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    Prompt #26

    This Stucky prompt was shared with us by @alurkingboggart

    Bucky and Steve have a mind link that only they know about. (Similar to “In your eyes” 2014 film).

    Tags could include

    -mutual pining

    -finally meeting

    -love at first sight

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    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #daddy!stucky #daddy!stucky x little!reader #daddy stucky #daddy stucky x little reader #daddy!steve x little!reader #daddy steve x little reader #daddy!steve rogers #daddy steve #daddy!bucky x reader #daddy!bucky x little!reader #daddy bucky barnes x little reader #daddy bucky x little reader #daddy!bucky #little!reader #dd/lg blog#little reader#submission
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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    [on ao3]

    He feels the touch of Steve’s forehead resting against his before he opens his eyes, and when his vision focuses, he can’t help but laugh. Steve lifts his head and smiles at him, the smile that shows on his face anytime Bucky laughs, but he shakes his head and reaches out to frame Steve’s face between his hands, pulling him down to kiss him sweetly, the words whispered against Steve’s mouth. “Why’d you stop?”

    Steve smiles again, bashful, casting his gaze downward for a moment before he dips his head, pressing a kiss to the corner of Bucky’s mouth, and continuing along his jawline and down his throat. “Wanna make it last,” he mumbles, the slowest roll of his hips setting things in motion again, one hand against the mattress and the other gripping Bucky by his hip, fingers digging into his flesh.

    Bucky’s eyes flutter shut, a quiet little moan slipping through his lips. He looks up at Steve with nothing but adoration in his eyes, and he reaches out to grab him by the shoulders and pull him close again, to feel the full weight of his superhuman body on his own. “And I want you to come in me,” he says, lifting his hips to meet Steve’s thrusts, almost gleeful at the noise Steve makes in response. He slips his hand in the tight space between their bodies to wrap around Bucky’s achingly hard cock, stroking him rhythmically as he continues fucking into him.


    He’s too far gone for words, can only voice his agreement in the form of a rough, guttural moan, the kind he can’t bite back even as he sinks his teeth into his lower lip. Bucky wraps his hand around Steve’s, and that’s all it takes to push him over the edge, and Steve looks on, mesmerised, his own orgasm catching him by surprise as he gasps and shudders and shortly after collapses on top of Bucky.

    “Oof. Babe, I still need to breathe.”

    Steve laughs softly. He shifts, raising himself to his elbows, and goes to pull out when Bucky stops him, hands on Steve’s hips, keeping him close. “Stay.”

    “Okay,” Steve leans in to kiss him quickly before he shifts and aligns himself alongside Bucky, staying as close to him as possible. He’s sweaty and breathless and happier than he has any right to be.

    Bucky looks at him, eyes locked with Steve’s, and even in the dim light he can see the way they shine with glee, something almost mischievous in the curve of his mouth. Wordlessly he prompts Steve to speak his mind.

    “Kinda feel like a plug sometimes.”


    “You know, like a plug.”

    “I am not familiar with this slang.”

    Steve laughs, shoulders shaking. “It’s not slang, I don’t think so. In the literal sense. You know, with the socket in the wall.”

    Bucky sighs deeply. “What the fuck, Steve.”

    Steve laughs again, and hides his face in the crook of Bucky’s neck, pressing a kiss to his collarbone. “I may have been spending too much time on the internet.”

    “Yeah, I can tell. This is why I don’t wanna let you take your dick out and wander off. You get in trouble.” Bucky can barely keep the grin off his face. “Is that bad?”

    “No complaints here.”

    “You know I love this.” Bucky says then, speaking in a much softer tone. “You inside me. Makes me feel warm. Feels good.”

    Steve nuzzles against Bucky’s neck. “That’s kinda romantic if you think about it.”

    “It’s very romantic,” Bucky protests. “And if I want to put you on your back and climb you and ride you till I make you come again…” he trails off with a smirk, already feeling the effects of his words in the way Steve starts hardening inside him, the way his breaths come, tickling against the bare skin of his throat.

    Bucky pauses for a moment, waits until Steve lifts his head and meets his eye again, and he pulls him down to kiss him deeply, passionately, like he’s gone too long without the taste of Bucky’s lips on his tongue, without the touch of Bucky’s skin on his hands. Bucky responds in kind, because he remembers what it was like to live without his soulmate by his side, and not even eternity would be long enough for them to make up for lost time.

    #stevebucky#stucky fic#mine #ali emma dott and hannah all liked it so u better too #<3 #i would like to write a long fic again one day but for now #the pillow talk saga installment 2
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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    [Don’t be shy, little one,] Steve rumbles in his head. [Touch as much as you like.]

    for chapter three of Give the Devil His Due, a monster-romancing consentacles collab with @thiccbuckybarnesfic 🐙


    FULL, VERY NSFW PIECE TO BE SEEN IN THE FIC! this... might be the filthiest thing i’ve ever done? 😇


    my art  ✵  ao3  ✵  Twitter

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    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Someone in the MCU has definitely gone to the Captain America museum exhibit, found the part where they talk about Bucky and Steve and then just started playing "history hates lovers" on full blast. And while this could very much be any member of gen z, I like to think Harvey, Shuri and Peter made a day of it.

    #stucky#mcu #history hates lovers #bucky barnes#steve rogers #bucky x steve #bucky barnes x steve rogers
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    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hello! My requests are open!


    #tony stark x reader #marvel x reader #stucky #bucky x reader #Bucky Barnes x reader #steve x reader #Steve Rogers x reader
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    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I just started a new job and I'm a little upset that they won't let me read fanfics while I'm working...I mean come on!!!

    #work#stucky #falcon and winter solider series #bucky barnes#fatws bucky #steve x bucky #fatws #james buchanan bucky barnes #fatws spoilers #bucky x steve #gender swap mcu #fanart
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    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the fact that sebstan has a 'gym mafia' and there are multiple Mob Boss AU fics and yet not a Single One of you hopeless fools thought to write clueless bimbo Bucky being like 'oh you're in the mafia?? haha me too!!' to a smitten mob boss Steve?

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    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #asks answered #minka asks for asks #stucky#ficlet#stucky fic#steve bucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers #steve x bucky #this was meant to be a paragraph or two #i have no self control #pressed against the wall kisses #kiss meme#my writing
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  • sergeantshield
    18.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    WHY didn't we get more stevebucky hugs WHY didn't they hug more THERE should have been a 3-hour movie of just steve and bucky hugging WHY didn't they let them hug wtf they just wanna hug :( HUG :((

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  • wannabevampire
    18.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    okay full disclosure i have never written and fic before and words can’t express how nervous i am! i will try my best! obviously this hasn’t been beta read so you guys are just going to have to deal with it 😁

    pairings: steve rodgers x bucky barnes x reader, (future natasha romanoff x reader & implied nat x bucky x steve x reader) {yeah guys this is gonna be filthy oops!} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~dom!steve [hard dom, he’s a lil bit mean] , switch!bucky [very much a soft dom in this!] , sub!reader[very bratty but then very subby!], dom!natasha [need i say more?] (m/m/f - m/f - f/f - m/m ) fem!reader btw!!! <3 she/her pronouns are used!

    uhhhh warnings? i think this is how it works

    nsfw & smut!! ~

    teasing, orgasm denial, use of sex toys, kissing (idk if that needs a warning), steve being a mean & making us get up early >:^( 🩰 degradation & humiliation & dumbification (oh my!)

    this is very tame compared to future chapters lol

    (if this gets any love maybe i’ll make a part 2?)

    i think that’s it? lmk if i missed something :]

    this is the super dirty and pretty kinky! but everything is completely consensual! casual reminder that fanfics and real life sex and kink are very different! this isn’t met to be realistic lol, don’t squirt on your colleagues <333 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~summary 🎧🫖🕊 You don’t want to go to work today. but skipping just isn’t an option when Captain America is your boyfriend. Not even Bucky gives into your pouting lips and batted eyelashes (no matter how hard he wants to). So naturally you decide to make things a little bit more fun! Apparently Steve and Bucky have a very different idea of what fun means. Because before you know it, they’ve taken the liberty of removing your panties filling both of your holes and sending you off to work! The three of you can only hope the rest of the team doesn’t notice….You wouldn’t want to be a distraction. Everything seems to be going well (aside from orgasm denial and prominent submissive head space you’ve been experiencing all day) That is until Natasha Romanoff sees you, and the moment you two lock eyes you know it’s game over. Will she turn the three of you in??? Will she want to help you out??? Is she angry? turned on? read and find out ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~okay let’s do this…hope you enjoys! this is very self indulgent but i hope everyone likes it!!<3 so without further ado…chapter one of distracted!! ☆ 🎧🧁🕊☁️ ☆ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You were having one of those days. You know, the ones when all you want to do is be bossed around and don’t want to make any decisions for yourself? The ones where the last things you want to do is go to work? The ones where you just want to be fucked so hard you forget how to speak english? Yeah you were having THAT kind of day.



    “Steven shut that damn clock off you’re ruining my dream.” Bucky Barnes said, his voice muffled from the pillow he was pushing his face into.

    “Stevie you’re my boyfriend and I love you dearly but if you don’t turn off that alarm i’m going to hire Wanda to magically throw you into the sun.” You mumbled, burrowing your head into Bucky’s chest.

    “Mmmm, it’s cute you think you still think you have a say in things like this. Okay get up, we’ve got several meetings today. Oh and don’t forget about mission planning with Nat at 2pm, she mentioned she’s excited to work with you y/n.” He said softly, almost flirtatiously.

    You grumbled incoherently. Trying not to whine when Bucky leaves your side. He climbs out of bed and stands up to meet Steve, kissing him gently in the process. Okay that was the last straw, you whimper. Steve made you get up entirely too early, it’s cold, you hate Tuesdays, it’s really cold, you’re going to have to do all the boring work today, did you mention how cold it was? And on top of that both of your boyfriends were insistent on being the most adorable humans in the world, kissing each other with their messy bed head and sleepy smiles. And here you were alone, watching them kiss and feeling incredibly left out, needy, and cold.

    “Jamie,,” you begin.

    Giving him your best

    -either come over here and eat me out or come over here and cuddle me or so help me god i’m going to be needy and clingy as fuck the entire day-

    puppy dog eyes.

    Bucky gave you a sympathetic look but just shook his head ever so slightly. Trying to communicate that Steve was very much in a Captain America mood today and that it would best to just do as he says.

    “Alright enough of that pathetic puppy dog act, get up. Buck ‘n I will make breakfast.” Steve ordered before turning and walking out the door, Bucky close at his heels. Okay yeah he was definitely not feeling like a Stevie today.

    ‘Alright’ you thought to yourself. ‘He wants to be Cap today? I can work with that.’

             ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    “Holy shit.” Bucky mumbled groggily. Nearly dropping his mug of coffee when he caught a glimpse at your outfit as you bounced into the kitchen.

    “Morning Jamie!” You said, seemingly oblivious to the look of absolute lustful shock that played across his features.

    After Steve went all ‘mr. dominant-captain america-get out of bed it isn’t that bad- i’m not falling for those puppy eyes- mode’ this morning you took the liberty of playing your own little game.

    Quite frankly it wasn’t nearly the dirtiest thing you’d done, but your main priority was to have one of your boys fuck your brains out.

    (not that you’d ever tell them but it didn’t take much to wind them up, especially Bucky who had notoriously poor impulse control when it came to his girl).

            ☆ ☆ J.B.B ☆ ☆

    ‘Fuck. She’s wearing that goddamn outfit again.’

    Bucky thought to himself as he watched you prance into the kitchen. He honestly wished he could say it was just ‘one’ piece of clothing that was making him loose it. But god it was all of it. The barely professional short pleated skirt, the white button up that was dangerously tight around your breasts, the knee high socks, the mary-janes, the little locket that hung innocently from your neck.

    Christ when did business attire become so fucking sexy?

    Much to his pleasure, this wasn’t the first time you’d worn this specific outfit. It was a biweekly occurrence. But something was different this time…he just could quite place it. maybe it’s a new shirt? maybe you changed your hair? Maybe-


    Oh christ.

    You’re wearing the fucking lingerie. THE matching lingerie set. The one he’d bought you last week. The red lingerie. The lingerie with that ridiculously sexy lace bra, barely there panties, and dainty garters.

    He could see the red bra through your white shirt. There was no hiding it. You had undone the first few buttons, meaning if you leaned over it would be game over.

    Fuck. How is it possible for someone to look this sexy? You’re incredible, really. But there is absolutely no way he is going to get any work done while you’re all dolled up wearing the fucking lingerie he picked out for you.

    He loves you. And he supports you. But there was no way in hell he was letting you out of the house in that. Not today. Not until he gets to fuck you in it first. Then maybe you can wear it out. But that will have to wait. So that leaves only one option.

    You’ve gotta change.

            ☆ ☆ S.G.R.☆ ☆

    Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be.

    It takes Steve about 0.5 seconds to realize what you’re doing. And another 0.5 seconds to come up with a plan.

    She looks so damn good though. Shame I’m gonna have to wait to fuck her.

             ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


    “You’re not wearing that out.”

    Bucky and Steve start at the same time.

    You open your mouth to protest, but shut it immediately after seeing the look on Steve’s face.

    Bucky looks at the both of you with wide eyes.

    Fine. Time for Plan B.

    You think to yourself as you stomp dramatically back into your bedroom.

    7:52 am

    You had outdone yourself this time. Truly.

    They didn’t want you to wear the lingerie? Fine.

    I mean you weren’t technically breaking any rules…If anything you were following them! They said to take off the lingerie…and you did!

    Alright maybe you were being a little bit bratty. They did both have several meetings today. Plus all of you had to work on that mission plan with Natasha. Today was not a good day to act distracting. But a little fun never hurt anyone!

    It’s not like they’re even gonna let you out of the house looking like this. Steve is probably just gonna sigh exasperatedly and fuck you mercilessly on the couch while Bucky lays your head in his lap, stroking your hair and whispering words of praise into your ear. Worst case scenario Steve spanks you and then makes you put on some undergarments before driving the three of you to work.

    Yeah everything would be fine! You had this situation completely under control.

             ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    “Christ Jamie please just let me cum!”

    Okay so it as it turns out, you did not have anything under control!

    “I’ll be good I swear! I’ll change my outfit! I’ll do all your boring paperwork for the rest of the month-fuck that feels so good-Please just let me come!”

    Your begging was useless because according to Steve you were “given the opportunity to act like a professional adult” but instead you chose to, how did it put it? oh yeah-

    “let that dumb horny brain of yours control all your actions like the stupid fuck toy you are.”

    So that’s how you found yourself in this position. Sitting on Bucky’s lap with your back pressed against his chest and your legs spread wide so Steve could watch as Bucky tortured you.

            ☆ ☆ J.B.B ☆ ☆

    With your head attempting to bury itself in his neck Bucky could smell hints of the vanilla-cinnamon-sugar-whatever perfume you were wearing.

    He was turned on by the mere smell of you. His hips grinding, searching for any kind of friction.

             ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Cold. You felt cold. And for once…you didn’t hate it.

    The cool feeling of his metal arm rubbing against your clit as his other hand pumped in and out of your hole, desperately attempting (and succeeding) to get you wet enough to put in the toys Steve had picked out for you without lube.

    The feeling of Bucky’s dog tags brushing against the back of your neck.

    Steve’s -if looks could kill- stare. His cold eyes running up and down your body. Christ, the intensity in that mans eyes would be enough to turn anyone into an absolute puddle of arousal.

    Not to mention it was still way too early on a Tuesday and the apartment had yet to warm up. You should really call Tony to help get a new heating system—holy shit that feels amazing—

    How is it that every time Bucky fingers you it feels like he’s doing it for the first time again?

    Maybe it’s the way he twists his wrist as he fucks you with his hand, allowing him to hit that one spot that makes you see stars.

    Maybe it’s the fact that he always knows exactly what to do with his other arm. Playing with your tits, twisting and pulling at your sensitive nipples. Wrapping his hand softly around your neck, never enough to fully choke you or restrict your breath but enough to remind you that he was the one in charge. Letting you suck on his fingers, whether it’s to throat train you, reward you, ground you, or shut you the fuck up- it didn’t matter it was just as hot every time & never failed to make both of you horny as hell. It was different every time with him and yet he never disappoints!

    Maybe he’s just magic.

    Maybe it’s the absolute filth he whispers to you. Often the perfect match for Steve’s dirty talk.

    To put it simply:

    James liked to praise you, let you know that you were his, and call you his little angel.


    Steve liked to degrade you, let you know that you were his, and call you his dumb baby brained little fuck toy.

    Put the two of them together? Christ- that’s how you ended up in situations like this.

    “Please Bucky i’m begging you i’m so close, just let me come and i’ll never be bad again! I Promise!” You gasp out as you begin to feel your self approaching your peak.

    “Hmmm what do you say Captain? Think she deserves it?” Bucky directed his question playfully towards Steve.

    “You kiddin’ me? Look at her she’s practically brain dead and she hasn’t even cum yet. No. If we want to get any work done today she can wait until later to make a mess all over your work clothes.”

    Steve retorted harshly.

    He had his sleeves rolled up and tops three buttons of shirt were undone. The minuscule peaks of his skin were practically sending you into overdrive.

    “You sure? She tends to get kinda…dumb? when we don’t let her cum. Makes her all needy and submissive. Plus she did promise to be good…” Bucky trailed off. His gaze breaking away from you to make intense eye contact with Steve. Who’s expression darkened excitedly at his boyfriends decision to push his luck.

    Yeah. Today is definitely going to be fun. Steve thought to himself.

    “Oh? and what exactly makes you think we can trust a single word that come out of her mouth?”

    Bucky Opened his mouth to respond-

    Goodness you were so close you could feel it- you were about to cum, and nothing Cap’ had to say about it was gonna stop you. You just needed one last push-

    “Shut your mouth Buck’ that was a rhetorical question, God I guess her stupidity is rubbing off on you isn’t it? We can’t trust anything she says because she’s nothing more than a pathetic little bunny, desperate enough that she’ll say anything to get her way. You should know that by now.”

    You were almost there. You could feel yourself starting to tip over the edge. You braced yourself, holding onto Bucky’s forearm as his hand continued to pound into your cunt.

    Finally…you were about to crash head first into the intense orgasm you’d been chasing throughout this entire ridiculously degrading (and hot) conversation.

    Holy fuck- you were right there, it was happening. The knot of pleasure that had been building in your body began to release, as you finally started to-

    “Stop. She’s wet enough now. Put in the toys we don’t want to be late for work.”

    Steve said as he turned around and walked into the kitchen to grab his jacket.

    You didn’t need to see his face to know he was smirking.

    What. The. Fuck.

    You squirm and whine pathetically as Bucky quickly obeys Steve’s command. Ripping his hand away from your cunt and moving to hold your legs open (knowing if he didn’t you’d just start grinding on him and make yourself cum before he could stop you).

    “Sorry lovely…I’ll make it up to you. Pinky promise.” Bucky whispered, grabbing your jaw gently and turning your face to look at him.

    He had that stupid adorable smile on his face. His cheeks blushing red as he stuck out his right hand. Offering his pinky to you as a peace offering.

    Hmm cute. Steve and Bucky always did love the whole good cop bad cop routine.

    “No. No pinky promises. You don’t trust me? I don’t trust you. Now put in the stupid ben wa balls and butt plug so we can get to work.”

    You snapped at him, putting on your best intimidating-i’m cross with you right now-scowl.

    Much to your dismay his confidence didn’t falter. His eyes darkened slightly and his charming smile turned into more of a mischievous smirk.

    “Whatever you say lovely. You know i’d do anything for you.”

    James said with a wink, before promptly pushing you off his lap. Causing you to fall the floor with a yelp.

    “Alright then, let’s get started shall we?” James said. As he stood over you.

    ‘Huh’ you thought to yourself ‘I always forget how tall he is. I mean 6’5? God damn! He’s like… if a sky scrapers had incredible sex appeal and really good knife throwing abilities!’

    It was at that moment, as he towered over you staring down at you with those heart-stopping gorgeous blue eyes, that you realized…how well and truly fucked you were.

    Yeah this was going to be a very interesting day.


            ☆ 🎧🧁🕊☁️ ☆

    to be continued….


    i absolutely could not have done this without the support of the lovely wonderful and talent~

    @becca-e-barnes @you-expect-too-much

    who inspired me to make this fic! It’s based on this ask <3 that i sent to her ages ago!

    She was my first follower and friend on her and i’m so very grateful that she puts up with me! luv ya!

    extra shout out to @hungryyeyes for sending me asks ilysm <3

    there will absolutely 100% be more chapters to this and possibly a alternate version fic ;)

    until next time…

    xox allie☆♪

    #bucky barnes smut #steve rodgers smut #stucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #steve rodgers x reader #sorry god!! 😁 #distracted!wannabevampire #i’m so scared besties #holy shit omg #it’s literally gonna get so much dirtier from here #i’m nervous
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    Good morning.
    I hope you are having a lovely day.
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    i told some more of my IRLs about you guys today bc i just love it here so much i can’t stop sharing 🥰 about how some of you are learning new things about yourselves as you write, how some of you are writing for fandom AND actual original novels for publishing, about how some of you are shepherding some of us through fandom + also through life as you have kids and do family and work your 9-5s, some people are starting college or moving across the country or the world, and still find time to come on here and reblog art (and OTHER stuff) and interact with the rest of us and. wow I nearly cried just thinking about how safe i feel here. anyway if ur reading this you rock & this is me 2 u 🥺❤️‍🔥

    #fandom#stucky fandom #you guys are just the BEST #teesha talks #sorry I’ve just REALLY been in my FEELS
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    U.S government: Sergeant Barnes, how do you plead?

    Bucky: *Looks at Steve*

    Steve mouthing: "Not guilty."

    Bucky: Hot milky.

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