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  • pleasegivemedopamine
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Academia & Studyblr Blog

    I say academia in general because my aesthetic really isn't very linear and I go through various phases of the moon🌙 oop-


    I post my uni notes sometimes or class/subject rants but mainly aesthetics and study tips/motivation


    "Knowledge is worthy of anyone who is capable of keeping an open mind"

    So if I block you it's cuz you suck :) that's on you

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  • pleasegivemedopamine
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ☕Study Tips for Reading

    Increasing your reading speed and recall



    Mumbling or mouthing text; reads slower but helps retain info


    Read by skipping easy/familiar/unnecessary words and focusing on key words



    Giving a longer pause after each sentence you read, if you're a fast reader then pausing after every paragraph might help you more rather than stunt your recall


    Reviewing or summarizing after a paragraph, internally or by sub-vocalizing, in order to retain info

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  • meetmsrightxoxo
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Anxiety, you ignorant slut!

    Well I managed to finish my book of the month if you all don’t remember me bringing up “Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight. It is definitely a book worth reading. The final part of the book (it’s in four parts) was all about how to handle anxiety. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I am medically diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia. I have to take medications or as a testimonial once said, if I’m off my meds I am a psychotic b*tch. You do not want to be friends with me if I’m off my meds. Point is, the book talked a lot about that and two big things jumped out for me (well to me they are big):

    Stop caring about what other people think of your life choices.

    Do things like you’re ripping off a bandaid if it’s a situation where you cannot move forward unless you get something done first.

    Yeah I need to stop caring on what others think because I realized after today that I do that and I have no idea when I started being like that but I’m stopping now!

    Then to rip things off like a bandaid, that’s going to be hard but I have to get so much shit done with school it’s a little overwhelming but I can do this.

    Anyways, I recommend this book I am even looking forward to purchasing the rest of Sarah Knight’s book series (as soon as I’m not broke). I hope you guys might want to look into it if you’re into self help books.

    The next book I started to read is “Brand Seduction” by Daryl Weber. It is all about how marketing and neuroscience works and how to use it for my own benefit. I’m trying to grow this blog and I’m hoping that reading this book will help. I will let you guys know how it goes.

    In the mean time, life has been kind of boring to be honest. Thanksgiving plans fell through, my mom and I ended up not making a real thanksgiving dinner and stayed home. My anxiety has been sky rocketing and I have no idea why. My heart starts racing and I feel like I can’t settle down to focus on something. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different day.

    I no longer have a social life because the people I constantly talked to and saw all the time were negative influences in many ways. I’m not going to get into it but all I have to say is my social life is gone because it’s time for me to move on and meet new people.


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  • rat-nest
    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    We are learning to color besties

    #:D been studying color looe crazy lately bc i HATE how i color in csp and finally showed a modicum of understanding today #came out flat but still MUCH better #i was nervous to try the put the opposite color in the shadows tip but it looked much deeper #not the shade with the opposite of your lighting thats not what i mean. taking the opposite of the base color #and putting just a little in the shadows
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  • poetia
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago


    [ attention attention, free tutoring ]

    uh i continue to be shocked that some people don’t get taught religion (not one specific but the major religions) not world history, not geography and very, I don’t know what word to describe it other than narrow minded social studies.

    i am very disappointed in schools who don’t give people the opportunity to learn them and i think everyone should be able to get the chance to do so

    these 4 subjects are super duper important, especially for those who want to live in countries where they’re apart for the compulsory education (you will be expected to have at least basic knowledge) and they’re important in understand every other subject there is plus like,, you need them to understand other people where you live and all over the world

    so!!! if anyone’s interested i would be super super happy to help someone learn the basics (for free!!) there’s no pressure grade wise and i’m not going to force you to do exams , but like do smaller assignments you can do when you have time

    and this is something you can add to your resume, just say that you were taught whatever subject by someone majoring in social studies and working as a tutor because you’ll look ambitious and knowledgeable<3

    also geography will mostly be population geographic bc you can always google capitals and flags^^

    (disclaimer: i am not a real teacher, i do however work as a tutor and i’m a social studies major so i can help a little bit!)

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  • h3art-shap3d-cucumb3r
    03.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    hey can someome recommend me some yt channels or just give some personal study tips for learning history? i need a good method of remembering the dates

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  • helianthuscryptid
    03.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    tranquil's winter studying challenge | day twenty-one

    today, i am elated.

    today, i choose to ride the high!

    today, my goals are to finish off my vlog and also write, i'll also rehearse if i have the time but i also need to prioritise sleeping.

    day twenty-one - do you ever question your worth? what do you do to get out of this mindset? do you feel like questioning your worth is a universal feeling?

    yes i question my worth often. it isn't ideal but it stems in having been bullied throughout my childhood and teenagerhood so it happens a lot because of that. when it comes to dealing with it, unfortunately i don't know how. for the most part i keep on going and trying my best until someone validates my abilities. i think it is universal but manifests in different ways in everyone.

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  • eliteprepsat
    03.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your studies? Or so consumed by your activities that you feel you don’t have enough time to devote to your studies? With so many distractions left and right, you may find it difficult to dedicate yourself to your studies as well as you should. However, within every student lies the potential to succeed, and reaching that potential requires focus and diligence.

    This is where a study space can come in handy. Do you have a study space to call your own? Developing great habits is the key to consistent academic success, and a study space should be at the top of your list. A great study space will allow you to get into the zone as you work toward your academic goals.

    1. Choose One Spot and Make It Your Own

    Designating a single space as your study zone is a great way to develop consistency and maximize efficiency. Ideally, you want your body and brain to know it’s time to get down to business as soon as you enter the space. Having one space can also help reduce the potential distractions that pop up when you study in many different places. Really embrace the opportunity to customize the space to your liking because owning the space will instill a sense of pride, making it more likely that you’ll use the space for its designated purpose.

    2. Stock Your Space

    You can’t have a study space without materials, so stock up! Since different classes require different items, take into account your course load to determine which items you need in your space. Of course, you’ll need a chair, a desk, a computer, notebooks, textbooks, and writing utensils. But don’t neglect some less obvious items, such as a paper calendar, decorations/plants, healthy snacks, and headphones.

    3. Eliminate Any Distractions

    When you enter your study space, your number one priority should be studying. Anything that will interfere with your goals must be put on hold, including phones, games, multiple open tabs, other people, pets, etc. These distractors will still be there once you finish your work, so make it your mission to minimize their impact on your concentration and focus.

    4. Establish a Comfortable Balance

    Setting up your study space in a way that is inviting will make it that much easier to step into the space and get to work. If you’re uncomfortable, you will start to react negatively and defeat the purpose of a great study space. Consider the ergonomics of your workspace, and aim for a desk, chair and computer that will allow you to study comfortably for extended periods of time. Natural light can do wonders for your energy, so you may want to set up your space near a window that captures sunlight. However, much of your studying may come after the sun goes down, so a desk lamp can be a useful investment. Also, don’t forget to take temperature into account. Do what you can to ensure your space has an ideal temperature for you.

    5. Instead of Music, Try Ambient/Background Noise 

    Yes, music can put you in the mood to focus and study, but more often than not, music (especially music with lyrics) can simply get in the way as another distractor. There are numerous apps and websites that play ambient/background noise. Find one that works for you and watch your productivity soar. Remember, your music will still be there waiting for you once you’ve completed your tasks.

    At the end of the day, a great study space is one that works for you. No two study spaces should mirror one another because we’re all unique individuals. Think outside the box and cater to your own needs to create the best possible study space. The goal is to create a place where you can make efficient use of your study time and where you will want to return again and again. So start now and be ready to rock once finals, APS and standardized tests roll around. You’ll be glad you did it!

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  • speromelior
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    how has roman archaeology captured my heart? this week's readings were deeply interesting, concerning urbanism in the roman provinces. my presentation on three vindolanda tablets is next week and we are covering education through the aeneid. my partner in the project has been lovely and we managed to get most of it done already!

    this weekend will be mostly studying for my ancient greek exam, hopefully i can create some nice ambience to share with you.

    much love,


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  • youngadulthacks
    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Music can help when studying, movie soundtracks are known to improve productivity

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  • neutralin
    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Things we need to normalize ˚⊹ Holiday edition ⊹˚

    tw: general mentioning of mental disorders

    For everyone with a sensitive profile (neurodivergent people, highly sensitive people, those who struggle with mental health issues) the holiday season can be an overwhelming experience. The time that is supposed to bring joy usually causes high levels of anxiety and dissatisfaction.

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ So I collected some statements we need to normalize so everyone can look forward to this time of the year ˚⋆ ⊹ 。˚ ⋆

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ not everyone is into celebration. Even kids! Even romantic partners! And it is normal!

    -> if you want to treat holidays as ordinary days for whatever reason - go for it! You don't need to explain yourself. You are good! -> if your friend/partner/family member isn't interested in the celebration - be kind, accept it, and don't ask them why. Since you likely won't ask why someone is celebrating because it's a normal thing to do. Not wanting to celebrate is normal as well. If they don't have that festive mood it has nothing to do with you. Let them have fun in their own way. -> if they tell you their specific reason and you don't agree with it - you need to let it go. Don't try to reason with it. It's their own choice and you must respect it no matter what.

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ having fun by yourself is cool! Spending a holiday evening all by yourself can be a great option as you don't rely on anyone. You do whatever you want and enjoy your alone time! Plan an alone trip, stay home, go for a walk, enjoy your pet's company!

    -> if you want to spend this time by yourself then go for it!!! -> for everyone who's against someone's choice there is a lot to catch up with in the previous paragraph

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ it's okay to make changes. Holiday parties and family gatherings usually include some kind of activities that are considered to be essential for a successful celebration BUT everyone has their habits, triggers, and things they enjoy.

    -> if you want to attend an event let people know about your specific preferences (your safe food, favorite types of activities, and things you find disturbing) so they can adjust their plans. And if they don't think twice, don't ruin it for yourself only not to disappoint others. -> if you plan an event take into consideration that someone wants to leave early, doesn't drink, can't stand certain types of food or activities, etc. Align your plan with every guest so everyone will look forward to it. And don't make anyone do things they don’t want to do. Please, it's no fun.

    holidays and highly sensitive people parties as an autistic person autism and birthdays 7 ways to manage the holidays when you have anxiety

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ respect boundaries. It's a celebration day, everyone is having fun, and there is no surprise some people want to share their energy by giving hugs or cheek kisses. Or even more.

    -> ask about consent no matter what. No excuses. Not everyone likes/wants to be touched. It can be a very uncomfortable experience since you literally touch someone's body and they feel it all. One small insignificant touch can result in developing a traumatic memory connected to holidays so they won't be able to enjoy them anymore. -> don't force other people to interact with each other against their will. If kids don't want to hug their family members - respect that! Same goes for the kissing games. Even if everyone agreed to it at first they still have a right to change their mind. -> don't force someone to speak or be involved in certain types of activity. There are many reasons why someone is quiet and not talkative. Maybe they already run out of their social battery or don't enjoy an event as much as you do. Gently ask how they feel, how comfortable they are with the topic of the conversation and the event itself and what you can do about this. If they feel comfortable and just don't want to interact let them be themselves.

    THIS IS NOT CONSENT how to act if you crossed someone's boundaries 7 ways to respond if someone is disrespectful being the silent listener

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ it's okay to say NO. It's okay to stay home if your family wants to leave for the holidays and visit someone you don't wish to celebrate with. It's okay to reject party invitations to stay with your family or for whatever reason.

    -> always put your comfort first. If it’s not a Definite YES, then it’s a Definite NO. But remember someone might have high rejection sensitivity so be gentle!!! -> if you received a rejection try not to take it personally. Talk it over or try coping mechanisms if needed so it won't ruin your festive mood!

    emotional overload during the holidays about feeling on edge more about rejection sensitivity

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. If you or someone else start crying, have an anxiety/panic attack, or a meltdown during the celebration event then well, it happens. It's okay. You'll manage it.

    -> if you experience it yourself then you probably know what is better for you more than anyone else. You can also check the resources I listed below. Remember you don't ruin it for anyone. Take your time. Leave if you need. You will be okay! -> if it's not you then be very mindful and gentle. Don't pay too much attention to whatever is going on. There is no need for everyone to surround the person and observe them. It's very uncomfortable and usually makes symptoms even worse. Try to prevent that kind of scenario. Take a person to a quiet room if possible and ask if there is anything specific you can do for them. If they want to be left alone leave them alone. Please, don't ever tell them to calm down or man up. That's not their fault. Don't make them feel guilty for things they can't control. more about neurodivergent meltdowns the differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack overwhelm in highly sensitive people

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ not everyone likes surprises!!! Even if you do. Even if they seem to be that kind of a person. The Secret Santa is not for everyone as well! For people with sensitive profiles, surprises can be extremely uncomfortable as they are unpredictable. Some people need to be more prepared for any kind of interaction and activity to thrive and have fun.

    -> if you feel anxious about surprises there is nothing wrong with you!!! It's okay! I feel you! Just let others know so they won't ruin it for you! Take care! -> if you want to make a surprise gift/party for someone please, double-check they are really into that kind of stuff!!! What might seem fun for you doesn't necessarily fun for someone else!!!

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ not everyone can come up with an original and personalized gift as well. Even though you’ve repeatedly hinted at something. And that's okay! Everyone is different. Some people take things very literally so they can't take the hints. Someone is just not as creative as you want them to be! And that's okay!

    -> if you can't come up with a gift for someone but you still want to give them something significant and useful just ask them what they want. And that's would be great since you will be 100% sure they will like it! -> make a list of what you want to receive as a gift. The list can be very specific or you can just include what you don't want to get. Up to you! It is still a valid gift even if you know what is inside.

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ not everyone is into giving/receiving gifts. And there are so many reasons why.

    -> ask in advance if everyone feels comfortable with a gift exchange. Remember, it's okay to say NO and celebrate your own way. There are no rules!

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ canceling plans last minute. And sometimes it happens to all of us. Some people (especially nd people) have fluctuated energy levels so they might really look forward to going somewhere but won't be able to do it on that exact day. Some people struggle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts which suddenly get over their minds.

    -> there is nothing wrong if you changed your mind last minute. You are supposed to have fun and if you no longer feel like going somewhere then cancel the plan. And if it usually happens to you then let others know so they can take it into account! -> if you were really looking forward to something and they canceled last minute then well, it sucks. Accept it and move forward. Try not to rely too much on others anyway. Good news is that you still can have a good a time! Watch your favourite movie, spend time with your pet, ask other people about their plans, there is still so much you can do!

    adhd and cancelling last minute (reddit) autism and loss of energy

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ sometimes everything just sucks. Even if you tried your best. So many things can go wrong and you have no control over it. We tend to put too many expectations on holidays which usually are hard to be met. And social media usually only raises that bar.

    -> accept that not everything will go as planned. And that's okay. That's what usually happens to literally everyone. People with sensitive profiles usually feel it deeper than everyone else and that's okay. All your emotions are valid. Take your time! -> remember or list things you didn't like so you can make some adjustments next time!

    12 things autistic people would like you to know during the holidays 8 things highly sensitive people need to survive holidays 6 tips for easing your anxiety during the holiday season

    ⋆ ˚。⊹ ⋆˚ Take care! ˚⋆ ⊹ 。˚ ⋆

    #holiday season

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  • lawstrugglesbt
    03.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    It's that time of the year: I'm skipping criminal law because im going to the Christmas Market to get drunk on mulled wine

    What a time to be alive

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  • studysposlut
    03.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    “Friday, December 3rd, 2021 {7:36 a}”

    Another piercing/hearing aid look lol. Some more aestheticy pictures from this month and the pillars.

    I’m not sure what purpose the random pillars in the center of campus serve but they sure are aesthetic.

    Listening to: The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future - Los Campesinos!

    Reading: Ulysses - James Joyce

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  • hopebooks
    03.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    chemistry revision, a lot, a LOT of content to memorize and my headaches aren't helping ✋

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  • harvarddoctor
    03.12.2021 - 22 hours ago


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  • blogeda
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mutsuzum hem de çok mutsuzum çünkü Evren bana gülmüyor hemde hiçbir şekilde. Ayrıca her şeyden bıktım ve her şeyden sıkıldım.

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  • trojans360
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    8 Tips for Finals

    By: Hannah Skinner ‘23

    The end of the semester is upon us, and so are finals. It can be a tough few weeks, but there are ways to lessen the stress and take better care of ourselves too. Here are my wellness and study tips to help you succeed during testing season!

    1. Have a study routine. 

    Without classes during finals weeks, we tend to fall out of our normal routine, so it is important to establish a new one. This includes setting blocks of times during the day for studying and having a good sleep schedule. 

    2. Exercise. 

    For me, exercising is a good way to reset myself and take some time away from studying while still being productive. In fact, exercise can improve concentration and memory by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain; that means exercising has a direct impact on studying too! 

    3. Eat healthy, eat food you like, and don’t skip meals. 

    Make sure to never skip meals, especially breakfast, and treat yourself to your favorite meals a couple times! Similarly to exercise, I find that taking time to have a meal separate from studying serves as a good break to both fuel your body and give your brain a rest. 

    4. Start studying early. 

    Start looking at your notes earlier rather than later. This is much more effective than postponing your studies until the day before the exam. Even if it’s just 10-20 minutes of review a day, it will still lighten your study load the day before the actual final.  

    5. Sleep a lot the night before your final. 

    This may be the most important tip, since sleep deprivation has a negative impact on cognitive performance. Definitely drink coffee if you want, but don't rely on it! 

    6. Find a good study spot. 

    Dedicate a place in your apartment, a room in your house, or a public place to be your study spot. Make sure the time you spend there is for studying only, not scrolling through your phone. Separation between the places you relax and the places you work is important. This will help you get in the right mindset when you sit down to study.

    7. Set goals and rewards. 

    Setting goals and giving rewards upon completion helps me to stay motivated. I find that setting mini-goals is more productive than larger ones. For example, “I will finish reading this chapter in 20 minutes, and afterwards I will take a break.” This goal more attainable and less overwhelming than forcing yourself to read a full book in one sitting.

    8. Attend review sessions, just do it!

    Don’t miss review sessions if your professor is hosting them! They are comprehensive and efficient ways of studying, and might provide great insight to the content of the final too. Also, be sure to go to study sessions that your classmates organize. 

    Good luck with finals, Trojans! 

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