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    Bea Miller icons X Harry Styles layouts ✨

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  • Since We Were Eighteen Masterlist

    This is my first full length fic! I’m not sure when I’ll be updating, but I will as often as I can! (masterlist)


    Summary: This is the story of Phoebe Marella, an ambitious writer with an infectious personality, and Harry styles, the boy the world fell in love with. They meet at 18, but that’s just the beginning of their story.

    Rated: M

    famous!harry bestfriend!harry boyfriend!harry fwb!harry husband!harry dad!harry

    Chapter One: January 20, 2013 (posting April 2)

    Chapter Two: TBD

    Chapter Three & On: TBD

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    Harry Styles.

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    Grace & rian: chapter 1

    The start.

    a cry awoke the two from their deep sleeps. a sleep that was now so rare — having 4 month old babies do this to you. sleep is something Harry and y/n don’t come into contact with much anymore. Always having to plan out their naps and when they finally do get to sleep it’s a good 40 minutes before the twins start crying or yapping away to each other. But they cherish every single minute of shut eye. And Harry’s even started falling asleep in his studio. Which he promised he wouldn’t do, but now it’s the only peaceful place — Harry needed that outlet, he loved his babies, but writing his new album was the only thing that kept him completely sane at the moment. He wondered how y/n did it. How she always pushed through the screams and tears. Y/n was like a superhero. She would just smile through it and eventually it was all sunshine and rainbows again.

    2016 had been by far the busiest year of Harry and y/n’s life. They twins — grace and rian really surprised both of them. They don’t regret them never in a million years would they. But they were extremely shocked. Harry had just gone on a hiatus from the band and he wasn’t dealing with it well and he was already trying to come up with ideas for his album. He was burning himself out, and the twins really grounded him. He admitted that he took a lot for granted before becoming a father. He never really knew what he wanted. Of course he had the fame, a very caring and loving girlfriend, amazing friends and a solo album all piecing together. But he never really knew where to go. What was going to happen? So when y/n broke the news that she was pregnant, of course they weren’t completely estatic — but they were happy. They were at a point in their lives where they both had stable jobs, a home and a really good support system. So after coming down from the rush of adrenaline, they booked an appointment.

    Y/n remembers the day they found out they were having twins. Y/n came from along line of twins, so she should’ve of expected it. She had a twin, her aunt had a twin, her grandad had a twin. She kind of liked the idea of having two at the same time — call her crazy, but she loved having her twin sister with her growing up. It was like her own built in bestfriend. She always had someone to talk to and whine to about boys. The connection that y/n and her sister shared was something she can’t wait for her little bubs to have. Y/n was glowing, smiling and laughing — still a little nervous but happy none the less. And Harry. Well Harry was a little pale. He looked at y/n and saw how happy and excited she was, to have another set of twins running around. And Harry immediately broke out into a smile after seeing his girlfriend so happy.

    the twins were born on October 16th. It was a cold day in England, nothing new — but y/n would’ve liked a little sunshine to help her through labour, especially because she has to get a c- section which is going to hurt like a bitch later on. The contractions started late on October 15th, they weren’t anything too bad, nothing she couldn’t handle — so y/n called the midwife at around 11:30 while doing some yoga explaining what was happening. She thought maybe she had pushed herself a little too hard with the yoga — no matter how relaxing it was. Her midwife had asked y/n to come into the hospital just to see if she’s dilated. And Harry was anything but calm. Which was only stressing y/n out more. Finally after what felt like hours they left the house and went to the hospital.

    Rian Ben styles arrived first at 4:30 am. He was a small little thing, but oh could he scream. Everytime someone other than y/n or Harry would hold him he would cry. And poor Harry was already so attached to him so it broke his heart when he heard his baby boy scream bloody murder. next came grace Audrey styles and she arrived at 4:50am. She was a tough one. Y/n knew she would need a c- section, but she was surprised with how fast and little pain she felt with rian. She didn’t think she’d need one, but boy she needed one with grace. She was tiny like her brother, but she was very peaceful. It scared you how peaceful she was. When rian had been delivered y/n was ready for their baby girl to be born. But she just wouldn’t come out. She wanted to stay in y/N’s stomach a little longer. But the doctors didn’t want that, grace needed to come out ASAP. And it was hard. They had gotten her out in 5 minutes, but she was having trouble breathing. The nurses all surrounded her while Harry was trying to see what was going on. It felt like hours and it was extremely exhausting. But after about 3 minutes of doctors going at your baby girl she finally decided to cry. And that was the most beautiful noise you had ever heard.

    Harry was so proud of his little munchkins. Always showing them off to all the old ladies that stopped them while they were on walks. And making sure to take lots of pictures for their memory books. He just couldn’t believe he was a dad. He had wanted this for so long. And he just couldn’t believe he had two kids now. Don’t even get him started on y/n. He could go on for hours on how proud he was of her. She was a great a mum and it was so obvious that she was made for this. Harry was a very lucky man. He was so happy that he got to settle down with a person who made him complete. He felt so warm and whole being with y/n.

    She never judged or laughed at his problems — even though sometimes they were laughing worthy. She never snapped or fought with him when he was obviously in the wrong, she would always calmly talk to him. She always stood up for herself, but she never needed to shout. Some people say they were stuck in the honeymoon phase. And it couldn’t be anymore true. They just fell in love with each other more and more each day. The love just grew even more when the twins arrived. They had grown a lot more respect for each other.

    Everyday got harder for them. Harry needed to start working on his album. And y/n couldn’t go back to work, so she was alone for a lot of the early days. She knew Harry loved his children, but there was a small peice of her always nagging away at the back of her head, that he was going to leave her eventually. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Y/n had no social life, her family lived in a whole different country. She couldn’t even get work done from home because the twins would just cry and cry. She didn’t want to be that mum, that just handed her kids off to a nanny. But at that point in her life, she was alone and scared and she’d do anything to have time just to shower. Those 2 months were the hardest for Harry and y/n. Their relationship was basically non existent. And whenever y/n would try and talk to him, he would blow up at her. Y/n was depressed and very lonely, she knew she needed help. So she told Harry to get his shit together or she was leaving. And that scared Harry.

    He never thought in their 5 year relationship that he would hear those words. he didn’t want to be that partner. He blamed himself for awhile even though y/n had told him post natal depression happens to a lot of women, and he couldn’t of enforced it on her. After getting therapists and councilling and balancing out work and babies they finally got their old relationship back, when they both started to feel like them again, Harry suggested a trip to Jamaica. he said he was thinking about bringing the team out too, so he could work and spend time with the family at the same time. Y/n wasn’t totally happy with it, but she needed the break and so did the twins — so she eventually gave in. The trip was amazing and brought the family of four really close together. Harry and y/n never took their babies for granted, they were their lives now, their responsibilities. Y/n wouldn’t know what their lives would be like if she had left Harry. And she really didn’t want to dwell on it anymore.

    Terrible two’s. It’s bad when you have one child, imagine two. Grace wasn’t as bad as rian. She just loved attention and she was definitely a mummas girl — but loved a dada cuddle none the less. But rian. Rian was a screamer. Harry and rian were very close, they shared something no one could explain. Sometimes it upsets grace when rian gets more cuddle time, but she doesn’t really cry because she doesn’t want to get in trouble with dada. Grace as a toddler was stressful for y/n mostly. Harry never gave her as much attention as he did to rian. Y/n remembers when grace really lost it with Harry. Her heart really broke for her daughter. Harry and rian were cuddling and grace was sat on y/n’s lap. She kept asking questions like why does rian get more attention and why does daddy not read bed time stories to me. y/n bit her lip trying not to cry as her baby girl asked her those questions — almost in gibberish but y/n understood. She had immediately reassured her daughter. She made a mental note to talk to Harry about this.

    Bedtimes were always ok with the twins — except for some reason grace didn’t want to go to bed without her daddy reading her a story. She had told her mumma that she loved her but she wanted daddy to read to her. Y/n smiled and kissed her daughters head before saying goodnight. She saw Harry in their room obviously done with rian’s nighttime routine. She had told him about grace not wanting her to read — which was a first. Harry sighed and lay back on the bed. He loved his daughter, a lot. But he was really tired. And he just told y/n to read her to sleep as he was too tired to function. Y/n cried that night. The screams that came out of grace were horrendous. That made y/n hurt so bad. Harry had immediately rushed into the room. “why no story from daddy, mumma? I…i…. was good, no? i say wuv you to brother” grace had cried all night, asking the same questions. Harry couldn’t bare it anymore. He had nodded to y/n and told he would handle this. Grace had struggled a lot and called for her mumma. Harry didn’t mean to do this. He didn’t think she’d mind. but grace just wanted a bed time story. And the worst was yet to come.

    when the twins started going to school, rian was way more academic and really enjoyed going to school. He loved music and he had a ton of friends. He had definitely got the out going trait from Harry. Grace was smart, very smart, she just couldn’t put in the effort. She found it really hard to make friends — and couldn’t really find something she loved. She hated tests. Her mum would support her and help her through what she needed help with — but her dad. Her dad was harsh. Harry only wanted what was best for her, but he didn’t realise he was hurting in the process. As school went on grace was growing more into herself. She was more independent and she had a good group of friends. She found photography and loved poetry. Rian loved his sister a lot, but he always wanted approval from his dad. So he did what his dad wanted him to do. And he actually really liked it. He participated in the school plays and drama club, he was really enjoying his school life so far. Grace never took a sick day or skipped school. Which rian did all the time and nobody seemed to notice. she really wanted her dad to be proud of her. Just even a smile would do the ten year old. So when she got a b on her maths test — which she was really struggling on, she was ecstatic. She had yapped all the way home to her mum. And y/n really couldn’t be prouder of her baby. Grace was finally growing into herself, and that made y/n really happy. Grace had sat by the window all afternoon waiting for Harry to come home — she need to show him. He was going to be so proud she throught. So when he got home she basically jumped at him. “Dad! Daddy! I got a b on my test” grace said and she was grinning ear to ear. Harry frowned and didn’t hug and kiss her like she expected. He looked down at the test and said “ you could’ve done better gracey” grace felt her face fall. And the tears just wouldn’t stop falling. So from then she stopped making any effort with him. He obviously didn’t love her.

    thirteen was the age rian got into trouble with y/n. They both (y/n and Harry) had to admit they’d spoilt their children quite a bit. Rian always wanted to do this and that and of course Harry always said yes. Rian didn’t know what no meant until y/n had to say it to him. He quickly grew out of that phase, but it was stressful none the less. Rian had just started doing football at thirteen. And he wasn’t bad at it. Grace saw him play a few times with his friends, and she thought it looked fun. She thought maybe she could ask Harry if she could join with rian and his friends at their next training. of course Harry said no, that this is rian’s sport, we’ll find you another. Grace wasn’t surprised. She was just disappointed. Thirteen is when grace got her first period. She had been in so much pain. Y/n could understand, her periods were exceptionally bad, so she wasn’t surprised when grace was in tears on the bathroom floor. After medicine, a good cry and some sweets grace was feeling a lot better, and Harry was worried to no end. Grace didn’t know how to act when he got like this. “haz do you think you can cuddle with grace while I have a shower?” To a normal daughter they would’ve jumped right in and squealed. But grace just felt awkward. “I’m just going to lay upstairs” grace said grabbing all her stuff when Harry sat down. His face fell with sadness “too old for a cuddle now, eh?” He said teasing her to which she just rolled her eyes “it’s not like we cuddled before dad”

    If you had told Harry and y/n their lives would end up like this they would’ve both slapped you in the face. Harry and grace don’t get on. Y/n can’t seem to connect with Harry anymore. Rian just wants to please everyone. Grace just wants to be loved.

    They may seem like a perfect family on the outside, but in the inside there anything but.

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  • Is it worth going to college?

    It is safe to say that students of a trade school program are slightly more likely to be employed post-graduation and much more likely to still be in the job field they studied


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  • Anybody going to the August 3rd Harry styles concert!?! Can we meet up? Y’all I need more Harry, one direction, and 5sos friends I feel left out! Add me on snap y’all : Kaylie42198 or insta : misadventures_of_Kaylie

    I’m really not one to really post about the boys but I love them and need people to freak out with

    Heads up I am 21 and would like friends more around my age but anyone is welcome :)

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  • The St. Paul version of Medicine does things to me… Doesn’t matter what I’m feeling when I start the video. He just….DID that….

    #stephanie blogs her life away #styles #im going through it
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    -·ɢɪᴠɪɴɢ ꜱᴇᴄᴏɴᴅ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇꜱ, ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴꜱᴡᴇʀꜱ·-


    rb/like if you save pls!

    hello! random shitty harry wallpaper bc why the hell not (open for better quality)

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  • Missing persons

    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) estimates that 40,000 bodies or partial human remains are unidentified. Some 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered each year in the U.S.


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  • some background for the Grace & rian fic!!!

    - this will be based in 2031

    - i really wanted to write it in 2020 but poor Harry isn’t old enough to have 15 year old kids lmao

    - i will do flash back scenes is this fic, just to give some background etc.

    - grace is gay, but has a struggled a lot with her sexuality. Her girlfriend kali is autistic.

    - rian is such a daddy’s boy, so he does everything Harry asks him to do! he loves Harry very much.

    - and obviously grace and Harry don’t get on at all, their personalities are VERY similar so they bump heads a lot, and Harry loves grace so much that he just wants whats best for her, but does this in a very controlling way.

    - y/n always knew that Harry and grace bumped heads. They’d bicker and snap at each other. But it had only gotten worse over the last 3 years.

    - i HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS STORY!!! the first chapter will be out tomorrow!! 🥺👉👈

    #harry styles#hs1#solo harry#harry #harry styles one shot #niall horan#styles#fineline #harry styles fanfiction #adore you #Grace & rian #dad harry styles #dad!harry #daddy!harry #dad harry imagines #dad harry styles imagines #harry x you #harry x y/n #y/n #harry styles x y/n #harry x reader #harry styles x reader #fic#one direction #dom!harry #sub!y/n #married harry styles #fluff#angst
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