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    [This is a really adorable QNA]

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    #— mailbox. #sender: sugas-psycho.
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    “Suga is a Pabo who knows nothing but music...”

    Y’all think they are still holding hands after that?

    #who hurt you Taehyung? .. just why???

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    BTS reaction when they are jealous  (Hyung Line)

    Author’s Note: I often read a lot of reaction based fics and realize that perhaps my take on it is a little different. So here it goes. Do tell me if you like it or agree or just anything. Also, I am new to this so excuse me for any mistakes. Thanksss

    Warnings: None

    Seokjin or Jin

    He watched from far as a man in his 20s approached you from behind as you finished the call you had excused yourself to attend. Judging from your reaction, he concluded that you knew the guy. Even though he couldn’t hear a word, your comfortable laugh, the way you slightly hit his shoulder while talking and mimicked his body language, Jin felt a weird irk inside him.

    Don’t misunderstand, Kim Seokjin was very confident about himself but there was a part of him that often wondered if he was enough. He might be handsome but there were more handsome people around. He was not the smartest or the most athletic and he came with a load of baggage. So much that he couldn’t cross the room to where you were standing and openly declare that you were his gorgeous and brilliant girlfriend.

    His thoughts were intruded by the chime of his phone. 

    “You okay?”, your text read and he looked up to spot you a few tables away. The young stranger gone now and your eyes only on him. 

    “No. I am Jin”, he replied in his usual manner, trying to hide the truth, cracking the worst joke ever in the process and wincing at himself as soon as he sent it.

    He watched as you laughed unabashedly as soon as you saw the screen, your eyes glistening and he realized that this laugh was just for him. 

    “You must be really in love with me if you laughed at that”, he sent and watched as you read and suddenly the same look overtook your face that he had seen on himself so many times when he was with you. 

    He only took his eyes off you when his phone chimed again.

    “Of course. Who else would ever compare?”

    Yoongi or Suga

    This was getting annoying for him. Yoongi would call himself a pretty calm person especially after the ten years of life as an artist had made him immune to almost everything happening around him. But this was getting on his nerves. 

    You had walked into HYBE tonight and after just being at Genius Lab for a few minutes, you had asked about Do-Yan and went to seek him as soon as Yoongi told you that he must be in PDogg’s studio. Had it been a one time occurrence, Yoongi wouldn’t even have cared enough to think much into it but after this becoming a routine, he was over it. 

    Do-Yan was a talented young producer who was contracted for TXT’s new album. You were heavily involved in the A&R activities of BigHit Music and were actually the person who had discovered Do-Yan. In your perspective, he could be a great asset and while he was just here on a temporary basis, you wished to persuade him to sign him as a BigHit producer permanently. PDogg had agreed with you and now you both were on the task of convincing him to stay. 

    Unaware of this all, Yoongi decided to do something about the situation. As he typed the messages to the management team, he knew that this was very petty of him but he was beyond the point of caring right now. 

    The next time you asked him about Do-Yan, Yoongi did not look up from his computer as he said, “He has been moved”. 

    “What?”, you were shocked to say the least. “Moved? What do you mean moved?”

    “He will be working with Bang PD directly now so he will be in the other building.”

    “So, he signed the contract?”

    Now Yoongi was getting agitated, “Why do you care so much?”, he had turned his seat around and was now only focusing on you. His tone was still calm but inside he was screaming.

    Oblivious to the storm inside him you said, “Why wouldn’t I? He must have else he would not have said yes to that since...”, Yoongi was not even listening anymore. 

    “He did. I talked to the management myself and got him to say yes”, Yoongi said. His voice low and his back now turned to you. “You can move there as well if you want to see him and care about him so much”.

    “You...but you didn’t know”, suddenly all the pieces fell into place in your mind and you scolded yourself mentally for not noticing it yourself. 

    “Yoongi”, you called out to him softly as you moved closer to his chair. “Jagiya”, you called again as you kneeled beside his chair, taking his hand lightly in yours. 

    “I just wanted him to join the company so I was spending most of my time on that. I am sorry that I did not clear it to you. I’ll make up for all the lost time now that you’ve got it done”. 

    Yoongi couldn’t even remember what he was angry about as you placed yourself on his lap, pulling him close to leave a gentle kiss on his lips. 

    After a while your phone rang and you announced that you had to go for a meeting. As you inched closer to the door, you remembered something and without even turning around you said:

    “I can’t believe you got him moved”

    You closed the door behind you but not before hearing his low chuckle.

    Hoseok or J-Hope or Hobi 

    “I think Yeonjun and I should perform on something more sexy?”, you said with your eyes fixated on his face waiting for a reaction.

    His eyebrows furrowed and then as if thinking about it, he immediately turned to you, nodding, “Yes, I think it will work great with both of your stage personalities”.

    You were surprised. This was not the answer that you were expecting. You had hoped that he would get jealous like all those TikTok boyfriends. 

    But you were not going to be dejected so easily. 

    “Why don’t you help with the choreography?”, you suggested, a plan already forming in your head. 

    “Y/N, I would have been offended had you not asked me”, he said as he showed off his gorgeous smile.

    After a few days when you three started working on the performance, you tried to make Hobi jealous. You would suggest even more suggestive moves but he would just think about them and excitedly agree to them or politely decline saying how it does not fit with the steps. 

    He would watch as you danced, concentrated and focused, but unwavering. 

    After weeks of this charade, you grew tired and when Yeonjun excused himself to leave for a music show you exasperatedly sighed in front of Hobi who was monitoring the recently shot dance practice video of yours. 

    “I don’t think you even care about me”.

    “Huh?!”, Hobi was bewildered. “What?!”

    “Yeah, you don’t care if I go throw myself in someone else’s arms”, your voice was loud in the empty dance studio. You lowered it again, “you don’t care”.

    “Y/N”, Hobi was now closer to you, looking straight into your eyes. “I care. I care a lot. I care that this performance is amazing because this is a great opportunity for you. I care that your steps show exactly how good of a dancer you are. I care and that is why I would never let anybody else do it instead of me”. 

    You were surprised. This was not what you were looking for but it was a pleasant difference. 

    “And I would care if it was not a performance. I would, I do care if anyone even looks at you in the wrong way but I would never take it out on you. I want you to be able to perform without worrying what I would take it as. I want you to be loved by everyone in the audience”. 

    His arms slowly snaked around your waist and under your sweatshirt, “just not the way that I do”.

    Namjoon or RM

    Namjoon had watched you the entire night, his eyes refusing to leave your figure as you rushed around the venue making sure everything was perfect. 

    It was the last concert of the tour and you as the tour manager were adamant on making it memorable and smooth. Double-checking everything, you finally allowed yourself a moment of peace as you saw your boyfriend rehearse his performance for Trivia:  Love. 

    Namjoon locked eyes with you, smiling and rapping his lines as if talking to you. Suddenly, you felt the weight of something on your shoulders and you looked away from the stage realizing that it was your assistant, Alan, who had just covered you with his jacket. You smiled gratefully as he extended a hand holding your coffee. 

    “You should rest for a while before we meet back for sound check”, he suggested and you looked at your watch to see that he was right. Tonight was going to be hectic and a power nap was definitely needed.

    You had not even realized that the stage was now empty and the leader was standing right by your side. His eyes were not on you, but on the man now sitting beside you, glancing at his jacket on your shoulders. 

    Shrugging the jacket off, you asked, “Are you done? Any issues?”. 

    Not answering your question, Namjoon kept staring at Alan and you felt bad for the poor guy. You asked again and this time Namjoon’s lips turned into a smile, “None, jagiya”. Jagiya?! 

    Now you were the one staring daggers at him but he did not waver. Instead, with the same smile plastered on his lips, he took off his jacket and placed it on your shoulders, pulling the zipper closer together as he made his way to where Alan was sitting. Alan immediately got up, excusing himself and vacating the seat that now your boyfriend occupied, his hand reaching across your shoulder to pull you into him. 

    You resisted. 

    “ ‘Jagiya’. Really?! Really, Namjoon?”

    He just smiled at that, genuinely this time. “Come on, you know I lose all calm when it comes to you”.

    “Calm and senses, both”, you murmured as he laughed and pulled you closer and you let him, closing your eyes and resting before work would call you again.

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    bts; weverse magazine

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    SFW // Cursing // Fluff // Coffee Shop AU // Strangers to Lovers // Idol!Yoongi x Y/N // 𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝒀𝒐𝒖  // 𝟏,𝟏𝟐𝟓

    You are walking down the street to meet up with one of your best friends, Jessi. The two of you are taking a much-needed girls’ day out on the town before Jessi leaves for tour. Your phone goes off and you check the screen, seeing that Jessi texted you. Opening the text, you read over it as you walk. Jessi is running a little late and she told you not to talk to strangers. You roll your eyes at the message. You love Jessi, but she tends to treat you like a little kid because she’s older than you. Shoving your phone into your back pocket, you reach the coffee shop and pull the door open before you walk in. There are four people in line before you and take the moment to scan the area around you.

    You have never been to this coffee shop, it’s very inviting and warm, yet seems to cater to the higher end of the pay bracket. You look over the menu and grumble under your breath, “Stupid hoe. What is everything made from gold?” This coffee just better keep you awake all day for the money you’re about to spend. The line moves forward, and you take the spot of the person in front of you. Warm cedar and spearmint tickle your nose, the stranger in front of you smells amazing. You wonder what cologne they are wearing. You stare at the stranger’s back, from the build you can tell that it’s a male, he’s wearing a black hoodie, a black snap back and dark wash baggie jeans.

    As if he feels your eyes on him, the stranger reaches up to scratch the back of his neck and your eyes instantly lock in on the large blue and silver ring that hugs his ring finger. It’s unique and you wish you had it. You phone rings in your back pocket making you jump, and you quickly answer it.

    “Hey, I’m at the coffee shop. Are you close by? Why is this place so expensive?”

    “Yah, I’m stuck in traffic. Can you order my drink so we can just head out when I get there?”

    “Did you just hear...never mind.” you sigh. “Do you want iced coffee or-”

    “I’ll drink whatever you get. I’ll pay you back.”

    “Yeah, whatever. You owe me more than just coffee, Jess. I’ll see you soon.”

    You hang up the phone and notice that the line has moved once again and it’s almost your turn to order. The man in front of you moves forward to place his order and you feel your heart skip a beat when he starts to speak. Damn…my man’s voice is hella deep. Lost in thought, you are pulled out of it when the barista clears her throat.

    “Oh! S-sorry.” You step up to the counter and go over your order in your mind quickly. “Can I have two large, iced mochas with two shots of expresso and vanilla cream?”

    “Anything else?”

    You glance over at the strawberry cake and shake your head, “No…t-that’ll be all.” You promised Jessi that you would stick to a healthier meal plan. Diabetes run heavy in your family.

    “Your name for the order?”

    “Y/N.” You pull your wallet out to pay and barista politely declines your payment.

    “The man before you paid for you.”

    “Wha?” You look around the coffee shop and spot the back of the man’s head.

    “We’ll bring it out to you.”

    You give the barista a kind smile and make your way over to the stranger’s table. Why would he pay for your drinks?

    You stand beside the strangers table and clear you throat, “Excuse me?”

    The stranger turns and looks up at you, his eyes are hidden behind a large pair of black sunglasses and a black mask is pulled down around his chin.

    “I don’t mean to be rude but-”

    “You’re welcome.”

    His voice cuts you off and you blink in surprise. The stranger ignores you and goes back to playing whatever game on his phone. You purse your lips and nod your head not sure if you want to curse him out or not. Grabbing the chair at the stranger’s table you pull it out and sit directly across from him. The stranger looks up from his game and you notice the small frown on his face.

    “I’m Y/N…t-thanks for paying for my drinks.” You offer the stranger your hand and he slowly reaches out to grab it. When his hand touches yours, you feel your insides melt. Why is his hand so warm and safe? The cold metal of his ring almost burns your skin, but in a pleasant way. “I-I like your ring. It’s um, it’s really pretty…” You give the stranger a small smile and he stares at you silently. “Um-” You scratch the back of your neck and thankfully your drinks come making the stranger let go of your hand. The barista sets a plate down in front of you and your eyes widen when you see a small slice of strawberry cake.

    You glance at the stranger who is once again playing his game, but you notice a little smirk pulling at his lips. “Thank you.” You pick up your fork and eat silently, the stranger pays you no mind and it feels comfortable. From time to time the stranger takes sips of his iced coffee, but other than that he stays focused on his game.

    “Y/N?” You look up from your empty plate and notice Jessi standing a few feet behind the stranger.

    “Jessi!” You smile wide at your friend at grab your drinks. You give the stranger a small bow as you stand to leave, “T-thanks again for all of this. And sorry for bothering you…?”

    The stranger sets his phone down and turns his attention to you. “Yoongi.”

    “Yoongi…” The smile on your lips spreads wider as the stranger tells you, his name. “Bye!” You hurry over to Jessi, who is waiting for you and Yoongi watches you leave.

    “Why is wrong with you? Didn’t I say not to talk to anyone?”

    “What? He paid for our drinks…and I liked his ring.”

    Jessi rolls his eyes at your statement and throws her arm around your shoulders, “I swear I really should change your name in my phone to Trash Panda.”

    “Trash Panda?!” You push Jessi away from you as she laughs, and you can’t help but laugh too. “I wouldn’t be mad at the raccoon emoji.”

    Jessi sucks her teeth and comes back to your side, “You are so freaking weird sometimes, Y/N.”

    “But you still love me!” You bat your eye lashes and Jessi laces her fingers with yours as the two of you walk down the street.

    “Bitch, I guess.”

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    bts; weverse magazine

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    Rating kpop fandoms pt. 3


    - powerful


    - always ready to be in 'must protect at all costs' mode

    - dumb tho

    - like why are we always in fanwars (??)

    We could just be the cool senior fans. Who don't react to fanwars, because why would we... Our boys are the most successful /biggest group in the world

    - run bts is relaxation

    - VLIVES make you happy


    - made a lot of people stop being kpop/bts fans


    - the right armys support each other SO much

    - A LOT of people are scared/have respect of ARMY

    - creative

    - many delulus

    - uncontrollable except if your name is bts

    - watched bts grow

    - are tried to be used for clout to get likes and fame by random creators acting like they like bangtan

    - make bts happy

    - in the end army just tries to support/protect BTS

    - big variety of fans

    7/10 bts are my ults but I just think it's sad that so many ppl stopped finding joy in kpop just bcs of army. And also that there are so many armys who act without thinking is unfortunate.

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    December 2021

    Requests for Xmas/Holiday themed fics so far - Will be released sometime in December

    Smut - 🥵 Angst - ☠️ Fluff - 💗

    Seokjin - Hanukkah away from home, you spend your first Hanukkah in Korea away from the usual festivities at home.💗(alluding to 🥵)

    Jimin - Office/Charity party you attended with your boss as his secretary/date. The big bad CEO can’t help stumbling over himself around Y/N.🥵💗

    Taehyung - Last minute shopping and decorating when the idol comes home unexpectedly for Christmas.🥵💗

    Jimin - After some last minute shopping with your friend, you get snowed in at his place 💗

    Taehyung - Getting caught up with a childhood friend leads to getting caught up in more when you get stuck inside for the long haul🥵💗☠️

    Namjoon - Hotshot Joonie returns to his small home town and is in for a culture shock  🥵

    Jungkook - You force JK to come along to a family party, to be your boyfriend for a few hours. Unfortunately you get a little stuck and end up having to stay in your childhood bedroom together until you can escape. 🥵💗

    Submit your own request here

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    no because why would someone ask the biggest boyband in the world to come to their birthday party (also seokjins answer is gold 😭)

    #THE FACT THAT ITS THE MOST SEARCHED TOO WHY #no im not laughing over jimins laugh at the end #bts#bangtan#bangtan sonyeondan#bangtan boys#bantansonyeondan#seokjin#namjoon#jungkook#taehyung#yoongi#hobi#jimin#rm#suga#jhope#hoseok#jin
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    Y’all are such weirdos for shipping BTS

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    © 마포병아리감별사

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    BTS as past and present members of KISS

    If I had a nickel for every time I was in a fandom called “ARMY” I’d have 10 cents, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. This is not a definitive personality guide to members of KISS or BTS. This is the result of odd fever dreams where the two meet (and Gene Simmons apologizes for the whiny tweets), and my analysis of pairs I find similar. If you’re in the same two fandoms, let me know if I matched any of your favorites together.

    Kim Namjoon as Paul Stanley- intelligent, romantic, personable

    I know that is is perhaps the most foreseeable pairing I could have made, but it fits too well not to. Both Namjoon and Paul are natural leaders. From what I’ve seen in interviews from either of them, both hold a shy streak that appears when a mask is taken off. All original KISS members have noted that they felt very powerless without their makeup, and Namjoon looks and feels more confident when he is RM. Namjoon and Paul are both very intelligent, as well. Namjoon is often presented as traditionally intelligent, while I find Paul is more emotionally intelligent and good at reading people. Despite this, both Namjoon and Paul are romantic figures. These two are the most likely to go on a picnic next to a river, a leisure bike ride around town, or a stroll through a museum. They both often write songs about love, what it means to be loved, and how heartbreak can devastate. Overall, Namjoon and Paul both share a romantic world view and a knack for leading.

    Kim Seokjin as Tommy Thayer- dependable, chivalrous, generous

    Talk about underappreciated. Tommy joined KISS as an official member in the early 2000′s after doing loads of background work for them (tour manager, documentary creation, background guitar, etc). He is, on record, the most dependable guitarist they’ve ever had. The same can be said for Seokjin, who does so much in the background to keep BTS going. In terms of relationships with other members, they’re both the member that the leader falls back on. In the KISSteria documentary, Paul mentions that he leans on Tommy to make decisions when he and Gene are lost. Namjoon mentions the same of Seokjin, citing his position as the oldest member as helpful. When I think of members most likely to secretly be royalty, these two spring to mind. They’re both extremely mindful of their manners. Seokjin and Tommy also both frequently donate to charity, showing a large amount of generosity. They both also have a “looks way younger than they are” motif going on, as neither of them look their age.

    Min Yoongi as Gene Simmons- innovative, contrasting, dark

    As Suga and The Demon, both Yoongi and Gene are extremely intimidating. A dark, looming presence on stage that dominates any other energy to be found. These two are extremely innovative and original, especially in their songwriting and producing careers. When Yoongi produces songs (for BTS or for other artists), the songs are almost guaranteed to become a hit. We see the same with Gene producing albums as well. Most KISS albums are extremely popular, and the songs that he produced for bands like Black ‘n Blue were also well received. These two also have a contrasted “soft side”. Yoongi is very soft and kind when not on stage or acting as his public persona. Gene is the same, being very shy when he was younger, and being very soft towards his children and wife. In general, both are also the right-hand man to their leader.

    Jung Hoseok as Eric Singer- outgoing, confident, passionate

    When I think of the member most likely to take charge during an awkward interview, I think Hoseok and Eric. They both are outgoing and friendly, and are most likely to be talking. As lead dancer, Hoseok takes charge of the beat in a lot of BTS choreography, while Eric takes charge of beat in all KISS songs as the drummer. This generates a feeling of certainty and direction within both groups. There’s a lot of confidence within Hoseok and Eric, being a major force in the groups direction. There’s so much passion here, too. Hoseok has danced his whole life, and Eric played with many bands before KISS. They share an intense love for what they do, with neither backing down. Another interesting comparison can be found with their companion member, Hoseok usually being shown as closest to Yoongi, and many KISS fans noting Eric’s friendship with Gene.

    Park Jimin as Vinnie Vincent- ethereal, deceitful, flirty

    I may get anon hate for this one. Both Jimin and Vinnie were made to be in the spotlight. They both look like angels, as well. The two are often popular among younger fans, as they are the least threatening looking. This is contrasting to their talents, however. Jimin’s dancing is very sensual, contrasting his “good boy” appearance, while Vinnie’s guitar playing is powerful and entrancing. The looks do not match the attitude. Behind the looks, Jimin and Vinnie are sinful. The flirty member who can’t turn down a good time. They both have the party boy aura about them, and are often portrayed as sleazy man-whores in either fan fiction or video edits. I can see this leading Jimin down the same road as Vinnie, however, getting caught up in the attention and praise, and demanding more.

    Kim Taehyung as Ace Frehley- mysterious, other-worldly, open

    The defacto “aliens” of the group. Both have since outgrown these motifs, but the comparison of spacey personalities still holds. There’s a lot of legend around Ace and Taehyung. You often hear tales of them either being sweethearts or total divas. It’s hard to know the truth about them, especially when they have public personas to hold up. Both Taehyung and Ace are one of the most popular members in their group, and I see this as making them both vulnerable to becoming divas. They both hold a supernatural air about them, and are the mood-makers during interviews (KISS fans... you know the interview). These two are also incredibly open. Ace has never had an issue with sharing his feelings (think his feelings on being “replaced“), and we see the same from Taehyung, who tweets often about his escapades with his friends and his family.

    Jeon Jungkook as Eric Carr- innocent, helpful, engaging

    Members who are the “sweet cinnamon rolls” of the group. Jungkook and Eric share the same doe-eye innocence. From Jungkook, who fights his band-mates for a pack of chips, to Eric, who mooned the camera from his hospital bed. They’re both fairly childlike and would do anything to see a fan smile. I can see Jungkook doing what Eric did during his early days of KISS, responding to every fan letter and calling numbers left in his mailbox. Jungkook is eager to help, and I think we see that in Mr. Foxy Eric as well. When KISS put out the ad looking for a drummer, Eric was quick to apply. I think it’s also willing to note that both of them stayed in their respective bands out of love for the other members. Eric was a fan of KISS before joining, and Jungkook stayed after meeting Namjoon, someone who would quickly become his role model. Overall, Eric and Jungkook are the softies of the group. Both are also fairly popular amongst their respective fandoms.

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    #bts #i purple you #Suga doesn't eat sugar? #rm#v#jhope#suga#jungkook#jimin#jin #we are bts #bantansonyeondan#Youtube
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