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    May 26th- Soulmates

    A DinahSiren powerless multiverse AU

    They both wonder what’s wrong with them… Until.

    If I owned anything in the Arrowverse… you already know.

    “They are literally from two different worlds…” A voice says from the light.

    “Yes… I know this, but hear me out.” Says a pleading voice.

    “I don’t need to hear a thing.” The voice from the light says with agitation in it’s voice.

    “But they were maked for one another and you know that…” Says the pleading voice, then with realization evident in it’s tone says “Cause you made them!!” In excited exasperation.



    Oliver, Barry, Felicity, Dinah, Renee, John, Curtis, Caitlin and Ralph are all gathered in star labs R and D lab watching Cisco walk about with determined steps, running final tests and talking to himself until he turns to them all still looking down at his pad.

    Looking a few things over then looking up Cisco says “If I have this correct…” walking over to his desk in the lab he then says “This beautiful beast should be able to open a ‘Breach’ onto another earth.” looking at the machine then around the group.

    Barry and Oliver look at one another and Barry says “Why would we want that?” with confusion clear in his voice.

    “And how are we sure that there are other earths in the first place?” Dinah asks skepticism clear on her face and everyone nods along except Caitlin.

    “Cisco and I have been talking about this for… Well, I’d guess about a year and some time now that I think on it.” Caitlin says then looks at Dinah and asks “What do we have to lose in finding out anyway?” in a hopeful voice.

    “Are you all ready to witness another reality?” Cisco says in excitement, holding a finger about the 'red button’

    Everyone nodding their heads except Dinah who just kind of stands there with her eyes closed and says a small prayer under her breath.

    Cisco hits the button and stands back from the desk hollering over the loud machine starting “HOLD OOOOOONN!”

    After a moment of loud jet engine like sound and a large shake in the ground they all right themselves on their feet, they watch as a cloud like spiraling portal materializing in front of the machine, between two pillars providing static discharges to allow stabilization.

    As a clear picture of what looks like a Star city side walk and street appears in the cloudy vision.

    Oliver looks at the vision for a moment and says “That looks like… the street on the way to the D.A.’s office.” then looks at Cisco and asks “Isn’t this supposed to be another world?” with a confused look on his face.

    Just as Cisco is about to say something they all see a woman walk through the portal looking down at her phone not noticing where she is until she almost walks into Dinah.

    Looking up the woman says with a shocked face asks “I’m sorry.” then looks around at the lab in confusion and asks “What the hell? Where am I?” digging in her purse and pulling out mace before noticing Oliver and asking “What did you do Ollie? Who are all of these people?” not noticing Oliver’s gob smacked expression.

    Unable to say anything Oliver just looks around at everyone, so John steps in even if all he’s able to say is “Laurel?”

    Her head snaps to him and she says “Yeah John… What’s going on… why am I here and for goodness sake why are you all looking at me like you’ve seen a ghost?” looking around at everyone.

    Renee looks on in surprise for a moment but shakes himself back to reality and asks “This is Laurel?” stepping forward with a thumb extended towards Laurel as he look between her and Oliver.

    “Why is everyone acting so odd?” Laurel asks looking around again.

    Felicity then says “It’s just that you’re… well at least on this earth you’re…” looking down at the ground, rubbing her neck mumbles the rest.

    Cutting Felicity off Laurel says “What do you mean, THIS earth?” in a very concerned tone.

    Looking around Caitlin finally asks “Would you like a frozen lemonade?”


    After Cisco explains the machine and Oliver explains this earth’s Laurel’s untimely death.

    Laurel get’s up and says “… I should really get to work…” then starts towards the machine and asks over her shoulder “Cisco… would you please send me home?” with an impatient tap of her foot.

    Dinah watches on with a still semi-blank expression… and right as Cisco opens the portal back she says “Laurel…” as Laurel turns around Dinah tosses her a walkie-talkie and says “I’m curious… could you help me find out if these work through this thing?”

    Laurel think’s to herself 'A walkie-talkie… is she seven?’ but says “Sure…” with an odd look.

    Once Laurel get’s through the portal Dinah leaves with an excuse of work and once she get’s out of ear shot she put’s the walkie-talkie and says “If you to need someone to talk to…” takes a breath and says “If you can even hear me, you can talk to me… if you want that is.” still walking she get’s a sad look on her face and starts to lower the walkie-talkie when she hears a weak static.

    Laurel’s voice comes in quietly saying “I assume this is Dinah.” then as an almost after thought she says “And thank you.”

    Dinah get’s a small smile across her face and presses the button saying “That’s me.” then with a wider smile says “Enjoy work miss D.A.”

    That’s all the contact they have the rest of that week and a few days.


    Over the next week or so Laurel goes about her life on autopilot, going through work and daily activity as normal but with her mind on the other earth and that voice from the walkie-talkie, after thinking on her own for eight day, when she’s arrives at home Laurel thinks she’s ready to talk about all the crazy that is the Multi-Verse so resolves herself to calling Dinah the next day.


    About nine days after Laurel goes back to her earth Dinah is sitting in her office at the C.C.P.D. behind a pile of paper work, when she hears a beep from beside her and a soft “Dinah… Are you there?” come from her shoulder bag.

    Dropping everything, Dinah picks up her bag from beside her desk and as soon as she get’s the talky says “I am.” in what she hopes is a soothing voice.

    Laurel’s voice sounding a bit more there says “I’m doing a lot better… I only have a few questions.”

    Dinah takes a breath and says “I’ll do what I can to answer anything that you want to know.” sounding slightly nervous.


    “See, I knew it…” says a proud voice

    “Yes, I know… As you said 'I maked them’… So yes…” Says the voice in the light.

    “So what now?” says the 'proud voice’ now nearly confused.

    “Just watch.” Says the voice in the light again.


    Over the next week Dinah and Laurel talk bi-daily at least just learning about the differences and similarities of their respective earths so Laurel can get used to the new revelation and so Dinah can just hear Laurel’s voice.

    After another month Laurel and Dinah are talking and Laurel says “Hey D… I have a question.”

    Dinah sounding concerned says “What is it?” wishing she could hug the fear away.

    Laurel takes a breath and asks Dinah “Do you think… Maybe I could take my vacation on you’re earth?”

    Taking a sigh of relief Dinah starts packing up her stuff for work and says “I don’t see why not… I’ll talk to Cisco, when is your vacation?” Dinah says asking the last part walking out her office door.

    Dinah hears a simple “Three days.” then Laurel says in a hurried tone “Gotta go D, let me know what he says.”

    “Alright, see you soon D.” Dinah says with a teasing tone.


    Three days later…

    Dinah is standing in the lab bright and early walking around Cisco talking kind of rapidly “Thank you for doing this Cisco, she seems to really want to see this earth after the week.” with an excited bounce as she comes to a stop standing in front of the machine, talking while Cisco finishes the set up.

    Stopping for a moment Cisco looks at Dinah and asks “So you’re walkie works well then?”

    Blushing lightly Dinah says “Yeah it did.” then looks over at the machine and says “I get why everyone misses this earths Laurel so much… If she’s anything like her.” with a far off look on her face.

    “And she should be walking in… iiiinn… 4…3…2…1…” Cisco says pressing the button and the 'breach’ opens just like last time, only now Laurel is standing with her suitcase waiting.

    Walking through, Laurel looks around though this time with much more attention, once she has set down her bag she and Dinah lock eye’s, Dinah with a slight crack in her voice says “Hey.” with a wide smile.

    Laurel cracks a small smile and says “Dinah, it’s nice to hear your voice… Not over a walkie-talkie speaker I mean.” walking over to Dinah with her bag.

    Dinah’s swallows the lump in her throat and asks in a quiet voice “Come on… Let’s get some lunch.” grabbing the handle of Laurel’s suitcase, when Laurel goes to contest Dinah taking her back she get’s a look from Dinah that says 'let me.’

    They both look over to Cisco Dinah says “Thanks Vibe.” and Laurel says “Thank you for doing this Cisco.”

    Cisco smiles and says “Just enjoy your time here and let me know when you’re ready to go back.” then waving then out with a shew he says “Go on your lunch date and have a good time.”

    Both Dinah and Laurel blush lightly walking out in a slightly awkward silence.


    Walking down the street with full stomachs Dinah and Laurel go on in a comfortable silence until they start down the stars to the subway stop and Dinah says “I have a room reserved at a hotel down the street from my place or you can stay with me… I’m wasn’t sure what you would like so I covered both in case.” in a nervous tone.

    Laurel looks at Dinah and asks “I wouldn’t want to intrude…”

    Dinah cuts her off and says “No intrusion… You can stay at my place as long as you would like.” with a smile.

    Laurel watches Dinah’s face and when she see the sincerity there she says “In that case.” linking her and Dinah’s arm and continues saying “To your place we go.” with a bright smile.


    Walking into Dinah’s apartment Laurel looks around for a minute and says “It’s so…” then smiles at Dinah and says “You.” continuing to look around.

    Dinah just watches her for a moment with a small smile and a brightness in her eye’s.

    Laurel turns around and asks “So where am I gonna be?” walking her way back over to Dinah.

    Dinah shakes her head slightly and says “Right this way.” and walks down the hall, pointing at a closed door she says “That is the bathroom.” then arriving at the end of the hall she pushes a door open and says “And this is where you’ll be.” gesturing openly with her hand.

    Laurel looks at Dinah in slight confusion and says “This doesn’t look like a guest bedroom D.”

    Dinah looks at Laurel with a meek smile and says “I’ll be on the couch.”

    Looking at Dinah with a look of contrary Laurel tries to say “Dinah… I can’t take your bed… This is your space…”

    Dinah cuts her off saying “Laurel, you are my guest and more so my friend… Please let me do this.”

    With a small huff Laurel walks in and get’s her bag settled, taking off her shoes and laying then by said bag.


    “The way they look at one another…” An excited voice says to the light.

    The voice from the light says “Yes, I know.”

    “Wait a minute!” The excited voice says accusingly.

    “What is it now?” The voice from the light says in exasperation.

    “You knew all this was gonna happen, didn’t you?!” The excited voice says in a more accusing tone.

    “…” The voice from the light goes silent.


    Over Laurel’s vacation she and Dinah go all over Star city and Central city, seeing sights and just being with one another.

    One day while their walking down the water side walkway in Central city Laurel grabs Dinah’s hand and links their fingers, neither of them say anything but Dinah squeezes gently in acknowledgements.

    The days following they start to hold hands when they walk just about anywhere.

    The day they walk into Oliver and Felicity’s place they’re leaning slightly against one another when Felicity opens the door and they almost get knocked over when Felicity screams in excitement notices their hands together.

    Looking almost affronted Felicity asks “When did this happen?!” still at an octave almost only a dog could hear.

    Looking down at their hands Dinah and Laurel both say “It’s not…” with an almost sad look on each of their faces.


    When they get back to Dinah’s that night Laurel turn’s to Dinah as Dinah is about to lay down on the couch and asks “Would you consider going out with me.” In one breath and Dinah almost missed it.

    Looking surprised Dinah asks “Don’t we go out every day…” thinking that Laurel might mean she has something specific they might like to do.

    With a sad look Laurel says “I suppose we do…” and turns to go lay down as well.

    Dinah watches her go and sits in confusion for a moment… Then with a face palm and a quiet “ouch” she stumbles off the couch and runs into her room and says “Yes.” through her slightly exhausted breathing.

    Laurel, looking in slight shock at the sudden appearance, she shakes her head and asks “Yes?” with a small smile growing on her face.

    Dinah looks at her with a wide smile and says “I would love to go out with you…” still leaning on the door frame still catching her breath.

    Laurel’s smile growing wider all she can say is “Really?”

    Dinah walks over to the bed and sits down next to Laurel sliding her hand into Laurel’s and holding it like it’s the most precious thing in the world, looking at their hands taking a deep breath Dinah says in an almost in audible tone “I never thought… well, honestly I never thought you would have feelings for someone like me.”

    Laurel get’s a confused look on her face and squeezes Dinah’s hand lightly and says “You mean Warm, Caring, Intelligent, Gorgeous, Honest and so… so Generous.”

    Dinah leans her head on Laurel’s shoulder and says “I… I honestly don’t know what to say.”

    Laurel pulls Dinah into a tight hug and rubs her back softly saying “You have no idea how disappointed I was when I thought you were trying to let me down easy.” in a slightly shaky voice.

    Dinah leans back, looks Laurel in the eye and with a laugh in her voice says “You have no idea how much of an idiot I felt like when I realized what you meant.” threading their fingers together again.


    “Now I get it…” The voice says again to the light, now sounding a bit deflated.

    The voice from the light asks “Huh… it’s funny how that works isn’t it?” in a sarcastic tone.

    “Sometimes, I forget that you’ve… well made everything…” The voice says sounding a bit downtrodden.

    The voice from the light says “Patience in a virtue.” with a comforting tone.


    On a stone tablet somewhere in the universes Dinah and Laurel’s names are written along with those of all the soulmates that have found one another through out history, by chance, destiny, fate… or whatever happenstance seeming occurrence… A tablet that has recorded love over centuries on time.

    ©©©©©©© @13unknownmind

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  • Y: X, maybe you should start going by “>”.

    X: What?? Why?

    Y: Because I am ready to snap you in half right now.

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  • Stacy Thought My Tail was Big - Submitted by meowstic-seer-of-the-future

    #218884 #247D1E #B4A32D #D78710 #744414

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  • Mika and his poor patient having to witness Elu arguing:

    #oh girl this is gonna be goooood #submission#AHAHAHAHAHAHA #oh how I love your memes #and Mika will get some shots in #he gonna enjoy himself don't you worry #Idriss on the other hand... #poor poor Idriss #med au
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  • It was unusual to carry a stuffed animal around with you at college, but, then again, Elsewhere University itself was unusual. She earned the nickname “Kitty” during her first dorm floor meeting the Sunday before classes started, after she carried her old, ratty, stuffed cat with her throughout the entirety of the campus tour that seemed to go on for far longer than the small campus should need. 

    It was lucky she had earned her nickname so early, her RA told her.

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    “It’s me. Thank you.”

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  • Hi my name is Rosie Techno'blade Dementia Raven Way and I have long rosy pink hair (that’s how I got my name) with coral streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Pigicial (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Skeppy but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a pig but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale pink skin. I also have PIG+++ Rank, and I play on a Minecraft server called Hypixel in Chicago where I have the most potatoes (I’m twenty one). I’m a king (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red. I love Skindex and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red corset with matching lace around it and a gray leather miniskirt, silver fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, pink foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Skyblock. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of orphans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

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  • Namjoon: *goes over and pulls Jun from out under the coffee table* you need to get changed young lady

    Jun: *grumpy*

    Namjoon: is there a bathroom I can use?

    HS: The bathroom is right next to the kitchen! You’ll see which one is the kitchen is because there’s no door on it…

    Taehyung: I would say my nose nose looks human but it functions like a canine, is your brother the same?

    SHw: Nu, Yunie ish nu wirwuuf… Jus Wanie an’ Appa Seokie! Yunie ish witchy li'e Ama… *touches her own nose to check if it really is human looking* Yis. Wanie as ‘uman lookie nose tuu.

    Geongmin: aha, Jungkook’s a simp

    JK: I’m not a simp!

    HS: You are tho! In fact you’re more of a simp than I am!

    JK: That’s not true, and you know it!

    #askhybridbts #ask witches bts rp #submission
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  • image

    I drew lots on who to draw first and icyhot came up,, so here ya go! (next up is discount pikachu!)

    celi: awww look at him he is a cutie 🥺💟 our cute lil icy hot cat 🥰💕

    #nesting with katsuki #submission#hybrid au
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  • me waiting to No idea Pt.3 👁👄👁

    me looking at this submission 👁👄👁

    #i haven't written #no idea #i am writing something else #but i'm glad #you enjoy it #submission
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  • Pitch to Anna about Arendelle: That’s not your world. You belong in the shadows… with me.

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  • ~~~

    shhh, just be patient :3

    #he'll get to live with his moms eventually #well for as long as he needs to anyway #but right now there's torture in store for him #memes #thank you i love this :D #submission
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  • So that “Human scum” barrier idea? I just had a horrible idea from it.

    A villain, instead of a barrier, casts some spell to control all the “human scum” and Kai and Nya are the only two affected. (Jay and Cole don’t know why they aren’t for a while until they sit down and think really hard about it)

    The rest of the ninja have to fight the siblings.

    #blursed ninjago submissions #blursed ninjago hcs #blursed ninjago ideas #ninjago#lego ninjago#submission
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  • raven please looks at this cuddly bat i bought

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  • i found this and i fell for him harder than i did before

    Listen, darling, every time I think it’s not possible to fall harder for this fucking birb, something happens to prove me wrong! 😉👌🖤

    #submissions with allie #whether one shows up #or its one of these videos #or that fucking villain hawks audio #keigo 'lemme ruin your life' takami #submission
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