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  • Karasuno as PUBG players (3rd years)

    Azumane Asahi、Sawamura Daichi、Sugawara Kōshi


    ❀ a/n: Heyya! I actually had this idea for a while now but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it due to lack of ideas and planning.. Here are some hcs of the karasuno 3rd years as pubg players, might do the others/ another school in the future, so yeah hope you’ll enjoy it!!

    ❀ warnings: none? well it’s pubg so there are mentions of violence, guns and grenades


              *.·:·.☽✧    start    ✧☾.·:·.*

    「 Azumane Asahi 」

    •   asahi oh asahi
    •   doesn’t really know/remember what type of game pubg is until noya shows him a picture of it
    • “Ohh, that one..”
    •   the least active 3rd year among everyone else in the vbc
    •   NOT an assault gun guy so he’s definitely a sniper guy
    •   it all started when he was asked to go near an enemy or shoot using an assault gun, his whole nervous system just goes haywire
    •   boy’s hands will tremble and flinches when hearing a gun shot
    •   initially thought that pubg wasn’t for him because everyone seems to fight in an open area, but thanks to tanaka n daichi he then gets to know the role of a sniper
    •   starts asking others about sniper stuffs and begins by hiding at the rooftop
    •   always tackled down by other teams at first because he couldn’t see the rooftop door behind him
    •   so boy learns how to close the door u.u
    •   he’s the type to play it normally in any mode, like he will go around looting stuff and hides when there’s enemies nearby
    •   whenever he hears a gunshot or footsteps, he’ll quickly squat down and hide somewhere
    •   might tell his teammates to do so too
    • “GUys why aren’t you squatting???”
    • “Why should we?”
    • “There are enemies nearby!”
    • “But asahi.. They’re very far from us..”
    •   once he gets the sniper gun, he will let others know about the enemy’s location
    • “They’re hiding behind the purple wall at 150.”
    •   i feel like he’s not a grenade person, so he won’t pick up grenades AT ALL
    •   doesn’t talk much on speaker, he’ll listen what others have to say most of the time
    •   after the match is over, he’ll just leave to the lobby quickly to play the next round

    「 Sawamura Daichi 」

    •   this boy knows what pubg is but doesn’t know how fun pubg is until tanaka n noya force him to download it skjdkhg
    •   after promising tanaka and noya that he’ll download it, mans almost did a full 180 after seeing their overly excited faces
    • “Are you sure this is-”
    •   probably a moderately active player in the whole vbc
    •   but once he’s in the hooked phase, be prepared to see a tired looking daichi the next morning. It’s not like he slept too late but probably two hours or three later than his usual sleeping time
    •   AND also prepare to see him squinting his eyes in school, he’ll be squinting his eyes ‘til the point that asahi and hinata might be worried that daichi’s mad at them HAHHAA
    •   he’s an assault gun guy
    •   unlike suga he’s very cautious when it comes to it u kno? Like he crouches down and turns his camera view to see the enemy
    •   he sometimes will hide in the corner of the house upstairs where he faces the stairs, but this happens when he has to do some chores or eat/drink
    •   when he’s in a team, he goes captain mode
    •   and when his teammates throw a grenade at him for no reason.. damn it hinata
    •   be prepared to lower down your speaker
    •   he’ll give others anything that they’re missing and remembers to find something that they need
    • “Here you go.” *drops loot*
    • “Thanks daichi!”
    •   he’s on speaker to GUIDE the team, and nothing else really..
    •   okay maybe he’ll talk a bit but most of the time he’s just guiding them
    •   if the team loses, he’ll say 1 or 2 motivating sentences and the team will be hyped up again..(well depends tho)
    •   and if the team wins, he’ll congratulate everyone on the team before going back to lobby to play another round

    「 Sugawara Kōshi 」

    •   suga’s life is just filled with jobs that come in naturally, for example being a mom
    •   also a moderately active player like daichi, though he wasn’t before
    •   like he used to play it once or twice in the early stages of pubg but he deleted it because he suddenly needs more phone storage
    •   can you imagine the app is in his phone for months and app’s just sitting there like x.x
    •   until one night suga receives a urgent call from daichi
    • “Koushi! Download pubg now!!”
    • “What?”
    • “We. Need. More. Players.”
    • “Fine..”
    •   so… thanks to hooked phase daichi
    •   he’s kinda clueless at first but he’s good at it after doing some research and watching some pubg vids
    •   he’s not one to get addicted until he loses sleep BUT he’s one to blur out others when he gets into the game
    • “Koushi! Can you help me in the kitchen?”
    • “Koushi!”
    • “KOuSHI!”
    • “hUH? WAIT NO MY PHONE!!”
    •   not really a sniper person cuz he gives off assaulter vibe
    •   like he WILL NOT hesitate to run out of the hiding spot if someone’s attacking a teammate nearby, like he will die for a teammate u-u
    •   that’s suga mama alright
    •   he WILL mommy the other teammates, and immediately helps when a teammate almost oofs
    •   carries around 20 bandages and 10 med kits so that he can give to his teammates when they run out of them (speaking from experience)
    •   sometimes he’s very cautious cuz most of the time he’s not skxbdj, he’ll hide behind windows and use his 4x scope to shoot the enemies
    •   HE. IS. A. MAN. OF. SPEECH.
    •   he uses his speaker to his own advantage
    •   nagging, screaming
    •   by the time the match’s over, the other teammates feel dreadful jskcjskdn
    •   if they lose the game, he’ll cheer them up and give stickers to everyone
    •   and if they win, he’ll celebrate with them and give them stickers as well
    •   has like 200 stickers from pubg rewards

               *.·:·.☽✧    end    ✧☾.·:·.*

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    Smut warning?

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  • Rainy Days with Sugawara and Kageyama

    I find that rainy days make me want to spend time with people I love, so I took that idea and ran with it.  Likes/Reblogs are appreciated! -Giz

    Sugawara Koushi

    • Suga is the king of cozy sweaters and casual cuddles, and rainy days are the perfect excuse to take advantage of this.
    • You wake up to cloudy skies, a gloomy breeze, and a weather forecast like Niagara Falls.
    • You and your boyfriend were going to run errands today, but whatever.  You’ll get to them tomorrow.
    • Unless tomorrow is rainy too.
    • Eh, you’ll get to them eventually.
    • Since you’re not going anywhere today, you and Suga take your time waking up.
    • You decide to cook a full-on brunch in your pajamas.
    • “What kind of music do you want to listen to?”
    • You trade off picking songs so it’s a strange variety of artists and genres, but it’s all music you both like.
    • There’s a lot of dancing around the kitchen using spoons as microphones and having too much fun, which is probably why it takes an hour and a half to prepare the food.
    • After enjoying the fruits of your labor, Suga convinces you to be responsible and do the dishes right away.
    • “Come on Y/N, let’s just get them done so we don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the day.”
    • “Only if you let me pick which show we binge later.”
    • Doing the dishes involves more dancing and singing and accidentally splashing soapy water everywhere.  You make nearly twice the mess but have three times the fun.
    • “Okay hun, I’ll finish up here if you want to go get cozy.”
    • “Thank you Koushi.”  You give him a kiss on the cheek before going to change into your favorite comfy clothes.
    • Your boyfriend soon joins you in the bathroom while you’re brushing your teeth.
    • He keeps trying to elbow you out of the way even though you were there first.
    • It’s his playful way of showing he’s happy you’re spending the day together, so you tolerate it
    • (Nah, you love it, but don’t tell Suga.)
    • Eventually you both settle onto your couch with enough blankets and pillows to camp out comfortably for the rest of the day.
    • “Okay Y/N, what are we watching?”
    • After a bit of negotiating, you settle on one of the many shows you watch together.
    • It’s not super plot-driven so you can chat or work on projects or just enjoy the time together while you watch.
    • You snuggle into Suga’s side and he wraps his arm around you.
    • If you get cold, he’ll throw a blanket over your laps for extra coziness.
    • It is the peak of comfort!
    • You’re both pretty full from brunch, so you skip lunch, but you do trade off getting up for snacks and coordinate pauses for bathroom breaks.
    • At some point Suga looks out the window on his way to the fridge.
    • “It looks like the rain has stopped.”
    • “Has it?”
    • “We’ve still got time to run some of our errands if you want.”
    • “No,” you groan.  “I’m too comfy.  Besides, I didn’t dress for going out.”
    • “Good, because I didn’t really want to go out either,” he chuckles.  “We still have half of this season to watch!”
    • You just heat up some leftovers for dinner so you can keep watching.
    • You’re always surprised by how tired you are after a day of blissfully doing nothing.
    • Pretty soon your eyes are drooping and you’re snuggling deeper into the couch and your boyfriend’s side.
    • You don’t remember exactly when you fell asleep, but you will have to rewatch a few episodes.
    • Eventually Suga gently wakes you up by rubbing your shoulder.
    • “Hey love, why don’t we head to bed?”
    • “But it’s so comfy here.”
    • “I bet it’s more comfy in our bed, and you’ll sleep better.”
    • He’s always right about these things.
    • You drag yourself through your evening routine before flopping into bed.
    • As soon as your boyfriend joins you, you wrap yourself around him, using his chest as a pillow.
    • He hugs you back, and he’s right; it is more comfy in bed.
    • You’re about to drift off when you notice something.
    • “It’s raining again.”
    • He pauses to listen before whispering, “It is.”
    • “If it’s still raining in the morning, can we do this again tomorrow?”
    • “Sure, love.  Now get some rest.”
    • He kisses your forehead sleepily as you yawn.
    • “Goodnight Koushi.  I love you.”
    • “I love you, too, Y/N.”
    • You both drift off feeling cozy and safe in each other’s arms while the rain falls gently outside.

    Kageyama Tobio

    • Your boyfriend has a rare few days off and has agreed to spend them all with you.
    • Needless to say, you are very excited.
    • He’s coming over right after Adlers practice, which gives you the morning to clean and make sure the fridge is stocked with his favorite dairy beverages.
    • You’ve been looking forward to this for what feels like months (it’s actually been a week and a half) so you’ve done basically all of the preparations already.
    • You just have to grab a few things from the grocery store and you’ll be good to go!
    • Just as you’re getting home, it starts to sprinkle, and by the time you put the groceries away, it’s grown into a steady rainfall.
    • “Well that’s a bit of a bummer.”
    • The forecast indicates it’s going to rain for the rest of the day.
    • It grows a little heavier around the time Kageyama gets off practice.
    • The weather must be affecting traffic because it takes longer than usual for him to get to your place.
    • When you hear him knock, you’re fully prepared to throw yourself at him with a hug, but you abandon that plan when you open the door.
    • “Tobio!  What happened?”
    • “It’s raining.”
    • “Yes, but why are you soaked?”
    • Puddles were forming in your entryway.
    • “I needed a cooldown after practice so I ran here.”
    • “You couldn’t have used the treadmill and caught a cab like a normal person?”
    • “It would have taken too long.”
    • It was sweet that he wanted to get to you as soon as possible, but the growing puddles on your floor were distressing.
    • “Hang on, let me get you a towel.”
    • You bring one for the floor as well.
    • “Your bag is soaked.”
    • “It’ll dry.”
    • “And smell nice and musty.  Not that you smell much better right now.  Go shower.  I’ll wash your things.”
    • “Hey, wait a second.”
    • Kageyama gently catches your arm and gives you a quick kiss before you can haul away his wet things.
    • “Hi,” he breathes.
    • “Hey.”  You blush.
    • “I’m looking forward to the next few days.”
    • “Me too.  Now go shower so we can spend time together.”
    • You throw his things in the wash and decide to start cooking dinner while he cleans up.
    • You listen to the rain while you prepare the meat and chop the vegetables.
    • You’re just quietly vibing in the kitchen when Kageyama joins you, refreshed and comfy in clean clothes.
    • You haven’t officially moved in together, but he has his own toothbrush in the bathroom and a drawer in your bedroom dresser.
    • It gives you the opportunity to steal his clothes whenever you want, and right now he’s wearing one of your favorite t-shirts of his.
    • “It smells good,” he says, giving you a quick squeeze in greeting.
    • “So do you.”  You kiss his cheek.  “Want to cut up those carrots for me?”
    • You finish making dinner together.
    • His training and matches keep him pretty busy, so getting to share such domesticities with him is a real treat.  You love being with him no matter what you’re doing.
    • Even cleaning up after you’re done eating is more enjoyable with him.
    • “I was going to suggest we walk to get ice cream but it’s still raining,” you sigh.
    • “We can still go.”
    • “You’ve already gotten soaked once today.  I don’t want you to catch a cold.”
    • “So we’ll take jackets and an umbrella.”
    • You let him convince you, and a few minutes later, you’re huddled together under the umbrella.
    • It’s a warm rain, and it has eased somewhat from earlier that evening.
    • The puddles reflect the setting sunlight, making everything glow in an almost magical way.
    • You slip your hand into Kageyama’s and don’t let go until he has to pull out his wallet to pay for the ice cream.
    • “So what do you want to do for the rest of the night?” he asks as you slowly walk back to your place.
    • You two pass the umbrella back and forth so you can eat some of your dessert on the way.
    • “What do you say to a movie and cuddles?”
    • “Sounds perfect.”
    • He smiles and you swear your heart flutters.
    • “Good because I rented that one movie you really wanted to see.”
    • After your ice cream, you change into pajamas and climb into bed so you can cuddle in maximum comfort while you watch the movie.
    • About halfway through the film, you notice Kageyama has fallen asleep.
    • He must have had a busy day at practice, or maybe he is coming down with a cold.
    • Either way, he needs rest.
    • You turn off the movie and the lights before snuggling up next to your boyfriend.
    • You fall asleep to the sound of his breathing and the rain gently tapping against your window.
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  • Hit it till it breaks- Part 8- Some Calls

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    Call Transcript: Tsukishima Kei & Y/N

    Tsukishima- Hey.

    Y/N- Hi, your on speaker now.

    Yamaguchi- T-tsukki? Are you feeling better yet?

    Tsukishima- Dont worry about me idiot, what happened to you? Why weren’t you returning my calls?

    Yamaguchi- Sorry, I completely forgot. *sniff* I was walking home with Hints and we got jumped by Oikawa-

    Tsukishima-Are you fucking kidding me!? Imma go beat a bitch in a sec

    Yamaguchi- No wait don’t do that! I’m ok, I promise.

    Tsukishima- *sigh* Are you sure? I don’t like seeing you hurt.

    Yamaguchi- I’m ok, I promise

    Tsukishima- Ok…I’ll be over in a few minutes to pick you up.

    Yamaguchi- Ok

    Tsukishima- See you soon, thank you Y/N for finding him.

    Y/N- Your welcome.


    Thank you for reading! To be added to the taglist, send in an ask or reply to the post ^^ -Charlotte💕

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  • Playgirl 💋 Profiles | HQ x reader

    playgirl masterlist
    Chap. 1

    a/n: i might add more profiles hehe

    taglist: @simp4tsukkii @mssyprsn

    (u can dm, comment or send an ask if u want to be added for future updates >.< )

    #ive breen wrecking my brain over this smau for so long #but i have a good sense on the direction i want to go about it now 😬😬 #HOPE YALL ENJOY #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fanfic #oikawa x reader #akaashi x reader #haikyuu imagine#sugawara #sugawara x reader #kenma x reader #kuroo x reader #daichi x reader #bokuto x reader #tsukishima x reader #haikyuu smau #hq x reader
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  • Playgirl 💋 m.list | HQ x reader


    Synopsis: Oikawa, your ex-boyfriend, hurt you badly. Resulting in a myriad of events - starting with playing everyone like how he played you.

    Genre: Social media au!


    𝟙 | 𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕪𝕜𝕒𝕨𝕒

    𝟚 | 𝕡𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙

    𝟛 |

    #playgirl masterlist #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu#haikyuu fanfic #oikawa x reader #akaashi x reader #haikyuu imagine#sugawara #sugawara x reader #kenma x reader #oikawa#haikyuu headcanon#haikyuu smau #kuroo x reader #tsukishima x reader #hq x reader #daichi x reader #bokuto x reader
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  • Pairing: Suga x Reader

    Genre: NSFW, Fluff, Smut

    Warnings: Slight breeding kink, slight lactation kink, but honestly this is pretty soft and fluffy 

    Summary: Suga has a questions he’s nervous to ask

    Suga nods and smiles politely as parents begin arriving to pick up their kids from his class, but his mind is deep in thought as he watches group after group of happy reunited families chatting and strolling away. His fingers absentmindedly play with the wedding band on his left hand as he hums wistfully. Only when the last child has left and the classroom is empty does he let go of the ring before locking up and making his way back home to you. 

    As he ambles along, he thinks fondly of how you two had met. He had been grocery shopping and reaching for a package of tofu when his hand made contact with another hand that had suddenly reached for the same product. Startled, both of you had looked at each other and laughed. Suga handed you the tofu before reaching over for another one. You were cute and if Suga was honest, he was a little lonely. When you only had male friends and had to work full-time, dating became difficult and noticing that you were alone, he had started up small talk and was pleasantly surprised by how easy you two fell into a comfortable rhythm.

    More dates took place after that and he chuckles when he remembers the first time he introduced you to Daichi and Asahi. The four of you had drunk far too much in an effort to take off the edge of grueling work weeks. None of you remember much of that night, but you all woke up the next day feeling closer despite your pounding heads and he shyly smiles when he remembers the double thumbs-up both his old teammates had given him after you all finished a hearty breakfast at a nearby diner. With the approval of his closest friends and then his family shortly after, it didn’t take long before he knelt on one knee and asked you to share the rest of your lives together.

    Reaching his doorstep, he’s brought back to the present and he grins as he opens the door and smells the delicious scent of mapo tofu. Setting down his bag and coat, he walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around you as you continue cooking. You giggle as you pause your stirring to sweetly peck him on the lips before ushering him to sit down at the dining table. Dinner is a simple affair and the two of you chat about your days over steaming bowls, but Suga keeps quiet about a thought that has been plaguing his mind for some time. He helps you wash the dishes and the two of you curl up on the couch, mindlessly watching whatever plays on the screen. You notice he’s quieter than normal, but when you question him about it, he just smiles down at you and affectionately kisses your forehead before returning his attention to the TV. With a slight shrug knowing he’d tell you when he’s ready, you lay your head back on his chest and relax into the feeling of being wrapped in his arms. The two of you lay there for a while, taking comfort in the presence of the other, but when you let out a yawn, Suga nudges you to get ready to sleep and soon enough, the two of you are laying side by side on your shared bed. 

    Lights turned off, you’re about to fall into slumber when you feel Suga moving and suddenly he tucks his chin over your head and pulls you back to his chest. “What do you think about starting our own family?” You almost don’t catch his sentence because he’s speaking so quietly, but when the full meaning of what he’s asking hits you, your breath hitches and you’re quickly turning around until you’re face to face with your husband. It’s dark and you can’t clearly see Suga’s face, but you can feel his quickening heartbeat and you know how nervous he is as he waits for your response. With shaky hands you gently bring one of his hands to your face and lovingly kiss the inside of his wrist before placing both your hands softly on his cheeks. “Koushi, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to ask that. Even when we were still just dating, I knew that you would be an amazing father one day and it would make me the happiest woman in the world to have a child with you.” At those words, Suga immediately pulls away from you to quickly flip on your nightlight and when your faces are illuminated by the faint glow, your heart melts at the huge grin and watery eyes overtaking his handsome face. 

    Suga’s quick to capture your lips with his as he hovers over your lying figure. There’s still a gentleness to it, but behind its sweetness you can taste a building hunger and desire and you lightly moan as slender digits carefully begin removing clothing until the two of you are completely bare. There’s a pause as both of you take in the sight of each other and it almost feels like it’s your wedding night all over again as you continue drinking in everything you can of the other. It’s as if it’s the first time you’re seeing each other, as if you’re trying to memorize each line and dip. Suga tenderly kisses you again, but this time his lips begin to trail and you shudder as you feel butterfly soft touches traveling down the sensitive column of your neck, over your collarbones, before finally stopping at the swell of your breasts. Your back arches and your hands grasp his shoulders as his mouth begins to suck on an already aroused nipple. His hand teasingly rolls the other hardened bud and you let out breathy gasps as lust begins to weave through you. “Your breasts are already so beautiful, but I can’t wait until they’re swelling with milk. Milk for our children.” You flush at his words, but through aroused gasps, you tease him. “Children? What makes you think I want more than one?” But your words are cut off by a moan as he slips a long finger inside of your dripping heat. 

    Suga doesn’t even bother replying as he begins to intensify his actions on your stimulated nipples and he begins to slowly, but deeply thrust his finger into you. Your hips are rolling in rhythm with his movements as he adds one more digit and then another digit soon after. You whine when he suddenly withdraws, leaving you empty, and he chuckles as he leans over to softly kiss you. “Don’t worry, darling. You’ll be more than filled soon enough.” You practically keen at the feeling of his tip nudging at your twitching hole and your eyes roll back as he slowly bottoms out inside of you. 

    Suga isn’t faring much better and his jaw clenches at the feeling of being inside you raw for the first time. You’re so wet and without a barrier he can feel every inch of your walls clenching and milking his cock. “Shit, sweetheart, if this is how fucking you raw feels, we’re definitely going to have children. Plural.” He begins a slow, but thorough pace and a slew of broken cries escape your mouth. Something about the way he smoothly rolls his hips at a leisurely pace has you feeling every second and every movement so deeply and your cunt tightens around him with every thrust. 

    You close your eyes as stars and white light begin to cross your vision, but the feeling of fingers interlacing with yours makes you look up again and you almost peak right then as you lose yourself in hazel-brown eyes full of nothing but love. Suga’s pace begins to speed up and you wail as he nearly folds you in half, maneuvering you until your knees are almost by your head as he rapidly races towards his end. His hips are beginning to stutter and you clench around him, eager for him to paint your insides, but it’s you who falls apart first as his fingers reach down between you and skillfully rub your clit. Suga follows soon after with a muffled groan, finally pushed over the cliff by your spasming walls and the lewd sight of your eyes rolling back into your head with your mouth wide open. He stills as he releases deep inside of you, but he keeps you locked in place, your lower body slightly lifted by the fold of your body as he traps his seed inside of you with his now softening length. 

    You wince slightly in discomfort, but the mental image of Suga literally marking you and breeding you keeps you from moving and instead you gingerly cradle your stomach with one hand, already imagining you can feel the life beginning to grow inside of you. A larger hand is placed on top of yours as Suga moves forward until your foreheads touch and he gently nuzzles your nose with his. You stay there, basking in the afterglow until Suga finally slips out of you and gently maneuvers you until you’re comfortably flat on your back again as he cuddles up beside you. With a kiss, you sleepily wish him goodnight as the exhaustion of your actions finally hits you, but you’re startled by hungry lips devouring yours and your heart skips as you turn to look into your husband’s now mischievous gaze. You whimper as he repositions himself until he’s hovering over your frame, but you feel carnal desire whispering at your edges once again at his next words. “Who said we’re done, sweetheart? I think we need to go a couple, maybe a few, more rounds just to make sure we finished the job properly.” You laugh at the little wink he throws your way before letting your body sink underneath him. You suppose sleep could wait a little longer.                  

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  • anon asked: Hi Haha, I’d like to request headcanons of Kuroo, Noya and Suga with a s/o who’s kind of a serious person but also has a chaotic and unpredictable side that enjoys trolling people? (It could be harmless trolling lol) If that’s okay. Thank u!


    wc: 883

    ✶   ✶   ✶   ✶   ✶


    • Kuroo was at first drawn to you because of your calm and collected nature
    • He liked how reliable and cool headed you were and respected you for it
    • He always bragged about how amazing you were to all his friends 
    • But Kuroo is a huge tease
    • He absolutely loves getting under your skin and making you blush, especially with someone as serious as you
    • It fuels him when he’s able to crack your cool exterior and make you completely flustered
    • Unfortunately for him, he did not realize how chaotic you could truly be 
    • When you’d finally had enough of Kuroo’s teasing you decided to get even with him and tease him right back
    • But you went even further than he normally did
    • While he would usually just whisper things in your ear to get to you, you chose to embarrass him in front of his whole team
    • You waited until he was about to start practice to go into the gym and run straight up to Kuroo
    • He was confused and was about to ask you if something was wrong when you just pulled him down to whisper some not so innocent things in his ear
    • He was definitely flushed red after that and didn’t know how to react
    • You left him to go chat with some of the other players while he was doing his best to process what you had just said
    • And right before you left you turned to look and Kuroo one more time with a smirk on your face
    • “Whoa do you have a boner babe?”
    • Everyone turned to look at their captain who was beet red and doing his best to talk himself out of the situation
    • You just laughed and walked out of the gym while everyone was making fun of their flustered captain
    • He had definitely underestimated you


    • Honestly Noya didn’t take much notice of you before he realized how chaotic you were
    • He did respect you and looked up to you for always managing to keep your cool in most situations
    • He had never been very good at doing that so he wanted to know your secrets
    • But it wasn’t until he saw you with your close group of friends did he completely fall head over heels for you
    • He watched as you pulled a practical joke on your closest friend and how everyone was laughing with you
    • He also did not fail to notice that even when you guys were just chatting, you somehow were the loudest one and always had something ridiculous to say
    • He was SMITTEN
    • He kind of lowkey was stalking you because he couldn’t get enough of your chaotic side and wanted to know how he could get you to act that way around him
    • Thankfully, he wasn’t very shy and after observing your wild side for a couple days he approached you and confidently asked you out
    • Honestly you’d been crushing on him too so you said yes right away
    • And when you were around him, your chaotic side came out all the time
    • Everyone who didn’t know you well was very confused to see someone as serious as you with someone as wild as Nishinoya
    • But all your close friends knew you two were the same breed of crazy
    • Noya’s friends were confused until they saw the two of you interacting and understood nothing you were saying
    • It’s like you had your own language and everyone was too shook to try and figure out what was happening
    • He loves this side of you and is happy to know that he’s one of the only people who gets to see it all the time


    • You and Suga are basically the same person, you just didn’t realize it at first
    • When you first started dating you only saw the more serious sides of each other
    • Sure you weren’t stoic or cold and neither was he, but you two always acted very…normal around each other
    • It wasn’t until you were watching Suga during a practice match did you see how chaotic and feral he was going on the sidelines
    • Even though he was benched, he was going crazy for his team
    • He was even yelling at them and the coaches had to tell him to calm down
    • You genuinely had no idea he could be like that and while you were surprised you were also giddy
    • You had been keeping your chaotic side as a secret from him because you knew as the vice captain of his team he was already dealing with a lot of chaotic people
    • But now you knew he was just as crazy as the rest of them
    • You said a silent prayer for Daichi though
    • After that you were much more open with your craziness before and it was like a weight was lifted off your shoulders
    • Suga noticed it too and the two of you progressively grew more feral around each other
    • He even enlisted you to help him think of sneaky strategies he could use on and off the court
    • You became partners in crime at that point and the resident pranksters of the volleyball team
    • On the outside you seemed like a perfectly normal couple, but truly you guys were an unpredictable duo who had found the perfect match in each other
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  • just messin around, have beach suga doodle

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  • A song for you- Part 1- Practice Game

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    Thank you for waiting for part 1 to be added to the taglist reply to the masterlist or send in an ask! -Charlotte 💕

    Taglist: @hamsterfan17 @tanakax123 @ushiwakaismybae @i-am-trying-i-promise @mssyprsn

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  • The first drawing I ever did of Suga vs the one I drew today. Yikes…..

    At least there was a glow up!

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  • image

    Don’t ask, I saw the AU aobajohsai of ridzakun i am a scared bitch to etiquet and I draw this interaction.

    It’s an Oisuga AU so this is only Daichi being a dumbass outside the volleyball court because “oh no, interactions with enemies outside matches”
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