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  • I feel like if succubi were a race they’d have to deal with sexual harassment a lot and they’d be a magnet for people that want to cheat on their spouse. They’d probably be more likely to be blamed if they were raped.

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    A cute drawing I made a few days ago to start of inktober I don’t think I’m motivated to continue tho please follow my Instagram @ .xfreshly_baked_catbreadx.

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  • To Resist Temptation pt.2

    (Priest! Hawks x Succubus Reader)

    (Like I said in my previous post, this fic has religious themes and is pretty blasphemous. If you don’t like that, please avoid! Inspired in part by Yagami Yato’s Incubus Hawks! Audio)

    Keigo snatched you out of the confessional booth, and pulled you into a crushing embrace. His hands roamed your waist and settled on the small of your back as he pressed his lips against yours.

    “Mmm!” You hummed in surprise

    The young priest took that opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth.

    He was radiating lust.

    When he pulled away from you, a string of saliva connected your lips to one another. His golden eyes bored into yours.

    “Are you ready to repent for your sins?” He asked in a harsh whisper.

    “Yes, father.” You raked your fingers through the soft blonde hair at the nape of his neck, relishing the spike of pleasure it seemed to incite in him.

    “Do you want to walk in the light of God?”


    “Yes what?”

    “Yes father.”

    He quirked a thick brow expectantly.

    “Yes daddy.“

    He moaned, hoisting you up and wrapping your soft thighs around his waist.

    “I’ll show you what God looks like. How good his salvation feels through me.” He groaned against your jaw, grinding against you.

    You sighed as his cool lips ghosted your neck.

    “Then show me, God.”

    With that, you effectively broke Keigo’s last thread of restraint.

    He walked you to the door of the room and locked it, slamming your back against it. His breath came out ragged and shaky as he dug his teeth into your neck.

    “Show me,” he mumbled against your flushed skin, “show me how badly you want God’s forgiveness. His mercy.”

    He lowered you to your feet, coaxing you on your knees in front of his erection.

    “Yes God.” You replied.

    Body shivering with excitement, your nimble fingers worked Keigo’s dick out of his trousers.

    It was so yummy looking. Thick and veiny and dripping with pre. You started from the bottom, slurping his sack into your mouth and juggling it around with your hot tongue.

    Keigo groaned.

    You slid the muscle along the underside of his dick, before swirling it along the head.

    “That’s it,” he encouraged you, placing a hand on the back of your head. “Submit to me.”

    You moaned on his dick. Your sex clenched with need.

    “Oh, you like that do you?” Keigo chuckled at your response. “You really are a whore aren’t you? I saw it on you when you came in. Ah!”

    Your soft hands twisted along his thick shaft in tandem with you hot, slurping mouth.

    “You like that, hm? Hearing the truth from God’s lips? Ohhh, shhhit.”

    He knees were buckling now. The ecstasy your mouth was providing him had his legs shaking. He clenched your head harder, rocking his hips into the inviting heat.

    “Come on,” he stammered, “sh-show me how much you want this. Make me come.”

    You gripped his balls adding more stimulation, loving the juxtaposition of the smooth skin on his hard manhood and the way it flexed in your mouth. The taste of him on your tongue and the burn in your pussy. He was reaching that climax. You could feel it, and it excited you.

    With a loud curse, the priest came in your mouth, hard. Hot cum slid down your tongue.

    His head was thrown back in his ecstasy. You gazed up at him. He was truly one of the most beautiful humans you had ever seen. Beauty was nothing novel amongst incubi and succubus, but full mortals? Well, it was a different story.

    Finally, he looked down at you.

    “What do we say, when we receive a gift, whore?”

    “Thank you.” You replied, obediently. “Thank you God.”

    Just the sight of you on your knees like that, calling him your God, had him stirring again.

    “Such a good and obedient little jezebel. Why don’t you recite a prayer for me, Jezebel?”

    “What…what would you have me recite, daddy?”

    “Revelation 2:20 and Kings 21:23. A whore like you should be familiar with that one.”

    Your mouth dropped into a surprised “O” as you racked your brain for the passages.

    “But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman, Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and…and…”

    Keigo’s face melted into something like condescension and adoration. He smiled as he gripped your jaw.

    “Come now, Jezebel, you have to know the scriptures written about women like you. Or do you need me to teach you?”

    “I need you to teach me, daddy.”

    Fuck.” He knelt down with you, laying you on your back against the rough, carpet of the floor. “Such a temptress.”

    He spread your legs and gazed at the juices coating your sex with a lick of his lips.

    “Not even wearing panties.” He was back at attention now, and poising his cock head at your gripping entrance. “You really are a dirty, temptress aren’t you?”

    When he dove into you it sent that fire burning in your core whooshing throughout your entire being.

    “Oh, GOD!” You cried out, back arching.

    The same smothering, all encompassing heat wrapped around Keigo as well. It stunned him; rendering him immobile for nearly a minute. Your pussy hugged him like nothing he had ever felt. The world slipped away. There was only the intense heat and velvety grip of your cunt.

    This was beyond pleasure. This was euphoric.

    “God?” Your lips trembled. “Won’t you fuck me?”


    Finally, mercifully, he began to pump into you, drawing out loud moans from you. The most beautiful sound Keigo had ever heard.

    “F-fuccck, Jezebel,” He managed to grunt between his thrusts. “You feel so good. It’s unreal. it’s unnatural.”

    Your pussy creamed and convulsed around him. It was as if every pump, every thrust, every squeeze translated itself into electricity that coursed through you both. It sent your senses on end.

    He held one of your legs up above your head as he lowered himself chest to chest with your body, keeping his intense gaze on you the whole while.

    “That woman, Jezebel, ahhh-who calls herself a prophetess, fuckkk, and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.” Keigo recited, golden locks tickling your face and his eyes boring into yours. “Say it back to me.”

    You tried your hardest to as he picked up the pace. He pummeled into your coaxing walls with such force that your tits bounced. He urged you to continue as his lips wrapped around the hard, sensitive nipples and sent tickles of pleasure zipping through your body. His fat dick delivered sweet, harsh pressure against your cervix.

    You clawed at his flexing back.

    “Oh God, fuck yes, fuck yes, fucckkk!” You cried out.

    “Beg me, Jezebel,” Keigo hissed in your ear. “Beg for your salvation. Beg your god.”

    “May I, aha! May I come, God? Please? Please, please, please? I wanna cum.”

    In reality, you were cumming. Over and over and over again. Keigo felt it too. The familiar creaming and squeezing of his cock. However, he was purposely stuttering his rhythm. Denying you that final earth shattering orgasm.

    “Is that the best you can do? Hmm, slut? For the way you came in and made me stray? The way you tempted me?” He wrapped a large hand around your throat, choking off your air supply.

    His amber eyes hovered in your vision. Your eyes rolled from the pleasure. The way it hurt so good.

    “You made a holy man stray, you made me sin, whore.” He spat, his rough voice was growing manic as were his thrusts. “So beg. Beg for your salvation. Succubus slut.”

    You sobbed. It felt too good. It wasn’t enough. You needed that final release. You burned for it.

    So you detached your bloodied nails from the priests muscular back and gripped his golden hair. You clenched your soft thighs around his sides. You tapped into your power, other hand squeezing the back of his neck. Your sharp teeth latched on to his earlobe.

    “God,” you whimpered, “pleasssse give me your salvation. Let me submit to you fully. Mind, body, and soul.”

    That was it. The priest’s humanity slipped entirely. His trim hips snapped forward, thick dick beating your sopping, gripping sex to a pulp. He was snarling and grunting.

    And if you could think straight, you could almost find the sight beautiful.

    This beautiful human turning into a feral sex crazed beast right before your eyes.

    The orgasm, when it hit, was transcendent. Like Nothing you had ever felt before and certainly nothing Keigo had ever felt.

    It sent you both spiraling. First up, then down and back again. Your cunt held his throbbing dick in place. Taking him on the full body ride. The two of you ricocheted in that bliss for what felt like hours until, finally, you both settled.

    Keigo collapsed against you. His lips against your ear, you could hear his erratic breathing. His body convulsing against you as it tried to handle the pleasure it had just been assaulted with.

    “Y-y-you,” he stuttered trying to find his voice. “What d-did you do t-t-to m-me?”

    Stroking his hair, you hummed back. “Nothing father. Nothing you didn’t want.”



    (Art by: @kadeart)

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  • To Resist Temptation pt. 1

    (THIS FIC IS RIDDLED WITH BLASPHEMY!! I, myself, am not religious (actually an atheist) but this idea has been on my mind for a while. It is never my intention to mock or disrespect anyone’s personal beliefs. With that said, if you are a person of faith this fic may not appeal to you. It’s not to be taken as a serious representation of the faith it portrays! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDDDD!!!!)

    (Trigger warnings: religious themes, succubus, authority kink, degradation, god complex/kink)


    (Art by: @kadeart )

    You chanted your prayers of protection under your breath quietly.

    Every nervous thud of your heart seemed to pound in your ears as you ascended the steps to the large white brick chapel.

    “Keep yourself safe. Seek salvation, and temptation won’t overtake you.”

    The temptation won’t overtake me.

    The mantra echoed in your mind over and over.

    You smoothed your dress, hoping you looked appropriate. The clingy Sunday sundress fell just above your knees and didn’t expose too much of your cleavage. Of course it was impossible for you not to look tempting. Even just a bit. It was in the switch of your hips. The gleam in your eyes. The natural scent you gave off. It was, quite literally, in your blood. Not that any of this was your choice…

    You shook the thoughts away, opened the heavy door of the church, and slipped inside.

    “To walk without God is to wander without a true purpose.”

    The congregation responded accordingly with hums of approval and agreement. Keigo continued.

    “To stray from god’s path is to—“

    His amber eyes fell on the late comer. A woman who stood out against the mostly somberly dressed masses in her pastel church dress. She kept her head ducked as she found a seat in the front row. Once she faced him, a soft content smile settled on her beautiful face.

    Oh…she was stunning…

    Soft, smooth looking skin, eyes that smoldered, lush lips, hard nipple-

    What? No. Not here. Not now.

    Everybody was watching him. Waiting. Keigo hadn’t even realize that he’d stalled for so long. Reluctantly he dragged his gaze away from the beautiful new comer and continued his sermon.

    “T-to stray from God’s path, is to invite unrest into your soul.”


    Keigo enjoyed these times best. The dark, contemplative silence of the confession booth. Just a holy man and God. The times between members coming to make their confessions felt peaceful and sacred.

    He liked to stay behind a couple hours after service and a couple hours beforehand for his congregation. But it was just as much for himself as it was for them.

    He rested against the wooden back, eyes closed in an almost meditative manner. Although his mind was far from clear. His thoughts kept wandering back to the mystery member who had slipped in late and gazed at him so enraptured. How her lips remained parted slightly, and everytime she crossed and uncrossed her legs, the hem of her dress rose a little more…

    He shook his head mussing his tousled blonde hair even more. Those thoughts weren’t appropriate for a holy man. A man in such a sacred place. He couldn’t allow his mind to wander to such places.

    The scuffling of someone entering the booth roused Keigo out of his thoughts.


    He held back a chuckle.


    “Oh! Uh, yes, hi! I’m sorry father I’ve never done this before.”

    The disembodied female voice stammered nervously. Keigo squinted as he tried and failed to place the voice, and then he realized; it was you.

    “Th-this is my first confession, and I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me?”

    “O-of course,” he stammered back. He coached you through what to say, biting back a moan when you said: “Bless me father, for I have sinned.”

    He pressed a hand to his stirring member. Sensing your hesitation. Your innocence despite the wicked beauty you possessed. How cute. How naive.

    “This is a safe place, you can tell me what is troubling you.”

    “Well…I have these urges..”

    “What sort of urges?”

    “It’s like…this hunger,” you replied, voice taking on a slight rasp that shot straight to the handsome priests dick. “I want,” your voice dropped into a soft whisper, “I want sex all the time. Day and night. Sometimes I see strangers and I want to give myself to them right then and there.”

    Oh god…

    Keigo’s mind was reeling from the salacious words dripping from your pretty mouth. He had known it. He knew someone that angelically beautiful couldn’t truly be innocent. It wasn’t natural. The magnetism you possessed in your swaying hips and the way it juxtaposed your soft expressions.


    Keigo coughed. “Um, yes. Go on,” he urged, “what do you envision yourself doing with these strangers?”

    “Anything that could make them cum. The most depraved things. It’s as if I can see what people most desire sexually and it-it frightens me.”

    You are a holy man, Keigo. A good man of faith.

    The young priest told himself as his hard on strained.

    “Father, what should I do? I don’t want to give in to the temptation. I don’t want to be corrupted or currupt others.”

    “You must remember, that temptation is not sin itself.“ he replied.

    Be strong. Don’t give in to temptation. He stroked his painful erection gently. This woman needs you. This poor lost soul…

    “You still have a chance to turn away from temptation and turn to Jesus as your answer.”

    “How though, father? When temptation is all around me. Even today I—“

    His throat went dry.

    “Today?” He pressed. “What do you mean today?”

    “It’s shameful, father.” You replied rubbing your thighs together.

    The desire pooling between your legs massaged the lips of your womanhood, sending pleasure through out your body.

    You had chosen this new church home at random at the behest of your mother. The older you got, the stronger your succubus side became. Soon it might overtake you completely. Until you were a sex driven demon. Like your incubus father. The no good demon who had impregnated your mother.

    It was your greatest fear whenever you looked in the faces of strangers who attracted you, whether it was physically or mentally. That you would infect them with your own curse and bear more cursed children.

    But it was also so achingly tempting that it hurt sometimes. The toys you had bought didn’t help. The other incubus/succubus men and women you secretly convened with didn’t help.

    You knew that you needed humans. Pure, untainted humans…

    But you hadn’t expected a priest so handsome. So strong and self assured in his word. Hadn’t expected the hooded golden eyes that smoldered with intelligence and the desire of a young man who had repressed himself for so long that he ached for release. The burden of all the marriages he had severed at former churches because of his affairs with the men and women of his congregation and how it weighed heavy on his mind. Best of all, you knew he would do it all again just to feel that sweet release.

    And God, as if regular humans weren’t tempting enough, fallen holy ones were the embodiment of desire.

    “I know what you want the most, father,” you practically moaned. The honeyed cadence of your voice like a siren song to a mortal. You tried so hard to fight it, but you could no longer help it with the stench of his desire and lust filling your nose. “You want someone to run their fingers through that beautiful golden hair of yours while they lock you between their thighs. You want someone to beg you for their release. You want this so much that it frightens you too, doesn’t it? It almost aches. I could see it watching you today.

    The priest was stunned silent. Afraid that if he did dare say anything it would be to ask the stranger to tell him more. More of his sinful thoughts. More of her own sinful thoughts. More about why the urges he had successfully kept at bay for five years now had come back to the forefront of his mind at full force when he looked at her.

    Mindlessly, he pulled out his throbbing dick and rubbed the viscous spill of desire leaking from the head around the top before spreading it along the thick shaft.

    You can’t, Keigo! You shouldn’t! Remember your prayers. Your promise to god!

    Oh but what was it again? What were those prayers? The words had twisted in his mind. What was that promise to god? Something about repentance and regret?

    The thrum of pleasure that coursed through him with every stroke only made him forget those vows more.

    “I-I’m sorry father,” you continued. Your voice smothered the man’s senses like a warm blanket. So soft and inviting. Just like the rest of you. “I need your help…please.”

    A prayer. A promise. You will resist temptation.

    “I,” he choked on the words. His mind cloudy from the warring thoughts swirling about it. “I can help you. We can beat this temptation together.”

    “Thank you, father.” You sighed. “Or I believe you prefer to be called: daddy.”


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  • Love.

    To a succubus, it means nothing but to Jennifer, it was something she couldn’t lose. She had loved you since before her ‘death,’ and she wasn’t willing to let you go just because she was something else now.

    Even if that means making you just like her. 

    I’ve got the urge to make this into a full story now

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  • Succubi girls references

    While working on a story, I made references of our girls, including Tereza^^ They’re Lucifer and Lilith’s private succubi group.


    Name is Tereza. Lucifer’s favourite succubus. Has a cat-like personality, a freedom lover, but not against good company of succubi and incubi. Friends with Ariana, Sonya, Iruichi, Kira, Nataly and other demons she know.


    Name is Ariana. A succubus with calm and neutral personality. Don’t be fooled by her hairstyle, she can see. She is lesbian succubus, however she is okay to be with man (not in a sexual and romantic way). Likes sweets. A lot.


    Name is Iruichi. She is one of the demons, who got interested in human’s culture of anime and video games, like Colan and Vylixia. Mostly hangs out with Ariana.


    Name is Sonya. A lazy succubus, who walks around Hell with only her big pillow. Most of the time you can find her sleeping everywhere possible, and because of it she rarely works, except if her friends ask about it.


    Name is Kira. A strong succubus that likes to spend time at training and also around biker gangs in Hell. She is trained by Ennor. Maybe she is not as strong as Ennor, but better still not mess with her. She likes to tease Nataly sometimes.


    Name is Nataly. Very shy succubus. Always gets nervous when it’s about to go to work. And because of it gets teased by Kira, but in the end they forgive each other. She likes rabbits as she finds them cute and sometimes she can recognise herself in them.

    And that’s all for now^^ Feel free to ask any questions if you have about them^^

    Tereza, Ariana, Iruichi, Sonya, Kira and Nataly belong to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

    Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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  • ⚠️TW:slight horror under the cut⚠️ 

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