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  • snuggubus-huggubus
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    You should see me in a crown.

    This image took a lot to complete, I learnt how to colour gold and went waaay overboard and the NSFW variant had a different pose so it took twice as long to complete. But she's done and she's beautiful, I'm finally getting a better grasp on colour.

    If you look at the background you're personally attacking me.

    Nsfw variant is available on OnlyFriends or Fansly both linked in my bio or you can access it via my twitter!

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  • immortal-velociraptor
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Since yall wanted more Lola Sinclair 👀

    You sat on the porch in the hot Ambrose heat. Sometimes Bo swore that Vincent and you were cold blooded cause the two of you never took off your layers. The sun was sweltering in the sky and there you were in your black jeans, clunky boots, turtle neck and favourite band T-shirt. Your ever present leather trench coat lay lazily upon your shoulders. Your feet were up on the railing and you dipped peacefully on your beverage, a new book occupying your spare hand.

    As usual Vincent was down in the basement, slaving away on his latest creation. He found it weird how calm you were when you’d first met. You’d strolled in with a group of college kids, trailing behind the rest of the group. Bo greeted you like he always had, dividing the group for easier access. His eyes immediately picked up on your strange attire. People certainly didn’t dress like that in Ambrose, and from the looks of it, nobody dressed like that were you were from either. He knew you’d be perfect for the collection so he sent you Vincent’s way with a playful smirk. Little did the boys know you wouldn’t be so easy to get rid of.

    You were brought out of your day dream by a familiar voice.

    “Hey pretty lady”

    “Right back at you.” You offered.

    You smiled as a blushed creeped onto her face.

    “You know you really suck at this game.” You smirked.

    “Shucks, it’s not my fault you make me blush like a sailor.”

    “It’s curse like a sailor” you raised a brow.

    “Same difference. You ever see what one of those guys are like when they get back to land?”

    “No, but considering they used to get seduced my manatees thinking they were beautiful women, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    The pair of you burst out into laughter.

    “What’s up Lo?”

    “Naw, it’s stupid. You should just get back to your book. I don’t understand how you get through those things so quickly.” She brushed off.

    You tentatively set your drink down, in a swift motion book marking your page and turning your full attention to your best friend. You knelt down to her height, considering you were a hell of a lot taller than her. You swooped up her face in your gentle palms and locked eyes with her like a predator inspecting their prey.

    “Now you know better than to say no to me, my love, so you’re gonna tell me what’s troubling that beautiful brain of yours or I’m gonna go in there and find out my damn self.”

    You voice was dangerously low. Lola hated when you spoke like this, it made her feel small, similar to how her brothers made her feel. She tried to avert her gaze, eyeing the book you were reading moment before.

    “Carmilla?” She asked.

    “I know what you’re doing Lola Sinclair and it ain’t gonna work on me. Now tell me what’s troubling you or I swear I will walk off the porch and not talk to you for a week.”

    Her eyes widened, taking in the sincerity of your threat.

    “Jesus, ok. I’ll tell ya.”

    You face remained stoic, ready to give your full attention. You dropped your hands and leaned back onto the floor, inviting her to sit beside you.

    “It’s getting hotter.” She started.

    “Gee, I hadn’t noticed.”

    Lola couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not. As well as she knew you, sometimes it was impossible to read you. You guarded your emotions much better than anyone she’d ever met before. She admired you, and frankly she was a little jealous.

    “And I don’t know how to dress…”

    You suddenly let out a loud laugh, one that was short yet still uncharacteristic. She frowned, furrowing her brows at you.

    “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you Sugar, it’s just- don’t you think you came to the wrong person?” You gestured to your fully clothed self.

    “But you’re my best friend, aren’t you girls supposed to be good at shopping and all that?”

    “Darlin’ I wear the same damn outfit everyday, you think I’m good at shopping?”

    She cowered into herself feeling a little discouraged.

    “But you look beautiful.” She mumbled.

    “No you know damn well I hate it when you mumble missy, speak up!”

    “I said you look nice ok. I want people to look at me like they do you.”

    You started at her in bewilderment.

    “I don’t know if you’ve Noticed Lo, but people don’t really like to look at me. Frankly sometimes I think you’re the only one who can stand too.”

    She frowned even further. You cupped her cheek once more.

    “Baby girl, not everyone is as accepting as you, you know that right? Sometimes I think the people in this town take advantage of your kindness. You remember how Bo looked at you when you first came out?”

    She nodded.

    “He was confused as all hell, and possibly a little creeped out, but he’s your brother and he loves you so damn much.”


    “What I’m trying to say is, your opinion of me can’t be trusted. As much as I love how much you look up to me, you’re probably the only one in this whole world who looks at me the way you do. Im rough around the edges, I know that, and when people see someone like me they tend to cross the street. Trust me my love, that’s not something you wanna experience.”

    You dropped your hand once more, pushing yourself off the ground and walking back toward the house. You were stopped when a calloused hand wrapped around your wrist. You looked down at Lola to see tears stinging the edges of her beautiful eyes.

    “Oh Lo, don’t cry. Look I’ll go shopping with you ok. I can’t promise I’ll be much help, but what I do know is you’ll look damn good in whatever we leave with alright?”

    She shook her head at you.

    “Lola I didn’t mean to upset you, can we just forget I said anything? Im fine really, I’m used to it.”

    “You shouldn’t have to be used to it. Those people are monsters.”

    At this you let out a faint snort.

    “Says the girl who uses her charms to lure vulnerable people into town for her brothers to kill.”

    “Please as if you couldn’t lure innocent men to their deaths.” She boasted.

    “Stupid men maybe. That’s like following the grim reaper into a cemetery and being shocked he’s got a grave already dug for ya, Princess. Im fine with scaring away men, honestly, it doesn’t bother me. In fact it’s quite peaceful. Now if only I could have the same affect on that damn brother of yours.”

    “Bo’s a slut for anything that walks” she stated plainly.

    You face curled into a devious smile.

    “I know that look” Lola smirked.

    “Maybe we both need a change in clothes. We’ll stick with your cute farm girl aesthetic and make sure you don’t burn this summer. And I’ve decided I’m gonna be Bo’s Slut.” You said confidently.


    “I’m gonna make your brother question everything he knows about himself. Hell the clothes might be uncomfortable but it couldn’t hurt to show a little skin I guess. I’ll make it a game to see how long before he cracks.”

    Lola laughed, excited to watch you torture her poor brother, not that the damn didn’t deserve it. You grabbed her hand in yours and started dragging her inside down to the basement. She gave you a look of confusion.

    “Well we gotta warn Vinnie, poor man’s gonna have a heart attack when his little sister starts bringing in all the boys. He’s gonna have to fight them off, literally. Besides Vinnie’s already seen me with my clothes off before, so he won’t be too surprised by my scheme.” You stated nonchalantly.

    “He what?” Lola stopped in her tracks.

    “What? I modelled for him a few times. It’s not that weird, stop making it weird.” You glared at Lola.

    “Oh Vinnie!” You sang into the air.

    Vincent turned around, slightly startled by your sudden appearance.

    “Just came to tell you Lo and I are going shopping. Want us to pick you up anything while we’re out?”

    Vincent just starred blankly at the two of you, knowing something was up, Lola may be a girl now but she wasn’t a “girly” girl and she certainly didn’t enjoy shopping.

    “Lola needs a new summer wardrobe. And I decided I wanna tease your brother.”

    At this point Vincent fully stopped what he was doing and turned his attention to you.

    “He’s never seen me without my layers. Figured I’d slowly shed them off throughout the summer and see how long it takes him to comment. Don’t worry I’ll go back to stealing your sweaters when fall comes back around. So don’t go panicking and thinking I’m sick or something, I’m doing this purely for my own amusement”

    “That’s a dangerous game.” Vincent signed.

    “Well what a relief, I like danger!” You smirked.

    With that you turned on your heal and ran up the stairs, eager to start your summer fun! No of course there were things the Sinclair’s didn’t know about you. You weren’t hiding your body because of some teenage insecurities or some horrible disfigurement like Bo liked to tease you about. In fact you were quite fond of how you looked when no one else was around. But a succubi’s natural talent was using their bodies to get what they wanted, but unlike the rest of your kind you were more interested in the simpler things the human world had to offer. You knew full well that if your friends back home found out that you settled down in a small town devoid of people and were playing house with these humans they’d make fun of you. You didn’t really care much what they thought though, there was more to life then seducing men and using your looks to surround yourself with “fellow” bimbos, and your friendship with Lola was proof of that.

    You loved watching your favourite human grow into her skin. You didn’t need to use your physic to feast on the souls of men when her and her brothers were unknowingly doing all the work for you. Your life in Ambrose was simple, and you couldn’t have asked for anything better. But simple didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun every once and a while, and this summer you’d let the Sinclair’s see exactly what they invited into their house. You knew deep down they wouldn’t mind the real you, and if Lola was brave enough to come out as Trans down south, you’d follow in her footsteps and make her proud. Lola was your inspiration, your muse, and it was time you let her see just how much you loved and trusted her.

    An: it was about time I finally relented to my past ways and brought a supernatural element to one of my stories. I just couldn’t resist it, I mean come on imagine the looks on on their faces if they found out Demons were real 👀 priceless. I’m so glad you guys love Lola as much as I do 🥰

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  • inkyswish
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    A Cautionary Guide to Succubi Anatomy

    A single warning cannot keep you from succumbing to the temptations a Succubi employs to steal your mind. Like humans, their features and abilities encompass a broad spectrum, and common knowledge about their power is not enough to protect you. Therefore, I have embarked to catalogue my knowledge for your personal use, in hopes that it will prevent your ignorance from dooming you in an encounter with a Succubus.

    Their Eyes

    The eyes of a Succubus tend to be the first and last tool they will employ in softening your mind. Think about it. Eye contact is drilled into our heads by superiors from adolescence, and one can hardly prevent themselves from being tricked into it. A stranger introduces themselves to you and offers you a hand to shake. What do you do? You gaze into their eyes. You- you didn’t make a mistake in being polite, it’s only natural. Regardless, in a world like ours, you must always be aware of how social conventions can ensnare your will.

    Their Voice

    The myth of the siren’s song, like all myths, holds a drop of truth to it. Succubi of ages past were far bolder with their temptations, belting out enchanting tunes to lure you into the mist. Nowadays, they have learned far more about subtlety. Beware of a careless whisper drifting through a crowded bar, beckoning your ear closer. Beware of idle chatter droning on and on and on and on and on and on because um- that’s bad. However, above all else, beware closing your eyes to avoid a Succubi’s mesmerizing gaze. That’s simply an invitation for them to slip closer, their hot breath sending tingles of pleasure directly into your mind, their soft lips driving you wild as they graze your sensitive neck, the unrestricted access feeling so good as you melt for their words...

    Keep your eyes open to protect yourself.

    Below the belt

    This- this is the most dangerous weapon in a Succubi’s arsenal, because it rarely comes out first. A Succubus will only tempt you lower when you’re already feeling so needy and weak from their eyes, their voice, their power, pulling you down. But you- you must resist. In order to get a better view, you’ll need to sink to your knees, and once you’re on your knees, resistance is futile. You’ll be at an inherent disadvantage looking up, but- maybe you were always too weak to resist. Maybe this position suits you better, kneeling empty and obedient, your head pressed between the Succubi’s legs as your thoughts become theirs and you sink deeper.


    Deeper still.

    ... You didn’t stand a chance. But that’s just the way you like it, isn’t it?~

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  • ourlordandsaviorhyrsam
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    A new succubus character I’m making with my best friend! I’m in love with her design! Her name is Corvina and she is a Light Eater (homebrew) Warlock!

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  • faithsded
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    tb to halloween 🕷

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  • tenshicvtie
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago


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  • frogusfaggot
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Did some work with Lilith, took some nudes

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  • tenshicvtie
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Idk if i like this one

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  • lilybluerae
    06.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I love sex with my boyfriend but I know I'm corrupting the fuck out of him. Our first time, he was afraid to hurt me and now he wakes me up by touching my clit while his parents walk around the couch we crashed on. As much as I like to think he does it all for me, there's something in his tone when he's trying to make me tap out from overstimulation that tells me otherwise

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  • karbonopsina
    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Threatening for sure

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