoulder. Strider rested his cheek against the side of Karkat's head. His heel rubbed against Strider’s back. Slowly, Karkat’s breathing slowed.  He unwrapped his legs around him. He lowered them. The balls of his feet laid against the floor. Strider was still holding him. He slowly lowered him. Karkat stood on shaky legs. He breathed out. Strider slipped out. He stepped back. He tilted his head, taking in Karkat. ‘Aren’t ya a pretty one,’ he murmured. His hand moved down. His fingertips lightly touched the edges of Karkat’s nook. Karkat shivered. Strider pushed two fingers inside him. Karkat’s breath hitched. Strider knelt down. He moved his fingers in and out of him slowly. Karkat gasped, opening his legs wider. Strider kept his eyes on Karkat’s face. Karkat bit his lip, his hips moved to meet the fingers. Strider’s other hand stroked his outer thigh. ‘That’s it, baby,’ he murmured. The sound of it was loud in Karkat’s ears. His heart thudded in his chest. ‘You close?’ Strider asked. Karkat nodded. ‘*I can’t*,’ he whimpered.  ‘Then you won’t,’ Strider said simply. His hand stilled. It took a few seconds for Karkat to realize it. He made a sound of distress. Strider took out his fingers and Karkat whined. Strider stood up. He kissed Karkat’s cheek. Karkat wrapped his arms around his neck. ‘Dirk,’ he whined. Dirk’s eyes widened. His other hand came up to curl around Karkat. He kissed him. ‘Later, baby,’ he whispered against Karkat’s lips, ‘I’ll give you whatever you want. Make a mess out of you.’ He kissed him. Karkat returned it, twisting Dirk’s shirt in his fists. The kiss broke. Karkat panted against him. Dirk looked at him. It was so nice to see him this close. His eyes. ‘Later,’ he promised. Karkat laid his head on Dirk’s shoulder, burying his face in the crook of his shoulder. Dirk picked him up. He sat down on a chair. He took out tissues then wiped his hand. He laid his other hand on Karkat’s back. Karkat’s eyes were closed. He felt Dirk’s hand on his back. How big and warm it was. He wanted to enjoy this. Minutes passed. He breathed out. He wanted to stay here but he couldn’t. He couldn’t stay here the whole night. He raised his head. He opened his eyes. He leaned back. They stared at each other. ‘You can stay here,’ Dirk whispered. Karkat shook his head no. ‘Can’t,’ he mumbled, ‘gotta go back.’ He set his feet on the floor then slowly stood up. He was on shaking legs. He turned around, Dirk’s arm slipping off his back. Dirk kept his arm up for a moment then let it fall. Karkat pulled up his pants slowly with a thoughtful frown. He couldn’t sleep with that inside him so he’d have to go to the bathroom. He’d go there when he walked out of this room. Dirk stared at him. Karkat zipped up his pants. He breathed out. He raised his head. They looked at each other. What should he do? What should he say? “Later?” Will there ever *be* a later? Karkat breathed in. He stepped forward. Dirk looked up at him. Karkat kissed him. Dirk kissed back, hand coming up to cup Karkat’s cheek. The kiss broke. ‘Later,’ Karkat murmured. ‘Later,’ Dirk said. If they ever had a later. No, they will. He’ll make room for him. Karkat stepped back then turned away. He went to the door and opened it. He walked out and walked away. He shut the door. Now, Dirk was “Dave’s brother” again. He already missed it. He went to the bathroom then walked out minutes later. He laid down. Eridan rolled over to face him. 'So what happened?' she whispered. Karkat’s eyes widened. ‘It’s ok, I won’t tell,’ Eridan said softly. ‘I can’t tell you, sorry,’ Karkat answered. ‘Did something bad happen?’ ‘No.’ ‘But if something bad did happen, you’ll tell me, right?’ Eridan asked. Karkat relaxed. ‘I will,’ he promised. Eridan nodded. Karkat closed his eyes and waited for sleep. Someone was shaking him. Karkat frowned. Someone poked his face and there was a snicker. ‘Kar! Kar, wake up!’ Karkat opened his eyes. Eridan and Nepeta were crouched beside him. ‘Moning!’ Nepeta greeted. Karkat grunted. She giggled. He closed his eyes. ‘Hey! Don’t go back to sleep!’ ‘I got him,’ Eridan said. He grabbed Karkat’s arm then tugged. Karkat didn’t move. Eridan rolled his eyes. He moved. He pulled Karkat up, sliding his hand under a shoulder. He pushed. ‘Come on,’ he said. Karkat groaned but got up. He slowly stood up. Eridan pushed and he staggered forward. Eridan led him to the dining table. Dave pulled out a chair and Karkat dropped down onto it. He yawned. Eridan sat down next to him. Karkat laid his head on the table. ‘Hey, head off the table,’ Equius said. Karkat lifted his head. He rested it on Eridan’s arm. Dirk put the plates on the table. ‘Here’s breakfast,’ he said. He stopped. He stared down at Karkat. He was sleepy and he looked comfortable where he was. He turned away. He was too old to feel like this. He set the other plates on the table. Eridan moved his arm. Karkat lifted his head. Dirk laid his hand on his shoulder. ‘No sleeping on the table,’ he said. Karkat looked at him. Dirk wanted to touch his cheek. ‘Ok,’ Karkat mumbled. He rubbed his eyes then sat up straighter. Dirk set a mug beside his plate. ‘Thanks,’ Karkat said. Dirk nodded then moved his hand away. He grabbed a cup of coffee and leaned against the lower cupboard. Karkat picked up the mug. He took a sip. He stopped in surprise. It was tea with milk and sugar. Did Dirk make this for him? He remembered? No, what was he thinking. It’s Dave’s brother now and so what if he remembered? He put the mug down then picked up a spoon. It was scrambled eggs. ‘I didn’t know you could cook,’ Terezi mused. ‘It’s one of the things I can actually cook, so y’all better enjoy it while it lasts,’ Dave’s brother said. ‘Y’all staying long?’ ‘No,’ Karkat said, ‘I’m going home and I’m gonna go straight to sleep.’ ‘Do you ever get enough sleep?’ Dave asked. Karkat lowered his head, shoulders hiking up. ‘Yes but it’s the weekend so who cares about “enough” sleep,’ he declared. Terezi and Nepeta nodded in agreement. Karkat finished eating. He put the spoon down then picked up the mug. He finished the tea. He put it down. He pushed himself away from the table. ‘I am going home, see you whenever.’ He stood up.  ‘See you later!’ Nepeta said. Karkat nodded. He went to the couch and looked around. He picked up a plastic bad and put in whatever candy and junk food that he liked. There was still some left. He really did feel so tired. He blushed. Don’t think about why! He went to the door. ‘Later,’ Dave said. Karkat turned to the table. He waved goodbye. ‘Don’t fucking call me until the moon has fucking set, ok,’ he said, ‘I’m gonna be so fucking angry if you. You will never hear the end of it.’ 

    ‘We’re never gonna hear the end of it anyway,’ Nepeta said. 

    ‘Damn right, you fucking won’t,’ Karkat said. Equius, Terezi, Dave and Eridan smiled. Dave’s brother came to stand beside him. Karkat looked up at him. ‘I’ll see you out,’ Dave’s brother said. Karkat nodded. ‘Ok,’ he said. They put on their shoes. Dave’s brother opened the door and gestured at it. Karkat walked out, Dave’s brother following. They walked to and stood in the elevator in silence. Karkat glanced at him then looked at the elevator door. What was he thinking? Was he looking at him? He set his mouth in a line, grip on the plastic bag tightening. 

    ‘Hey,’ Karkat said. ‘Hm?’ Karkat’s shoulders tensed. He could do this. He turned to look at him. He reached for his arm. Dirk turned to him. Karkat lightly pulled him down. Dirk went. Karkat kissed him and Dirk’s hands came up to cradle Karkat’s face.  The kiss broke. Karkat opened his eyes. Their eyes met. Karkat moved his hand away. He looked down. ‘Later,’ he said. 

    ‘Later,’ Dirk said quietly. If they ever had a later. Maybe they would. He would try to make a later. Karkat nodded. He turned to the elevator door. It had opened when he didn’t realize it. He walked away. Maybe he could see him later. 

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  • hazyahcare
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #i figured you might be looking for a double acrostic poem instead but i didnt want to assume so i just went with single acrostics ovo! #fictionkin#homestuck kin #homestuck swap kin #bloodswap kin #eridan adalov kin #acrostic poetry#poetry#🖊#mod haze #john strider kin
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  • baldobadperson
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    homestuck: a brokat fics masterlist

    (will be updated)

    coronation: a (dirk/karkat and) bro/karkat demon pact au ft. blood drinking and well, a coronation

    sing to me: bodyguard and singer au

    audacity: species swap and bloodswap au ft. troll!bro & teal!karkat

    house party: a supernatural au that has vampire!bro (deidirik) & werewolf!bro (derick)

    give me some sugar: bro as karkat’s sugar daddy!! rating: EXPLICIT

    calm you down: manager and teen idol au; rating: EXPLICIT, WARNINGS: UNDERAGE, NON-CON

    open your mind for me: vampire au! rating: EXPLICIT, WARNINGS: UNDERAGE, NON-CON

    o lovely nymph: fantasy au ft sartyr!bro & nymph!karkat, WARNING: THOUGHTS OF NON-CON

    i notice everything you do or you don’t do: married au w/ 50s aesthetics meaning karkat in dresses and heels! WARNINGS: AGE DIFFERENCE, UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP, OBJECTIFICATION, DUB-CON LEANING ON NON-CON

    longing stares are born from just one single glance: modern & troll & human society, karkat and others go to dave’s apartment for a sleepover but get distracted by dave’s brother; WARNINGS: AGE DIFFERENCE, POSSIBLY UNDERAGE

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  • maxpeaks
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    here are the ... finished designs

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  • homegrownhubris
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    dirk could make hal into an nft...

    #sophia speaks#homestuck#dirk strider#lil hal #read an article that said an ai could be an nft and this was my first thought
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  • jellysmudge
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Yo,,,, dirk wit da lalonde shirt 

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  • deathbringerdragon
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    two sketches that im not the most proud of,  but they’re still cute.


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  • lithiumalchemist
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Take this from my hands before I keep fiddling with the damn thing. (Even though I will later)

    My mini “Choose your own adventure” mind control comedy smut hurt/comfort fic is now up! Currently at 7k words. (Ending 1 done; Ending 2 coming soon. )

    Read Here

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    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Cloud System doesn't understand painting techniques, exhibit A

    This is supposed to be our Dave fictive, do not tag as me/ID.

    Do feel free to reblog, though! In fact, we encourage it! It helps us out a lot!

    Like our work? Support us! DM us for our PayPal and/or commission info!
    #art #artists on tumblr #homestuck#hs#dave strider#dave homestuck#actually plural#plural#fictive#homestuck fictive #dave strider fictive #my art #dirk.txt #jay.txt #blur.txt
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  • incorrect-hs-quotes
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Rose: I'm sorry Dave, but when it comes to linguistic sophistry, I got the lions share.

    Dave: not true

    Rose: Alright, put your proverbial money where your physical mouth is and prove it.

    Rose: Produce an emotionally moving one-sentence story for me.

    Dave: easy

    Dave: hot dog fall out of bun directly into storm drain

    #homestuck #incorrect homestuck quotes #rose lalonde#dave strider#mod terezi #you got me in tears dave you did good
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