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  • preferablyjagged
    16.01.2020 - 1 year ago


    I’m sitting here with a low blood sugar ripping open pack after pack of fruit snacks and i'm thinking to myself that i feel quite like a philosophy question at the moment. A starving man sits with a table of food at his ready, does he stop to consider how much would be wise to eat and consume the appropriate amount or does he eat the table because the feeling of hunger consumes him and he becomes quite sick after. Now bring this man to the point of starvation again and again and present the table of food to him again and again and present the question to him again and again. Which does he choose the second time? The third? The 20th? 50th? 100th? I can not help but argue that likely the first time, as well as the second third, and maybe even 10th, the man chooses to eat the whole table, believing that it is better to be safe. Now remove from his knowledge that the question is being presented. The choice is still there. But he does not know all the options. I believe he would go on much longer getting sick. Reasoning to himself that his illness was a result of the starvation, and the return to fullness. But eventually, the man experiments and eats a bit less and feels a bit better. He starts to feel safe not overconsuming, and asks himself to allow himself a period of intense despair where it feels that the hunger is too painful, that he cannot manage. I believe that diabetics face this every day, or at least I do. Do I overtreat because I know what it's like to not be able to bring a hypoglycemic episode back to normal for hours on end? Do I let the fear based instincts of sugarsugarsugar pull me back into the box? Or do I finally have the love for my future self, or maybe the patience for hurt and the tranquility of knowing that i will be ok to just sit and wait for my bg level to rise.

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  • worldscutestyorkie
    18.08.2018 - 3 years ago
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  • cutiz
    23.11.2017 - 4 years ago
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  • bookerblackburn-blog
    24.08.2016 - 5 years ago

    I would never live in the Southern colonial region because...

    The Southern colonies are the plantation colonies. The work must be tough. I can't imagine that my family and I would be treated well. Not to mention, the terrible health conditions in the south.

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