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  • I don’t feel like a part of the suggestions fandom. They’re all good friends with each other and I just don’t fit in. I love my blog but they make me regret making it sometimes.

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  • with the help of our wonderful members, i’ve put together this list of our most wanted poc fcs! without further ado, we would absolutely love to see some apps for : chella man, zendaya, christina nadin, becky g, normani, madison bailey, laura harrier, jessica vu, calum hood, luka sabbat, rome flynn, tati gabrielle, the blackpink girls, vanessa morgan, alia bhatt, charles melton, tyler posey, reece king, greta onieogou, zoe kravitz, naomi scott, kofi siriboe, cody christian, avan jogia, maluma, ki hong lee, alexa demie, ryan destiny, kelsey merritt, mena massoud, keith powers, johnny seo, dev patel, aubrey joseph, jade thirlwall, leigh-anne pinnock, china anne mcclain, alisha bø, jung jinsoul, mina el hammani, park sooyoung (joy), booboo stewart, michael evans behling, chance perdomo, zayn, jordan connor, wong yukhei, justice smith, barbie ferreira, fivel stewart, ella balinska, shay mitchell, cierra ramirez, michael b. jordan, ryan potter, aj saudin, justice smith, byun baekhyun, john boyega, nam joo-hyuk, sofia carson, lindsey morgan, conan gray, jordan fisher, mason gooding, jung jinsoul, diego tinoco, paris berelc, jimin, liza soberano, and kiana lede!  

    #appless rp #rich kids rp #city rp#oc rp#new rp#mw #tysm members! #this list is a continuous wip btw so feel free to continue adding suggestions!
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    Candy was out on the street corner, boredly scrolling through an app on her phone, waiting for something to happen.

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  • and on the topic of the thing i reblogged a second ago, i’ve noticed a pattern of (in twitter rps at least) the main asking for “mwf” or “mwm” or just “mw” and everyone replies (especially in poc only rps) with ONLY kpop fcs. i mean, i play kpop fcs as much as the next person… but poc only rp DOES NOT MEAN krp. it’s one thing to want to play a kpop fc and bring them to an rp, but to only offer k-industry faces up when an anon asks for mw is a surefire way to make sure anyone who wanted to bring actual diversity to a group knows right away they will be excluded for playing a muse who doesnt “fit in”. do better. there are tons of poc out there with enough resources to be someone’s fc, ESPECIALLY on twitter, besides everyone’s korean and japanese favs. the least you can do is let anons know they’re welcome in your group, and that you will plot with them and include them.

    #rant#racism cw #it's just disheartening bc idk i think that diversity in rps is beautiful #but it feels like i see more diversity in rps that arent poc only #bc poc only can so quickly devolve into hey here are our 95 kpop fcs #which like u cant help who people join as #but like then those members ONLY suggest kpop fcs as most wanted #and it just feels fetishy idk #fetishization cw #???
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  • if anyone needs me im gonna be on discord. any activity will be on my oc or my other blog that will not be named.

    #{ ✿✿ out of character; the only thing i do is sit around and kill time } #tbd. #i hate fandoms #will probably take a step back from fate rp and focus on #idk #vocaloid? #smash bros? #touhou? #one of the three #they seem less hellish #or we can do as my friend suggested and resurrect neptu-- #*SHOT* #also if anyone sends me anon hate for that #im closing inbox #idc #i really dont
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  • anonymous asked: fc suggestions for muse 3? thank you! 💕

    of course babe ! for muse 3 i think my top choice would have to be the stunning yandeh sallah ! following her i think that natasha liu bordizzo  and aslihan malbora could work really well ! other than those three i can see stephanie scott, reina hardesty, madelyn cline, sydney sweeney, bruna marquezine, quintessa swindell, logan browning, aisha dee, ryan destiny, itzan escamilla, mina el hammani, jennie kim, yara shahidi, chase stokes, madelaine petsch, luca hollestelle, haley lu richardson, priscilla quintana, lucy boynton, algee smith, samantha logan, harry styles, halston sage, kiersey clemons, camilia mendes, salem mitchell, bahar sahin, nicole wallace, amanda arcuri, chance perdomo, kiernan shipka, anne winters, barbara palvin, jaz sinclair, axel auriant, angourie rice, anya taylor joy, maia mitchell, cierra ramirez, olivia dejonge, kathryn newton, paul mescal, gideon adlon, benedetta gargari, ludovica martino, benedetta porcaroli, rocco fasano, madelaine madden, victoria pedretti, and sam corlett !

    #new rp#oc rp#appless rp #semi appless rp #sorry this list is mostly women bby i tried my best but i'm still waking up sdkjdskj #if you'd like more masc suggestions just send another ask in! #as usual my faves are bolded <3 #muse 3
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  • Sentence Starters from Season Four of ‘Justified’ (Pt. 1)

    **  please feel free to change any pronouns or words to fit your character.  adult themes, language, references to violence, guns, etc. are present.

    • “It’s from Lebowski. Netflix it. You can be one of the cool kids.”
    • “Yes, the most overrated of the nuts.”
    • “You know what your problem is? You got no self-awareness.”
    • “You ever hear the saying, ‘You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole’.”
    • “Well, I ain’t covering that up with the smell of baking cookies.”
    • “You stay frosty.”
    • “What’s he gonna do, tell everyone that he was shot at a whorehouse wearing a bear costume?”
    • “You know, I’ve been told I got a screw loose but this is just crazy.”
    • “You got $10,000 stuck up your ass?”
    • “I’m not the one handcuffed in the back of a car, asshole!”
    • “You ever hear the expression, 'a woman needs a reason, all a man needs is a place’.”
    • “I know it’s not as pressing as catching a fugitive but a bar without booze is a sad place.”
    • “I want you to stay right there, just like that.”
    • “I’m probably gonna walk out that door but if I don’t leave, do you think you could make me?”
    • “Not a matter of if that powder keg is gonna blow but when.”
    • “Boss doesn’t drive. Unless he wants to. And I don’t want to.”
    • “You’re keeping addict hours. You come in late, you leave early, you’re haggard.”
    • “The smart money in the office pool is on exotic dancing.”
    • “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.”
    • “I don’t even trust the way you just now said I could trust you.”
    • “That’s mighty Christian of you.”
    • “Your days are more interesting than most.”
    • “I can be any number of kind of girls, depending on what the situation calls for.”
    • “I was just thinking we could lock that door and have some fun on this here bar.”
    • “In the right light, you could be considered attractive.”
    • “I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers.”
    • “Unlike the rest of these sorry souls around here, we’re not afraid of you.”
    • “If he beat the shit out of some guy for just rubbing on you, how’s he gonna react when he finds out what we’ve been doing?”
    • “Carrot didn’t work, means it’s time for the stick.”
    • “It was late, we were in my bedroom, so we didn’t talk as much as we should’ve.”
    • “I meet bad people for a living.”
    • “Let’s think hard about the next few seconds. You wanna live through 'em, you need to keep your hands out to the side and do everything slow.”
    • “A good investigator assumes nothing but observes everything.”
    • “You look oddly out of place in a house of iniquity.”
    • “You keep putting that little blade near my face, I’m gonna take it away from you and see who’s singing who a lullaby.”
    • “You know, a girl walks out on me, usually I can count on a letter or something.”
    • “You always talk this much when you fight?”
    • “I knew you liked me.”
    • “End of the day, when it’s all done, she’s still kinda worth it though, isn’t she?”
    • “Feels good, going home.”
    • “Now I just sit out in the sun, warm my belly like an old dog.”
    • “You got that honor amongst dumbass theives thing?”
    • “'Dumbass’? Coming from the man sitting tied up next to me?”
    • “Whole world’s a tree, I’m just a squirrel looking to get a nut.”
    • “I’d whistle the theme song to 'Deliverance’ if I thought you had a better sense of humor.”
    • “What are you talking about no sense of humor? This is funny, I know I’m laughing.”
    • “You got a saw? You’re gonna need a saw.”
    • “I bet you haven’t gotten as rich as you are without ruining a lot of people’s days so I’m sure you’ll be able to forgive my transgression.”
    • “Is there any particular reason you’re treating us like a couple of bleached assholes?”
    • “Trust me that this bird in the hand is gonna be worth ten in the bush.”
    • “Repeating a lie don’t make it true.”
    • “I believe it’s customary to knock before you come into a room.”
    • “That’s what assholes do. They get old and die from being assholes.”
    • “You’re doing that thing that makes me believe you don’t have high hopes.”
    • “Who do I know, and you know, could scare you into shutting up?”
    #rp memes#rp meme#ask memes#ask meme#sentence starters #katie makes rp memes #(memes); and i suggest you let that one marinate. #this one was over 100 sentences so i split it into two #welcome to my hell
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  • #lyricblogging#open rp #💙 Felix Pardus #aaaa this song is stuck in my head. the vibe is a mood #y'know if i hated my voice I'd say Tillian was Felix's voice claim. he's not but the aesthetic fits #suggestive
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  • // The one thing that Lilith and I have in common is that we’re both brat tamers.

    #Ooc tag. #Suggestive. #// all of my exes were brats Is2g #// I have a type and so does Lilith #// tbh it's kinda fun to rp the brat as velvet ngl
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  • Sentence Starters from Season Three of ‘Justified’

    **  please feel free to change any pronouns or words to fit your character.  adult themes, language, references to violence, guns, etc. are present.

    • “So was I right not to wear my suit?”
    • “I’ve been to Mexico, I don’t think you’d like it.”
    • “If a book could only be judged by its cover, you’d be a best seller.”
    • “I think what you’re looking for is ‘thank you’, not an apology.”
    • “Should have wore the suit.”
    • “You know you got two and a half bottles of whiskey on ice and no beers?”
    • “Well, as much as I appreciate you putting lipstick on this particular platypus, maybe we should start looking for a house or something.”
    • “I don’t like wearing a mask 'cause I’m too pretty.”
    • “The last time I saw him, I said our next conversation wasn’t gonna be a conversation.”
    • “We clear? I need to make my point any more emphatically?”
    • “I think it’s sweet that you think you have a say in the name.”
    • “I’m sorry about your table cloth.”
    • “You had a good thing going here but you let go of the rope.”
    • “Gives you something to do. You can only spank it so much.”
    • “Too short for me though. I need someone tall and strapping like a uh, like a fireman.”
    • “Outdoorsy, good with animals. Can find alternative uses for household furniture.”
    • “Person spends enough lying for a living, gets to the point where the only thing he doesn’t mean is what he’s actually saying.”
    • “Women were put here on Earth to turn a man’s head to mush.”
    • “So if you’re looking for someone to cast stones at you on this matter, I think you’ve picked the wrong sinner.”
    • “It takes two to make an accident, I know that.”
    • “This will always be hanging over me.”
    • “I think we might be in trouble. I mean, just from this angle, it bares a striking resemblance to the creature from Alien.”
    • “That’s just what every little girl dreams what Prince Charming would say.”
    • “I’m gonna take my hand off your mouth and if I even think for a second that you’re gonna scream, trust me, you’re gonna scream.”
    • “The only thing that’s gonna save you right now is the truth.”
    • “You cannot unring that bell.”
    • “We all got lines we gotta cross.”
    • “Next one’s coming faster.”
    • “How fast do you think those bullets’ll be when they’re headed back at you?”
    • “Well, you know what they say; gettin’ old ain’t for pussies.”
    • “I might have a nut or two for you trail mix.”
    • “Knowing me the way that you do, whatever led you and your imagination to believe that you could pull this off?”
    • “Alright, you convinced me, I’m angry. But I’m still not gonna fight with you.”
    • “I’m done trying to change who you are. And I’m done pretending that I could ever feel about anyone else the way I feel about you.”
    • “More like the running around with his head cut off type.”
    • “He never was the sharpest apple in the city.”
    • “Learned not to label others lest I be labeled.”
    • “I start arresting people for adultery, I’d never make it home for supper.”
    • “Wow, your imagination has me doing some nasty things.”
    • “I got no interest in shitkicker-on-shitkicker crime.”
    • “I’ve seen you in here the last couple nights and I wanna know if you were born before disco or after?”
    • “Is that how they teach you to pitch a bribe in business school?”
    • “I live and breathe to do your bidding.”
    • “Why don’t you just shoot 'em in the face?”
    • “I’m just gonna put a smile on my face and eat a nice plate of steaming shit, unsalted.”
    • “This is my home. Now, I start to turn on my people, however contentious at times our relationship may be, well that’s a world that becomes so muddy even I can’t fathom it.”
    • “This here’s the carrot. What’s the stick?”
    • “I’m not gonna grab his nut sac or any other part of him.”
    • “I got mad ninja skills, buddy.”
    • “It’s 'dress the part, be the part’. It ain’t 'dress the part, hide behind your daddy’.”
    • “I threw a bullet at him.”
    • “Hey, excuse me? If I’m not the one you’re after? If so, would you mind if we just get to it?”
    • “Here’s my answer - kiss my ass.”
    • “Where do you gotta go? And before you answer, kind of a 'What the hell? It’s worth a shot’, why don’t you try telling me the truth?”
    • “I mean, she’s older for a Victoria’s Secret girl but that’s how you know she knows what she’s doing.”
    • “I’m not playing dumb, I’m an idiot. You can ask anybody.”
    • “It’s a big building, he’ll turn up. Could be taking a shit.”
    • “He’s got the ice-cold, remorseless, bottle blonde shit-bag killer of doing scut work.”
    • “Are you accusing me of being a fake blonde?”
    • “You best swim like hell to get clear or the whirlpool may pull you under.”
    • “Are you trying to cut a deal with me while I’m standing on a land mine?”
    • “I get the impression that they only keep you around so the little guy doesn’t feel like the biggest asshole in the room.”
    • “You know what the two saddest words in the English language are? 'What party?’”
    • “It’s funny how all that money bring all them wayward personalities.”
    • “I’d just let them kill each other if I were you.”
    • “Do I look like a big criminal warlord to you?”
    • “Do you understand the less I hear from you, the better?”
    • “You know what your trouble is? You keep thinking you’re tough. You’re just stupid.”
    • “You’re just a stupid, craven, hillbilly piece of shit.”
    • “Let’s try to look on the bright side, at least you have your health.”
    • “I strike you in any way as a Van Halen fan?”
    • “Try staying out of trouble for once, huh?”
    • “Now, you told me that you’re a man of special skills.”
    • “I hate to ruin your party but what in the hell are you doing here?”
    • “You think you can make me talk or you’re gonna shoot me?”
    • “You can’t just come in here and shoot me 'cause you feel like?”
    • “I ain’t my father and I don’t care to be confused with him.”
    • “You’re about as dumb as you look. I like the use of the word 'cahoots’ though.”
    • “Look, if I wanted to do wrong by you, there are things I could say.”
    • “You are one strange piece of chicken.”
    • “You think it’s true what they say, one bad apple spoils the barrel?”
    #rp memes#dearindies#ask memes#sentence starters#rp meme#ask meme #katie makes rp memes #(memes); and i suggest you let that one marinate. #three more seasons to go D: #probably will get s4 on wednesday #i got errands to run tomorrow
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  • quinn will go to any length to get the answers he wants. he’s an asshole and selfish by all means of the words, even going as far as to dig his thumbs into other people’s wounds to get his answers. he doesn’t really take no for an answer when it comes to solving mysteries, and doesn’t back down.

    despite all of this, he does show respect to the people he interviews. meeting in a public place at their leisure, telling them they can go off the record, etc etc. he just doesn’t know when enough is enough. he’ll pry no matter who it hurts.

    #he uh #also sees things like restraining orders as suggestions sfddsfds #yes this is specific yes this happened in an rp server #but it just shows how obsessed with cases he can get #OOC. #QUINN. / musings. #headcanon
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  • #rph#rpt#rpc#rpa#rp #suggestions are still open #Anonymous#Ask
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  • #suggestion blog#dc rp#jonathan crane#scarecrow#asks#anons #ive got a hunch about what it means #but i want to be 100% sure
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