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  • akhire
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #i'm starting to regret not studying german in high school #i really wanted to impress you
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  • ski-jumping-is-my-aesthetics
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I don't think I can watch ski jumping this weekend cause I have to do hard stuff like shopping and socialize

    #ughhhhhh #i wanna go tomorrow to search for a shampoo for red hair wish me luck with that and also my friend from england asked me to find sth #and how can i refuse him i can't #and also it's the third or fourth time when my bf's friends ask me to go out #and i feel really good that they actually like me and i'm super happy cause they're so nice and fun #but i have so much to study and also ski jumpiiiiiiing but i don't want them to think i don't wanna spend time with them #and next weekend i'll go with my classmates for the first time ever #and idk i'm anxious like we're all vaccinated but still anxious and i want this to be the beginning of a nice group #it's suoer important to have a good group and these people are fun but also serious like they get good grades and stuff #super*#anyway#ignore
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  • silver-grasp
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    So my professor just gave me a 70 on the “read this paper and give your opinon” assignment for reading the assigned psychology paper and giving my opinion on it as a psychology study instead of giving my own entirely uninformed opinions on how I personally imagine that human psychology and group leadership dynamics work, which is apparently what I was supposed to do. Literally penalized in a university class for being an intellectual I guess!

    #and then she called me close-minded about it :))) #like this was a paper that was like we performed this study on how leadership styles affect group dynamics #here are our metrics here are our data collection methods and data results and statistical analysis and conclusions #so. that's what I talked about. in my response. #and she was like why didn't you give your personal opinion about leadership styles #and I was like how would that have any relevance to the paper you assigned us to read. I talked about the methodology bc that was the paper #and she was like you need to open your mind #ma'am what the absolute fuck are you talking about #this is the same professor who took time out of class to ramble about covid conspiracies relating to the chinese govt so. uh
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  • yanqings
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    trying really hard not to lose my mind rn

    #cant study what i like because it isnt offered in my university and i cant study anywhere else. #pls i want to do an exchange so badly #like I actually need it if i want to apply to grad school for the programs i like #and then again. it would just be what. mad one year? #max* #while theres others studying what they love for four. #and taking extracurriculars and being part of groups #yes im jealous yes im burning with rage i feel so trapped i want to die #anyways. third world country education things #where if you arent into stem you can go fuck yourself
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  • ihatebnha
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #if bakugo was a history major..... i would be negatively attracted to him #thats a lie bc its sorta hot but #history teachers HATE ME #anyway #so funny to think abt kiri ochaco and todo being a friend/study group #ALSO... art student au #........ crying #my ex boyfriend was a denki LOL #momo#mina#jirou#bakugo#deku#kirishima#todoroki#aizawa#ask#mine#headcanons#f-for-fucktoria#charlotteofwales
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  • jorrated
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #okay so *the most passionate but asinine ramble possible* yknow #i have even more thoughts about this but i need to take a final in a few hours #so last minute studying before i get my ass handed to me by 'psychology of groups' #kill me #jo.speaks #emeto tw#cursing tw #sam and max #
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  • bluewindfall
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    3 good things

    Got lucky and made a really good decision :)

    So I've been working on this supply drive for winter clothing donations and baby supplies, and I was super worried we wouldn't get any donations. One of my group members showed me the list today though, and I'm so proud of us T^ T

    16 days left of the semester hehe

    #3 good things #personal #also I met with my faculty mentor today and she laughed at something I said :D #I was feeling really bad because I don't study well in groups #and I always have to do that thing where I study beforehand #and then during #it's not really helpful #but apparently she does that too?? we are fellow introverts
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  • ncfcatalyst
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ISP tips and advice, from upperclassmen to first-years

    ISP tips and advice, from upperclassmen to first-years

    Independent study projects (ISPs) are one of the many academic practices unique to New College of Florida. As the name suggests, it is a primarily student-led process. Students propose their own project, write the parameters for which they’ll be evaluated, find a faculty sponsor for their project and work on their ISP for the entire month of January. While ISPs act as a fantastic opportunity to…

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    #advice#AOC#group ISP #independent study project #isp#isp handbook
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  • sovereignzofdarkness
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    the urge to write an essay on the cookies of darkness becomes stronger and stronger each day.

    #draven txt #genuienly they are all so fucking interesting. #also sidenote the weird assumption ive seen(atleast in my experience) that if u like pom u gotta hate dark choco and vice versa is so weird #like they're both really really interesting characters #and having discourse over both of them is just stupid #like u can acknowledge pom hasnt treated dark choco greatly while ALSO acknowledging that like; dark choco has done bad stuff #it still doesnt excuse having it used against him the way that she did but i digress #just. as someone who loves analyzing characters and studying them the cookies of darkness are just ohhhh #all such good antagonists with all different reasoning as to why they joined DE #and such a fun group dynamic #i'm really excited to see more of them in the CRK plotline #i especially hope we get some new content when dark cacao comes around... #since theres a lot of speculation that hes prolly gonna be the next ancient #lol *makes a text post about writing an essay* *essentially writes an essay in the tags* #what autism and the need to ramble does to a mf
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  • kissingcult
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    psychotic activists w persecutory delusions are so fuckin brave,,,

    #hedgewinnery #i just came back from a prison abolition study group #nim thinking #thoughts and feelings
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  • abstract-moth
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    don't you just love it when you can tell that you are not a priority in someone's life

    #university shenanigans#original post #at uni I'm friends with this group of people #all of us are international students but most of them are from the same country so they gravitate together #and i get it it's hard being away from home and you want to be with people from the same culture #but then they started hanging out without me #which was fine i mean I'm busy studying and doing things in the afternoon #and then they took day trips without me #which was fine because I took solo day trips too #but i couldn't help feel like i wasn't as close to them #so the other day I reached out and suggested we go to an event together #they agreed and said we could hang out in an hour or so #we have our locations shared with each other for safety reasons #and i watched as they went to the event without me #then invited another friend #by the time they reached out to me the event was over #i tried again and asked if they would like to go to some museums #and they have not responded #like i don't think they are consciously doing this out of malicious intent #they are fairly scatterbrained and it probably just skipped their mind how their actions were affecting me #but it made me feel like shit #extra hurt points with it being Thanksgiving weekend #and watching all my friends back home hang out with one another #and just knowing that i wouldn't be able to go home until the summer #like either my friends here don't care about me #or I'm doing something wrong #i honestly don't know which senario is worse #i just want healthy relationships with people #i just want to feel loved #anyway i'm going to sleep
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  • starlightjoong
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    can people stop like…texting me for an hour 🧎🏻‍♀️

    #to delete #just when i think i have my shit kinda together i get a text reminding me of the shit i haven’t done #sigh i have many worries rn #ahjwkhwjw i need to finish the rest of this essay by tonight #and also start my next one #and read the case study for my other presentation tmr #and then there’s course selection for my next semester #and im torn in between two courses bc i have separate friend groups who want me to take one of them #but i can’t take them both at the same time so i probably either have to risk upsetting one group #or take on both which is a lot of work whehjwjsj bc they’re experiential courses so i actually have to get out there and work #and not just sit in a classroom and write the occasional essay and it’s kinda a lot bc i have my own work to begin with whjskw #my own job* #this is kinda a dumb thing to be stressed over and ik ultimately i should choose whichever one makes me happy #but i have a crippling fear of disappointing people and abandonment it doesn’t work that way for me 😃 #decisions decisions #idk i guess ill stress about it after this semester ends 🧎🏻‍♀️
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  • love-songs-for-emma
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    forever wishing a younger me had said "fuck this" more often & left situations that no longer suited me quicker

    #but like ok i left them at all so liiikke #give urself some credit luv #its just like #the ''fuck this'' attitude is So helpful & important #it allows u to prioritize yourself in a world which consistently tries to make u feel like u have No control #but you do you do you do #at the end of the day u can always say ''fuck this whole thing'' in regards to a relationship. a job. a friend group. what youre studying. #exercise your right to say ''fuck this'' more often #sincerely a wee twenty-two y/o who already feels like they've wasted Too Much Time doing shish they didnt wanna be doing #i am So close to finishing college tho. so why now. why ''fuck this'' now. am i afraid of what comes next? am i afraid i wont know enough? #do i no longer want to do this bc people /want me to do this/ now #am i simply battling my depression more severely than i thought? could be my meds too. or who knows what! #but here i am! rambling in my tumblr tags vaguely as per the usually these days #text #maria talks to herself in 480p
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  • gendertroybarnes
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    the chokehold that trobedisons dynamic has on me isnt even funny anymore. like they thought she would calm them down. and it only made them worse. she literally made them worse. the only dynamic to ever

    #trobedison #smth smth I can make them worse #AND SHE DID #blueprint for girlboss #troy barnes#abed nadir#Annie edison#community#community nbc#study group#apartment#apartment 303#trobed #you can interpret is romantic or platonic I like both tbh #I head canon Annie as a lesbian but could totally see her in a queer platonic poly withthem
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  • bumblebeebie
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hanwool Phi x OC

    The before you

    study group webtoon fanfic

    Hello, it’s Bumble Beebie. This is the fanfiction I started writing about 2 years ago. I’ve finished the story since May 2020. The original writing is not in English and was posted in another site. I found it unreadable if using auto-translator so I’ve decided to share it to you guys! But still, I use GG translator and changed almost everything to make it READABLE. Now now, Enjoy!

    p.s. This chapter one is more like a prologue so sorry for the shortness.

    •Genre: Romance/Angst

    •Hanwool Phi x Selene

    •25 Chapters (ended)

    Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction for my own pleasure and promoting the original work. I don’t own the characters and arts. All of the characters belong to the Study Group creator team from YLAB company. Readers can read Study Group original work on Webtoon.

    trigger warning

    : Violence, sexual assault, rape attempt, blood

    ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。

    Chapter 1: Prepare

    The young man left the house to go to school as usual, but today it was somehow different. He saw a suspicious-looking girl sneeking in front of his house. Even though she looked harmless, he probably wouldn't just let it pass.

    “What are you doing?” he asked, causing her to startle and turn to look. “Uh…I.” She stood up nervously.

    “Who sent you?”


    “I don't like to repeat.”

    “Huh?! Ah!!” He suddenly directly punched towards her. But luckily, she was able to dodge. In fact, he didn't mean to punch her because if she couldn't dodge, he would probably stopped his fist before his hand touched her.

    “Good. Who dares to send a woman to spy on me? It's a little insulting.” He looked down at the girl who was now sitting on the floor. Her figure looked limp and weak. Her arms were a bit small, but her hair and eye color were very striking, blonde hair(not from dyeing), clear blue eyes that were now flickering like a baby bird had fallen from the nest. Looking at her sweet face, anyone who sees would call it beautiful.

    “What are you talking about?! It's illegal to physically attack someone like this all of a sudden!”

    Honk Honk

    The car horn sounded. Turning around, he saw a black car parked.

    “I have no time to waste for this kind of thing. Tell whoever sent you here, If they ever send anyone to me again, I will….” He got in the car before leaving her sitting there in confused.

    She just stopped by to look at the flowers along the way. “Unlucky even before the day one, Selene,” she mumbled to herself, brushing off the dusty skirt on the floor. Though things were bad this morning, she had to walk around to buy supplies, stationery, and food for her puppies because tomorrow is the day she have to go to the new school.

    Arriving at the grocery store, she bought all the essentials.

    “You buy a lot today, Miss Selene.”

    “Yes, I do.” She smiled at the owner of the shop.

    “But how are you going to bring them back?” Looking at the huge pile of things, she only realized that she had walked away empty-handed. It's difficult to bring everything she bought back.

    “Ah…I completely forgot. What should I do?”

    “Excuse me, may I help you?”

    When she turned to the voice, she was a little shocked. He was a man with dark gray brown hair, looks friendly and harmless.

    “Yes?” Because of staring at the stranger's handsome face, she was distraught to not hear what he had said earlier.

    “I am Park Geonyeob.”

    “I'm Selene.” She quickly introduced herself back.

    “Nice name.” He gave her a friendly smile. “You seem to be in trouble, may I help you?”

    “Thank you, but even if you help me carry them, I don’t think we can carry them all. back to my house” When she said that, he laughed. “Who said I’m going to carry?” He pointed his thumb outside the store. As she followed that direction, she saw a white car parked there.

    “Um… even so, I'm not sure. I bought some dog food too. I’m afraid your car will stink…actually, I can call a taxi-"

    “Don't worry. It's not my car anyway.” He smiled cheerfully before whispering beside her ear. "I stole my father's car."

    “Isn’t that worse?!”

    “Hahaha. I don't want to see a small girl. Alone, take this giant pile of stuff home by herself.”

    Selene had always been taught not to trust strangers especially men, but this man made her feel completely safe. “Don't worry, Miss Celine. He’s a good kid. He always comes to help when he see someone in trouble.” The shop owner who was still standing next to her told. It made her even more confident that he is not harmful.

    And now, just a blink of an eye, she was already in the car.

    “Where should I drop you?” Park GeonYeob turned to Selene who was sitting beside him.

    “It’s not far. Go straight, turn left, turn right, turn left again and we’ll find my house.”

    It took less than 5 minutes to reach the destination.

    “You’re right. It’s very close.”

    “Thank you for sending me. You are very kind.”

    "My pleasure."

    She unloaded her stuff from the car and felt quite relieved that the smell of dog food didn't come out so strong that it got stuck in his car. (Hopefully)

    “Ah, well, i… if there is anything I can help in return, please contact me.” Selene awkwardly handed a card with a number to Geonyeob. He looked slightly surprised before turning back to his normal smile.

    “Sure. And hope to see you again”

    It seemed like today was going well. But tomorrow, she doesn't know if there will be any chaos or not. She was so excited that she couldn't sleep because it will be her first day moving into Yusung Technical School.

    #study group #The before you #study group webtoon #webtoon#fanfic#Hanwool Phi #done writing but not translating #Geonyeob#Hanwool#Phi#hanwool phi
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  • kalijhomentethi
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    what is your celestial body?


    you've been hurt, deeply. you're scared to make connections again after all that's happened, and you have a hard time believing people genuinely care about you. you tend to be a loner, struggling to fit in with acquaintances, and you probably feel like you're socially awkward. you're probably involved with various forms of art, music, or dance. you have detailed dreams and may be in touch with your spiritual side; the earth is your home and you feel most at peace in nature. your friend groups tend to be small, you don't interact with many people. though you've been hurt, you know that you still believe in the kindness of humanity. in the past or present, you feel like you haven't been loved the way you should be. despite all this, you are one hell of a light. the things you make are truly beautiful, and you are trying your best. you should be proud. allow yourself to be adored the way you deserve. i love you.

    tagged by: yoinked once again uwu

    tagging: @ask-syndra @embraced-agony @ioniasjewel @regina-tenebris @kaisajhomentethi @empcratriz

    #*tags u guys again* ily #also#BRB CRYING #THIS IS SO FITTING FOR HER #hard time processing feelings: check #does art: check #small friend groups: check #trying her best: CHECK #i went kinda HMM at the believing in the kindness of other ppl but ig #it's more of giving them the benefit of the doubt #she has walls around her but not *completely* closed off #but AAA the lines few lines #🥺#character study
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  • daffodiline
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    working with teenagers tests my patience every single day 🙄

    #get off your phone i’m begging you #everyday in these studies i’m more convinved i shouldn’t work with this age group #but on the other hand i also want to!! bc nobody wants to work with that age group bc it’s so fucking difficult especially in this world
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  • poisonpercy
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    I’m currently struggling to write my term paper for my U.S. lit class. It’s about 12:30 am and I’m on the 3rd body paragraph. I need to finish at least that paragraph tonight because I have so much work to do during actual waking hours and this paper is due Tuesday

    #i have a group paper due monday/today that i have to write #plus this term paper #and i have to study for a U.S. lit test that i have on the day the term paper is due #there’s other things i have to get done #but i’m not mentioning them #i hate the end of the semester #skys post
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  • lupinepublishers
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    lupine publishers|Chronic Kidney Disease, Data from MIKD

    Chronic Kidney Disease, Data from MIKD

    Abstract Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a leaping up public health matter. It has an augmented effect on cardiovascular diseases and affects every system in body. In developed countries the extent of prevalence is available due to renal registries. In middle or low socio economic countries the proportion of this evolving health issue is not known. CKD is rising and a major contributor is soaring number of diabetes mellitus worldwide. Other significant addition in this cohort of CKD is by rising numbers of obese and hypertensive patients. In order to curtail this rising health matter immediate and intense measures both at preventive and curative levels are required. Aim: Due to lack of formal renal registry we wanted to see spectrum of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in our catchment area and at what CKD stage they present to tertiary care hospital. Methods: All patients who presented to Emergency department of Multan Institute of kidney disease from 01 Sep 2017 till Sep 2019 data were evaluated. Record of Emergency department patients were taken from electronic system of our hospital. Some patients had multiple visits and we took first visits kidney function in our analysis. eGFR was calculated from serum creatinine with help of CKD-EPI equation. Results: Total 4303 patients were included in study. Males were 60% and females 40%. Age range from 13 years to 96 year old. 945 patients were excluded as they were not falling in chronic kidney disease category. Remaining 3358 patients had chronic kidney disease. Sub-analysis according to CKD stage showed 66.17% patients presented at CKD stage V. Conclusion: Kidney disease is rising globally. Countries where renal registries are established provide incidence of chronic kidney disease ranging from 10 to 15%. Still a lot of countries worldwide do not have established system of data collection so true incidence is not established. Our work is first of its kind reported from this area. Drastic preventive strategies are need of time from health budget planners.

    Introduction Multan Institute of kidney diseases is a tertiary care nephrology and urology hospital located in Multan (Largest city) in South Punjab, Pakistan. Catchment area include Multan division, Dera ghazi khan division and Bahawalpur division. According to last census the total population of these 3 divisions is just over 34 million. All patients who presented to Emergency department of our institute from 01 September 2017 till 01 September 2019 were taken from electronic medical record of hospital. Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria Total number of patients in our data are 4303. Patients from Age 13 year and above were taken in study. Less than age 13 were not included. Maximum age recorded was 96 year old. In case of multiple visits to Emergency department by same patient, only first presentation kidney functions were included in study and subsequent visits kidney function were excluded. 467 patients had normal kidney functions, normal urinalysis and no structural abnormality on renal imaging and were excluded from interpretation. 478 patients were found to have acute kidney injury as per acute kidney injury network (AKIN) classification. These patients were also excluded from analysis. Rest of the patients (n=3358) had chronic kidney disease [Table 1].

    Kidney Function Measurement (eGFR) Serum Creatinine was taken to measure estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Various methods of eGFR calculation are available, including the Cockcroft-Gault equation, MDRD (Modification of Diet in Renal Disease) Study equation, and the CKD-EPI (Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration) equation. We took CKD-EPI for measuring eGFR. Patients were divided in CKD stages from 1 to 5. CKD Stages and Prevalence Total 3358 patients were identified with chronic kidney disease. Majority (n=2222) of patients presented when eGFR was <15mls/min for the first time to tertiary care facility. CKD stages with number of patients in each group are in following Table 2 [Figure 1].

    Causes of CKD We analyzed our data to look into etiologies of chronic kidney disease. It showed 30 % patients had diabetic kidney disease and same proportion were hypertensive nephropathy patients. Next in line was obstructive nephropathy with 23.85%. Glomerulonephritis was about 4.5% and roughly 10% patients cause was not established as they presented late. Inherited diseases were just over 1% and interstitial nephritis was just 0.47% [Table 3]. Among the patient cohort diabetic kidney disease was separated based on presence of diabetes mellitus and one of the criteria (proteinuria, normal size kidneys, diabetic retinopathy on fundoscopy or >5 years duration of diabetes mellitus). Nearly 30% of total patients had diabetic kidney disease and more than 2/3rd of them had CKD-5 on presentation. A detailed analysis of CKD stages of diabetic group is in following table [Table 4] [Figure 2].

    Discussion Chronic kidney disease is rising worldwide. It has big impact on health economics [1,2]. Developed countries have registries showing its prevalence which helps in health budget planning. Unfortunately under developed countries lack such planning. In Pakistan recently a national renal registry has started working and will give informative statistics regarding renal disease spectrum. This will help in health management planning and focusing on areas where rampant growing renal issues are focused. Reviewing published data spectrum of renal disease is variable in different geographical areas [3, 4]. Ethnicity, dietary habits, use of herbal medicines, low birth weight & climate all have been postulated as contributing factors in prevalence of chronic kidney disease. According to a Meta-analysis, chronic kidney disease has prevalence of 11% to 13% globally [5]. In Pakistan studies published on chronic kidney disease prevalence are usually from tertiary hospital or region based [6]. Tertiary care centers are in urban cities so there is no good data from rural areas. South Punjab of Pakistan majority comprise of rural area. According to last census the population of south Punjab 3 divisions (Multan, Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan) is 34 million [7]. This is the catchment area served by Multan institute of kidney disease (MIKD). MIKD is an emerging kidney institute in this area. We analyzed all patients who presented to Emergency department of our institute. We analyzed presentation creatinine and used CKD-EPI Creatinine Equation for eGFR calculation as recommended by the National Kidney Foundation [8]. Chronic kidney disease in Pakistan is on rise and presentation to specialist center is late. Majority of patients present with CKD-stage 5 requiring dialysis. Our hospital’s 2 year record tells us that 66.17% patients who attended Emergency room were at CKD-5 and majority required renal replacement therapy. Diabetic kidney disease was alarmingly on 29.66 %. Further sub analysis of diabetic kidney disease patients revealed that majority patients (72%) were at CKD stage 5 when presented to hospital emergency department. We labelled diabetic kidney disease based on presence of one of the following criteria’s (established diabetic retinopathy and/or micro albuminuria and/or long duration (>5 years) of diabetes mellitus). Further stage of CKD was established based on CKD-EPI calculation. Diabetes mellitus is at tremendous rate in Pakistan. International diabetes federation data reveals that 17.1% rising adult population of Pakistan is now living with diabetes mellitus [9]. With such enormous rise in diabetics in last decade, the burden of diabetic nephropathy is on rise too. In rural areas a lot of people are undiagnosed and usually present to health facility with end organ damage. According to systematic analytic study done in 2016 prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Pakistan is more in males as compared to females and more common in urban areas [10]. Therising burden of diabetes is imputed to environmental and emotional changes. The main contributors are sedentary lifestyle including internet and TV usage, caloric rich diets leading to increasing obesity. Pakistan with very high numbers of prevalent diabetes needs a cost-effective population based approach for screening [11]. Obstruction leading to chronic kidney disease was immensely at 23.85% in our studied population. Obstructive nephropathy due to stone is highly prevalent in this area and reviewing published data the number is almost 2-3 times in comparison to other parts of world. Nephrolithiasis is a highly prevalent disease worldwide with rates ranging from 7 to 13% in North America, 5–9% in Europe, and 1–5% in Asia. Due to high rates of new and recurrent

    stones, management of stones is expensive and the disease has a high level of acute and chronic morbidity [12]. Epidemiologic studies have demonstrated that the stone risk incidence increases with Body Mass Index, through multiple pathways. Metabolic syndrome and diabetes are associated with an increased renal stones disease incidence [13, 14]. There is a known high incidence of stone disease in Pakistan as this country belongs to the so-called stone belt [15]. In summing up our chronic kidney disease burden we have identified Diabetic kidney disease, Hypertension and Kidney stones as our bulk. This helps in health budget planning and preventive strategies to cut down disease load. Lack of renal registry in Pakistan has been emphasized [16]. Recently at national level Pakistan renal data system (PKDRS) is established and will provide data from all parts of country in coming years [17]. Curtailing diabetes will have significant reduction in diabetic kidney disease and strategies have been proposed. Creating multidisciplinary team, primary preventive strategies and nationwide diabetic care programme are proposed steps to deal this impending pandemic [18].

    for more information about Journal of Urology & Nephrology Studies Archive page click on below link


    For more information about lupine publishers page click on below link


    #lupine publishers group #Journal of Urology & Nephrology Studies #nationwide diabetic care programme
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